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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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troopers were looking r that tire as they highway. the 19-year-old woman visibly distraught after this horrific accident. >> state police are withholding all names in this investigation. all they will say is it's under investigation and charges could be possible. kelli o'hara, 7 news. also on 7 the last of smoldering hot spots in quincy finally out comes one day after an explosion at this sewage water plant sent five workers to the hospital. we are hearing that several of those workers were back in the building. let's go to 7's jonathan hall to learn the latest about the workers and the plant. evening. an investigation is find out exactly why this happened. it was literally a fire in the hole there, well underground and it's something those injured workers will never forget. it was a long, tough fight but the nut island
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fire is finally out. >> sigh of relief. some good news. the most important thing is four out of the five guys are out of the hospital. >>reporter: the workers are on site picking up personal belongings. they didn't want to speak on the news but a co-worker told me it felt like a bomb went off. one of the workers is still hospitalized as a precaution. >> he's got headaches and issues with his eyes. hoping he's okay. he's the youngest of >>reporter: quincy firefighters were unable to hit all of the flames which got into some duct work 75 feet down. >> even with the sprinkler system operating, there's a lot of areas we just couldn't get to. >>reporter: the mwra brought in a huge crane. it's part of the roof of the underground section of the plant. that allowed
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water down in the fire and research spots that had been out of reach. a full 24 hours after the blast, the fire was finally out. >> we can start to determine how this actually started. then we'll be working with the mwra to see that we make improvements so something like this doesn't happen again. >> the plant is still working to screen raw sewage tonight. and then the odor control section is inoperative, the head of the mwra doesn't believe the neighbors in quincy will notice a thing. we can tell you right now everything smells just fine here. we're live in quincy, jonathan hall, 7 news. right now investigators searching for answers after a dorchester. police say the man accused of shooting a driver over a parking spot is still out there on the run. dan hausle with the latest on the investigation tonight. any leads, dan? >>reporter: police say they know who they are looking for but they don't know if they are going to find him within hours
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the victim's car remains on the street here with police not only looking at thing is but the mayor's office as well as this shooting is causing to question whether space saving should continue. an argument over the space he was parked in. police appear to be keeping a close eye up neighbors say they living. that's where police say they found the suspect's car shortly after the shooting but they came up empty when they searched the house. the shooting has mayor marty walsh rethinking how the city saves parking spaces after snowstorms. the homeowners can save spots up to 48 hours after a snow emergency. people were saving spaces anyway and there was no sign of a crackdown on violators. meanwhile the man shot over a parking spot remains hospitalized but
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from his injuries. the suspect is still out on the streets. >> and no changes from the mayor' office just now. he says he will continue to study it and wait for the police report but he says that the violence over this practice continues, it may have to stop. we're live in dorchester, dan hausle, 7 news. happening now people in hingham getting ready to line the streets to welcome home the family of a local marine. corporal christopher orlando and 11 other marines all killed when their two helicopters collided in the air off the coast of hawaii earlier this month. tonight corporal orlando's family is returning home from hawaii. kimberly bookman live in hingham with more on this show of community support. >>reporter: yeah, kim, we are at the beginning of the route here at the lexus dealership of hingham. this is where a caravan of marines is expected to meet. police, fire, business owners as well as
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the streets here along the roadway as the family returns home. when there are no words, sometimes simple actions help. >> i can't respectfully put myself in their shoes but coming off the highway to their hometown, a nice big flag that we have out here and just knowing that we're here. >>reporter: didn't family of u.s. marine corporal christopher orlando were return home without him. they were in hawaii after the search for the 23-year-old after the helicopter he was in and another chopper crashed january 14th. >> it's such a tragic thing to happen at 23 years old. >>reporter: the recovery mission ended january 19th and all 12 on board including the hingham native were declared dead. >> i think it's the least we can do to come out and support our neighbors. >>reporter: now the town and state are doing what they can to support the family provideing a police escort from them from
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the road on this very long, painful journey home. >>reporter: and back out here live now, police asking residents who want to come out here to just bring signs, flags and stand in silence as the family comes through. their flight is supposed 615. they are expected in hingham at 7:00. it's history in the making for a high school basketball coach in easton. with just one more win she become the winningest coach for girls' basketball in the state. nick emmons is live where the girls are hoping to make history tonight. >>reporter: it's expected to be a packed house in here as well. right now the jv game is going on. a fitting night for this to be packed at the gym night. coach holbrook tied the state record for all-time wins during
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she has 633 wins now, pretty impressive. her career dates back a few decades here. you can see the banners all over this gym here at oliver ames. the coach declined to talk to us before the game because she's a bit superstitious and doesn't want to jinx things or take away anything from the players. >> i'm seeing how much program. she truly dedicate her life to it. even though she doesn't like all the attention, she deserves it. >>reporter: so coach holbrook has 633 career wins at this point. one more win and she will take the title for the winningest state girls' basketball coach in the history of the state.
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to watch for tonight. that's the latest tonight at oliver ames high school, nick emmons. >> hope she does it. hopefully we have the good news later on tonight. coming up tonight at 6:00 a shelter dog now with a forever home. tonight a family from massachusetts making all the difference for the abandoned about animal. with john kasich on the issues?
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an abandoned dog meeting his new found family for the first time in worcester. moose, a pit bull mix, stayed in a shelter in the virgin islands for nearly five years. >> after a social media campaign went viral, moose is finally heading home. here's 7's steve cooper. >>reporter: meet moose whose made it to massachusetts after adoption processes spanned more than 3,000 miles. >> it's exciting. we've been waiting a long time. >>reporter: it began with a world-wide social media campaign that went viral called help moose find a family. the six-year-old pit bull mix was abandoned in the virgin islands
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after spending the time at the animal care shelter, the family of east bridgewater who just lost a dog fell in love with moose. >> i feel like i already knew him just through social media. just being in contact with the shelter, they've given us a lot of info. >>reporter: thanks to a family from new york, moose was given the red carpet travel dream, a private jet flight from st. john to new york followed by a limo ride from the big apple to boston during last weekend's snowstorm and then today the burke's traveled to worcester, the animal rescue league to pick up their new addition and all is well. >> it's just so good to get him out, get him home, let him calm down a little bit. >>reporter: the burkes are beside themselves a kodak moment they won't soon forget. >> we want to get him settled at home, realize
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>>reporter: the burkes are home with their new addition and they hope they can put all this fan per behind them with life with their new dog. in worcester, steve cooper, 7 news. >> you can tell moose was a little intimidated. >> the story is good. it encourages other people to adopt. hopefully moose is very, very happy and that will be the end. >> adopt a rescue dog if you can. i don't even know, jr, do you have any pets? >> well, our daughter is lobbying us hard for one. interesting. great story. forecast coming up next. and coming up next in 7 sports, set to face his former team tonight at the guarden and he tells us what he's going to do to his former team.
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nice day today. temperatures upper 40s, low 50s. still mild tomorrow and thursday.
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lot of clouds, few flurries possible. we warm it up again by the end of the weekend and early next week. bedford nice, 51. nor ward 52. boston had a high of 49. january thaw. yeah, they do happen, typically the third week of the month and when they happen, they say go big or go home. temps were about ten to 12 degrees above normal. month of january this year has been sprinkled in with cold days. right now we're back in a mild pattern. in an el nino winter, warm is usually king. i'm sure it will flip back to cold in about a week or two but let's enjoy this right now. norwood at 47. on the maps this evening there is a cool front coming through new york and pennsylvania generating a lot of clouds, each a couple sprinkles overnight tonight but this is not an arctic front. this is not the leading edge of bitterly cold air.
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front. 20s and 30s in the great lake states. most of this cold air does not swing right into new england. it will pass to the north of us grazing northern new england and southern canada. that's why the numbers set back a little bit tomorrow and thursday air. overnight tonight relatively mild. i think for overnight low it's will be close to a normal high of 36. tomorrow morning mild and in through the day a sunshine. bit of a westerly breeze in the afternoon so that might add a bit of a cool feel to the air. boston tomorrow afternoon 44. lakeville at 45. north of town, merrimac valley, lower 40s can back into the worcester hills, a mix of clouds and sunshine. worcester at 41 and out on to the cape and the islands melting more snow tomorrow. edgartown 44. province town at 45. sunny skies. a nice winter day on
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out there, pleasant. temps on thursday close to tomorrow in the lower 40s. on friday we have another cool front that drops out of canada. once again this is not an arctic front. last night i thought this front might be able to reach out over the ocean and grab this ocean storm and pull it closer to new england. i don't think that's going to happen. i think we can say good-bye to that low pressure system out to sea and for us the cool front on friday will generate clouds. there will be a couple of flurries and maybe an isolated snow shower but nothing significant. saturday mostly cloudy skies, upper 30s. great day for skiing. even sunday up in ski country the numbers will be near 40 but closer to post upper 40s sunday and back into the low 50s early next week. have a great evening. just one game to go before the bruins hit l all-star break and that six day layoff comes
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ducks tonight, all that down time will feel all that better. picking up their fifth win in six nights in philly thank to brett kelly's non-empty net goal. more from the garden as the bs look to head out on a high note. >> with the group that we have and what we've had to put together this year, not going to complain about where we are in the standings and then how hard we've had to work to get there. >> claude yulian looks the part of a contender and brad marchand is part of the reason why. >> he's such a shifty little player. he's hard to contain. all those things put together gives hip >>reporter: 20th goal of the season monday, the fifth consecutive game he's found the back of the net. >> there's times where the puck goes in and
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when you have guys playing good around you, that helps. >>reporter: bruins won 5 of 6 break. a game that carries a little extra meaning for matt beleskey. >> i'm sure it's going to be fun playing against some of those guys. >> he's not afraid to go to the net. he's gritty. he gets his nose dirty. that's been a good blend for a hockey club ropt for the first time this year beleskey gets the chance to show his skill team. >> i think they know i'm going to hit them. that's part of it. it's going to be a fun game. >> 7 sports. celtics keeping pace with the bruins. the smallest guy on the floor could be the biggest reason why. isaiah thomas make his case for a trip to this
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that's 12th in the nba. while adding nearly seven assists per night. we'll see if he's made enough of an impression on eastern conference coaches filling out their all-star ballots because thomas is up against a tough field of competitors. blake griffin was closing in on a comeback from his quad injury. griffin has been sent home from l.a.'s current road trip and will miss the next six to eight weeks. after tom brady got hit 20 times in denver, someone had to take the hit. but was it really his fault? there's a big difference in the heat brady was taking before and after. as for the lines play on sunday, belichick says there's plenty of blame to go around. >> it's all interconnected between the receivers, the
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i mean the execution, balance and the running game. i mean it's all part of it. i wouldn't put it on any one guy or any one situation, one position. just in the end we came up short. >> and with matthew slater backing out of the pro bowl, none of the seven patriots selected to this year's nfl all-star showcase will actually make the trip to hawaii. that's sports. >> all right. thank you, joe. 7 news at 6:00 will
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