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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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patriots looking for patriots. >> we played a lot of good bronco teams. they beat us most of the time. >> live in denver with what peyton manning is say being the mile-high matchup with tom brady >> tepgers punching and kicking and screaming and worcester police are looking at who posted these vies on facebook. >> a birthday wish come true for a special pats' fan. she is turning a hundred. and the patriots players gave her a surprise. 7 news at 11:00 starts now realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. >> adam: a storm moving through the southern part the country tonight and has its sights health on the east coast. looking like big storm. >> kim: and some could feel the effects on saturday. meteorologist jeremy reiner
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latest track. >> jeremy: that is where we have the winter storm warning in effect, green and red indicating blizzard watches and warnings. we will still be on the northern edge of the weather system and the exact track is not locked down. a tricky forecast, here on the northern edge of the storm in southern new england. some snow likely in boston but at this time i'm still thinking most of the accumulating snow is on the south coast. clear in new england now as through the day tomorrow, here is the storm system, powerful thunderstorms that are on the gulf coast, that moves to the northeast as does the storm, so as we work toward saturday, moves off the virginia cape and tries to move north to new england but high pressure looks like it will still be locked down, not allowing the storm to barrel up to southern new england. still a glancing blow and midafternoon, and flurries in the metro, steadier snow on the
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44 and steady snow never makes it to the city of boston. because of that i think the lower totals hold, a coating to an inch of snow. 1-3 hiches south shore and caught coast 3-6 inches, and west overnight on saturday night. thank you jr, nasdaq storm gets closer, you can get this track on, and also on 7 news mobile app. >> a school threat in cam bridge. we are here with details. >> reporter: that threat that came to the schools is not credible and there will be school here tomorrow. now according to cambridge schools the threat was e mailed to them today saying a bomb threat was planned for tomorrow against the schools in cambridge. school officials say they will beef up security at all schools tomorrow but school will be open. this is the latest in a number of recent threats against
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yesterday methuen high school was evacuated and every student had to have their backpack searched. and more than a dozen schools received bomb threats and we know the fbi is very much involved in the investigation, trying to figure out who is behind these threats. we are live in cambridge tonight, susan tran. the patriots getting set to take on denver. tom brady, hoping for pay back. gronk tackling the trash talk. >> this is probably the game. >> for the pats in the playoffs. >> kim: they have dealt with injuries to key players. we have nightteam coverage, trey daerr is live, and gets let stwart joe amorosino. >> joe: any time gronk speaks it is great. many believe the only way to
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hitting him low, athe knees. and that what is they are preaching. >> my first podium. i'm big time. >> reporter: rob gronkowski the center of attention in foxboro, like he will be in denver on sunday and when asked about the low hits on his knees, he spikes the question along with concern. >> they are not doing anything illegal. part of the game, have to be aware of it. maybe step up my game. and maybe throw a juke. i don't know how many i got. >> reporter: unable to juke away from this hit the last time they met. gronkowski hit from behind by darrian stewart. >> reporter: he was lucky to avoid disaster and suffered a sprained right knee on thof 29. and new he focused on helping patriots get tout a quick lead
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something that he failed to do against the broncos without him two years ago in the afc championship. that game. game. and made a couple may haves at close. >> reporter: and with gronk, and jewel and edle man healthy the pats are poised to attack denver's no-fly zone. >> we are confident in our game plan and preparation. and whoever is out there are willing and able to make plays to move the ball and get us in the best position to win. >> joe: a former patriot in their defense has a way with trey? >> trey: a lot of great sub-plots to this game. tom brady and peyton manning
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brady is just 2-6 here in denver. but the former new england patriot who's bolted new england and has become a star in new england. when the patriots won last year was there a small part that felt you missed that opportunity? >> nope. >> reporter: he spent two years in new england and his charisma in front of the camera is not fitting of the patriot way. implt stay off the social network. >> reporter: he may not have learned his mic skills in foxboro but he learned about life in the nfl. >> everything is straight about football over there. no time for extra stuff. straight football and make you accountable. >> reporter: he developed his football acumen in denver aren't earned the respect of some of the biggest names in football. >> a wosh habits are as good as i've been around.
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combine that with being a funny guy and a great passion for life. >> reporter: and the broncos will meet their team skrester to be at its best in the second super bowl in three years. >> a challenge to get in right spot, man. they go so fast, you use so many motions, try to confuse you, have you to watch that tape and know how they will end up and know where you are supposed to be. part the denver defense ranked first overall but do in the overlook this patriots bunch. specially with the guys they are getting back. the last two times they played the best two guys on defense did not suit up nap will not be the case on sunday. trey daerr, 7 news nightteam. >> kim: you will meet a long time pats fan who has a hundred reasons to smile after getting a surprise birthday gift from some
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pants. really funny, especially when you consider he's a hundred. >> adam: a fierce fire in brighton. tonight firefighters climb to the roof of this apartment building on beachkroft street and tried to get the flames under control. every within made it out safely. a would be-be robber is clubbed in brockton when a store owner fights back. surveillance video shows the attacker lung at the woman with a knife. she grabbed a wooden stick and hit the man in the arm. he took off running. and police are serving for him. >> kim: a wild wreck comes to a crashing end in walpole. it started with a robbery anded up with this crash involving a... cruiser. brandon gunnoe is live to tell us more about what went on there. >> reporter: after two men robbed this convenience store, a description of the vehicle was september out. walpole police spotted this
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but the two suspects took off. sky-7 hd over a police pursuit that ended with two men crashing into a police officer and then a tree. >> i departments hear nothing but i heard the sirens. >> reporter: it started at this convenience store this south norwood perform 5:00. two men robbed the store and then took off toward walpole in a truck with the snow plow. >> and all of a sudden i didn't hear a crash and i just looked out the window and saw the light. about ten cars started to show up. and they aimed that area there. >> reporter: investigator says the two men lost control and hopped the curb before crashing into a police cruiser and one suspect took off running but was arrested a short time later. the driver also arrested, was taken to the hospital but should be okay. >> i heard they got him, and i saw them take someone away in an ambulance. >> reporter: police say they found a gun under the truck and cash taken from the store. the chief said the officers prevented think one else from
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>> they did an out standing job. we have concerns for the officer in the hospital. i'm sure low be okay. >> the cops have been here before. they chased them through the yard. nothing like this. >> reporter: you heard the chief talking about the police officer in the crash. apparently he hit the steering wheel but will be okay. and nobody at this convenience store was hurt. ner live in norwood, brandon gunnoe. >> jeremy: police >> adam: disturbing videos pasted on facebook showing teenagers duking it out. we are in worcester with more tonight. john? >> reporter: first things first, the school district wants this page shut down, and they are working with the d.a. to do that and to see what legal action they can take. >> get up. >> reporter: who holds barred brawls like these, glorified on social media. following an investigation, the
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videos involve students in worcester public schools. the intense and often times brutal fight are being posted to a public facebook page. showing fists and feet flying in video after video. despite nearly 2,000 people liking it the page is tougher to find now, it is titled people, with the description of just for fun. the picture on the page explains a bit more of what that fun is. the page administrator posted for people to send more videos. and said he or she is hoping to keep the page. but worcester police say they are investigating the page and the videos. this is throwing down all over the city. and the school district says they have identified some of the students involved and are looking to speak with them about
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>> kim: governor charlie baker making his first state of the state address tonight. he spoke about his plans on everything from fixing the "t" to the opioid crisis. statehouse. >> reporter: the governor did not sugar coat anything, and said this was a difficult time and he did institute some reforms there is much more to be done. >> don't be surprised when you gets surprised. >> reporter: that hoy us he summed of 2015, full of surprises. nine feet of snow later we had a transits system in serious trouble. >> reporter: the chief fail tour deliver was a crisis and reforming the system became an immediate priority. then he turned to the troubled department of children and family services. >> the children served by dcf are like everybody else's kids except they are among the most vulnerable. >> reporter: he admitted the department was a mess with disappearances and neglect and
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one that baker says he and his administration are working on. he is also pushing for her help for people addicted to opioids and heroin. >> tragedy is inches away and it comes to stay. because people die. >> reporter: and the governor wants to spantd availability of public charter schools. >> more opportunity to chose a better school is nothing less our children. >> reporter: and even though he is a republican and legislature is democratic, the governor says is hopeful they can work together. some of said how boring we are. i must admit that makes me smile. no fights. no yelling. >> reporter: and we'll see if they continue to play nice next week, that is when the gunpresents his 2017 budget.
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it seems like there was applause in the chamber, something that our political editor andy hiller is thinking about. he joins us now with the hiller instinct. >> reporter: supposed you lived on mars or in minnesota and you watched this speech, seeing massachusetts government for the first time. what would you think? you might believe there is woj one party in oh beacon hill. because many of the republican governor's comments were cheered by all the people in the house. most of them are democrats. and you might also think government here is serious business. opioids and energy reform, and expanding charter schools aren't as sexy as buildsing a wall on the mexican board are but they government. and in one would call governor baker very exciting. intact tonight he called his administration boring. but voters don't seem to care. perhaps because they are more interested in performance than partisan politics.
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the state is strong and i would add the word fortunate. massachusetts is lucky to have working together. how lucky? just look at washington. live in the newsroom, i'm andy hiller. >> adam: now let us know what you think. leave a comment on facebook or twitter and check out our website on the mobile and tablet apps. >> kim: that massive storm barrels to the east coast. >> jeremy: a severe thunderstorm in louisiana and snow in arkansas, heading to southern new england and midatlantic states. the timeline up next. >> adam: and he's a hundred and loves pats. and she really loves them. and you won't believe what she had to say about tom brady and her main hunk, gronk. ne find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together
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fans gets love from the players, and it is signed, sealed and delivered. shes turning a hundred next month. >> kim: the pats signed a birthday card for her. we are here with the card and story, the whole thing. she's something. >> reporter: she really is and he tells us in her love for football started when she was younger and her children were playing. but now you can say her love has taken on a new meaning. this little old lady is far from modest. >> a good looking guy. >> okay. and he, i like the the way he expresses himself. >> reporter: that is long-time patriots fan jean johnson of quincy talking about her favorite player, thumb 87. and seeing this pic of gronk on espn magazine, she would disagree. she has a particular fancy for his and the teams' uniforms. oh yes. nice and tight.
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super bowl. so she sent the team a card for them to sign, it cam with a litter from her brand son quoting her saying i may be here 100 but nothing wrong this these eyes. have you seen the uniforms they make them wear? that gronk boy and the tight pants i have to watch. >> they are what they are. so, i guess if you attract a a good thing. >> reporter: several players were happy to make cher dayia special. special. >> you have to thank the fans. especially a hundred-year-old lady. >> reporter: done she make you laugh. the best birthday presents would be to see the pats go all the way. 7 news nightteam. now 7 weather with
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>> jeremy: i think gronk will have a good game on sunday. pedestrian forward at 19, and this part of the forecast is easy. friday, mostly sunny skies and still chicago i but much less wind. 27-33. tomorrow morning in the middle teens, a killed morning and chilly afternoon. we watched this for you, the storm erupting severe thunderstorms in the deep south. snow on the back side and storm heads for the midatlantic states tomorrow. meanwhile also on the chess board a huge area of arctic high pressure, a arctic beast, it is standing its ground and the storm will have a real tough time moving up to southern new england. i think it will be close enough to put the northern edge of the storm system but right now i do in the see the brunt of the storm affecting southern new england. the timeline saturday morning we are dry and saturday afternoon this whiter koler patchy light snow and flurries. and steadier snow arriving midto
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the soviet coast up to about route 44. i keep coupsing route 44 as a reference point. and it might try to creep farther north for a short time on saturday evening. it never makes it to the city of boston, around the metro, we see patches of light snow and flurries, we may walk away from this event and have less snow than what we had on sunday night. and monday morning. so about an hour ago, on twitter trending and blowing up, this one computer model tried to change the course and say significant snow in southern new england and since that time, a number of other pieces of information have come in, and they still agree with this. steady as she goes. a coasting in the metro, and you get to the 44 and again the numbers will come up, new bedford and mattapoisett, and there might be at the water's edge in the south coast a
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south coast, north of town, a few flurries in the merrimack and that is about it. wind will be a concern, winds will gust 35 to 50 on cape cod, and that might lead to minor coastal flooding, at the 11 am high tide on sunday, chris picks up the story from there in the morning. good night.
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a and now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. >> joe: after more than two decades of dominance todays 22 years since robert kraft bort the patriots and this is the 11th time the team will play in an afc championship game. a win and they are on to the super bowl for a nfl record ninth time. tom brady adding to his bag of tricks, he is suddenly more mobile and willing to take off and run. why? because of hard work in the off season san his competitive drive. if it's to move to throw, that is always a good thing, we will probably gain more yards than if i start running. but if i have to run, that could be a frustrating thing for defense, too. think guy run, of a ul the the things, this guy?
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the video, too. so i haven't slowed down. >> reporter: he is 0-2 in the playoffs in denver but this time his team is flavored. trey daerr is reporting live in denver with how the brong-- broncos feel about being the underdogs on their home turf. >> trey: to draw the attention to the officials for the game. you really have to wonder what the motive is. they are the top seed in the afc and they within the game here a few weeks back on this field in denver. so really because of all this, they are starting to play the we get no respect card as they head into the game a slight underdog. >> we had a chance, if that doesn't motivate you, you are in the wrong business. it is what it is.
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we are not world champs, and we haven't been. so he are going against the defending world champs. it is only right. >> joe: a huge key for denver's offense from the backfield if they can establish a running game. taking a lot of pressure off peyton manning. >> joe: bruins hosting vancouver the boston pride player who suffered a severe spinal injury in the exhibition game at the winter classic being honored. the sister on hand for the ceremonial puck drop tonight. bergeron a steal to find brad marchand would ties it at two. and less than a minute later, the answer. the canucks all time leading score we are the go-ahead goal. and bruins foul 4-2. and latest on the "forbes"
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fourth more profitable franchise, and now they are worth $2.1 billion. that is sports. >> kim: thank you, joe. >> adam: here's jimmy. >> sarah silverman and republican presidential candidate marco rubio and music everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. nature's promise. eat well for less.
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>> adam: that is it on this thursday. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is next. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. latest on our big storm heading our way. and we hope to be back here tomorrow night. energy supply rates keep going up and down. at eversource, we don't like it any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price
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