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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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she's on her way now. she's already left and gone towards her plane. now this state has historically been one to watch because it has a large number of registered independent voters. hillary clinton hoping to do something she wasn't able to do during the primary and that is win this state. >> reporter: james taylor one of star father kaiser khan another. khan's son died while serving in the 2004 iraq war. he has publicly sparred with donald trump throughout the election over trump's proposed bannon muslims. >> actually, mr. trump, this isn't your america. >> reporter: khan introduced hillary clinton. >> that we will have some work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election.
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to one another and respecting one another. >> reporter: tonight's rally comes just hours after f.b.i. director james comey announced that clinton will not face charges for that new batch of e-mails discovered on her private server. >> i think the f.b.i. did a good job of killing the momentum about a week and a half ago and now they got egg if on their faces. >> reporter: mary jo know and her 11-year-old daughter came from up watertown to support clinton. >> we came up to campaign but they ran out so they're working so hard up here they have been doing such a wonderful job. >> is that a good sign? >> i think thits is expected to be clinton's last visit to new hampshire before election day on tuesday with the race tightening the state's four electoral votes are more important than ever. >> reporter: and the f.b.i. assess decision to not prosecute one of the biggest stories today. but clinton did not mention that here at her stop in new
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did in cleveland right before she came here. that's the latest i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> all right, ted. trump's campaign has been making a final case to new hampshire voters as well. the republican nominee will be in manchester, tomorrow, mike pence wrapped up a rally about an hour ago. you spoke with their candidate will bring it all home tuesday night. this was an energized optimistic crowd that filed out of here just about an hour ago cheers from mike pence in wyndham, new hampshire as the republican vice presidential candidate makes a final push in the granite state a virtual tie two days before election
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>> two days from now new hampshire is going to lead the way. >> introducing the indiana governor was former new hampshire governor john sununu. who expressed disgust in f.b.i. director james comey's decision to clear clinton again take nothing new action in the e-mail scandal. >> it doesn't help the clinton campaign it helps the trump campaign. >> following pence's visit will be the republican presidential nominee himself donald trump in new hampshire. >> they are thinking to go out to see donald tomorrow in manchester. we thought this could be a nice trial run. >> but also on monday president obama will stump for clinton here. >> i for one believe that
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8th there's going to be a big surprise. >> reporter: pence rally attendees optimistic there are more trump supporters than the tight polls indicate. >> there's a lot of people who are just anxious about staying they support donald because he has been so smeared with all these really quite ridiculous false phony claims that he's a racist, that he's sexist. >> i know people that don't want to talk about it because it's too much of an argument. people get condemned >> tomorrow for trump that may not be the case. we're live in wyndham, new hampshire, tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> christine, stick with fox 25 now through election night. our special coverage begins with our 4:00 p.m. newscast and continues throughout the night. kerry and i along with blair miller will all be in new york covering the election with live reaction from both clinton and trump headquarters. people in mission hill woke up to graffiti this morning that read kill your
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the 20-foot long message was spray painted on the side of the school of museum of fine arts building. it's unclear when it first appeared there the graffiti could be seen from the sidewalk. it had already been painted over. local and state police now investigating a robbery in everett that led to a shooting this afternoon, fox 25 malini basu live in everett. you spoke with witnesses that saw the struggle. >> they did. that shooting happened on the busy street here and investigators are looking for that suspect. they went about six hours here on scene looking for any evidence in the meantime, witnesses tell us they found victim's girlfriend screaming and crying for help. >> two gunshots, bang, bang. just after 2:00 sunday afternoon when ellen heard the gunshots on the busy street in everett. elen who only wants to tell us her first name is scared
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and the gentleman the victim had got shot collapsed right onto ferry street. >> i saw a man on the ground it appeared he had been shot. >> reporter: another witness tells fox 25 she saw a woman crying hysterically. she was screaming that he couldn't breathe, that he couldn't breathe. get him to the the his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. >> reporter: the victim who witnesses describe as a young man tried to run for conserve. >> i was like oh, my god. >> reporter: now people living this this area want to know what the motive was for the shooting. >> it's pretty up-- upsetting. here, obviously, i have
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fox 25 investigators on scene told them that the suspects once again are still at large. if you have any information you of course are asked to call police. in the meantime, we are waiting to hear back from the district attorney's office as well as massachusetts state police about the victim's condition. for now live inferet, malini basu, fox 25 news. malini, thank you. boston police are asking for your help searching for this car. they tells it was near a murder last month in roxbury. a man was killed back on onth 6th. officers say this is a newer model nissan altima. a 70-year-old man is hit and killed by a car in tewkesbury tonight. detectives are now trying to piece together exactly what happened. you saw the scene live when the crash happened of apatchy and way. police telling fox 25 that the driver of the car did stop. we're now working to learn the victim's name. happening now lanes on
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finished demolishing the old highland avenue bridge in needham. traffic was detoured around the construction all weekend. there will be traffic changes around 290 tomorrow as crews repair a bridge. westbound lanes in worcester were hut down. traffic will be detaurd at exit 18. officials tell us crews are placing new teams on the beaumont street bridge. a hitting then dragging an officer with his van is due in court tomorrow. he was arrested yesterday according to police an officer thought his van looked suspicious in the parking lot on friday night we're told that officer was not badly hurt. and operating to endanger. at least four people were rushed to the hospital after
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damaged intersection of washington street and walnut park. it's all happening around 12:15 this morning. boston e.m.s. telling us everyone is expected to survive. no word on what caused that crash. we are reaching out to learn more about what happened from police. after a cool finish to the weekend i'm tracking these showers right here. i'll let you know when they'll come to an end and my timeline of when we cool
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another harvard athletic team hit with scandal. first the men's soccer team in hot water now it's the men's cross-country team accused of making sexually explicit comments about the women's team. >> fox 25's jim morelli spent the day on campus speaking with students frustrated with these latest allegations. >> reporter: you might say they couldn't run away from the truth so they told it. they admit for the past several years it has created spreadsheets on the women's country country team which included comments about weight, appearance and sexual innu inde. >> sexualizing women in that way i think is really disgusting. >> reporter: the revelations appeared in saturday's harvard crimson hot on the heels of a similar practice involving the men's soccer team which has created the scouting report. some of which were sexually explicit. >> it's important that har hard has taken the stance -- harvard has taken the stance
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harvard has taken to suspend the remainder of what looked to be a championship season for the men's soccer team. the athletic director responded to latest revelations in a brief statement. they do not tolerate this sort of demeaning and derogatory behavior we will address any credible information we receive. the twin controversies involving athletic teams somewhat overshadowed freshman parents week at harvard yet provided plenty of fahder. >> i don't really i on their attractiveness. they could be rated on their ability to perform. >> are these just harmless examples of guys being highs? >> that's not an excuse. >> reporter: so what might the men's cross-country team be concerned about here? >> let's look at the soccer team situation. first of all, harvard conducted an internal administrative review that resulted in severe sanctions
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title nine review, title nine of course a federal law which does prohibit sexual harassment. in austin, jim morelli, fox 25 news. police are still searching for the gunman in the shooing that left a 3-year-old injured in brockton. one bullet cut straight through the home. right now officers are not shower if there was an intended target or if the shooter just drove around randomly firing. police are also killed a man inside his car. this is the scene officers tell us he was in his mid-20s. the hunt continues for a minimum security inbhooit walk aid way from a transitional house in manchester, new hampshire. police say thomz ramirez was given permission to go on an outing but he failed to return. he was eligible for parole
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behind bars. a police officer shot a man after he allegedly attacked an officer with a knife. east long meadow police say they were trying to serve an arrest warrant on friday night. he is facing charges for assault and battery of a family member. officials say ahern pulled a knife and charged at an officer attacking him. that's when another officer shot ahern. >> they can do a dangerous job in town. and today it doesn't matter if you're in springfield, boston or east it can happen anywhere. >> ahern was rushed to the hospital and listed in critical but stable condition. the officer suffered minor injuries. the district attorney's office is investigating. state attorney general laura healy is investigating the framingham police department after learning officers there hid a key to the evidence room just outside of that room. birm hmm police chief ken ferguson e-mailing fox 25 and said he's notified the plox district attorney's office about the -- notified
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key. chief ferguson said in his statement the key was likely hidden as a backup and for convenience. the statement goes on to say corrective and disciplinary action will be imposed with respect to anyone who did not exercise due diligence in maintaining the security and inteth of the department's evidence room. the chief also saying new security measures were added more than a year ago. the town's evidence room was previously audited after an issue was reported. to slow down. the new city wide speed limit takes effect. it is 25 miles per hour unless otherwise noted. it changes part of the municipal modernization act to lower its speed limit. somerville's mayor says slowing down saves lives and prevents serious injuries. demolition of toll plazas on the mass pike ahead of schedule.
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state transportation officials had told us they expected the bulk of the work to be wrapped up in about two weeks. good news will and good news for us. we'll see temperatures warm up as we head into the week just not for for your monday after pretty chilly conditions today temperatures below average typically we're in the mid-50s we were in the upper 40s to lo brief showers out there. most place the picked up less than a tenth of an inch. we saw more shower activity we did see some higher amounts especially over the cape and islands. not only do we see some precipitation but take a look at some of our viewer pictures here. just had a different of rain that had hail in georgetown. what's interesting here it's hard to see it right here actually wasn't hail it was
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basically what happens is the clouds are made up not just snowflakes but very supercold water and that water coats that snow flake in the form of ice kind of looks like hail but it's much smaller and it's milky in color. it kind of looks like dipin dots the kind of ice cream have you had where it's quite short that's what we had mixed in with the rain showers for the day today. continue not to into tomorrow. mainly for the cape and islands as well as the south shore with that john shore wind. we dry out for election day and by wednesday we bring back the risk of showers as i'm tracking a cold front. current conditions do have those showers and temperatures in the 40s. 30s back out to the west close to the freezing mark in keen already with clearing skies out there. you can see where the direction of the showers are moving all thanks to these north northeasterlyly winds that are still quite gusty as high pressure continues
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pressure pulls away so that on shore wind over the relatively milder ocean temperatures ins 50s right now continuing to enhance the clouds bring ocean effect clouds as well as the risk of showers in the forecast tonight's. those winds they're gusting over 20. with light winds and clear skies you know what happens. temperatures drop back into the 20s and 30s for most locations. but with that cloud cover down across the south shore, the cape and the islands it's going to be bit milder start for you tomorrow. nonetheless everyone staying on the cooler side. we'll be seeing highing a good amount of sunshine across the region and we will start with some clouds across the southeast but as the day goes on expect to see that sunshine increasing. so future cast actually shows that as we go on through the day today. lots of sunshine as high pressure is in control. another cold night monday into tuesday but your election day looking
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up ahead of this cold front. there will be a risk of showers by tuesday or wednesday. that seven day forecast i want to show. temperatures in the lower 60s after a chilly start at the polls then we'll see the rest of those showers bringing cooler conditions and the weekend looks to be rather chilly with highs in the snrooiz all right, sarah.
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the bruins got off the ice today to throw a baby shower for some military moms and dads the broongs treated them to gift boxes they also got the chance others learn about newborn health. both have battled life-threatening illnesses they came to fox 25 today to tell us about their big day at gillet and why meeting tom brady meant so much to them. butterflies before a big day for calvin at age 13 christopher was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. he's now in remission but
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through their ups and down they say one thing inspired them to wush push through. when i was going through that i could take a break and watch the patriots from all of it. i'll never forget when they won the super bowl on my birthday. >> i feel have you had to overcome a lot of adversity but you never give up. you stuck with football and became one of the best football players of all-time. i also have had to overcome the lots of struggles with my health and also being bullied at they said it was their dream to meet tv 12 tom brady who had inspired them for so long. >> tom brady has to be tom brady. >> that day was tuesday. i actually said his name backwards i said brady tom, instead of tom brady. i was thinking are you kidding me i have been waiting two years and i mess
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like where are you from. we were all just looking at each other like no way. he was really chill. they even hit the field to catch a few passes. >> i was sitting there just looking at the golden spiral. >> they told me they left with a full bag of souvenirs and very full hearts. it felt really good to just walk out there knowing that all those people really cared about how your day went so it was amazing. kraft. they have granted more than 7500 wishes. what a thrill for them. they came they were awesome. so yes. still some clouds to the the cape we will be seeing a warmup as we head into
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thanks for watching tonight on fox 25 news. don't go anywhere. butch stearns up next. tom brady and the patriots may be on a bye week but we are not. here's what we have a chris price comes by and jerry thornton on the state of the bruins. sunday night sports wrap locked loaded and ready to go.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
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>> hi everybody i'm butch stearns welcome to sunday night "sports wrap". tom leyden has the night off and i am your captain tonight, welcome aboard. we have a huge for you. lots of guests in studio so grab your favorite beverage let's get started and we start with the celtics at the garden. fin isn't their problem defense is. no al horford or jay crowder tonight's. 30 points the seventh pick in the draft two years ago


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