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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00. rain moving aross the radar this morning just in time for the commute. i am tracking when things will dry out and when the winds will be at their strongest. a safety warning for a local college. the investigation now under way after reports -- a reported sexual assault. and counselors are on hand at a new hampshire high school the 15-year-old thought to be swept away in a heavy rain. the steps being taken around the city for a similar tragedy. and a first in massachusetts this morning. voter can start casting their ballots for president. a look at how capdz fairing as early voting gets unone and in the country. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. test it is 4 a.m. on this
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weekend. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. plan on packing your umbrella because you will need it heading into work -- today will not be a complete washout. meteorologist shiri spear joining us with when the rain will stop, shiri. >> shiri: the rain is moving in and a lot of this will follow areas of the mass pike. lighter showers off to the north. generally speaking if you are leaving the house, we have clouds, 46 in worcester. 51 in boston. 55 best bet for showers again along and south of the mass pike with some of the steadiest stuff of the south coast, the cape, the island. i want to break it down in brockton just because it is one of those towns that we will see. some of that rain moving through this morning and at 6 a.m., showers by 8 a.m. it is over, folks. we have a couple of lingering clouds and those clear out and highs today that will range from 54 to 60 degrees. a town-by-town look at those
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look at futurecast in a few minutes. julie has on-time traffic. >> julie: doing good. a lot of green. south of the pike expressway. speed limit ride from the split to the exit to the pike. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 93 south from andover to the leverett connector. 4:02. safety morning to the boston community. a sexual assault investigation is under way. bu police happened early yesterday morning at warren towers. at this point, there is no suspect description. police are hoping to talk to anyone who might have seen or heard something. we are working to get you more details about the attack. we will have an update as soon as they become available. a massive search for a dracut woman. she has both alzheimer's and parkinson's disease.
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hildredge street. they have been combing the area for hours and are particularly concerned because of cold. grief counselors are on hand at nash was high school as police continue to investigate the death of a 16-year-old. they believe a teenager was swept into a storm drain. they believe they found his body yesterday. the city is working to make sure this sort of tragedy never happened again. >> nothing like this has ever happened before. a national works crew secured the cover that police believe 16-year-old jacob guru fell into during a heavy rain storm last night. the work comes hours after the body believed to be the nashua teen turned up in the river in tyngsborough. >> if jacob has been lost, a tragedy for our community. >> reporter: why the steel cover was off by wind or water will be a mystery. >> we are looking into the situation whether this will be secured or not and looking at
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>> reporter: nashua police responded to the call of a person who may have fall noon an open storm drain around the time that he was captured on surveillance video walking home on main street. >> literally thinking sending people that that hole and water flow was just -- without being positive someone was down there was absolutely unsafe. >> reporter: francis lee sanders tells fox25 that she found the aftermath finding belongings that people described near the opening. running back and forth. >> reporter: goulet's family members helped search for him telling fox25 they still had hope all note outcome seemed break. >> my wife is bawling, grand mother crying. her father is just a wreck. awful not knowing. >> reporter: no identify has been confirmed on the body but the clothing and body description match. >> i feel so bad for the family because i keep thinking maybe
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maybe i would have still been nearby. >> reporter: goulet is a student at nashua high north where grief counselors available for students. how could this happen. the investigation is ongoing but right out in goal is to make sure that every storm drain in the city is safe and secure so this never happens again in in nashua, christine mccarthy, fox25 news. now 4:05. as the investigation into the deadly trench collapse continues, we are now le 53-year-old kelvin maddox is dedicated family man and a long-time employee of a company. and 47-year-old robert higgins. higgins' aunt and uncle are shocked over his death. why the accident is preventable and the history of atlantic drains run-in with osha. a boston man is in custody facing murder charges of a fight in the north end.
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homeless. the victim was alive but seriously hurt when they found him. he later died at the hospital. his name has not been released. 53-year-old peter mcgowan was arrested. police are investigating. another death investigation is under that by hyde park. they found a man's body inside a car in williams avenue yesterday morning. we are told the man had a gunshot wound and his death is being investigated as a homicide. his name has not been released. no word on any motive or suspect at this point.
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or 40% of the total elector rat. trump is doing well with early voters in ohio, iowa and georgia. clinton's early vote is strong in florida, north carolina, arizona and colorado. >> hallowed ground where so many lives were given in service to freedom. >> reporter: trump chose historic gettysburg of the bloodiest battle as his closing
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contract, but upstaged himself first promising losses against the democratic party for the election and the women who falsely accused him of sexual misconduct. he threatened to halt three big big merger arguing they are corrupt and consolidate too much napele there is, carl cameron, fox news. >> daniel: fox25 has a crew headed to cover the events. rallies, the latest poll numbers and information about early voting results as the information comes in. it wasn't the prettiest of wins, but the patriots are back home in firm control of the afc east. as fox25's butch stearns reports from pittsburgh, it was a sloppy game for both teams. >> reporter: winning a football game in pittsburgh against the steelers is never easy, but the patriots found a way to get it done here on sunday. sometimes it looked easy. tom brady with two long scoring
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tough in this game. bell and brown, one of the best one-two punches in the league doing their thing but patriots held the steelers to field goals and in the end, they ran the ball when they needed to. legarrette blunt, and offensive line played well and two touchdowns rushing. the difference in the game. the patriots are 6-1 headed to buffalo. now coach stearns with the patriots. back to you guys. the football brawl that has been the talk of andover. and southern connecticut went after one another this weekend and the video has gone viral. but it all started when the teams were actually shaking hands saturday. merrimack said a pushing match started and turned to an all-out brawl. police ran on the field to break it out. both teams were shaking hands. some of the players began pushing and shove approximating weapon reached out to southern connecticut but haven't heard back this morning.
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the fight. the video has been viewed and shared thousands of times on twitter. we track traffic and weather together he ten minutes. right now on 93 south, it will been a 20-minute ride from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> right now 51 in boston. just have the clouds out there. over the next cup of hours, we will be watching for the northern edge of our rain to pass right through the city. we will show you the wettest towns and cities coming up next julie her son in investigation. the new controversy over the best way to honor the victim of a boating accident. plus, a bizarre situation on a boston-bound plane forcing an evacuation. we will tell you the discovery made by the due has everyone
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mmended today. use as directed . brack continue to fire fighters say it appears that at-home project may be to blame for a fire on forest avenue. by the time crews arrived at this home, the person inside was already out -- out safely out and fire was pouring from the back of the house. the deputy fire chief tells fox25 that they are pinpointing the cause to a renovation project. >> one owner occupant was with pipes in the basement without a permit and then was actually --
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is still under investigation that may seem to be the cause at this point. we are told the building is structurally safe but will need work done. a family of six is recovering from a terrifying fire in worcester. fire fighters had to use a ladder to rescue them. two girls were screaming and hanging the window for help when the fire broke out. happened 5:30 on pellum street. pictures of the massive flames. four adults and two children were saved by fire fighters. they were checked over at the hospital but were not hurt. the cause is under investigation. american airlines are investigating how couple ended out an flight hours before take off. happened in philadelphia on a flight headed to boston. the pair walked through a door that should have been locked and was already sitting in their seats when everyone else was boarded. everyone was pulled off the flights until the plane could be searched. another plane was brought in to be used to bring the passengers to boston.
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incident was not a security breach because the couple had gone through security. we are learning more of a cyber attack that knocked out popular web sites like twitter, amazon for hours. we have been following this story since the hack happened on friday. servers at new jersey-based dyeon was loaded. they help direct internet traffic. now we are finding out how the hackers pulled it off. they planted software in household routers and cameras to overload the servers. a sign that security measures must be stepped up as we rely more and more on technology. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. a massive merger is expected to impact media around the world. at&t is purchasing time warner cable for more than $85 billion. this is a deal that will turn the phone company into a media giant. the merge wear give at&t
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the company heards approved the deal friday. the fcc has a review the merger and will likely face many regulatory conditions. if approved it will be one of the biggest media mergers in history. it is 4:17. taking a look at your roads right now. things quiet on the expressway. noysh ewes on 128 from canton through dedham through needham up to the pike. north of the pike and route 1 and 93 south is clear. life drive time. 3 minutes from 128 3 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. and take a look at this viewer photo showing off the aftermath of friday's massive rain. you can see the red line entrance to harvard station filled with water saturday night. shiri, some areas are waking up to more rain later today. nothing like that, good.
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>> daniel: i was out in it. >> shiri: my goodness. that is the real danger with that much rain that quickly. flashflooding. >> daniel: the winds, all of the leaves went down. >> shiri: a lot of wind, leaves came down. early rain, but not the danger of flashflooding but an inconvenience for morning commute specifically south of the pike. a breezy day and low risk for damaging gusts. yesterday damage reports damage to property like cars and homes as well. so luckily today, the wrundz going to be light enough. i don't think that will be as big an issue. we have fast-moving system that is strong, that wet weather just across our area to our south mostly. future cast to break down the best bet for rain where you have the darker green on the screen. the yellows and oranges. so cape, islands, south coast. the wettest by far. the showers will be lighter to
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very, very little to the north of that slight risk of rain across northern mass. southern new hampshire stay dry for the morning commute and look how quick, in and out this morning and by 9 a.m., sitting over the cape. that's it. out by lunchtime. mostly sunny from the north to the south and brighten up beautifully today, and we really do tap into afternoon sun but also afternoon wind. let's go out somewhere like plymouth -- let's go to plymouth. 52 degrees right now. one of the areas on side of the forecast and you can see 6 a.m., we have some showers out there. by 8 a.m., we should be turning dry. the rain turns things down. a cup of degrees before a warm-up starts. 10 a.m., 53 degrees. noontime, 56. we have highs in the upper 60s here this afternoon out that way. so marshfield. plymouth today 58 degrees. 9, hyannis. 53 brockton. 56. and name in lawrence and lowell
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worcester a little cooler for warm-up. go for 49 to 50 degree. tonight 30s back. you know what that means, grab that coat. chilly again and lots of mornings in the 30s. enjoy this milder morning while you can. high temperatures tomorrow check out that cooldown upper 50s. upper 40s and lower 50s, excuse me and from there, gets even cooler for wednesday and thursday. and we are in store for a very fall-like week ahead. no hints no warm-ups like last week. 58 degrees. bright and brightony 3507 tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds. wednesday, that slight risk of showers will come along with thicker clouds at the coastline with ocean-effect cloud cover impact area between wednesday and thursday. thursday we have eventually got another system working toward us for the second half of the day. continues into your friday for a chance of showers and the weekend looks like drying and improving weather.
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back over to you. shiri, thank you. two boston police officers facing a long road to recovery following a shoot out. a happy update. the latest sign of progress. the new hampshire soldier is fighting the very military
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uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model. would you tell a child to aspire to be like donald trump? oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. independence usa pac is responsible
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a new hampshire soldiers has a different kind of battle on his hand. fighting the u.s. army reserve to cover his bills after having a heart attack. the army did not want to pay up because the heart attack did not happen on the battle field. >> i ended up doing 40 push-ups and i collapsed on the floo that shane morgan. a member of the army reserve. the father of two from milford, new hampshire, required a heart attack during a required physical fitness test at fort devens. the first pt exam in the army reserve. before that active duty for four years. >> this past years has been as challenging and difficult as my deployment in afghanistan was. >> reporter: because shane and his wife jamie feel that the army reserve left him out in the cold.
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his own unit as happening in the line of duty. but it has been overturned by higher ups saying shane's heart attack was inevitable. according to report in june, heart disease is likely considered as existing prior to service. shane says the only medical evidence suggesting heart trouble prior to his heart attack, a blood test that showed borderline high cholesterol months before. >> they also have the information from my cardiologist saying that the day i hamy blood was take and my cholesterol was 185 which was normal. >> i think they are inept. >> reporter: army service ruling means that shape and his wife are on the look for $10,000 that the insurance won't cover. the couple says this is not about the money. >> how many soldiers have been denied and they shouldn't and you are told you shouldn't a voice. no we have a voice and we are going to use it.
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>> julie: fox25 reached out to the army and they said they are reevaluating captain morgan's case. people turned out for the park of a young girl taken too soon. the otis street park. it was named in honor of deanna cremin whose 1995 murder remains unsolved to this day. fox25 bob ward covered her murder and investigation for years as the family hopes this case will be solved. add to this 2 1-year-old case, call police. and investigating a case of vandalism and pressurely poured sidewalk. this surveillance video by the person going under the caution tape to write in wet cement. the picture of the final message that memize as man by the name of bill grafone. happened on commercial street. the sidewalks were just poured as part of a north end recycle
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westport farm already at the center of a massive animal abuse allegation sparking new concern. the latest edition to the property -- addition to the property that has police worried but not much they can do. two construction worker killed when a trench they were in c look at this steak, just sitting there, taunting you. what's worse? it's not alone. it comes with this, this, or this too.
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now at 4:30, i am taking rain an radar. how long will day. boston university warning their students about an attack on campus. the warnings we know of a sexual assault. stays away from the electronic tolls going live on the mass pike. new details of how they will operate. the new information device also collect in the first look -- what they are offering up today. complete new england news
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4:30, monday october 24, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. the rain will go away but plan on it going away for the morning commute. fox25 shiri spear in the storm tracker weather september we are the rain, wind and sun we can expect today. >> shiri: spots for the morning commute for the wettest forecast at all. temperatures mostly in thes for the cape, the south shore and coast. very patchy rain that will dampen the roadways. dry in boston, 51 degrees. talking mostly cl as boston and will have a tougher time getting north of that in the worcester area. still on the northern fridge of the showers. a chance to get in on a little bit of light rain. currently 46 degrees with clouds in worcester and seeing some showers down into webster. and drier and cooler. the day planner for today will involve scattered showers at 7 a.m. over between 8 and 9 and leaves with us mostly sunny skies into the afternoon.


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