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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> we don't know much about it yet. luckil weot here and they allow us to come get kids. we were kind of worrying about what, what's happened. and again, this scene has been cleared. that school bus that was here in the middle of street has taken away. the other vehicle also taken away. and 13 children transported from this scene. for now live in framingham john cuoco. also breaking a health scare here in massachusetts. state health officials have now confirmed the first case of the zika virus in the state. virus has potentially serious consequences for some women. 7's ryan schulteis at our breaking news desk now. kim, officials say patient was man who traveled to area with widespread. sri can virus is spread by mosquito no current treatment or big concern it can birth defects if disease contracted by woman whos pregnant. now the world health organization meeting today saying the virus is spreading
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that level of concern is high. officials say there's potential for three to 4 million cases in the next 12 months. those symptoms include fever, conjunctivitis. about 80 people of people that become infected don't show any symptoms if they do they usually last one week go away wut oh any additional problems. again serious risk is only to pregnant women. in newsroom ryan schulteis, 7 news. also following breaking news foxboro fire crews on scene industrial building that went up in flames. you can see from sky 7 hd number of fire crew that is were around building at one point also how it shelled out there. still being blocked off right now. this is actually really close to gillette stadium. you know area right behind where the bass pro shops is. >> and you can see this picture from earlier fire department showing flames are deep inside there. firefighters spraying water on the flames. if we get more information about this we'll be sure to pass it along to you. >> now to the race for the white
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center stage in iowa now. gop candidates getting ready for what has already become a controversial caucus. tonight is the night republicans faced off in iowa but big name will not be on that stage. donald trump boycotting the rally there. and having one of his own 7 dan hausle is live in iowa with more from the candidates. i should say trump will not participate in the debate unless something changed dan. >> yeah. i told you earlier there's no extra podium for him. and response are said they've taken away green room nobody expecting him here tonight. and he's hoping to hurt fox news. sponsors of the events. and hurt their ratings. but looks look some of other candidates may be feeling pain as well they or their supporter ares upping millions of dollars for their own shots at trump. >> donald trump just hours away from a hosting his own event tonight at nearby drake university. trump will be raising money for veterans while other candidates
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prime time debate. what we have going and it's really important is a movement. it's not like a normal situation. trump complaining to debate sponsor fox news mistreated him. but there was trump last night on fox, listening to a fox news anchor bill o'reilly pleading with trump to show up. just want you to consider it. you want milk shakes i'll take them off ledger if you consider it. i told you up front don't ask me that question it's an embarrassing question. to listen to you i'm not going listen to anybody. but i'm not going any political anything. o'reilly repeatedly asking trump to debate i'm asking you to reconsider it a lot of milk shakes >> it's up to you now some of other candidates are making pitches for are one-on-one debates with trump ted cruz super pac offering to give one and a half million dollars to vets if trump takes cruise's challenge. >> i'm going to pro easy a venue western iowa tech saturday night
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carly fiorina is offering $2 million to debate drake at drake. rubbing rest gop pac the wrong way. i don't think he will missed in fact don't think donald trump is conservative. 90 percent is whole thing. this not a show. this is serious. >> so going to interesting to see if the candidates all pile on donald trump in sense or if lot of them train their fire on cruz the next man in line according to the a polls. under card gets started in less than an hour. the main event 9 o'clock tonight. >> we're live in des moines, dan hausle. all right we'll see you a little bit later on dan in iowa through the caucuses next week. you can look for dan's lie reports to continue right here on 7 news. >> also dan oh seven a man accused of killing his he today. police say 35-year-old murdered his wife then caused a serious crash on highway. tonight he's being held without bail as we learn more disturbing
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steve cooper live in norton with story for us. steve. >> adam this is was just a community that has been shaken to the core tonight. in fact if you read some of the details in the police report, what happened here last night is absolutely chilling. and we now know that it was the victim's a11-year-old daughter who called 911 for help. >> a heartbroken father breaks down in court a man charged with brutally beating and stabbing his 34-year-old daughter julie meade to death faces a judge in attleboro district court. >> prosecutors say 35-year-old martin mcdonald murdered his he strange wife inside her home street apartment wednesday night. it 11-year-old daughter who called police but not before the suspect punched her in the face. >> the young girl then indicated she tried to call 911 a which time the defendant struck her in head area. not even a minute a deadly attack mcdonald crashed his pick
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nearby 495 seriously injuring a woman from rhode island. it was there he made a stun admission. he indicated to trooper i hope you have cuffs i need to be cuffed. things of that nature. the trooper inquire ad to what was going on. he said i just killed my wife. i arriving at the skriem scene did they find meade blieding to death a mine a nine-year-old boy a three-year-old gir 11-year-old good and 5-year-old niece all sitting near victim crying. mcdonald is father meade's two youngest children. neighbors are shake tone the core. my thoughts and prayers for the everybody involved in the whole situation. it's a shame. mcdonald is being held without bail order by judge to undergo psychiatric evaluation. as for that woman who was injured out on that crash on 495 we're told she was treated and released from the hospital today. live in norton tonight, steve
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and there's more news today. brookline police making two arrests after that shooting and stabbing that happened yesterday. an 18-year-old dorchester man arraigned in his hospital bed, hospital. but not well enough to be arraigned. >> the first one that you saw in bed there. his identity not shown because he's young. officials say the teen and two her men burst into an apartment attacked a man inside he suffered stab wounds the other injured man was shot and stand. two people got away and police are now searching for them. we have leads. but we have a lot of work that has to get done. >> third person not involved in police. was shot in leg 5 times and taken to the hospital. close call medford today when home there goes up in flames. officials say the fire started in a front room of this house and then spread very quickly. couple inside able to get out safely if you're trying to save some favorite belonging inside.
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to figure out how the fire started. >> and there's more news today including a special tribute to the crew members of the challenger 30 years after the take off. and local teacher christa mcauliffe one seven pee people that decide in that disaster still remembered today. jadiann thompson is live with more on hour her home team is mcauliffe's legacy lives on wrefr she went in concorde where she taught high schoolers. teachers say say they are inspired by her story to this day. people ren her concentrating striving to learn more. in pham where she grew up there were several tributes. now challenger exploded over the atlantic ocean less than two minutes after take off. 30 years ago. years later investigators concluded that super heated gas leaked and caused that blast. nasa observed slum milestone with wreath laying ceremony at allergy ton national cemetery in
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coming up a new disney movie with local ties. tonight a special boston screening for the new film about a dare coast guard rescue off the cape. we're live on red carpet where
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cambridge native casey afleck host special screening in boston tonight for latest movie finest hour. oh this film tells real life story dare rescue burying blizzard in 1952. movie opens tomorrow brandon gunnoe is live op the red carpet in downtown boston because cast is expected to arrive. >> kim adam they are not here yet but expected to arrive any minute we've keeping a close eye on it again this screen for the finest hours. and those stars are expected to arrive here in some producers different people that play a part film just showed up. again this is just an amazing story that took place right here in new england back in the 50s. parts of movie was shot here in new england. so it has special meaning to obviously boston and the place.
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one of the stars for film. ben afleck younger brother chris prien a captain kirk two big stars we're waiting on any minute that will walk down red carpet home to have few words very exciting time for screening a lot of members of coast guard and family members are here. but again we're just waiting on those stars who haven't quite shown up you. live in boston brandon gunnoe. all right brandon see you again a little later tonight. in meantime we're talking about temperatures yet again. seems like well above normal for this time of year beautiful winter day. i think it's winter jr. exactly wait until you see that
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coming back with live pictures from boston. red carpet here live pictures as it looks like coast duarte member is talking for premiere of cambridge native casey afleck's movie the finest hour. so brandon gunnoe star searching and more for you later on tonight here on 7 news. looks like a good movie. yeah. and of course anybody on coast guard is a star in my book. you know. out there on the water. what fantastic scary story when i see promos. things like that. we will go back to red carpet going over to i don't know what kind of carpet are you on? i think let's go with green. people at home can't see that. >> exactly.
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showers friday. rain and snow showers. i think we start with vein showers, then few snow showers mentally afternoon tomorrow. and overall we are still in a pattern. beautiful sunset this afternoon. from one off ur twitter friends. john, that's his name there's your handle. great shot harbor as well as cirrus clouds. right now at city 37. bedford 33. here are the clouds. we will. from two weather systems. which most of the focus will be thankfully. because if it was on that bug a boo down this we would big storm in new england. that stays oh out water this storm great lakes will swing cold front into day tomorrow. and grab some of that moisture from that ocean storm. that's why scattered showers versus widespread heavy rain or snow. tonight becoming cloudy not cold as it was this morning. upper 20s low 30s. for tomorrow, on and off rain
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ironically for metro boston rain showers late morning. midday. and then as cold front comes through. rain showers will slip over to snow showers. mid to late afternoon tomorrow. but again, focus on you know scattered showers. because it won't a wall of precipitation. here you go midday tomorrow. notice much to do about nothing. temperatures in upper 30s with few rain showers on the cape islands with snow showers western new england. then around the metro mid to late afternoon tomorrow. the evening commute. there will be a couple of scattered snow showers. and in terms of accumulating snow from this weather system this may be for some of you a coating to an inch. i don't think it's a weather system that can generate snow fast enough or heavy enough so we are worried about road conditions. some back streets driveways sidewalks, maybe a coating to an inch. where snow showers occur. temperatures tomorrow afternoon even tomorrow evening in upper 30s this weather system fades away tomorrow night. and around in weekend saturday mix of clouds and sunshine. it's a pleasant day on saturday.
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even tomorrow, with threats of rain and snow showers. numbers, you know technically a little bit above normal. and the reason for the clouds on saturday afternoon, that is a warm front. that will do its thing so that on sunday, numbers will jump into the upper 40s and low 50s. we're not done there. monday of next week a mix of clouds and sunshine with temperatures heading for the mid 50s. 7 on 7 forecast, mix of clouds and sunshine for sunday. monday much same partly sunny skies. tuesday, groundhog day numbers near 50 degrees with partly to mostly sunny skies. quite difference from year ago we had major snow storm. not this go around. then or next storm looks like middle of next week. that's going spring storm. periods of rain on wednesday. near record warmth. record next wednesday for boston is 59. it will be close. week. >> and now, time for 7 sports
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>> tide has it's like when you gamble it's bad luck to count your money brur addone gambling. that's pretty much it wee not worried about second or third seed want to play the right way. despite sitting in fifth place in eastern conference in just a half dame behind bulls for fourth spot even turner and celtics aren't taking anything for granted knowing full well they are also just two games out last place in east. if celtics continue to play defense, the way they did last night, they should be points for a second straight trip to the post season this spring. c fin ifshing with 15 steals in their win over nuggets. now we're second in nba. with 9.7 steals per became. brad stevens state obvious obvious when an asking about his team's defensive prowess. >> easier to oh 5 on 5. i mean, there's no question about that. so offensive numbers look a little bit better. when you're stealing the ball
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i'm glad we're doing it. i'm glad we're getting steals and converting. i don't think it's not talking point for us. talking point is position and being reliable. isaiah thomas sitting out practice today after injuring his angle celebrating during last night's win. but that ankle could feeling a lot better within the hour. when nba announces reserves for next month's all star game in toro to. 26-year-old thomas making strong case to make all star team averaging a career high team high 21.6 points per game. >> i feel like i deserve it. i mean, not just the individual success, but, but as a team, like, we've winning lately we're fifth in the east. and, and, we're playing a high level right now. so, i just, i feel like and on top of that numbers don't lie. you you can stack numbers up against anybody in nba. >> in a sure sign spring's just
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and catchers are scheduled to report for training camp three weeks from today. after this signing of david price and young talented nucleus already in place former red sox theo epstein thinks the future is bright over on yockey way. i think a great mix of really talented young players that getting ready to take next step into a potential stardom. and you know, better to have pull something to prove for different reasons. >> calgary flames defense man dennis white man has suspend indefinitely for cross checking lines man don henderson from behind during last night's game forker bruins blue liner said he never intended to hit henderson will have to face league in hearing following the all star break. >> i was just trying to get off the ice i was kind of keeled over at the last second i looked up ask i saw him, and you know i koontz avoid it. i think i went up to donnie apologized to him on ice i
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where to go or how to get away from him. i didn't realize i think two through my career i've been around for new years i think i've treated every official with the utmost respect i would never intentionally try to hit lance man or ref or anything like that. ands senior bowl is this saturday it reported ron grew ski younger brother glen met with patriots telling espn to play along side his brother. so imagine that two gronks in new england. i'm alex corddry. that's 7 sports. oh, imagine that. thank you, alex. can we handle it? all right 7 news at 6 will be
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coming up for us tonight's stealing spotlight latest on trump debate and stand off with fox news. a clinton sanders race tightens to virtual tie. zika in the u.s. why experts think they can draw a line here amid an explosive spread virus elsewhere j does it seem hot shows are sold out the minute tickets gone sale new report offers an eye opening
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that's our time for 7 snooze at 6 on a thursday. i'm acam bill yims. he woo hope toe what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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