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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  October 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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death. i thank doed that we will going home hopefully some time soon. tonight an entire city praying for two of boston's finest. >> and these are the two men who need our prayers rich 17 a 27 year veteran a matthew morris a 12-year veteran tonight they are hospitalize both shot in line of duty in east boston. good evening i'm vanessa. i'm mark ockerbloom. a lot of developments since story broke overnight right here boston police are optimist both officers will make a full recovery. but tonight they are still in critical condition. both officers were shot responding to a domestic call in glad stone street in east boston just before 11:00 p.m. >> gunman 33-year-old kirk figueroa was killed when other officers returned fire. police say figueroa was armed and dangerous with two guns a knife and he was wearing body armor. but investigators do not believe this was a planned ambush. fox 25 is every angle of this story we want to begin with our
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treated at mass general right now. bob, there a lot of years of service between these two men. >> there sure is both of men have serve ad long time on boston police force. both of them highly respected. right now both of them around here at mass general hospital being treated. i'm told they are expected to survive. and one major reason why the heroic duty, heroic efforts of other ran into the face of danger to help. boston police officers matthew morris and rich 17, thesis officers gunned down during horrific exchange of gunfire on glad stone street in east boston late wednesday night. matthew morris has been on force 12 years rich cintolo, 27.
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in 2006 matthew morris was recognized for his bravery in a confrontation with a masked gunman on blue hill avenue. morris was an award highest honor the state can give to a police officer. >> but in east boston wednesday night officer morris was shot and moments from death when a bullet hit a major artery in his leg. >> only the quick think of another officer while shots were being fired saved officer morris. >> one of the things things he clearly said to me, thank this particular officer. he saved my life. so he knows how close he was to death. his father knew how close he was to teeth. but a clearly praised the officer who saved his life. at boston police headquarters commission everyone's extended that praise. i got to commend officer's for rushing into their, into that building with no fear whatsoever to rescue two fellow officers.
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general hospital. both injured boston police officers are being treated here. we're told they are in critical but stable condition. they are not out of woods yet but we're told there is reason for optimism. at mass general hospital reporting live bob ward, fox 25 news. bob, thank you. tonight we're hearing about at incredibly hero action actions by other officers that saved officer morris and officer cintolo's lives. katherine continues our team coverage live a boston police headquarters where the investigation were forced to fire once two of their own were shot. >> yeah the district attorney says they are investigate the use of force in this case. but they do say it appears that those officers were in grave danger when they walked through that front door. >> this was a ferocious fire fight as far as i could tell. questions remain about one unfolded inside this east boston apartment last night investigators say it's a fact
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cintolo are heros. they began to engage in exchange of gunfire. police say they were called here a man told 911 dispatcher his roommate was threatening him with knife during an argument when officers went inside they say kirk figueroa armed himself with tactical rifle and body armor and began firing without warning. he was a dangerous individual and our officers went in this unsuspecting of what took and cintolo were shot several times. and went down. other officers drag them while while still exchanging gunfire with figueroa fatally wounding him. one bullet severed an ant artery another officer was trained to help with department issue tourniquet. officer who actually applied and just came off training just this past thursday. so you talk about a coincidence, really paying off.
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have carried since boston marathon bombing no doubt saved his life. to want department is grateful both officers are in stable condition saying there are too many heros to name. >> and a commissioner did specifically also thank the medical staff at mgh where officer cintolo and morris are today as well staff tufts why mine other officers were treated for minor injuries and stress. the district attorney is is says it will before there's investigation into use of force is complete. live bpd headquarters i'm katherine, fox 25 news. >> we just obtained a new newing shot figueroa from an arrest in arson arrest in georgia in 2009. now this was a when he was living in cobb county just outside of atlanta. commission everyone's mentioned he had a. kirk figueroa was also a boston constable who described himself as former member of u.s. army
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fox 25 malini basu gigging inspect he had secret alias online? >> he did, and that name is mark coco. that is 33-year-old moved into that apartment earlier in january. his mother moved him in here. he lived in a little room over here and he stayed to himself. >> neighbors we spoke to tell us they were always confused about kirk figueroa. who was he? and what did he do for a living? according to his facebook page promoter. at 33 years old figueroa tried to have an accomplished resume. he figueroa was a constable for the city of boston. fox 25 obtained a copy of his records where he was honored back in june. neighbors thought he was a cop just by his actions. >> he i seen car bail bondsman he was part of law enforcement agencies. iowa in a be cop car. blue, it had constable written all over it he was always seen driving around in this car. where neighbors say he was also
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>> it was just an older car it bail runner on back or something on side. fox 25 was there as his car was being towed away. >> we all question what had is a bail runner. neighbors told us his "wanna be cop actions are from his type in a aefrm rooer fox 25 did confirm with officials that figueroa served time in the army from 2003 to 2011. an aquaintance says he moved to boston area so he could expand his business. he wand to open up some a security and private investigation company. >> he's working almost like an an officer of the state. shooting at other officers seems kind of ridiculous. figueroa had a license to carry in florida but it expired in february. neighbors are just left wondering was the argument between the roommates really worth it. >> the gentlemen who did shooting was complain it was too hot i didn't think anything
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it's going down. >> and wee reached out to his mother several times she lives in nassau county in long island somewhere. weaver called we've texted and we have not heard back from her. for now live in east boston malini basu. sky fox lives over east boston a peace march is getting under way. started boston police district a 7 station on paris street. the police commissioner mayor wals they will participating tonight you can see crowd starting to gage. we are on the ground and will bring you live report at 6:30. imagine waking up to that. many people in that east boston neighborhood said they were in bed when those gunshots rang out. some people were locked in their homes while this dangerous situation played out. others couldn't get back home for hours. >> fox 25 christine mccarthy spent the day in neighborhood
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shaken. christine. >> that's right. it was a very uneasy couple of hours for neighbors whom i spoke with. they tell me they woke up from their sleep late last night to hear the sounds of gunfire right in their own neighborhood. take look behind me you can see ang advantage point house this all went down late rahs night and early this morning. you can still see that there are couple of police officers as well a cruiser outside this area taped off as continues. i lived here 20 years never seen anything like this. the orient heights neighborhood of east boston stirred from sleep wednesday night. >> of course you're going to be afraid. of course. >> it's terrifying. gunfire erupting on glad stone street. police cruisers surrounding the block. >> boom boom boom. there is was several of them. as boston police frantically rushed to help their injured fellow officers and returned fire on the suspect killing him. neighbors were urged to shelter
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at every house there just, you know basically we knew stay in. we saw the police were requesting nobody come out. the lockdown prevent some residents who had been outside from getting home. i wasn't allowed to come up to my house. i actually had to stay down the bottom of the hill to like 12:30 an uneasy hour until the lockdown was lifted. it was pretty scary you know, for are this to happen right around corner from my house a portion of glad stone remained investigating meanwhile as neighbors learn names of two officers now recovering they are great people and. they are hoping they pull through >> a sad thing especially when you feel for cops they've been under the microscope for so long. you realize they are human beings too. and there is a lot of support for these police officers in this neighborhood. residents coming by all morning
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also, right across the street at the don nursing home some workers there have said up a table outside. they have signs saying they port their local law enforcement officers. they are also accepting donation and providing candles for anyone who wants to grab candle bring it across the street to madonna queen of universe shrine, light and pray for recovery of these two officers. live in east boston christine mccarthy. former boston transit authority morning donaghue was shot and nearly died in watertown with tsarnaev brothers after the marathon bombings. donaghue expressed concern today about the deadly circumstances facing officers and what incidents like this mean to police departments across the country. it hit close to home and we're in same profession or have been in same profession, it's you never want to see somebody that does same job that puts on uniform to do there best get injured.
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officer working nationwide. >> now after bombings new requirements were put in place for all ems officials to carry turn kits in case of an emergency. turn kit helped save dick donaghues lives and one officers last night as well and save man mother lives moving forward. commissioner everyone's has blood transfusions were critical in save both of his officers lives. we've heard from lot of people wondering what they can do to help officers. one the most important ways to do that is to give blood. can donate go to our website, >> our coverage the officers shot continues in next half hour. see incredible show of support pouring in from all over the country plus how do officers psychologically deal with all of recent police shootings. one local department shows us what they are doing to protect the men and women who protect us. it's all new at 6:30. everything going as planned so far. morning clouds breaking up to a beautiful middle of the day now
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morning commute evening commute too. but first more breaking news he was once once one most powerful politician that fell from grace and landed in prison now a. years from fighting for his
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the request comes after he
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pleading gl to mail fraud and conspiracy charges. fox 25 elizabeth hopkins here. you got your hans on that paurp work just filed today. yep. this is paperwork filed in federal court yes it requests a judge grants demasi an early release. filed by federal bureau of prisons asking for disgraced former speaker to be released immediately due to cancer diagnosis. now that cancer is in his tongue and prostate. dew may see was diagnosed a twecht 11 conviction ex speaker has served almost five eight-year prison term for corruption tore steering state contracts to software in exchange for $65,000 in payments. dimasi apparently using feeding tube and continues to suffer from choking episodes. in the prifl oils say he's experiencing deteriorating physical health that substantially diminishes his ability to a function in correction will facility. judge would have to grant the
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globe family immeasurable grateful to a recommend sal's release we will continue to monitor any developments in this case. live in newsroom elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> also breaking boston police say they've made an arrest in sexual assault in mission hill 32-year-old jose of roxbury was arrested today after a reported attempted sexual assault near kevin fitzgerald park this past weekend. police soifd suspect with help from witnesses before making the arrest. he is e tomorrow on multiple charges. now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. don't you hate when people stand in middle of great, here's what it cans like in boston right now. clouds rolling in yes some showers on the way into the city. you can see that even a little sliver of sun way back in the distance. temperatures 68 degrees though. dew point is up there at 52. that's because of that moist air that moved on in i wanted to
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and stole this picture from me. that's how it looked like a little while ago look at the sun there darker clouds move in beautiful silhouette and sunset said set he said. great shot thanks for taking it for me i appreciate it showers moving through right now with dark clouds. not lot of them. in fact, when i show alive storm tracker radar it looks less ominous than that it is steady line coming into boston area right now. so we'll watch for those to keep through boston this evening another one near wert worst on north shoreou reading. then this line coming through boston evening also heavier shower along 128. that's trying to slide in here. so there may be a brief i don't want to call downpour but heavier rain shower that comes on through but it would be brief. to south of boston, from hole stan south to franklin north attleboro pushing toward randolph over here into worcester county. holder worcester all in line to get this batch of showers coming your way. this is coming out palmer and towards south bridge and
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coming on through just a we're getting off air at seven. then by time we're we're back on air 10 o'clock we will clearing oh out last showers will be on cape cod and moving away. by 1 o'clock in morning and this time will not be on air 1 o'clock in morning lots of clear sky moving on in sunshine when you wake up friday morning. real nice start to day by lunch time sunny. by afternoon sunny. now one thing that you can't see on here is the wind. and wind overnight tonight behind this front coming through with showers now, those will be making it feel cooler winds will die off for tomorrow just be slightly breezy tomorrow. and saturday hardly any wind at all. this takes you through 6 o'clock start by way and no clouds are showing pick up going to be gorgeous start to your upcoming weekend. lunch time temperatures generally in 50s worcester will be 50. 56 in outer cape nantucket. high temperatures tomorrow out in cape cod generally going to stay in upper 50s for highs mid to upper 50s. up here merrimac valley get close to 60 most towns lowell 59
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mid 50s ear fitch fitchburg gets to 51. few towns up to 60 degrees tomorrow we talked lot about hurricanes last couple weeks matthew along u.s. coast. and then nicole which formed during matthew still. moved right over bermuda today. as of 5 o'clock 110 mile per hour winds category 2 category 3 when it came past bermuda. notice down to tropical storm warning no longer hurricane warnings. continue to track on out of here tonight and move into ocean and weaken never affecting us. here's your seven-day forecast showing sunshine notice the moderate's trend we will chill out saturday morning an actually freeze watch in place by sunday, middle of the day, now forecasting 61 degrees with sunshine for kick off at gillette stadium. >> green line has a more re-dalements than any other commuter line in the country.
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late this afternoon the rescue began around noon on spot ford road lasted until about 3:30. then you can see in these photo just how far back the dogs were. sky fox capture video of backhoe that had called in to dig up pipes so crew could get dogs out. and spoke with the owners. within last two hours about the
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pipe, cut a hole in drain pipe and they inserted a probe that fiber optically sea see what is wagging going on in pipe. >> the dogs reacted to the probe and they walked back from the spot where probe was put in all the way to the end. >> and as you can see there delighted to be out the pipe. 65 feet in was where they were for much of the day. deep underground, but again a happy interesting to this story and congrats to everybody involved. quite the process. yeah look how excited those dogs even have sky fox over that you can see it and joan it. you never know they were in that pipe for are so long. great job. >> well off the rails we have news commuters don't want to hear. green line had most derailments last year in entire country. three derail in times particular caught eyes of investigators all came out in new odd is chris is
6:25 pm
mbta office plan to discuss audit they certainly do it derailed seven times in appear 2015 i went through dozens of pages of documents in national database, and found that is more than any other light rail in the country. 3 dree railments last summer on green line led to state odd by department of public utilities it found mbta was not properly maintain tracks or center trucks the wheels. >> it scares mess out of you. you don't kno to make to work or make it ohm not. pretty scary. mbt am admits track conditions were contributing factors in last summer's derailments. make them safer agency did a complete declining of all 23 miles of a green line rail this past summer. mbta tells fox 25 news it takes the rare instances derailments very seriously and will keep working to address root causes and continue the implementation of corrective measures for both
6:26 pm
>> it's oldest rail line in country. you know. what are you going to do? so old they need to fix it, 83 but going to take money and time to dop so. just remember it old line. odd results also show tsarnaev brothers 51 trains violate posted speeds five different locations two week period august through september of 2015. >> mbta however las record ad green line speeding violation april 2014. well over a year before. operators have been cited for speeding. the speed doesn't really i don't really think that's so much the problem more of those cars and that they've, you know just weren't designed right in the beginning. the mbta tells me it's working to use automated vehicle locator technology to monitor trolley speeds in real time. it's expected to be in place by the end of the year. live in control room, christ flannigan, fox 25 news.
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officers are at mass general recovering after being shot in the line of duty. coming up we take you live to a peace walk happening now. the mayor, the police station commissioner and more leaders are there. plus, boston police get an out pouring sympathy and support. many feelings for guys in blue after last night vicious gun battle. every time there's traumatic event or critical incident, education that backpack will pull you down. how local police department is training officers to cope with
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if you're just joining a 6:30 we continue to follow breaking news two police officers shot in east boston critical but stable condition tonight. officers matthew morris and rich 17th were a shot while respond a domestic violence call las ats officers lay bleeding in hallway other officers rushed in and dragged them to safety. they use their hands and tourniquet to save the lives of morris and 17. >> i got to commend the officers into that building with no fear whatsoever to rescue two fell fellow officers. today police called both injured officers outstanding members of the department. in 2006 officers morris was
6:31 pm
blue hill avenue. tonight we're learning more about suspects 33-year-old kirk figueroa who was shot and killed by police at the scene. at the time he was armed with two guns, a knife and was wearing bo body armor. fox 25 has learned figueroa has criminal record. this mug shot from when he was arrested for arson in georgia in 2009. neighbors neighbors say he's wanna be cop who bragged about being a constable for the city of boston. but they also say the initial argument that brought his house was a simple dispute between roommates. gentleman who did this shooting was complaining it was too hot in house i didn't think anything of it until i heard commotion outside and siren and my roommate screaming it's going down. >> figueroa did not have criminal record in massachusetts. but he was not licensed to carry the guns used in the shooting. >> a vigil of support started just 6:00 p.m. police precinct in east boston the police commissioner the mayor, district attorney, they are all there.
6:32 pm
ted. >> vanessa, we are precinct a 7 which is home base for the officers who work on the streets of east boston. a nice turn out this evening to honor and to show support for the two veterans who were wounded. vigil ended just a short time ago. you can see there are still people gathered here. it was organized by some of the same clergy members who on hold peace walks throughout city evans and suffolk county dan conley some city leaders who spoke this evening. here's the suffolk da just short time ago. i was there last night. i can tell you i heard account after account of bravery and about heroism. these officers acted just the way we would want them to act if that was our house and we made the 911 call. >> so i want to thank them very much for what they did.
6:33 pm
conley there, so many events going on to support these officers. too many to name. but i know tomorrow night there will be a candlelight vigil at the street where the two officers were shot. they are also is going to be a peace walk here in east boston. some time around the same time. i spoke with pastor of one local churches he's having a mass tomorrow night at seven in support of the officers. so it just and i think people really want to show that they care. east boston is a close knit community. a lot of people have been living here their whole lives and they are tonight, and i think we'll see for the day's coming they want to show these officers that they have their backs. live in east boston i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. difficult day for men and women who protect our city. but their spirits may have been lifted a bit today by other police departments local m
6:34 pm
fox 25 jim morelli reports from east boston where there as uj show of support for boston police and their two brothers that are recovering. across east boston it was day for all to understand what police officers well know, they every day on the job, is an appointment with uncertainty. >> i had it on my scanner i heard it all. >> so i think they did a good job. it was domestic call that drew boston police into gun battle last nights. little wonder there was solidarity for police from those who understand the blue brotherhood. to twitter they took. the quincy pd, we continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and brars. from police departments in waltham, watertown, and wellesley, our prayers go out to the injured officers and their loved ones #boston strong. thank you very much. but it wasn't just police officers showing appreciation for each other.
6:35 pm
to say thanks in most universal way possible. what did you bring and why? i brought food because a police did wonderful job. what do you think about what happened last night? terrible. as for residents let's just a they might have better idea today of what it means to be a police officer a job in which sometimes the major goal is simply to get home alive. heroic season. heroics, yes. i think so. you want to say anything to police about last night? >> and tonight they are hold alcs peace march at the east boston police station. and also tomorrow night they are supposed to be another one closer to the scene of last night's shooting. in east boston jim morelli, fox 25 news. governor charlie baker was back from his trip abroad and he learned about the shooting. >> i am sure everybody else are pulling for officers 17 and officers morris and their families during this what i'm sure for them is an incredibly difficult time.
6:36 pm
shock and sadness after learning about the the shooting also well offering prayers for officers and their families. this is the second police shooting in boston this year on january 8th officer kirk was shot in leg after pulling over a suspected drug dealer in dorchester. other officers were able to chase down and arrest grant headley without harming him. the officer spent three days recovering in the hospital. in march of 2015, officer john moynihan was hot in face during traffic stop i other officers in area shot and killed the suspect angelo west. moynihan survived the shooting and this past march he received the boston police hero's award. it seems like we've seen a lot of police officers shot in the past few years all over the country. a traumatic event like this effects officers who respond direct toll the scene and even those who don't. all new at 6:30 fox 25 kerry kavanaugh visited local police
6:37 pm
cope. >> every time there's a traumatic event or critical incident it's like a brick in the backpack. so as these bricks add up, eventually that backpack will pull you down. break the cycle cambridge police dpooupt superintendent says providing officers with the tools to emotionally respond to traumatic events is as important as any other training they receive. this summer cambridge pd launch ad trauma in whiched program that trains officers to findful to get past it. is it tarts with acknowledging it. you say it's okay to have these families it's natural. you just tell them you're going to feel anxiety you might have sleepless night. aims says that happens right with within hours of an officer responding to a scene like the shoot out in involving boston officers wednesday night. a few days later you'd have a debriefing session which a little bit more formalized you bring everything back first you goat officers dealing directly with scene and then bring in
6:38 pm
mind flsness helps officers and community they serve. if we have an officer that's trauma affected or affected by trauma and he's also goes out and deals with also trauma affected, you could have that's what we will have meg negative outcome train include meditation counselors are on staff for one on one conversations working to resolve the crisis as it's happening. in addition to training here cambridge police spear headed another program with seven other regional police departments. it's a support program right now departments will team up and go to a high trauma scene to lend support to their peers. in cambridge cary cavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> now as we have a reported a turn kit is credited with saving life of one of wounded officers. the police commissioner says officer mat morris was shot in leg last night which sever ad main artery. other officers pulled him to safety and applied the tourniquet to his leg. doctors say that probably saved his life. we talked to deputy
6:39 pm
january after turn kit was credited with saving life of another officer he told us the tool is a last resort. >> you can apply it by yourself with some training but it's imperative. it's saves many lives over the years. i don't want to diminish their importance. but i also don't want to see the use of direct pressure get pushed to the side. commissioner says all although stone police officers have carried turn kits in their carsbut officer who applied it last night just received training last thursday. that's incredible. well we have much more on the boston officers shot on our website, you can see photos from the scene and watch videos from witnesses. we also posted full news conference from boston police updating investigation. you can learn more about where you can find places to donate blood and help the red cross during emergencies just like the one that occurred last night.
6:40 pm
break z news from mass state police they are helping local police in fitchburg investigate reported abduction of cho 2 children. now this is a possible pa rental abduction by a father of two boys ages 6 and 10. state police tells u they are gathering information right now to determine if an amber alert will be issued. we're monitoring situation for you and also moving some of our crews in that direction. if this becomes an amber alert we will let you know here and on our social media site. last showers coming through this evening with live storm tracker radar. show you what's next behind these. how cool we'll be to start the weekend. >> also ahead he's one of the most famous writers in history. and now some of rarest work on display here in boston. but first new hampshire man's dog proving to be more than a best friend.
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan.
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report drug deal officers spotted this large vacuum sealed packages of marijuana along with $15,000 in cash. that 6 pounds of pot right there. they arrested two men both now facing drugs charges investigators asking for public help find who behind series of car fires in tyngsboro. fox 25 viewer show the this video a her husbands truck went up in flames. state fire marshal all six fires happened early saturday morning very same neighborhood. no oneas discovery and survival. man discovered he had breast cancer he thanks his dog for finding out. mike wagner of derry, new hampshire was walk in making strides against breast cancer event in concorde this weekend as survivor wagner battle with breast cancer began in 2014 thanks to has some alert pups in his new hampshire home. >> i have three jack russells.
6:45 pm
chest he started sniffing around the area i had cancer he started to nudge it with his nose i realized i had a bump there. wagner was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. but was able to have the mastery moved. and make recovery he's not out of clear for three more years according to the american cancer society 440 men will die from breast cancer in united states this year. wow. it is the 400th anniversary of william shakespeare's boston public library is giving him quite encore they are hosting an exhibit features a collection of rarest shakespeare books in world our liz petty hopkins got sneak peek. you may have read shake spear in school you ever never seen literary works quite like this. >> it doesn't get old. it is always amazing. when you're standing afew feet from book that shakes peer very well could have looked at some point. it's, amanual call exciting thing.
6:46 pm
additions of shakespeare's plays are displayed at the exhibit. one of them a mid summer's night dream it was printed in 1598. and it's an opportunity to preserve our cultural our shared cultural heritage as well a share it so people that are here in boston or around the world can come and visit and learn about shake spear with what an icon he was curators boston public library have been working on the exhibit for several years. repairing and cataloging books. a collection of distinction as we so we're always looking at ways to use these educational tools to bring these to the public more broadly then we do on an every day basis. patrons can find kreent old memorabilia or read through shakespeare classical plays. a playful, beautiful it's deep and there's ends new things to find every time you read one. elizabeth hopkinsive ki news. one great.
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community charity in boston a great afternoon for more than 40 years an it helped women fallen on hard times get back on their feet. they provide food, clothing and shelter as well long-term education programs. i was there today helping to tell the story of one woman who turned to addiction after losing her son and her home in just art matter months rosie's place took her in helped her get her life back on track the group collects items like chloeding 52 food donations if you can want more information gs and kevin, and ock there they were with me today, thanks, guys. now you're local forecast from chief meet rolls kevin lemanowicz and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> why it was beautiful day in boston to walk into hynes convention center for that incredible event. sun was shining nice and mild. all ahead of showers that were still coming our way. we can see clouds moving in as we were leaving event this afternoon. showers still persisting on cape anne southward through boston some steadier showers up here
6:48 pm
but you can see it's raining there. from gloucester and apparently in united states too. but gloucester to rockport manchester by the sea. southward through boston, from beverly to lynn. and into boston area we're seeing some showers here as well. right here just south boston through dorchester and quincy. near braintree split seeing shower tifrt to and then off to the south of there southwest of there, into the franklin bellingham area seeing some steadier heavier shower coming on through about to push into norfolk along 115 there not far from for action boro and gillette stadium off to north 495 hudson, westward to stealing holden and worcester a shower coming through here as well. that will pretty much do it i showed not only one today we had great sunrise this morning look at this one coming from castle island kelly thanks for sending that picture in this sunset our own jen one photo journalist send magnificent shot sunset this evening. great pictures kevin lemanowicz
6:49 pm
course you first engine morning to get them on air too. showers coming through south pushing on out of here we are clear by time we're talking during 10 o'clock newscast clearing on cape cod islands still half boston and most of area will be clear by 10 o'clock. and then we wake up to sunshine tomorrow. it will be a brisk wind overnight first thing tomorrow morning. stop temperature from dropping a quickly. so no frost tonight. but also going to make you feel cooler through the first part of the day winds die out for afternoon keep sunshine. keep rolling right through to be sunny all across new england for whatever your plans are all day long on saturday as well. nice looking weekend overall. to the northwest of boston near 60 tomorrow again feeling cooler with breeze first thing in morning then right in the boston area, 58 quincy, 6050 to near 60 appear nicole storm that came through bermuda this morning eye looks like clouding over a week
6:50 pm
down from three forecast weekend to appear category 1 by tomorrow afternoon and continue to weaken from there. seven-day forecast shows the showers gone tonight, breezy conditions into morning sunshine into this weekend. by sunday a lot of us will see clouds later in day. before kick off. patriots benning gal gentlemen let stadium sunshine and 61 degrees on way to about 63 or 64 for are high temperature during course of the game our next shot for rain comes in on monday we'll track showers out of here this evening and an update on that weekend >> we have some good news to report from fitchburg two children would were abducted have just be found. children were reportedly taken by their father. the boys ages six and 10 have been found in worcester their father and his vehicle not with em this. no amber alert will be issued police continue to search for their father. we will following up on this bring you more tonight at 10 and 11. well you'd have to say he's
6:51 pm
dustin pedroia under knife as off season begins for red sox. those details plus how you can
6:52 pm
? ? what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no...
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ng. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. across the state.
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asked whether anyone would need off season surgery team was still going through evaluations didn't take them long to a dustin pedroia was going to go a knee scoped after most successful season he underwent arthroscopic surgery yesterday in mass general hospital. procedure was official called a partial medial fancy words to describe a procedure that fix as partially torn meniscus and strength ens li ready to go some inn aspirin spring training. . bees were 3 and one preseason just ready for games to count. >> i guess there are more to prove when you don't make play offs in a couple of years. >> bitter taste on our moth last year and again we want to get back to play oefs we're all
6:55 pm
mile and hopefully do what it takes this year. shift gears patriots have been dynamic duo that can really do bunch of damage as season continues. rob gronkowski they've got to be best 1-2 punch in national football league. gronk was slow to ramp up but he went up and over 100 yards last week and tom brady's debut. we know what martell did he held him three touchdown passes and win over browns already they combined for 434 receiving yards. and as away learned today bennett is enjoying every facet it a kept him balanced mental space and emotional space tranquility ultimate balance being he kwi lateral triangle. it is pretty good for me right. i felt at home here as soon as they won. place where i felt like a belong it's been fun enjoying it just try to get to get through and win games with my teammates. he's insightful guy one most highly anticipated regular
6:56 pm
so so many patriots fans you still have time to win tickets. matt light annual raffle ends tonight and winner this year gets to watch this sunday's game in a suite with him. when you hear that fog horn, you know that crazy, thursday down what they do when you hear that thing this has got to one moments this stadium has more alive than it ever has president bush bigger that play-offs we're not sending a message to opponent as much as we're sending me e. message to leadership in nfl. take or boy away for few games see what happens we're going to come alie. you will see one heck of a scene here in gillette. there has been nobody tooting that home no one end good intended louder than matt light. he always gates huge turn out for his raffle and you got to get in there by tonight whoever wins watching game sunday with him pretty cool. that is cool. how much are tickets? $10 an entry. how much are tickets? $10 an entry. pretty imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child
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32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. if you like your public school, question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope.
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?? ?? ? billy bush's "today" show turmoil. >> it's in the hands of the lawyers now. >> was he fired and is he considering reality tv to rehab his image? >> then -- >> jennifer lopez in the middle of a real-life shootout. the chaos the police on the scene. what we now know. plus is ryan lochte planning to televise his wedding? >> wait, wait, wait, am i getting a little inside scoop? >> and -- our night out with kevin hart spilling new jumanji secrets. >> i'm much better than dwayne johnson in this movie. >> i can make you go away. ?? ?? now for october 13, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight".


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