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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. >> reporter: words of encouraging she had for so many disappointed by the election. good morning, everybody, 5:00 on this thursday morning, november 17. thanks for being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. waking up to 30s and 40s this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says we have a few warm afternoons headed our way and the fox25 stormtracker weather center with a timeline of those increasing temperatures >> shiri: yes, starting out a november morning in the 40s is kind of a treat. 47 in boston, plymouth, and portsmouth, new hampshire. down to 40 in worcester. much, much cooler out across western mass and temperatures at or below freezing in a couple of spots. and it is our chilly spots in western mass, western new hampshire where we have visibility. visibility a okay with travelers across eastern and central massachusetts. check on framingham. your hour-by-hour forecast,
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a little bit of a blend as we have some unsettled weather with us. i will have to say dry and more sunshine for the last cup of days, 7 a.m., 42. 89 a.m., 49. this afternoon highs in the mid- to upper 50s. a town by town look is coming up in ale minutes. julie grauert is up with live drive time traffic as we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> so far so good. a little bit of yellow on our expressway as you head from the braintree split up to naponset. shifting sheet shifting sheetly north, route 1, 93 south moving along without any issue. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 10 minutes on the expressway. 18 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. developing news, an incredible site caught on camera. a commuter train slams into a car on the tracks cutting it in two, and two people inside that car get out and run away. >> gene: very lucky too. police trying to track those two down.
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good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. just a miracle that anyone has been able to get out of the car after all of this. the question is who the people are and why they were running in the first place. the whole thing was caught on van will video and if you look closely to the top of the screen, you can see the car drive past the flashing lights on to the tracks and almost immediately goes right into that car cutting it completely in half. point but seconds later, see a woman come running out and another person running right after her. they took off from the scene this morning, and as of this morning, police are still tryinging to track them down. here is a look now at what is left of that car. pretty much a crump we willed up mess. and it is hard to believe that anyone made it out of here alive. a very scary situation for people on that train for last night.
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time after this crash. some of those passengers told us they heard scraping on the bottom of the train before it came to a stop. it didn't appear anyone on board that train was hurt. was moved in to bring everyone home. this morning, transit police are investigating. the biggest question, of course, who those two people are that took off from the scene and why they were running in the first place. we have calls out to transit police and it will be posted here on the fox25 morning news live in revere, jessica reyes, fox25 news. a new clue in the case of a woman killed while out on a jog in the tiny town of princeton. for weeks police have not revealed any updates about the investigation, but they are revealing new information in the hopes of sparking a new lead. our michael henrich is live in princeton this morning with the new information. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, gene. no arrested yet in the murder of vanessa marcotte after more than three months of investigating and more than
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of information. investigators are looking for a dark-colored suv. if you don't recall all specifics of the case here, 27-year-old marcotte was out for a jog here in princeton while visiting her mom back in the first week of august, and the worcester county district attorney says her body was found in the woods near brook station road hours later. now the da says witnesses saw a dark-colored suv parked on brook station road along the time they t took place. a dark-colored suv. not enough information for princeton residents still shaken by the brutal homicide. >> i do a lot of hiking the woods. i do a lot of hike with friends. i do some hiking alone. i would like some information that will help me make wise conditions how safe that is and how safe that not is. >> reporter: fox25 spoke with a private vector by phone who said -- investigator by phone who said this can be a
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we will hear from that private investigators later on in our reports in morning. meantime, the da has received more than 1,000 tips on this case and they still need your help. if you know anything about this dark-colored suv and the case as a whole, you can call the dedicated vanessa marcotte hotline and we have that information on our web site at live in princeton, fox25 news. >> the tipline number if you wa detectives have received as michael said more than 1,000 tips since marcotte's murder but her killer does remain at large. the news surrounding president-elect donald trump's transition team and cabinet continue to pose new questions every day and this morning about his son-in-law jarrod kirschner and new name is emerging as a possible secretary of state. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with stories out of trump
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you very been watched by journalists day and night trying to get a clue of who will be in the president-elect's candidate. nikki haley is expected to meet with trump later today. she could be in the running for secretary of state. haley is south carolina's first female and indian-american governor. she had a rocky past with the president-elect. she endorsed both senators marco rubio and ted cruz and said repeatedly she was not a fan of trump. not the on japan's prime minister shinzo abay is on his way to new york city to build trust with trump and safeguard the alliance between the u.s. and japan. during the campaign, trump stunned both japan and south korea after suggesting he might withdraw the u.s. military from their shores leaving them to protect themselves from north korea. the prime minister is likely looking to find out how much of trump's statements were true
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and this morning the "wall street journal" is reporting that donald trump's son-in-law jar road kir i shallner could get a key role in his administration. the husband of ivanka could be senior counsel. strict rules for cabinet members. all appointees will be asked to sign a form barring them from being a registered lobbyist for five years after they leave government service. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. and a f trump tower yesterday. patriots owner robert kraft was spotted there around 2:00 in the afternoon with former goldman sachs banker steve nugent who has been rumored to be a top pick as secretary of treasury. kraft has not said why he was there he was politically bipartisan giving donations to both democrat and republican candidates. hillary clinton made the first public appearance since delivering a concession speech.
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fund. it advocates on behalf of underbridged children and started her career as an intern. her speech is part reflection and part pledge to remain strong in the face of the trump administration. >> i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the and never leave the house again. >> gene: clinton went on to say the country needs to stand united and fight for values and continue to build an america that is hopeful. police are search for the man that broke into his ex-girlfriend's house in hyde park and attacked her and her mom with a. jeffrey lebates stabbed his ex-girlfriend in the face, neck and chest. and he also stabbed her mom in the face. police were called to the home on huntington avenue.
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kill her and her mom. according to the police report, he smashed five windows in their home as well as the windows of the mom's suv. 5:08. a new video show a rob we are a rifle taking aim at a worker inside a local gas station. >> open the register, now. hurry up! >> gene: frightening video there. the suspect then grabbed a handful of money, lowered his weapon and simply walked out of the store. it happened tuesday night in loose. the suspect tells fox25 that the robber wore green pants, a gray jacket and had a white bandana over his face. a braintree police department's evidence room will be moved after an audit found missing guns, cash and drugs. the evidence room will be moved to the pistol range. two new cameras will be installed as well. the interim chief says state-of-the-art evidence tracking systems will be
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people had to be dropped because of the missing items. the brockton dog that bit four people have been ruled dangerous and will be put down. the husky named leo will be humanely euthanized. making that testimony after hearing testimony from the victims and the vet who said the dog is at risk of biting again. leo got loose and bit four different people including a fire fighter and an animal control officer. town of abington has been crews have taken down the trees at the request of concerned residents. in april, a whitman couple was killed when a large rotting tree fell on to their car as they were driving down rockland street. a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the town but has not yet been settled. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone, 93 south things nice and quiet. 19-minute ride from andover to the zakim bridge. shiri.
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your ear no rain in the from he can for your thursday or friday. late saturday, rain drops. not just rain but perhaps a little snow for your sunday. that is in less than 10. a boston elementary school set to close. coming up, how the district plans to still use the building to better provide education for local kids. a big win for the red sox, next ?? we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ?? now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more
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it is now 5:14 this morning. a wonderful piece of hardware for rick porcello, he was named the american league cy young award winner. a close vote. his tiger teammate justin verlander got more first-place votes. porcello got more points because verlander was not included on the ballots of two sports writers. and the best part for porcello, he was surrounded by his family
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i have my family standing here. i don't think they know yet. you [cheering] [laughter] >> what a moment! >> gene: great stuff. as we said not everyone was happy about the award as porcello's family. verlander's girlfriend kate upton fired off a nasty tweet at major league baseball. a little too vulgar for us to another former tigers teammate celebrating. a champagne shower for matt scherzer named the national league cy young winner. won it over the cubs he becomes the 6th pitcher in history to win the award in both leagues. could be a big day for red sox outfielder mookie best. best is one of three final --
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betts had .318. playing a gold glove right field. the winner will be announced this afternoon. and questions still looming about the -- looming about the health of rob gronkowski. rob did not participate in practice with what the team calling a chest injury. there were reports that he suffered a punctured lung or bruised sternum or a per it would not be a huge surprise if gronk did not play sunday against san francisco. the first time since 2, the boston police department has opened a cadet class for young people looking to join the force. the 42 cadets will wear white for two years before they wear blue. during the two-year program, cadets learned about the cultures they will be interacting with and take a psychological exam. the biggest qualification you
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he is the son of a immigrant and will be the first pakistani bpd officer. >> when people approach me and they need service, i will give them that service. >> sara: the next step will be the academy where the cadets give back to the community in which they came from. >> julie: best of luck to them. tracking weather an traffic he ten minutes. i like who i am seeing. green on the maps pretty typical for this time of the morning commute. we haven't gotten into the beginning of it yet. expressway moving along fine from the braintree split to columbia road. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 10 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now to tell us a little bit more about this november morning in the 40s. nice way to start things off, shiri. >> shiri: yeah, typically we are in the 20s and typically freezing spots out there. the fact is we are mild today.
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partly cloudy, dry and mild weather for your thursday here. splashover possible at the coast with a 1 p.m. high tide today. i do not have any coastal flood advisories. the flooding is not expected to be as significant as the past couple of days. the weekend will be cold, windy and even wet here. i am specifically talking about that sunday forecast. 47 degrees right now new plymouth, boston, portsmouth, new hampshire over to lawrence. a mild way to kick things off. 50 degrees and 5:00 in the morning, shaping up to see some good-looking temperatures. we do have partly cloudy skies. so to a certain extent, it is going to slow down our warm-up. we are still going to get plenty of sun through those clouds. keeping things partly sunny through your day. 9 a.m. close to 50 degrees still. and 11 a.m., we make it into the middle 50s. highs today not just in lawrence but across much of the region, reaching the upper 50s. we have got it in new bedford and norwood and boston over to ipswich, up to portsmouth today.
5:19 am
overnight tonight, we are going to see 30s and 40s. nice clear conditions continuing for the day tomorrow. how about sunshine and even more 60s on the map. i am saying 56 to 62, but honestly, i am thinking lots of lower 60s out there. so we have got a cup of dry days between today, tomorrow and even saturday which you see there which will be warm and sunny, but late saturday night, we start seeing this. rain moving in. i know you will be fast asleep at 1:00 in the morning on sunday, but want to point out to starts as brings us cool, windy air in place. it will change over to a certain extent to a little bit of mix, maybe some sleet, and in the mountains little bit of snow here. but cold and windy here for your sunday. i want to keep all snow accumulation in the mountains. we can keep minor accumulation to the berkshires. better bet in the green and the white mountains. too warm. 49 degrees in boston. 46 in concord, new hampshire. it is not freezing.
5:20 am
the snow won't be able to stick. we see a little bit of it out here. the nice thing is, new information coming out every couple of hour. i will check the computers and get you the very latest on our sunday forecast. partly cloudy and 58 degrees. 60s with sun friday and saturday. sunday, we have a little bit of a mess. pretty light and scattered stuff and windy and flurries lasting into your monday. back over to you, guys. researchers at harvard are working at ways to protect nfl players. the major change proposed by the law school that sparked an immediate from the league. we are learning more about the cause of the train crash in new jersey that killed one person and injured more than
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the police chief that gained national attention last month for apologizing for historical discrimination by police will be leaving the department. chief terrence cunningham has anticipated a job of the association of chiefs of police. he will be working to improve community police relations. no word who will be replacing him as the wellesley police chief. the boston school committee
5:24 am
elementary school in june. it will become an early learning center for kindergarten and preschool students. all other students have will have to find another elementary school. it has been labeled an underperforming school. the news was to avoid receivership by the state. sleep apnea could be to blame for september's deadly train crash in new jersey. the train's engineer was diagnosed with a disorder that can cause people to fall asleep at work or while driving. he says he moments before the train smashed into the hoboken terminal. one person was killed and 108 others were injured in that crash. a police officer that shot and killed philando castile is now facing charges. an investigation found that the officer's use of force was not justified. officer geronimo yanez pulled over casteel in indianapolis saying he matched the description of a robbery suspect.
5:25 am
he asked him to hand over his lesson. he told he was getting his license before he was shot to death. he died in the front seat next to his fiancee and young child. yanez is facing manslaughter charges. fdny captain was on vacation traveling through georgia with his wife when he came upon a car that was on fire. that is when his training kicked in. he was able to free the man wife captured the whole thing on camera. >> very proud of him, but at the same time, i was very cared for him. i mean, he is going in and out of this car, and it is lighting up all the time. and the smoke. you know what, he is a first responder. nobody would have walked away from that. >> gene: the man in the car is still recovering this morning but his family reached out to napolitano to thank him for
5:26 am
to tears. >> sara: incidable. >> gene: saved the day. job well-done. all right, shiri. >> shiri: temperatures running above average. 50s coming back into town to end our workweek. a look at the end of that cooldown. looking and feeling a lot more like winter. united is looking at ways to make travel cheaper.
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now at 5:30. a commuter rail train slices a car in half, but miraculously the people inside that car make it out alive. what we know about the people that took off from the scene last night. he was convicted of going
5:30 am
jurors are getting to see surveillance video and the 911 call that gary lee sampson made to police. the chilling admission that he made and the dramatic clip that could be played in court today. and a transportation upgrade in the seaport. a private helli pad being considered for south boston. why some say they don't want to see it take off. and good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us on this thursday morning at 5:30 now, and some good weather expected today and tomorrow. sense this time of year, we will take it. meteorologist shiri spear says enjoy it because there is some winterlike weather over the weekend. >> shiri: a little bit of a cold front for the second half of the weekend. we will get to that and we are talking partly cloudy skies. temperatures starting out in the 40s in most locations. 40 in worcester and north grafton. 41 in hollis, new hampshire. 43 in londonderry, new hampshire. the little bit of cloud cover we have is helping us. a little like a blanket helping
5:31 am
47, boston over to who willland. 46 in brockton and we have got temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s for the south shore down to about sandwich. cooler on the vineyard at 38 degrees. for the boston area, 7 a.m., 48 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. some breaks in the clouds. you see some sun as the sun comes up this morning. the clouds start to break down this afternoon and highs in the mid- to upper 50s. we will take you town by town coming up in about ten minutes. julie grauert is up w and look at the expressway. >> julie: expressway moving along nicely. no issues from the braintree split to columbia road. pike clear from 495 to 128. average speeds 68 miles per hour. north of the pike, route 1, 93 south. no complaints there. here are your live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 10 minutes on the expressway 22 minutes from 128 south to the weston tolls. back to you. developing news, an incredible sight caught on
5:32 am
into a car on the tracks cutting it in two. people two people inside get out and run away. >> gene: police are trying to track down those two. our jessica reyes is live in revere where that crash happened. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. a lot of people on that -- they are surprised anyone made it out of that car alive. who the two people are and why they took off in the first place. watch closely at the very top of the screen. a car barrels flashing lights on to the train tracks and almost immediately a train comes flying into the car slicing it completely in half. it is hard to imagine anyone surviving that, but seconds later you can see a woman comes running out with another person right behind her. >> all happened at a railroad crossing in revere around 10:30 last night. this is all that is left of the car, barely recognizable. the train was headed from boston with seven people on
5:33 am
happened. one man tweeted. we heard something under the car. the train stopped second later. the train was stopped for quite some time after the crash. thankfully no one on board was hurt. the investigation however into who the people are and why they were run something well under way this morning. and transit police, you know, they are the ones now handling this investigation. we reached out to them this morning for an update on their for those two people. what if any as soon as we get word, we will pass it along to you on the fox25 morning news. live in revere, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. drama expected in court today. prosecutors may play a detailed and graphic confession tape convicted killer gary lee sampson gave to massachusetts state police after his arrest. yesterday a jury heard sampson's chilling 911 call as the death penalty trial got under way. >> also killed a couple of people. >> okay. when did you kill someone?
5:34 am
massachusetts and another one in new hampshire the other day. >> sampson called to turn himself into police in vermont in 2001. at the time he had just murdered three men and as you heard after a week-long crime spree across new england. jurors will decide if he will be sentenced to death. also for the first time. the jury found surveillance video of sampson trying to stab a correction officer with the sharp end of a broomstick in indiana back in 2011. covering this case since it started and will be in court today. look for his reports starting at 4:00 this afternoon. well, for the second time since june, a home in taunton gone up in flames. the abandoned house on walnut street caught fire again yesterday morning and officials are calling the flames suspicious. no one has lived in the house for two years and a lot of foot traffic on the streets. an arson investigator has been brought in to help determine the cause the fire. students in new hampshire
5:35 am
least until tuesday. bus drivers have agreed to postpone a strike after rejecting yesterday's contract offer from first student. a new offer will be drafted up and discussed at a november 22 meeting. drivers are currently fighting for better pension plans. if they go on strike next week, 21 school districts could be impacted. running water has been turned back nonarlington middle school in lawrence. the school had to shut off their water yesterday after a leak was discovered in a water main. during the repair, the school hand janitors used buckets of water to flush toilets. according to the eagle tribune. sprinkler systems were not affected by the outage. an electrical issue is like toe to blame for starting the fire at the bruce school. a power strip or something plugged into it likely failed and caught fire. no students or teachers were hurt in the incident, but classes have been cancelled for the rest of the week. new morning, harvard law
5:36 am
having it. the school spent two years studying the health and safety of nfl players. researchers released a report among other things saying that team doctors should not be employed by the team. they are looking for independent doctors. they say that this will prevent any conflicts of have. the nfl released their own response claiming there was no proof of a conflict of have and any change will not improve player safety. family and friends remember a local man killed on his birthday while on [crying] >> sara: coming up his twin brother describes a man would do anything and everything to help improve the lives around them.
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about ten minutes to check traffic and weather together. we do that every ten minutes. >> sara: let's do it. the expressway starting to see red lights there but overall okay. >> julie: moving moving along okay. brake lights starting to slow down slightly. i want to you remember this shot because we will check in same time, same place in an hour, with ten-minute increments in between but you will be able to see slowdown significantly.
5:40 am
>> shiri: off theory of the thursday commutes. >> always the worse. this is what we have. not the worse. temperatures starting out in the 40s in the bus stop. 44 degrees right now. 6 a.m. 43 degrees. same at 7:00 this morning. early clouds. i will time out when they break apart. and when we they stay mild and bright before we take very -- some time weekend. back to you. well, there is another new steep fee. if you use the overhead united airline over something called the new basic economy ticket. the fares are meant to be competitive in low-price carriers like sprint an frontier. with the ticket, you are only allowed to bring one personal item that sits under the seat in front of you and you don't get to pick upseat. automatically assigned on the day you leave and no way to guarantee friends and family that book together sit together. as thanksgiving quickly approaches, google is giving boston drivers helpful tips of
5:41 am
is at 6 a.m. on sunday, this is when traffic is the lightest. the best time to plan your return trip friday, the day after thanksgiving. google warns that the worst time to drive will be the day before turkey day and the saturday after. amazon is making it easier to keep your holiday gifts a secret. the company has introduced package expressway. a feature that let's you peek inside your box without opening it. scanning a bar code brings up pictures and descriptions of all of the items i anyone ruining their surprise. you can only view what is inside the boxes ordered from your account. >> gene: that sounds a lot of fun. and a close call leaves a police officer shaken. man. next, the quick thinking that allows that officer to escape
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from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. we are back here at 5:44 this morning. a look at downtown boston right now and temperatures aren't so bad this morning. marlborough checking in at 45, and 46 right now in lynn. 47 in abington. tomorrow, but a change is on the way over the weekend. shiri will let us know when it will feel more like winter coming up in less than five minutes. the hunt is on for two people who took off after the car they were in was hit by a train. this happened in revere on the rockport line near oak island road. we talked to a neighbor who caught the incident on his home surveillance camera. kind of blurry but you can see on the top of the screen the train hits the car, cut it in half, a woman run out and
5:45 am
we are talking to police to see if they tracked down the two people. police have released a new clue in the murder of vanessa marcotte. she was killed while out for a jog in princeton. they are looking for a dark-colored suv on the street near where she was found. and the seaport is now being eyed for a potential home for a new helliport part of a multimillion dollar incentive package to bring general and the issues that come have with this landing spot, catherine. >> reporter: this is the area being being eyed for the potential project. behind the music pavilion in the seaport and not something set in stone and last night was the first public meeting on the project. >> full service like you would see in an airline terminal. >> reporter: a proposal for the seaport that is still up in the
5:46 am
it is to entice -- entice general electric to move to boston. >> nobody is more excited of ge coming to boston than me, but my primary function is to represent the constituents of boston. >> reporter: among the concerns, noise and pollution and where the facility might be located. >> what i can tell that you a number of potential sites been ruled out. >> reporter: those sites were four point channel, neelen and fargo street. the location is dry dock 4 east the facility just wouldn't be for ge and the proposal does have supporters, among them the ge of boston med flight. >> the ability to rapidly transport the thickest of the thick to advanced medical care in boston provides an invisible safety net to our fellow citizens. >> reporter: the idea haven't been for takeoff. it haven't been decided if the helli port will be on land or floating. and some question spending
5:47 am
>> we have significant transportation issues and wonder why we are allocating resources to this. >> reporter: still a lot to consider here. as you heard everything is still up in the air, there will be three more public meetings on this before anything is really decided. live in the seaport, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. starting today, new laws to protect pets go into effect in massachusetts. under the new measures, first responder also have legal protection if they break a car window local animal control officers will issue citations when pets are found housed in cruel conditions. fine also range from $50 for first offenses and $300 for multiviolations. you will soon have to hit the breaks around boston. last night the city councillors voted to lower the speed limit from 30 to 25 across most of the city. the speed limit would impact any road where there isn't always a speed limit sign. at this moment, it is unclear
5:48 am
go into effect. bruins are looking for 8th win in the last 10 games. taking on the wild in minnesota. big night for isaiah thomas. he had 8 points during, and scored 22 in that quarter. he was beyond hart. it leads to the bucket down on the other ends for isaiah as he drives hard and lays it up and in. and then off the pick, he hits from that top, isaiah finished with 30 points on the night. and then watch, between thle and then watch, between the legs to avery bradley. take another look. celtics win it. the final score was 90-83. the mighty golden state warrior also be at the garden tomorrow night. and time now 5:48 now on this thursday morning. and i am just loving these warmer temperatures in november. >> gene: yeah, but hold on. they won't be here for the rest of the day. >> shiri: we have a cup of very warm days.
5:49 am
sunday because cold and kind of wet out there. so much just looking at some of the numbers, do you realize that only 2% of massachusetts is not currently and you drought? only 2%. 98% of us have seen these drought conditions since the start of summer. we have an extreme drought for 28% of the states. i got this graphic updated once a week. this happens at 8:30. i will let you know any improvements. i have a feeling it will stay as is and we will wait and see if it stay 7 a.m. temperatures. mostly running in the 40s using the mild temperatures that gene and sara have been enjoying. on and off clouds through the morning. noontime, 55 degrees. you know what, pretty widespread across southern new england. i would even go with mostly sunny skies to round out the day but the evening commute nice and dark at 5 p.m., temperatures teetering right around the 50-degree mark coming down from highs of 57 in boston, beverly, portsmouth,
5:50 am
my cool spot. upper 50s go down to norwood. hyannis at 55 degrees. these are pleasant temperatures, but i think you will like it even more tomorrow when we are back in the lower 60s in many spots. we have got a ton of friday sunshine. we will skip over saturday. why? because more sun. it's more mild. temperatures not until late in the day that we see the clouds roll in. sunday morning, this is when you are asleep. 1:00 in the morning on sunday. i have got initially some rain moving in. it looks very patchy and light seeing is some colder air move in. cold enough to cause a little change over to perhaps some snow or some sleet or a little bit of a mix. thing is, it is so light and at the ground level temperatures are in the 40s even if we see a wintry mix. you can see the snow threat very, very low on sunday. it will not be able to stick. i think wind will be a bigger headache through your sunday and even into your monday travel plans. seven-day forecast for the weekend falls view. partly cloudy and 58 today.
5:51 am
sunday, all-day 40s, windy and wet at times. remember widely scattered and light, and flurries lasting into your monday. julie grauert is up now with live drive time traffic. how is it shaping up out there? >> reporter: looking good out there, shiri. still pretty quiet yet because we haven't hit that 6:30 mark. route 3 south of town moving along wine. 128 and rockland to hingham, weymouth and over to braintree. no issues on 24 or 95 as approach 128. expressway starting to see a showed you the live pictures ten minutes ago and nothing major and no major accidents to report yet. here are your live drive times. 12 minutes on route 3. 18 minutes on 24. 13 minutes on the expressway as you approach columbia road. back to you. local schools facing accusations of abuse. tonight, fox25 investigates uncovers how state education inspectors often followed up with just a phone call. >> i think it is very serious,
5:52 am
you know, something really bad can happen. >> sara: fox25 investigates took a closer look at how the state monitors residential schools that receive taxpayer dollars, while dcf shows individual allegations of abuse. fox25 investigates found state school inspectors rarely visited the schools in question. tonight at 10:00, fox25's eric ramussen ask if is being done to keep kids safe. a large gas explosion has at least ten others in illinois. several buildings were damaged and first responders were still searching for victims late last night. it happened in the downtown shopping area of canton, illinois. the blast came from inside a store shattering windows within a three-block radius. volunteers helped business owners clean up from the explosion. a nasa astronaut will become the oldest woman to go to space when she blasts off from kazakhstan today.
5:53 am
joined on this mission from astronauts from russia and france. at the end of their six months in the international space station, whitson will have the most days set in space by a u.s. astronaut. bob d dialen will not be attending the nobel prize ceremony. the singer sent a letter to the swedish academy saying he has pre-existing commitments. the academy said dylan will still he gives a nobel lecture. the first songwriter to ever win the nobel prize. a frightening animal attack as a man tried to scare off a coyote that tried to kill his cat. that cat is recovering and a recovering. he spotted the animal with the cat in its mouth. his troubles were not over. >> he dropped the cat and the
5:54 am
and he circled and tried to grab at me. >> gene: daley said the coyote followed him when he slowly backed into his home. animal officers arrived and killed the coyote and they are waiting to see if the animal was rabid by. a local family in as the father died at a destination wedding. the new hampshire man was killed after being hit by a bus. daniel miller joins us with this heartbreaking story you will see only o his family is fighting to send his body back home. >> reporter: he was then around nashua as a funny and selfless man who always put others first. he contemplating for months whether or not to go on this wedding. this is the one time he did something for himself and ended up dying on his birthday. >> reporter: at 33 years old, he loved his family more than anything. his three kids will now grow up without a father.
5:55 am
forced to go on without him. >> i love him so much. and i hope that he was really proud of us. >> reporter: he was in jamaica for a foreign's destination wedding. the group was headed to a cafe when wild animals got in front of their bus. a speeding truck going by hit and killed lake and the bus driver. >> the driver his name was damian, and he tried to push my brother out of the way, and unfortunately, they were both struck. least 100 times a day is it okay if i go. we told him yes. he said i didn't think should spend that much money on myself. >> reporter: lake died on his birthday. jonathan is his twin. all the family wants is to bring him back home, but they can't. they tell us the jamaican government is making them pay for all the medical expenses before they release his body. >> just be patient.
5:56 am
we are going to come and get you, brother, no matter what we have to do. >> daniel: the family has set up a go fund me account and in one day it surpassed its $20,000 goal and that money will be helped to bring chris back home. any money left over will be put in a fund so the kids don't have to suffer financially without their father. we put up a link. gene and sara since we first aired, a generous viewer called in in saying we pay for a round-trip ticket for a family member to go to jamaica to bring chris back home. >> sara: that is so meaningful. i can't imagine how difficult for the family. >> daniel: let's continue to pray for them. >> gene: our heart breaks for them. thank you. 5:56. donald trump continues to compile a list of potential nominees for his cabinet. the well-known female governor
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
complete new england news coverage begins right now. a commuter train sliced a car in half and the people inside the vehicle are not hurt. coming up the shocking scene captured on camera right after that crash. the da says more than a thousand tips have come in the months after a woman was killed
6:00 am
massachusetts. the new information just released to the public. and hillary clinton makes her first appearance following her confession speech. why she says everyone should still believe in this country after the elections. good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this thursday morning, november 17. thank you for being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. it is cool this morning while waking up into the 30s and 40s. meteorologist shiri spear says that are warm. a timeline of those increasing temps. >> shiri: can't wait. a nice day out there. early clouds helping us out. like our blanket holding in heat. 48 in boston. 47 in lawrence. portsmouth, new hampshire and norwood. a little cooler because it is clearer right now in worcester where we are down to 40 degrees. your hour-by-hour forecast. framingham. starts out partly cloudy. 47 degrees. 10 a.m., 52.


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