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tv   Today  NBC  January 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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mentioned, sarah, in custody, d as weere saying, it's unclear if that person is a witness or a suspect. and we're trying to distill that information and get you the best info possible. >> cheryl fiandoka, working with her sources, and one person is getting questioned, and one suspect is in custody. dan hausle telling us that this person arrived at the boston medical center, and the pictures that we looked at earlier, he didn't seem to be rushing into the hospital. they took him out on a gurney and he was sitting up and he seemed to be engaging. mobe was working on him urgently. and we know he was shot in the leg. we know that hopefully he's going to be fine, and it's not an urgent life threatening
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>> in the woods there, that open field area. if they can pan back, there were two cars, did you see that? >> yeah, one was kind of stopped in the middle of the road. and the police tape was stopped around it, and it looked like a black suv. >> we wonder if it was some kind of a pursuit or the stop at the end of a pursuit. so that was kind of interesting to note as well. and there was another car i believe in front of that. >> they have the yellow police tape and the red tape. two different sections that they have roped off there. >> on the other side of the street too. >> it almost looks like in the road there, that's part of the scene, and it extends to the
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line as you were seeing earlier. they're putting the yellow crime. >> another car ahead of that that is also encompassed by that. >> the suv had a black flashing light. i'm not sure what's behind it, or is that a police officer's unmarked vehicle? of course dan hausle is saying that the police commissioner is at boston medical center right now, checking on the officer, and he anticipated that shortly, we would be hearing from them to get information on what went down. as i look live over the scene, mount bowdoin terrace in
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officers on the scene, and you can see the officers combing through the leaves there in that area, and it almost looks like that person's home, they are looking on that side, and i believe that the white fence area is on the other side. >> one might think, common sense, there was a scene involving the vehicles, and something happened that perhaps filled out into that wooded area, but we'll get the details we see of a dog there, they have that, ander clearly, they were all staring at the ground. so what might be embedded in the leaves, and potentially the evidence in this case as well. as you see here as we pan out, clearing with trees in the middle of the neighborhood there in dorchester. from what we understand, this is the bowdoin geneva section. >> we thought there were woods,
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clearing in the neighborhood. just to reiterate if you're just joining us, breaking news that we have been following, this boston police officer was shot in dorchester. he does not have life-threatening injuries, and this is the good news in all of this, he was shot in the leg, and taken to boston medical center, and those at the medical center said that they weren't urgently working on him as they took him out of the ambulance. >> we know that there's one person in police custody, a witness, and a suspect as being reported by nbc news, it's unclear at this point. through official sources as we have heard, you would think that given how thickly settled this area is, there would be many witnesses that have seen something or provided something to the police, and a lot of homes these days are if i wanted
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we see it all the time. and we see here, the front door of that left open, the evidence tape, the crime tape around t. >> it looks like a few cars are involved in this. let's send it back out to dan hausle, live at boston medical center, where the police officer is being treated as we look live at the scene at mount bowdoin terrace, and dan, do you have any updates? >> the officer, he had on a baseball cap. and moved in with non-critical injuries. they're trying to get information to see the situation.
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commissioner in the not too distant future. and all indications we have here, this officer suffered non-critical injuries. and he appears to be a plain-clothed rather than a uniformed officer. [ audio difficulties ] >> dan, we saw that nbc news tweeted one suspect is in custody, and have you spoken to the commissioner, or has anyone spoken to confirm this? sheryl said that one person was being questioned. but i don't know if you had any more information on that. >> reporter: if the information is possible, we would like it beyond the hospital situation, but so far, nobody here is giving us information about the shooting.
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there was a person in the back of a police cruiser at an address not far from the scene, as you say, and they did have someone in the back of the police cruiser, not far from the scene. >> as you look at the scene here on mount bowdoin terrace, it looks like multiple cars are involved in whatever went down here, it's not clear if those are unmarked police cruisers or another person's vehicle pulled over. we know that the officer was shot in the leg, and he has non life-threatening injuries, but as we look at the scene, officers have been putting crime scene tape, markers on these
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searching the home, staring down at the grass, i should say the leaves, looking through there, combing through the evidence on whatever went down at the scene. >> we're talking now, and&i believe that cheryl is saying that roughly 10:30 this is happening, and this is a neighborhood here, and there might have been people who have seen or heard whatever transpired there, and the dogs there, sniffing things out and finding whatever evidence they can that might be related to this. the field, it looked like they might have been walking out the front door. clearly something has transpired. the police vehicle, two other vehicles pulled over, and next to the field there, which is surrounded by a neighborhood,
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area, it would seem, because that's where that search was, sarah that you were describing, taking place in a straight line, kind of informally, so here, they're marking things off, and scene. we do have several reporters working this, we have nancy chenowith, and dan hausle, at the boston medical center, who was giving us the first indication, when you hear a police officer shooting, sometimes the worst comes to mind. so he was able to put everyone's minds at ease. because he was able to see that officer being brought in on the gurney, conscience and sitting up and appeared to be in plain clothes, and a baseball cap and a sweater, and so we knew at
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be less serious, and then cheryl fiandaca backing that up, saying that it was a leg wound. we don't know what kind of operation this was, but we know that the commissioner is at the hospital now, so we're standing by and waiting to hear officially what might have happened, as we use our own eyes and ears here on mount bowdoin terrace. >> can you see the dog sniffing, another dog in the street, and he was also at the site in that open area as well, when they were doing the police line searching for evidence, and it looks like they have a few police dogs out there, working this crime scene, and again, the good news in all of this, the police officer that was shot, non life-threatening injuries, and as you said it, putting all of our minds at ease, because the police officer taken out of
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on the gurney, the medical personnel were not working on him urgely, he seemed to be engaging and seemed to be okay. and that's what we want to hear in situations like this. but it seems that this officer is going to be okay. >> and families all over, not just boston police, but local police, obviously it hits very close to home. and they may be talking to some of the detectives at the scene, but the massachusetts police tweeted out so this is a fluid situation, and we're trying to bet to the
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at mount bowdoin terrace in dorchester, let's check in with john, and he can tell us more than what we can see on 7. >> we're in dorchester, as close as we can get on eldon street right now, half a block away from mount bowdoin terrace. and this is the scene of the officer involved shooting at 10:30 this morning, with a suspect pulling a gun and shooting the officer in his leg, getting away a short distance, and then being arrested at 200 geneva avenue. the police cordoned off a very large area, several blocks, and we're not being allowed into mount bowdoin terrace right now, which is of course where we would like to go. sky seven is providing us with a view of a couple of vehicles,
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tape, a car down there, and i can't see them from this vantage point. again, an officer shot in the leg, a suspect in custody and being questioned. and this is the area that dorchester is, but there's a wooded section here, and we have a lot of area here as well. so the police are kind of going through the woods and the street, trying to find evidence at this point. >> john, are you hearing anything, about, was this an under cover officer? or what happened? why did the police officer get shot? was he pursuing this suspect beforehand? >> there's no information coming from the police at this point. they're just cordoning off the street and keeping the people back. dan hausle said that it was possible that the officer was transported into the emergency
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tells you about his function, unit? soon. >> john, thank you, and that helps a lot. you're giving us the lay of the land, and i'm looking at the map. the area that he was describing, eldon street, it's around the corner from bowdoin avenue, and he's talking about geneva avenue as well. >> looks like it was a couple of blocks away. >> and as john was the first to tell us about the arrest happening on geneva avenue, and i believe that what we're looking at here is mount bowdoin terrace, and i believe that a chase happened. and the suspect, as john mentioned, was taken into custody, or this person was taken into custody on geneva avenue, which is not too far
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at. >> those officers that did that line search, starting to the left of this house, i wonder if they continued on to geneva avenue. there was a line that we were doing that line search to the left of this, this home here on mount bowdoin terrace, but it is interesting too that if this is where this happened, the suspect's home, we don't know that they're searching, but again, as john said, it started on be mount bowdoin terrace, which is off of eldon street. and then that arrest happened at 200 geneva avenue, and again, we're confirming that one suspect is in custody. >> right, and it looks like a couple of blocks over here, you have mount bowdoin terrace and bowdoin avenue that one kind of parallel there. eldon street runs perpendicular to that, and it's a few streets
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and it looks like there are bus stops there, a head start and apartment complexes, and as jonathan mentioned, it's a heavily settled area. >> we're hearing right now, we have had a lot of questions since this happened almost an hour ago, but we're hearing that the commissioner is supposed to speak around 11:30. and i believe that will probably be at boston medical center, and that's where he is. and that's where dan dan hausle is, and we'll get more information. but we have heard that the boston police officer has non life-threatening injuries, was shot in the leg, and hopefully we'll get confirmation that he's doing okay. >> right, and when you think about this happening, it started roughly an hour ago, 10:30. and for the police commissioner response time.
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assess the information. you and i know, we have both sat on the anchor desk, and had to talk at length before we had any real information, because some of the situations are not as cut and dry. and in this case, it sounds like they have pretty straightforward information, and maybe the investigation will take some time. but it sounds like they kind of know what happened here. we'll be learning more in just about 13 minutes now. >> and jonathan hall also confirming that one suspect is in custody, and that's good news, the person is in custody. but live 7 over the scene. in dorchester, the corner of eldon street. and the arrest happened at 200
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terrace. but you can see three vehicles with police tape around them, crime scene markers, and there are quite a few officers on scene here to the left of that home, and that grassy area that's covered in leaves, and a little bit of snow, but they are looking on the ground for evidence, and we haven't seen them since they started at mount bowdoin terrace, and i'm guessing that they walked all the way up to jen geneva avenue where the evidence is. >> i would love to see them move to that area and see if there are officers who continued that search there. this is an area, you would want to see backyards, right? and you would want to be checking out people's backyards and see what borders that open clearing. and whether there might be some evidence there. because keep in mind, that
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the arrest took place was two streets over, and there you go. that's where it happened. and thank you to the chopper and the operator up there, for giving us that perspective. you saw exactly where the cars were parked and you would think there was some kind of foot chase over here, and you see the area where that arrest presumably took place, and it works that way on the map. a couple of streets over. anything in between there, you would think that the officers would be going through people's backyards, vehicles. >> we know that the good news, the police officer, non life-threatening injuries, he was shot in the leg, one suspect in custody, another person being questioned.cheryl fiandaca, saying that one
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said earlier, at 11:30, the commissioner is expected to address the media, and for what went down, and confirming that that police officer is doing okay. dan hausle said that he arrived at the medical center wearing plain clothes, and was he off-duty? we don't know, but this was a boston police officer that was shot in dorchester, again, mount bowdoin in dorchester. >> and just looking, . >> let's go to cheryl fiandaca, and i know that you've been working the phones, and anything else additional that we know the officer was doing?
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recovered the gun, that's according to sources, and as you know, there's one suspect in custody. the officer is expected to be okay, and he was shot in the leg and alert when he was transport to boston medical center, where they're taking a look at him now. he doesn't appear to have any life-threatening injuries, which is all g. and the police are continuing their investigation, and as you see, there are a number of streets blocked off. the officer was in plain clothes, and as to what his job was and what he was doing at the time that's all going to be sorted out and a news conference, it's happening in about 10 minutes. but we know an officer was shot this morning at 10:30, shot in the leg, and he doesn't have life-threatening injuries, and the police already have a suspect in custody, and the gun that they believe was used to shoot the officer. so this situation is unfolding very quickly, krista.
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exactly what the officer was doing, but can you describe what kinds of units work in plain clothes and undercover? >> it could be a number of units. they have obviously a drug unit, a gang unit and other types of officers doing other types of investigations in all areas of boston. so he could have been doing a number of things, responding to things, and all of that is going to be straightened out. as you see, these situations become very chaotic bill, quickly, and you can see on the screen, they for evidence. this is something that will continue to unfold in the morning, but the good news, the officer is expected to be okay. getting him the care that he needs, and they have someone in custody. >> do we have information, cheryl? obviously three vehicles taped
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can you tell? are these unmarked police vehicles? or the suspect vehicles? >> they look like they're police vehicles, but one of them, the first car could be the suspect's car. it looks like the suspect is a male suspect, and he's with the homicide detectives now, and this is not a homicide, but this is from the drug control unit. whether he was on assignment or just on surveillance, it's unclear, but we know that the officer is with the drug control unit, which is a very big unit and does a lot of undercover throughout boston. the suspect is a male and he's being questioned by homicide detectives.
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this was just one suspect? >> i wouldn't say that, but people being part of this, or whoever may have been involved with this person, it's possible that someone else could have been involved. all of these things obviously take time to sort out. and if this person is talking to detectives, they could find out a lot more. >> okay, and so we just heard as the news developed there, cheryl, confirming through her source that's this officer is part of the drug control unit. and we're seeing it for the first time. >> this is, i guess we zoomed in so we could see it, and the officer arriving at boston medical center. you see him in the black baseball cap and this seems to be exactly what dan hausle was describing to us. they took him out of that, he was sitting up, and it didn't
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on imurgently. and he was shot in the leg so he's getting treated at boston medical center for that. >> he was awake, alert and sitting up, and as we mentioned, he was shot in the leg, and we don't know which, but that's a gunshot wound that he's suffering from today. working with a place that has certainly dealt with this before. and they're well adapted to treating gunshot victims there at boston medical center, and here at 11:25 on friday morning, we're going to hear from the police commissioner himself in 5 minutes. given that they're running on an hour ago, an officer was brought in, or a little bit less than that, and here's the scene right now. keep in mind that we have two scenes that we're talking about
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dorchester. the crime tape, where we see what appears to be one unmarked plir, and edpolice car, and in this neighborhood. and then two streets from a there, more police activity where the arrest was made at mount bowdoin terrace. and this was not a fatal shooting. >> we're going to john hall, live on the scene, or as close as he can get to the scene. eldon street. and this is the area where the whole crime scene. we're just a very short distance away from the area where the police officer was shot at about 10:30 this morning in the leg.
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to some of the neighbors, and they're firledding filtering out of their homes in the area, two families, really shocked them. this is not a bad neighborhood as far as they're concerned. one man told me that he heard pops, and didn't know if it was firecrackers or gunshots, and he was shaken and he was reluctant to say what he saw after that. so gunshots ring out in the neighborhood. and we have a police officer, thankfully with non life-threatening injuries, and a drug control officer, according to some sources, and the suspect arrested pretty quickly. some helicopters hovering over head. and the police are keeping us back at some point. >> if seems that they have been searching the front and the side of this white house, on mount
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vehicles are parked in front. any idea who the house belongs to? is that who they were searching for when looking for the suspect? any information on that at all? i know that it's early. >> yeah, it's early, and it's tough for us to get any information that we can't get on the street. so we're left to talk to neighbors who live a little bit of a distance away, and they have not been able to give us too much information on what happened a street over, if they were nervous or upset, and one man told us that this is not a particularly bad neighborhood. and he has never seen anything like this from the activity, not only the police, but the media and the ambulances and the fire trucks here today. >> did anybody talk about a scene go down, and possibly a chase that ensued to an arrest at 200 geneva avenue? >> just the one man who did hear popping sounds, and he thought that perhaps they were
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he says that he's worried for his children, and at this point he doesn't know what to make of the neighborhood. but he's worried for his kids, and a lot of people have been stopping by to say what's going on now? but a lot of them are shaking their heads when they found out a police officer was shot and they feel very badly for the officer and his family. >> and jonathan, you can see why they have everything so cordoned off. because the scene basically spans a couple of different blocks here, and where you are, you said that you are on bowdoin avenue, is that right? >> yeah, bowdoin avenue at eldon street. and just a block up that way is geneva avenue, and that's where we're hearing that the suspect, the shooter in this case was caught and taken into custody at 10:30 this morning. >> and in between that was mount bowdoin terrace, where all of it started, so we're talking about
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bit of a neighborhood here, and you would think that they would be going through everything here, a lot of backyards and vehicles, and a lot of places where evidence could lie. so certainly a lot of work for them there. it has been quite a morning here, but we're coming up on 11:30, the time at which the police commissioner indicated to his handlers and us that he would be making some statements about what happened. but we know at this point through our 7 news sources, through people and reporters fanned out and witnessing the scene that this started roughly an hour ago, with a gun now recovered, according to cheryl fiandaca, who has been working her sources, and we have a police officer, an officer who worked in the drug control unit undercover with a leg wound, and there you see detectives and officers around the scene in
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>> if you're just joining us, you can look where this all started, on mount bowdoin terrace, and john hall said on eldon street if you're familiar with it at all. there are three vehicles taped off. the suspect's vehicle, an unmarked police cruiser, and they have been searching this house to the left over here. we have been searching multiple police dogs, and putting markers on vehicles. we did see a group of police officers do a line search, and as john hall tells us, right there, it's where it all started, and possibly a foot chase, that resulted in an arrest at 200 geneva avenue. and we do know that they have a
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we're learning that the drug control unit was on this. and the suspect officer was in plain clothes, and that points to an undercover police officer. but again, the police commissioner showed up at the hospital, where we expect a news conference, or expect him to address the media and answer numerous questions that we all have, they said around 11:30, so any minute now, he should be speaking, and 7's dan hausle is there, and bringing it to us live. but the good news in all of this, the police officer, non life-threatening injuries, he was shot in the leg, but in the video we saw earlier, he was sitting up when they took him out of the ambulance, and no one was looking on him urgently, so hopefully he's okay, and we can
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officer is doing okay, and hopefully be released from the hospital before not too long. >> to his family, because these are the kinds of incidents that hit home for those in law enforcement and they kiss their loved ones good-bye in the morning and hopefully everything works out okay and they come home safe to you at night. we know in this case, that will happen for this officer, and so many in law enforcement are really thinking about this officer. we don't know his name, but we know, sarah, he's working with the drug control unit. we know a tweet was sent out by the massachusetts police, saying that their thoughts and prayers are with the boston police officer. so a lot of people, i'm sure, are lending their support to this person's family, this man's family and friends, and colleagues on the force as well. we presume that he got there
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attention, because dan was indicating that he spotted the officer going into the medical center, and they made sure that he got care and very soon. >> jonathan hall is on the scene speaking to neighbors, and they're not saying a lot. many people on bring at this time -- onfriday, are on their way to work. and he spoke to one neighbor who heard popping noises and shots rang out and he's very concerned for his children. he said nothing like this happens in this neighborhood. and numerous people are driving by, asking what happened and shaking their heads when they find out a police officer has been shot. but if you're just joining us, he's expected to be okay, and non life-threatening injuries,
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>> john was just telling us -- is he here with us now? maybe he can tell us more about the neighborhood. he said talking to a resident, this is not a bad neighborhood and something that we're used to having happen here. so clearly startling a lot of people here. on a friday morning, people waking up and hearing about this news across the city of boston and beyond. something that we hear about these violent confrontations in the nature of this work. it is dangerous, and we always hate to be reporting news like this, but as you mentioned, sarah, looks like this officer is going to be okay. >> we're going to send it out live to dan hausle, who has been at the boston medical center for us all morning long, as we wait this. and let's send it out to dan for an update for us. us.
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commissioner, and as i look over my shoulder, they have been trying to arrange it, and the media has gathered here from across the bay, where half an hour, 45 minutes ago, we saw that officer brought in here. the officer appeared to be in plain clothes, wearing a cap, and sitting up, and he was sitting up, and did not appear to be moved in with urgency. he was shot in the leg with non life-threatening injuries. we continue to wait for the commissioner, and when he gets closer, we'll let you know. but that's the scene at the boston medical center right now. >> all right, dan, can you give us an update on the situation there at the medical center?
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update as we wait for this press conference, explaining as the officer arrived at the hospital, you said that the medical staff were not working on him urgently, so it seemed that he was doing okay, right? >> that's the impression that we want to give. obviously, there was not an urgent need to get this officer to the hospital. and i want to tell you that they blocked off all of the roads to the crime scene, giving a clear road for the ambulance to come. and it got here quickly and moved quickly. so there was an urgency to deal with the medical condition, but once they got here, he was not prone, and they were not moving exceptionally quickly, and there were not medical personnel surrounding him and working on him at the time. the kinds of things that we sometimes see when someone has an urgent medical need.
11:38 am
officers around him and medical personnel to gather the facts to see the officer and any loved ones that might have arrived. we have not seen anyone who obviously appeared to be relatives or civilians at this time. but one can imagine that the department can normally get them here shortly after any kind of injury like that. so we continue to stand by, the mayor is here, and the commissioner is here, and we'll find out more when the commissioner comes out and talks to us. >> hopefully we'll be hearing from them shortly, but just to reiterate, we did confirm that the officer was shot in the leg, but again, non life-threatening injuries, so that's the good news, and so hopefully, when the commissioner addresses the media, he can confirm that the officer is doing okay. >> we also know that a suspect is in custody, and a gun has been recovered. and the officer was working with the gun control unit. let's head back to the scene
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streets, and what pears is a couple of stops, vehicles coming to a stop on mount bowdoin terrace, and jonathan haul is in the neighborhood, and he has been kept away from the scene. and john, give us an idea of what it's like, it appears there's a bus stop at the geneva neighborhood. >> this is a settled area, triple decker, smaller homes and two families, and it's hilly and wooded in the area. you can see the boston police are here now investigating, and we're at a roadblock at eldon street and be bowdoin avenue, and we're hearing sirens out in the distance, and it could be for another call or perhaps this investigation. lots of sirens at 10:30 this
11:40 am
mount bowdoin terrace, and an officer shot in the leg, and it might have been part of a drug investigation or drug control unit. and he was rushed over to boston hospital to be treated. and luckily, he's going to survive this. a suspect was quickly arrested about a block away on 200 geneva avenue, and now the investigation continues. we have detectives going up and down geneva avenue, and also on mount bowdoin terrace as they look for any kind of evidence that they can find to help them build a case in this shooting. it sky 7 is over head. and we see what looks like a black suv pulled over and the investigation is continuing with that vehicle as well. it may have been the area where this shooting took place. though we're waiting for details from the boston police commissioner. we have the superintendent here
11:41 am
and we can try to see if he's going to have anything to say, but i believe the official information will be coming from the police commissioner, william evans over at the hospital. so a lot is hang here, and maybe i can make my way over here and get information if i have a second. >> all right, john, thank you, and we'll let you go. >> appreciate it. and that helps a bit in getting a sense of the lay of the land in the neighborhood where the investigation is still unfolding. this happened at 10:25, 10:30 this morning, and the report that we got here, there was a shooting involving an officer, and an officer was shot. the worst comes to mind obviously when you get information like that. but it quickly became evident in our reporting, and dan hausle, he was quickly dispatch to the medical center and able to get a
11:42 am
was not a deadly shooting, and the officer was sitting up and appeared to be conscience and alert as he was on that gurney going into the hospital. we're always trying to get a sense of what's happening as we look at the live pictures. you're looking at the first of two scenes that are basically two blocks from each other. >> we're here and getting more information here, and we're going to send it over to sheryl fiandaca. >> it seems as though this police officer was attached to the drug control unit and approached a suspect. that suspect turned and allegedly fired at the officer, and that's according to the sources. the officer was shot in the leg, and he does not have
11:43 am
and the mayor and the commissioner were there as well. and the suspect is in custody, and the gun recovered. but the police are searching for more evidence, it could be shell casings or any other evidence that may have involved this drug investigation going on at this time. so we know this officer was undercover with the drug control unit, when he approached a him. the suspect is in custody, and the gun used in the incident has been recovered. >> that makes perfect sense based on some of the visual that's we have seen from our aerial coverage here, cheryl, because we saw some of the cars there parked on the side of the street. and we saw police doing basically a line search of that wooded area that's right to the
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and then the arrest taking place two blocks farther, the chase, and cheryl, did they say that there was a pursuit in the vehicle as well, that there was a chase or anything like that? >> i did not hear anything about a car chase, but what we know at some point, it's part of an investigation, and it could have been an earlier chase that, the officer approached the suspect in the area, and the suspect began to run, and he turned around and fired at the police officer. this is all according to sources. the officer was shot in the leg and does not appear to have any life-threatening injuries, that he is at the hospital and he is alert and conscience, and they did recover the gun. as you see, this is an active scene. the police officers are out there with dogs, searching, and as you saw earlier, it was a line search, looking for what may be more information and evidence involving it, whether it be drugs or evidence involved, shell casings, or
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police build a case against the suspect in this situation. >> it's interesting to look at the vehicle, the door is wide open, and it looks like its parked in front of that home, wide open. and it looks like an unmarked police cruiser, the black one behind it, and then a police vehicle behind that, the third car there. >> as if the suspect opened the drivers side door and just made a run for it there, not looking back. i was curious too, cheryl, do we know anything about whether the suspect itself was injured? i'm guessing not. because usually they would be transport to the hospital. and instead, you said that the suspect was taken and was being interviewed, i believe you said by the homicide unit? >> that's right, the male suspect was taken into custody, and he's being interviewed by homicide detectives, and this is not a fatal shooting but it's
11:46 am
done, and it's standard procedure in this case. we don't know much about the suspect's background at this point, but the police commissioner may be addressing that. we understand that two other people may be injured. but not by gunfire. maybe they were injured as part of the chase, and they could be other officers, and i don't know, but it looks like there are two other injuries here, but not by gunfire. >> cheryl, thank you, and we're looking at 11:46, and we are learning that the commissioner is talking at 11:30, which seems pretty quick, given that it all started, unfolding roughly 45 minutes ago, and these things get delayed as they get additional information and add that to their list of comments and information that they need to pass along to us and you, the public, in waiting to hear more. >> you can see the officers
11:47 am
through the entire neighborhood. but just to reiterate there, you can see the three cars parked here with police tape around them, and new information that cheryl fiandaca received is that the suspect was roached by that officer, immediately running away, and we learned -- this all started on mount bowdoin terrace, and then we learned from jonathan hall that the arrest was made a couple of streets over on geneva avenue. but we're told from cheryl fiandaca's sources that the officer ran away and he turned around and shot at the officer, shooting him in the leg. good news, non life-threatening injuries, and they did recover from the gun from that neighborhood, and they do have this male suspect in police custody, being interviewed by
11:48 am
cheryl said is procedure because he did shoot at that officer. also, the drug control unit. wearing a sweater and black baseball cap. but they were not working on him urgently, so hopefully we find out from the commissioner that he's doing okay right now. we were supposed to hear from him at 11:30, and it's almost 11:50, so dan hausle is at the hospital. and hopefully he can bring us that press conference live. but i believe that we have him on the phone now so i'm going to send send it to dan to see if he has any updates. >> well, seconds ago, mayor walsh just arrived here at the hospital. and i wouldn't be surprised if they're waiting for him to arrive to check on the officer, and he and the superintendent
11:49 am
superintendent alone, but it wouldn't be surprising if they waited for the mayor to get here to talk to the media. he was brought up here in a black suv westbound some urgency, and then he walked from the suv to the ambulance entrance, being briefed as he went along, and now he's inside of the hospital checking on the officer, and i suspect that sometime after that, we'll hear from the commissioner and possibly the mayor as well. back to you. >> dan, thank you so much. and we get a sense of what the delay might be, and the mayor may want to meet with the officer himself and get some information from his police staff before being able to go ahead and also maybe take the podium alongside the commissioner, one might think, but we'll see what happens here. thank you so much, dan. >> i was just talking to our
11:50 am
crime scene. the yellow tape and the red tape. and i'm not sure if everyone knows the difference, but i'm going to send it over to cheryl fiandaca. and can you answer that for us? >> yes, awhile back, the homicide division came up with a new plan on how they handle shootings, and this, as we said many many times, this is not a homicide or a fatal shooting, but because it does involve a police officer, they treat it as a homicide detectives. but the red tape means that only essential people can go in, only the actual investigators, and the outer perimeter is another layer where other police officers, and people who work for the police department can go behind the yellow tape and everyone else, the public and the media has to stand behind the yellow tape.
11:51 am
swayings, one is the inner core, which is where all of the action happened. and that would be where the red tape is, and then there's an outer perimeter where there could be some evidence, but they're not as concerned in having it contaminated by having people walking or being in that area, but it's still restricted to police and investigators. and beyond that would be where the public or the media can go. >> interesting. i didn't know that, and i'm glad that you have the answer. >> all right, just to reiterate, if people are just joining us right now, we have been covering this since about 10:30. this boston police officer that was shot in dorchester on mount bowdoin terrace, and the good news, the officer was shot in the leg, non life-threatening injuries, and we're waiting on the police commissioner to speak at any moment from the boston
11:52 am
was just saying that the mayor just showed up and that's who we could be waiting on for them to address the media, but they did make an arrest at geneva avenue. and a male suspect is in custody being questioned by the homicide unit. this is just protocol because he did shoot at an officer. he was from the drug control unit. wearing plain clothes, and wearing a red sweater and a black baseball cap. >> and a gun was recovered from the scene as well. and we know more about the circumstances. just to put it into perspective for you, there were three vehicles here, two dark colored vehicles, that may be a dark police car, and the front dark vehicle there, with the drivers side door wide open is what we believe to be the vehicle that the suspect was in.
11:53 am
scenario, the narrative of what happened as we go back to the medical center where the officer was brought a short time ago, where the officer tried to approach the suspect, and the officer made a run for it. and he turned around and fired at the officer, and the officer was struck in the leg. and clearly, this is home for a lot of people in the city of boston, the law enforcement community and the families and even nationwide, we know that the massachusetts state police tweeted out that their thoughts and prayers are with the officer and his family. but just every day people, reading tweets online, it hurts to see that someone shot another one of our city's police officers. prayers to him and his family. clearly a violent job and a dangerous one. and you just never know the outcome. but we do know that this officer is presumably doing okay after being shot in the leg. so that's the good news in all of this.
11:54 am
story this morning about a police officering ambushed in his be police vehicle in philadelphia. so these confrontations happen happen more often than people would like, and we're waiting to hear from the commissioner at this time. >> anchor: when we broke in with the story, it was good to hear that he had non life-threatening injuries, and to actively see from our video and the reporters that he was sitting up, and he was not being urgently worked on. so it seems like he's going to be okay. and hopefully, when the commissioner does speak, he'll do that for us. i believe this is geneva avenue, and if you are just joining us, it's just a couple of streets up from mount bowdoin terrace, and that's where the suspect was approached and where he ran away, and then on 200 geneva avenue, which is what you're looking at now is where that
11:55 am
we do know that the gun has been recovered. so that's good news. that male suspect is in custody, being interviewed by the homicide unit. and obviously, this is not a homicide, and it's just protocol. but you can see all of the police cruisers that are on geneva avenue right now, where the arrest took place. now we're back to be mount bowdoin terrace and these are pictures where the vehicles were roped off by the crime scene tape, which is obviously an unmarked police cruiser, and then in the front, the suspect's vehicle with the car door wide open, which almost looks like he pulled him over, approached him, he got out and left the door open and took off, since we do know that the suspect was approached in some way, he ran around and turned around and fired at that officer, shooting him in the leg. >> anchor: we have several
11:56 am
jonathan hall is in the neighborhood now, and he was talking to neighbors who said that they heard a pop, a noise, and it sounded like firecrackers this morning. this was an hour and a half ago, and some may be at work and others may be at home, and startled by the sound of gunfire this friday morning, and talking to at least one neighbor who said this is not a bad neighborhood. surprising and shocking to them. and you also mentioned, sarah, and you see that they were doing -- this is tape from earlier, police doing i guess -- we said that they were kind of standing in a straight line, and it looks like they were kind of in a line. >> they were at first, i believe. >> and i guess that would be called a grid search, something like that, and maybe not as organized as such, but clearly looking for any kind of evidence that may lie between the two streets. keep in mind, this is a couple of blocks from each other where
11:57 am
where the suspect was finally taken into custody. as you mentioned, we did get a visual of the officer as well when he was brought into boston medical center. we had video of that earlier, thinking that this officer may be working undercover, and it may not be the best interest to show that for his safety and his line of work, we couldn't really see his face, but you could see that he was wearing a red sweater and ball capas he was brought in on the gurney. >> anchor: so right now, we're waiting for the police commissioner and we thought it was going to happen at 11:30, but it's almost noon, and dan hausle spoke to him earlier, and he said that the mayor arrived and i believe that that's what we're waiting on. but i believe that we have dan on the phone from the boston medical center to give us an update on the situation there.
11:58 am
>> hey, dan. >> we continue to wait for the police commissioner, with all of the streets blocked between the scene and the hospital, and they slowly backed out the ambulance and brought him in an gurney, sitting up, and officers more around him than medical personnel, indicating to us early on that the injuries were non-critical. and the officer had been shot in the leg. since then, we saw the police commissioner here, and moments ago, we saw the mayor arrive, and we have been told that sometime in the not too distance future, we're likely to get a briefing and obviously conclude what's going on with this officer, and the circumstances that ended up with him being shot and brought here as well. live at the boston medical center, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: we appreciate it. and if you're joining us, it's
11:59 am
your friday, and we have been covering breaking news for the last hour and a half, about a police officer who was shot in boston in a dorchester neighborhood, shot in the leg, and he was brought to the boston medical center where you saw dan a little while ago. >> we no that a male suspect is in custody, and we have team coverage starting with dan hausle, and we're going to send


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