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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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faneuil hall will a big crowd will gather tomorrow night. >> reporter: so the f.b.i. is concerned about paris-style attacks where multiple soft targets are hit by homegrown terrorists versus one large target hit by an organized group. so that brings to us faneuil hall here in boston which could be considered a soft target as the masses are expected to come out for the tree lighting tomorrow night. >> reporter: spirits are up and so is the tree. factianle hall will host the lighting of the christmas industry saturday night. it's an exciting event for the crowds that will show up here but on the eve a warning from the f.b.i. that has the potential to suck the life out of celebrations like this. in a statement released to fox 25, the f.b.i. said while there is no specific threat information about possible attacks in our area, as we approach the thanksgiving holiday law enforcement and members of the public must remain guarded. >> we've been forced to be diligent since 2001 why is this news?
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folks on friday night were you virtually unphased by the f.b.i.'s warning saying what they're cautioning is already a way of life. >> it's unfortunate, but little by little we're all growing to accept that. >> reporter: the warning sites concerns about pace-like attacks at places like shopping malls, crowded venue, special events but some like say boston has already been tested and come out on top. >> i really have faith in our police force, especially after the marathon bombing. >> reporter: boston police officers will be factianle private security for the tree lighting and ensure it won't threatened. telling us "the boston police are working with the federal, state and local partners to remain vigilant as the busy holiday season approaches. authorities urge the public to report anything that they see and believe to be suspicious to their local law enforcement. >> see something, say something south of thing. >> reporter: late tonight i heard from the general manager of factianle hall who assures us that safety is his number one priority
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robust security plan in place to make sure that that priority is fulfilled. in boston, erica richie, fox 25 news. this video is shocking, sad really hard to watch right here. it shows a local mother who had just overdosed in the toy aisle of a store. her daughter can be seen trying to wake her up. the mother survived her daughter is now in state custody. fox 25's christine mccarthy shows why there's now a warrant out for the mother's arrest. >> reporter: balling, a scared toddler tugs on her mother passed out in store in lawrence. the disturbing video shot by a customer on their cell phone in september, shed light on a heartbreaking reality, the devastating effect of drug use on those who were too young to understand. >> i feel heartbroken for that little girl most of all. that kid's biggest victim. >> reporter: but since then that mother identified by officials as mandy mcgowan failed to appear in the court on her child
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office told fox 25 an arrest warrant has now been issued. they definitely need to it's probably a little scary and maybe they might get some jail time but all in all it's the help they need. >> police say mcgowan had overdosed on an oral form of heroin or possibly fentanyl requiring two doses of narcan to save her. >> i think it's sad. i feel like the kid most of all must have been terrified. >> it's unclear where she is now but one likely former address for her in salem, new hampshire, appeared empty only an eviction notice for mcgowan on the door. she has to face up and you know, go to court, take advantage of all the help she can get. the only person that can rep help them is themselves. >> that 2-year-old girl was taken into protective custody immediately following this incident. but tonight we're not sure of her status. in lawrence, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. right now police are
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hit a 72-year-old woman and just kept going. the woman is expected to survive. we're going to show you the surveillance video right now. be sure to look here at the bottom of your screen. you see the woman get hit and the van never stops. it didn't take very long for witnesses to run over and help the woman. john monahan is in chelsea tonight where there are few things that stick out in this video that could help police find the driver. >> this surveillance video is tough to watch. a 72-year-old woman appears at the bottom of the screen in a suddenly this white minivan hits her. she's knocked to the pavement and the minivan keeps ongoing. >> he doesn't have a heart. >> reporter: kayleigh lives in this chelsea neighborhood she is stunned the driver did not stop. >> it was so hard. who would do that to a woman. >> reporter: this man also upset. >> i don't know what to say. to me it's disgusting. i don't know why anyone could ever do that. >> reporter: broad way and
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street. packed with cars and pedestrians. >> sometimes they see that you're coming but they don't stop. >> reporter: while our crew was filming two cars collided a block away. >> no, not surprising. you can hear fire once or twice a week. it's just crazy. >> reporter: chelsea police released the video with a close-up of the minivan. they say there's a paper note taped to the back window and it appears to be an older model dodge car a avalanche. the right front tire is either a spare tire or is missing kayleigh says whoever did this needs to come forward. >> he's a heartless person because that will be like your mom, your grandma. >> reporter: that was fox 25's john monahan reporting. a high school football captain faced a judge for an assault and attempted kidnapping on the cape. john allen is accused of assaulting a 14-year-old girl who was walking to her bus stop in bourne. fox 25 was there last night when allen was set freon bail. this morning a falmouth district court judge ordered
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cape cod regional high school. his attorney says the witness couldn't even give police an accurate description of the suspect. >> several different descriptions of the vehicle in question many of which are -- i would suggest all of which are different. >> prosecutors connected allen to the crime when the sweatshirt in his car that matched the description. they say the heron that sweatshirt belongs to the victim. allen is due back in court on tuesday. tonight still no arrests panic and fear on boston university's campus this morning. he told police he shot a hostage and was armed with guns and explosives inside the b.u. library. investigators say none was true now they want to that down the person responsible. >> we're working on that right now we have boston regional intelligence working on it. as you know the last year or two we've had a lot of sort ofo calls but this again was so genuine. >> the caller spoke with
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b.u. said they believe the call came from overseas. winchester man pleaded guilty to the murder of his own mother. matthew macvooeny was sentenced to life in prison. we have been covering this case since the very beginning including the shocking admission to our own bob ward that he killed the family's cats and his mother. >> to my mother barbara a apologize keeply. sometimes i get out of control. >> did you do it? >> yes. >> what did do you, what did you do to her? >> murdered her. >> before the confession he took off he eventually arrested in north carolina. do you recognize the man in these very clear surveillance photos? worcester police say this suspect is responsible for three separate armed robberies in the last month. this is from a robbery at the honey farms on beaumont street at the end of october.
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build. call worcester police if you can identify him. new tonight crews in fairhaven spent the day trying to contain a huge oil spill near the mass steam ship authority pier. a fishing boat pumped the spill out into the harbor causing the oil slick. the fire department says the boat responsible will likely be on the hook for the cleanup costs. president-elect donald trump white house team is taking shape. today trump nominated harvard law school graduate and mike pompeo has been tap as director of the c.i.a. and retired lieutenant general michael flynn accepted trump's offer to be his national security advisor. there are reports tonight that former massachusetts senator scott brown would be tapped as trump's secretary for veterans affairs. tomorrow trump will sit down with mitt romney the former massachusetts governor is reportedly on trump's short list for secretary of state. meanwhile trump has settled the lawsuits against the now defunct trump
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afternoon that trump agreed to a $25 million settlement in the case. the deal will resolve two class action lawsuits in california and a civil suit in new york over the now defunct university. the deal does not require trump to acknowledge wrongdoing. flames rip through a woman's home destroying a lot of her possessions but they didn't destroy the precious pictures of her two late children that she cherishes so much. >> it's because of the extra effort from the firefighters who respond. fox 25's jim morelli was to the fire station to say if you. >> my son in nursery school. >> reporter: the fading photographs, a beloved toy a ceramic tree crafted by an 8-year-old these are the treasures of debbie crystal's life. >> gratitude doesn't begin to express what i feel. >> reporter: about six weeks ago she was feeling something else panic after a fire broke out in the attic of her milford home. >> i called 911 we had kind of a short amount of time to run around and grab our belongings. >> reporter: but her most
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fire. >> and that's where i keep some very special things. >> reporter: special things associated with two special people. her late son and daughter. >> my daughter passed away seven years ago from breast cancer. and then my son passed away about a little over two years ago. >> reporter: days after the fire, she went looking for the special things and spotted a plastic tub. >> and i opened up the tub and i was, i just cried, i was so happy. >> reporter: the mementos placed in that plastic tub by milford firefighters. tonight debbie treated those firefighters to a home cooked meal as a way to say thanks. >> it's nice to have people show their appreciation but everything we did is no different than what any other fire department would do. >> reporter: and that debbie
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>> these guys work hard and they don't always get appreciated or acknowledged for the important work that they do. >> reporter: so tonight the guys dined on lazbon -- lasagna, salad, chowder and debbie's special chocolate chip cookies. but the most satisfying thing on the menu was the enormous gratitude. in milford, jim morelli, fox 25 news. all right, jim still clear out there in boston. look off to our west. the big changes this weekend. the latest timeline with new information just in to the weather center. we showed you why the state agency overseeing daycares and school programs investigated allegations by phone. up next fox 25 uncovers the number of complaints where investigators are never even
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uncovering a troubling pattern of complaints not being investigated by a state agency overseeing daycares and school programs. >> this comes a day after investigative reporter erik rasmussen showed you how the department of early education and care was doing a lot of its investigating over the phone. as you're about to see many complaints reported to eec were never assigned to an investigator. a daycare in hingham the latest to face allegations of abusing children some less than a year old.
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locked aggressively to be put to sleep. >> reporter: while d.c.f. looks into the allegations of abuse another state agency early education and care is responsible for investigating the daycare's operations. yet when fox 25 investigates looked at investigation reports of other school programs in the last two years, they revealed e.e.c. investigateors doing much of their work via phone rather than visiting in person. >> right now is that enough to keep kids safe? >> we are doing our >> reporter: e.e.c. commissioner tom weber recently told state lawmakers he has just five investigators to oversee some 9,000 programs. new numbers uncovered by fox 25 investigates paint an even more troubling picture. around metro boston, out of 250 complaints received by e.e.c. since july, just 33 were ever assigned to an investigator. the ratio even worse less than 10% of cases assigned to investigators in worster
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after this hearing on beacon hill last week, state rep paul tucker told us more needs to be done. >> there's no substitute for actually being there and seeing it and giving people the opportunity one on one to be able to speak with an investigator. >> erik rasmussen reporting. no one with e.e.c. was available to talk to us on camera about the new numbers we uncovered. but the agency says each incident can result in multiple complaints and it assigns investigators based upon the severity of the allegations. manchester, new hampshire, evacuated today when a bad smell made several students sick. skyfox was over west high school this morning the students were moved to the football field. we've now learned around 30 students and staff reported feeling numbers that and having headaches. two were sent to the hospital. the school later learned the smell stemmed from a cleaner used in the gym. students were allowed back inside the building around 1:00 this afternoon. new studies show massachusetts ranks below the national average when it comes to preventing drunk driving. mothers against drunk
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the enforcement of five different laws to catch or punish impaired drivers. massachusetts scored a two the out of five. the national average is just under three the bay state was downgraded for not requiring ignition interlocks for drivers who refuse to take a breathalyzer test or who are convicted of driving or rather their first drunk driving charge. >> you may have heard we have a few things bent. to it's just clear out there tonight that's quiet but there's a storm in the ocean and we're caught in the scwes no escaping an increase in clouds tomorrow. but we'll stay dry. almost the entire day. these are the clouds i'm talking about backing in on us tonight from that ocean storm. it has been doing that each day to southeastern massachusetts but this time this takes you through 7:00 a.m. this time meteorologist jason brewer will be tracking these cloutds as they make their way back to 128 and 495 by dinner time.
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now tomorrow night there may be some drizzle that blows in off of the ocean that's why i say most of the day is going to be dry. daytime hours certainly it's at night when things start to get a little soggy then there's this waiting in the wings. we'll get back to that in a moment. first let's take about the temperatures. right now in the 30s in the suburbs. 40s in boston and 53 out there at the airport in worcester. i'm betting it's a little bit cooler in downtown worcester. it's in the low 30s off to the north and west it's in the 50s in some average will be pretty close to 40 with increasingly cloudy skies through the morning. it will be cloudy when you wake up in cape cod and southeastern massachusetts. if you see in sun on the south shore it's not long for this world. the clouds will be rolling in fairly quickly. so 50s where it's cloudy from the start tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow. then off to the north and west where the clouds roll in last you get more sun close to the 60 degrees. all of it still above average for the day for this time of year.
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this is the same front in the middle of the country and behind it blizzard conditions. that whole storm system has to roll through the northeast. now the first and worst part of it is going farther to the north. but the cold front comes through with showers approaching worcester by 4:00 sunday morning. boston soon after that 5:30ish, and then rolling on through here by the end of our sunday morning newscast. but the cold air will be blowing in already. so high temperatures will be realized in the morning only in the 40s. look at the blues here blues and whites into the worcester hills into the berkshires certainly the green mountains no question about that. so some light snow from time to time in the worcester hills. i'm betting there will be even though not being shown very well on our future cast data looking at everything i have seen come in. looks to me like will be flurries perhaps even in the city during the height of the cold air sunday night into monday morning. these are your temperatures from the seven-day forecast. look at that only 46 for a high sunday by the morning monday it is freezing
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accumulating snow you need to go to the west and to the north. you will see that here through sunday evening not much but some then it increases more through monday evening with even some light snow into the suburbs of boston which is what i'm thinking this is going to bring to us. still rain in the offing for wednesday into thursday though for thanksgiving holiday something more about in the morning. this video takes the meaning to dunk a to a whole new height. he was able to dunk a biscuit, yes, into a cup of tea from 230 feet in the air. as part of the guinness world record day. butch. >> mark, no world records set at the garden tonight but there easily could have been if golden state wanted to and kevin durant's first
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last summer you remember kevin durant held all of us hostage for fourth of july weekend but he eventually turned his back on boston the celtics and tom brady. tonight k.g. comes into the forward within his new superteam and rubs it in big time.
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team playing without al horford or jay crowder. durant was booed during his introductions and during the the game. celtics hung tough early. avery bradley a nice night. terry sets him up for the jam. celts down six. bradley with the double double 17 points, 10 boards. isaiah shoots only four of 12. one of eight from three. this kretsd trail by seven at the break. but things got ugly after that. durant 23 points, 10 still the best overall score in the f.b.i. -- a game high 28. warriors -- 30s in the fourth with the lead before steve kerr calls off the the dogs. they beat the celts by 16. celts are in detroit tomorrow night.
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questionable for sunday's game in san francisco. but they're both expected to play and that's a good thing because the patriots other tight end and other wide receiver will not play. chris hogan and gronkowski both rule out even though gronk won't play the word is that the injury he suffered on his hip last sunday night is not as bad as first reported. for tom brady not having gronk is one story line for this game. going back home and playing where he grew up is oot. brady has his priorities >> the reason we're going out there to play football games there's nothing that's more important it's easier to compartmentalize in my 17th year. i've been through you know a lot of different things with games traveling in different places and friends and so forth. >> speaking of quarterbacks matt ryan back at boston college today reminiscing about his college days at chestnut hill. the atlanta falcons quarterback will have his
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for ryan this will be special. >> i'm really looking forward to tomorrow. i think it's going to be a lot of fun. i'm excited to be back for a game. it's been a while since i've been able to make it back to campus for a game. certainly a special weekend for myself and my family. 1:00 for b.c.u. tomorrow. bruins back in action tomorrow night at 7:00 at the garden. i'm heading to discover to cover the patriots. >> we need to win. >> we need good weather. >> the rain gear is what you there. >> it's going to rain in the northern central california and the coastline at least leading up to the game to kick off on sunday and be possibly even during the game. >> don't they know tom brady. >> at least you're not getting snowflakes. be happy about that the rain does not stop. so we're going to get some showers sunday morning. then some snow in the berkshires in the mountains
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: wow, i had no idea but kanye west announced that he's with him. >> this is going to be interesting. huge uptake now because trump just went from like scott baio to kanye west. trump changed up. >> justin bieber, he walks out and this girl pulls his pants down bare ass. [screaming] and his body combards like quickly pulls up his pants. >> wait, the bodyguard pulls his pants up? harve: what if it was kim k's bodyguard is this it's like strike two. >> it's like oh, i had another bad day at work today! >> oh, boy, mondays. [laughter] >> marc anthony at the latin grammy awards. j.lo presented him the award and then they ended up kissing. >> on the mouth? >> yeah, they kissed on the mouth. >> latin people kiss on the


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