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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  January 26, 2016 9:00am-9:59am EST

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>> anchor: workers injured after a explosion in quincy. crews working to put out hot spots. >> anchor: headache for it. riders. on the red line. why nbta said you may face delays. >> anchor: collision course for a bus down in rhode island after it slams into a building. >> this is 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: good morning everyone. thank you for joining us, i am sarah french. >> and i am -- i was one of the few people wearing a hat today. that warm out there right now. chris unbelievable. >> weather: not bad. what a difference 10 degrees makes when we are above freezing in boston. at 35 degrees. good morning everyone. waking up this morning to mild
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where you have we have of the most snow. 37 in bedford right now. the wind is out of the south. yes, it is a bit breezy at times through the day. but brings in milder air. more clouds around today. a spot sprinkle late this afternoon for this evening. much of the time dry. do not expect a lot of precipitation. out of this. i think, on average we will hold in the mid to upper 40s this afternoon. but there will be a few places through southeast mass cracking the if i have degree mark. so we will track a couple of sprinkles. maybe spot shower overnight. snow showers working in friday. but bulk of the ocean storm friday. we will look at the of seven-day forecast coming up. >> anchor: time for fast-track traffic. go over to danielle. >> reporter: good morning head outside. this is the expressway. and it is really backed up in both directions. go to the maps. you can see red northbound and southbound. now earlier we had the jack-knifed tractor trailer
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so braintree split to boston half an hour northbound on expressway. those delays, you know, really impacting 128 southbound from route 24 as well. pike hitting the brakes in framingham and slow drive to boston. north of town we have an accident in lowell. this is 495 southbound right at route night, and then your ride on route 93 southbound is really slow from one 28. let's look at the drive times of the give yourself some extra time if you are ready to head out this morning. going to take you awhile to get to work. if you are taking the t we have minor delays on the red line. back to you guys. >> anchor:for following a developing story. fire crews spend the night at the water treatment plant in quincy after an explosion and fire. flames were still burning this morning hours after they first broke out yesterday afternoon. >> anchor: in total here. five people have been injured in tat blast. they were rushed to the hospital. and let's get the latest live from outside of the plant with 7's victoria warren. vicki it sounds like they are bringing in heavy equipment now. more of it, at least, to fight the fire?
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for today. incredibly this fire is still burning. it is burning 100 feet below the ground. and this fire is trapped in the u duct work. there is no end incite. five men went to the hospital after the explosion seven stories below ground at the nut island waste. smoke inhalation and eye irritation. did he see breeze fell on them. and they were working on the odor control system. the blast may be linked to a fan turning on. there is no visibility for firefighters. and they are here denied by thick concrete slabs. at the resource authority said they have to bring in a crane to move. >> goal is to let the firefighters fight the fire from the top down. part of the issue is the fire is inside of duct work. so it is very difficult. they can see it with the heat sensor machine that there is still flames in there. every time they find a way to
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simply pushes the fire further into the deduct. >> anchor: that crane should arrive some time before lunch time. then they have got to move the slabs. then they say firefighters should be able to get in there and fight the fire from the top down. now we have been assured though that even though the damage to this facility could be extensive it is still operating and able to keep up with flow. as for the five men that were brought to the hospital. they remain in the hospital but they are expected to be okay. live this morning in quincy, victoria warren, 7 news "today in new england". >> anchor: happening right now. police are investigating bomb threats directed to several locations in weymouth last night. station. detectives say these automated calls were also received at south shore hospital. supermarkets in town. and now this is outside of south shore hospital as police search for anything at all suspicious. we are told there was no threats directed to any schools. and also breaking overnight. a driver behind bars after a hit-and-run crash up in lowell.
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victim was taken to the hospital and according to lowell sun has life threatening injuries. >> anchor: right now in warwick rhode island mess left behind after a bus slams into a building. collision course be sent 3:to the hospital. and this is new video this morning showing part of the building's roof coming down after crews pulled the bus out. and 7's byron barnett is live at the scene. and by ron this crash caused a mess out there? >> reporter: it really has. and they are cleaning upright. now this building houses a paint ball store and auto parts store. and if you look behind you can see the damage that was caused when this bus just came slamming into the building. you can see the roof has just collapsed right there. now we spoke to one man that was inside of the building at the time. and he was not hurt. but he said it was a terrifying experience. emergency crews take down unstable building after a warwick city bus plowed into it.
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seconds to react once they saw the bus headed straight for this store. >> we saw the bus coming. toward our direction. kind of surreal. it was like what is going on? will he stop? when we realized he was not stopping we heard the horn and dodged for our lives. >> reporter: 7:00 last night bus with two to three passengers on board hit a pole on the side of route one and ricochet add cross the street and right into this storefront. >> ground shaking. to be honest when things like that happen you see your life flash in front of your ice. >> reporter: bus driver and two passengers taken to the hospital. trying to figure out if there was a third passenger on board unharmed. the driver sustained the most serious injuries. >> trauma but no life threatening injuries to anybody. >> reporter: maniel and his friend were not hurt but business is gone. he was allowed to grab some things out of the shop before they pulled out the bus.
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holding up the roof. and the business owner said he is grateful that his wife and baby got out safely. they were in the building. just moments before the bus hit the structure here. investigators say they are now looking into the possibility that the bus driver had some sort of medical problem, that caused him to lose control. that's the story live from warwick rhode island. byron barnett 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: new this morning. red line commuters can expect delays again today because of construction work on the longfellow bridge. the delays were severe yesterday. since the trains can only travel at 10 miles an hour while crossing the bridge. also, transportation officials discussed other red line issues at a meeting yesterday. and one issue the red line has a backlog of $1.5 billion of upgrades and replacements. and even in nice weather it is on time rate is 75 percent.
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two big breaking stories. first, afghan policeman turns his weapon on fellow police officers. and in the end kills 10. authorities say he shot them while they slept. then fled the scene after stealing all the weapons and ammunition. this morning the taliban claims responsibility for that attack. also breaking overnight. asian stock marts sinking after oil prices drop. shanghai index drops 6.4 percent bringing it on lowest level in the year. one of the reasons, again, for plunging oil price is slower growth in china. >> anchor: new hampshire primary two weeks from today. and new boston herald poll out showing front runners with big leads o democratic side bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton by 16 points. and on the republican side donald trump continues to dominate the field. his 33 percent is more than his next two competitors ted cruz and john kasich combined.
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christie less than 10 percent support. boston newspaper endorse over g.o.p. candidates in new hampshire. globe selects kasich that spends a lot of time in granite state and herald endorsed chris christie for republican nomination. donald trump is making a stop in the granite state and criticize engcruz ahead of the primary. kris anderson joins us on what trump is saying in the final push before voters head to the poll. >> reporter: close to voters heading to the poll. nation's attention on iowa as states caucus is six days away. while democrats were in hawk way state campaigning last night donald trump was in new hampshire. and as expected he once again took aim at the top republican rival. >> we are going to make america great again. >> reporter: donald trump firing up a crowd of several hundred in farmington new hampshire. and taking aim at his closest rival. >> canadien man from canada.
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whether texas senator ted cruz born in canada should even be able to run for the white house. >> he could run right now for prime minister of canada, no problem. >> reporter: while trump was in granite state democrats in iowa making a final pitch to voters before monday's caucus jive a 40 year record of going after inequality. economic inequality and racial inequality, sexist inequality, homophobic inequality. kinds of things that go after people to put them down and push them back. >> i think we are touching a nerve with the american people who understand that establishment politics is just not good enough. we need bold changes and political revolution. >> hold strong at the caucus america is looking for a new leader. america is scanning the horizon. >> reporter: recent poll numbers show hillary clinton does have a slight edge over sanders in iowa and donald trump has regained his lead over ted cruz there. live in the newsroom. kris anderson 7 news "today in new england."
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do not forget dan house lee is headed off to iowa for caucus and live reports on air beginning on thursday. >> anchor: still ahead on "today in new england." cities continue to dig out after the massive snow storm. how places like our nation's capitol are dealing with a mess left behind. >> anchor: a dog disappears only to be found an hour later. but where she was found. that's what has people talking about today. >> weather: not so much temperatures are warmer. well into the 40s. how long will they last? forecast ahead. >> anchor: at 9:30. search for a shooter after a parking space dispute turns violent in dorchester.
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hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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the glove we have tough days. he had a tough sunday.
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following that crushing play off loss. sad to bring it up again. to broncos sunday. his wife thanking fans for kind thoughts and in fact, she tweeted thank you for the messages supporting tom. so proud of him. hashtag # gratitude. look at this. this warms the heart. children showing their dad some love. look at that. gisele sharing adorable photo of the two hugging dad. photo received thousands of likes on instagram. and hey nothing helps when you have had a down day than having door like that. >> anchor: i love it. going home to chubby cheeks. chris? >> weather: bad work day, forget about it. smile on the kids and things turn around. patriots that got us through last winter. afc championship and then the superbowl. because we had a deal with. this i remember waking up that monday morning after the superbowl with all the snow heading our way saying thank god they won the superbowl because
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and this was the beginning of the snow blitz. from january 26, for the next three weeks n boston, we picked up 7 feet of snow in three weeks alone. we had a lot of cold air. very tough to melt any of the snow. as you know. 36 in worcester. 35 boston. 43 in plymouth. not this go around. melting snow this afternoon. and snow we had from the weekend storm. winds out of the south. then out of the southwest. as we get into the afternoon. and it will be gusty at times. but overall bringing in milder air. so that's the trade off today. more wind. more clouds. but we have temperatures in the mid 40s to near 50. and precipitation to the west of us. vice-president a tough time running into that dry air in place. so maybe passing sprinkle late in the day. berchance of a passing sprinkle or brief shower. especially southeast mass. but overall not a lot of precipitation out of this. we will start tomorrow off with clouds. yielding to sun late morning into the afternoon. and another breezy day out there. but temperatures overall just
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close to 40 in the afternoon. and close to 50 southeast mass this afternoon. partial sunshine at times this morning. yielding to more clouds as we go through the afternoon. wind out of the southwest at times gusty. 20-to-30 miles an hour. mostly cloudy skies tonight. stray showers. especially across southeast mass. when we have the rain shower temperatures are close to 40. then falling back to near freezing by day break tomorrow. so we have started offend tomorrow not that cold. but we do not warm up much. we will hold in upper 30s and lower 40s in the afternoon. clouds to sun. another breezy day out there. for what is going on across the country over to danielle. >> reporter: thank you. if you are traveling today you should be okay. mostly quiet across the country. in the 40s in denver. out west. really nothing to report. really calm. rain showers from the southeast stretching up to northeast. should not impact your travel today. and here at home. it is a great day, and especially because look at the 24 hour temperature change. temperatures are up 17 degrees in new bedford. up seven? boston.
9:17 am
than it was yesterday. great day maybe to head out and take the dog for a walk. i will do that after work. so far this january, temperatures pretty close to where we should be this time of year. average temperature just below freezing. and that's just about 2 degrees warmer than average. the past week was cold, yes. first we have seen this winter. and now we will start to take a turn for the milder. heading into this afternoon. heading into lunch time. winds pick up. out of the south. getting up to 40 at times. he as we head to 6:00 driving home from work this evening. getting gift. calming down a bit overnight. still breezy tomorrow morning. and throughout the day it will be breezy tomorrow. we are keeping an eye on a storm later in the week. for more on that chris, back to you. >> weather: storm we watched yesterday for thursday night to friday. essentially what i watched here is how these would piece of energy were going to interact. one to the north and west. and the other coastline. if it dove down and caught the
9:18 am
it closer to coastline. but as of this morning this will not join up with this storm until too far out to sea. so we are calling for mostly offshore as it looks right now. still could get snow showers in here thursday night to friday with secondary system north and west of us. but overall should be low impact event. we will watch it for you. still few days away. but right now, it does look like seven-day forecast featuring many days above average. average high this time of year 36 or 37 degrees. couple of days close to it. but 40s second half of the weekend. sunday to monday milder again. >> anchor: sting with the weather here. not too much clean up to do here in boston but other cities another story. how the weekend winter storm is crippling some cities and towns. >> anchor: crippling is right. new at 9:30. case closed at harvard. why officials are ending the
9:19 am
>> anchor: last weekend's winter storm casing problems still. federal government in d.c. closed again today. nation's capitol still cleaning up after 2 feet of snow blanketed the area. >> anchor: did you see that collapse too? unbelievable. the snow is not only trouble. because other areas of the eastcoast are trying to dry out. after flood waters moved onshore too. >> reporter: the snow has stopped.
9:20 am
>> paralyzed by the storm. >> reporter: in new york it was the second snowiest storm in the city's history and many streets impassable. >> i was supposed to go to work today and i could not go to work because i was afraid of falling. >> reporter: in the nation's capitol with government offices closed monday along with schools and many businesses residents tried to dig out. >> only so much you can do when you have 20 inches. >> reporter: along the jersey shore flooding and beach erosion left a number of homes on the coast in danger. >> many tinkering on edge of falling over it looks like. >> reporter: some of the nation's busiest airports brought to a standstill by snow. >> these guys are pushing and hauling snow from sun up to sundown. >> reporter: ramps and runways busy but challenge for airlines getting the planes and crew into prompts assembling flight schedule and getting passengers where they have to go. >> anchor: a number of schools in new york, washington, baltimore and philadelphia also will remain closed again today. >> anchor: ahead on seven.
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of boston's busy tunnels. how this pup ended up there. >> anchor: 9:30. there could be hope for anover budget green line project. how new proposals could help to ease the cost. re like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, s ncakes to a whole new level. a - spread the happy! wow. the internet is crazy fast
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people are both soft and which is why our products are too. angel soft. >> anchor: cute dog living life in the fast lane. literally. one-year-old pup that disappeared for hours yesterday turned up in the tip o'neil tunnel. >> anchor: of all the places. just the beginning of the nightmare for dog's owner that happens to be in florida right now. this is kris anderson in the control room with more. chris? >> reporter: furry. if this dog could talk she would
9:24 am
not about why she decided to escape but how she was able to survive. three hours of adventure for posey was three hours of agony for owner scott cohen. >> get a call from daycare. >> reporter: out of town and left posey with daycare. getting her out of vehicle 2 p.m. monday. she bolted. >> reporter: he went to facebook writing posey is lost in the north end. volunteers helping to search. police notified. posey was running everywhere. >> actually was a warning apparently on 93 in the tunnel today she was racing outside of the station. she is apparently just gallop i can all over the freeway. >> reporter: then around 5:00. another phone call. she had taken herself to mass general hospital, cold and scared. cohen's dad saying. >> he was like smart dog does she have insurance. >> reporter: her story spread on twitter. cohen writing that's my dog, i am in florida right now losing
9:25 am
this video showing her being reunited with same daycare that she escaped from. both parties so relieved and scott so thankful for everyones help. >> it was. great it was crazy. humanity. >> >> reporter: posey said that's what you get for going to florida without me. he did talk to us at the airport and since reunited in boston with his furry friend. live in the control room. new england." >> anchor: thank goodness she was found okay. >> anchor: thank you chris. >> anchor: more to come next half hour. including california police asking for the public's help after three dangerous inmates escaped from jail. >> weather: more clouds more wind and more mild temperatures this afternoon. forecast ahead. >> parking problems for a driver in dorchester turn violent when someone suddenly opens fire.
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>> anchor: crews on scene at a water treatment plant after an explosion and fire sends workers to the hospital. >> anchor: man from dorchester recovers this morning after getting shot. this all started with a fight over a shoveled out parking spot. >> anchor: manhunt continues in california. after three prisoners pull off an elaborate escape. this is 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: welcome back on this tuesday morning everybody. it is 9:30. thank you for staying with us. i am sarah french. >> and i am christa delcamp. let's check it out weather wise. chris you have kept your eye on the sky. nothing there? >> reporter: no. last winter we had storm after storm and cold air. but i don't have major snow storms or cold next 10 days. 35 in boston. 43 plymouth. 46 in new bedford.
9:29 am
mass where we had the most snow. breeze. trading off today. we take the wind and take the clouds. but we take the milder air in here. i think, right now, much of the time is dry. some of this precipitation to the west of us breaking up as it swings to southern new england. maybe a spot shower or sprinkle later this afternoon or this evening but nothing major. low to mid 40s worcester hills. southern new hampshire. rising to upper 40s city of boston. and 50 southeast mass. guys? >> anchor: we are following a developing story this morning. fire crews on scene at a water treatment plant in quincy after a big explosion yesterday. hot spots from the fire continue to flame up. >> and this is several workers waking up in the hospital this morning injured. here is victoria warren outside of the plant with latest on what is going on. vicki? >> reporter: it is still burning right now christa. non-stop. this fire 100 feet below the ground. and trapped in some duct work.
9:30 am
yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon. five men went to the hospital. after the explosion. seven stories below ground here works. suffered smoke inhalation and eye irritation. debris apparently fell on them. working on odor control system. blast may be linked to a fan turning on. there is no visibility for firefighters down there. and they are hindered by thick concrete slab that is the massachusetts water resources authority said they have to bring a crane in to move. >> goal is to let the firefighters fight the fire from the top down. `part of the issue is fire is inside. the duct work. so very difficult. they can see it with the heat sense i go machine there is still flames in there. every time they find a way to get water into the deduct it pushes the fire further in. >> reporter: they hope to have
9:31 am
once it is put out the damage to the facility could be tremendous but they want to assure the public that the facility can be operated despite the fire going on right now. as for five men brought to the hospital. they remain there. but they are expected to be okay. live in quincy. victoria warren, 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: happening right now. the search is on for a shooter in dorchester after a man was shot in the street. now police are saying this was apparently all over a parking spot. witness said the victim was trying to move the car and that's when everything went wrong here. the hunt for gunman. >> reporter: they want to track him down. despite shot in the stomach of the victim is expected to be okay. so good news. here in new england, of course, we have heard about arguments over shoveled out park inspots but police say this is getting out of control. police say a 34-year-old man that was driving this toy toys camry was shot in the stomach by
9:32 am
in what the other man believed was his spot. >> it is terrible. ridiculous. i don't understand how it comes to that. never that serious over parking spot. not even a lot of snow out here. >> reporter: it happened monday on nightingale in dorchester. the gunman pulled up and complained he had shoveled out the space where you see the gray car. apparently the owner of the camry was going to move but did not move fast enough. the two argued and he was shot from close range. >> something go pop. i look out the window and saw someone laying on the ground. >> it goes to the point, too many guns. when people are shooting over park inspots we have a problem. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect, 27-year-old man, took off up the street in his bmw. and may have run into this house. but he was not there when police arrived. >> all i know is no one died over parking. >> reporter: victim in this case is still in the hospital. police have identified the suspect.
9:33 am
live in the newsroom. kris anderson 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: three people taken to the hospital after a bus slammed into a auto shop in warwick monday. emergency crews took down part of the building last night it would not collapse. and this morning officials are investigating whether the bus driver suffered from a medical issue. and happening today. relatives of the missing marine from hinge ham will be returning to massachusetts from hawaii. corporal christopher orlando's family members will receive a police escort to hinge ham. police in town are welcoming people to line parts of main street, e-street and summer street to show support. >> and orlando and 11 other marines presumed dead after two helicopters collide in the air off the hawaiian coast earlier this month. the coast guard called off the search last week. >> and new this morning. nbt control board approved three deals redesign the green line extension project. according to herald contracts are worth up to $6 million.
9:34 am
the project was about $3 billion. but officials are hoping to cut a billion from that total. harvard university now closing the case of an alarming vandalism that happened back in november. administrators say they could not find the person that places black tape over photos in the law building. investigators believe the suspect was targeting specifically photos of african-american faculty members. officials conducted interviews and examined the photos and really came up with nothing. the law department said that security cameras will be installed in the future. >> anchor: police in dedham searching for answers after a dog is found abused and out in the cold. animal control officer found the dog monday afternoon while responding to a call. the dog now known as stitch is suffering from severe starvation. he is being treated at the animal rescue league's boston shelter. >> anchor: and arl officials say stitch had no collar and about two years old. they say he could easily have died if someone did not see him.
9:35 am
who abused him. asking anyone that recognized stitch to call police. >>anchor: well, happening right now. police in worcester investigating a terrifying encounter during a home invasion. police say a mother came home with her one-year-old baby on thursday. and found four men in her house. two other children of hers, 13-year-old and seven-year-old were inside of their rooms at the time. the men allegedly put the family inside of the bathroom, took jewelry from the home. and then ran off. >> of two of them in the apartment while four suspects were there. they did not know it. so that was unnerving. we are looking into t we want to know why they were there. we are trying to find out what their purpose was. >> anchor: right now police are still searching for the suspects. new this morning. owners of the sunken cargo ship el farrow reached a settlement with 10 of the crew members families cling a local man. company will pay each family
9:36 am
they claim the ship had been overdue for repairs. the family of winthrop native keith griffin far left of the settlement. according to news cases are pending with tea other families. three from brockton orthopedic board the ship. >> anchor: story from california. second time in less than a year there has been an elaborate prison escape. three men considered dangerous on the run. >> reporter: we are in a position where we absolutely need the public's help. >> reporter: orange county sheriff lays out urgency of a machine hunt underway in california. after three broke out of the orange county central men's jail friday. >> these three extremely dangerous felons and need to be apprehended and brought back to custody immediately. >> reporter: two of the men facing charges of murder and attempted murder and thought to have ties to vietnamese gangs
9:37 am
charged with kidnapping and torture. officials say inmates first cut through a quarter inch metal plate. then squeezed through cramped insecure plumbing tunnels. and bed sheets competence towels to reppel 50 feet to the ground. >> they are in a pod in a orange county jail. constantly laundry call where people are turning in their old laundry. so it is really easy to accumulate bed sheets. pillow cases and such. >> reporter: inmates cleared talking about breach i can in some places significant amounts of steel, rebar and metal. >> reporter: officials say it help. but they believe a fight that broke out friday night may have been stageed to delay discovery of the escape. >> anchor: police are offering $50,000 reward for information leading to their capture.
9:38 am
13 people rescued from a sinking yacht off the coast of southeast florida. this happened monday night near the town of lauderdale by the sea. whole yacht sank 25 minutes after the final person on board was rescued. officials say it is in the area where they will not be able to recover stop. yacht will stay essentially under water. >> and look at this extreme case of road rage. really blows your mind here. two men going toe-to-toe with weapons in hand. almost like a sword five. get out of the cars in the middle of the road. one with a bat. another with a pole. and then they start to fight. apparently these men made gestures to each other while stopped at the red light. and fight went on until the light turned green and the drivers get back in their cars. can you imagine sitting at that red light and watching that. >> anchor: no. i don't think i would video tape it. get away, massive fire in high-rise building sending smoke
9:39 am
started in a restaurant kitchen after someone poured water on a grease fire. flames were since put out. >> anchor: not something you want to do. just ahead this morning. students turning their cell phones over to police. >> anchor: why students are you going off the grid but it is all for a great cause. >> anchor: also ahead in seven sports. the pats off season changes have started. see which coach is no longer with the team. >> weather: changes in the forecast from yesterday to today. more clouds. more wind and milder air. how long it sticks around just
9:40 am
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>> anchor: welcome back. 9:44 right now. the good news here, we are kind of having a warm up. >> it has been nice not having to put on hat and gloves and everything. obviously. it is january. >> weather: lots of nervous people saying going into this stretch. this is where it all began last year. starting now to see cold and storminess? next seven to 10 days, no. but last year at this time, beginning the blitz. we got 7 feet of snow. in three weeks. and we had brutally cold air. coming in for three week stretch. 11 degrees below the average with coldest morning of minus two in boston. only three afternoons above freezing. so little melting taking place. you know the rest of the story with basically nowhere to put the rest of the snow. ice false and all of that stuff we had to deal with. 35 in boston. 38 in nord.
9:43 am
certainly seeing that cape and islands this morning with 40s. the winds out of the south, gusty at times through the day. but south-southwest wind that will help to warm us up through the afternoon. winds. so 45 to 50 this afternoon. but may feel like 40 thanks to breeze outside. more clouds at times. especially this afternoon. do think a lot of the out. cannot completely rule out a passing sprinkle or brief light shower but risk is low. across southeast mass slightly higher tonight. wednesday and thursday dry. and 40 percent chance of snow showers around here on friday. which means the bulk of the storm looks to be offshore for thursday night into friday. all right. forecast model through today. agai not a lot going on precipitation wise. more of a cloud producer than anything else. clouds around tomorrow morning morning. into the afternoon. gusty winds tomorrow. temperatures close to 40.
9:44 am
and back doing some melting again in the afternoon. child and breezy this afternoon. more clouds than sunshine. 45 to 50. that wind out of southwest 12 to 18 miles an hour. occasionally gusting to 30. mostly cloudy skies tonight. stray shower this evening with temperatures close to 40. and then falling back into middle to upper 40s by day break tomorrow. and low 30s. not much of a temperature rise tomorrow thanks to other end of the front. breezy with temperatures running into upper 30s and lower 40s in the afternoon. more on that wind. and what is going on across the rest of the country. >> reporter: pretty quiet day if you are traveling. especially out west. we have showers stretching down from texas all the way up to philadelphia. but really not going to impact your travel plans. now for us, these temperatures are definitely on the warmer side. from 24 hours ago. we are up 17 degrees in new bedford. up 18 degrees in plymouth. up 7 degrees in boston. so, yes, it is feeling warmer. get outside and enjoy the nice day out there. so far this january,
9:45 am
should be this time of year. keep in mind december was warmest on record. average temperature so far this to month is 31. about 2 degrees warmer than where we should be this time of year. the last week was cold but now we are getting to deal with mild weather. we will talk about those winds heading into lunch time. gusting out of the south around 30. getting up to 40 miles an hour as we head to evening commute 6:30. and then overnight they are dying down a bit. and staying breezy through the day tomorrow. towards the end of the week talk bin a storm. for more on that back to chris. >> weather: talked about this yesterday and how close to new england it would come yesterday. we are not certain if it would stay close to the coastline or offshore. leaning to offshore at this point as guidance has everything moving too fast for it to workout for it. late week we will watch for cool air working n not particularly cold. but closer to seasonal levels but you notice the dip in the jet stream of the that would be the storm track from florida off the eastcoast.
9:46 am
that's what we are watching to see how fast this energy can connect with the storm off the southeast. now this can race south and east and grab the storm and pull it along the coastline and better chance of a storm. right now two of these will stay separated until it is too far out in the atlantic. that's why i am calling for snow showers and flurries around on friday versus bigger storm. bulk of the moisture and storm will stay off the coastline. look at sunday and monday. starting early in february. the mild pattern will continue into early next week. guys? >> anchor: also on seven. students in billerica selling out. giving up one thing teens say they cannot live without. but good news here is that it is for a good cause. police department holding the phone. locking up cell phones for a few weeks. >> anchor: tarted two years ago. simple gestures. as kim tells us it has turned into something you larger. >> reporter: billerica high school students make a sacrifice teenagers can make.
9:47 am
more than 50 students agreed to turn in their phones for 21 days. to raise money for cancer. >> one of the most amazing things you can ask of kids today, simply because they do not know what life is without it. >> reporter: selling out for a cause. started when billerica hockey team agreed to give up phones to raise money for a local seventh grader with leukemia. two years, $75,000 later. that boy is cancer free. freshman on jv hockey team. >> one of the fathers on the team thought it would be a great idea if we gave up our phones in order to raise money for ian. i thought it would be hard. my life line. you see every teenager uses it 24/7. even in your sleep. >> reporter: family affected by cancer chosen as recipient. so students lined up. zip their phones up in plastic bags and watched them get locked away. but they all say the sacrifice
9:48 am
>> i think it is awesome to help someone else in ways i never this thought i could help. >> reporter: students say meeting those that they helped makes it easier. >> the sacrifice of giving up the phone is nothing compared to cancer. like signing how appreciative michele is. every time i see her. i get a big hug. i know she means it. >> reporter: school faculty on board. thankful for the cause. and that teenagers can 75 without their phones. >> we have done a lot of things for community service. but absolutely nothing as powerful as this. and, i think, everybody would like to see a teenager put their phone down just even for an hour would be nice. never mind 21 or 30 days. >> reporter: kim khazei 7 news "today in new england." >> anchor: not only do you help someone. added benefit like taking a mini vacation i will bet. going unpluged for a bit. >> i wish i could give away mine. >> anchor: there are days. >> anchor: up next in seven sports. celtics take on washington in the snowed in nation's capitol yesterday.
9:49 am
highlights from high scoring match up straight ahead. >> anchor: have you ever run a half a marathon? one dog did.
9:50 am
>> now seven sports. >> reporter: good morning. tom brady rushed and rocked all day long. still patriots almost resilient enough to come back at the end. but season is over. instead of playing in the superbowl the team is playing the blame game. according to reports the patriots have fired offensive line coach elmo. taking a fall for the line struggles. tom brady hit 23 times. sacked four times, before sunday
9:51 am
handled the line this year. having to use 37 different combinations. the celtics visiting washington looking for a third straight win. and the c's on fire in the fourth. marcus mark knocking down the three tapping a run. and celtics win it. scoring over 100 points for 9th straight game. bruins visiting flyers and b's up 2-1 in the third. simmons cleans up the mess in front. his second of the night. tied. and two minutes left. look at this. unlikely hero for b's. conley tips in the game winner off the shot. the seventh goal of the season. just the third since thanksgiving and bruins win it 3-2. and b's return home back in action against the ducks at the garden. that's seven sports. i am alex corddry and have a great day. >> anchor: up next. story of a dog that went on quite a long run. >> anchor: how she ended up in the middle of a road race and
9:52 am
>> anchor: bloodhound can now check a half marathon off her bucket list. >> she found herself running the race in alabama after she went to take a bathroom break. trotted alongside run fors 13.1 miles finishing in seventh place. organizers say next year the race will be named the hound dog half. and special prize given to the runner that finishes in seventh. i love the story. >> anchor: i love how she kind of lights out after words. takes a snooze. owner said that she is a lazy dog really. are you kidding? >> anchor: >> weather: lazy dogs do not run 13 miles. maybe couch potato this afternoon. long morning run. 45 to 50 degrees this afternoon. and not a bad afternoon for a run outside.
9:53 am
i hope the wind is at the back. a breeze on going through the afternoon. and again tomorrow. just snow showers on friday. >> anchor: we have enjoyed you today. and come back at noon. i am christa delcamp. >> and i am sarah french. have a great day. okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life ipacking for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that' s always ready. as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. for a network that moves as fast as your business. right now, upgrade to fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns
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