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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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come down. eventually though we're going to see some light snow across the area. then later on and affecting your black friday the second part of the system comes through that's going to be a steadier rain and snow here in new england. a timeline when both of these will hit and when the slippery spots may be. we'll talk all about it coming up in a few minutes. >>ahan a ford worker rushed to hospital after --ahan a ford worker rushed to the hospital. >> call after call was hit by the driver of this black chevy waltham fire officials tell fox 25 the driver just kept backing up and didn't stop. >> pretty hectic. >> reporter: investigators say an employee checking carts at the hannaford supermarket was also hit it happened on russell street in waltham around 4:00 this afternoon.
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right to the front of hannaford and i see this where the carts are collected on top of a car. one car is just like totally smashed. the one in front looks like it was hit. the person that was putting the carts in was dragged. >> reporter: the cars were pushed under the carriage holder crushing some of the shopping carts. luckily the carriage collector was conscious and alert. >> he fine. he was talking to us. he wanted to get up and be >> reporter: she came out to find her car a mess. >> it was parked. come to find out this is the state of my car. i have no idea. >> when we came out we saw the car damaged like that. the whole bumper was off. >> reporter: fox 25 caught up with andrew claremont his sister was behind the wheel of the car in question here. >> she's driving.
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shopping. >> reporter: he tells fox 25 he has no idea what caused that crash. he didn't get a chance to really talk to his sister. in the meantime we know that car is a rental car out of rhode island. investigators tonight say they are just so thankful that none of these injuries were serious. for now we are in waltham, malini basu, fox 25 news. when this news first broke we sent out an alert this one here. you n app today it's best way to learn about breaking news as it happens where you live. developing tonight the state fire marshal's office tells fox 25 an elderly man is dead after a fire come charlton. skyfox flew over the scene this afternoon. firefighters and investigators surrounded a charred shed. right now they're working out to figure out how that fire started. the victim is a 91-year-old retired wood cutter. a man was airlifted to the hospital after a tree
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natick this afternoon. police tell us the 60-year-old has serious injuries. we're working now to get an update on his condition. a teenage driver hit a pedestrian in newburyport. skyfox on the scene this afternoon. the 76-year-old victim was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. police say the teen was driving a pickup truck. we're told he is cooperating with investigators. two months ago two boston police officers were getting rushed to the hospital after being shot in east boston. tonight they showed everyone how well their recovery is going by at a charity hockey game. fox 25's john monahan was there to witness the inspiring moment. >> reporter: they dropped the puck together to a thunderous applause. the two boston police officers shot during an ambush back on october 13th in east boston are on the mend. >> thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful that they're both home they will be enjoying thanksgiving with their family. >> reporter: officers richie santoro and matt morris
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the boston bruins alums. jerry o'reilly and rick middleton among them. local comedian lenny clark is their coach. he says the bs are happy to be part of this. >> we have to show the cops we support them. they're the last line of defense. these guys they put their lives out there every day. >> the man who saved both offers lives by holding off the gunman so they could be pull to safety. eric schmidt. mayor marty walsh grateful they both pulled through. not too long ago they were both in rough shame. tonight a show of support, friendship, fun and especially gratitude as we all prepare to give thanks. >> it's nice to be able to laugh and celebrate on the
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trally on the event but in terms of an outpouring of support these two offers struck gold. the final score, by the way the boston bruins alumni team won 6-4. in east boston, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. new tonight, a wayne state university police officer has died after being shot in the head while on patrol last night year the school's campus in detroit. the officer was shot after radioing in he was about to talk with possible thefts from cars in the area. a suspect was arrested but has not been charged. a sick child has died after monday's school bus crash. late tonight the ntsb released these photos right here. investigators examining the bus. meanwhile authorities have learned that the driver 24-year-old walker did not have alcohol or drugs in his system. according to investigators walker had gone off of his designated route monday when the bus crashed into a
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investigators say they are learning more about the bus route that afternoon. >> they are looking at the history of tally road. we just ascertained that tally road not on the designated route for that school bus. >> six children are still in the hospital authorities have obtained warrants for all data on the bus including surveillance video. they have not yet spoken to children involved but plan to in coordination with counsellors. >> new at 11:00 the names and social security numbers of more than 130,000 current and former sailors accessed in a navy security breach. the navy says there's no evidence yet to suggest the private information was misused. effective sailors will be notified in the coming weeks. the man accused of dragging and running over four boston police officers in dorchester will face a judge on friday. since this news broke on fox 25 morning news our jason law obtained the call for help that was made very shortly after that driver took off. >> reporter: vincent weeks is accused of dragging two officers and hitting two others in an attempt to
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34-year-old dorchester man has a criminal record going back to 2005, with drug convictions involving heroin and an assault and battery case in 2014 in which weeks was found guilty of pistol whipping a woman during a fight. wednesday morning when police say they ordered weeks out of his car he fought with officers and drove off. the struggle happened in front of a bar on the corner of stoughton and columbia road in dorchester. two evers on were dragged 20 feet before weeks then hit two more offers before getting away. this is the police radio call made seconds after those officer were hurt. >> reporter: jason law, fox 25 news. those officers are going to be okay. weeks was arrested about
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friday morning when he's charged with four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. developing tonight a murder investigation is underway in upstate new hampshire . a 60-year-old man was found beaten inside his went worth, new hampshire home. according to the attorney general's office todd downing died at the hospital. the search for his killer continues tonight. new tonight in manchester, new hampshire, police need help identifying the accused bank robber in these surveillance pictures. they say he robbed a t.d. bank on bay street this afte note demanding cash and said he was arm. however he never showed a weapon. >> also new tonight newton mayor is reportedly getting ready to run for governor. according to boston globe, he's made calls to democratic donors asking for campaign donations saying he will challenge charlie baker in 2018. we reported earlier this month the mayor would not seek re-election. president-elect donald trump announcing two new cabinet picks today. >> one of them earlier this
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doesn't want in a president." >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> reporter: perhaps in the spirit of thanksgiving president-elect donald trump making an offer to a former critic nikki hayley. during the primaries the south carolina governor, the daughter of indian immigrants, traded jabs with the candidate. >> when a bully hits you hit that bully right back. >> nikki hayley gave a speech a couple weeks ago we, not good. >> reporter: first of all she's very weak on illegal immigration. can't have that. >> reporter: much has changed in nine months. now trump wants hayley on his team. but with a new title ambassador to the u.n. the president-elect saying hayley is "a proven deal maker. and we look to be making plenty of deals. she will be a great leader representing us on the world stage." trump making another selection billionaire and
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secretary. she's ale school choice advocate who pushed for private school voucher programs, the largest teachers union in the country quickly slammed the pick. devos and hayley haven't gotten the new jobs yet. their appoint presidents have to be confirmed by the senate. a new york city man is recovering from burns after an ecigarette exploded in his pocket. this is surveillance video from today and it shows the man's pocket start park sparking then all of a sudden the device explodes several times. surgery for his burns. this is a picture of the e-cig after that explosion hit a high voltage battery but it's unclear what caused it to catch fire. oh my with word can you imagine that burning in your pocket. >> i will be interested to see how that plays out as far as the e-cig company. well, kevin? >> hi, guys watching some
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there will be some flurries around here tomorrow also some rain to follow. unsettled holiday forecast up next. plus, a local attorney "people" magazine once named as one of its most eligible bachelors is accused of raping a woman. next at 11:00 how his
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name one of its mostet injureible bash lors is out on bail. >> the suspect used to be a suffolk county prosecutor. >> reporter: prosecutors told the judge he should have strict bail conditions citing his past three accusations of rape. the bachelor once featured as one of "people" magazine's most eligible was acquitted in 2009 on two other rape cases in boston, then another in florida that same year. the prosecution saying he out on bail when the >> he went to florida that's when he was ared on a similar sexual assault. >> reporter: but his attorney says this case, like the others will not end in a conviction. >> i don't know what's motivating this young woman. i don't know if she's looking for money i don't know if she's looking for 15 minutes of fame, i don't know if she told an initial lie that's spiralled out of control on her. but i do know that she's lying. >> reporter: he was arrested at the courthouse after his attorney says he learned he
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was a warrant. that's when an officer booked him. he has since made bail, ordered to wear a g.p.s. monitoring bracelet. his attorney says he's confident this case will fall through. despite his past. >> don't want to comment on that. >> he was also accused of assaulting a police officer back in 2009. he was also acquitted in that case. in boston, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a real estate broker has been charged with stealing more than $16500 lowell. according to prosecutors, kevin tang convinced homeowners facing foreclosure to make payments to his company rather than the actual holder of their loans. tang ran eastern funding and investment company in lowell. he would use money from the families to pay for personal expenses. he has pleaded not guilty. a chatham man was driving drunk when he was involve in this car wreck. police say he slammed into a tree on sam rider road.
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to the hospital with serious injuries. he's also facing o.u.i. and possibly other charges. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year and that includes members of the u.s. military returning home. about 70 men and women serving in the u.s. air force landed in portsmouth, new hampshire this afternoon and the greeters as always gave them a heroes with welcome. >> really surprised. i've never had that before. a little overwhelming by the amount of people it's awesome. >> the troops have been serving in asia for the last eight months from new hampshire they boarded another flight to north carolina where they will be home for the holidays. it's cold out there. that's first greeting we talked about this all week. we've had some cold nights. but it's also very dry in that cold air. that plays apart in this forecast. you see, the snow is on target timelinewise to come
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however, much of this is evaporating on the way down not reaching the ground that's because of the dry air it's running into. eventually it will and it's already has started to back here but it's taken awhile. behind the snow we get some milder air to work in and the rain follows. however, our cold air is not going to get pushed out of here very readily. the cold air doesn't like to move after all. not getting above freezing until after 9:00 in the morning then rising up above freezing through the morning a flurry or two here but by the middle of the day drizzle and raindrops slow to rain progression very light but that's progression you would see if you have anything at all falling tomorrow. on cape cod drizzle or light shower activity at any time during the day tomorrow and i do expect it even though there's not a lot showing up on the computer model
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west showing up towards us. when you have warm air going over the top of the cold air you typically get some light precipitation drizzle or light snow. in this case we'll get both. then tomorrow evening this rain arriving. look at the steadier snow to the north. cold air again doesn't like to get kicked out so it will sit lodged in here into vermont and certainly to the north and elvariations it will be cold enough for snow. we'll watch this rain come in late tomorrow night and into black friday morning and linger. we'll have to watch to s route 2 get down to freezing with once again. they do we with would have some icing to contend with. something we'll have to watch late tomorrow night and for your black friday shopping friday morning. this will keep us in the clouds through friday. i just don't see us temperatures will be in the 40s tomorrow afternoon a little warmer to the southeast, a little colder to the northwest. but see what i've been talking about along route 2 gardner 38? so there will be
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below freezing through much of the morning. so that's the threat for tomorrow into friday morning. this weekend another threat in the offing that's going to form off the coast. let's talk a little bit about this one. now indications are it's going to be too far offshore to be a big player. as another computer model the european model for those of who you follow along with us with the different models we use. all are showing about the same thing that is a storm forming out here in the ocean. this is too far away and not strong enough to be a big player. however here's what i will be watching for this week. you see how there's like a big oval around that little circle that shows me there's the potential for another circulation to form right in here that happens close to the coastline we get a little more precipitation and you also pull some cold air down from the north we could see some snow start to fix in. it's not the most likely situation right now. it still feels like the storms will be too offshore. we'll be watching for this week. so your seven-day forecast
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start to warm up another storm system coming tuesday with some showers and steady rain tuesday and wednesday. but temperatures getting back above normal for the first time in the entire last seven days and beyond. going to be a cold start to your thanksgiving. and a happy one. up next, we have the latest for the patriots which include injury updates on both rob gronkowski and tom brady. thanksgiving day football has begun. with a whale of a game from
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wait and see. >> a little good news bad news. do we want the good or bad first. >> give me the good. >> i'll give you the good news first. the bad we're not sure what the bad means. good news on tom player of the week for the second time this year. get this, the 27th time in his career significant? 27 ties peyton manning for the most in nfl history the bad news brady did not practice today. he's listed on the patriots injury report with a knee issue. we'll see. if brady practices tomorrow. jimmiy is the only quarterback in un-- jimmy garoppolo is the only quarterback in uniform today. earlier today espn cited a
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not play against the jets on saturday. zdeno chara is expected not to play in the next two bruins games that would be tomorrow night in ottawa and friday night at home against calgary. charlie has an undisclosed lower body injury that likely happened in the second period in last night's loss to st. louis. celtics are in brooklyn tonight looking for their third win in a row and looking to improve their 2017 draft chances because they once again have the nets first round pick next june. al horford shows he makes a big difference on this team. tonight 17 points, five rebounds eight assists and two blocked shots. he does a lot of things really well. and jay crowder makes his team much better, too. crowder with 15 points, five boards, celtics never really threatened in this game. isiah thomas led all scores with 23. avery bradley had 22. six celtics in double figures and while marcus smart only had four points and did not shoot well, he reminded people while he's
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attitude he mixes it up with trevor booker just to remind the pets that they are the nets. celts win big 1:00 black friday the spurs are at the forward within their black uniforms. thanksgiving day high school football starts early with a great game in westwood tonight. st. john's prep visiting xaverian. xaverian already going to the super bowl but this game is for the catholic conference title as it often is. skyfox overhead as we were live in our earlier newscast from the home of the hawks tonight. the board and the captain makes it 7-0. second quarter hawks threatening to score again but watch devin fumble and number five aptly named wes rocket goes like a rocket. 90 yards for the score. a huge missed extra point end of the game still 7-6. up top to rocket again down to the one. they spike it and the field
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pat pulls it wide right what a tough way to end it. xaverian survives with a 7-6 win and the catholic conference title. >> great game one of the best games of the year that we look forward to. catholic conference championship game. for our seniors it's the last time we'll play on the field it was a huge game for us. >> don't forget to join us tomorrow night at 10:30 live we'll have 16 games covered we'll have it all for you on a day that promises to have some iffy with weather i understand. 11:30 we'll replay all of it. i feel so bad for that kid who missed that kick. >> so close. so close. >> big day tomorrow. thanksgiving you know in the morning there will be some flurries out there. we've seen worst weather on thanksgiving to be sure. tomorrow night some showers around those rainshowers continue into friday black
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harvey: the biebs packed a punch in barcelona for sure. >> this fan goes inside justin bieber and justin puts his hand out and clocks him. you see the fan out there, his lip is like busted and he's bleeding. he's like freaking out in spanish. >> it's actually catalon they speak in barcelona. >> oh, p.c. -- harvey: it's not p.c. it's >> there may be a ll bit of a silver lining with kanye being hospitalized. the insurance policy he has on his tour may kick in. >> if i was kim, by the way, i would be really pissed. i just went through this tore risk experience and he picks now is the time to go to the hospital. >> story of my life. now you have a nervous breakdown. >> gucci mane, went to the game yesterday and got on the kiss cam with his girlfriend keisha and he proposed.


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