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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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s vineyard and bearing the brunt of the storm. >> and snow on the ground in new bedford and even more by morning. >> the cape getting clobbered. treacherous travel shutting down the roads. >> plus concerns along the coast line tonight. shore. >> and in the big apple. the city shut down by snow. >> we' re riding out the storm with you. >> the night team has storm force coverage. >> first at 11, winter storm force coverage pounding right now and this is a live look at martha' s vineyard seeing the worst of the whipping winds and heavy snow. >> the cape facing rough waters and whipping snow there tonight as well. people hunkered down and expected to last for a few more hours. >> and the storm tearing up the east coast. >> the storm causing all types
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that live look at times square. people out and walking around the streets and crammed with traffic. then it is winding down here tonight. >> and meteorologists with the storm covered for you and the night team braving all the elements to bring you the latest from areas hardest hit and the latest with jeremy rhiner. >> and we have the latest on the southeast mass with winter weather advisory in effect. thankfully, though, snow beginning to show its age with the dryer air and starting to punch holes in the snow. for the time the dry air lost that battle especially in metro boston and certainly on the south shore and the cape and you' ve seen several hours of locally heavy snow. it has backed off a little bit but still steady light snow happening right now on cape cod and high pressure with the dry air and trying to move snow out of new england and doing that successfully back into worcester hills but still a few
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and the cape islands. look at the numbers. west harwich with 18 inches of snow and bluffs 13 inches. hanover 8 inches of snow. chelsea 5 inches of snow. sudbury about 2- 3" of snow. again, this is a map showing the snow totals thus far and bridgewater 6". plymouth 6" of snow and these you. if you have something newer that is not showing up here, please send me a tweet. nadic 5" of snow. boston, the official report at logan but hide park has the report with 5" of snow and then this is where the dry air held strong. you notice the number is much lower and running an inch, inch and a half and only a flurry or 2 through fitchburg as well as chelmsford and nashua. this deep shading of blue in
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and notice the coloring is really jammed in tight there and that' s why it' s such a challenging forecast. we knew it would be a drastic cutoff but we' re struggling with where it would occur. taking it further north than the last past couple of days and down in the south shore between 8 and 12 inches of snow. there you go. the dry air starts to win battle and shoves the snow down through the canal and the last place to see the snow shut down, that will be out on the cape and the islands and even down there, sunshine coming back at you tomorrow. the concern now, that coastal flood watch as well as the high winds for the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning on the cape. chris, your turn. >> j.r., the winds that concern there and the snow tapering off before the wind does. check out the wind gusts earlier today with hurricane force and 75 mph in nantuck sxet 73 in marshfield checking in with the 70 mph gusts and rockport at 55 and it' s still gusty to 37 in hyannis and 48 in nantucket and occasionally higher gusts to 50 and over
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mentioned, the coastal flooding taking place. minor coastal flooding tonight and the coastal flood advisory until 1:00 in the morning with high tide at 11:00. tonight high tide at 11:00 tomorrow morning and with more rain continuing stopush closer to the coast line expect more flooding and the moderate coastal flooding and expect to see more tomorrow versus the high tide. then it' s down in the afternoon. more in the forecast ahead. >> and following breaking news, a plow truck goes up in flames as you see right here on the road. 7' s john cocoa live in sandwich with more on this. john? >> well, liz, ever since this snow started earlier today the plow trucks have been trying to make sure they keep roads like this one clear. but tonight a plow truck needed help when it caught fire and
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plow truck that went up in flames. you can see them shooting out and see fire fighters to try to put it out and can see posting the update and of course we get it and we' ll make sure to bring it right to you. what i want to do right now is have this happening in sandwich and the roads seem to be getting clear here and still have this slush on the road here and that' s also accum lailtalating over here in the parking lot and just accumulating with the really heavy, wet snow. it let up a little bit. you can' t really tell from the view at home accumulating and starting to get clear off the roads here. for now live in sandwich, john cocoa, 7 news night team. >> brety brutal and in towns along the south shore and
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take a look at this. high tide just now setting in and waves crashing over the sea wall and jonathan hall live with the latest there. >> and you can see the sea wall is getting pummeled and that is sort of the ramp there on and that used to be where the rocks washed down and now engineers to allow the waves to come in and all the water there is turning ocean street into the virtual river. >> and it' s the 70 mph winds and power lines came down.
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the dark at one point. >> and it is the winds work to get the juice back on and nothing compared to the blizzard experienced here a year ago. >> this isn' t as bad obviously but it' we' re snuggling in. >> marshfield is ready for the 11 p.m. high tide splash over. minor flooding is happening. fire trucks were able to get through and plow crews are working on the roads. >> slip sliding away out there? >> big time! >> ocean street is pabpassable tonight but plenty of water here on the pavement. not too much traffic out. so not that many people try to make their way around. emergency officials are concerned tomorrow morning' s flooding could be worse than tonight' s. live in marshfield, jonathan hall, 7 news night team. >> and martha' s vineyard seeing some of the worst of the storm. a blizzard warning still in effect and snow keeps on
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now in vineyard with more. >> liz, at one point we had 500 families without power here on martha' s vineyard. i' m told that' s less than 200 now so power crews have done a great job. so good news with snow dampening down a little bit and as you can see the winds still as high as ever. power crews are working overnight to try to fix downed power lines and make sure families have heat through tonight' s storm. >> power' s gone out a couple of times but just for a little bit at a time, off and back on. >> plows continue to work on the roads but old man winter s vineyard is here with more snow and high winds. >> i have lived with the blizzard of 78 so that was a blizzard. this is nothing! >> they' re a hardy bunch on the island, but since the noreaster hit the vineyard 12 hours ago, emergency crews are keeping a close eye on it. 12" expected, it can cause its fair share of problems.
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with families stocking up >> i' m grabbing supplies for the big storm. >> the union soldier statue is facing with wet snow on one side and dry on the other. they' re going to make the best >> i' m going over to my parents and getting snowed in there. >> we' re going to go back and tuck in. turn on the generator and maybe watch a video. >> again, less than 200 here at the moment and still going to tomorrow morning. and the very latest of course is still this high wind. live on martha' s vineyard, brandon, 7 news night team. >> and the south coast also bracing for impact tonight as the storm makes its way into 7' s kelly o' hara live in newbedford with more on the coast line there. kelly? >> good evening, nick. then more in newbedford and some of the snow here piled high on the docks where we'
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at and the roads are just really tough tonight and they have 120 because the roads are just that bad. the wind is knocking the roads back and forth and everyone >> how come you' re out in the storm? >> nothing really much else to do. >> the winter storm shutting down the sea faring town. dozens of boats docked for the night and even the dunkin donuts shutting its doors. as the streets filled more and more with snow. the only thing that was happening was the plows working overtime and some people we met venturing to the local pub. >> it is that saturday night and why stop from having a good time? >> it was worst last year. >> and locals put on their boots and headed out to find what' s open.
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>> if you have to drive, just drive slow, as slow as you can. like a little turtle. >> and definitely lots on the roads and have fallen and not many with access because they' ve been dead and staying off the road and everything shut down and take this snow ball and my photographer having fun with the snow because what else are you going to do on a saturday night? kelly o' hare, 7 news night team. >> and road conditions in plymouth and the car went off earlier tonight and finally getting relief after the afternoon of heavy snow and live now in plymouth with more on this. kimberly? >> well, is everyone here in plymouth will need one of these tomorrow. a shovel. this is interesting because i don' t usually shovel my own yard but shovel out here to
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difficult and how heavy the snow is and much more than expected out here. simply put, no one wants to go out in this. just look at this driver who did. >> when you have to go you have to go. >> sadie and her pup have to weather the well, weather, but like everyone in plymouth they' re caught off guard. >> i didn' t think it was going to be this bad so i didn' t prepare. i didn' t go to the gas station or the grocery store. >> forecasts didn' t expect the winter storm to dump quite as much on the town as it actually has. >> i think it' s a little more to expect but that' s new england. >> the biggest problem the winds blamed for nearly 900 power outages here. at times gusts as high as 40 mph and as soon as it' s scooped or plowed it'
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s like 2 feet of snow. >> and back out here live you can see they' re not shoveled or plowed but they' re slushy and slick and hopefully treated overnight. reporting live from plymouth, 7 news night team. >> and stay with 7 news for the latest storm coverage. j.r. and chris will have the latest on the winter blast starting on 7 in new england. >> and still noticing patches of light snow in the city of announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues.
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>> most of new england dealing with winter weather conditions but pats are in the playoffs and in denver tomorrow night.
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pleasant trip with joe and you have a preview of what we' re looking at for the pats game coming up tomorrow. >> so far so good out here. you know it is the broncos really bracing for the patriots in that aerial attack after playing gans the chiefs last weekend and tom brady can spread it out and pick apart any defense and peyton manning has seen this show before. >> we have to quote belichick and we' ll be on to new england. >> tom brady and peyton manning have been here before leading up to the 17th and perhaps final meeting. high praise from each legendary quarterback. >> i think playing someone 17 times is pretty cool so especially someone as great as him. >> to play as well as he has over the course of his career with the success that he' s had and their team' s success. i just have a lot of respect for them. >> the quarterbacks have mutual
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out their fair share of trash talk as well calling brady a cry baby and promising to go low on gronkowski but after recovering from the sprained knee he' s ready for the rematch. >> it' s just part of the game when we go out there. have to be aware of it. maybe just got to step up my game a little bit. maybe throw dukes. i don' t know how many dukes i' ve got. >> all right, so we know tom brady and peyton manning respect each other. we know the patriots have a healthy respect for the broncos but dot broncos respect the patriots. signs this week may not be the case and how that can play into tomorrow' s afc championship. for more on that, 7' s trey adair. >> this game really evolved into the marquis rivalry in the nfl. most of that we' re about tom brady and peyton manning and not as much about broncos and patriots. manning with nothing but respect for brady and company this weekend but isn'
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the case for the rest of the broncos. >> do i hate the patriots? i dislike the patriots. hate' s a strong word. >> i hate everything about them. they' re always in my way. they' re always in my way to get what i want so that' s naturally going to create a hate. >> and maybe a lot of hate but certainly respect for derrek. he said part of that, joe, is why he hates him so much because they win, they' re in his way and always on top in the nfl. >> that' s right and the broncos are the underdogs tomorrow playing at home as the top seed. this is a real story nationally right now. no one is rooting more for the broncos than the casinos in las vegas. caesars palace, for example, 5 times as many bets have been placed on the patriots as 3 point favorites than the broncos. that' s big time. reporting live in denver, joe, 7 news night team. >> great stuff, joe. and for the rest of america, haters to the left.
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>> whoo! what a storm! this is the caboose and northwest of town and that held firm and did not move at all though i was thinking dry air wod be a little bit stronger and more pronounced around the city of boston. that' s why i thought snow totealsed would be low - - totals would be lower. down on the cape snowing and notice the deeper shades of blue to the lighter side and that is that sign it' s punching through the storm and the storm itself is punching away and that storm is moving away and ghosting on the batch of snow.
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snow is what happens. it' s 13.3 inches of snow and off the cape in foxboro and you folks on twitter, love you because you keep this updated in southern new england. sudbury about 2- 3 inches of snow. again the numbers off of the cape and not nearly as impressive and the wind nasty to be out there for the short time. talking 4- 8 inches of snow in the city of boston and higher to the south shore and the south coast and again, new hampshire, much ado about nothing with a few flurries. winds gusting 30- 40 mph and the concern we have for the rest of the storm is essentially the wind and might lead to minor to moderate pockets of flooding. we' re find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. >> we are coming to you live once again from denver where we count down to tomorrow' s afc championship game. the preparation is done and all that' s left is 60 minutes of football and the patriots with the chance to make history and become the first team in nfl history to advance to the 9th super bowl. tom brady preparing for the 10th afc championship game. nobody in nfl history has started or won more playoff games than tom brady. he' s a ridiculous 22-
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