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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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highressure it's going to block the path of the storm. this forces the storm south of new england keeping new england on the northern edge of this weather system so the storm timeline shows pockets trying to advance saturday. most of the day is dry. north of the pike. even around the metro some flurries. that is the lighter. youles here and a lot of dry air in new hampshire will chew up the snow then steadier snow along the south coast then the whole thing peals out of here early sunday morning. like before 7:00 am on sunday morn. how much snow is on the way? not much. a coating to an inch. south shore down along route 3 as well as 24. 1-3 inches of snow and south of route 44 thinking 3-6 inches of snow by a very early sunday morning. wind will be an issue. gusting out of the north and northeast 30-40 with gusts over 40 miles an hour on cape cod. that combined with two
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lead to minor coastal flooding, 11pm saturday and 11:00 am on sunday. for more on the storm here is bri eggers. >> reporter: impressive storm, something that has watched closely. even tornado warnings posted. you can see in the bright red. luckily for now no reports of tornadoes today but we still have to get through the next 24 hours before that risk for severe weather lightens a load as we head into tomorrow. but it slides farther to the east frushes goes up through georgia then with the timeline. we end up on the very northern fringe of this but it becomes a big snow maker as early as tomorrow with blizzard watches and warnings posted even in washington, d.c. which i do want to take a closer look at this. we haven't seen blizzard
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a lot of people remember as snowmageddon. this storm system if we reach 24 inches as expected for the d.c.area could be in the top 20 if not the number one -- top 2 if not the number one snowstorm for the area. so a storm to watch to the south of usances we've sunshine in store for us tomorrow. j.r.will be back with more details on that. >> adam: thank you. you can get the updated track as and our 7 news mobile and tablet apps. >> kim: all right. let's get on to the patriots getting set to take on the bronco, pats hobbled through the play-offs dealing with injuries to key players. today gronkowski talks about how he hopes to say healthy. >> reporter: sunday night there is only going to be one team walking off the field smiling and the patriots and broncos are making sure they are that team and they know that means doing anything and everything to win inside the
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sometimes it's a fine line. nobody knows that about ther than rob gronkowski who has had to had defenders flying at his knees. we saw him injured already out there in denver. the broncos will have to go low on gronk again this sunday as well. because it's the only way to get him down. gronk says bring it on. >> just part of the game. i mean they're not doing anything illegal out there. it's just part of the game. just going to be aware of it. maybe just got to step up my game a little bit. maybe throw a juke. i don't know how many judicial i -- jukes i got but got to be aware for it. it's football and the part of the game. >> reporter: gronk and team mates need to be at their best this sunday and say their margin for error is razor thin. alex corddry reporting live
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>> reporter: throughout their 15-year run the patriots have seen plenty of players step up when the time is right and they sea experience doesn't really matter when it comes to the play-offs because a single play can change a player's career. >> we love to have experience across the board. >> reporter: big game experience heavily favors the patriots. players were asked if it'll make a difference against the broncos. >> it matters about how you play. experience or not, it all on sundays. >> i'm not sure how much experience. there are teams that won the super bowl with young teams out there as well so it just comes down to whoever game. >> reporter: if anyone is a an example that execution trumps experience it's malkum butler. >> he may not have any experience, malcolm butler didn't have experience and won the game for the team so
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called upon has to go out an make the play at this particular moment. and if you make great plays you got a great chance of advancing. >> reporter: both quarterbacks in sunday's game, tom brady and payton manning have plenty of experience when it comes to the play-offs. >> payton is payton. in the play-offs they have a good team. he is a veteran guy who knows the game. he knows how to slow the game down for himself and he is, he is payton manning, when you hear about him everybody knows who he is so you can't underestimate him. i agree with bill on that. >> reporter: the patriots have been very complementary of manning all week. and you got to think it might be because they have a feeling this could be manning's last game so they're thinking what does he have to lose? he is going to give us everything he has got. alex corddry, 7 news, joe. >> reporter: next in 7 sports, it will be tom brady with a self-evaluation of
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he is been great this year when flushed out of the pocket but he will tell us about it and he will explain how it's not always pretty. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorosino. >> adam: pats are expected to take on as early as tomorrow for denver but trey daerr is there with a look at how the broncos are getting ready. trey. >> reporter: adam, back here live in denver, colorado the broncos continuing their preparations to try to end the patriots' rein atop the afc and get payton back to his 4th super bowl. earlier in the year there was a time we never thought we'd get to see a payton/brady team. >> when you be getting ready to play the patriots in a championship game it's hard to get too reflective. >> reporter: manning and brady meeting for the 17th time sunday. no time for reflection but appreciation. >> definitely have reference
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season. there is no ask about it but great britain question about it but i've -- there is no question about it but i've tried to stay in the moment remit manning and the bronco versus one two straight against patriots. >> the thing about him, he does a lot of work underneath and stuff but he can, he is such, he is so good after the catch. >> you take him out. tom is missing that one guy in the middle that one go-to guy. reverses, punt returns, when he is there, it makes them, they're a complete team. >> reporter: broncos dialing back the trash talk from earlier this week. that doesn't mean the chip they're playing with is going away any time soon. >> we ain't got a chance, if that don't motivate you you are in the wrong business. we're supposed to go out there and get killed which is funny to me. so go out and play funny again. >> reporter: the motivation for the broncos very high.
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can't get any higher when you are playing in the a.f.c.championship game for the right to go to the super bowl. broncos also featuring the best deft in the nfl. this is going to be tom brady's biggest challenge trey daerr. solidified his legacy here in new england. with four super bowl he is is one of the all time if not the best but where does boston. we asked him. dan hausle at gillette. what did brady say to that? >> reporter: he doesn't, he is humble. he wants to stay in the game here but he did touch on the southbound and acknowledges greats. you have to be humbled and not put yourself into that class yourself. that the is for everybody else to discuss. it's going to be a great water cooler discussion with a lot of generational debates but no matter how old you are you have to
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conversation. bird, bobby orr, brady? it's clear most consider tom brady the best patriot ever. and it may be the best ever position. but is brady now in a class of beloved boston sports legends like bird, yaz, ted williams? >> i think i'm still in the middle of things so i still feel like i have a lot more football left. so i don't think about those things too often. >> reporter: some argue brady is already at the head of the class of boston sports legends because of the championships he won and the comebacks he led. as a kid who grew up idolizing montana brady feels like he has been in boston long enough to know and appreciate the legend he is being compared to. >> absolutely, i think those guys are in a different category. i think i looked up to a lot of heroes of mine at, being in california. obviously larry bird was so spectacular. so being here for a long
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i'm, you know bostonnian, so -- >> reporter: as a bostonnian, you don't put yourself there with orr -- >> you don't feel you are in that -- >> i think, no, because i'm -- no. >> reporter: business russel won all those championships with the celtics. brady is never going to get that many super bowl bus he is trying for one more. dan hausle, 7 news. >> kim: be sure to stay with 7 news live from denver. trey is there and joe is heading to colorado. we do have to turn our attention to breaking news in from wall poly. live pictures over the scene. what you are looking at here is the end of a police chase. it ended in a crash. police say someone robbed the central market in norwood, got no a pickup truck with a plow walpole police tracked down the truck.
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in custody so we're in the sky but we're on the ground heading there to bring you more information. >> adam: also a man from hudson faced a judge accused of causing a deadly crash that happened in framingham. prosecutors say the driver had been drinking before he hit and killed a 25-year-old wednesday night. jason theriault pleaded not guilty to charges of motorcycle homicide and his second offense of drunk driving. police say patrick straton was talking in a crosswalk in framingham when he was struck. they are autowas released on bail and is due back in court next month. >> kim: governor chalker will address his first state of the state address. we're ready and you can see people are putting on the last minute touches there before the governor steps up to the podium. maybe doing a mike check. among the stoppics the governor says he will be talking about combating opioid addition expanding charter schools and increasing the use of hydro
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governor baker's remarks bgin at 7:30, watch his speech on 7 nbc. >> kim: it's a birthday wish come true. >> kim: she is turning 100 and patriots players gave
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>> kim: you are going to love this.
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gift from some players, signed sealed and delivered. she is spunky. she is turning 100 next month. >> adam: some players chipped in to help her celebrate signing a birthday card just for her, byron barnett has the story. >> >> i think they are a great team. >> reporter: long time patriots fan jean johnson of quincy who turned 100 next month sent the team a card hoping players would sign it. a letter from her grandson quoted her saying i may be near 100 years old but there is nothing wrong with these eyes. have you seen the uniforms they make those boys wear? that gronk boy in the tight pants? i have to watch. >> i hear that you like the patriots uniforms. >> oh, yeah. they're nice and tight. >> reporter: no surprise number 87 is her favorite player. >> the fact that he is young, vibrant, and the he expresses himself when he gets out there.
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doesn't just sit around. >> reporter: johnson haters. >> tom brady is a hand somest thing on two feet. i don't think of him as being a cry baby. i think of him as being a hell of a ball player. >> reporter: johnson became a football fan watching her two sons play the game. self patriots players were card. what about the comment about boys wear? >> they're what they are. so i guess if it attracts 9100-year-old ladies that is a good thing. >> that is cool that we have a 100-year-old fan. for her to come out with a quote like that, you can tell she has a little fight left in her. >> reporter: jean johnson turned 100 three days before the super bowl. if the patriots come away with another championship, she says that will be the best birthday present of all. story live from gillette stadium i'm byron barnett, 7
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>> reporter: we win this for jeanne johnson. clear skies tonight and tomorrow. snow on the way saturday.
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>> reporter: good evening. mostly clear boston, 28, worcester 23. tonight clear, cold, winds fading away. lows 12-17. a cold commute tomorrow.
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a little bit on the chilly side. saturday cloudy skies with light snow and flurries developing mid to late afternoon on saturday. where is the storm that is garnering all the attention? right here through the southern states. generating showers and thunderstorms. severe thunderstorms tonight. so that right there is the signal that this is loaded up energy and moisture. this storm system will head for carolina then through virginia overnight tomorrow night then on saturday, would want to come up to new england but we have a huge area of high pressure in control to the northwest. i want to make you fall in love with arctic high pressure. this thing will not allow new england. it's going to be a glancing blow for southern new england. with a bunch of dry air shield. i think we'll have some pockets of light snow and saturday afternoon. that will be the case overnight tonight night and very early sunday morning but that storm system peals
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sunday morning which i think a coating to an inch possible. 1-3 inches of snow south of town. 7 on 7 forecast we've sunny skies developing on sunday. temperatures on sunday mid 30s. >> announcer: now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. >> reporter: nothing happens by accidents at one patriot place. belichick's team prepare for every possible scenario and today that meant getting out in the cold in full pads so they'll be ready to rumble on sunday and during this afternoon's practice session everybody was present and accounted for including matthew slader who missed yesterday's walk through with a shin injury. the pats fine tuning their game and for tom brady that includes his mobility which just might come in handy against the broncos fierce pass rush. >> it's to move to throat i think that is always a good thing because we'll probably
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start running. but if i have to run, i think that could be a pretty frustrating thing for a defense too because they're going how can i let this guy run? of all the things, this guy? yeah. that's why i looks like a collidesdale when i was running at the combine video 16 years ago, at least i haven't slowed down. at least i maintained it. >> reporter: well said. out in denver questions in the secondary with conflicting reports on the health of harper's -- harris' shoulder rather. one thing up not up for debate is the key to lead delivering the goods today. more on that, trey daerr reporting live in engelwood, colorado. trey. >> reporter: joe, not a guy to shy away from the microphone. he has seen the rivalry from both sides. a bit of an unknown how his
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benefit the broncos but his take is going to be entertaining. he spent sometime with new england and admit tad he became a professional during his time with the patriots. staying to edelman is the piece that makes the offense click while gronk is what makes it elite. he and gronk cut from the same cloth so it's no surprise to believe there is nothing but love for his former team mates. >> total package. best tight end i ever seen play the game. time. gronk is a character. he is one of the funniest dudes, even my time i used to chill with him. he is a good guy. real good. exactly how he is on commercials and everything. that is how he is in real life. so it's funny. >> seen the back and forth with your teammates and him. any thoughts on that. >> see, that is why i stay off the social network,.
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most entertaining moment of the press conference asked if he had regret leaving the patriots coming to denver one year ago, a one-word answer, a very terse no. reporting live in engelwood, colorado, trey daerr, 7 sports. >> reporter: look for david crechi to be in the
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way
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when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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>> adam: that is our time on this thursday. thank you for being with us, i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. we hope you have a great
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