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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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13 a win at the storm beaing down on the east coast. our nation's capitol bracing for the worst. dc could see two feet of snow. the flakes already flying in virginia today making drying there very difficult and it's only expected to get worse . >> anchor: right now the storm is taking up much of the eastern seaboard. a state of emergency has already been declared and at least 6 states so how will the storm effect us here in new england. there is a lot of new weather alerts going on right now as part of massachusetts is a piece of that blizzard . >> anchor: jeremy reiner has it all and the latest track. this is martha's vineyard, correct? that is correct. it's right here this little red blip. that's why your phone is going like bother sex and craziness with the blizzard warning in
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not in effect for nantucket. we have winter storm warning, cape and portions of the south shore and north of there this purple. the brockton area back toward let's say wrentham and providence being winter weather advisory. lighter amounts of snow and you notice in the city of boston worcester nothing and i think that will be the case. that's how sharp of a cutoff this amount of snow that we're advertising will be. you will see that in the numbers in just a serb. storm exploding along the eastern seaboard. still thinking the brunt of it goes out to the south and it looks like it's a 12 hour storm midday tomorrow through midnight tomorrow night. snow around the city of boston, basically a long 128, inside 128 nothing north of there. heavier snow south coast, portions of the south shore near the canal and out on to the cape and island. high pressure blocks the storm from really barreling up across new england. that's why there are no watches or warning in effect for the city of boston or worcester. your storm time line 7:00 tomorrow morning, quiet, few flurries break out late morning and we'll have patches of light
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boston down through providence to the south shore early to mid afternoon with steadier snow working up through the south coast trying to get up into the city. but i don't think it makes it very far north of route 44. on and off tomorrow evening with the steadier snow but pretty much the south coast and the cape, that's where you have the steady snow happening for the entire event and it all winds down after midnight tomorrow night. so how much snow? these numbers haven't changed sing our thought process this morning with chris. one to three inches around the metro. you work down the south shore down 24, down route 3 talking six informs of snow, plymouth, taunton, north of town a coating to an inch. highest amounts down along the south coast. 6 to ten inches of snow westport new bedford, mattapoisett, wareham then out along route 6 on the cape where you will have the blowing and drifting that six to ten inches on martha's vineyard reducing visibility. nantucket it will be a wetter snow so that's why we don't think there will be blizzard conditions on nantucket. that's only half the story.
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>> reporter: to go into further detail as far as what a blizzard would actually moan and these conditions have to verify for it to actually be a blizzard so as jr mentioned a little rain mixing in on nantucket, that's not the case for martha's vineyard. that's why there is a blizzard warning for the vineyard and not for nantucket falling or snowing blowing snow, winds 35 miles per hour or frequent guts up to there, but it does reduce visibility so we're not just talking heaps of snow. we're also talking about strong winds and that does lead to a bit of a concern at left for a coastal areas and i will show were you those gusts pretty strong out for the cape and islands up to 45, 50 miles per hour as we make it through the weekend. coastal concerns, because there is a full moon saturday night astronomically high tides, 11:00 p.m. for saturday then again for sunday morning at 11:00 splash splashover for the most part but there could be worse case scenario some pockets of moderate flooding so high tide for boston 11:10 the concern
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for cape cod you saw minor to moderate again worse case scenarios pockets of moderate flooding and that's for the northeastern side of nantucket as well. again, where that winter storm warning is in effect. we'll go into further detail all throughout the afternoon so keep it with 7 news . >> anchor: coming up, we'll take a look at how our nay's capitol is preparing for more than a foot of snow of a live report coming up shortly. and as the storm gets closer, you can get the updated track on, also on 7 news mobile and tablet apps . also on 7, brutal beat down downs causing concern at worcester schools. leaders looking into videos of several scuffles involving students. 7's john cuoco reports in worcester with a closer look at those video an what school leaders are doing to protect students. no holds bar brawls like these being glorified on social media. following an investigation, the school district says many of the videos involve students in
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the intense and oven times brutal fights are being posted to a public facebook page. page showing fifths and feet fly flying in video after video. despite nearly 2000 people liking it, the page is tougher to find now. it's cryptically titled people with a description of just for fun. the picture on the page explains a bit more of what that fun actually is. the page administrator posted for people to send more videos. and said he or she is hoping to keep the page but worcester police say they are investigat investigating the page and the videos. students throwing down all over the city. john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: several streets in brockton shut down after a watermain break. police say the 20 inch pipe burst overnight on north main street. water service has been shut off to some homes in the area while
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a reward is now being offered in mashpee for anyone with information about a cat found shot and left to die. a woman saw the cat now named dempsey severely injured earlier this month. doctors discovered he had been shot twice and hit by a car. he will have surgery to remove bullets and may need his eye removed although doctors are hopeful other than that he will make a full recovery. anyone with information is asked to call the mashpee animal control . >> anchor: back to that winter weather slamming the east coast. our nation's capitol bracing to air direct hit. snow blanking southern states overnight making it difficult to drive. the heavy snow expected to fall in at least 15 states along the >> anchor: hundreds of flights up and down the east coast mayor already declaring a state of emergency. chris welch joins us live with how it could affect our anything anything's capitol. good afternoon, ryan and jadiann.
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here. that ready much putz an end to that mild winter that we had been seeing so far. a total here in the nation's capitol could reach on the high end possibly two and a half feet but when all is said and done, this storm that stretches from the south all the way to new york and boston could impact as many as a quarter of the population of the u.s. this is a bad storm . parts of east coast could see more than two feet of snow before sunday. while other areas will see severe icing putting drivers in danger. states of emergency have been declared up and down the east coast with people preparing for the worst. it has life and death implications and all the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. a blizzard warning affects some 30 million people from baltimore to philadelphia to new york. city's major said new yorkers need to stay home.
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should be avoided. unless it is urgent, stay off the roads. it's as simple as that . >> reporter: snow has already started to accumulate on roads. north carolina has seen several fatal accidents due to the snow and ice. so we're asking everyone to please be very careful, stay off the roads if you don't need to be on the roads and spend some time with your family . >> anchor: meanwhile, long lines are forming at airports as travelers struggle to get ahead of the storm. at least 5,000 flights have been canceled including all saturday flights at some airports. government offices here in the nation's capitol closed as of noon today. city officials of course asking everyone to be off the streets here at 3:00. if you look around us there still have been some occasional cars going by behind us here along the national mall but officials hoping everyone heeds that warning by late tonight
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could reach 35 miles per hour and tomorrow some gusts could reach 65 miles per hour. >> anchor: thank you so much for that live report. you can really see it's thick already . we lived through this last winter with multiple storms so they are getting ready to happen deone big storm . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, a big announcement of a well phone boxer hanging up the gloves after a much talked about career. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, on to denver the patriots on their way as they hope to take home the afc championship . >> anchor: we continue to stay on top of the winter weather bearing down on the east coast, washington, d.c. as you just saw preparing for direct hit. we'll have more live reports ahead at 5:00 so stick around with us.
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>> anchor: pats getting ready to take on the denver broncos this weekend in the mile high matchup. everyone folk youed on brady versus manning of course but there is also rivalry going on off the field. two breweries placing a bearded bet . >> anchor: i love this.
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in boston are taking on the men of the denver beer company. steve cooper with the great assignment today here live for us with all of the details. steve, have you been sampling everything? i knew you would ask me that. i knew you were going to ask me that but jadiann, here at sad ad adabrewery it's all about beards and beers and now a bet on the broncos is all unfolding here in jamaica plain and it all be police department out on sunday afternoon. we are all very attached to our beards here . >> reporter: sad sam adams employees putting their beards on the line this weekend all in the name of the new england patriots . it's my faith in the patriots. i 100% believe they are going to win. it won't be a problem. i'm not worried . he and his co-workers pos posing for a picture happily accepted a bet with these guys halfway across the country. so the deal is the broncos win, the guys in boston shave their beards.
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the broncos then we're going to go clean shaven . >> reporter: it all began when these workers at the denver beer company fired off this tweet challenging sam adams saying los losers shave their beards on monday. you win, we are? i'm confident we won't be shaving. the pats have a tough time coming town mile high . >> reporter: jim cook told us his crew would never pass up a challenge, especially when we're talking patriots. we got to support our hometown teen, especially the patriots because after all sam adams was the original new england patriot. so we had to put our beards on the line . >> reporter: red said he will dust off clippers just in case but is confident his beard is staying put . here in the city of boston it's mandated we understand we're going to win. that's just the way we feel about itment sounds cocky but that's how we feel about our team. gym cook told employees leave the raise or at home and clippers at home. he said no one will be shaving any beards here on monday.
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raise a pint and toast the patriots and their victory. live in jamaica plain, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you so much, steve. we'll introduce you to today's class act. a high school senior in framingham that is making a big difference in his community. track a powerhouse storm gracing southern new england toll and tomorrow night the storm time line is up next . >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 bracing for the worst our nation nation's capitol expected to get slammed by the storm. what they are doing to prepare . >> anchor: travel trouble. flights canceled up and down the east coast affecting millions. we have the latest on the storm here's the truth -- to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors
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with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question
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sincerely, alex payne.
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>> anchor: we do have blizzard warning in effect for martha's vineyard winnerer it storm warning. not watches, no warning or advisories, city of boston it's that drastic of a cutoff from
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heavier snow south coast, fors of south shore plymouth south to the canal and out on to the cape cape. as well as wind and that may lead to some minor coastal flooding at the high tide on sunday. so here is our storm and he is a beast. he produces a lot of heavy snow across portions of car lika marching up to virginia no. major change to the forecast in the sense that it's not going to come barreling up into new england suddenly because high pressure is not moving. it's locking down. so that storm is going to get forced out to sea during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night and very early on sunday morning. then high pressure quickly takes over control and it's back that new england on sunday. so your storm time line 7:00 tomorrow morning dry everywhere and then we'll see pockets of light snow and flurries arriving midday tomorrow with steadier snow out of narragansett bay, out of buzzard waters bay, out on to the south coast as well as martha's vineyard. portions of cape and you notice that deeper shading of blue versus the lighter shade in near here, the white. that's light snow versus stead steadier snow.
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does at any time for the snow make it up into boston or points north of there or west. it's confined along the south shore, the south coast, buzzard areas bay as well as the cape and islands then everything shuts down after midnight tomorrow night through very early on sunday morning. so the snowfall forecast we haven't changed it around the metro still thinking a coating to an inch western suburbs as well as north shore, cape ann one to three, city of boston one to three, south shore near the city about one to three then you head down toward plymouth marshfield, three oh three, four five inches of snow then even farther south that's where you are going to find the greatest amount of snow. here is a closer look in worcester. framingham natick one to two inches city of boston one, two, perhaps three inches of snow and most of the snow along south of route 44 right at the water' edge 6 to ten inches. new bedford, marion, westport and then out on to the cape and the islands where you do have that blizzard warning in effect martha's vineyard. winds will gust something fierce
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45 to 50 miles per hour. that combined with the astronomical high tide and more so we're thinking 11:00 a.m. sunday morning may lead to minor coastal flooding. sandwiches as well as scituate and metro boston at the midday high tide on sunday. a year ago this weekend that is when the snow blitz happened as this happening again? no way, jose. look at next week january , temperature in the upper 40's tuesday of next week . >> anchor: a busy time of day now for the roads. let's go out to joe tape elton who has a check of the traffic for us. what's going on there p here our busy spot this time around 128 southbound two left hand lanes blocked off right after route 1 138 in canton purring traffic southbound back for a couple miles getting by. the northbound side of the roadway with those headlights are not affected by the curiosity slow down this time around anyway. farther norton route 128 we have trouble as well. really jammed up from waltham right up past route 2 as they work to clear away a crash in le leing ton.
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well continues heavy from boston right up toward the exclamation point on the medford area pass passing by an earlier crash in that spot as well. heading for route 1 southbound we have company here. the head heading up to the lynn fellows parkway about a half hour ride now from chelsea up into the lynn felt area then a slow rid along the river. these brake lights are up by bu a 25 minute ride heading over to leverett circle. joe stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: we are excited to introduce you to a high school . despite faying tough times he is a terrific student who has gone above and beyond to help others. he is today's class act. here is christa. >> reporter: hi, class. how are you? how are you doing? my name is christa and i work at 7 news in boston. today we wanted to recognize one student in particular who really gives of himself for a segment that we do called class act. will robertson, come on over
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will robertson is a caretaker of sorts . four please, he serves framingham's hungry at pearl street cup board and calf i didn't a united way soup kitchen one night a week . i try to make it a goal every day to make someone smile and laugh. when give to pearl street i try to do that . how are you doing today? values he learned at a young age . he likes giving become to the community. he enjoys it . katie is a single mom and back when will was little, she said she relied on food pantries and soup kitchens to keep her family fed, which will found out about only recently . i just remember sitting in my room and very just like shocked about it. this is something that i received help for and i want to make sure that i can do the same thing that was provided for my family . katie admits it wasn't easy telling her son . receiving help and helping when you can is the way to give back. it's what it is about. >> reporter: the robertsons no longer rely on others and now will is repaying the kindness shown them ten fold. he is one of those kids
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go around looking for recognition or praise . volunteering at pearl street is just the tip of the iceberg and he has been showered with awards . it's just amazing how much a teen-ager can help many communities, different communities. i couldn't ever pick anybody more deserving than him . my family is able to get out of a rut and i want to be able to help people do the same thing . will supports so many charities through sports turn the and fund-raising events and to see all of them just log on to and click on class act. in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news . >> anchor: what a great guy. if you know anyone between grades six and 12 doing something outstanding in school, sports or in the community you can nominate them on-line as >> anchor: ahead on 7 news, if you wanted tickets to see piano
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if you have been waiting the longest time to see billy joel you may be out of luck spot show has already sold out at fenway park. tickets just went on sale this morning and then quickly sold out. joel has proven to have a boston state of mind lately. it's the third executive year he has played at fenway park. that show is on ought 18 . >> anchor: manny pacquiao hanging up the doves of he
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he is set to fight tim broadly on april 9 in las vegas. the 37-year-old says he plans to serve his country full-time and help the people. >> anchor: mariah carey is now nowen gayed. she said yes when her boyfriend australian billionaire james packer popped that big question. they gotten ed during a private dinner new york city on thursday thursday. the couple started dating in june of last year. >> anchor: congratulations to them . >> anchor: much more to come in the next 90 minutes. just getting started here, everyone. >> anchor: 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. winter weather setting its sights on the east coast. blizzard warning in effect for martha's vineyard. winter storm warning for the cape. we'll talk more about the storm . >> anchor: several other states expected to get buried and it could be one for the record books. it's already having an impact on travelers here in massachusetts. plus, the patriots getting out ahead of the storm hitting the road then taking flight to tackle a mile high challenge. drove up from rhode island, not too far away to wish him
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on a cold day, fans with warm wishes for their team. we have team 7 coverage as patriots head to the afc championship. >> reporter: tonight on 7, living on the edge. new england dodging a direct hit. we see this as a major storm. it has a life and death implication. >> reporter: the impact as the braces for a blizzard. >> anchor: state of emergency already declared in several states . >> anchor: at least 80 million people are in the projected path of this winter storm. some areas along the east coast could see upwards of two feet here in massachusetts the totals will be drastically lower but we could see blizzard conditions down on at least one of the islands. jeremy reiner has your latest weather alert. yes, kim, that's the change this afternoon. the blizzard warning in effect tomorrow for martha's vineyard, it's not in effect for nantucket
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