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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  WFXT  October 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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body armor, when officers walked into the hallway of that apartment. and, police say, figueroa very quickly opened fire. >> there is no question that many of the officers involved acted he rowcly. >> two heroes recovering tonight, matthew morris and richard santo lowe after police say they were met with a hail of gun fire when they walked through the door of 167 gladstone last night. >> thi fight as far as i could tell. >> police say a man called 911 saying his roommate was attacking him when armed with a nieflt when police tried to speak to figueroa, investigators say figueroa opened fire with a tech tikal rifle, shooting officer santolo and morris several times. the commissioner said their fellow officers put their own lives at risk, to drag the officers to safety and administer first aid to stop their pleading. investigators say they had no
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figueroa. >> we had to neutralize the threat. he chose to use deadly force. when someone is going to use deadly force we are going to respond appropriately. >> and nine other officers were also treated for minor injuries and stress. despite the fact that figueroa was armed and wearing body armor police say they don't believe this was a planned ambush. coming up with that, coming up at 5:00, more on that, and more on the moments leading up to the 911 call that brought police to the apartment. i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> all day we have worked to uncover information about the dead suspect kirk figueroa. police say he was wearing body armor and had a tactical shotgun and he listed his occupation as bounty hunt, we continue the live team coverage and you spoke to neighbors to get a better idea who this guy is? >> we did all day today.
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guy and a wanna by cop and neighbors tell us there was an apartment inside one of the apartments and it all had to do with heat. >> neighbors tell fox 5 kirk figueroa has been living here a couple months now. we learned he is a constable for the city of the of boston since july of this year. >> he was a nice guy. >> a nice guy who had a license to carry in florida but it expired in february. figueroa was also in the army reserves from f 2011. and an acquaintance tells fox 25 the 33 year-old would travel back and forth from new york to boston. he lived in the boston area so he could, quote, expand his business, where he wanted to open up some sort of security and private investigation company. >> wanna by cop, blue -- a head constable? >> all i remember is the bail something on the side of the car. neighbors tell us the car had, quote, bail runner written on
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living. >> he was just out there washing his car. i didn't really get any weird feeling from him. >> most of the neighbors we spoke to tell us the same story, they would just say hi to him and that was the extnt of it. and neighbors tell us they would always see him keep to himself, never was really family or friends. coming up at 5:00 we will get into details about what happened in that apartment. for now, we are live in east boston, molly bas news. >> people are coming to imrips with the violence that rocked their naked last night. vanessa welch is here with reaction from neighbors who heard the gun battle. >> residents say this is a normally quiet area but just before 11:00 last night it suddenly sounded like a war zone. less ton this. >> [gunshots] >> those are just a few of the gunshots heard on gladstone heard last night. neighbors say they ducked for cover as police and pair med
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place. streets around the shooting scene remained locked down until after midnight. overnight, mayor marty walsh said the violence is shocking for the naked and residents we talked to said they were stun and terrified. >> it was just police cars one right after the other. >> i heard it and i was like that's gunshots. as soon as i said that, all the police started coming up the street. >> it was rapid. it wasn't like one at a time, like, separated by seconds, it was like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> i hid inside the cement step gunshot, they will not go through cement. >> today neighbors have been walking by the crime scene on gladstone street. some are stopping by to say thank you the officers who were still there as the investigators continued to process the home for evidence. and officers in the in east boston are receiving well wishes from across the country. there are messages of support on social media and other local departments are also sending food to the district. we have much more on the big show of support for you ahead on fax 25 news at 5:00. for now we are in the news room,
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>> a former transit police officer hurt in the wartown shootout in to 2013 sent messages of support on twitter, dick donahue said hoping the fight contain continues and wounded officers fully recover. stay strong, boston police hashtag boston. i spoke with donahue late this afternoon, what he had to say about hearing the news ahead all new at 5:00. >> and within the last hour, governor charlie baker landed at logan airport from a trip overseas. he released this statement to us shortly before touching down. it reads, governor baker and shocked and saddened to learn of last night's horrific incident, their thoughts an prayers are with the police officers an their families. we are speaking with the governor on beacon hill right you no, we will have that for you ahead during the live coverage. >> this is major show of support as you would imagine for the boston police today especially at the district office in east boston to, where these two injured officers work. that support comes from the people of boston and well beyond. fox 25's jim morelli is live in east boston with how total
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>> yeah, they sure are. it only makes sense that those who know what you go through on a daily basis are with you, when times are bad and they show solidarity. you are right. it is also people who are not police officers who are coming out and showing support. and so it has been today for the boston police department. especially this branch over here in east boston. we have been monitoring twitter all day and it is safe to say there has beenen an absolute outpouring of support from the boston police department for other local police departments. a couple example, cambridge police, we are praying for our brothers. all the way out there holliston, thoughts an prayers are with all the boston police especially the two officers involved in tonight's --, of course, last night's shooting. in addition, a steady stream of nutrition has been coming into the boston police department's division over here. neighbor, businesses, complete strangers, bringing in that universal way of saying thank you. >> what did you bring and why?
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community. >> what did you think about what happened last night? >> it's terrible. >> and tonight at 6:00, there is going to be a peace march beginning over here at the boston substation here in east boston. and, coming up at 5:30 we will hear more of the tweets from local police departments as well as more reaction from local residents. live in east boston, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> all right. jim, well, this is one of a handful of boston police shootings in on january 8th an officer was shot after pulling over a suspected drug dealers in dorchester. other officers were able to arrest grant heedly without injuring him. the officer spent three days recovers in the hospital. in march of 2015, john moynihan was shot in the face during a traffic stop in roxbury, other officers in the area shot and killed the suspect angelo west, moynihan survived and this past march he received the boston police hero's award. and just days ago, two officers
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shot and killeddenings aing a domestic disturbance call. jose vega was two months away from retirement and leslie zerebney gave birth three months ago. a suspect was charged with murder yesterday, john felix was arrested after a 12 hour stand off with police. >> you know, multiple times today we heard from police and city officials about what it took to save the two officers' lives. mayor walsh spokes extensively to the credit of the american red cross, and the boston police patrolman's as mission. >> i certainly, the red cross and blood donations, benefited the boston police department last night, and i commend them for wanting to give back to the red cross, for being there. >> there are a number of local blood donation events scheduled in the area already. for details heed to "" and you can also donate blood at any time at your local red cross. two peace marches are planned in east boston. the first is at 6:00 tonight, in front of the boston police district a. 7 station on paris
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corner of bennington and wallly street. our coverage of the officers shot continues on "" you can log on to watch a stream of this afternoon's news conference with mayor walsh and commissioner evans. let's see how support is pouring in for the boston police. stay with fox 25 for continuing live team coverage of boston police shooting all evening and let you know abut to any developments as they happen. >> some rainy weather this month helped pull part of the state southeastern massachusetts improved from extreme to severe drought level, more than 2 1/2 inches fell since october 1st, however, 40% of the state is under extreme drought conditions. many spots are more than 9" of rain below normal. and just this morning, some of us did indeed get rain. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz forecasting more this evening. >> a little bit more. there is a front coming through that won't help the drought any. it's nice to see there was a small decrease in the extreme
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the area that got the improvement, even after all the rain we had, but it's better than going the other way. that's for sure. live storm tracker radar you see showers back here in the albany site and these are from the boston site or taunton. we will focus on that one right now. you will see hiding behind the 495 here yellow coming down, you can see it there, a cheffier shower coming in through right to the northwest of 495, gotten a little closer so you can see it clearly, right there along 110, lancaster, there is 495n screen. so there are a couple of showers that mean business out there, but this front is moving fairly quickly and by 7:00 this evening, it will already be moving off shore through boston. your evening drive-by will have some showers. not unexpected, we talked about it last night. these will move eastward and by 9:00 most of the area is clear. bymide night, all of us are clear. then we talk about the cool air and brisk winds, moving in behind it. details on that straight ahead. >> kevin, thank you. a troubling new report about the green line. >> yeah, coming up new at 4:30 i
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how often green light passengers are in danger of going off the tracks. >> plus donald trump is in the middle of more controversy, up next, the allegations of inappropriate conduct he is trying to fight off. >> and we will continue to follow breaking news in boston, where two veteran police officers now recovering after being shot last night. the suspect was killed in a shootout with police, we have a team of reporters on the story, and bring you any new what's for dinner tonight? wegmans ez meals. dinner's not just delicious, it's done. [mmmm] chicken cacciatore... boneless chicken in our very own seasoned tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms and basil. braised to perfection
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police say fellow officers saved the lives of two boston police officers shot in east boston last night. bullets still flying, police pulled officers richard santo lowe and matthew morris to safety. they are now in critical but stable condition at mass. general. 9 other officers were treated and released. the shooting suspect, kirk figueroa, was killed at the scene. we are working to learn more about the officer and will bring you details throughout the evening. >> donald trump is responding to a flood of accusations about inappropriate contact with today he issued denials, threatened legal action, and attacked the opposition. karen kayfa reports, trump's poll numbers keep sliding with every new controversy. >> these vicious claims about me, of inappropriate conduct with women, are totally and absolutely false. >> fighting allegations of sexual misconduct, fighting with his own party, and fighting a battle to the white house that's
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thursday, lashing out at the political establishment, the clinton campaign and the media. >> they will seek to destroy everything about you. >> on wednesday evening, the new york times publish add report with the accounts of two women who say trump made unwanted advances toward them. trump threatened to sue the paper for libel. people magazine also published an account from one of their former reporters. this, one week after a tape went public in which trump is heard making sexually aggressive comments about women in new hampshire, first lady michelle obama slammed the trump comments and his explanation of them as locker room talk. >> democrat, republican, independent, no woman deserves to be treated this way, none of us deserve this kind of abuse. >> the conto refercy appear to be think sinking trump's numbers and narrowing the the path to victory. trump's campaign eyed flipping rust belt states using a message on trade and job, a new poll of
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trailing clinton by 11 points. in a bloomberg poll of pennsylvania, clinton leads by 9. and a marquette university law school poll shows a 7 point lead for clinton in wisconsin. this is karen kayfa reporting. 11 more people died in air strikes in the besieged city of aleppo, syria. the most recent spot hit was a hospital. in three days of bombings, a toe atf of 65 people have been killed and more than 350 people died and over 100 of those victims are children. >> federal investigators released a report on the new jersey train crash providing more of what may have caused the train to slam into the terminal. after looking at video and audio from the cash site, investigators found the engineer pulled the mark brake less than a second before the collision. they are k log at other factors like track structure and also human fer fore manslaughter before they release the actual and official cause of the the crash. one woman was killed.
4:17 pm
plane crashed in east hartford, connecticut, this week is now open. student pilot died, his instructor survived tuesday's crash. this afternoon, the hartford current says the student pilot started flying the plane erratically and the instructor could not regain control. he was reportedly upset over his poor performance at the flight training school investigators have not confirmed the student pilot tried to kill himself. they will only say the crash was, quote, an intentionnal act. >> now your local forecast lemanowicz and the tock 25 storm tracker weather team. >> we expect showers to come through the evening drive and they are on target, moving just like we told them to. this is the front cutting through new england right now. the showers along it. the heaviest are sliding to the north, which is also expected, but there are still showers coming through worcester county right now, and into ctth connecticut. we will stop the sloop and switch over the to the live storm tracker radar. what i'm doing is using all the different raiders and you will
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the way we can get that out of there is just focus on our one radar here, coming out of taunton, the one ha is closest to the rain bands coming on through, and notice the yellow disappears. that tell us the heavier rain sup there in the clouds, and not making it to the lower levels, ground level. you are seeing light rain showers come through southern worcester your honor,ty into worcester right now. we noticed it before, it was coming through the lancaster area moving toward the mass pike k, or toward 495. let's now cuss in on these again. a little bit of a yellow showing up here at the lower in that town, right near 110 littleton you are getting some heavier rain to come on through. these are local streets being affected like buyer road and harvard road coming into the downtown area. be aware of that. that is out there. there are a couple steadier showers as this p cos through. most of it by and large is light activity. that is how it will be through the evening drive. you will get wet, but not blinding rain coming through, this slides through boston in the 7:00 hour and then the south shore, the last of the showers
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showers move on by. and at 9:00 it is clear in boston to,. midnight it's clear every where in new england. tomorrow morning, waking up with shiri in the morning it will be sunny out there. it will be cooler and it will be brisk. winds will be blowing from the northwest. gusts over 20-25 miles per hour. perhaps even as high as 30. as these come on through. through noontime it's sunny and into the afternoon it's sunny. let's fast forward to saturday. do it again? sure. look at this. no clouds. saturday either. sunshine, it can be a few clouds, futurecast will be mostly if not totally clear right into saturday. here is your forecast overnight. looking at wachusett mountain, 68 degrees at 6:00, showers by you already by then. clearing out overnight dropping down to 42 with the brisk winds. the winds actually mix up the air. it stops it from dropping dramatically. that won't be the case friday night into saturday morning. but for tonight we have that. little bit of rain activity in boston at 6:00, and clearing out to the evening and tomorrow morning, 51 degrees with clear skies. out in cape cod, takes a longer
4:20 pm
evening but the showers, most of them won't make it to you. dropping to the 50s to 53 degrees by 4 a.m.. types in the oohs 0 to low 60s a i cross the area, with bright sunshine. but it is going to feel cooler than that, thanks to the winds blowing. speaking of winds, how about this? hurricane nicole right here, came across the island of bermuda this morning. pushed off to the northeast at last check still a strong category 3 hurricane. 115 miles per hour winds. the latest comes in this just before 5:00, have weakened but still a you tokerful storm out there now that it is past the island nation. seven-day forecast shows the sunshine through saturday, couple clouds filtering in here on sunday, before some rain arrives on monday. looks like it will be a wet day coming up on monday. and i want to make sure you know that on sunday, that sunshine will be out for the kick off. at gillette stadium. i will have a more specific forecast on that just ahead. >> kevin, we need to get to breaking news right now.
4:21 pm
(^) the early release from prison. you may remember that demaysie was convicted on federal corruption charges in 2011 and he is battling cancer. now, we are working to learn more details about today's recommendation and will bring them to you when we have them. in the meantime, new at 4:00, it may cost you more to heat your home this winter. energy department says heating bills are likely to be higher than last winter. experts say current forecasts are for a eld cooer winter across the northeast and midwest. energy prices are also expected to be slightly hirer this year. natural gas, electric, or propane heat. you are not escaping the raise in any form. since hurricane there are 2300 rescues in north carolina alone. next, a look at the destruction and some of the many stories of survival. and now here is mark ockerbloom with what we are working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. >> elizabeth, two boston police officers shot in the line of duty. the suspect dead and a shootout with police. next at 5:00, team coverage including a live report from the scene where this all went down.
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witnessed. and bogus excuses for not paying taxes. people use them all the time. new at 5:00, the staggering amount of money that is not being collected when people try
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ffects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. in north carolina, the nightmare of hurricane matthew continues an for many, we are only get worse before it gets better. 20 people have died in the state alone, as a result of this storm. reporter scott mcclane caught up with the survivors.
4:25 pm
date. the good news is the search and rescue is slowing down dramatically. >> days after hurricane matthew hit the east coast and moved out to sea, north carolina is still recovering from the massive amount of rain the storm dumped on the eastern part of the state. causing historic flooding to move down the river from raleigh to the coast. matthew has claimed 30 lives in the u.s., 20 in north carolina alone. drowned in the fast rising waters. >> it was dark. and when i went to get on the highway, although i couldn't say the water i could feel it. and it didn't seem like i was going onto an interstate, it seemed like i was driving into the river. >> the federal government declared disasters in one third of the state's 100 counties. many people are without power and clean water. many cases they have lost everything. >> i never seen it like this. and i have been living 60 years
4:26 pm
>> larry love was forced out of his mobile home when the water started to rise. he went back yesterday to see his home under chest-deep water. he has insurance, just not flood insurance. >> i feel bad but i can't do anything about it. all i can do is thank god i'm here, and i'm living and try to rebuild. i'm hurt. i like the material things, it's it can be replaced. long as my familyis >> in lumberton, north carolina, i'm scott mcclane. >> hurricane nicole is moving past ber mu daz a powerful category 3 storm. it has sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. schools are closed to day and the government told residents to be ready for an extremely dangerous storm. we will update you on the impact at fox 25 news at 10:00 and 11. we continue to stay on top of shooting by two police officers
4:27 pm
expected to survive. next new information we learned about the information since the top of the show. >> i'm still tracking showers for your evening drive and the storm elizabeth is you can tag about, hurricane nicole still lurking out there, the latest due in any minute from the national hurricane center. >> and trouble on the tracks, the green line is among national leaders in a category that has many commuters concerned. all new next at 4:00, the new investigation that is revealing
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we continue to follow breaking news on the shooting of two boston police officers. >> this afternoon we are learn emergency about the heroes an also the measures other officers took to save their lives. fox 25'smock in the control room now with the latest developments. >> chris and elizabeth, both of the officers injured remain in critical but stable condition right now. the next 24 hours, in fact, are crucial to their recovery. but, both have been able to speak to the police commissioner and the mayor. officers richard santolo and matt morse in east gladstone steet. santo low is a 27 year veteran and morris has been on the job for 12 year, he was shot in the leg and would likely have died if another officer did not apply a tourniquet seconds after the shooting. at an afternoon news briefing, police commissioner william evans said officer morris is aware just how close he was to dying. >> he clearly said to me, i want to thank this particular officer. he saved my life.
4:31 pm
to death. >> the suspect, 33 year-old kirk figueroa was shot and killed during the gun battle with his played favorites. police say the situation started over an argument with his roommate over the setting of a thermostat in the apartment. police also say he indiana votes early had a knife but at some point figueroa put on an armored vest and grabbed an assault rifle. he was not licensed to carry the gun used in the shooting w. are staying on top of the local mayor bring you details throughout the news cast. >> ock, thank you. the the coverage of the police shooting continues all night and we will have team coverage of the officers injured, the suspect and the investigation is ahead at 5:00 and 6:00. >> breaking news, sal demaysie (^) could be getting out of prison. officials are recommending early release from prison. he was convicted on federal corruption charges in 201 and is battling cancer, we are working to learn more details about today's recommendation, of
4:32 pm
you. >> for many of us, today started out with a bit of rain, clearing out but more can be on the way. >> fox 25 kevin lemanowicz with when to expect it. >> it is right there, not outside our windows but in massachusetts, there is a line coming up. let's track it coming through here, shall we? that is what we are supposed to do. showers right there, they are heavier to the north in new england, but here in southern new england a couple spots coming down heavier. zero in on that. you can see it's moving clearly the last few hours. this is live storm tracker radar with a l moderate down in here, to some heavier rain in southeastern new hampshire. southern worcester county, when you get darker green you start thinking it is a little heavier or steadier right now moving through 395 and oxford and webster out of the stir bridge area, let's continue to progress eastward this evening. futurecast showing you that within the next hour, this line will be coming into the boston membership area and then sliding southeast toward the south shore after 7:00 this evening and out of here. clear by 9 o'clock 30.
4:33 pm
the last place to clear will be the south shore cape cod and the islands, just the last place the tront is going through, the only reason. and by midnight you are clear, too, and waking up tomorrow morning to sunshine. but it will be cooler. we need to talk about the brisk winds settling in, what to expect when you wake up just ahead. >> kevin, thank you. happening tomorrow, the couple accused of killing an elderly man in evening to will appear in a massachusetts courtroom. police found brittany smith and joshua heart in a rental truck outside of wal-mart in virginia on saturday. they were brought back to massachusetts last they are accused of breaking into a home in orange last week and killing 59 year-old thomas hardy, his 77 year-old wife was also attacked but she will survive. >> it is a red flag for the green line and really news no commuter wants to hear. the green line had the most derailments last year in the entire country, 7 total and 3 in particular got the eye of the investigators. >> three derailments last summer on the green line led to a state audit by the department of
4:34 pm
properly maintaining its tracks or center trucks. the wheels. >> it scared the mess out of you. we don't know if you will make it to work or make it home or not. it is pretty scary. >> the mbta admits track conditions were contributing factor in last summer's derailment. to make them safer, the agency did a complete grinding of all 23 miles of the green line rail this past summer. and then the mbta tells fox 25 news, it takes the rare instances of seriously and will keep working to address root causes and continue to thement implementation of correct measures for both the short term and long term. >> it is the oldest rail line in the country, you know. what are you going to do? it's old, they need to fix it, yeah, it will take money and time to do so. just remember it's the oldest line there is. >> the audit results also showed 51 trains violating the posted speed. at 5 different locations. in a two week period from august
4:35 pm
a green line speeding violation april of 2014, well over a year before. so far this year, 24 green line operators have been cited for speeding. >> the excessive speed doesn't really, i don't really think that's so much the problem. i think it's more the cars. and that they have, you know, just weren't designed right. in the beginning. >> the mbta tells me it's also working to use automated vehicle locator technology to monito trolley speeds in real time. it is expected to be in place we are told by tend of the year. >> chris, thank you. national grid plans to issue refunds to customers who were overcharged. the utility company said gas prices are based on how the gas is used. customers heating their hopes pay a lower rate than those using gas for cooking. they say 4500 customers were charged incorrectly. 1 1/2 million dollars will be given out as refunds. new at 4:30, supporters of the ballot question that would lift the cap on charter schools in
4:36 pm
much as their opponents on ads. question 2 spent $12 million, opponents sent $6.5 million, the complete breakdown of the ballot question with information on both sides, you can find on our web site, "" >> also at 4:30 a study shows minority students are far less likely to attend top public colleges than their white and asian classmates. the center for american progress reviewed data from 2014 and found 9% of black student attended highly selective 12%. but 19% of white students and 31% of asian students went to the nation's best schools. >> a brockton woman is heart broken after thieves ransacked her car and stole her mother's ashes. careline parker said the box of ashes was in the car because she was spreading them at her mother's favorite spots. the thieves broke into the car and grabbed the bag. she thinks the suspect may have mistaken them for drugs. parkerrer said she wants the ashes to be returned, no questions asked.
4:37 pm
took them, if they did, in fact, think it was drugs, i hope they get help. >> boston police they they are investigating but right now there is little they can do. this afternoon i had the opportunity to speak at an event that looks to connect women in business. both the milford chamber of commerce and the tritown chamber host events that allow women to share struggleless an successes as they grow in their fields. today, connecting with leaders women's link joined for a networking luncheon where i addressed the group about my career year and you can find out more by heading to my facebook page where i have links to the organizations. billy bush's career took a major hit after video of him and donald trump went public. but, still ahead, a popular reality show maygy the t.v. host a second chance. >> also, ahead, it's video that, well, tough to watch.
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4:40 pm
the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey appeared in court day, he seaside highs and the chelsea neighborhood last month. 31 people were injured in the new york blast. noun no one was hurt in new jersey. he appeared via skype from a hospital that he tried to kill several officers cho helped capture him. >> a judge in new jersey said there is enough evidence to issue a criminal summons against chris christie over bridge gate scandal. the resident went to court and asked for a misconduct complaint against the governor. today a you can j approved the
4:41 pm
decide if they will seek an indictment. two aides are charged with ordering the closure of lanes of the george washington bridge in order to tie up city in a city where a mayor refused to endorse the governor. >> samsung is offering galaxy note 7 owner arse credit to return their phones. they offered a refund and exchange program an hor ago. customers can get up to $100 credit on their bill if they exchange a note 7 for another smart phone. we reported earlier this week, samsung told note 7 users return them. because the batteries can catch fire. >> a man races out of his car to help an elderly gentlemen who fell in a busy florida street. look at the video of miami, you can see the man walking across the street, he falls in front of several cars there. most of them they swerve to avoid him, that's when barry shaw stopped his car, got out in fact middle of traffic and rushed to the man's side to help him get out of the dangerous situation. f i first reaction is why is no one stopping?
4:42 pm
people not stopping because there is an old man lying in the road? >> well. after a while shaw was able to flag down help from other driver and they worked together to get the man to safety. good news there. rock & roll legend now has a new claim to fame. still ahead, the reason why bob dylan is now a nobel prize winner. >> tracking showrs moving through right now, how fast they will get on through here and the wind and cold behind the front. >> plus, honoring william shakespeare and his legendary work, next i will tell you the
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breaking you ins in boston to, two police officers shot in e.c. right now in critical but stable condition, fellow officers used tourniquets an their own hands to stop officers from bleeding out. the suspect was killed during the gun battle with police. ahead at 5:00, new details we are learning about the heroes who were shot. >> it is the 400th anniversary of william shakespeare east death, the boston public library
4:45 pm
they feature an exhibit that features the rarest shakespeare books in the world. we have a sneak peek. >> you may have read shakespeare in school, but you have never seen his literary works quite like this. >> it doesn't get old. it is always amazing, when you are standing a few feet from a book that shakespeare himself very well could have looked at, at some point. it's a magical, exciting thing. >> four original rare and early editions of shakespeare's one a mid summer night's dream. it was printed in 1598. >> and it's an opportunity to preserve our cultural, our shared cultural heritage as well as share it, so people that are here in boston or around the world can come and visit and learn about shakespeare and what an icon he was. >> curators of the boston public library have been working on the exhibit for several year, repairing and cataloguing books. >> it is a collection of distinction, as we call it.
4:46 pm
to use these educational tools to bring it to the public more broadly than we do on an every day basis. >> patrons can find centuries old memorabilia or read through classic plays. >> it is playful, beautiful, it is deep, and it's -- there is endless new things to find every time you read one of the plays. >> the exhibit also includes more than just book, it also features rare observe ject, forgeries (^) and books of early english aris toe and runs through march 17th. >> dairy farmers are crying over spilled milk, the reports say it's the most discarded milk in at least 16 years. increasing prices over the last few years have led farmers to raise more dairy cows. the government now hoping to boost cheese production in order to use some more of the milk supply.
4:47 pm
have been advertising and behind it it is definitely cool, that's for sure. this stretches into quebec canada into the long island sound, onto long island, too, and these showers on live storm tracker we see yellow up here in the hampton area, up through portsmouth and new hampshire coming down harder, some along 93, coming through the massachusetts/new hampshire let's look down 93, yeah, we have yellow hiding behind it. right in here, approaching methuen, these are moving at a good 10-15 miles per hour clips and come through fairly quickly in the next 0 minutes this. is the line we are talk about at 6:00 coming through boston, notice the potential for heavier showers and stuff you aree seeing in methuen right now, futurecast showing you that with the north shore and we have a brief heavy shower coming through. it is not amounting to much,
4:48 pm
will to not do much for the lawn that's for sure. not that you want to keep growing grass at this point anyway. a few showers left over the south shore at 8:00 and sliding off by 9:00, clearing out most of the area, cape and the islands will be the last to clear thissen oohing. front goes by and bymide night we are clear. when you wake tomorrow morning, sunshine but it will feel a lot different, because the wind will be blowing. through the day tomorrow. sunshine with windy conditions an cool temperatures. the sunshine will stick with us on saturday as well. low 50s out on cape and the islands, near 50. and some upper 30s back here once the showers pass on by. but the wind gusts, right now, they are primarily from the southwest by midnight switching around to the north west behind the front, the cooler air comes rushing in. wind gusts over 25 miles per hour. that persists through the morning into the afternoon tomorrow before they start to slacken the last place to have that happen will be on cape and the islands, you will stay up gusting orr 25 miles per hour into the afternoon and evening
4:49 pm
temperatures tomorrow afternoon feel a little bit cooler. sure, the thermometer will read 50s to 60 degrees, but it is going to feel cooler with the wind blowing on through for sure. norwood at 60 tomorrow. shirley at 59. as promised the latest from nicole is in for the hurricane center, you see the storm pulling past bermuda, either on the west eye wall, as it came on be. incredible wind from the video i'm seeinger. it is amazing to look at. this is moving off to the northeast at 21 miles per no longer a 3. wind down to 110 miles per hour and steaming off into the ocean. forecast today, category 2 as it goes off into the ocean, by 2 a.m. and then weakening to a category 1 when it's way out here by friday afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, and then out into the ocean. i widened the view. i know it gets clutter, i had to widen it to show you where it is. not even gloss to us. seven-day forecast, we have sunshine in the weekend, more rain arriving monday, could be a
4:50 pm
but that is after your weekend plans. things are looking good for friday, saturday, into sunday as well. i'm thinking temperatures are going to be in the 60s each and every day with a warming trend into next week and even by the middle of next week getting back into the 70s, but a cool sun-filled weekend ahead. >> tonight music icons will honor prince, seeny wonder, christina aguilera and shaka kahn are a from his mansion, he died earlier this year from an overdose of pain killers. >> bob dylan is a nobel prize winner. it is cool indeed. they awarded dylan the nobel prize in literature for having, quote, having created new poetic expregnancies within the great american song tradition. (^). the literature prize is awarded for a lifetime of work. he is the first american to win the award since tony morrison in
4:51 pm
billy bush could lose the job on today but could end up on a hit show by the spring. nbc suspended bush following the release of the video showing donald trump's profanity filled conversation about women. when bush was interviewing trump at the time, now page 6 is reporting that abc is trying to convince bush to be a contestant on dancing with the stars this spring. >> it worked for ryan lochte. >> it did. today hundreds of people came together to support a vital charity ins boen to. more more than 40 years ro women in the community providing food, clothing and shelter as well as long-term education programs. our own vanessa welch was there today helping to tell the story of one woman able to find help at rosy's place. that group collects items like clothing and food donations year round. if you want more information, head to "" >> a teenager from boston is the cox conserves hero. adam is this year's winner, he
4:52 pm
he is 15, and created youth united for animals on the planet, advocating for the important role zoos play in the community, he volunteers at the friends and park zoo and chose zoo new england of the recipient of the $10,000 prize and fox 25 gave $5,000 to the nonprofit of choice for both runnerup, one was the charles river cleanup boat and one did the education foundation. after the ceremony fox 25. all right. way to go. it is breast cancer awareness month. coming up, a local man who says he was made aware of his cancer by one of his dogs. here is vanessa welch with what we are working on new for fox 25 news at 5:00. >> chris, breaking news out of east boston, who police officers are expected to survive after being gunned down while responding to a 911 call. we also have new information about the gunman. how he portrayed himself on-line, as police sort through
4:53 pm
an ambush. and, new information about the moments leading up to the fire fight. >> plus we head back the the neighborhood rattled by gun fire overnight. ahead, the accounts of residents
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
from it in the u.s. in mike's case luckily a surgeon was able to remove the mass. then came the rounds of chemo. topped off with radiation. >> he's now cautiously optimistic about the future. >> i don't have a definite until five years expires then i'll know. that is not coming back. you got to confront it because, if you don't, it's going travel somewhere else in your body to it may go. you might hear old joe down the street died of bone cancer. actually joe down the street originally had breast cancer appear good reminder for men, right >> good advice there. yeah. indeed. isn't that something. well happening right now two boston police officers shot on the job. live team coverage of this breaking story. fox 25 news at 5 starts right now. now at 5, two boston police officers are hospitalized in
4:59 pm
well, we're still praying in this condition. and we're hoping they make a full recovery. the officers were shot responding to a deputy in east boston their fellow officers putting their own lives online to save them. >> there is no question that many of the officers involved acted heroically. what we've learned tonight about the man wearing body armor who opened fire on the officers. plus boston strong. support is pouring in for the two officers. the one thing you can police say helps save their lives. >> now with equilibrium breaking news, this it is fox 25 news at 5. complete new england news coverage. we begin with that shooting out east boston two boston police officers shot by man ready to ballots with guns and knife. tonight thankfully those officers are both alive and recovering. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. i'm vanessa. police a officers are alive thank to rioic action of fellow
5:00 pm
were following since first broke last night. police updated a situation at 2:00 a.m. here what we know at this hour officer mat morris and richard both had surgery today the force confident they will make a full recovery. >> they remember shot while spopding to a domestic disturbance call. shooter has been identified as 33-year-old kirk figueroa. we've learned he was a boston constable who described himself a former meb of u.s. army reserve military police unit. we have team coverage at 5 tonight. let's begin with katherine with new details about what may have sparked that fight. katherine. >> mark, police tell me that 911 call came in just before 11 o'clock. a man telling dispatcher that is his roommate was attacking him and armed with a knife. and tonight police say that argument between the roommates may have started over a very trivial matter. a disagreement about a thermostat in their apartment. >> they got called to a domestic call.


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