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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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with that than one of these in betweeners. it is cold, no doubt about that. need to be cold to have ice and cold. look to our west, we're going to slide out here and we're gonna see there is a storm, rain, england. it wants to impact our thanksgiving morning. look, this is not gonna be a huge storm when it gets here but will be a problem if you're hitting the roads first day thanksgiving. i'll show where you the impacts will be, where and when in just a few minutes. >> mass-dot says your best bet is to get out early tomorrow between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. the worst traffic is expected between noon and 5:00 tomorrow with a peak at 3:00 p.m. >> try to travel in the morning if you can. if you wait out tomorrow and
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gonna be much easier because that rush hour ends early. a man is rocked by an electric shock and rushed to mass general hospital. malini basu spoke exclusively with the victim's wife who says doctors can't believe her husband is alive. i was slapping his face saying stay with me, stay with me as his eyes were rolling back. karen putting christmas lights and using a metal pole when he was severely shot. >> he was trying to get decorated with the real long pole. the wind must have taken it back just enough to hit the live electrical wire and it sent the whole, whatever, how many volts in that wire through his whole body. >> it happened around 2:00 this afternoon at their glen forest
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new hampshire. >> insists the kitchen and heard the explosion, saw the smoke. >> he came running out, on the ground, semiconscience. >> the shots were so intense, his hands and feet were burned. >> he burned the socks off his feet. they're all metallic-y and metal burn holes in them. >> reporter: you can still smell the burnt grass. right here is the burn mark opinion. >> mcclaire is hoping miracle because doctors told her this. >> they can't believe he's alive. >> right now mcclaire is by her husband's bedside and tells fox 25 a team of doctors and nurses will be performing several tests on him as they are afraid of severe internal damage for now, we're in boston tonight, malini bought sue, fox 25 news. a lawrence man is held without bail tonight charged in a hate crime on a transgender person. it happened outside a social
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42-year-old benjamin has been charged with assault and civil rights violation. he is accused of calling the transgender victim a sexual slur then violently assaulting him outside the club. transit police are investigating how one of their own officers got hurt at the suffolk down's t station. we're hearing that officer may have broken his arm. police tell us he was not hit by a train but the injury did delay blue line commuters earlier this evening. >> six children are still in critical condition tennessee. the driver reportedly asked the children if they were ready to die and later tonight the hospital reveals, identifying the children, many of whom were too dazed to speak or write. they had to take photographs the children and rely on the school district to track down their parent its. we flipped off the roadway. >> reporter: a school bus packed with children slammed into a telephone pole and wrapped
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>> he was screaming. i mean, they was screaming. >> reporter: according to the children's elementary school, four boys and a girl were killed in the crash. three in the fourth grade, one in first grade and one in kindergarten. >> i couldn't imagine dropping my kids off at the bugs stop and not seeing them again. >> reporter: other children taken to the hospital still in their school uniform. >> because of the ying age many of them were unable to spell their name, did not know their birth date or even their several said momma when they were asked who their -- what their name was. >> reporter: police arrested the driver, john walker. in april walker got his bus driver license and in september he was involved in a minor bus crash. no one was hurt in that incident. a drastic difference to monday's crash. now walker is charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.
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continues into what caused the crash, the community grieves. >> the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father. >> tonight president-elect donald trump tweeted his condolences to all of those affected by this terrible tragedy. >> trump's team says the president-elect wants to hit media -- reset button with the media. trump said he had great respect for the new york times but thought their treatment of him has been quote very rough. it came one day after he got together with broadcast executives. >> he spock in very measured tones and said i gotta tell the truth about me. >> a check on all lengthed officials. >> reporter: trump has long been a critical critic on twitter and
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inaccurate reporting tactic. the dow closed above 19,000 for the first time as the post election rally continues as we push the market to record highs. >> former massachusetts senator scott brown is on the short list to be the nation's next secretary of veterans affairs. brown said he had a great meeting with president-elect donald trump in new york city on monday after he talked about some of his priorities if he get the job. >> we need to obviously focus on su mental health issues immediate treatment. >> brown spent nearly four decades in the army national guard and says he expects trump to make a decision after thanksgiving. >> outside a lowell courtroom, family coming to terms with a judge's decision not to charge a woman with murder in the death of a mother of four. tonight the suspect in custody is charged with assault while police look for others involved. fox 25's stephanie
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case is being handled. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this is not okay! >> reporter: for family and friends, the day ended in an explosion of emotion, angry and heart broken by the judge's decision and a lack of murder charges against amarilla cortez perez. >> it's hard knowing she should be charged with murder and the other kids that are still on the run. >> a orango night. perez appeared before a judge today. prosecutors say during the fight she hit orango over the head twice. >> they observed the victims being violently attacked by a group of people continually attacked even after she was on the ground. >> reporter: more heart breaking police say orango's son who has special needs, witnessed the murder, unable to protect his mother. >> he's traumatized. when he seen the crime scene in
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saying right there, mommy die right there. >> reporter: witnesses also tell police someone may have run over orango during the fight. both sides are investigating. so far nobody has been charged or arrested for that or any other part in this attack. >> it gets me mad, you know. other people get caught real quick and they should do more. >> stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. a horrif three children ages 3, 5 and 6 found wearing diapers and unable to speak. donna heifer turned herself into connecticut state police today after a four-month investigation. another suspect nicholas emery has been arrested in arizona. police tell fox 25 they were legally responsible for the children. the kids were found in a home in danielson, connecticut. police say they were underweight, it missing teeth and rarely left the house. they were never enrolled in school either.
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are spending money to get mong toes on all public school buses. some parents are outraged after they say renaissance charter school was lowe slow to notify them of repeated incidents involving a 6-year-old boy. fox 25 learned because of budget cuts 37% of all boston public schools have monitors on their buses and that's important for students with special i think the issue at the renaissance goes a lot deeper so i think there's a lot of situations going on in the school. >> fox 25 reported the renaissance school also failed to notify the department of elementary and secondary education within 48 hours of the
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police are looking for joe morris who's driving a 2005 jetta with a missing gas cap. how the storm will impact your thanksgiving travel, coming up. >> and coldest nye of the season so far and her home is ice cold. >> how long will i go without heat. the surprise reasoning this woman says her furnace broke and why weeks have gone by without it being fixed. >> plus, the bucket behind the ice bucket challenge is destined
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ed? may not officially be winter yet but it sure feels that way. the cold snap is especially tough on a disabled woman. >> and a utility company broke her furnace. >> a small space here, the only source of warmth in shirley's apartment and with temperatures outside in the a relative term. there's candles everywhere and lights to bring more heat into the house and with my medical condition it's making 10 times worse. sheriff see says the reason she has no heat is because her furnace is broken and she blames new england's large the energy provider, ever source. >> we are making some emergency
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momentary outages. >> reporter: on november 1st, an ever source crew did some work on the street outside her home. while the work was going on, shirley says the power went off and then came back on again. i went to my kitchen to cook the oven don't work. i went to open the frig, the freezer was broken. >> reporter: shirley believes the surge is to blame for her oven, frig and furnace failing at the same time. she says ever source has replaced her obvious and is offering to pay for a new says they haven't done anything about the furnace. >> how long will i go without heat while this is being processed? we were rolling when an ever source executive called shirley. the executive told shirley her claim has not yet been processed. >> it's not like we're looking for payments or anything. fix what you broke. >> by email a spokesperson for ever source says he feels for ms. boredon adding yesterday
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damaged heating system we sent a plumber who was unable to make repairs due to the age of the system. we're continuing to help with the heating system repairs and offered to put ms. boredon up in a hotel while the situation is rectified. shirley takes issue with that statement and says there was never an offer to put her new a hotel and says she first notified ever source about her furnace 11 days ago. reporting in south boston, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 longer fly flags on campus after a flag flap. they say quote our social media staff members are on holiday break and unable to respond to questions and enshire posts adhere to community standards. school leaders say members of the school lowered the american flag to half-staff after the election. that flag was later found burned on veterans day. the school then replaced the flag but decided not to fly any
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>> new hampshire's president said the school will work with students on how to move forward. >> the ice bucket challenge movement inspired by a local man battling als is now being honored in the smithsonian. the actual bucket that started the ice bucket challenge, next week it will hang in the smithsonian as part of its new giving in america exhibit. the campaign freighties raised millions for als and pete's mom tells us this announcement symbolizes hope for their family. >> one person can change the world, never give up hope and keep fighting. >> the goal of the smithsonian's exhibit is to show how fill lathropy has shaped our country.
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has shaped our country. >> 20s and 30s out there. winds not as strong, still gusting at times and gives you windchills that are in the teens and 20s. it's cold outside. with the clear skies your temperatures will continue to drop tonight. there are some clouds blowing up off the ocean and some may be clipping cape cod, some ocean effect clouds that are forming out there, but not a concern for most of us. there is rain, there's snow and there's ice back here in the plaines and midwest. take a closer look to see some of the picking happening in there. minneapolis and wisconsin just south of southwest of green bay, and thens rain to the south. but that rain's in milder air that will never get on in here. futurecast shows we are waking up to sunshine. meteorologist shiri spear will get you through the sunshine in the morning and cold temperatures and the latest on the traffic, but it won't be weather that's gonna be a traffic concern for you tomorrow. sunny and dry all day long. it will be cold. put the heat on in the car and the clouds will move in tomorrow
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on average, your wake-up forecast 29. colder to the best, milder to the southeast. generally 20 degrees to 30 degrees across the area. a sunny, cold and dry start to your day. high temperatures aren't much better. 49 is the average for boston. getting to about 44 tomorrow. in the low to mid-40s in most places. back here there will be low 40s and perhaps up to 30 like we've had the last couple of days for high temperatures. so on thanksgiving morning after the temperatures have dropped during the clouds are on top of it, so you're stuck in the 30s and in some places the 20s. here comes our first batch of precipitation. it's light, but as it moves on in, it will move into an area that's cold enough that's going to produce snow or some mixed precipitation, meaning some ice or freezing drizzle that can form, as well. even with a tiny bit of that, you can get a glaze on the roadways or you can get some snow to stick to the roadways and those cold temperatures and it can make it slippery. that's my concern for thanksgiving. we are not looking at a
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an ice storm. but we are looking at nuisance precipitation and a cold air mass that can make the roads very treacherous in some spots for those going to dinner, going to high school football games and especially the farther north and west you go through thursday. a look at more precipitation that moves in thursday night. my concern here is there may be temperatures that are still stucked in the interior of southern new england and northward. even where it's raining you'll have to watch for icy spots. i've been telling you. light precipitation, .20, 1/10ths just enough to cause issues on the roadways. it really starts to build up this weekend. the reason for that is another storm system that wants to form and impact our coastal areas and perhaps farther to the north and west you see that for saturday and sunday. that'll be our next hurdle to get over. first let's tackle thanksgiving. good travel tomorrow. make sure you check with shiri first thing in the morning for
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morning commute. harmon and former patriot max laned stopped by today to help distribute 7,000 turkeys. they want to make sure no one goes hungry this thanksgiving. greater boston helps 90,000 families every week at their food pantry. we're celebrating an anniversary. where were you four years ago tonight? i'm sure you were fairing a lot be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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special game for at least one bruin tonight. we know that. >> yeah, it'll be a little different when he goes back to st. louis but no question david backus was a little more zeroed in for the first time squaring off against the blues after 10 years in st. louis. while that was the story going, in the story coming out is the early departure of oh charra from this game. if a guy's playing his own team, what do you want to see? you want to see him score against his old team. david backus does just that. fourth of the season, the bruins up 1-zip. shorthanded in the second period, can we get a shorty.
11:24 pm
impressive couple of minutes in the second period. shock comes from inside the blue line. the rebound rips out and ties the game at 2. after this one the bruins lose the game by a 4-2 final. tonight in las vegas, the new teams name announced, its biggest golden knights and is the -- see the v for vegas. not las vegas but the vegas golden knighteds. basic low waiting for belichick to retire but wee be open to pursuing other jobs? here's what he had to say. >> i said it before and will say it again. i definitely would love to be a head coach again.
11:25 pm
world. they're opportunities that don't come along very often and if you would ever be so fortunate and blessed to have an opportunity to do it, it would be an opportunity to look forward to. >> happy anniversary. over and over again to lift up your spirits when you're having a tough day. now orange and brown, thanksgiving. the excitement started to build tonight in needham. i was incredibly honored to be the keynote speaker at the rotary club dinner. needham and wellesey. they played for the 129th time this thursday. needham is the home team. wellesey had a heck of a season, 9 and 1 entering the match-up. just something special about
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>> just try to take a home, look at the crowd and sort of soak it all in, because definitely it's a special game. >> reminder to join us thursday night for our high school football special. butch stearns and i will guide you through 16 games of action. fantastic tradition. live at 10:30 night as you're digesting your turkey. 80-70, jerome robinson set a new career high with 24 points. >> nice. all right, football games rule. avoid much problem thursday morning. looks like there will be some light snow in the area or even some mixed rain and snow,
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kanye west, he has been taken to the hospital. trfs a report that he was going to get violent with cops and he had an interesting alias. >> kanye west doctor, he said his patient's name was jim jones. >> because we're all drinking his kool-aid. harvey: showing his age. >> he's a rapper. he's a rapper. harvey:s had the capper. >> j he's catching full balls from what they call the judge machine but at 100 miles an hour. harvey: what's the idea? the hand motion, the thing you're trying to do. >> you're trying to catch it. >> you also don't catch like this. [laughter] >> the dad award goes to d.m.x. >> how many kids? >> went to his daughter. he's pretty much dancing in the video. harvey: i would like to introduce myself. i'm d.m.x. >> she looks like a nice little


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