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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, in just 27 hours polls around the state open. hillary clinton and donald trump are making a final push to capture votes at the polls as polls put them neck and neck. the reaction from the e-mail scandal. witnesses describe a to track down the shooter. the man due in court on multiple charges. the crimes he is accused of committing that landed an officer recovering from injuries. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4 a.m. on this monday, november 7. hope awed wonderful weekend, i am daniel miller. >> julie: i am julie grauert.
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stick around that long. shiri spear is telling us in the storm tracker weather center when a warm-up is coming. shiri. >> shiri: will take a cup of while for the warm-up. from 38 in boston to mostly clear to 34 in worcester and 35 in nashua, new hampshire. and 38 in norwood. we have more clouds focused over the cape. and pretty gusty. gusts into the 30-mile-per-hour range. currently gust 28 miles per hour in hyannis. the direction of that wind will drive the clouds shore and the cape. southeastern massachusetts with a little bit more cloud cover. and brockton for example. keep things partly cloudy. 39 degrees at 6 a.m., 8 a.m. 45 degrees. we will be up to 48 by lunchtime and this afternoon we do have sunshine with highs coming close to 50 degrees. i will show where you we make it up to 50 in ten minutes. julie is live with drive-time traffic. >> julie: things are nice and quiet.
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closed in worcester overnight from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. for some overnight work. traffic will be detour at exit 18. keep that in mind if you were headed in that direction. route 1, 93 south wide open. south of the pike expressway moving along without issue. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 29 minutes on 9 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. polls nope a little less than 24 hours clinton democrat has been cleared of any wrongdoing of her e-mail server. fbi director james comey said clinton should not face any criminal charges based on the batch of e-mails that they are reviewing. he sent a letter to lawmakers. this comes weeks after scandal erupted after comey announced the fbi was investigating thousands of e-mails found on the computer of top clinton
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weiner. a big sigh of relief for her after he has a slim lead. four points over donald trump nationally. both candidates are looking to pull ahead in the hotly contested swing states. donald trump campaigns in manchester, new hampshire later today and president obama will represent clinton in durham, new hampshire. clinton will head to other battleground states after already visiting the granite state ye yesterday. fox25's ted daniel takes u inside her big rally in manchester. >> reporter: james taylor one of her friends. gold star father kazir khan another. his son died while serving in the 2004 iraq war. he sparred with trump over trump's proposed ban on muslims. >> there trump, this isn't your
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>> we will have work to do to bring about healing and reconciliation after this election. we have to begin listening to one another and respecting one another. >> reporter: last night's rally came just hours after fbi director james comey announced that clinton will not face charges for a new batch of e-mails discovered on her private server. >> the fbi did a good job of killing the momentum a week and a half ago >> reporter: mary snow and her 11-year-old daughter came up from watertown to support clinton. >> came up to do some canvassing today but they ran out of materials. they are working so hard and doing such a wonderful job. >> reporter: is that a good sign? >> i think it is. >> reporter: the last visit to new hampshire before election day on tuesday. with the race tightening, the state's four electoral votes are more important than ever. during her visit in new hampshire, hillary clinton made
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scandal and the fbi's decision not to prosecute. she also avoided that topic during a rally earlier in the day. reporting in manchester, new hampshire, ted daniel, fox25 news. members of tons's team has been hitting new hampshire hard all weekend. his daughter ivanka visited supporters in laconia and his vp pick held a rally in wyndham. mike pence promised supporters they would come tomorrow. >> donald trump is wing hearts and minds every it single day and will win all the way to the white house. >> julie: pence will join trump at a rally in manchester. they are pushing their supporters for last-minute financial support. in an e-mail blast, trump said i am willing to join you in the white house and will fall short if we don't have every single supporter on board for the final two days of the race. he asked his reporters to each
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used to win over undecide voters and bring supporters to the polls. today is your last day to get your absentee ballot in order for them to count. they are due at noon. the final numbers for early voting. the secretary of state's office tells fox25 that more than 1 million people took advantage of the action. accounts for 20% of registered volters. the first time early voting was allowed in massachusetts. stick with fox25 n t election night. the team heading to the clinton and trump headquarters in new york city. our special coverage with our 4 p.m. newscast and continues throughout the night. this morning, police continue to hunt for whoever is responsible for a shooting in everett. we are told the victim was shot when he put up a fight during a robbery. fox25's malini basu spoke to witnesses. >> two guns shot, bang, bang. >> reporter: just after 2:00 sunday afternoon when ellen
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he will head-on only wants to tell us the first name was scared when told us what she did. >> black male, black female stole their vehicle and the gentleman -- the victim that had got shot collapsed right on to ferry street. >> i walked outside and i saw a man on the ground. it and he had been shot by a gun. >> reporter: another witness tells fox25 she saw a woman crying hysterically. >> she was screaming that he breathe. get him to the hospital. his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. >> reporter: the victim as witnesses describe as a young man tried to run for cover. >> i was like, oh, my god. >> reporter: people living in this area want to know what the motive was for the shooting. >> pretty upsetting. i live right here obviously, and i have small children in
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>>reporter: in everett, malini basu, fox25 news. >> julie: police told people at the scene looking for a car with heavy front-end damage. fox25 reached out to the state attorney's office and condition and name of the victim. we will hear that information once we come back. 4:08. a 3-year-old boy is recovering after being grazed by a bullet in brockton. a bullet went straight through a house and a piece of fragment hit the boy's leg. police are a motive and track down the shooter. a police involved shooting. a man charged officers with a knife. it happened when officers were trying to serve an arrest warrant friday night. 59-year-old clifford ahern was wanted for assault and battery of a family member. ahern is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. the officer suffered minor injuries. the district attorney's office is now investigating. . a rhode island man is dead after crashing his car trying to get away from police.
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friday night. police tried to pull the man over for a violation but it sped off instead. he sideswiped another car before hit an utility pole on pawtucket. the pawtucket man died at the hospital. his name has not been released. a 7 0-year-old man is dead after a pickup truck hit him near apache way last night. the globe reports that the driver said the man ran into the street. the area was shut down for hours as police investat a billerica man is due in court accused of hitting and dragging a police officer with his van. police say the man was parked in a rite aid parking lot and using drugs and he was accused of hitting the officer as he tried to get away. ablinis is facing multiple charges including battery and assault with a dangerous weapon. starting today, you will need to slow down heading through somerville.
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effect. unless otherwise posted you have to cope it at 25 miles per hour. expect to see, that is, new speed limit signs posted around the city. the change is part of the municipal modernization act that allows community to lower speed limits. everything is back to normal on 128 in needham for your commute this morning. closures and detours in effect all weekend long so that exit -- on exit 19 so crows could take down the old highland ave bridge. work wrapped up hours ahead of schedule. we mapped up yesterday morning. traffic and weather every ten minutes that could cause a problem on 128, shiri. 2k3w4r5d to know that is cleared up. single digits from the braintree to the exit to the pike. >> shiri: always like good news for the morning. temperatures in the upper 30s where we sit the next couple hours. warm-up after 7 a.m. we will give you the timeline for the town and city as we get into the 40s and perhaps the
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a house in roxbury. the plea from investigators. scandal swirling at a
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it is 4:13. harvard university is deal with
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first the soccer team and now the cross country team is coming forward. students tell jim morelli they are fed up. >> reporter: they could not run. they had spraeted spreadsheet on the women's cross country team which included comments about weight, appearance and sexual innuendo. >> sexualizing women in that way is really disgusting. >> reporter: the regulation and in the harvard crimson hot on practice of the soccer team that had scouting reports of women of the soccer team. some of which were sexually explicit. >> harvard has taken the stance they have. it is more than just this. >> reporter: stand harvard has taken to suspend what looked like a championship season for the harvard'ser can team. harvard elt letics director say
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address any information that we receive. >> reporter: it somewhat overshadowed freshmen parents weekend and plenty of fodder about gender and sprpt i don't think that women should be based on their attractiveness. i don't even that i should be a factor and raised based on their ability to perform, help in sports. >> reporter: as for the idea of the spreadsheet and scouting reports are harmless examples of guys being guys. >> if we go back to the 1800s like to be white people. that is not an excuse. >> reporter: let's look at the soccer team situation. harvard conducted an internal administrative review and that resulted in severe sanctions against the teams, but now there is also going to be a title review. title 9 a federal law which does prohibit sexual harassment in austin, jim morelli, fox25 news. the framingham police
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general's office of keeping a tee to the evidence room hidden by the door. we told but this over the weekend. the chief e-mailed fox25 saying he notified the middlesex district attorney's office about the key. only two officers authorized to access the room new the key's location. the key was likely hidden as a backup for convenience. the statement goes continue to say collective and disciplinary action was imposed with respect to anyone who did not exercise du integrity of the department's evidence room. chief ferguson said new security measures were added more than year ago. it was previously audited after a report. the fda better reports of deaths and injuries linked to medical devices, implants, stents and ekgs. three hospitals in the area were cited when it came to incidents regarding those devices. one of the hospitals mass
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a device may have contributed to a patient's death. >> the vast majority of medical devices we use are safe and effective. but when there are problems with medical devices, the results can be tragic. >> daniel: a spokesman from the fda told fox25 that all of the issue have now been adressed. the next month will have meetings about medical devices. hundreds of people ar overdoses and the most powerful killer is fentanyl. >> the danger with fentanyl is if you touch it or inhale it, it can be extremely deadly. >> the drug is 50 times more powerful than heroin and it is so dangerous the dea put a warning out that it can sicken or even kill first responders. tonight on fox25 at 10, we ride along with those on the front line of the overdose
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we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. south of the pike. things look good on the expressway. 128 moving along fine through needham and construction work at highland avenue have finished up and wrapped up so you won't be -- beside just the gridlock we face just like on a daily basis in that area. 93 south route 1 looking good. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south as we approach the zakim. 4:18. meteorologist shiri spear join us. daylight saving time is an issue for a lot of states, but people like us, we appreciate it when we can get an extra hour. >> shiri: here is the thing the sun comes up at 6:20. julie stoked because it will help her traffic cram. >> julie: we have day that gives us information i am guessing. >> shiri: we can actually see outside and then we will be
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will be coming up. sunrise 6:25. sunset, 4:30. we deserve a frowny face. if you were wondering what the earliest sunset first week of december goes down 4:12. isn't that crazy. the average high is 54. we will fall a little flat of that. 30s on the. that boston and norwood, both at 38 degrees. lawrence at 35. let's go to worcester at 34 degrees. we get started with nice, clear skies. notice temperatures here only get into the middle 40s this afternoon. it will be a cool day starting in the 30s, highs in the 40s. you will have to dress nice and warm. plymouth 41 degrees and a spot where we will have a little more cloud cover this morning and same goes for the cape. southeastern massachusetts, you can see a few more clouds here. i am expecting plymouth to clear out during the afternoon and let's go with the partly cloudy start to the day.
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a little bit tricky along the coastline. i think we will have a hard time getting up to 50s, but at coast spots like boston and malden and quincy and braintree only 49 degrees. cambridge, 49 and a whole string of 50s. brookline at 50 degrees and dedham at 52. if you were at the coast, upper 40s. south shore, north shore included in that 35750 in lawrence. 52 in norwood. 51 in framingham. hampshire. worcester, 47 degrees. your high temperature. futurecast pretty slow going. clouds over eastern mass. and driven by north winds picking up moisture over the oingts and directing that cloud cover to the south shore, to the cape which is sticking out a little bit further than anybody else. into the afternoon things brighten up nicely. winds are a bit active this morning over the cape. winds will tend to lighten up during the day. warm weather here tomorrow.
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winds, the temperatures back into the 60s, but then wednesday, we do have changes burning, and you can see much of the morning commute looking dry as of now. this timeline has been speeding up, so i think even the wednesday morning commute we are at risk for a little bit of wet weather, most of it comes in for the middle of the day. the afternoon with the cold front back behind it and we could see partial sun in the picture by wednesday. wednesday really the next day that we are looking for the significant. the next signica tonight, mostly clear. lows back in the 20s and 30s and out voting early tomorrow, we will just have to prepare for the 30s. 30-degree warm-up. we are not going to complain about it. 60s back tomorrow. let's enjoy it while we can. kind of a one-day thing. seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. we will go back with 62 tomorrow. 56 on wednesday with a chance of showers. thursday clears out at 50 degrees. mid-50s friday. and friday and saturday at risk
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all looking like a washout but looking unsettled, sunday even more sun. back to you. >> julie: all right, shiri. a car veers off of road and into the charles river. details on that crash and what sent the car flying.
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. just come up on 4:25 right now. new developments in the case of a woman found chained inside a storage container on a rural south carolina property. the man accused of taking her is a serial killer. this after police found the body of the woman's boyfriend and two other victims o >> yes, he did show us where two more graves are. he sure did. he showed us where two more victims. four members of the spartanburg society brutally murder. >> daniel: police say that todd kohlhepp confessed to three murdered and may have been involved in four more. kala brown was chained up on
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months after she went missing. she and her boyfriend went there looking for work. they are looking to more victims. identified the three special forces killed in a shootout. sergeant matthew lieu we willen, kevin mcinrow and james moriar ty. 27-year-olds and 30. they were decorated soldiers with five-plus years service. they are investigating the shooting. isis is facing a two-prong assault by troops in iraq and syria. kurdish-led forces have driven militants from the syrian city. isis is already under attack by u.s.-backed iraqi forces in mosul which insurgents captured two years ago. patriots putting their time off for good use. the special treat for two boys who survived life-threatening
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now at 4:30, the clock is ticking until the next president is picked. we are a day away from the polls opening. a look at the final push for support. a deadly crash under snretion west pors. the details coming in about the victims. plus tail lights barely visible underneath the surface of the charles river. catherine parrotta is live from the scene with details of the crash that sent a car plunging into the rough water. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. coming up 407b :30 on this monday, november 7, i am daniel miller. >> julie: i am julie grauert. grab your heavy coat as you go out the door. you will need it. >> daniel: i did, a white one
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j tell us more about it. >> shiri: 30s on map and the warm-up on the way. 38 in boston. 38 in up slip. 38 in sharon. 50s from fitchburg, to maynard and new hampshire. temperatures a little bit milder and plus conditions are a little cloudier over the south shore and the cape and tapping some 40s right now. not just a little cloudier and windier here. tracking winds gusting between 25 and 35 miles per hour. over t easy going morning for you and it is calm. mostly clear with a few early morning clouds. temperatures in the early 30s. 47 at noontime. 3 p.m. still seeing things in the upper 40s. a cooler day ahead. i will show you some towns and cities where we get back into the 50s today, 60s tomorrow. that is coming up. i will be back in 10. julie is back with live drive time traffic. >> julie: i want to remind


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