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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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sailors held against their will in iran after their boat enter iranian waters. they are freed this morning and unharmed. >> is there a problem for the patriots. why did police rush chandler joans to the hospital. and the country may soon have its newest billionaire powerball mania hitting a fever today. good wednesday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. and i'm christa delcamp. we have temperatures in the teens and with the windchills we're talking about single digits. i think technically we're in the 20s >> it's frigid. snow and freezing snow creating slick conditions. police in new hampshire say a tractor-trailer was speeding on route 89 in warner, couldn't
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slammed into a police cruiser. the truck then took off. the trooper was treated for minor injuries while many of you may have a bit of brushing off of the car. some had to shovel. a few inch of snow in worcester. the temperature aren't helping the situation right now. i think that's what hits your face when you head outside >> it is the wind at 40 to 50 miles per hour at times. over 3 inch of snow. worcester just under three. foxboro 2 and a half. many towns between one and two mansfield. that's where this picture comes from. it's a pretty winter shot there with some of the snow on the trees as well. morning. that sunshine not really getting to much work here as the temperature remain around 26 in boston all morning long. 21 in worcester. you made add a couple of more degrees on top of that. the key is the wind.
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close to 40 miles per hour. that wind gust will be with us throughout the afternoon. the windchill factor ten in boston. the wind advisory in place through 5:00 p.m. for the wind gusting to 40 miles per hour. temperatures in the afternoon in the upper 20s. time now for fast track traffic. >> good morning, everyone. this is slow northbound on the expressway. slow south wound too. a lot of red out there. still a half an hour drive on the expressway from braintree split into boston and then southbound that slowing due to earlier accident that just cleared. so hopefully that's clearing up soon. route 3 slowing as you abroach the braintree split. a little bit slow on 24 as you approach 128 as well. on the pike once you get into framingham you hit the brakes. slow drive all the way into boston. north of town an accident in redding 128 northbound at route 93. the rest of the ride on 93 southbound into town you can see
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it's a slow one. route one not looking as bad. let's look at the drive times. 26 minutes on the expressway from brain tree split into boston. half an hour on the pike from 128. 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge that right 25 minutes. back to you guys. boston police confirming a man has been hit and killed by a car in door rchester. happened on talbot avenue. police aren't saying if the driver stayed on the scene or left. we have a recrew headed to the scene and we will bring you updates as they become available. police make an arrest in rosslandale. car hit an 8-year-old women and she's rushed to the hospital where she was pro noungsed dead. police say the 24-year-old driver has been charged with motor vehicle homicide. also breaking overseas ten american ail sailors being held in iran are now set free. the sailors were escorted by iranian boats to a rendezvous
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and released and they are jond board a guided missile crewiest. the uss envoi. they underwent medical checks and they all appear to be fine. they were detained when their smoke boats drifted into iranian waters. nancy chin joining us now with the very latest. >> good morning to you. the ten sailors are now in their original destination of bahrain this morning and in good condition. u.s. officials say there's no indication they were hurt during their captivity. welcome news after this international incident that could have ended much worse. >> reporter: ten american sailors free after being held overnight. the americans nine men and one women were on two boats when they drifted into iranian waters on tuesday. iran's coast guard seizing the boats and the sailor returned over to return iranian refuse lugsnary guard who questioned them to see if they entered
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>> the necessary investigation under way to make it clear what their intention was for entering ill legally into iran territory of waters. u.s. officials were able to talk with the sail os during the tense hours of antivity. eventually leader in both countries agreed the boats never intended to iranian waters. the iranian officials say a navigation malfunction was to blame for the crossing. >> contacts between u.s. political officials insist that this entering iran's waters was unintentional and it was because of technical failure in their navigation system. in the mean time secretary of state john kerry just released a statement expressing gratitude to iranian authorities for their cooperation. in the newsroom nancy chin, 7news "today in new england." now pats play off. new question surrounding a key player.
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he was sent to the hospital sunday after showing up at the foxboro police department. so let's head out live there right now. here's nicole oliverio. nicole? >> a apparently chandler jones came here to the foxboro public safety building before 8:00 sunday morning. but the medical reason remains unknown. >> reporter: days before heading to the play-offs, 7news confirms patriot's defensive end was committed to norwood hospital. happened sunday according to this foxboro police box. the 25-year-old football player walked into the foxboro public safety building with a medical emergency. four officers along with firefighters performed a medical evaluation in the back parking lot then had jones taken to the hospital by ambulance. the patriot's tell 7news chandler jones was admitted to the hospital sunday and released that day. he reported to work on time on monday morning and has participated in all meetings and
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>> we know that chandler actually lives not too far from the police department. and an officer went to his house, got the key and secured his home. live in foxboro. 7news "today in new england." he was at practice tuesday. rob grownkowski was not. gronc wasn't present after monday. it's not clear why he wasn't on the field. it's also unclear how coach bill belichick ended up with this black eye. when he met with reporters tuesday he was sporting a shiner over left eye. he didn't say what happened when asked if his eye would be okay. simply say i think i will live. >> today millions of americans will make a power play for more than a billion dollars. this is a historic jackpot. record-breaking ticket sales and it all comes down to tonight. and a big drawing. people line up hoping their six numbers will hit it big.
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homeful. there's a 97% chance the winning numbers will be drawn tonight. over the course of the last 19 drawing they have generated 22 million in local aid revenue and in the hours leading up to last saturday the lottery retailer were churning out more than minute. so here in massachusetts two people have already won a million in the last two drawing. one winning ticket sold in plymouth the other at liquor store on boilston street. boston. president obama gives final state of the union address. focusing on the future and the legacy he's leaving mind. the president of the united states. [cheering and applause] . >> reporter: for the last time president obama arrived to delayer the state of the union to a joint session of congress. >>president obama: for this final one i will try to make it shorter. he briefly touched on achievement in office but he
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>> i don't just want to talk about next year. years. the next ten years. and beyond. but he did talk about current issue including a call for congress to take action on the fight against isis. >> authorize the use of military force against isis, take a vote. another big focus a state of politics in the u.s. and how we need to fix it. it's one of the few regrets of my presidency that the rancor between the party has gotten worse instead of better. the commander-in-chief looked forward to when a new president speaks to congress. >> i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people. and that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> and the republican response south carolina governor nikki
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divide in the country. >> internet talking ability michelle obama stealing the spotlight. wearing a marigold colored dress. if you think of buying the same dress for yourself. out of luck. it quickly sold out online. >> she always looks fabulous. >> talk about bear hug. this giant grisly really showing some love. and a driveway dilemma. solve it 7 taking action. the company that did the damage couldn't seem to be reach instead. when the wind dies down and more on the saturday storm coming up in a few. and a local team makes a teammate's dream come true. how he went from waterboy to star player.
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>> so you say you want a bear hug on a cold day. how about this one? >> oh my goodness. >> it's a little bit too much. this man works at the orphaned wildlife center innup state new york as a bear trainer. this bear is named jimbo. a cute name for 1500 pound bear. they released this video of the two playing together. i don't know. i think -- don't trust it. i don't know, man. he's looking his ear. it would be afraid the bear -- wait you kind of taste a little bit good. i will try this out. and your pawn is same size at my head. >> it would be afraid the bear would knock me over. i will freeze my tail off there and the bear, he's dressed appropriately for this weather. and the bear probably not disturbed by the cold and the wind on the day like today. we will stay dry through friday. after midnight friday we start tracking the next storm in the air.
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through saturday at least through the morning hours. 26 in boston right now. 21 in worcester. not that it's that cold this time of year. the wind is very active gusting 35 to 40 miles an hour and it's that wind that adding to the windchill out there. so despite being in the mid 20s in boston it only feels like ten. feels like four degrees in worcester. that's what you have to dress for what it feels outside with the strong gusty wind out of the west in. even a couple of snow flurry stretching all the what 84 mass pike interchange back to berkshires. couple of heavier snow showers back into berkshires. the moisture all the way from lake ontario. you can track that down wind here liking up perfectly heading into north western massachusetts. big time snow from the snow across mountain. half a foot o foot of snow. some falling quickly. last night 6 inch of snow.
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that was quite a potent system that worked through here. for us mainly 1-2 inch of snow. mind it strong winds out of the west and the temperature this much. upper 20s in the city of boston. strong wind in place for howl long that last over to daniel. storm. temperature in the upper 20s are feeling colder because of the wind chilled. for tomorrow winds are calming theying with us through unch time. they still gust around 30 miles per hour toward the lunch hour. heading into evening commute the winds are still 20 to 30 miles per hour. by tomorrow they shouldn't be as much of an issue. what does that mean for your temperature or what it feels like outside we're in the teens all day today into the single digits for windchill
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by tomorrow jumping out of the teen will feel more like the 20. by the weekend just saturday we talk about some snow; huh, kris. mostly rain for a lot of us. the reason for that the wind out of the southwest are going to start to push some of the cold air out of here by friday into friday night. there's not a lot of residual cold air to work with with the storm. despite the track to south and east of nantucket which usually a favorite track for storm systems for adding there's not a lot of cold air. we expect mainly rain. some higher terrain possible northern worcester county. southwestern new hampshire into the intek sures. if the wind bend to north and northeast as we go throughout saturday we could end a little bit of wet snow. but you go from inside 4 95 to coastline i expect mainly rain. at this time that's what the set up looks like. tailgating weather a little bit damp start. kick off most of the
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temperature mid 30s at kick off. temperatures close to 20 on monday and tuesday. pope francis's first book today. it's 150-page book aimed at general reader. in the book the pope calls for more conservative catholics to be more compassionate specifically when it comes to church. a local teenager live living out his hockey dream going from water boy to scoring a goal. a local utility company digs up a cape cod's man yard when they won't clean it up. the homeowner calls solve it 7. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages
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and a number of ideas for three. life' s morning madness. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. a power problem sparking trouble for one cape cod man. hits driveway was dis-ruperted whenever sources saw the new cable for his neighbor's home. he was promised everything would be repaired. but then months passed still wasn't fixed. he reached out to solve it 7 and here's kris anderson. >> reset my fence. do the landscaping and we will be happy. jerry takes great pride in his yard. this house is pristine. the lawn, the bushes. everything that's here is fixed just so. this past summer a neighbor's
9:21 am
into an ever source construction zone. i left for the morning and came back and all of a sudden they were digging the front of my house. >> his home's curb lost its appeal. move the fence. move the bushes. this where they dug down. as you can see the whole corner is kind of sunk-in and broken away where they had to cut to get into the ground. the crew chief promised everything would be repaired. they gave me a flier if somebody out in two weeks to fix your property, this is number that you call. >> two weeks passed and no work was done. jerry started calling the number on the flier. weeks turned into months. and jerry said the damage was spreading to the other side of his driveway. he was worried that it would continue to get worse. but with no returned calls and no answers he was running out of options. >> i said we have to go to court
9:22 am
and then lo and behold kris anderson is on the news. i said that's what i will do. jerry reached out to solve it 7. we called eversource. this is kris anderson and the representative sold us that they didn't have a damage claim on file for jerry. but that someone would reach out to him regarding the work. and a few weeks later his driveway and yard were repaired. >> look great. it worked out well. eversource spokesperson told us that quote providing reliable electric service to our customers is a top priority. and when our work inadvertently leads to property damage making things right is also a priority. >> solve it 7 they did something i couldn't do in five or six months. >> jerry oo obviously just happy to have driveway fixed in time for winter. so are you in shock about a problem you can't get resolved. maybe we can help pave the way to solution.
9:23 am
send us an e-mail to in the newsroom. kris anderson, 7news. coming up next. how a local high school senior had the game of his life last night on the ice. also at 9:30 a 4-year-old girl alive thanks to boston police officer and you will hear from her very grateful mother. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... are you having?! savings are up. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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anywhere, try puffs softpack. a teen's surprise shipped on the ice. he started as a water boy and become canton high school team ceo through it all his dream was to get on the ice. he thought that was a dream until last night.
9:26 am
his skills. [cheering and applause] . >> reporter: that's maddy marconi being clobbered after scoring a goal for the canton high school hockey team. >> he waited four years for this moment. >> this the what sports is about. >> three years maddy was diagnosed one in million rare genetic disorder. he played hockey for special needs team but helping out the canton high school program for the past four years. from water boy to the team's ceo. he goes to all the practices and kind of sits on the sideline and just to have him be able to go out for that one shift just to stay with everybody is pretty awesome. tonight the coach gave him the moment of ice life. he scored a goal for the team. so good i like playing with them
9:27 am
i like scoring a lot of goals out there. it's a lot of fun. i will be choked up. the kids will with choked up on the bench too. we can't wait. it's nothing all of our guys are so excited about. he's an inspiration without knowing it. he does just as much for his teammates as they do for him. >> he's just so humble and inspirational and so kind and he makes other people around better. brandon gunnoe. 7news "today in new england." i love that story. still ahead, setting up a powerball pack, why you could run into some costly controversy if you buy into an office pool. >> cold air and gusty winds. we have to pay attention to that controversy. with the weather department, we are feeling like saturday maybe some controversy with the weather. let's take a look at the forecast, ahead. what happened this weekend
9:28 am
we're live at the foxboro police station with the latest. see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full.
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u.s. sailors are free after being held by iranian authorities when their boat sailed into restricted water. and questions surrounding the patriot's day after their star defensive end shows up at the foxboro police station and then gets taken to the hospital. a group of restaurant worker celebrate winning the powerball jackpot, but their dreams are quickly dashed. breaks your heart but you got to double and triple check before you start telling the whole world you won the powerball. >> and quitting your job. they quit on the spot many of them. oops major oops with that. kris you would never do something like that. i would hang a sign that say sunny and cold. they are in customer service business.
9:30 am
wind from the west 28 miles per hour. that's the sustained wind in boston. gusting close to 40. it's one of those day you have to lean into the wind to get where you are going. low-to-mid 20s out there across the board. these numbers not moving much throughout the day. what's moving a lot is the wind. look at the current gust. 45 miles per hour in worcester. 38 in boston. 43 norwood. that's driving down the wind chill factor into the sickle digit if not into the lower teens. feels like 2 in worcester. ten in boston. wind advisory in place until 5:00 p.m. we'll keep into the afternoon and we'll also hold temperature middle to upper 20. more on the 7-day forecast coming up. >> let's go to breaking news. pedestrian hit and killed in dorchester. let's go to jennifer eagan on the scene for us right now. jen? >> this is washington street in dorchester. the 300 block is cordoned off with police tape. the scene is a little bit ways down from us.
9:31 am
this accident happened around 8:00 this morning. investigator have been here ever since just spoke to boston police a few moments ago. female driver is under arrest. they say she continued on and left the scene after this accident earlier this morning. but under some circumstances ended up coming back to scene later in the morning and placed under arrest a short time ago. they told me there will be charges. . they are still figuring that out. an adult man hit and killed here on washington street. this is 300 block of washington street. they still have it blocked the off now. the morning. dorchester. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in thank you. also breaking police making an arrest in a deadly crash in rosslandale in this case a car hit an 88-year-old woman. she was walking on washington street thises on tuesday. she's rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. police say that 24-year-old suspect has been charged with
9:32 am
also breaking ten american sailors being held on iran have been set free. sailors escorted to point in the percentages gulf and released. they were taken to a guided missile cruiser. >> they underwent medical checks. good news they all appear to be fine. navy sailor detains when their small boat drifted into iranian waters. we'll find out what happened next from nancy chen. good morning to you. those ten tailors in original designation of bahrain this morning and in good condition. officials say there's no indication they were hurt during the captivity. belle well news after this international incident which could have ended much worse. >> ten american sailor free after being held captive by the iranian military overnight. the americans nine men and one women were on two boats when they drifted into iranian waters on tuesday. iran's coast guard seizing the boats and the sailor returned
9:33 am
guard who questioned them to determine if they had entered iranian waters on an intelligence mission. >> the necessary investigation is under way to make it clear what their intention was for entering leal agoly into iran's territory water. u.s. official weren't able to talk with sailor during the tense hour of captivity. eventually leader in both countries agreed. the boats never intended to enter iranian waters. iranian officials say a 1/2 combaigs malfunction was to blame for the crossing. >> contacts between u.s. political officials, insist that this entering iran's waters was unintentional and it was because of technical failure in their navigation system. john kerry has also released this statement expressing his gratitude to iranian authorities for their cooperation.
9:34 am
nancy chin. 7news, "today in new england." there's no questions regarding one key player. chandler jones was sent to hospital after showing up at police department in foxboro where we found nicolols with more for us. >> we can tell you we put in request for those dispatch recording allegedly chandler joan came to police department just before 8:00 sunday morning but the medical reason that sent him to the hospital remains unknown. >> days before heading to the play-offs, 7 new confirms that patriots defensive end chandler jones was admitted to norwood hospital. happened sunday according to this foxboro police box. the 25-year-old football player walked into the foxboro public safety building with a medical emergency. four officers along with firefighter performed a medical evaluation in the back parking lot. then had jones taken to the
9:35 am
chandler jones was admitted to the hospital sunday and released that day. he reported to work on time monday and has participated in all meeting and practices since then. >> we also know that because joan was pretty close here to the public safety building an officer went to his home. got the key, locked and secured it. that's the latest live in foxboro. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." chandler jones was at practice tuesday. tight in rob grownkowski was not. wasn't present after practicing monday. not clear why he wasn't on the field. also unclear how bill belichick ended up with black eye when he met with reporter on tuesday hooegs supporting a shiner over his left eye. he didn't say what happen when asked if his eye would be okay. he simply say i think i will live. right now a firefighter recovering after getting injured battling flames in madipan. happened last night on commons highway.
9:36 am
shooting out of the roof. officials say that 7 people were forced out of their homes. but no one inside was hurt. one firefighter did suffer some minor burns battling the flames and right now they not clear what started the fire. police trying to track down the person or people who haven'tlized a sale me, new hampshire neighborhood. about dozen home and mailboxes were spray painted between late sunday and early monday. many o of the victims were targeted by another round of vandalism last august. police believe the vandals may live in the area and right now they are offering $1,000 reward for information in the case. worcester police warn of dating danger. two men have been attacked after they thought they were meeting a woman they met on a dating app. police say two men robbed a teenager of cell phone when he showed up at an apartment on laurel street last week. then on sunday two men stabbed a 33-year-old and robbed him of his phone and wallet.
9:37 am
taking notice. >> i think that people should be weary of social media. and maybe take it back to the old days where made a phone call and talked to each other as opposed to apps. you have to have common sense and protect yourself. the man who was stabbed is expected to be okay. police haven't released the name of the app that is victims were using. new this morning test on the way for boston public schools. the district is facing a fwiflt mill budget gap for the next year. in a letter to parent the superintendent promised no school would close because of the shortfall. there are also public hearing about the cut coming up next months. core chester family is breathing easy after a boston police officer saved their little girl. the girl's mother called police saying her 4-year-old daughter was having seizures. when an officer arrive he saw the girl had stopped breathing and immediately began to perform cpr and her until she started
9:38 am
>> my mind playing tricks on me. and then she took another one. it was probably happy all day. i think it was excellent. i think without them my daughter wouldn't be here. i applaud them. firefighter and emt also came to the home taking the girl to boston children's hospital where she is now recovering. happening today bill cosby's attorney will be in massachusetts and what they are doing trying to keep materials about his allegedsel assault out of the public eye. a federal magistrate in worcester will hear arguments today on conversationity agreement proposed by the comedian's lawyers. 7 women claim that cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. >> director of national intelligence personal information going public, u.s. official confirming attacked were hacked. they have notified authorities of the breech. this comes months after reports that someone was hacking into
9:39 am
the powerball jackpot now one and a half billion dollars and rising. keep on dreaming. and many of you offer enter into the office pools. if you have done this. even if you win you could face a whole new challenge and here's kim khazei to explain. >> i remember the emotion that controlled my clients. >> attorney scott montras see when lottery pool went bad. the women claim they all went in on lottery pool that resulted in a winning ticket. but their coworker said the winning tickets one she bought personally. at the same time and same location. the client feld that was breaking well established and well understood rule. >> they felt betrayed. they were disappointed. they were saddened.
9:40 am
wrangle with who had depart. how do you prevent from happening to you. make sure everyone is on the same page about the rules of expectations. you don't need to have that agreement in rating. but it is helpful. have the pier send a picture of the ticket to the entire pool before the drawing. so everyone has the numbers. and choose a person or attorney who you will have represent you as a group if you do win. in the stylist case there was no written agreement. but there was a precedent on how their pools worked. >> what strengthened everybody said the same thing. they found resolution through mediation. what they lost was maybe more important. >> i expect you to be fair and honest with people. and you have a right to expect people to be fair and honest with you. >> kim khazei 7news "today in new england." pretty interesting. >> if you are buying a ticket alone or with a group.
9:41 am
winning 292 point 2 million. >> we would still be friends >> oh, yeah. i will not sue you over it. there's enough for everybody to go around. >> you need a copy so everyone sees the number. a restaurant in connecticut offering powerball promotion. the owner of this restaurant is handing out powerball ticket with every meal more than 400 have been handed out so far. here's the catch. i wonder if you get this in writing before hand if a customer wins they have to share half of the money with the restaurant. quite the promotion there. i think i like that one. coming up mark zuckerburg under fire for a most. why some criticize the post. celtic look to avoid a fourth straight loss. we have highlights, coming up next. the snow is out. but the cold and wind the story
9:42 am
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security camera lenses. oh, why don't you tell the homeowners how great sparkle works? sparkle. 'cause it's a messy world out there. >> i think one positive thing that came out of the light snow that we saw yesterday was that kris's little girl barely two i think she said snow for the first time. that was cute story. >> 22 months old. she tries to imtate anything we say. when our watching snowflakes
9:45 am
said it's snowing. it's snowing. she started repeating it and kept saying it all evening. now we know snow and rain. worcester just under 3 inch o snow. we continue to see some of these snow totals dwindle. overall not a big storm but with a burst of it coming in on tail end of the evening commute certainly enough to give us some slick travel last evening. even left over slippery spots this morning. 26 degrees in boston. that's not all that bad for january. what is not giving favor is the wind. 44-mile-an-hour gust. it's the wind added to cold air that's driving down the windchill factor at 10 in the city of boston. two in worcester.
9:46 am
city of boston. few flurries stretching from stirbridge into the berkshires. this moisture come down wind of lake ontario. there's plenty of lake-effect snow. occasionally we have some flurries and as we go into the afternoon temperature not rising up that much. we're at 21 in worcester now. we will finish at 23. 26 in boston. finishing the day off at 28. temperature cool down overnight tonight. for more on how long the cool weather last over to danielle. the big story today and why it's feeling so chilly out there that wind. temperatures today in the upper 20s but feeling like the teens because of the wind. tomorrow we'll add a few more degree and we'll lose some of the wind. that's the good new i have for you. heading into the lunch time the wind gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour. the wind will are still strong but slowly dying down throughout
9:47 am
they start to diminish and they won't be as big of an issue as we head into tomorrow. what that does for your temperature, your windchill temperature what it feels like outside as we head into tonight single digit temperature really chilly out there. but for tomorrow we're warming up a bit. and we won't have as much wind that mean feeling like the 20 which is better from the teens today. back to you. we'll take it after watching the winds gust 40 to 45 miles per hour. cold air retreating. that's important to this set up saturday morning. over. there's not a lot of residual cold air left. it's mainly a rain event for a lot of us. that cold air is limited. we may see a little bit of wet snow to end the storm system close to 495 or even in the city of boston. not expecting much accumulation close to the coastline at all. damp perhaps lingering moisture
9:48 am
at gillette on saturday. the bulk of the rain done by then. 7 on 7 forecast looks out of the storm. colder sunday and a lot colder monday and tuesday. highs barely above 20. the celtics will try to snap their four-game losing streak tonight when they host pacers after losing to the knicks. they trailed for most of the game but managed a comeback and had the lead in the closing minute. new york scored ten points in the fourth quarter to help the knicks get the victory. >> st. louis by rams moving back to los angeles. last night nfl owner approved the team relocation beginning next season. the rams are expected to play in the l.a. coliseum for about three years until a new stadium is built. coming up in o 2019. and the league also gave the san diego chargers the green light to share the stadium out in l.a. when we return, facing
9:49 am
why mark zuckerberg is getting criticized for post thing photo. if you look to have a baby. some new research said you may need to cut out those yammy french-fries. hey- small business owners, when you want fast internet that won't slow your business down, you need fios. but why ? well, fios is the 100% fiber optic network, with 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. so your business can get things done faster. all from verizon - ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd. power. sign up for 25 meg fios internet and phone bundle for $99.99 a month. or upgrade to 50 meg internet and phone for a few dollars more and get $250 back.
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in this morning healthcast if you plan to start a family some new information said you may want to lay off the mashed potatoes and french-fries as well. a new harvard study said they could increase the risk of gestational diabetes. replacing just two serving a week with other veggies or beans maybe whole grains could reduce the risk by about 10%. facebook founder mark
9:51 am
he took a cute picture of new daughter at the doctor's office shottings. but as 7 adam williams report he faced some serious bash lash from opponents of vaccines. >> it may seem like an innocent picture of dad taking baby in for shots. doctor's visit time for vaccine when he mark zuckerberg those five word carry much more weight. zuckerberg posted the picture of him with his new daughter maxima. prompted those against vaccines to most some harsh comments to the new dad among them injecting newborns and infant with disease and neurotoxins discussing year. shame on all of you. many claim there's a klink between vaccines and autism. however that is now been widely discredited. others thank the new dad for making the statement. while it's not clear if mark zuckerman planned to make a statement on vaccine but in the
9:52 am
clear. vaccine work are important for community. i'm adam williams, 7news "today in new england." recently zuckerberg's home state of california passed a law requiring all children to attend public schools to be vaccinated. still ahead on 7. not so fast. celebrating. they think they won the huge powerball jackpot. of course that celebrate turned to sadness. >> taking a look at the forecast. a lot of wind today. not as much wind tomorrow.
9:53 am
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talk about an epic powerball fail. dozen celebrate after they think they won the 900 million powerball jackpot saturday night. diners were still in the restaurant at the time.
9:55 am
on the floor and said i quit. the parking lot attendant told a customer to retrieve their own car. but their happiness was short lived. they read the number from previous drawing. their ticket was for saturday. the restaurant said all worker were allowed to have their jobs back. what an emotional roller coaster. get your own car. >> that's carma. >> he doesn't deserve to win. >> that's rude. >> i want to know how the other staff reacted in terms of the waiter and waitresses. did they continue to serve the food? looking for the 20% tip, maybe? i don't know if you walk out on the customer. mid-to-upper 20s this afternoon. gusty wind continuing. windchill factor near 10 degrees. rain and snow possible saturday looks like for a lot of us. more wet than white. cold air follows early next week. >> should be interesting for that game at gillette on saturday. you can watch today show right after this break.
9:56 am
i'm sarah french. have a great morning and we'll see you back here for 7news at noon. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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