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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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that man suffering serious burns. he's 84 years old and he was med flighted to mass general hospital. as i mention at 10:00 we thought this fire out then all of a sudden we saw a little glimmer of flames in the front window of the house back here. you can see we have some action now. the cleanup crew is here but the fire department actually did have to come back. they did put out those flames that were remaining there obviously some sort of a hotspot. now this fire started 7:50 when tewkesbury fire got here they knew it was a serious situation because there was significant flames coming off the back of the structure as well as smoke. but also because again we had this homeowner come out of the house as he was literally on fire. now we believe it was his torso that was burned because his shirt was the part that was on fire. we did talk with a neighbor who along with the help of officers literally pulled
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>> just ran over and pull him out put him out and tearing the shirt off. >> reporter: that is are where that shirt ended up this. this is like an aisle right in front of this house it's like a circular street here. that is the shirt there there are burn marks on the shirt. it's just sitting here again belonging to an 84-year-old man who suffered these serious burns and was med flighted to mass general hospital. we don't know the condition. we also know that his daughter inhalation she was takes foj -- taken to the hospital in the lowell area. as for what caused this fire right now it's still under investigation. looks in dooxbury, jim morelli, fox -- texbury, jim morelli, fox 25 news. tonight we are learning what police say happened to the person behind the wheel. fox 25's john monahan is live with the breaking details. john? >> reporter: mark and vanessa, police say it appears that driver had some
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that caused her to lose control and run down one of her own neighbors. >> no charges right now for the driver. >> reporter: westwood police chief jeffrey silva says that driver a woman in her 70s lost control on adam street close to her home hitting one of her own neighbors. >> there was an area that the driver was familiar with. we don't know with why for some reason almost at the final destination the vehicle seemed to just accelerate. >> reporter: the victim a woman in and thrown onto this lawn. she was rushed to a waiting helicopter and flown to beth israel in boston. >> her condition was very serious when she was transported life-threatening. >> reporter: right now the police chief says this you all looks like a terrible accident. the driver suffering from some sort of medical issue that led to the crash. >> the evidence that we have preliminarily seems to suggest it may have been some type of a medical
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cause still stands. they dim pound the woman's car in case this investigation takes a turn for the worst. but they say at this point that driver will face no charges. we're live in westwood tonight, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. now to ave will look at what could be headed our way tomorrow. yes, the rain returns some of it could be freezing rain. >> let's get right over to storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> i will right away tell you i will change those coulds to definites. there will be some rain and i have looked at all the newest data coming in and confidence increases in both of those happening. it is cold out there no doubt cold enough for some ice when the rain first arrived at least in spots. not all of you will see that the vast majority of you will not. one of these clear skies temperatures have dropped and this precipitation will reach you first. in fact, look at the light rain breaking out ahead of the main body of the precipitation and approaching allentown that will get here first thing in
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into western mass that includes southern vermont now southern new hampshire you're in it, too. i'll show you the future cast when that rain will come on through when the heaviest will arrive later on in the day. tonight we are learning more about the ohio state university student police say is responsible for a devastating attack on campus. investigators say the freshman drove his car into a group of fellow students before getting out and attacking them with a butcher's knife. new tonight we're finding out about his apparent social media rant a monday morning attack at ohio state university. >> we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians, we have gunshots fired, we have one down. >> reporter: officials say an 18-year-old o.s.u. student intentionally drove a car into a crowd on campus using the vehicle as a weapon and then got out with a butcher knife and started stabbing people. >> suddenly he appeared on the sidewalk and was stabbing everyone. >> i thought it was an accident until the guy came out with a knife.
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it. >> reporter: a nearby police officer quickly responded shooting and killing the suspect. >> it is remarkable what these first responders did. >> reporter: 11 people were hurt in the attack, one critically. >> fortunately from what i'm understanding from both doctors here that they except a full recovery roar sources tell fox news the suspect was a refugee from somalia who became a legal permanent u.s. resident. >> we can confirm that the student named abdul artan. >> reporter: now looking into motive and the suspect's background several investigate withors could be seen searching his home on monday. >> i'm complete astonished. he was nice. >> reporter: the ranking democrat in the house intelligent committee says the attack "bears all of the hallmarks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been self-radicalized." tonight investigators continue to dig into the suspect's past trying to
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former boston police superintendent in chief and security expert. he told me they will leave no stone unturn snightd will be discovered what his computer case who he was talking to or negotiating. with what he was thinking. >> if the suspect has any social media accounts those alone could hold a lot of details. we posted the full interview new at 11:00 the c.d.c. is now reportin outbreaks of influenza in five of the six new england states including massachusetts. at the same time, the department has found only about 21% of medicare for fee beneficiaries in the state have had claims put in for the flu shot. now it's unclear if that number translates to the general population. flu shots do not guarantee season's free from flu but an expert tells fox 25 people who get the shot or get the flu after getting the shot tend to have milder cases. it does take about two weeks
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its total protection. the driver who hit and killed a man over in brockton has turned himself in to police for questioning. so far no charges have been filed. surveillance video does show the car hitting the victim while he crossed north main street with a group of friends. this happened early friday morning. sergio died from his injuries early this morning and a friend told fox 25 the 25-year-old recently moved to brockton from honduras where his wife and three young children still live. once the driver is charged brockton district court. that could happen as early as tomorrow. but until then his name will not be released. a lawrence mother is out of jail released by a judge but charged with child endangerment. we last saw her passed out from an overdose. her young daughter begging her to wake up. a witness recorded it on a cell phone. among the conditions of her release no contact with her daughter who is now with a family member and and in the custody of the state of new
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marijuana will become legal in massachusetts in just about two weeks. and one town voted to delay the opening of any marijuana shops. fox 25's ted daniel is in ashland with the late breaking vote. >> reporter: the vote is. in we watched it happen. inside the high school auditorium during a special town meeting ashland has now passed a temporary moratorium on the recreational marijuana. it needed two thirds of town meeting participants and it got that then some. ashland is now first town in the state to approve a temporary ban on the retail sale of marijuana that means stores that want to sell pot for recreational use will be barred from even trying to set up shop here until 2018. here's one resident who voted for it followed by one who voted against it. >> if we delay it it's going to encourage people to go elsewhere to look to set up
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moratorium. i think the voters indicated that they were in favor of medical marijuana. the town is always looking for small bys to come in and help our economic base growth. ashland approved a similar temporary moratorium on the sale of medical marijuana when that became legal back in 2012 ashland is the first with recreational but likely won't be the last. reporting in ashland tonight, fox 25 news. nearly three weeks since president-elect donald trump and green party nominee jill stein are raising concerns about voter fraud. stein is calling for recounts in michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. >> they're all states where the margin was just razor thin and what the outcome was unexpected. >> president-elect trump then took to twitter claiming widespread voter fraud in virginia, california and new hampshire all places he lost.
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evidence no evidence has been provided to us that would suggest that there's widespread voter fraud taking place in new hampshire. >> hillary clinton's campaign says it supports recounts efforts. mitt romney will meet with president-elect trump tomorrow. romney is being considered for secretary of state. but he's not the only person who wants the job. retired army general david petraeus met with trump today to discuss the prestigious position. >> he basically walked us around the world showed a great grasp of a var there and some of it opportunities as well. >> last year petraeus pleaded guilty to passing classified information to his former mis stress and biographer. he was sentenced to probation. governor charlie baker says he will turn down any job offer from the president-elect. he told spoik with donald trump on the phone before thanksgiving and congratulated him and wished his family a happy holiday.
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more than five minutes. the governor does not believe his critique of trump will lead to any retribution towards massachusetts. the final votes are in, however from the massachusetts secretary of state's office. $3.-- 3.4 million voters cast ballots. nearly 1.1 million voted for trump pence. 77,000 voters left their ballots blank in the presidential race. i'm tracking a storm coming at us for tomorrow. it will bring some be some icing. a safety meeting held at a local charter school following allegations that a 6-year-old little boy sexually assaulted and threatened another little boy on the school bus. ahead hear from the alleged victim's mom and other parents who were disappointed in the results of that safety meeting.
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the parents want to know who, what, when and why and when. >> we don't know. most are upset by the show the school immediately notified the police and the element post most parents found out. her friend the alleged victim's mother didn't want to be identified. i feel like my child was nothing was geared towards. >> some parents are still
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after here my son will be gone. to protect privacy and young children in hyde park, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a 12-year-old new yorker is talking about how she fought off an attacker. the girl was grocery shopping when the man approached her. she tried to ignore him until he cornered her in a
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and i kicked his private parts. >> after she kicked the man good samaritans came to her rescue. police are still looking for the suspect snich the man accused of breaking into a boston shrine to steal valuables has been arrested and arraigned tonight. they say they recognized homelessness community. they say it's a less on in forgiveness. so there are lots of reasons to kind of be slow to judge in this. >> the executive director tells us the place was a mess so it took a while to figure out that nothing very
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we have temperatures substantially tonight. 23? in orange and worcester at 34. it's the colder valley locations down below that are going to have a problem first thing in the morning. i had some severe weather in here. north and west of there to include the berkshires southern vermont, not everyone gets the ice even in the advisory area.
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temperatures will be gradually warming up into the early morning hours. there will be some scattered spots of showers here back here where the temperatures will be at or below freezing. notice the pink colorings future cast getting in on the act. continues here through 7:30 in the morning the morning commute along route 2 can be treacherous in spots between 495 out through western massachusetts. clouds through the middle of the day then here come the steadier rain. so the problems are two-fold. the freezing rain to
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a moderate threat. fog there will be some out there. it takes a little longer for conditions to warm up. but poor in the again, why another batch of rain here in the seven-day forecast. right back into some rain. then by wednesday middle of the day there will be some more rain make sure you check with shiri first thing in the morning for any icy spots before you leave.
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brady with his assessment of his effort on that play. it was something. he'll talk about it. and the celtics tonight in
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schedule if al horford is not going to be there and al horford was not in there today he was in atlanta as he welcomed his second child into the world today. a miami team 5-11 coming into tonight's ball game. jay crowd her to pick it up tonight with horford away from the team. already a 10-point game in the first quarter. isiah thomas with a nice pass to bradley. did you know banks are open monday jay crowder knows. third quarter this looks illegal. you need a license to do that. the i.t. department is on call tonight 25 points for isaiah. another 10-point lead in the fourth. give it to him. celtics win it easy without al. 112-104 is your final. well, what a difference a couple minutes make. malcolm mitchell learned firsthand yesterday by his own account dropping a sure touchdown pass in the back of the endzone on one drive
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he blew it for the team. but just moments later tom brady going right back to him for the game-winning touchdown pass. it was mitchell's second of the game his third in two weeks. >> we have a team full of great people because you know they kept me encouraged of course i was down. all the players said you have a lot more football to play. ironically i got an another opportunity. today. it's excellent. >> return the page to sunday. the patriots game against the rams you can watch it right here on fox 25. our coverage kicks off at 10:00 a.m. the special pregame show dawn of a dynasty. the patriots celebrating the championship season this season. you are going to hear from many of the guys as they return to town. butch stearns, matt light and i will be at gillette. tune in at 10:00 a.m. right here on fox 25. best sound bite of the day.
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appearance and talking about this. this play where he was out in front of blunt doing something i can't even call blocking. let's call it throwing some interference. >> well, what happened when i get out in front of a runningback i can't do [bleep] i don't even know i'm looking around it's like i mean really a fish out of water when i'm out there. i'm amazed they didn't hit him and i'm amazed that tom swor on the room. that's very really to me i appreciate it. i little bit rough. >> i like how he went through there and avoided any contact. >> leave that to the big guys out front. let me show you the seven-day forecast. first thing in the morning showers moving in light only takes a tiny bit to cause big problems. temperatures are freezing or below make sure you check with shiri before you leave
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: nick cannon has thrown -- drawn a line in the sand. he says planned parenthood is population control. >> that's an unbelievably irresponsible statement. nick cannon walls so fun before as a host and i liked watching him. and now i never want to see him again. >> he can't even come out and say he's pro-life. that's his business. >> i'm going to burn my bro line [laughter] >> kanye west is still in the hospital. he's suffering from severe paranoia. but kim kardashian has been his rock through all of this. >> you don't give her credit for stepping up. harvey: you do give her credit. >> for what? being a wife? harvey: she's an emotional wreck from the robbery. >> time to move on. >> time to move on. you lost a race and a gun in your face. >> britney spears. she's on a sushi date with this guy. he was the co-star in her new


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