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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> daniel: rescue crews search plane after crashed in colombia and 1 person found in the wreckage. >> michael: crime the police chief committed before the officers fired the guns. >> julie: flu season expected to be very tough this year and er pregnant women, and not have to worry about the consequences. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. it is tuesday, november 29th. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. jason brewer in for shiri spear. >> jason: light rain into
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freezing rain advisory in winter weather advisory off to the north and east from there for some snow to mix in as well. let me show you what's going on doppler radar showing that light freezing rain around manchester and getting all the way down into northwest middlesex county you see here chance for a little bit of light freezing drizzle to be freezing up and haven't been getting reports and to the west mo pike and encountering freezing air and freezing conditions and temperatures in the 40s in boston right now and we are headed for the 50s today and by 3:00 and breezing winds and southeast bringing mild air and right through dinner time and heavier totals coming in in just a bit and here with update from the traffic center. >> tracking volume southbound as
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medford into somerville. expressway slow going from the braintree split past freeport street. you can see on the zakim bridge volume approaching the tunnel and 37 minutes on the expressway and 41 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: follow breaking news in lynn where part of the lynnway has been shut down for 5 hours now as police investigate an officer involved shooting. this was the scene around 5:00 this see lots of officers and crime tape at that scene. >> now hours later we are hearing from the police chief about what happened. fox25 michael henrich is live at the scene with latest information and tweeting out within last 20 minutes 1 way the lynnway has been back open. >> michael: julie, as you were wrapping up the traffic report, even opened up a lane in southbound direction of the lynnway. it had been closed in both directions between shepherd and
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hours. 20 minutes ago the northbound lanes opened, now 1 of the southbound lanes opened as well as you can see in the distance here the investigation is still underway. what investigation you might ask? well the police chief here in lynn says that this all started with an armed robbery at the next intersection down gas station there and man claimed to have a gun, violent scuffle ensued between the suspect and foot, a little bit further down the lynnway when the police officers got to the scene. the chief says that man, the suspect, refused to show his hands and then he kept getting closer and closer to the officers even as they tried to maintain distance between them and the armed robbery suspect and then in the end the chief says 1 of the officers did fire his weapon.
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hospital. the last word we gotten from both the police chief and district attorney's offices that that man was in surgery. the 2 officers involved who responded and actually interacted with that suspect, they were taken to the hospital but that's just part of protocol. the chief says they were not hurt here this morning. the investigation as you can see still very active as soon as we learn more which we are working to get for you, we will bring it to you. live in lynn, michael henrich, >> daniel: breaking news out of colombia where pulled from deadly plane crash and charter plane carrying 81 people including members of brazilian soccer team. >> sara: >> julie: plane crashed from aboveilia from the internet airport in colombia and investigation has just begun, authorities say the plane reported electrical problems as
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>> daniel: these 2 photos tweeted out before the plane took off from bolivia by defender allen and 1 picture with a goal picture and another picture he is sitting with another player. he is among the survivors and pulled from the wreckage and within the past 90 minutes we learned 1 of the original people pulled from the plane has died at the hospital and person was goalie in 1 of the pictures it is dark and mountainous area and flashlight and head lamps to try to find survivors and at least 1 of the survivors was from the soccer team and conscience and talking. >> julie: brazilian team was expected to play tomorrow night and football confederation has
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julie: police investigating what they say appears to be a homicide early this morning. investigators say they found a man with gunshot wound inside a house on thorton street after midnight. right now no arrests have been made. the victim's name has not been released. developing news this morning, 1 person dead after a rollover crash in east boston. it happened late last night route 1a north past logan airport and see in the video the car rolled over. cars were involved. we will update on developments throughout the morning. >> daniel: woman in 90s hospitalized after life-threatening injuries with neighbor's car. accident happened yesterday afternoon and police say the driver, a woman in her 70s, lost control of her vehicle and hit the woman. the victim was flown to the hospital with serious head injuries. >> it was an area that the driver was familiar with. we don't know why for some
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to just accelerate. >> daniel: medical issue may be to blame and unclear if charges will be filed. >> julie: driver accused of hitting person in questioning. the car plows into the 25-year-old victim on north main street and then kept going. sergio laconia died from injuries. he recently drove from honduras. >> daniel: yesterday investigators spent hours searching 18-year-old college student who attacked 11 people on campus and suspect social media accounts and place and jumped out and started stabbing
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killed 1 minute after he started attacking people. investigators say they have found at least 1 anti-united states facebook post linked to the attacker and also say he has the makings of someone who was self radicalized. came to the u.s. as somalian refugee and later granted citizenship. the 11 people that were hurt are all expected to be okay. that's thanks to this man you see here, ohio state university hailing him a hero this morning and responding to nearby gas leak when the suspect's car jumped the curb. new this morning 34 people have been arrested during protest over minimum wage in cambridge. police say arrest were preplanned by organizers in central square. the protesters were blocking traffic as you could see but the road has since been reopened. group holding the demonstration is calling for 15-dollar an hour
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airport and other cities later today. >> julie: david petraeus met with donald trump yet to discuss a position. >> walked us around the world and variety of challenges around there and some of opportunity as well. >> julie: after yesterday's meeting trump said he was very impressed. petraeus plead guilty and sentenced to 2 years probation avoiding jail time as part of plea deal for passing on classified information. >> julie: tom price will be nominated for health and human services.
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threat to quality and affordable healthcare. we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. taking look at drive time on the expressway. right now 35 minutes from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. jason? >> jason: right now, julie, updating the radar and i have a few of these light showers coming through and freezing up as they get down to the ground in parts of southern new hampshire. there's new information over to town accepted, some of -- townsd up where the heavy rain will be headed today straight ahead.
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>> die shooting off back before report to the hospital. there's heavy damage. >> jessica: take look behind me and holes in the roof and that's where the fire department then did the roof for some of the smoke inflamed to get out and that's where we understand the worst of the damages. terrifying moments moments after house caught fire elderly man
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>> julie: happened before 8:00 last night and mike squires and came running to help. >> pull him out and take the shirt off and stuff. >> jessica: when fire crews got here they saw flames in the back of the house. daughter also hospitalized for smoke inhalation. while the fire department says the man's burns are severe, squire says he is a tough older man and does everything by himself. >> good does everything, 84 years old. pretty active. >> jessica: shirt older man was wearing when neighbor put the flames out and coming out of the house and man remains at boston hospital and still waiting for update on condition. lives in tewksbury, jessica reyes, fox25 news.
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flammable material too close to heating source sparked deadly fire in charlton last week. 91-year-old has been killed and ruled an accident. >> hundreds of people packed the roads in rural tennessee with resort towns in smoky mountains as wildfires move in. there are several fires burning near gatlinburg and pigeon forge. most under mandatory evacuation 100 homes destroyed and damaged by the fire. overnight staff were forced to loaf and left inside to collection of penguins and sharks and sting rays and building has not burned and live camera in the building still
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>> 3:00 a.m. officials issued a mandatory evacuation for about 500 people. the fire is now moved to the edge of the dollywood property. all guest cabins have been evacuated and park closed down today but scheduled to reopen tomorrow. >> daniel: new drone video showing the devastation caused by heavy rain in italy, days of severe weather and torrential downpours cause flooding and number of towns in landslides destroyed homes and hundreds of people displaced in the northern part of the country, others being asked to sight for those living in the region and more severe weather in the forecast for the coming days. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. things really looking good on 128 northbound if heading from the dedham needham area up to the pike. a little slow on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. things moving along fine on route 1 but stop and go conditions on 93 south approaching the zakim bridge. here are live drive times, 26 minutes on route 1, 39 minutes
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southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist jason brewer joining us now and in for shiri this morning and cold that i felt this morning coming into work, i don't know about you, chilled me to the bone. >> daniel: pretty chilly. >> jason: a little bit of mostly sunny in the air and cut through and i think it is the clammy feel and going to be a chilly gray day today but 50s are going to be coming back and enjoy them and aren't quite as biting as they are this morning. weather concerns and low risk for some icing in southern new hampshire and fog on evening drive a possibility along with reduces visibilities and heavy rain and biggest widespread problem and isolated slippery roads overpasses mainly here in southern new hampshire and parts
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you see pink slow to erode and dense air and lower elevations, hard to scour it out and so just locked in with clouds overhead and a little bit of moisture falling down to the surface freezing up possibly around lunenburg, ashby, shiri has been reporting from brookline, talking about wet roads and 32? and not big problem on roadways but takes a trace maybe on overpass or bridge to create issue and spotty light sprinkles coming through up and down the concern and starts to change and live local temperatures and still at 32. we go southward. all mid and upper 30s from there. not too big of concern about any freezing outside of that advisory area. certainly not in boston where it is 44. up into sea coast of new hampshire freezing numbers and winter weather until
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temperatures in the and south shore vineyard at 49 as well as nantucket so just a few more degrees to go before we pop up into the lower 50s there and cloud 3 through the rest of the morning. by noon spotty showers, most of these will be light. overcome the dry air first and temperatures up around 50? 5:00 in boston and dealing with a lot of heavy rain and see where the heavier showers are southcoast, cape and islands, possibly as far north of the north shore into the early evening as this warm front comes by 44 and wind chill of 39 and wind direction important and out of the southeast that's where we will bring in slightly milder air compared to what we could see, not snow event with this 1 and tuesday evening drive looks
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and wednesday morning should be fine and i think fog leftover but no rain and then more rain on wednesday afternoon and new wave of low pressure rides through here 6:00 on wednesday you could see we are covered over in rain once again. clears out early thursday after 6:00 in the morning thursday, not concern for additional rain and then weekend always in view. looking great, partly cloudy, back to seasonable temperatures for the kids for coats dropoff day in >> daniel: man's lengthy >> daniel: man's lengthy driving record suggests reckless fios is not cable. we're wired differently. >> daniel: man's lengthy driving record suggests reckless so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it! coming. i can't believe he is doing this. it's so fast that in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, held by gary watson...
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>> julie: 9:23. doctors say women who were pregnant can get a flu shot. fox25 jacqueline fell live in washington. child could have autism. >> reporter: a lot of women take a lot of precautions when pregnant and avoid certain foods, drinks, chemicals and medicine and cdc says they should get a flu shot and won't increase shot the child could have autism later on. medical journal pediatrics and
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200,000 kids born between 2000 and 2010 and found no correlation overall between getting a flu shot while pregnant and increased autism risk in children. smaller studies done earlier on found association between serious viral infections in pregnancy children with autism. the authors note in study the latest 1 shouldn't be the last word on the topic and doctors say getting flu is riskier while roth em and increase r premature birth and low birth weight of the baby and also says the shot can protect the baby against the flu in the first few months of life. live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> julie: 17 hospitals
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patients and each had 1 death to report. >> daniel: woman infected not pregnant and lab tests show she no longer has tests in drug and not traveled to anywhere circulating and centers for disease control looking to figure out where in texas the virus spread. florida is the only other state where mosquitos have been found to carry the zika virus. congress vote plan years of funding funding and billions during the state of union address and billions have been in works for about a year and other diseases like alzheimer's would benefit too and bill would also get billion dollars for state grants to address the opioid crisis and republican leaders say they will hold a vote on final deal and democratic leaders signed on and
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>> daniel: welcome back on tuesday morning, see the clouds in the sky right there, making it a little dark this morning. >> julie: that's what we were noticing. coming up like it does extendency to do and really chilly. >> jason: dark and dreary day and i think that freezing rain threat is slowly coming end, freezing rain advisory, goes until 10:00 and here in southern new hampshire where it really i'm most concerned and have had some reports of freezing as far south as about fitchburg and 35 there and 32 in keene and orange and see numbers coming back above 32 and around new ipswich near hollis possibly towns could have freezing areas on overpasses and meantime light
9:30 am
rain here through midday and as we head evening time, brand-new future cast model and very heavy rain southcoast, cape and islands stand to get the most out of this heading into the early evening. there's 9:00, 10:00 tonight, still tracking rain and look at temperatures, actually coming up thanks to south wind flow that will be developing throughout the day. now, more rain will be on the day this week and tracking >> julie: bring to attention pike eastbound and that's in natick and seeing the red traffic flow in from -- backed up into the framingham area so that's approaching around route 9 in natick. and then once make it past that you will be fine. things a little slow on route 1 approaching the tobin and then on 93 south heading toward somerville. live drive times, 28 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. 34 minutes on 93 south, 14
9:31 am
westwood to the weston tolls. >> daniel: breaking news in lynn where officer shot near the lynnway. >> julie: initial call that led to the shooting. michael henrich is live at the scene where part of that busy road has reopened within the last hour. michael? >> michael: northbound lanes of lynnway open and come to the southbound traffic here but you could see in the distance here sidewalk flashing lights because officer involved shooting investigation continues some 5 and a half hours after the initial armed robbery call came at the end of the block there on lynnway and commercial street. that intersection. the police chief says the armed robbery took place at a gas station on that corner and a violent confrontation followed between the suspect and the clerk of that gas station and
9:32 am
point multiple officers responded. this was a little before 4:00 and suspect while on foot on lynnway refused to cooperate with the responding officers. >> continue to come at the officers and moved back tried to create a distance, eventually 1 of the officers fired his weapon. >> michael: hospital and chief says he is in surgery, last check that he got, also the latest information that the district attorney's office has received. as far as the 2 officers who actually interacted with that suspect, they were taken to the hospital but the chief insisted that was part of protocol and they were not hurt. many unanswered questions here this morning. we are continuing to work to find those answers out and bring you updates throughout the day on fox25 news app and, of course, send updated report on
9:33 am
henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: continue to follow breaking news in south america following overnight plane crash in colombia. 6 people survived the crash but 1 of them died later at the hospital. that person has been identified as goalie for brazilian soccer team. the team flying from bolivia when plane crashed in the internet airport and too early right now to know exactly investigators are look at either an electrical problem and plane ran out of fuel. bad weather in the area at the time and plane circled airport multiple times trying to land. >> julie: berlin girl crushed to the hospital after called 911. madison dana died from blunt
9:34 am
investigating. lawrence mother out of jail released by judge and last saw mandy mcgowan in september passed out from overdose on floor of family dollar store, her daughter begging her to wake up. >> shortly after this happened on twenty-third she answered a program, been in the program ever since and 67 days into her recovery. >> julie: mcgowan not able to have contact with her daughter. >> daniel: driver that hit hotel shuttle killing 2 people back in august was reportedly drunk, high and had long history of dangerous crashes. 27 steven birenbaum was going 46 in 40 miles per hour zone when hit hampton shuttle hitting
9:35 am
arolda and it was near low twice the legal limit and had marijuana in his system. according to the state he lost his license 4 times the past 4 years. >> julie: man accused of breaking into a boston shrine has been arraigned. eric swanson charged with larceny and breaking and entering. surveillance video at track down swanson. people that frequent the shrine recognize him as member of homeless community. >> daniel: 1 local town refusing to issue permits to pot shops at least for now. fox25 catherine parrotta is live in ashland this morning where, catherine, town leaders held a special meeting last night. >> catherine: meeting started around 11:00 last night and show
9:36 am
residents overwhelming supported the idea having breaks on retail marijuana shops at least for right now. >> too many flaws, too many holes in it. >> haven't had traumatic events. it is like scare tactics. >> catherine: brought legalization of marijuana and when it comes to selling it the town of ashland s fast. >> moratorium. >> voted at special meeting last night passing a temporary moratorium on pot shops and applying for zoning purposes for 2018 and retail jail becomes -- sale becomes legal. >> economic base grow and i see no reason smoke shop or whatever
9:37 am
>> enough people say they do want it and respect democracy and what you have to do in political and public service life is you have to make sure it is the best law out there. >> catherine: law still needs to be certified by the governor's council and secretary of state says earliest that would happen is middle of december. law is certain to be certified by the beginning of 2017 and delays areo decided can be consumers won't be able to buy ashland shot for now. >> catherine: spencer group of concerned residents came before selectmen there to talk about their opposition to the idea of having a medical marijuana dispensaries in town.
9:38 am
>> julie: over next few months uber and lyft drivers will are to go through background checks to keep jobs. it is parts of new law. it is corp hensive background checks starting january 6th january 6th and drivers will have 3 months to complete the new requirement. >> daniel: department of population trying to be under control. in order to participate hunters have to enter a lottery. millville had situation where long pole and recycling pin to
9:39 am
>> jason: watching temperature and slowly rising and nashua up to 33 now. so freezing rain threat beginning to wrap up and turn attention heavy rain threat straight ahead. >> headlines on bizarre political rant o >> daniel: making it harder
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>> daniel: furious demanding kids be kept safe following allegations 6-year-old boy sexually assaulted and threatened another boy on school bus. the incident reportedly happened november 3rd. school immediately notified the affected families as well as police and department of children and families. the department of elementary and secondary education says they were not notified within the required 48 hours. parents we talked to are upset about the school's response to
9:43 am
the incident 2-week after it happened in facebook post. >> i know he needs to be defended but what about my child. >> taking my son out of here. this is not a school where you want your child to be. >> daniel: some parents are upset and others have faith in the school and acknowledging the parents concerns about notification and said in the statement here want to emphasize the families immediately and was made of well-being of very young children and safeguards to protect the safety of all renaissance students and if you would like to read it have it up on website at >> daniel: >> julie: designer drug known as pink was failed painkiller created decades ago.
9:44 am
u.s. users can buy online for pills and proud and her it could come from anywhere. >> you have to realize don't know who to deal with. this is being nixed by chemist mad scientist and not being made in a legitimate pharmaceutical app. >> julie: classified pink was schedule 1 drug and put in same julie: training dogs in growing fight against opioid addiction. new canine and sniff out drugs including form of heroin called soboxin popular in prisons. the drug's powerful noses will help find the drug which is often hidden in paintings, drawers for the inmates. >> it can become a serious safety concern and causes gang activity, criminal activity
9:45 am
>> julie: the dogs are currently in the middle of 9-week training program and graduate on december 15th. >> daniel: thousands of people line the streets of cuba to say final good-bye to fidel castro. mourners fired 21 gun salutes and not everyone was upset. cubans living in america cheered the end of chapter in cuba's history. yesterday visitors to the island nation reflected on the moment as they boarded the first co more than 50 years. >> once in lifetime experience to get experience and different way. castro was polarizing figure and will be interesting to see how people are responding. >> daniel: official mourning will continue until sunday when the funeral will take place. driver in deadly tennessee school bus crash appeared in court.
9:46 am
students last week. now we are learning in the weeks up to the crash the school's principal expressed concern about walker twice. the principal says students claimed walker was trying to hurt them. and turn him up and walker was speeding on unapproved route at the time. daniel: man in the church attack. days after dillon ruth found competent to face charges in the charleston south carolina attack. he is accused of opening fire on prayer meeting last year and 9 people were killed and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. >> julie: route 1 starting to open up and head through saugus
9:47 am
southbound approaching route 2. heavy steady delays as well on pike eastbound because of an earlier accident near route 30, speen street and natick and over to the live drive times, 17 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin and half hour on 93 south but still at about hour on pike eastbound because of accident i just mentioned. >> daniel: 1 of the days you want to grab favorite movie, hot chocolate and 2 shot >> going to be gray and dreary. all of us getting rain before the day is done. let me show you what you're watching and matter of time and midday hours packed umbrella along and see the conditions deteriorating and look here at leading edge of steadier showers nashua, providence, cambridge,
9:48 am
lighter rain coming in and tough to let go of it once it moves in and all night fire. doppler radar up close and temperatures beginning to rise and radar shows it very well and see how pink line just retreating north and westward, very slowly, still in southern new hampshire and few spots watch out for some light icing and much closer to hartford to get read on this, right across 40 miles per hour so again, going to be over toward providence by the lunch hour. let me show you current conditions in southern new hampshire where we still have those 32 degree readings, hollis, new boston, those are 2 spots right now and still concerned that particularly on bridges and overpasses we could have some light icing and leominster 33 so you're right there on the edge but at least right now beginning to come upward, 33 north grafton and lower spots and temperatures
9:49 am
brockton, lexington, natick, medway, boston 44?, well above freezing and up to 50s on lunchtime and still on much rain on cape and boston and along i-95 points westward we are going to be glad that we had the rain gear around and go to 5:00 and dinner time as well and 10:00 still tracking rain on radar but temperatures will be in the 50s and head to the late day and early evening because southeast wind will actually help warm those temperatures up -- hold temperatures up and cloudy what you can see in boston and out of the southeast and keep 50s around wednesday and thursday and thursday afternoon we will
9:50 am
those above normal temperatures and not so much on wednesday. here is cloudy start, possibly fog on wednesday and more rain in the afternoon as another wave of low pressure comes in and looking at half inch to inch of rain and good part of southern new england today and good inch to half inch possible as next low comes through wednesday afternoon and wednesday night and couple inches of rain and mark deficit down to 9 inches in inches in worcester at best. still be dry but take everything we can get in our way and thursday afternoon out the of here and friday looking okay and weekend always in view and seasonable weather returns just in time to head to natick. 10:00 a.m. to 2 coats for kids, coat dropoff day we will see you out there.
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>> daniel: take look at moment
9:54 am
last week. >> present. >> if you don't like it, too bad. >> man had been yelling about trump in the airport before boarding and delta since apologized and also refunded tickets of those -- to those other passengers. >> julie: working way up from water boy to all american playing at university of missouri and also talking about becoming the first openly gay player drafted by the nfl. >> daniel: give you idea how busy online shopping amazon
9:55 am
final numbers aren't out yet but early sales set to surpass the estimate and around $3.4 billion. that's a lot of money. after weekend filled with shopping until you drop today today is about helping out the less fortunate and today marks giving tuesday and started 2012 as way to promote charity work and other donations and whether you give money, blood or just your time, it all counts and make sure you spread the good will by posting charity work online with >> julie: life size gingerbread house and inside the dove mount sinai in arizona and took the hotels whole week to build. it is made out of ginger braked tiles and opened house up to guests and it can be reserved by diners up to 6 people. >> daniel: crowd on hand to
9:56 am
>> 3, 2, 1. >> santa and rudolph and carolers were also on hand to get everyone in the holiday spirit and chris may light up tree on boston common thursday night and here fox25 we like to have holiday fun as well and sky fox over the studio to show the satellite dishes all dressed up for the season. mark your calendar, james taylor coming home to boston. fan will bring summer ballpark tour back to fenway this coming summer and mark his third year in a row here. boston will be taylor's final stop on the tour and tickets go on sale friday and show is august 11th. >> julie: cool and sometimes wet forecast. >> not everyday put 100% on 7
9:57 am
dunk and so far a little bit of icing in southern new hampshire and beginning to wrap up as temperatures now rising and on wednesday there's more rain during the afternoon and morning drive looks fine but wednesday afternoon commute and thursday morning getting out early see the leftover rain and then clears out.
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it's november 29th, time for great viral videos "right this minute". some dicey moves by daredevils have you wondering why would anyone do this with trains? the new video that proves danger is no deterrent. a sticky situation for a squirrel. >> stuck in a >> how a kind soul goes the distance for a good deed. >> true confession goes viral. >> i just charged my mother's credit card $733. >> the story behind an online shopping scare. >> got to cancel this order. >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web, including big soap trouble


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