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tv   FOX 25 News at 1130PM  FOX  October 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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board was upset and started an altercation with his instructor. the instructor tried to regain control of the plane but failed. the student died but the instructor survived and has spoken with investigators. the f.b.i. now working with police in east hartford to learn more about the motive of the victim. a woman who told "the new york times" that donald trump inappropriately touched her. it happened years ago but they decided to come forward after the leak of those comments. trump denied the claims called them politically motivated and threated meanwhile the palm beach post a woman says trump groped her at his florida estate. trump says that allegation lacks any merit. also magazine reports one of its writers has stepped forward now saying trump assaulted her as well. fox 25 has learned a mistake put a dangerous child back on the street. telling fox 25 his office --
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error. we also found out gardner was living in suffolk county and it was transferred there. he went into a home grabbed a boy at knife told and told the boy's mother he had every intention of killing him. >> just as long as richard gardner is on the street nobody's children are safe. >> reporter: cheryl else work cannot believe richard gardner is a her home be a ducked her 11-year-old son and sexually molested him. i talked to her over the phone. >> what's your reaction to the news that he is out? he's on the streets right now. >> i'm extremely upset by the. >> reporter: in august michael was born with physical disabilities and living with two forms of anemia he faced constant struggles but nothing could prepare him for when richard gardner came for him.
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of the road and looked in windows until he found one with a child. he took a tire from the back of my garage and rolled it around michael's window. he used that as a ladder. he cut the screen he went in and he pulled him out of his bed at knifepoint. >> reporter: what did he do after that. >> he took him out to some secluded wooded area he molested him. he said he had kidnapped him with the intentions of killing him but because he was a good kid who didn't fight him he decided to let was arrested later when he be a ducked another boy. michael's description of gardner and his car helped lead to the arrest. michael died in 1991 he was 13 years old. >> do you believe richard gardner's attack on michael, your son, affected his health and led to his death? >> yes, i do. >> what is your message to the people who live close to his family's house. >> reporter: to the people that live close to his house
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are not safe this guy is not going to stop. >> cheryl elsworth have other children and grandchildren since. she tells me she has taken precautions to protect her home, her family and like us she has no idea where richard gardner is right now. i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. we're following breaking news right now in boston. fox 25 sources tell us boston police are responding to an officer-involved shooting in east boston. this is happening right now on glad stone street heading to the scene which is very active. we're also trying to get in touch with police to get you more information. we'll pass that information along as soon as the details come in. now the forecast moving its way towards us. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is timing out the morning commute. >> there are some showers that are moving our way. most of them there are some clouds drifting on this is the rain we're talking about. the steadier showers. much will weaken as it comes into new england though.
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of clouds, fog as the marine air takes over southern new england. but there will be some breaks in the clouds, too. it's not going to be totally cloudy everywhere. more breaks in the morning progresses lifts on out of here. here comes that front into western new england with its diagonal approach into western new hampshire by 3:30 let's fast forward to about 6:00 into worcester a showers around boston. so we'll track these through the day tomorrow. but really arriving in the evening and the latest on hurricane nicole a cat four will be toward bermuda. we want to bring you up to date on that breaking news we've been following. boston police have just confirmed that two of their officerses have been shot in east boston in the area of 126 gladstone street in the orion heights neighborhood. we are sending a reporter to the scene right now while crews are working the phones to get more information. this is really blowing up on twitter.
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of a heavy, heavy police presence out there. we don't know the conditions of these officers. we are working to find that out right now. >> also the injured officers trying to get them in local hospitals. so be aware in the area. they are closing down roads in that area as well. >> we did also see twrirt to try to get the officers to
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boston police confirming to two of their offers have been shot they are wound. this happened in east boston around 11:00 tonight. 136 gladstone street in the orion heights neighborhood. >> this is out by the airport. let's look on a map right here you can see where we're talking about. we when we're talking about
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over -- if you are familiar with that. the park off site and take the shuttle back to the airport. again two officers shot, two officers down. we don't know their conditions at this point. obviously, a lot of law enforcement in that area right now. with we have several brews headed to the area as well. you can imagine they're trying to get ambulances in there and also trying to get these officers in there the streets closed off so it's tough to navigate at this time. this is veryc tonight. i understand workers at the airport called us here at the station wondering what's going on why all the sirens. now they obviously know why. again our reporters are also working this story. >> they're calling their police resources and so far the sources have said we're headed to scene right now we're responding to this as well to see what's going on and try to help our officers. reports on twitter that some of the tunnels closed as well to try to get these officers to hope the very
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people said on twitter that they thought a suspect may have been down as well but again that's unconfirmed. another map to see where this is happening in east boston gladstone street. right at the beginning of our 11:00 newscast a manager heard the scanner traffic. it was loud and a lot of officers were responding. then just a few moments ago boston police confirming two of their officers have been shot this evening. >> i understand, our producer tells us that the police are actually asking people in that area of gladstone street to shelter in place. again a very active scene right now as we've had two police officers shot tonight. 136 gladstone street in east boston. shelter in place is what the boston police are telling us now. many people on the scene here and see what's going on. a search for suspects is on. scanner traffic if you
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you knew something was going on and this is what we're told tonight as they are confirming two boston police officerses shot in the area of 136 glad stone street in east boston. shelter in place order these asking people to be aware of that. also on twitter people who were in that area of the airport said it looks like every police officer in town is headed somewhere with their lights and sirens flashing. what's going on two officers have been shot in east boston. now is a multifamily level in that neighborhood that residence right there. again boston police a lot of support with law enforcement we have crews headed that way. as you can imagine right now very, very active scene to that point we know that boston police have now platesed a shelter in place order for that neighborhood -- placed a shelter in place order for that neighborhood. we have crews headed to scene trying to get in position where they can
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john monahan is down there and a few others. they heard the news and then immediately went over there. keep in mind there was an officer-involved shooting about a week ago. we saw a week ago but this now confirming saying that again two of their officers -- >> when we hear they are likely looking for more suspects or a suspect. so we are again looking to find out condition. we're working our sources to see which hospitals that they might have been taken to. we're calling crews in right now. this is a breaking very active scene right now. a lot of people expressing concern for these officers on twitter as we all are concerned for those officers and wishing them well tonight. >> keep in mind the time of day. now the airport -- at this point today as opposed to what happened in roslindale that was during rush hour
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when that shooting went down. state police involved in that with undercover police officers. these are boston police officers with we don't know what their mission was on this particular night. what caused it. what they do know is two boston police officers have been charged in the area of 136 gladstone street. if you live in that area and wonder what's going on this is what happened tonight. they do ask you to stay in your homes there's a shelter as they process the scene and search for suspects. >> again as we also said earlier our fox 25 reporters calling their police sources their police sources saying we have gotten the call to come in we are going to the scene right now. >> i understand we have john monahan on the phone. john joining us from boston on his way to scene. john, what can you tell us? >> we're at the scene right now mark and vanessa as
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some local boston police heading over towards the area of east boston right now. we have seen several ambulances. a lot of police cars with their lights flashing heading into the city right now. to 10. as we get over there we'll give you further updates. >> john how far away would you guess fracture the scene from getting there so you can give us more information? >> right about i would say two miles. >> john at this point you are able to go into those
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>> i'm sorry. can you repeat that? >> you are able to go into those tunnels and drive as normal? because we did understand that they may be closing off some tunnels in the area in order to expedited law enforcement to get through there also any type of emergency personnel first responders and e.m.t.s? >> you know i'm not clear on that. we are still on the other side so i don't know that direction. john monahan. >> we'll check in with you once you can establish a live shot. there auburn police or berlin massachusetts tweeting out our thoughts and prayers are with the police department. other departments surrounding boston tweeting out their with well wishes for these officers right now. >> again if you are just joining us boston police confirming that two of their officers were shot tonight. we have unconfirmed reports
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but we do not have that confirmed as yet. this is all happening at gladstone street in east boston. the exact address is 136 gladstone street. this is out in the orion heights area. there is a shelter in place order at this time as they try to process the scene, the investigation and also see if there are any suspects they need to be searching for. >> as you this is about a week after that shooting in roslindale where the officers an undercover drug buy and they were shot or shot at but the offers were not injured in that shooting. again now we hear tonight that two of the officers in east boston were shot and are injured. they're trying to get them to the hospital as we speak. >> this happened i would say the news started coming out about 20 minutes ago. this is a very fluid situation. a lot of crews are
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boston, boston pd, state police in that area. you do have the state police over at logan airport. you would have neighboring communities. so there are lots of different people first responders headed to area. they have called their contacts they said look we can't talk about that. we have heard this over the scanner. is an officer-involved shooting oftentimes you will hear, anything for that matter, you can hear the scanners just have a different level. >> we heard it escalate it and. loud during the middle of the 11:00 newscast we knew something was going on. >> again john monahan is making his way over there hopefully will be able to establish a shot pretty soon so we can get a look at the scene down there. it's a very fluid situation.
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for suspect and want to make sure that the public is safe right now and able. >> new information from one of our producers. >> we understand that the officers were responding to the call for a person with gun at 136 gladstone street at 10:51. the officers came under fire so that's approaching almost an hour ago. they're asking community members around 136 gladstone street to shelter police as the officers for suspects. once again confirming two boston police officerses shot in the area of 136 glad also stone -- gladstone street in east boston. they are trying to make these arrests and get these individuals off the street. two officers shot 136 gladstone street. >> people responding to a call of a person with a gun
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>> second one just last week in roslindale folks are stopping the train and gunfire was exchanged there as well. but kind of two officers down and it's something that obviously family of law enforcement members. >> they go out just doing their job but knowing every night that something like this can happen. >> interesting to pass along too i think if you know there are people flying in airport they could be held up as the police investigation continues in that area. be prepared it may take a little while to get home especially if you have to go anywhere near this particular area up to revere you may be going in the gladstone area. that's white stadium in east boston. the high school stadium you can see it's not far from gladstone street. we understand it's a
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they were responding to tone and reports of a person with a gun and gunfire was exchanged tonight. two officers from boston police were shot. >> orion heights neighborhood. you can just imagine people there are just extremely scared and nervous tonight as they continue to search for this suspect and they have heard all the police activity the lights and sirens. on twitter showing just a massive police presence in the area. you can imagine when officerses get the call the reports th men is down the response we've seen it time and time again. >> of course we're all familiar with the police from the marathon bombings. communities people shelter in place this is what we're seeing here tonight in a much more concentrated area of east boston. but again they are searching for -- if you are in a home in that area an apartment you will want to make sure that you have your doors
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the time being and let law enforcement get out there into the community and try and apprehend the suspects they are searching for. coming up on one hour since the actual first shot took place. >> we do have a reporter john monahan headed to the scene and a photographer headed to scene as well. we're hoping they will get there soon and be able to provide us an update on these officers conditions. our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and the entire b.p.d. force tonight as they deal with this issue. ock i just think about the people who live in that neighborhood. >> the cover of night they're trying to see what's going on out the window no doubt seeing several police cars in the area and the flights flashing and so forth. seeing a lot of law enforcement on the ground. typically in a situation like this going inside of houses try to uncover the
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may be hiding. that's what's taking place right now. the best place to be is in your home right now the area of glad stone street in east boston so law enforcement can do its job. boston police have swat team members to respond to this 136 gladstone. again two police officers were spot. this is in east boston the orient heights neighborhood and also finding out more information about the suspect or suspects in this case. >> we want to give you a shot you can see this right here on the match of where we're talking about. you're not far from the airport this is white stadium not far from where the shooting is. 136 gladstone street to be
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the airport logan responding to this very active scene right now which has prompted a shelter in place. fewer people on the street and find or locate floepfully the individual they're searching for. >> let's talk about the timing real quickly. 10:56 is when they responded. >> a person with a weapon at 136 gladstone street in east boston that's what prompted them to go there in the first place. gunfire had been exchanged two officers were down. you had unconfirmed reports as well that a suspect was down. still getting confirmation on. that we understand from scanner traffic that there have been tunnels at
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for emergency crews to get in there and leave and head to the hospital as well. thoughts are with them and family members as well. >> they responded at 10:51 to 136 gladstone street in east boston. it wasn't long after 11:00 that we started hearing the escalating scanner traffic during our 11:00 newscast. so it looked like it didn't take lock this is a look here ock new video just in of police responding to this officer-involved shooting. >> we want to thank tony stark for the images that you are seeing right here. you also see the helicopter up above and the ambulance as well. as they try to make sure that they take care of this just as quickly as possible. as you can see reaction the video will pan from right to
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at the zi you will see they have the lights right here and that's the helicopter shed some light down on the scene from above. state police helicopter i would guess at this point so they are in the area as well. so they're in the air literally over the scene. police on the ground and medical personnel that need to do their job to be protected at the same time. as you mention the scanner traffic saying the swat team and personnel are coming in to make occur to the point where they can take care of these injured officers. >> and get the ambulance and start the search for any remaining suspects out here right now. again a shelter in place as you can see on the screen where these two officer were shot about 10:51 the first call came in. in the past 20, 25 minutes they have asked that a shelter in place be put into
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this is a situation where they need you off the streets in your homes with your doors and windows locked. try to ride this out as they do their work. >> john monahan is probably about now i would guess getting very close to the scene. he has been working his sources on the way making phone calls trying to get you more information. we do have a photographer on the way with as well so hopefully we can updates on these officers conditions and some more information about the search for a suspect in this case because as i've been saying i people who live in in that neighborhood you can imagine. >> 136 gladstone street in east boston. they had a report of a person with a gun and apparently a couple officers shot. that's what we're looking at
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this is what one of the workers who called our station asking what was going on. saying there's a massive response from law enforcement here and there's sirens and lights. several cars, ambulances, all responding to one area right near the airport. there's gas tanks out there in east boston. off site then shuttle your way over to the airport. gladstone street i would imagine if you're in a high-rise this is a multifamily dwelling will you be able to access -- >> ock unconfirm because we haven't got than information but i am seeing this over and over again on twitter from multiple sources unconfirmed but saying that it appears these officers will be okay. that's what several people are tweeting out. so we hope that that is the case that these officers are going to be okay wish them
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force as they continue to try to get more information on this. >> we have some shots being fired. >> still going not sure if that is a roof i wanted to be specific. obviously it sounds like more than a dozen shots fired. but that is a loop tape. of the static but perhaps four or five shots. from what i understand it's certainly not the -- it appeared it might be but apparently this is a loop tape but those were the shots that were fired and those police officers were shot. earlier tonight in east boston. there's once again we
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tonight visiting someone just happened to be in this spot in the wheng suddenly he noticed this response. now he knew they were coming and you can see the helicopter trying to cast some light down into the backyard neighborhoods. >> let's cue up that gunshot video again so we can hear the sound of those shots being fired as this exchange happened not long after 11:00 tonight. [shots fired] this is video from mike tucker. we wanted to thank you for sharing this video with us this evening. again several people on twitter unconfirmed by boston p.d. reporting that these offers do not have life-threatening injuries they're going to be okay. we want to get that confirmed to you so we can bring that information so we can rrkrd working our sources right now.
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in this shooting not long after 11:00 this evening. >> they do have additional information regarding these shots fired in the video. apparently the individual who took those pictures images there of the shots being fired was in bed and said that was just a few of the shots. listen he said there were as many as 50. [] >> amendment boston resident mike tucker. he was right down the street from where these gunshots were ringing out. clearly heard something and then grabbed his phone and was able to shoot those


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