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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  October 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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while he was trick-or-treating tonight. good afternoon. >> vanessa: our crew on scene shortly after this happened. ted daniels live, ted you are still working to learn of charges will be filed. >> reporter: vanessa, mark, people who live on the streets and the driver stopped she got out of her car and got back in and took off. someone followed her and got her license plate number and police pulled her over on broadway. that is about two miles from where we are right now on marshall avenue where the neighborhood and it is a popular spot for trick-or-treaters. there were dozens of them out here earlier. the street was closed up until 9:30 tonight. video of the accident reconstruction scene working. fox 2564-year-old boy was trick-or-treating with his parents when he was hit and knocked down onto the pavement. we saw pieces of halloween candy in the road for this kid
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on a flatbed when it was taken to an impound lot with a police escort. at this point no charges have been filed. right now detectives are questioning the driver at the will police headquarters for marshall avenue resident said her boyfriend is one that called 9-1-1. >> woman: the kid was bleeding in the head on the side. and i am really nervous. >> reporter: the boy was taken to lowell general hospital. when we spoke to police earlier they said doctors were contemplating sending him to children's hospital in boston because of the injuries. he had a serious head laceration. one good news is that the injury is not believed to be life-threatening. and police are still
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waiting to learn if she will be charged. that is the latest reporting live in lowell i am ted daniels, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a 15-year-old boy contacted a house party. her mother said she held her son as he took his last breath. tonight this man a church in the attack accused of taking the victim and smashing his head into a concrete floor. has an exclusive interview with the best friend she is live in global for that party happen. melody? >> reporter: that is we are here for that happen. no signs of the homeowner and no sense of that teenage girl was the host of the party. earlier today we spoke to ethan costello's best friend. she tells us she was by his hospital bedside holding his hand. take a listen. >> child: i was hit with him the whole time. >> reporter: tessa[indiscernable] is ethan costello's best friend but she was at the local halloween house party friday night.she didn't think that would be the last time she
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she said does and give me the biggest, tightest time but we were walking around. >> reporter: investigators say they were up to 100 teenagers at the underage drinking party. many of them, please say, for ranking. costello was 15 years old got into a fight with 18-year-old joseph zagarella. >> reporter: he came into the accident and responded by picking them up, turning him up in slamming his head down to a concrete >> reporter: joseph zagarella seen in court is facing assault and battery charges. >> man: an unfortunate situation. we don't know the whole case. >> reporter: prosecutors say moments after the fight rents didn't know what to do with joseph zagarella. >> woman: one of the victim's friends saw him being tracked out of a barn in the backyard by three other individuals. >> reporter: joseph zagarella's mom said her son was on life
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my arms last night.tessa was by his hospital bedside. >> child: you can see the life support how his chest would move. i love you, ethan. >> reporter: tessa said there were about 100 people at the party and she didn't hear anything. she said right now if i could trade places with costello she would. in the meantime we talk to costello's mom and she said her son love the martial arts. she said right now i can't breathe it is too much to handle right now. for now fox 25 news. >> vanessa: so, so sad melanie. new at 11:00 this incredible drop into this room have a pipeline explosion in alabama. at least seven workers were hurt, colonial pipeline has shut down the main right intel actively monitoring the health of the workers. today's explosion happened one mile away from the pot with a pipe first. >> mark: developing we have learned in the last 30 minutes all four firefighters have been
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still working to see the conditions of the drivers and the suv that was also hurt. several cars were damaged in the crash. fox 25 got up with the man who discovered the damage several hours after the crash. >> reporter: that is right the man parked his car, he is the last in the line of cars. after seeing all the damage he was truly amazed at the injuries this quick accident were minor. >> man: i am lucky and everybody was lucky because the fact accidents is amazing. >> reporter: corner expense after his car and eight others for hit in this freak accident that started with this fire engine and this now crushed suv. joe's cars was the ninth one hit in this chain reaction crash. >> man: they were push forward including my car. >> reporter: the accident was at dartmouth in the back bay. it is still unclear exactly what took place. >> man: witnesses made the
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changed, and the driver went into the intersection and made contact with the apparatus. >> reporter: that contact destroyed the suv. uprooted a tree and send this woman to the rescue. >> woman: i opened up the passenger door and i opened up the back door and i asked, he yelled his anybody else in there? >> woman: her mother checked the driver who was unconscious but came >> reporter: no serious injuries but he and four firefighters were taken to the hospital. for this woman whose car was involved clearly shaken. >> woman: it is overwhelming, terrifying. >> reporter: in fact this entire scene taking place just before lunch rattled nerves including joe's. >> man: i was absolutely
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sidewalk. and the car had been thrown up into the corner and crushed. >> reporter: once again all four firefighters release from the hospital the driver of the suv not being charged for the investigation into what caused this crash, i am john monahan fox 25 news. >> vanessa: things got chilly tonight for those trick-or-treaters. these little ones, are chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz was dead and gone with tonight's, some spots falling below freezing. >> kevin: so much for because of the forecast to work out. temperatures normally in the 30s, 39 boston, around salem for i am sure the festivities are trying to keep going in the upper 30s maybe 40 degrees in salem right now. much colder the farther inland you go, new hampshire is at 41. wurster seen upper 40s. pittsburgh at 28 degrees, this is southwest of boston you will notice temperatures here are close to freezing.
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sharon at 33 degrees in the cold temperatures extend all the way to buzzards bay where it is in the 30s as well. area at 38 degrees. how cold you will be and rain on the way who will tend that out for you, too. >> vanessa: happening right now halloween in salem is winding down an estimated 50-75,000 people were out and about enjoying themselves in salem. kristi mccarthy is life and christie, there was a lot of security on hand tonight, too. >> reporter: hundreds of officers and now hundreds of officers breathing a sigh of relief as festivities are now over. you can see this clearing up and now the cleanup begins and so these roads will be opened back up to regular street, i spoke to the police captain he said this was a well behaved halloween crowd. in fact only two arrest one for drunk and disorderly contest and another for possession of marijuana. some spooky, a little scary and a lot of security. >> man: creepy stuff wandering the streets of salem tonight. so you never know what you will
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increase their patrols is the estimated 50-75,000 people poured into the witch city. within the population is self. >> man: almost every police officer was here, a lot of help from a lot of other agencies around. >> reporter: 200 uniformed officers and offered the north shore city is a halloween capital of the country. police close down streets dividing the downtown area into districts each commander. >> man: the rest rate has gone down even though the cross have been bigger. many people understand this is a family event we don't tolerate any public drinking are: has some. >> reporter: they didn't ban any costumes including the controversial claim that has been creeping out communities. the only restriction no weapons. >> man: i did manage to sink my closet but other than that they have been tight around here. >> reporter: the added security is popular around parents
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are so creative with their costumes. >> and the one and only ortiz. >> man: very happy for the security out here they are taking everybody. >> reporter: with no major incidents police consider this a success at least so far. and the goal is to get all visitors out of this area by 11:00 been just a few minutes after 11:00 and only seeing a that is a success. salem police say again spring cleaning will continue for a couple of hours and the roads will be back open and it should look like normal tomorrow morning. we are live in salem kristi mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: developing tonight hillary clinton's to email concerns probably will be resolved by election day. cnn that the initial work of categorizing huma abedins emails could be done in the
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are expected to spend more time to determine what if any classified materials are in the emails and whether the emails are relevant to the clinton investigation. new at 11:00 we bring you the candidates reaction is the email developments. plus the impacts a scandal can have on the election. and the little known fact about casting a right in vote. >> vanessa: the city of orlando for these the chilling and 11 calls made by the prosecutor but when you omar mateen raise the boston marathon the killer and his exchange with a hostile negotiator.>> man: for the boston marathon. >> vanessa: a judge ordered the teams to release. they spoke to mateen for over an hour. he blamed it on u.s. led airstrikes in syria and iraq in the pledged allegiance to isis. 42 people were killed another 68 injured. the team died in a shootout
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a new study suggest zika fx fertility in males. mice exposed to the pirates had a tougher time impregnating email mice. doctors noticed they could survive months in human male organs for the go to zika hotspots for condoms for six months after exposure. the search continues to a person dressed up like a horror film character mike myers and attacked in 18 employee. as i don't think peter group were riders told him their concerns. >> reporter: surveillance video from early sunday morning a man runs from the t station dressed in a halloween station.
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pulled a mbta trolley driver from the train directed to the station platform and beat him. >> man: i am shocked and surprised it is the city a lot of stuff goes on in the city. >> reporter: the costume, michael myers the maniacal color for the halloween movie series. he boarded the train is that he had no money to pay the fare. silence followed with two passengers aboa left a call for help. >> woman: it is bazaar i don't know why somebody would do that. not very halloween spirited. >> reporter: what is unclear what is the motive behind the assault. not seeing the driver was robbed in seemingly random nature of the attack, it prompted outrage even in high places. such a vicious and senseless attack on a look employee isn't unconscionable and intolerable the governor. writer say it normally has a
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the same passengers use it everyday. and they see the same drivers manning the controls. >> woman: the drivers were fantastic they are all extremely nice but we know them by name. >> reporter: transit police are only interested in one game at the moment, the man behind the mask. and transit police looking for the public's help in trying to identify that mass man. as for the driver he was treated an hospital, unknown at this point whether he is back on the job. in dorchester tim marelli, fox 25 news. >> mark: new at 11:00 arlington police are looking for this man wanted for robbing a bank.the suspect walked into the td bank on from the teller and ran out with cash for the suspect had a bird and was 6-1 and had white sneakers on for the suspect did not appear to have a weapon. call arlington police if you know who the suspect be. >> kevin: not going to lie emptily coming down from a
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tonight but i will do my best here. down to 32 in redding, ice cold freezing temperatures for father to the north here down to 30, looking for. they are freezing cold as well. wasn't there patrick city where temperatures are down to the mid-30s. but 30 degrees, hollister new hampshire, there are 30s and northwestern new hampshire. pittsburgh at 28, already below average in a long time to go for your even further. 30 degrees in taunton, norton is freezing at 32 degrees. this is south of boston piercing call temperatures away from the coast lines. most are in the 40s especially, the working. under these clear skies and a few clouds to help out. no matter how chilly it got still had plenty of people having fun. all the doors opened, but you are in dorset is kind of
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involved in there. clearly for mess with them, it looks like might be here on the floor. who knows on holly wayne, under clear skies cooler off to the northeast. warmest to the shoreline especially near cape cod. they rebound to near 50 degrees into low 50s in southeastern massachusetts high temperatures tomorrow in and around boston lower 50s, wendy 53. cambridge 53 degrees tomorrow afternoon. dorchester will be a little bit cooler but still 51 gardner, worchester and cape cod temperatures here again will be in the 50s. you get the idea it will be in the 50s tomorrow. your 70 forecast includes
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both on wednesday and thursday. wednesday was a mixture of sun and clouds, ahead of a cold front. that a friend has rain showers with the per 60 percent, jacket up to 70, 80 percent of what i am seeing with the latest information coming in. this is the culprit we were talking about. notice events have switched to the south that is the former air coming in that is why it will be milder wednesday and thursday. this front coming in through the afternoon and through the evening. this is 8:00 so you were into and to the evening commute rain falling across the area. that will move out and she was in the seven day forecast gone by saturday morning. going into sunshine, there is a happy event coming up on sunday. you don't just before you wake up early saturday night depending on what you go to bed you are falling back. you push those clocks back one hour get an extra hour of sleep on sunday. we should be nice and rested the football game that will
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sharon has you person the morning with that update. >> vanessa: a slot machine in the casino shows they won a jackpot but the house is no, you didn't. the woman thought she hit it big to the tune of $43 million. it was in late august and resorts world casino in new york but that machine malfunction. according to the casino on all machines it said malfunctions for all pays and played. >> woman: he offered me a steak and a big dinner. >> man: and now the house that is unfair. >> reporter: the casino. >> about the max for the only winning she is entitled to is $2.25 per that doesn't seem right.>> mark: that is quite a distance from what she one. i think they might have a case there speed and 86-year-old grandmother has been warned you will have to pay up to $5000 were illegally downloading a game she has never heard about. >> mark: investigators say she is likely to the thousands of canadians have received notices
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guilty or not. a private company called canadian law enforcement such illegally downloaded the effort she is upset she is likely forced to pay money because of a hacker. >> woman: i find it is quite shocking that somebody can threaten you over the internet and tell you you have to make a payment but they don't tell you how much the payment is. if you don't do it you will be liable for a fine of up to $5000. >> mark: she called her internet service provider and discover the emas perfectly legal. critics in the loss need to be
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even though hours of gone by i am still stunned by this. spit it has got a lot of people off guard >> you remember the news of october 2016 it is not about trick-or-treating. >> maybe that shocking. in real-time one of the patriots top since the worst team in the lead. not as a punishment but the browns were willing to make a deal with the patriots for jamie collins. so jamie heads to cleveland the brownson back a third round compensatory pick in 2017. they don't get one of those, which they should, a fourth round pick in 2018. you get the idea bill belichick doesn't mess around if it doesn't like what he is seeing he is quick to pull according get out from under a quick situation but even if you would i don't know the details of that bad situation.
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you t-shirt his thoughts on the deal. >> man: i think at this point they said we are not going to sign him in free agency it is time to move him on. this isn't a reaction to get traded to cleveland, cleveland lost to the best and they get to catch in on a big rather than wait for a compensatory down the line for to me this was all about sending a message. to the rest of the guy in the locker room about i am not tolerating this better defense you can ke g >> 25 point yesterday that is pretty hard. contract is on the celtics danny ames page of the options on tony roger there is on march 20, 2018. when we talk about smart good news about him he did not play in the first three games but he will be back in the lineup on wednesday's game against chicago. his ankle injuries, the preseason game.that sidelines. but the celtic support through it they are 2-1 for they are headed back down for a rematch with the bulls at td gardens.
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list on the sports route. mike has written a book. in it he talks about a lot of things most noticeably a physical altercation he had with roger goodell when mike was official of the league. >> man: he pushed me trying to get me in my office when he wasn't getting my way. he does like to get his way, by the way. so that pushed i wrote about in defending mike officials. became a big subject. it wasn't assault i promise you it was not us all. he doesn't go around the office before he was commissioner, by the way. but he does like to get his way. >> that was one of many incredible stories from mike pereira we talked about. we are uploading the video right now it will be on the website. as soon as i have it up and down the twitter feed you should li ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ?
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[snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> mark: good afternoon i am mark. >> vanessa: i am vanessa here are the top stories we are following on this monday.
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the driver of a car that hit a four-year-old boy. who was trick-or-treating he was rushed to the hospital with a serious head laceration. police say the woman stopped for a second then took off. >> mark: in 18-year-old is accused of slamming a 15-year-old into a concrete for any party. the 15-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he died in his mother's arms. tonight the best friends, the 15 -year-old told fox 25 his losses devastating. the 18-year-old is spit investigators are looking to see what caused the train reaction crash involving a boston fire truck. many were hurt but all four firefighters are out of the hospital. assisted the driver of the suv had a green light but did not hear the sirens. october is about to be in the books it is going out with a cold glass but our chief meteorologist was taking tabs with a start to our november. >> kevin: and average is 32 degrees, it is 40 already. bedford you are 29 degrees and


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