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tv   7 News Special State Of The City  NBC  January 19, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> is soik special state of the city, and take a live look inside symphony hall right now. in less than a minute boston mayor marty walsh will deliver his state of the city address. this will be his second state of the city address. it marksed the halfway point of his term. >> he's expected to talk about a number of issues. we understand he'll spend a lot of time on education. during his time in office, he hired a new superintendent and district. he says they're redining --
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to address the economy. >> the mayor will likely address crime rates in the city down 9 percent from last year. he's expected to talk about how he's worked with boston police to focus on community policing. and they give that policing credit for taking nearly 800 guns off the streets. the mayor will likely also speak about how they have banned replica handguns in city of boston. >> something that's been in the news recently and mayor marty walsh is expected to highlight the positive economic changes to the city of boston. he's sure to mention ge recent decision to move from connecticut to boston, a move many say will solidify boston as a leader in the global economy. you can just imagine given this time of year and the forecast we've been advertising, snow removal and budget would be something that -- if he's not going to talk with. o about tonight -- will be on his mind.
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arrived on stage, waving to the crowds and will begin his state of the city address. let's list inin. minutes. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you. thanks, guys. thank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you very much. i'd like to start by thanking the military veterans here tonight for your service to our country and to the families joining us, we honor you and we hop -- honor your loved ones.
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>> governor baker and constitutional officers, president rosenburg, members of the legislature, the boston city council, ambassador flynn and his wife, kathy, clerjy and community leaders welcome. to my mother mary and my brother john, to laurie and lauren, thank you for your love and support. [applause] and to everyone in symphony hall good evening. i'm here to report that the city of boston is as strong as it's ever been. [applause] >> a year ago, i stood on this stage and invited you to help build a thriving, healthy
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we're creating that vision together in imagine boston 2030, our first citywide plan in 50 years and we're makeing it a reality by achieving the goals we set last year. in 2015 we built more homes than ever. nearly 4,900 units were started. new record. [applause] >> we began construction on the deer bporn academy, boston's first high school built specifically for science and technology. violent crime and property crime went down for a second straight year, and homicides fell to a 16-questioner low. [applause] -- 16-year low. [applause] >> unemployment fell to a 14-year low, and we also opened
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facility replacing every shelter bed from long island. [applause] >> we created the nation's first officer of recovery services to combat substance abuse and set new national standards for firefighter safety but investing in equipment to prevent job-related cancers. [applause] >> we defended our title as the number one american city for energy efficiency and had he historic paris climate talks, we beat out cities around the world to win the award for community engagement. [applause] >> to make city hall more responsive, we launched a 3-1-1 system. we unveiled a pilot of our new website and gained international
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scoring system for city government. [applause] >> make no mistake, the year brought challenges. snow. [laughter] >> from the north end to brighton to hyde park, we shovelled, scraped, salted and shovelled some more. but despite nearly $40 million in plowing costs we worked with the city council to end the year with a budget surplus in tact, and perfect bond ratings adding millions to invest in parks, schools and senior housing. [applause >> thank you. >> i want to take a moment tho thisthank all 18,000 employees of the city of boston, along with the businesses, nonprofits, workers, students and teaches, entrepreneurs, the doers and dreamers, the young and the old
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[applause] >> i am so proud of the work we did together. i've been in this job now for two years. but every morning i get up and i feel like my dream came true all over again. a kid from dorchester who made some mistakes and needed had help gets to be mayor of the greatest city in the world. [applause] >> i think of how far i've come and the people who helped me, and i'm grateful. and i think of the people i meet all across our city who share their hopes and dreams with me, and i am inspired. but i also think about people who i meet who are struggling. i think about brianna and her two children. i met them they table of friends thanksgiving dinner at the td garden. they were hoping for a hot meal but dreaming of a real home and a better life, and they weren't the only ones. no matter what progress we made in the day before or the year
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[applause] >> but i have faith. i have faith in boston, we have the talent and the heart to keep doing that work until we are a city where every family can make a home, every kid gets a strong start in school, and every adult has a fair chance af building a career. [applause] >> that's the vision and that's the work i recommitment myself to every day. tonight, as i discuss our plans for the coming year, i ask everyone to join me to commit to each other that we'll work together, we'll build our dreams together, and we'll leave no one behind. this is the vision of a community that boston, at its best, has always been about. it's how we've made history, and it's how we'll make the future as well.
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welcoming general electric to boston. [applause] >> and with us tonight is anne cleve, head of [audio difficulties ]. ge is not only a historic innovator, return together city where tomas he hadson got his start, it's a magnet for talent and investment that will direct towards our shared goals in opportunity and community in education.
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that was my mother. she's sitting in the front row. that's the future i'm focused on tonight and every day. if you look around symphony hall, you'll see it hundreds of students from the boston public schools are here. i vine vited them, because they need to be part of the conversation about the direction their city is headed. and -- [applause] >> and when it comes to schools, they deserve to know that their mayor is standing behind them. [applause] >> i want to take a moment to address them directly. i know how hard you work. i know the challenges you face. i was a struggling student in this city once, as were many of the adults in this room. we don't need you to be perfect. we need you to keep learning and keep believing in your dreams.
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you deserve a community united behind you. that's what i want you and everyone to know, the boston public schools are my priority. [applause] >> a year ago, i said despite the many bright spots, i was not satisfied with our system's performance. so we went to work. we appointed a dynamic superintendent in dr. tommy chang. [applause] >> we hired 24 new principals. i met with most of them personally. i'd like to ask all our principals in this hall tonight to please stand to be
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[applause] >> we began by extending the school day for every student through eighth grade. we are resigning our high schools for a 21st century education. we have invited the entire community to help create our 10-year school building plan, and for the third straight year,ly send a budget to the city council that increases school funding for a total increase of nearly $90 million since i took office. [applause] proud. fourth and eighth grade reached new heights on national reading tests. 10th grade scores went up and the achievement gap shrank. i want to recognize the perkins
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english high in jamacia plain. [cheering] [applause] >> and i want to say congratulations to all of our students and all of our teachers for all of your hard work. [cheering] [applause] >> the students' success goes deeper than what we can measure in a classroom. the siewfnt students here tonight show why. take kelsi king, a senior. she runs a clothing drive for fellow students in memory of the year her mother spend homeless. [applause] >> that's the kind of character,
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that we have in our schools. they are why we set our sights high and keep our eyes on the prize, to end the achievement gaps, to make every school a success story torsion create a national model for across the education. reaching that goal will take some hard work and more. effort. that's why the conversation around schools concern me. instead of unityity too often we see schools pitted against one other by adults. [applause] that means sustainable funding for both district and charter schools. [applause] >> it means exploring a unified enrollment system that could
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field amongst all schools. [applause] >> this spring we will deepen the enrollment conversation to address challenges in special education, language services, discipline policies and transportation. [applause] >> i know that passions run deep, and she should. but the commitment we share at the boston's children runs deeper. we have a tremendous opportunity to come together right now behind programmed that experts, teachers and parents all agree make a lasting difference. that's why i invite everyone to join me in making a stand for early education. [applause] >> the bofert not public schools pre-k program is proven to close the achievement gap gap. the city has added seats each of
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sit on the wait waiting list, their parent frustrating already doubting the system will every work for them. we've stretched funding as far alone. i ask leadership at the state house and every legislator to work with boston, with salem and other cities and towns to experience high quality pre-k. i know we share this priority. now let's fund it. [applause] >> let's work through the state budget process this year to make a full investment in our children, our families, and our commonwealth future. let's live up to our reputation as the world leader in leaning. let's put boston and massachusetts at the forefront of early education, and let's give all of our kids an ee quail
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[applause] >> as bostonnians share their hopes with me, they share their challenges. more than not, housing at the top of the list. graduates and families in east post boston d. e -- boston, seniors in rosendale, people who are struggling. we have worked to meet the demand that's driving this pressure. recently we strengthened one of our most successful policies inclusionary development. you can see this influence in chinatown which kept long time residents in their neighborhoods. [applause] >> the new policy will bring more affordable homes where they're needed the most and it will spur middle class house ag cross this city. new homes will help bring costs back to working people's budgets. many just want a fair deal where they live now. last year we doubled the compensation people get when
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condos, but we should do more than compensate. we should help people stay in their communities. tonight i can announce a new office of housing stability to do just that. [applause] >> it's going to develop resources for tenants, incentives for landlord who's do the right thing and partnerships with developers to keep more of our housing affordable. people want to live in boston and that's a good thing. but we need to shape growth as a community, not let it shape us. [applause] >> that's what residents are doing along the red line in south boston and the orange line in jamacia plain. they're helping us build, plan vibrant communities and great
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tonight i can announce glover's corner in dorchester and dudley square in roxbury are part of that planning. [applause] >> she's conversations with unlock the vitality that makes city neighborhoods great. and all across the city, imagine boston 2030 is rooting our city's planning strategy in the same community visions. i'm pleased to announce that our boston director sara myerson will become the new direct yr of -- director of planning at the boston redevelopment authority. [applause] >> our parks budget is the biggest in boston's history. we've transformed parks in many areas and completed an open space plan for the entire city. this year we'll convert over six
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i grew up in the parks. i know how much kids and families depend on them. i was moved when a group of young people came to see me at last summer. they told me whatsit was like to grow up right next to a park that was too unsafe to use, and how they've working to fix it. well, tonight they are here. [applause] [cheering] >> and i'm happy to tell them wawz of. -- because of your advocay, with your input, we're going to commoatly renovate ramsey park. [applause] [cheering] >> we're going to ensure that america's first public park system are america's bests,
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ground being built next to the children's museum, america's most incruiseive parks as well. [applause] >> we're also deepening our commitment to the arts and culture. this summer will cap a $78 million investment in the boston public library by unveiling a new entrance in the back bay. [applause] >> we'll also complete boston creates, a road map for supporterring the arts in every neighborhood, and we'll invest $1 million into local artists. [applause] >> as we grow, we have to support the older residents who have built this city. i think of maria sanchez, who has devoted her life to her neighbors in mission hill. together we celebrated 40 affordable senior apartments and
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the roxbury crossing t-stop. she is here with us tonight. [cheering] [applause] >> people like maria are the reason we invested $3 million in senior housing and secured new senior discounts for water, cable, and internet rates. [applause] >> in this year we'll go further, building a plan to make boston america's most age-friendly city. [applause] >> workers and employers moving forward together, that's our economic vision, and it's proven successful. what we offered ge was less than
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cultural advantage, innovation, education and community that works and grows together. this creative approach defines our growth strategy, not only to attract new business buzz to he willpower the workers and employers already here. [applause] >> this year we'll launch a business expansion tool kit to help many employers add jobs and spowrt workers. we'll open a small business centers to boost entrepreneurs, so vital to both the economy and our community. and we'll offer 40 more of our ground breaking salary negotiations workshops for women. we'll build our new apprentice programs with job training and a two year degree for low income workers and we'll take the conversation one step further. we'll bring workers and employers together in a task force to study a $15 minute wage
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[applause] >> wherever i go across the country i'm asked about policing. that's because at a time of great national tension, we continue to build trust. our police officers, street engaging, working with the building trades and others in job training programs like operation exit, we were offering second chances and turns lives around. we have identified the community to help shape our antiviolence strategy. in peace walks and social justice meetings, and in relationships that grow stronging every day, we are coming together. it's making a difference. boston police officers this year took nearly 800 guns off the street. [applause] >> violent crime went down by 3 percent, property crime went down by 10 percent, all major
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homicides hit a 16-year low, all the while arrests dropped by 15 percent as well. [applause] >> what that means is we are becoming a safer city not by locking people up but by lifting people up. [applause] >> in addition, our clearance rate for solving homicides passed 72 percent, 15 points higher than the national average for cities our size. [applause] >> our police and our communities are working together. it's not us and them in boston, it's we. and we won't let up for a minute. with nonfatal shootings up slightly last year, we can't afford to. it's not just a city problem, it's america's problem. two weeks ago i went to the
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stood with the president as he unveiled next steps to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. i said there what i say here, americans agree on common sense gun reform. [applause] >> in boston, we're showing how to turn consensus into action. we'll keep working with our cities and states with experts and survivours with gun dealers and owners. we'll keep building trust in the community every day, and we'll face off to the impact of history as well. in community conversations on race and class, we are working to divisions that run deep in our city's social fabric and we're turning this healing into real measurable change towards a more ee quitable city. we'll take another step this year by backing the boston basis campaign, a grass roots community movement to close learning gaps from birth to
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[applause] >> we are breaking new ground and offering new hope. we are proving that when boston comes together, when we truly act as one community, we can world. when we're doing it for a long time from the first public library to the first officer recovering services, boston is a city on the cussing edge of the common good. we could do the same for urban education, if we come together. we can do the same for housing and income and wealth and ee quail if we work together. that's what i ask each of us to commit to tonight, bring wring to the table not just your own wants but a vision for our common welfare. find common ground, even when you don't agree with everybody. protect what we love about our city by sometimes embracing change. [applause]
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more bostonnians who inspired me last year. donna wilkins is an air force veteran i met in our home for the brave program. it placed more than 5,000 veterans in permanent housing. he said our new system and his new apartment in west roxbury was the key to a new life. donald is with us tonight. thankthank you, donald. [applause] >> it's because of his courage and the courage of countless veterans like him that i am am so proud to announce we have ended chronic veterans' boston. [applause] >> and we are working every day to end all chronic homelessness
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[applause] >> tonight i've asked bostonians to come together, to go the extra mile torsion make sure success reaches everyone. i've asked because i know. not just the state of our city but the soul of our city is strong. [applause] >> every day i see us building our dreams together. every day my love for this city and my belief in this city grows. we will meet our challenges and keep changing the world and our future will be greater than any one of us could every imagine. i want to thank you all. may god bless the city of boston, the commonwealth of massachusetts, and the united states of america. [applause] [cheering] >> that is our coverage of the mayor's state of the city address tonight as he's addressed boston and the commonwealth. those of you watching tonight, we appreciate you joining us here on 7 news for our special coverage


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