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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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t riders face cold ality. dealing with delays when a train goes off the rails. a rallying cry from president on gun control. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and getting support from massachusetts lawmakers. >> police rip through a home in spencer it was mystery woman who rushed into the home to save a mom and her baby. and you just saw them on special cross over show did you know some stars chicago trilogy got their start in boston. details now from at night team. seven news at 11 starts now. first at 11, new england hit with a bitter blast of cold air. but temperatures could soon bounce back. >> tonight's lows in the single digits in some spots. but will temperatures back to normal tomorrow? here's jeremy reiner yes i think especially tomorrow afternoon right now in boston22 with southwesterly breeze only 7 miles per hour windchill at 13. not as much wind tonight but there's another cold night
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city at 22. plymouth 8, martha's vineyard at 3. worcester hills merrimac veal the numbers in teens and single numbers. air is dry with arctic high pressure right on top of us. so that will allow temperatures long. and so that when you head oh front door tomorrow morning these will be temperatures about 7:00 tomorrow morning boston 19. not as cold but still quite cold. worcester at 9. orange at one even on to cape islands numbers in upper teens and lower 20s. but the difference is through the day, mostly sunny skies. and as we work into the afternoon temperatures tomorrow afternoon, where we should be for this time of year. upper 30s, then by 7 o'clock tomorrow evening crisp even commute no issues. temperatures tomorrow evening in the upper 20s. dry for remainder of the week a bit of stormy situation this weekend we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. as temperatures dip tonight a local mother facing charges accused of a leaving her baby girl out in hold locked in car at the wrentham outlets kimberly
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very latest. yeah ryan that baby was taken to norwood hospital she's expected to be okay police say she was wearing a snow suit when she was left alone in that cold car. >> there's a baby in the car. temperatures were in the low teens when shopper at the wrentham outlets called 911. she spotted an 8-month-old girl alone in a car seat in back of a freezing cold mini cooper. >> i don't know. i don't know. caller says car is parked in nike store. and pleads with police to come fast. a move other shoppers say they understand. >> what is anyone supposed to do? somebody sees it, they can say, they are probably be out in minute and leave. what happens if nobody comes back? so you have to assume the worst. when officers arrived they found the baby's mom at the car. they say a review of mall cameras showed she was gone for ten minutes. she just said she didn't
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we explained it was so much about a law but judgment. there was language barrier with 27-year-old mom from east providence they don't she was trying to hurt they are child she just made a bad decision. >> any parent should know not to leave an 8-month-old unattended. i think it's crazy. i wouldn't leave a dog in car for ten minutes. police say they reported this incident to at department of children and family services both here in massachusetts as well in rhode island. this mother will also face a charge of child endangerment as well a parking ticket. reporting live kimberly bookman 7 news. >> the bitter blast may have forced t off track. a commuter rail train derailed early this morning causing problems through throw u out the day. it took several hours to get service restored. riders dealt with delays during evening commute too. let's go out to nick emmons at north station where things stand for morning and what happened today. nick. >> kim, the commuter rail back up and running as of tonight.
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but for hours this morning it was a flashback to last year historic winter where rail lines across state were plagued by delays. >> we apologized to our passengers for any inconvenience that happened this morning. a rough morning for some commuter rail riders. trains were delayed. people were terribly inconvenienced. this haverhill line train knocked off the tracks. no passengers were on board but it derailed people's morning schedules. oh, sure i'm already an hour late for work but what are you going to do? oh, yeah. definitely is just a mess. the company that runs the commuter rail says somewhere in andover the last two cars of this train got knocked off the rails. the engineer noticed shortly before stopping the train that train was running very, very sluggishly. there was a lot pull on it in below freezing temperatures commuter rail riders had to be buffed between stopsit had a huge impact on morning commutes. there were four trains that were
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waiting to in bound more than commute. at north station tonight, train schedules back on track. as rail official handed out an florida explanation of what happened morning to riders. the red line also having track trouble today. a broken rail causing delays a crews investigate. >> the cause of morning commute derailment is rnd investigation. and a cold blast could be a factor. steel does expand and contract. in extreme temperatures whether it be hot or cold so there be a factor that people will be looking at. >> so keolis said says this could much worse if there were passengers on train and tipped over they are just happy the crew is safe and sound. the investigation though is ongoing. that's latest live at north station nick emmons, 7 news night team. we have breaking news overseas tonight. north korea says it has successful tested a hydrogen bomb. 5.1 earthquake was recorded
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underground nuclear test north korean news agency says it developed this bomb as protection against its enemies including the united states. >> now from the night team a struggle for control. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. an angry president taking aim. the gun lobby may holding congress hostage but they cannot hold america hostage and taking action against gun violence. president obama could not hold back his emotion tearing up when atalked about the children killed in newtown massacre. president rolled out his plan today he hopes will put an end to deadly shootings. ryan a plan to get rid so-called gun show loophole more gun sellers would consider gun dealers and have to do background checks on these tempting to buy firearms. president aadmits it won't stop all violent crime but it's a start. >> president obama wiped tears from his face after getting
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graders killed at sandy hook elementary school. every time i think about those it gets me mad. after each mass shooting president has promised tougher gun laws but he's failed to get any sweeping legislation through congress. and now he's asking for public support as he announces much more modest executive orders. we need the wide majority of responsible gun owners who grieve with us every time this happens. and feel like your views are not being properly represented to join with us to demand something better. president is requiring nearly all gun sellers to register a dealers including those that sell begun show and online meaning they will all have to run background checks on perspective buyers. we maybe can't save everybody but we could save some. president was surround by victims and and their families mark 7-year-old son daniel died at sandy hook. as nation we have to do better. we are better. we're better than this.
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also invited seen here shooting victim and former congresswoman gabby girts he says he worked hard get guns out hands of criminals but still far too many shootings in the city. last two years we've taken over 1800 guns off the street. this year our homicide numbers are 16 dash year low. however the number of shootings has gone up. after president assist announcement nra tweeted expanded background checks won't have stopped recent gunman president obama argued that's not the point. >> we do no the have to accept this carnage as price of freedom president is also calling for $500 million to increase access to mentally healthcare and mental health information for background checks to deal with the additional checks. f.b.i. will hire 230 more examers to process all of those background checks. live in newsroom tim caputo, 7 news night team. new tonight two thieves are caught on camera using stolen credit cards a target in norwood. police there just released this video. you can see one of the men riding around on motorized scooter with a new tv in the basket.
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locker gyms norwood dedham and stoughton. surveillance stills from robbery police are still searching for those thieves. also from the night team flames tear apart a home in spencer with a mother and her baby inside. that mother says a mystery woman rushed in and helped get them out to the safety. she's talking to just one station tonight. susan tran is in spencer with her story. >> and kim that woman says the minute she looked out the window she saw a fireball. it was this barn that now destroyed so intense it was burning tree tops here. it spread to the back of this house and inside, that mom, that 11-month-old baby who had no idea what was going on until this woman came barging into save them. >> the thing at that at that point was so engulfed you couldn't recognize there was a barn there. intensifier raged inside spencer barn.
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home even knew they were in danger. all of sudden i heard someone run into my house telling us to get out house. her mother and 11-month-old daughter were aseep and stranger just barged into their cherry street home. shocked i grabbed my daughter out of her crib and ran into my mom's room mom get out house the house is on fire. we ran out and just saw the whole garage up in flames. it was really scary to be honest. the steve got this home video after he saw fireball across the street. my concern was get neighbors out because they are elderly firefighters from three different city battled blaze. fire marshal is investigating e ing as suspicious fire. our main focus to try to save the house. the barn was already fully involved when we pulled up. we knew we weren't going to save that barn smoldered after family six on second floor and family of 5 on first floor reunited.
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and chantal just grateful for mi outs stranger that saved their lives. thank god she stopped. we would have never known. >> now one firefighter did have some burns to his face while fighting this fire. but he is said to be okay. and the fire marshal again is investigating the cause of this fire. we're live in spencer tonight, susan tran, 7 news night team. now another interview with just on one station. two little boys on road to recovery atv crash on new year's eve they are in hospital and one boy's fathers fighting for his life jadiann thompson has much more. >> it's not a phone call anyone should ever have to receive. tears stream down the face of ashley as she sits with family an umass medical center. her son in nearby room. it's longest five days of ours lives. no parent or grandparent should see their kids what we've seen them go through. new year's eve ashley son and best friend hopped on back of
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they were out for a ride in fitchburg. >> very, very limited memory of what happened. he fell off his four wheeler. they shouldn't have been out night it was an accident both boys were injure badly his friend a severe head injury. sod bad when rescuer got to him he wasn't breathing one boy's fathers lost a leg. he's on life support. he has another surgery to go through tomorrow. we're how hoping for best ask praying for best. police are investigating how this happened the families are just focused on prayer and recovery in order to bring those boys home. in newsroom jadiann thompson up next tonight the fight of her life. new tonight, a new hampshire woman refuses to back down. that's when i pulled a gun and shot him. how she fought back against a robber.
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event started ton while they may be windy some stars have close ties to boston. we'll talk to them next. cold again tomorrow and back to normal cold for the rest of the week. forecast up next. and pats back at it tomorrow. so will tom brady be out there with that injury?
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mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. a, followed her home and tried to grab her. so she pulls oh out a gun from her purse and fires. the story new at 11 brandon gunnoe in manchester with her story. >> kim, that 65-year-old woman says she couldn't get away when
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she defended herself. my instincts told me, you know i always have my gun on me. but it was in my purse. but i chose i took it out and put it in my coat pocket. 65-year-old woman who didn't want to show her face on television said she shot 23-year-old michael bontaites en he tried to mug her as soon as his left arm went out to grab me i pulled gun and shot him it happened monday night. woman told police she was driving home from work when a dark car followed her home into the parking lot. when the 23-year-old from manchester tried to grab her she shot him in the chest i only defended himself when every right i waited in the last, last possible minute before i actually pulled the weapon until he went to grab for me, that's when i pulled my weapon. she only fibered one shot, ran inside and called 911. >> i never shook so much in moo life afterwards. you know my legs were like rubber.
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to carry a concealed weapon. but never imagined she would have to use it. >> the first time i ever shot that gun, never even fired it the at the firing range or nothing. it was first time i ever, ever, ever shot that gun. the 23-year-old woulds treated at the hospital and should be okay. we're live in manchester, new hampshire, brandon gunnoe 7 news night team. now 17 was meteorologist jeremy reiner. cold again overnight tonight. and then, temperatures are seasonal tomorrow afternoon for remainder of the week. also dry until the weekend. but for snow lovers no, this cold air is not going to hang northeast. jet stream it was way up here northern canada in december. warmest on record. and they had a little shot of arctic air in last 24 hours. again tomorrow morning. then it peels back to the north. gets rid of arctic air. then we're just, you know seasonably cold for tomorrow afternoon thursday and friday.
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martha's vineyard at 3. what's going on? they had ocean effect snow last night anywhere between two and four inches of snow very localized right in here. so that with the clear sky you're getting radiational cooling over a little bit of snow pack. so you compare that with hyannis and new bedford with less snow on ground. that's why you're not as cold. again you're talking three versus 11. 11 you can still make the case is cold. boston right now at 22. fitchburg at 20 degrees arctic hyannis port anchored on eastern seaboard that will set us up for tonight. but sun's coming back tomorrow. lows tonight a wide range in temperatures. i don't think it will be as cold as it was morning in boston. but 19 tomorrow morning. again these will be numbers about 7:00 tomorrow morning plymouth around 14. worcester 9, orange one. jaffry at 3. and then through the day tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. and the recovery is where you'll start to feel it as we work into the afternoon hours. this afternoon we only made it into the mid 20s. tomorrow afternoon, where we
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city around 40. merrimac valley new hampshire 30s. other thing about tomorrow is that you'll have a barely any wind out there. so if you can go through a winter day with all sorts of sunshine and no wind, it's no the too shabby. you can win that battle fitchburg tomorrow at 38. out on to cape i now mashpee at chatham 41. thursday much the same lots of sun. seasonal no wind temperatures on thursday in low 40s. friday there will be more clouds around. but still dry. still seasonal. temperatures on friday running in the lower 40s. and then our next weather system comes at us from the ohio river valley. and again it looks weak and feeble. i don't think there will be anything significant here's what looks like friday afternoon just a couple sprinkles when it gets into new england a little bit of cold air left over very early saturday morning with a little bit of a freezing drizzle possible. worcester hills outside of 495. but everyone else including metro boston just an um koff isolated rain showers saturday morning.
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but again that will just be on and off rain. with temperatures on sunday upper 40s to around 50. have a great night. you too, jr big night on 7 nbc. three hit shows crossing over into one huge story line. characters of chicago fire, chicago pd and chicago met working together for the first time on television. our chris anderson got chance to chat with some of the stars from all three shows he found out some of them got their starts right here in boston. >> talk to you about my friend. they are names and faces you know from nbc chicago franchise. >> suicide after all. what happened? but before they were saving lives, and outing out fires and arresting bad guys in the wint city many of these stars got their start in acting right here in the hub. >> i spent eight of the best years of my life in the boston area. oliver platt who plays doctor daniel charles began his career as a stage actor in boston. while he was a student at tufts
11:21 pm
i saw wayne boggs and hirs homerun in fenway i saw roger clemens pitch is first game there. having the opportunity to go to fenway be on field at fenway, and the city of two stone was so welcoming. before he was heating up tv screens kelly on chicago fire, taylor was a carpenter in boston. >> we did mow these restaurants and renovate them and, then party. i always had a blast in boston. sofia busch jest lee or co-stars on chicago pd. this trio first teamed up in boston. four years ago patty, myself and jesse all did a pilot together in boston. three of us played siblings. actor with perhaps closest ties to our area chicago pd star
11:22 pm
f. kennedy a used to spend lot time with his family in baystate. took me to europe for first time he was, a beautiful kid. and a man who he says influenced him to become who he is today. >> you can tell her just treasure every moment. his life was so fragile. he also used to have a family in cambridge and used to visit this area while growing pick up by the way one that go all of the stars loved about the city of boston, the amazing food. in the control room, chris anderson, 7 news. all right. thank you, chris. sports is everything nature's promise is so wholesome... the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less.
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at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. my stop&shop. and now, time for seven sports with joe amorosino. patriots now in post season mode. they admit that their finish to regular season was disappointing u but they sound confident about what comes next. as for who they will play on 16th, bengals texans or chiefs the pats say they don't care they just want to play better at this point. it will get back on practice field tomorrow. he'll see if tom brady out there on sprained right angle patriots using bye week to get healthy and focus on their own game they can't prepare for any one team just yet.
11:26 pm
doing the little things. a little bit better. and you know, then from there once we find out who we're playing more about game plan. >> shaping up to be a busy bye week for patriots coordinators matt patricia set to interview appear josh mcdaniels a possible candidate for new york giants head coaching job. a position vacated by tom who summed up his nfl experience today. >> we're bound for life at the hip. yeah it takes accomplishment to get it done but more about sacrifice and day in and day out grind getting to know people knowing whoer this how consistently they are, they perform. how tough are they? how tough are they? we've lost a little bit of that in our game. i got a toothache i'm out of the game. what? >> you got a what? a stiff neck? i got a stiff neck 24 hours a day every day of my life. what hell is that the go to do. absolutely fantastic.
11:27 pm
effort tonight. but a better team they faced in better team won. the capitals best team in eastern conference hit bruins their fifth loss in last six games. physical game right from the start. zach with a clean hit on tom wilson, then in second period just about at same spot on ice not so clean. zach lays out adam into boards his head hits glass. no penalty called on that play. mcqueen did not return league will have to take look at that play. caps 19 and 0 win leading after two periods they were up 3-one in third. patrice snaps home power play goal that made it 3-2 bruins playing with much more energy tonight. brew extra attacker on here bread instill slams the door on cha ra. bruins fall again 3-2 the final. i can't criticize the effort our team gave tonight. we're in the situation we're in we almost had to play a perfect
11:28 pm
chance there. >> and celtics looking at tough back to back. pistons at the garth tomorrow night and bulls in chicago on thursday night. avery bradley could miss both games with that injured hip. that's sports. thanks so much, joe. here's jimmy with what's coming up next on the tonight show. hey guys kristin stewart is my guest tonight. a visit from cage young. great show. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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we're out of time tonight tonight show starring jim fallon is next. i'm kim khazei. thanks so much for being here. remember close to 40 tomorrow.
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