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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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their voices heard. >> good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. fox 25's ted daniel live for us in boston. ted shock really turned into anger for some people. >> one of the chants we hear was not my president the others we can't repeat on tv. while in many this country are sounding a conciliatory tone, others are sounding the alarm. >> not my president! >> reporter: the boston common, common ground for a large group of some voted for clinton, others for green party candidate jill stein, jan smith says she skipped voting because she didn't like any of the candidates. >> all the people who are need to come together and express their opinion that's really going to be the only thing that will fix anything. not. >> my president. not my president. >> reporter: the chants and signs addressing a wide
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socialism, black lives matter, climate change, income ineqailt, immigrant and women reproductive rights all of it under the anti-trump umbrella. >> he's racist, he's sexist. he says whatever he wants and gets away it with. it should not be right. >> i feel like we're at the brink of just so much destruction and divisiveness. >> reporter: protestors imel bolden by the fact when all the votes are counted trump will likely fall short in the popular vote. do you re that you will be able to change anything? >> i mean it's not like we can do anything to change the election results but we can work from the ground up. >> reporter: state and boston police kept a close eye on the crowd shutting down beacon street as the protestors moved to the steps of the state house. >> it's a peaceful crowd as you can see that's what we're hoping to continue along those lines. >> reporter: after the protest ended, a man came up to one of our photographers to ask what all the cameras
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learned it was for an anti-trump protest he said are you kidding me? he's the best thing to happen to this country. clearly a nation divided. reporting live in boston tonight's, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. many of the people protesting in boston are hillary clinton supporters. today clinton had a message for all of them. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh has been covering the clinton campaign for us. live in new york city tonight where kerry, clinton delivered a very emotional thank you. >> reporter: trying to end her campai positive note. she thanked her supporters today and had a particular message for the women and young girls who supported her. >> to all the little girls who are watching this never doubt that you are valuable, and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world. >> reporter: hillary clinton had hoped to break down the ultimate barrier for women in america here new york's
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ceiling. wednesday morning media file around the new yorker hotel on a dreary day. nypd flanked all sides as well as the world awaited her farewell message. clinton arrived with her husband the former president and her running mate tim kaine. >> our best days are still ahead of us roar clinton emotionally thanked her supporters and apologized to them for how the campaign ended. but she told supporters donald trump is now the president-elect to whom everyone owes an open mind and a chance to lead president-elect donald trump statemented to unify a fractured country. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> let us not lose heart for there are more seasons to come and there is more work to do. >> reporter: clinton had hoped to shatter the glass ceiling symbolically above
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the transition begins in earnest tomorrow. president-elect trump will visit president obama in the white house. >> president-elect trump took today off as far as public appearance goes because he's preparing to meet with president obama at the white house tomorrow. the president called trump to congratulate him this morning. he said despite their big differences they both want what's best for the country. >> president obama: that's when i heard mr. trump's remarks last what i heard when i spoke to him directly and i was heartened by that. president obama has already put together a team to help the white house transition. >> following in the president's path massachusetts senator elizabeth warren offered a olive branch. she posted on facebook saying quote it is no secret that i didn't want to see donald trump win yesterday, but said she will respect the results and even offered to work with trump on
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new at 11:00, donald trump's fully repaired hollywood star will be repaired as soon as possible. cameras rolled as a protestor damaged his star last month. police arrested the man and charged him with felony vandalism. trump received the star in 2007 for his role on nbc's reality show the apprentice. also new at 11:00, donald trump served twice the dessert at his election night party. this victory cake was a life-sized bust of his face. many people say he looked cake's creator said that wasn't her goal instead she wanted to capture his naturally serious face. 1,023 votes the razor thin margin that handed maggie hassan a victory over kelly ayotte in the new hampshire senator race. senator ayotte conceded the race this afternoon. the final margin announced by the secretary of state falls into state guidelines for a recount but ayotte refused to do so. >> it will be my job in the
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the best decision for new hampshire to work with president-elect trump when it is in the best interest of new hampshire and the country and to stand up to him when it isn't. >> senator ayotte called governor hassan this afternoon after the secretary of state confirmed her narrow victory. also telling her supporters it's a critical time and now more than ever we need to work to address our challenges. for more indepth ve go over to happening tomorrow, a status hearing is set for the case against the mother of a little girl who came to be known as baby doe. she is charactered with being an accessory after the act. bella bond's body was found last year. no one knew who she was for months until police say bond told a friend her boyfriend killed the 2-year-old. he is charged with murder. new at 11:00 an off duty
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drunk driving crash that killed a mother and daughter in plymouth. on tuesday, the jury acquitted john bassler of motor vehicle homicide he found guilty on the lesser charges of drunk driving and reckless operation. he slammed head on into a car in 2013 killing susan and her daughter juliette. state police suspended bassler without pay after the crash. fox 25 reached out to the department tonight to get an changed. our internal case is pending we will address his duty status in the very near future in light of his convictions. new at 11:00 a bad accident with injuries reported in brockton. you see the driver jumped the curb took out a free and crashed into a fence. this is on hunting ton street. right now police are looking for new clues to figure out how a man with a gunshot wound through the
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an eastin neighborhood. two teens riding their bicycles found 35-year-old daniel smith on the ground about 25 yards into the woods. police don't know how he ended there up or how he was hurt. detectives did return to the scene today searching for clues and the possible gun involved. >> it's a little concerning you know we live in a small town so hearing something like this, you know, it kind of puts everyone on edge. >> smith remains in critical condition while this investigation is underway eastin police rick magazine it claer that the public is not in any danger. right now the coast guard is searching for three boaters who disappeared off the cape has now been more than 24 hours since they were last seen. the coast guard says the three fishermen headed to woods hole but never returned. so far they have found no debris. >> talking with a family friend he mentioned that the type of dwhament they have on board and the seaworthiness of the boat
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their favor. we just need to find them. >> the coast guard says the men are skilled commercial fishermen from new bedford. their families as you can imagine were too emotional to speak on camera. now to a disturbing crime tonight a father is accused of shaking his baby girl so hard that she ended up in the hospital. fox 25's malini basu is in lowell after speaking with the baby's mother. >> reporter: this adorable three month-old baby girl is sophia prosecutors say father anthony shook the inland so hard she suffered from brain hemorrhaging and showed signs of possibly having seizures. >> what had to be four or five policemen had to be four to six police cars. it. like overkill. >> reporter: robert why as neighbor. he saw police at their middlesex street home in lowell on saturday. >> they were talking to
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anthony's mother until 1:30 in the monk. >> reporter: he ran upstairs and yelled for the mother to call 911 because sophia stopped breathing. mom told police she was at work when this happened. police questioned neighbors. >> we wanted to know if i heard them arguing. what kind of neighbors were they. if they were fighting. >> reporter: on facebook, he posted "i royally expletive up. i didn't mean to do it. i hope i can be forgiven for wh family can forgive me." one neighbor tells fox 25 sophia's dad has anger problems. >> a little hot heated he has a little bit of anger. >> he's a little bit of -- >> anger. he has a lot of anger. >> reporter: we stopped by their home. >> get out. an angry neighbor slammed the door on us and put a sheet up at the front door. >> i know he lost it. i'm sorry, i'm sure he will regret it.
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in the meantime, dcf tells us they took emergency custody of sophia also the father is facing assault and battery charges. for now we are in lowell, malini basu, fox 25 news. three homes in reading broken into less than two weeks. police believe the same man may be behind at least two of themselves. the most recent just yesterday. all of the robberies happened in the middle of the day when no one was home. the suspect only stole jewelery. one victim ta want to show his face. >> my kids had a hard time sleeping for a few days. it's back to normal now. but pretty upsetting knowing somebody was in your house. >> police say there was either an unlocked door or window in all three cases. >> tracking shows showers on out of here tonight. >> first why an 85-year-old loam state representative was asked to turn himself in
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dinner! may i be excused? get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. new tonight a new hampshire state rep celebrated his re-election in front of a judge. >> fox 25's jacqui heinrich discovered police let him know about the charges at the polling center. >> i'm with fox 25. we're looking for dick
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85-year-old dick marple's -- he was nabbed for a second time this year for presenting an invalid license, his first arrest in may. then a second on election day for not appearing in court. >> we let him know that there was an active electronic bench warrant for him and asked him to turn himself in. >> police say marpl derks turn himself in but that may just be the beginning of his woes. marple's house deeded by town in june they took ownership in lieu of more than $18,000 in back taxes which he says he was exempt from. we tried to ask him about it but a woman at his house says he wasn't home and refused to comment. >> i figured he would probably have not guilty to say about it we wanted to get his side of things. >> reporter: marple who was endorsed by the n.r.a. and voted to keep marriage recognized between only a man and woman.
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win his re-election. he'll now be serving a fifth term. in hooksett, new hampshire, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. the city is taking steps to fire a police officer. 56-year-old brian butler fondled then overwhelmed oral sex on a man who was being held in the booking area of the salem police department. it happened on halloween. video and audio recordings lined up with what the victim told officers a later. after a court appearance today butler's wife, who happens to be salem's police chief, briefly spoke to the media. >> the reflection of, you know, of the alleged actions of one person shouldn't reflect badly upon department and the offers that are working very diligently every day to do their job. >> salem mayor kimberly driscoll expects butler to be off the cities's payroll sooner rather than later.
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a federal judge sentenced carla to a year probation and order her to pay a $4500 fine. she pleaded guilty in july to trying to hide assets when the new england compounding center went bankrupt. the 2012 outbreak killed 64 people nationwide. rainshowers continue in and around the boston area and to the south shore. nothing happened in north and west leave nantucket in fact nothing left out there on live storm tracker radar. here the showers are falling up around saugus a light shower a little bit more moderate here just offshore and about to roll across nantasket beach. it's raining lightly out there as well then over here into sections of boston southward through milton. portions of dorchester as well. braintree to hingham getting some rain shower activity. over to rockland a little
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shower activity. it's not much but i want you to know where the raindrops are falling. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s southeast. these temperature also drop into the upper 20s and low liz overnight and to the southeast it will be upper 30s low 40s. so averaging 33 across the area at wake up time with sunshine real nice looking start to the day. in fact, the entire day will have a lot of sunshine all across new england. there are few that can drift southward but generally a pretty nice day with high temperatures again at or above normal for this time of year. in the 50s here on the south shore as of cape cod to the northwest 50s here as well. gardner 50 norwood 56? so you can see it's going to be a nice november day. nothing too out of the ordinary. but things change a bit by friday afternoon. we'll star the day with sunshine and it will be a mild day ahead of the front that's coming on through. but there's when the front
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shifted to the northwest all these clouds are blowing this way that's an indication of what we're talking about. as this front comes through there's just not a lot of moisture to work with so we won't see many if any showers come through. a small chance for you in new hampshire and vermont as a front comes south ward. but what will be happening for all of us is the cold air comes pouring in through southern new england really all of new england. you will see it here in the seven-day forecast. so mild to start the day on friday a shower higher chance the farther north you are. some things happening this weekend for instance, on saturday, the spartan race at fenway park. in the morning it will be 32 degrees the high temperature for the day at fenway will be 49?. it will be sunny but also it will be brisk. those winds which start to come in on friday will be likely gusting over 30 miles per hour at times especially when the front crosses the area. ahead of the front southwest behind the front northwest
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35 miles per hour potentially. still brisk on saturday making it feel colder than those temperatures we talked about. then on sunday oh some kind of football game going on at gillette stadium. patriots and the seahawks. what a matchup. this is for sunday evening. it's about 8:30 they'll kick it off under clear skies. kickoff temperature about 42? which means it's closer to 50 when everybody gets there about noon time to start tell gating. >> that's a long game but i
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are you happy that trump read the letter? >> yeah. >> given the presidential race. >> seattle. >> do you find it. >> seattle. >> do you find it helpful. >> seattle, did any of your players talk to you about this. >> seattle. >> i counted five times. you called this yesterday. >> he addressed it and then he was done. that's what he does. he couldn't just -- i don't want to talk about it anymore. that's kind of how he treats the media. the much anticipated wednesday news conference maybe not as much as when
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nonetheless. butch stearns was in foxborough today for all the fireworks. >> reporter: politics and football don't really mix. on wednesday in foxborough, it was hard to separate the two. especially for tom brady and bill belichick. >> our friendship goes back many years. i write hundreds of letters and notes every month. it doesn't mean i agree with every single thing that every person thinks about politics, or religion. >> reporter: for brady whatever conversations he's had with trump he's keeping private. >> i talked to my wife politics anymore. so i think that's a good decision. >> reporter: whether it's this election. >> deflategate, spy-gate or any other distraction the patriots do not let it change their focus. >> we're not politicians we're not going to really get into all that kind of stuff and debate and what not. those guys are doing their jobs we're going to do our jobs and our job is whoever we're playing. >> sign on the door. just a lot of the focus when we walk in we have a game to play this week.
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locker room you're all trying to get wharf feelings have you about anything aside and try to accomplish a common goal. i think we talk a lot about distractions and because that takes away from your folk of what those goals may. >> in foxborough, bush stearns, fox 25 sports. al horford still out with a concussion he hasn't practiced or played since last monday. he may return to practice tomorrow but the team really could have used him tonight. washington. a historically awful first quarter. i'm showing you four hoops that's all the celtics scored in the first quarter. they played 12 minutes of basketball they finished with eight points. the wizards meanwhile they came out hot. porter with a huge night 34 points for washington and the wins. celtics never stood a chance. he throws down marcus smart by the neck. he got tossed out of the game with a flagrant two.
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wizards win it by 25 118-93. they're 3-4 the celtics. we got a winner. game of the week we're headed to watertown. excellent job maintaining the lead once they grab it finish the night with 11,040 votes. butch stearns will be there for the matchup. fox 25 news at 6:00 on friday highlights on fox 25 news at 11:00 and of course the ever popular facebook live with a full game recap and reaction from the field. facebook live takes >> 60,000, 20,000 viewers. >> good highlights on. there i love the high school stuff, terrific. >> the football game will be windy and cold for sure friday evening temperatures will be falling to the 40s. we'll rebound into the 40s from the 20s on saturday but it's going to be a cold day. one of the coldest we've seen so far and sunday a real rebound back to the 50s. meteorologist shiri spears
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is somebody who is not at all surprised by donald trump winning. >> mike, he's said why hillary clinton wouldn't win. >> what i said to black people was, demand something in exchange for your vote or threaten to stay home. >> i feel vipped kated to a degree by the outcome of all of this stuff. and i'm definitely hyper >> no, not you! >> miley cyrus just posted a video balling. >> thank you for inspiring all of us. harvey: celebrities lost in this election. the most powerful person in this election, possibly it worked against hillary clinton that she supported her, michelle obama. >> ma sh-obama would be a great president. >> i was just going to say she has no experience, but apparently that is not an issue. >> van jones on the state of america.


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