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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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fox 25's john monahan is live in danvers with the car detail that took a tough turn? >> marc, the driver of that car told police that she just had her car cleaned. the car mats and the floor mat got stuck under her foot and she couldn't stop. luckily there was a parking bumper that slowed her down a bit as she went through that glass and right in to the restaurant. this man eating lunch today when a car crashed right him from his seat. >> the car just drove right in to the building. watch again from this angle. the car plows through the plate glass pushing the table and the man right out of the seat. jimmy is opened jimmy's in 1967. he's never seen or heard anything like this. >> very loud.
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>> debbie was behind the counter. watch her jump when the car hits the glass. >> scared the day lights. i think i probably said a bad word, too. but despite being scared debbie ran out to help. pulling the driver from the vehicle. >> i was panicking. the woman was not injured neither was the man in the booth. the drive said the car mat got caught on the brake and she couldn't stop. jimmy and debbie are just glad everyone is okay, in lifelong and loyal customer. >> she was very calm. she came inside she ordered food then she ordered a sandwich. >> reporter: that driver has been coming here for 49 years and she got her favorite sandwich the blt. jimmy says luckily recently he put in some shatterproof glass and really thinks that's what kept the man
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president-elect trump is talking about his plans for obamacare. he will appear on "60 minutes" on sunday. trump says he will repeal obamacare but he says he is open to keeping certain parts like coverage for people with preexisting conditions. >> it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you're going to keep. >> very much try to keep that in. much something we're going to try and keep. >> trump is also asked about hillary's phone call tuesday night. he says she couldn't have been nicer and called her a great competitor. here is part of the transition team at the top mike pence. rudy giuliani, and chris christie, as well as retired lieutenant general michael flynn. three of trumps children
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donald jr. they're also on the team. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte who lost her re-election bid to governor maggie hassan could be in line to be the next defense secretary. they spoke to two sources familiar with the discussions. they have reached out to senator ayotte for comment but have not heard back. fire on the streets of atlanta. for the third tight night in a row protestors are have been taking to the streets to speak out against donald trump. this is video into our newsroom from our sister station in 100s of people protesting trump's election. and this video in tonight from miami. the video shows protestors blocking major highways around the city. miami-dade county voted overwhelmingly for hillary clinton in the election. tonight in boston common though it was not as much about protesting as it was finding ways to unite people after a very divisive election. fox 25's jacqui heinrich was there tonight and jacqui, more than a thousand people showed up. >> reporter: easily a
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rally. it lasted for several hours and people were coming and going quite a bit during that time. the name of this rally was love trump hate rally. they said one thing they're not going do is spread more hate. bitter cold in boston common didn't keep protestors from coming together in numbers in solidarity. the love trump hate rally want to come together under a president these people did not vote for. >> unity and love and peace and how to come together and fight against the person that is now going to be our president that is extremely oppressive to many of the different groups of people. >> reporter: many speakers addressing the crowd sharing stories of discrimination. protestors promising these voices will not be drown out but echoed by allies over the next four years. >> there was people talking about how they had been raped, there were people talking about how they might be ostracized because of
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>> reporter: but it wasn't just hillary supporters coming together in mourning. independents who didn't like either candidate showed up to talk strategy. some trump supporters even circulated around asking why people were so angry at them. the group says the night was effective and it won't be the last of its kind as they slowly embrace the new president-elect. >> get behind him not necessarily to support him in all that he does but to push him in the direction that we need him to go in. at the end of the day this is a democracy that's not something because our side didn't win. >> so that rally did stay confined to boston common. the protestors didn't have permits for marching so they did not take to the streets. also no arrests were made tonight. live in boston, i'm jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. tonight release a real challenge to keep trump tower secure. the president-elect is still living there and authorities have the tough task of keeping large crowds under control and keeping the building safe. in less than 10 minutes an inside look at the effort to
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becoming a target. three alarm fire under control now in saugus. the fire broke out at a home on harrison ave around 7:30 and was knocked out around 8:30. there are no roths of injuries. right now police are looking for the person who shot a 16-year-old boy on a bike path. >> as fox 25's christine mccarthy reports detectives say the teen ran for help after someone shot him. >> reporter: police taped off the crime scene on the mattapan lt police presence among b.p.d., milton police and state troopers. offers diverted traffic for more than three hours as investigators collected evidence in the shooting of a teenage boy. state police tell fox 25 the 16-year-old was on the bike path when he was shot shortly after 5:30 friday night. police believe the teen may have run for help towards this gas station at the intersection of central ave an ambulance rushed him to
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ballistics experts spent hours prosing is the scene and detectives questioned potential witnesses. but as for the motive police are still unsure. it's unclear whether or not the victim was able to provide any information to police about his shooter but again still no arrests. in milton, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a teenage girl is expected to survive after she somehow was impaled on a fence in dorchester. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. skyfox showed a crew cutting through thewr fence to help rescue the 16-year-old. fox 25 has learned the young girl was impaled through her thigh. police are still trying to figure out how it happened. local father killed trying to break up a fight in april will be ermed remembered this weekend. more than 100 people from charlestown will run the spartan race in honor of brian hinkston who was bunched trying to break up a fight after a friend's birthday party and hit his head on the pavement and later died. the money raised by the team
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>> he's a big family guy. he always wanted to us get the best experience of everything. >> reporter: he made everybody feel like they were the most important person. >> those who knew hinkston called him the gentleman. the impact he had on others. we have information on how to donate on our website >> police were called to this home in marlboro a fire department official tell us fox 25 they treated the two adults for a possible drug overdose. neighbors and classmates identified them as 19-year-old graca and 23-year-old kravitz. according to neighbors the baby was only two months old. they have no idea how this happened. >> i don't like to hear this about the baby, you know. born in the world then gone so shortly. >> the district attorney has
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we are told that department of children and families is now involved. >> the coast guard has suspended its search for three boaters lost at sea. the boaters from new bedford left on a fishing trip tuesday. a friend reported them mising when they never returned the same day. their truck and trailer still parked in the maa. the coast guard covered nearly 4,000 nautical miles in cape cod bay but never found the fishermen or their boat. the coast guard has found the body of a missing gloucester fisherman. the bo shore drive and magnolia point in gloucester. police say he was swept out to sea tuesday by a big wave when he was fishing on rocks with a friend. another man was rescued after clinging to one of those rocks. a brush fire in lynn is now under control but firefighters still don't know how it started. this was breaking on fox 25 news at 5:00 tonight. skyfox over the scene here near penny brook road. they're now telling us no buildings were threatened.
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scene in case any hot spots flare-up. >> it is cold out there tonight but it's not really dropping as fast as i thought it would. i'll show you the rebound by the end of the weekend. >> why duncan donuts is getting sued by a company that makes an ingredient twhea put in our coffee. -- that we put in our coffee. >> the challenge of protecting the
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tonight we want to show the challenge of securing trump tower. >> huge crowds are gathered outside the president's home now. the president-elect's home every day since his victory over hillary clinton and as you are about to see authorities are taking drastic measures to keep the building safe from the ground and in the air. >> reporter: tonight the residents of the president-elect trump tower is at the center of an increasingly worrisome it's a question made even more difficult by the fact that the building's atrium is a public space. increasingly difficult to mon for according to law enforcement. and the building itself a target as recently as this year of a suction cup climber is seen as vulnerable to any number of threats. >> because it is so dense the damage it could cause is immense. they're going are have their work cut out for them here
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to project to it from the air issuing temporary flight restrictions that extend nearly 3,000 feet up and two nautical miles out. in the wake of election night new cement barriers and pump donald trumps lined busy fifth avenue pushing cars and the public farther away. a debate between secret service and nypd officials still ongoing over more restrictive actions to take. concerns only exacerbated by the now constant presence of protestors. the group has now been given street from the building's main entrance. >> there always is a possibility as we have seen in some of these other demonstrations where violence has occurred where you may have a rogue person or two or a professional agitator or two who may decide that they have to take it a notch up or two then law enforcement will have to deal with that on top of the actual securing of the perimeter itself. >> reporter: law enforcement officials acknowledge the challenge and admit there's really no easy way to protect the building that
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right in the middle of busy fifth avenue. new at 11:00 voter turnout dipped to its nearly lowest -- the 1television million votes means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year that's the lowest since 1996 when 53.5% voted. new at 11:00 president obama is asking congress for additional $11.6 billion to fight isis. the request comes as iraqi troops backed by u.s. air power and locked in a fierce battle with isis in the city of mosul. that brings the total price tag for operations this year to more than $85 billion. secretary of defense ash carter said the additional money is vitally important for our national security. new at 11:00, the company that makes splenda is suing dunkin' donuts. it cut ties with the sugar substitute this year. they claim the chain now
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brand in yellow packets that look like splenda. they say the staff would indicate splenda was used in its products they have not filed a legal response to this case yet. so it's cold throughout we have cleared out after some clouds earlier wake up to some chilly temperatures. a lot of 40s around the city of boston at least close to the city right now. still newburyport both in the 30s as well. to the west one of the colder spots is fitchburg at 34. royalston beating you by a degree at 33. and then to the south of boston seeing some 30s as well. so, with the wind blowing out there it's not as strong
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like the 20s and 30s right at the coastline tonight. good five to eight degrees colder than the actual temperature. those gusts are still up overly miles per hour. out on cape cod 20s and 30s. this is not strong enough winds to be wind advisory criteria so that has been dropped. no longer an advisory out there. they were stronger earlier that's why you have that spartan race is tomorrow morning. as far as the high temperatures tomorrow afternoon not much higher than that 44 getting to 49 in boston. a few 50 degree readings like in lawrence and norwood tomorrow afternoon but generally in the mid to upper 40s across southern new england. unh we haven't forgotten you had this request on twitter.
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30s for your tailgating. you told me you tailgate at 9:00 a.m. and continuing through the noon time kickoff. seven day forecast shows sunday cold with a rebound in the afternoon getting up to 58?. that's nice but by the evening you know it's going to cool off. speaking of tailgating dropping from the 50s into the 40s at gillette stadium. kickoff at 8:30 sunday night. 44? clear skies light winds next thing we'll be worried center on tuesday i showed you earlier how it looked like it would be coming in on that european model. it shows some more things a storm forming off the coast and intensifying. >> doubt it's warm enough for rain we're not talking about a snowstorm nor'easter here but we are talking potentially about a rain nor'easter that could bring
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the coastline in conjunction with that supermoon that's happening next week. tides are going to be higher than normal. something that's called a king tide. so really watching this closely because of that potential for some flooding that comes our way. the storm isn't born yet it's not even on the map but it's something we're watching in our computer models and it seems like there will be a storm out there that will have to be watched very, very close real core of the cold air. enjoy that a lot more is coming in the not too distant future. the commuter alert now for anyone using the busy needham commuter rail line it will be shut down all weekend while crews work to replace tracks. alternate service will not be provided. the t says trains will not start running again until monday morning. a brookline resident turning 107 years old tomorrow had a
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birthday party. helping her ring in another year was bob kraft. she was born november 12th, 1909 in east boston. she grew up in winthrop has lived in brook linch since -- brookline since the lyndon johnson administration. kraft told us she lit up the room tonight. >> i think any of us think in here and see the lovely sadie. >> sadie is a long time pats fan and she have 50 before they even played their first game. wow, that's great. some star power at the garden tonight but for celts fans it paid good money to see carmelo anthony they get cheated. because he was anything but. plus, a championship won
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celtics knicks at the gardening. celtics still without al harford and jay crowder and looking to stop a three game
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part of a 31 point first quarter where the celts led by four after one. looking for defense you got it tonight. avery bradley one of their 16 steals that led to 25 nik turnovers. -- knick turnovers. celts by seven at the break. once carmelo was ejected isaiah takes over. a game high 29 for the pocket rocket. 28-point win for the green there in indiana against larry's pacers tomorrow night. don't ask larry who? just when you expect it with b.c. headed to tallahassee tonight total nom days from the seminoles. measure -- total domination from the seminoles. total domination. the seminoles ran for 180 yards and pass for 236. only a late d.c. touchdown from richard wilson kept
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yukon comes to the heights. late injury news for the patriots. chris hogan dealing with a back issue that cropped up. he is listed as questionable. chris long also missed today's practice but it was not injury related he should play against seattle. watertown raiders. we take you to a very cold and windy victory field in watertown. watertown in red. quarterback dionne smith was a dual threat in the air and on the ground 56 yards here and he cuts tritans's lead to 21-12 in the second quarter. probably the best player on the field watch runningback counsel the number of broken tackles, one, two, three, four, five.
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played from behind most of the game is won by tritan. >> so crowd of these kids resilient as i mentioned earlier. a lot of times they kept coming, they kept coming. they kept making plays and we kept making plays a great high school football game a great venue a really nice night. it's good to get this >> as soon as this newscast ends we'll have full highlights and reaction are from watertown tonight. join us on my facebook page butch stearns on facebook. one other note gary from billic abouta new red sox bench coach. great guy know him very well. taking over for tory. >> fantastic. good move. >> it will be good to see. shall we stick around for
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: shia labeouf spits some mad bars, yo. ? >> he absolutely went bananas. he dissed drake in the freestyle. and you have to speak fluent hip-hop to catch this. harvey: excuse me, sir, i speak fluent hip-hop. [laughter] >> ok. she's always all over social media. harvey: who's the dominant gene in this? >> it's always the kardashian gene. >> he didn't come from one of those women. he came from the man. >> what genes did rob have? harvey: robert kardashian was a very good looking guy. >> he was so handsome, they had david schwimmer play him in a movie. [laughter] >> french montana and iggy azalea are being criticized over


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