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tv   Revista Hispana  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-6:30am EST

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good morning everyone and "revista hispana." on the show this morning information on the upcoming 13th annual alpha executive leadership and summit with 400 executives and leaders on how they impact the marketlace. peel also teacher the latino career expossess, the region's largest and successful top recruiters and employers. and in just a few moments the margarita muniz academy in boston is taking a special fieldtrip to the forbind land of cube a. a we'll have all of the details in just a bit. right here on "revista hispana."
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now the margarita muniz academy in jamaica plain is the first high school in massachusetts offering unique bilingual programs where students receive all classes in both english and spanish where stupidities can read shakespeare and elish and works in spanish. it is where living and learning two languages at once is start to actually increase the capacity of the human brain by extending memory skills, honing multi-tasking skills and increasing the level of abstract thinking. now the school is named after the late mararita munez who passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2011 after thirty nine years as teacher and princal p. she came to the u.s. at the age of 11 without her beloved parents making a difference in the lives of children whose english was a second language. this group is travelling to
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academy to engage in a community service and experimental learning process sharing with two different schools and for many students here represent the first opportunity to travel internationally and explore country. to tell us more we've invited the head marser of the school dan yeah vazquez, director of margarita muniz academy, teacher marilu alvarado and kamila mercado. sounds exciting. >> it is really exciting. thank you for having us today. >> couldn't say no. >> this is really an historic moment for our school that our students can do this especially at this time in history where cuba is at and the fact that our students are studying the history of cuba, the history of caribbean, the history of south america they really get hands-on experience. this is really an exciting moment. >> how many students are more or less going? >> eight to ten students
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be going, kamila and marylou. >> you've got to come after and ask questions. deal? >> deal. you've got that. >> just to make it official. [laughs] i'm going to go to lamareta. before this trip this whole system of teaching in both languages, how unique is it and what kind of an impact does it have on these kids?
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>> ok. the pressure son. first of all, how old are you? >> 16. >> yes. >> so you speak both languages, screed write both languages at the same time you learn. i bet your parents are happy about that. tell me about your parent and where you came from. >> my mom is dominican and my dad puerto rican and i always grew up speaking spanish but it's like two different kinds of spanish for me because the way my dad talks, the way my mom talks. >> oh, you mean puerto rican versus dominican, that's another show. [laughs] and we'll throw in the cuban
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but then in school, like i said, you could be reading one day shakespeare in english and sherantz in something else. has that hindered one or the other? >> i think it's helped. my spanish has improved a lot, doing both english anden spaish every singal day. >> m i'll going to test you. [native language] [spanish language]. >> are you excited about that? >> i'm very excited. >> will this be your first trip otof the united states? >> yes.
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my very first passport. [spanish] so this is typical of the future of america. >> and it's really important because it is not just about learning the languages but it is really about learning your culture, your identity, whom you are, and really the ultimate goal for our school is to get kids in college and to be able to contribute as citizens and i'm expecting that our first senior class that is graduating this june i'm already saying to some of those kids you have to come back and tribute to our school. it's really exciting. >> this is some of the photos you went to peru last night. >> that was our first international study tour marylou organized with students and other teachers and these trips, this a whole community endeavor. every single teacher really supports it. the kids buy food and do fund-raising together. it is really a whole community. so everybody is pitching for them and excited that they are going and excited when they come back to hear about the
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so this really is a community experience. >> mary lou-- [spanish]. marilu. >> so i'm going to ask you some questions ok, i want to put you on the spot but i am; what kind of music do you listen to? justin bieber? >> obviously, i listen to a lot of rap music. >> but you always hear the salsa and romero santos. you know how to dance the cha-cha a little bit. >> yeah, i'm all right. [laughs] >> get her into that other department. >> i think she's more than all right. i saw her at the school dance.
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so i do want to put information up because you are accepting donations. now need to raise some money. >> absolutely. the trip is really more than $25,000. we were almost there but not quite and so we were crossing our fingers as we get there on our website. and there is a website, so if you want to make a small contribution go on there and it's easy to make the donation. >> right on the front page, the opening page. you'll see the go-fund and we would really appreciate any donations and donations to our school because we're going to continue to do this every year, an ongoing process, so anybody who wants to really help us out now and in the future we'd love to have the support. this is really grassroots, home-grown, the teachers, parents and kids. everybody pitching in together. >> that's my jp school, that's my area. a little partial to jp. >> so we need the boston community to help us. >> absolutely. >> what are you going to be when you grow up? >> a sermon, i like that.
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it. thank you for coming back. >> and you already shook my hand, you gave me the fist pump. you've got to come back post-cuba. >> you're going to promise to come over and visit us in jp. >> i will put photos up here on urban and revista. thank you. great interview. when we return, the latino career expoult. an annual event that connects employers and recruiters to those seeking. all that information and more coming upal on "revista hispana."
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now in its 12th year the annual latino expo is the region's largest fair connecting talent to the
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employers to embrace the growing diversity of massachusetts workforce. it is estimated in the next three years 80% of the growth of the working age population will come from new immigrants and children. now if that wasn't jaw-dropping enough in the united states every 30 seconds a hispanic turns 18 and in the same 30 seconds two non-latinos retire from the workforce and that trend is projected to continue for the next 20 years, ladies and gentlemen, needless to say corporate boston has some diversifying to do and fast. well, to help with that process one of my next guests,jector of the diginal media in elmundo boston is here to tell us about the living opportunity to succeed with a forward ypthing employer here in boston can make a world of difference. we have a custmer service supervisor
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plan found her career # five years ago. how time flies. good morning. >> good morning. so you are going to help corporate boston # diversify. >> that is the goal at the latino career expo. we're going through our 12th year of helping them get it done. >> so i'm going to go to you right away. first of all, you didn't start off as customer service supervisor right p. >> no, actually as an entry-level position there. and within a year's time i ended up getting three promotions and i ended up working with in specialized team working with complex issues with our customers to then transition over to supervisor. >> and again just in case you didn't put two and two together you found an hp at the elmundo boston latino career. >> i did. i was looking to move to boston and decided i could get a job in boston and i heard about the latino career expo and decided to go. showed up there with resumes in hand and having a health
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neighborhood health plan and i approached them at their table. thankfully i was interviewed on the spot. shortly after long story short i am employed there. >> and now five years later on television talking about it. >> i am. what an honor. >> elelvis, for those who have never attended, give nee an overview. we're going to put photos so you can walk me through some of these visuals of what afwhat happens. 1:00 to 4:00, about a four-hour event. >> from 1:00 to 5:00, we get over 1200 job seekers, over 40 recuters and those recutererize looking for individuals to fill roles everywhere from blue collar to white collar roles, which require advancing reason. it is just really a fantastic high-energy event that brings the latino community and diverse candidates with corporate boston that often times that opportunity doesn't exist. >> so very, very unique.
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been an exhibitor resquan found folks like you, but tell me a little bit how the kind of opportunities the company gave you from the beginning, they obviously saw something in you # and now you've moved up with that corporate structure. >> yes, it's something i'm fortunate enough to experience there. and i'll very proud the neighborhood health plan works with their employees and do like to promote from within. seeing that i started off they were able to see the work ethic that i brought and able to see the experience that i had and the potential that i had. there was at one point also before going into the specialized team to work with complex issues i doubted a little bit because i said, ok, i'm not sure that i can take lon that responsibility but they saw in me that i could and they were able to allow me to work on that team to the point that a year after that, after being able to develop a lot of relationships internally i was eve an recipient of a ceo award
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so there are a lot of opportunities in the organization. being able to partake in the leadership program last year, i just graduated in december december 2013. it was a year long program. [applause] and the cheer # customer officer was the one that nominated me in that program. so being able to see an organization where the leadership sees potential in staff and they encourage them to continue and grow in advancing in their careericize something i love at neighborhood health plan. >> i'm looking at elvis with a smile on his face, almost as a father looks at a daughter, obviously that's impossible here, you seem proud of her story. >> absolutely. hearing this story is exactly what i love to hear, what we love to hear at el-mun dough and el-mundo, giving us the knowledge that we're having a great benefit today, in the future will resonate not just in boston but the entire
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>> for a potential employer or exhibitor i'm going to put some information on the profile of the people that go; who attends the latino career expo. how would you describe the folks that go there in general, elvis? >> as i mentioned earlier we have a great of talent that comes into the career expo from the blue cauller worker to the white collar with the advance in degree, recent college graduates, middle management, senior management, a great opportunity to meet a diverse candidate not just from a racial diversial background but a skillset background. >> i'm going to come back to aracelis, is there a specific story from the nhp you can share with us, something you really feel good? >> sure. one of the thins neighborhood health plan provides itself in is diversity and it is very customer focused, that's the type of culture that neighborhood health plan has
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within the workplace. i really enjoy going there and interacting with my colleagues. i won't mention them by name, on monday morning facing those i didn't mention. but going to that experience where i got to a point where i wasn't sure i could continue to advance and being able to have that mentor in there, being able to see that potential in me and having those conversations with me to say you've been doing it all along. it is in you, it is something that you continue to do. we want to grow within the organizations and continue to advance. >> awesome. all right. so today is january 31st, sunday, january 31st. so i'm looking at the calendar and exactly two months away. i want to put up the information. thursday, march 31st, we've got to save the date up there. take me through it so there is still time for people to go and sign up as exhibitors. >> absolutely. this is a perfect time for corporate boston to jump on
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they are present at this event and for career seekers to polish up their resume, make sure they are ready to potentially change their life that day. now i noticed in a later show we're going to do a focus on the second half of this day which is the professional mixer but since we're talking about youth and latinos tell me about the future leaders of americas, latino professional mixer. >> it is the next generation of great latino leaders for america. and really what we plan on doog is shining a light on the great breath of talent thattist comes in boston among the lieu tino community, among those 30 years old and younger. >> so basically my generation. >> absolutely. you are not supposed to laugh at that. marcy isic craing up and the people up there, lary elpino up stairs is. continue, sir. >> i think the folks we'll
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going to surprise everybody, just the excitement to see the great things that young latinos are doing in the city is just amazing to see. >> so would it be safe to say you'll be coming to the event as a success story graduate or does he have to invite you? i think you have to invite her. >> you're invited. >> and the whole hp family. >> i would be honored. i encourage all of those out there to please take an opportunity and just go. it is something that has benefited me, [spanish] >> thank you very up am. elvis, we'll see you two months from now, you as well as. thirst. actually we'll continue this discussion on how organizations are reacting to the change in demographic at the 13th annual alpha boston executive leadership summit is right around the corner. all of the information coming up right here on
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[music] # now here in town the boston
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nation's longest and largest for professionalicize considered the leaders in empowering latino professionals on all levels. and thursday, february 11th alpha's 13th annual executive leadership summit will bring close to 400 understanding the diversity and how it impact the marketplace. enna jimenez will have the professionals in their field and beyond. they have an exciting line-up of speakers and reward recipients. to tell us more we've invited three bort very cool members of alpha boston, two of the three are cool. [laughs] enna jimenez senior of the vp program of management. >> arvin izbell, the somewhat cool guy, project manager for alpha boston and paula garcia vp marketing of the alpha boston.
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we have a scoop. >> the alpha boston board is growing. >> yes, the alpha family of boston is literally growing. i have a little helper here helping me get the marketing tasks done. >> congratulations. >> thank you. and actually congratulations to all of you because you've been working hard and this looks like it is another amazing success. take me through, what can we expect. >> so you're going to have an amazing lineup of speakers. we have an awesome panel. they are going to be talking about different city and inclusion and how it really impacts the marketplace and how you know the marketplace really needs to start changing. there are so many different demographics now where they need to look at other retention strategies, right, and really appreciate how the market is changing and what they need you to do to cope with those changes. >> people, i think, kind of understand the why, i think they're struggling with the how and this is going to help
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>> arvin, project manager, when you close your eyes what are you looking at; 400 folks network, meeting lot of folks, a lot of cards going back and forth? >> we're expecting about 400 people to come to this event and the expectation is we're working, meeting professional said, making new connections. >> and that's always a great thing at alpha events. now don't know whom you're going meet. now see a lot of folks you expect to see and you want to see again but you make a lot of new connections. ena, you and i know each other but we've been around these meetings and met people we wanted to meet that we didn't know before. >> this is a way to connect and talk to other senior executives that are going to be there and folks from all over the boston area. >> so it is going to be a wonderful opportunity for latino professionals. >> i want to give credit because we have your alpha
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job right. let's give a little props to your company there. >> oh, well thank you. so i work at wellington management, vice president of the quality assurance department. >> and arvin you wear many hats during the day as well. >> yes. right now i'm working with on a best octers insurance company, i'm a case manager. >> paula tell me about yourself. >> so i am the marketing manager at a software company here in boston called the set and i'm also the marketing committee chair of a non-profit that supports columbian children. >> a great organization as well. we are a family and see each other in so many different ways and speaking of that i love the platform that alpha uses this platform to honor certain people in the community. we have reward recipients. are we going to let people know now.
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who is one of the recipients. >> this is john hackings, jr., the winner of the lifetime achievement award. very nice. let's take a look at the next lecipient. our friend marilu alvarado, the vice president. >> very much well earned. thatler rosa, the founder of guardian health care. and they're in jamaica plain and in lawrence. i remember when that company started, he's done very well. grassroots guy. well deserved, great staff and so forth. great selections by the way. by the way how do you select them? is there a committee? >> esi, there was an election that happened in december, so basically we ask our community to nominate individuals who are deserving of you know who have stood out in the community, who have
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know care about giving back and so you know arvin was part of the selection committee and you know we picked the best people i think this time around. >> i think it is great, a great overall event. >> ok. let's remind folks again for people who want to go. people watching can register still and go on the website, so it is obviously alpha and it is a good four hours right. a little less than a four hour event. >> from 5:30 to 9:00, thursday, february 11th. i'll show up, bring my valentine's day gift to you enna, you and i exchange every year for the last 30 years. she is a jp girl right across the street. >> absolutely. you want to make sure and remind our viewers they do need to register as there will be no walk-ins intercepted and you also have to be an alpha premium member which is very important. >> kudos to alpha boston
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of course all of us very proud of the organization on the chapter. wonderful work. there has been a seemless transition of leadership and great job again and i'll see you guys on thursday, february 11th. >> thank you. >> good job. >> boy or girl? >> it is a boy. we need a name, alberto. what do you think? >> don't know name alberto, there is only three of us, don't need anymore. too many albertos in the community. arvin. thank you so much. i'll see you on the 11th. that's it for this addition of "revista hispana." please don't forget to tune in later this morning at 11:30 for urban update as we talk iowa cockishes with a couple local political enthusiasts. for all of us here at "revista hispana" have a great sunday everyone. [music] ha pa i'
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