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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 24, 2016 7:30am-8:00am EST

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>> winter weather across the bay state. snow piling up more than a foot.
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across the commonwealth this morning. >> while boston wasn't a direct hit, the mid atlantic was. cities waking up buried from washington to new york. >> let's not forget about `football. how could you? it's a mile high matchup for brady and manning in denver. patriots hoping for a chance to play in the super bowl with the season on the line. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> welcome back, live look in scituate where the snow stopped falling but flooding curbs are not over just yet. high tides still something to keep an eye on even after this massive winter storm moves offshore. kens. >> i'm kris anderson. we're going to keep things rolling with your coverage. you could be waking up to more than a foot of snow but that is about half of what other parts of country are dealing with. the snow is making things tougher for emergency responders, this is an plans in washington, d.c. stuck in the snow. paramedic had to leave the
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continue doing his job. >> take a look here, another car in distress this d.c. this group of people working the snow. good news is the storm has mostly moved off the coast. j.r., it looksic look the worst at least is long gone. >> reporter: it is, yeah, now we're left with the mess, so the storm system, the back edge, the caboose islands with some snow moving away. we still have lingering clouds south shore and the cape. city of boston skies are clear. the dry air takes hold. developing sunshine but look at all the snow. cape. everyone that i was looking at at least 10 inches and most between 14 and 15 inches of snow. then you come off cape, new bedford 8 inches, rehoboth about 6 inches. boston official measurement is 6.1. but we noticed a couple of other reports in and around the city. about 6 and a half, 7, 7 and a half. but it's normal in a snowstorm. you are not going to have
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6.1 inches of know. we also had several communities verify the blizzard continues. so the numbers on the cape again the red indicating where you folks had the most snow, plymouth is 9 inches of snow. bridgewater about 6, 6 and a half. metro boston between 3-7 inches of snow. the city about 6. then you come north of town. the dry care chewed up the ow band advancing in from the owe shand and methuen a couple of clouds and flurry, stowe an inch. bolton punish. topsfield about 2, 3, 4 inches and now it's about the wind. >> the good news even the wind coming down after we watched those gusts over hurricane force down across block island, portions of the mid atlantic, high pressure moving in. when you have a press ire difference between the high and the low trying to force a lot of air in and that is when you get the powerful wind gusts.
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73 mile an hour gusts 37 rockport at 55. this morning, the winds lot lighter. we're still gusty no question about that. 40 hyannis. 44 nantucket but the numbers not nearly as powerful as they were yesterday afternoon and yesterday even. from boston west no numbers showing up. the city of boston, out to the west. we do have a coastal flood advisory in place along the east coast of massachusetts off the cape. for some minor coastal flooding 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. the better chance of more sustained coastal flood something down through the cape and nantucket especially nantucket harbor. that is going to see the moderate coastal flooding. minor to moderate across sandwich, high tide between 11:00 and noon. more on the forecast and what to expect the next seven days coming up. >> thank you. on that note one major concern is along the coast. >> high tides heavy winds
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people concerned about the potential for flooding. especially for those living in scituate. let's go to jennifer egan who is tracking conditions nor us. are you seeing any issues at this point? >> reporter: kris, the next high tide doesn't come up for several hours, if we want to look at the water beings you can see that the waves are certainly kicking up. the next high tide is around 11:15 this morning. we spoke with scituate fire early this morning. they had a high tide last night as well. they said they didn't have any issues with any coastal flooding overnight with the last high tide but the town is warning that there could be some minor to moderate flooding still with this storm. at some point today, again 11:15 the next high tide. but really no storm-related issues here in scituate. wind. every once in a while we get a strong wind gust here. but no storm related issues here expect for some power outages. ever source services part of the town.
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than 600 people right now without power. they're working to restore-hour to the customers, but the wind and the water always the concern in scituate. it has been in the past but this storm don't seem to be packing the punch that other storms have in the past but they will wait to see what the next high tide does. jennifer egan, 7 news today in new england. >> hear the wind there. thank you. farther down south in plymouth road conditions are dangerous. the car went off the street last night and people we spoke to say they were' caught offguard by all the snow. in rhode island suffolk university's membership's hockey team not letting the snow keep them from getting home. their bus getting stuck in newport, rhode island but the team braved the cold and came together to free the boston bound boston. roaring wind coupled with high tides causing some concern on the cape and the islands today. >> we've been talking about coastal flooding.
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yesterday 59 miles an hour wind gusts it's brutal out there. >> reporter: it was brutal. snow. it was like ice crystals coming off the ocean hitting you in the face. but you can see the winds are still here. `let's be honest so the seas are still acting up. it's not the heavy gusts of winds we're experiencing yesterday and the snow has completely stopped. so it was a wet snow. it weighed down a lot of the lines. but i got to tell you crews were up all night and into this morning so if we could look at video we shot around 5:30 this morning. you can see crews were out all across the island here on martha's vineyard clearing the roads making sure people were able to get out so they've done a good job. also with the wet heavy snow we received yesterday and the high winds we had power lines down so we caught people, they were' scraping off their wind shields
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these guys hot coffee because a lot of the crews have been working all day yesterday and throughout the night. we even found a guy who was out doing it the old-fashioned way. >> i've been out all night long. >> what it has been like? [laughter] >> it has been rough. you know, drifting, flowing. you can't see, whiteouts. you know, stuff like that. you know. >> who needs a snow blower because i'm, i've 2 o 0 snow blowers right here. old-fashioned. snow shovel gets right down to the bare surface. that is the bottom line. >> reporter: that is not a power line but this is a phone line down but that gives you an idea of the yesterday. power crewhave a problem because yesterday at one point there were more than 500 houses here on martha's power.
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lost power for maybe a half hour or hour then the got bauer pock but a this morning probably about 45 minimums ago we could see only about 50 households are still without power here on itself island. so that is good news for a lot of people trying to stay warm and out of the wind. the latest live on martha's vineyard i'm brandon gunnoe, 7 news today in new england. >> thank you. let's go across the water and head to falmouth. >> that is where we find susan tran live in one of the hardest hit areas, some of the snow piles around you are, what is it? a got cousski plus a brady. >> no, we're going to do math because it's game day. i'm superpsych sod this is the jackpot. we're in falmouth. plenty of snow. the most in massachusetts, i'm going to call this a malcolm butler minus a ryan allen. 15 inches of snow in falmouth. as we drove over we went
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the roads were superclear then as we got down route 3 it got a little slushier. by the time we got to 28 it was a little more slushy but we did speak with a plow driver. he said for much of the evening they went 24/7 to make shored roads are as you can see pretty darn passible. not as bad. but that took a lot of work. so much snow in the areas that you can see that have not been plowed, plenty of it. this is a street sign here. that you can see all of the snow has been plowed into the area. so there is a lot of it. it is a heavy so that it does hang on the trees and the wires. when we speak to some officials they did say there was some power outage at the height of the storm around 10:00 but it has been back and folks are in a good spot here in falmouth. most of the folks if you are waking up you are likely going to clear off your drives and the roadways. it's going to be a lot of cleanup but we can actually
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it's good news. by the time we get to game time and you are done with all of your shoveling we should be all set. so 15 inches of snow here in falmouth which i'm now calling it a malcolm butler minus a ryan allen. susan tran. >> you know you live in new england when there is patsman -- pats map -- >> we know 12. >> 12, we know 11. that is all we god for know. moving along, the cape to sandwich, last night the area saw treacherous conditons. >> john cuoco is on the scene assessing the damage. you are not getting whipped by the winds like you were yesterday. >> reporter: no, kris, not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. the main worry we've been talking about it is that coastal flooding. if you take a look behind me the water is insuring closer and closer. people will keep an eye on
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but you are right. the winds were bad last night. they've kept up today. i'm sure you can see it pushing me forward but sandwich is in cleanup mode. snow blowers and plows like mario's clearing the way bright and early sunday morning in sandwich. >> heavy wet snow, it was tough to drive around. it was tough to see. it kept sticking to the wind shield and the mirrors and so forth. a lot of slipping and sliding. >> reporter: on saturday high winds sent heavy snow whipping off the beach along town neck road. >> insane. it's crazy. >> hope we keep power on because it flashed. i'm hoping we have a generator. >> reporter: the intense wind and snow did knock out power in spots across town. fortunately people were ready for that. >> typical thing, make sure that the house was stocked with, you know batteries and wood and the whole bit.
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the road saturday were taking things slow. snow continued to pile up and visibilities became worse, plows like mario doing their job and the snow winding down the big concern now possibly coastal flooding. >> are you worried about the tide. you worry about the water coming up. the high tide tonight and tomorrow will be interesting. but that is the price you pay when you live down here by the water. >> reporter: that is the word this morning, interesting that coastal flooding, that is the really the big concern. big worry for the folks here especially some of the houses that are down this way. i want you to follow me over here. some of the houses we're talking to some of the people last night, they're really worried about the coastal flooding, they're worried when this tide does come in. so for now we're live here in sandwich, john cuoco, 7 news. >> thank you. >> makes sure to keep an eye on that. we'll continue our storm force coverage as we track conditions across the state. >> live look in boston, boy,
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>> 7:46 is your time. live look, this is what we like to see on a sunday morning. the sun, it's coming out blue sky, what a difference a day makes. >> hopefully it'll melt some of the snow that is left behind here. j.r. but quite a mess still. >> that is a good point because a year ago this weekend the snow blitz started. in between the monster storms we had nothing but arctic air so you get two feet of snow. wouldn't melt. two more feet of snow won't melt this. is not happening. this is difference so i'm not saying that spring is coming at us and you can whistle dixie but we've clouds and snow showers that will depart and then as kris will talk about it warms up this week.
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into the 40s, upper 40s on tuesday which will get rid of some of the pasty cement and there is a lot of melting to be had. mashpee a foot of snow. marcheston mills a foot. then you come off of the cape and work all over southern new england. the numbers impressive between 4-8 inches of snow. new bedford 8 inches in the city of boston officially 6.1. hudson you go north of the mass pike you will see that here. numbers drop off so this was the jackpot if you will. the sweet spot between 10-15 inches. 6 had ever 10 inches of snow. metro boston about 5, 6, 7, 8 inches of snow. dudley 2 so there is the sign of the dryer air doing what it was supposed to do in boston but it did a good snob northwest of town. snow, bolton, hudson about an inch of snow. lexington a couple of inch, tops field three inches of snow. storm system moving away. high pressure taking it place for the difference between the high and low
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that is what we have to contend with. these are the peak gust yesterday between 55 will have 75. not nearly as windy as yesterday. hyannis gusting to 40. plymouth at 24679 the wind chills are cold. when you are out there shoveling, it feels like 4 in boston. it feels cold out there. bedford feels like 6 and with the north wind we do watch the concern of coastal flooding especially nantucket. chatham the high tide coming in at 11:00 am and provincetown also some the risk of some minor coastal flooding, mid day high tide, so this is the concern here. from metro boston down through sandwich. possibility of moderate coastal flooding in sandwich, minor in switchate and minor in boston. for more on the forecast, and that advertised warm-up kris, your town. >> reporter: we like seeing the sunshine. yes it's a cold start. temperatures in the teens in
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north wind about 5-10 miles an hour, the wind as nearly as strong as yesterday. sunshine working in from the north and from the west. forecast model taking you through the day. a few patches of clouds overnight and back into some sunshine for month and even into tuesday. do expect sunshine to start after. going to be a front off to the west of us area of low pressure as well on tuesday. this is going to zip right through here tuesday night. there maybe a passing shower on tuesday but the theme is quiet weather diminishing winds which is noise on a sunday. clean up this morning an get ready for the pats game. all about the pats this afternoon. temperatures warming up to the mid 30s partly cloudy to mostly cloudy tonight. temperatures in the deeps to lower 20s and getting meting down. no arctic air on tuesday, 47 for the high temperature. >> love that warm-up that we have. no chilly weather between storms, still to come we're tracking the snow fallout.
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boston. doesn't that look nice? a live report from copley
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carried away. get out of the past. get fios. >> storm force coverage continuing this morning in boston. where the city didn't get buried but there is still a lot of shoveling to do in parts. >> absolutely, what does it look like out there? let's get out to danielle live in copley square. it seems like people are starting to enjoy the snow. >> reporter: yeah, that is exactly right. good morning, lots of people out. the sun is out. it's a nice morning out here. we even saw some runners which made me feel bad. the only place i'm running is to the heated car. we took video earlier. you can see the roads looking good. sidewalks looking good. cars getting people. morning. nice gentleman like greg in shoveling some snow. street. they were getting the morning.
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up this morning to shovel the snow there was a little bit more out there that be they expected. so certainly they also mentioned that this doesn't they're not complaining but there was a little more snow out there. something to keep in mind if you haven't left warmth of your house so far this morning. now back out here live, i do have a snow ball. it is a perfect morning to come out here, make a snow ball. throw it at a friend then go home in the warmth of your house, watch the patriots game. we'll be out here all morning long. danielle gersh, 7 news. >> the big question is will they be your friend after you throw that snow ball at them? >> we will find out. >> you watch your back. >> next up on 7 news today in new england we're just hours away from -- there is a little football game you may have heard.
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denver in today's hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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>> it's game on for the pats. the prep work is done, all that is left is 60 minutes of football. >> intense football. the patriots looking to advance to the nfl record 9th super bowl appearance. tom brady is prepping for his 10th conference championship game in his 15th year career. brady says at this time of year, anyone can be the hero just ask malcolm butler. >> going to come down to how well we execute on sunday, so you may not have any experience, malcombutler didn't have any experience in a super bowl last year
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for our team. so, it's really a, whoever is called upon has to make the play at that particular moment, and the if you make great place you got a great chance of advancing. if you don't you will be watching in two weeks. >> just do your job. >> that will do it for now, the person who lives here... as big as the world... and as small as that's the job. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped the secretary of state
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