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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> breaking news. police making an arrest after two pedestrians get struck in boston overnight. one of them dragged by a car. the first votes of the election season set to be cast tonight. iowas a gather for caucuses in the hawkeye state. and 3-year-old in roxbury rushed to the hospital. how police are investigating at the house where the child was found. good monday morning everybody. it's 9:00. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. usually you hear folk complaining about a monday. when it looks like this it makes it more palatable.
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much empty to start this monday morning. february starts off completely different than last year. hour. southwest. there's a breeze throughout the day. overall a breeze important that warmer air this morning. and eventually turning more to west. we have sunshine this morning. more clouds this afternoon. in. precipitation very limited. couple of the showers may sneak in late today. into the early evening hours. south of route 44 and southeastern mass. overall expecting a pleasant afternoon. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. lower 60s the best risk of showers will be across southeastern mass early this evening. big rainstorm wednesday. that forecast ahead. time for fast trak traffic. here's danielle gursh. >> happy monday to you. here's a look at the expressway.
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still over half an hour on the maps. give yourself a little bit of extra time. a lot of red out there. route 3, 2495 not looking bad this morning. the pike is fine from 495 to 128 crawling. well. this one northbound in burlington. there's another one southbound and this one in waltham. keep that in mind heading into town on route 93 from 128 into boston. that's a slow drive to route 1 not looking as bad. let's look at the drive time as you get ready to head tout door. 26 minutes on the expressway from braintree into boston. into town from 128 half an hour. 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. that drive 26 minutes. it's on time. back to you guys? let's go to breaking news. police making an arrest after horrible pedestrian accident in boston. two people were struck by driver. one of them dragged for miles.
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dorchester with what we know. >> sarah, good morning. is suffolk district attorney's office said the driver is a woman and she will be facing charges in court later this morning. police allege that she hit a man and a woman in chinatown at the corners of nalan and harrison of around 2:00 this morning. the man suffered nonlife threatening injury. driver continued on dragging the 48-year-old female victim about 3 miles all the way to columbia road in dorchester. that woman suffered traumatic injuries but is still alive. they collected evidence for hours. they just reopened columbia road a short time ago. the driver 43-year-old facing two counts of the leaving the scene of collision causing personal injury. >> they expect her to be in court later this morning. boston police saying a few minutes ago she's being questioned right now. live in dorchester this morning.
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the first vote in iowa just hours away now. and the stakes are higher than ever as candidates try to gain last-minute supporter and ride the wave of momentum that a win in the hawkeye state could give them. diane gallagher joining us live from iowa with more on the big day. >> it actually sort of says it all. let your voice be heard. that's exactly what the candidates are hoping their supporters will do today. they will show up in caucus because let's be honest. it all comes down to tonight. and it's never been this tight. for the first time in 2016 presidential election voters have a say who stays and who goes. donors polls and party member have the most influence. who remains a viable candidate. even though the road begins in
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less than third of republican and less than half of democrats who won here have gone on to win the party's nomination. for the republicans the most recent cnn show trump holds a lead over cruz. can he bring out new voter whose haven't voted before? >> turnout will be key for bernie sanders in a virtual dead heat with hillary clinton. bernie sander relying on some blocks. he's counting on young voters. those who don't have attachment to democratic party to come out and vote for him. cnn poll put clinton three points ahead of sander among iowa voter with martin o'malley far behind. you know while we're paying closely attention to voters and
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the stop, we're also looking at who sticks around toward the bottom here. this could be the end of of the road for some campaigns if they don't show well some experts believe rick santorum. mike huckabee and maybe a few other republicans could call this the end of their show at least in 2016 if they don't perform well in iowa. back to you. thank you. and after iowa of course the race for the white house leads nearby to new hampshire and a lot of on the line aheadod the granite state primary. our exclusive umass tracking poll shows exactly where the candidates stand. donald trump looks like he's headed for a win in new hampshire with 38%. he's far ahead of ted cruz who is in second place with 12%. then it's a clump of candidate john kasich, jeb bush getting 9 each and florida marco rubio with 8. the rest of the republican field new jersey governor chris
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paul 3 and carly fiorina. and then the 8% undecided. here's how it look. trump well in front and then the pack of republican chasing second and third place. remember what ever impact iowa will have on new hampshire can't be measured yet. like the republicans the democrats have a big front-runner here who looks unlikely to get caught. bernie sanders 61%. more than doubling hillary clinton's 30% former maryland martin o'malley with 1%. 8% undecided here. and really that's the start of the democratic tracking poll as we begin to measure the daily ups and downs of the candidates which you see right there. don't forget you can stay with 7news on the air and online for coverage of the iowa caucuses. you can look for dan hausle's live reports all throughout the day today. now to developing story. investigators at home in roxbury as for 3-year-old was rushed to
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condition. what do we know so far about what happened? >> we're being told, sarah this 3-year-old suffered some type of trauma and the childs rushed to the hospital. investigators have been in and out of this home in roxbury throughout the morning. they are focussing their attention after police were called here last night for child not breathing. emergency crews got here and raised the toddler boston medical center. this was around 10:00 last night. they plan a search warrant on the home and homicide detective were call out. boston police assure us that's common in investigation with unusual circumstances. boston police though not elaborating on those unusual circumstances accept to say this child has some type of trauma. wasn't breathing and rushed to the hospital. so again investigator right now are inside of the home. they will be here for quite sometime. and we're waiting for some type of an update how the child is doing this morning.
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rushed to the hospital in critical condition. live this morning in roxbury. new england." also on 7 a weymouth firefighter coming under fire today after a post that he apparently made on facebook suggesting letting drug attics die when they overdose. back to weymouth with more on nicole? >> since then he has deleted his personal facebook account. but that's not stopping people from around the country now commenting about his critisism of narcan. they will respond in form of morning. all happening over the weekend. weymouth firefighter apparently on his own facebook account criticized the use of the lifesaving drug narcan. it's used for people who overdose on heroin. it helps revive them. in part of that post i for one
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narcan and the loser out of the hours. you use you should lose. commented. the mayors office telling paper he making sure the post was all authentic. for now that's the latest live in weymouth. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." happening today two women in worcester accused of living in filthy condition with three young children head to court today. both women were arrested friday after police found the children living in the apartment full of trash, feces and mice. police also discovered pills and other drugs. the children are in state custody. police are searching for the suspect behind vandalism. officials say there's been several cases of vandals throwing objects at cars whether they are parked or moving.
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car by throwing a small engine part. new report out this morning finding new location mowtives are the blame. mechanical issues operator mistakes and other problems have led to delays with nearly every locamotive put into service. there's still far more reliable than the older one. they added that december was the best month for on time service on the commuter rail last year. still ahead on 7news "today in new england" a new jailhouse letter from aaron hernandez, what the former patriots is saying about robert kraft and his former teammate. and a shocking crime out of virginia a girl found murdered and now two college students with that case. a mystery in new hampshire. who is stealing people's properties from their cars and then torching them. afternoon.
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>> welcome back. it's loving this weather on the first week of february. i love your attitude because you kind of stay in the moment. when will we get the blizzard. it's eventually on the way. i think we have a week. i can't guarantee anything past this week. looks like the second and third week of february could get more interesting. conditions more favorable with cold and perhaps active pattern. let's get week by week and get to first mild week of february. expecting temperature upper 50s on average this arch. look at that compared last year. we were just writing up the days of 20s and 30s. we start off the first four day of february. snow blower goes with i there. february 2nd another big
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of snow in the city of boston. no snow right now. temperature way too mild. close to 50 degrees for many towns the wind from the southwest dragging in that milder air. and the southwester i will wind active throughout the day coming more out of northwest later this afternoon. england. front doesn't have moisture. this afternoon. again precipitation is limited. and there may be a little bit of moisture that works in here sneaking in across southeastern mass. buzz ard bay cape and island and early this evening. otherwise it is dry with partial sunshine. 54 to 60. another nice mild day. mostly cloudy skies. it will clear out late to fight. turns colder overnight tonight. we're not powerfully cold air for this time of year. in fact still above seasonal records. upper 20s and lower 30s above freezing in the city of boston.
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we have miss g, she's the official forecaster here. as you go through the groundhog day. temperature running lower-to-middle 40. it's a cool start and cooler day tomorrow. not thecation across the the rest of country. more on that over to daniel. thanks, kris. still no so for us out there. where they are definitely getting snow across the southwest. they will see, rain, snow, strong winds as we head into tomorrow as well. this system will continue to move northeast as we head into tomorrow afternoon. some snow totals are quite impressive. from kansas to nebraska up to 18 inches of snow possible. southeast minnesota into iowa could see up to a foot of snow. h this is over the next few days. a lot of talk about iowa now.
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severe weather from the gulf coast all the way up to great lakes and this area this the where the greatest risk for severe weather will be damaging wind and couple of tornadoes possible for part of nashville a concern. the rest of your forecast here at home. that storm tracking through the great lakes tomorrow and into wednesday and that is warm storm track for us. we are cooler tomorrow but not cool enough to support snow. racing through the great lakes into southern cab da we drag in the mild air and the gusty wind on wednesday and downpours along with that storm system. the storm moving west of us temperature into the 50s because we're on the mild side of it and heaviest rain gustiest winds wednesday afternoon into the early evening hours. it will start raining in the morning. rain a possibility with wind gusting o out of the south at about 40 miles per hour. localized gust close to 50
9:17 am
behind that storm cloudy thursday. close call riding along that storm. offshore right now. it's just off shore. we're more seasonal as we get into saturday seasoned unday with temperature returning into the upper 30s. >> still ahead this morning. two college student arrested after a murder in virginia. the latest on the investigation and a search for a motive. >> high school basketball team gives their team manager a night to remember. how they helped him get his shot. (music plays) people are both soft and strong, which is why our products are too. and we believe in value, so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin
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bird's eye protein blends. so veggie good. murder mystery in virginia. two colleges students are behind bars. detective are raising some questions here about mowtive. here's 7's elizabeth norecca. >> reporter: in blacksburg, virginia sadness and shock. everybody wrapping their minds nurnd. two students are held in connection murder of 13-year-old nicole level. freshman david eisenhower charged with abduction and first-degree murder. 19-year-old natalie keeper is within improper disposal and accessory after the fact. level last seen thursday. a massive search scouring the area for the teen a liver
9:21 am
led them to eisenhower an 18-year-old engineering student from maryland. and then level's body about 100 miles from home. according to police eisenhower and the young teen new each other before her disappearance. eisenhower used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. keepers helped eisenhower get rid of the body. they spent the day searching the campus. this weekend levels father posted on facebook i'm so in shock i have nothing more to say. i'm broken. the fathers unspeakable pain as entire community comes together to mourn. 7news "today in new england." still ahead at 9:30 on "today in new england." aaron hernandez speaking out from behind bars. a look at what he had to say in a letter and what he thinks about his former team. first a night to remember for one maineman when the basketball team he manages gives
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you know, life gets so busy with work and responsibilities and things you want to check off your list. it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside or playing, even. and kids have sort of taught me that. playing is a lot of fun." (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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a high school basketball team in maine giving their team manager a night rome. he is a super senior and he finally got his shot on the court. in his teammates were all there to help his dream come true. it was a night the brought both team to their feet. here's nick emmens with the story. joey said his job on game day include filling up the water bottle. but not on friday night as we found himself checking into the game. >> i knew all day yesterday i was going to be playing in the game. and that was exactly what the crowd including joey's dad was hoping to see. joey draining the shot, nothing but net.
9:25 am
everybody was like screaming. the big guy from the academy came to give me a hug and the end of my shot. after he scored the basket he was supposed to go back on defense. but the gm erupted with applause. they wanted me to go after the guy with the other team. i gave them a hug. and wished them good luck. 7news "today in new england." still ahead in the next half hour in learning more about the local student who google domain name. giant. mild weather into the beginning of february. how long it last and when we'll see some rain ahead. hernandez.
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we're staying on top of breaking nears now. two pedestrians struck in the city. one of them dragged for miles. one make an arrest. candidates hoping iowa will be a win. voter heading to caucus and cast irtheir first vote in this year's election cycle resident confused and concerned after their car are broken into. and then set on fire. >> welcome bobb on this monday morning everybody. it's 9:30. thanks for staying with us. i'm welcoming you to first day of february. >> it's hard to believe. you know what, kris. i think you said you may may be a bit of stretch. we'll settle on may and april. how is that? we're talking about the average low in the city of boston being in the mid 40s. that is may 1st. i know in may we get the 70s and 80s in here.
9:28 am
49 degrees in boston. average high temperature may 1st st is 61 degree. 49 in bocht. 50 in norwood. 53 in fitchburg. mild air in speculation. decent deal of sunshine in place too this morning. more clouds to the west of us. and i think more clouds will work in this afternoon. overall it's a mild day. look at tomorrow, though. cooler still above seasonal levels. temperatures tomorrow into the mid 40s on average. mid-to-upper 50s this afternoon. we'll enjoy the warmth while it last. dry the next couple of day. it will be warmer again but we'll have wind driven rain in the afternoon. more on that forecast ahead. let's track breaking news first up for you an arrest made after two people hit by a car in chinatown. one of the victims dragged for miles. jennifer eagan live with what we know. jen? >> good morning. boston police are questioning this driver, the suffolk
9:29 am
driver will be in court later this morning. now police say they allege that she hit a man and women and husband and wife at the corner of harrison of in chinatown just before 2:00 this morning. the man suffered nonlife threatening threatening injuries. >>the driver continues driving dragging the female victim ability 3 miles all the way to columbia road in dorchester. that woman suffer traumatic injuries. she's being treated alternate mgh. she's still alive. state police caught up with the h 4-year-old female driver on columbia road. police collected evidence here at both scenes in fact. both here in dorchester and chinatown from hours. they reopened the columbia road about an hour or so ago. the driver 44-year-old woman faces two counts of leaving a collision. she's expected to be in court later this morning. jennifer eagan 7 news "today in new england."
9:30 am
candidates making now a final push to pick up some much-needed supporter and tonight all eyes will be on the hawkeye state. we'll get the first look at which candidate are the clear front-runners. here's kris anderson in the newsroom. it could be make-or-break. the latest poll numbers said donald trump and hillary clinton will be the winners. there's a lot up for grabs. it's iowa caucus day and the races on both side are so tight neither front runner can feel completely comfortable. on the republican side donald trump holds a single digit lead over ted cruz. today trump will sarah palin back on the campaign trail. ted cruz has a couple of stops before watching the results come in. on sunday trump made family and fate a big part of his final
9:31 am
attending a mass with his wife while also getting an endorsement from evangelical leader. i really want to win. maybe it won't work that way. but if we do we will run the table, folks and make this country so great you will have victories all over the place stand and speak for us. if we stand together, we will win. >> senator ted cruz is hoping conservative republicans line-up behind him. and he spent the weekend attacking marco rubio. >> hubo calling the last minute ad the act of desperate candidate. >> we're coming back in august and september and october because we will win iowa in the general election and turn this country around. thank you and god bless you. thank you. hillary clinton is clinging to a 3-point lead in iowa. and was joined by her husband bill and daughter chelsea in a sunday night rally. meanwhile bernie sanders is hoping to pull off an up set win.
9:32 am
make a political revolution. >> let's start a storm of movement for the future that we want to make together. it's going to get interesting tonight. voter begin caucusing around 7:00 local time. 8:00 our time. with a new app out this year. they hope have the results quickly. if the races are close we may ave to wait a bit before we know who won. live in the newsroom. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." thank you. and stay with 7news on the air and of course online for coverage of the iowa caucuses. >> you can look for dan hausle's live report throughout the day today. a developing a 3-year-old is in critical condition after police say the child stopped breathing. in a home in roxbury the toddler treated at boston medical center. we do know detective have been alternate the scene all morning. police say it's common for an investigation with unusual circumstances. new this morning tmz post a three-page letter from former
9:33 am
it was sent in december to woman he has exchanged letters with before. he began by insulting the woman after she apparently criticized him in her last letter. the tomorrower pat's tight end even suggest ways she can hill herself. before finniping he made sure to give thought about his former team and his disdain for owner bob kraft. he doesn't hold back when writing and the patriots owner. quote, nonloyal kraft who told me he loved me every time he seen me. but obviously shows his word ain't expletive. while hernandez no longer a fan of bob kraft. i have a tv in my cell. and i root for my squad. the closest i was with was probably brady and whom i love to death. and always will and only hope for the best for them.
9:34 am
ever to auk on the football team gronc. he has low for other former teammates but note many have turned against him. investigators say the death of student at umsaa lowell doesn't appear to be suspicious. they thought she's discovered inside a bathroom sunday morning. officers are now looking into what happened. we know school officials have released the statement saying quote, we are deeply saddened by this tragedy and offer our condolences to the state's family and loved ones >> the madipan massacre case could be argued in front of the highest court. the sandy hook shooting happened when juror were deliberating and close to holiday which lawyer think may have put pressure on juror to come up with a decision more quickly. moore sentenced to life in people. a new hampshire man facing charges after police say he was driving dangerously fast.
9:35 am
driving after police say they clocked him going more than 100 miles per hour on 93. he will be in court next month to face a judge. fast forward to wednesday when long-time girlfriend katherine greg set to appear in court. greg is expected to plead guilty to a federal contempt charge after refusing to testify act who other people helped bulger during 16 years on the run. greg is serving 8 years in prison. police in new hampshire are looking for the person or people who have been stealing items from cars before setting them on fire. officers say nine vehicles total have been vandalized. six of them set on fire. they don't understand what could be the motive here. >> there's no reason for that other than malicious. they don't benefit from any of that. >> police say it peers on car
9:36 am
we're following more news today. two virginia tech student are expected to be arraigned in connection with the murder of 13-year-old girl. 18-year-old freshman david eisenhower and 19-year-old sophomore natalie keeper are held without bail. eisenhower charge with kidnapping and first-degree murder. keepers as an accessory after the fact and improper disposal of the body. her bodies found 100 miles away from home two days after she went missing. eisenhower and the teen knew each other before her disappearance. the focus of this investigation is now reconstruct the time line after her death. this weekend levels father posted on facebook i'm so in shock. i know nothing more to say. i'm broken. about 300 plumber working to help people effected by the ongoing water crisis out in flynt, michigan. they replaced faucets and installed walter filters in home sunday.
9:37 am
has been contaminated with lead. homeowner say they are thankful for the repairs and the plummers say they are happy to help out. it's our community. it's right here. this isn't some other country. this is america. these are all our american brothers and sisters. >> me and my staff i don't have the money to do it myself. and so it's important to get someone to come in and do it. >> last week the mayor of flynt said it could cost 1 and a half billion dollars in order to fix the city's water system. you may remember the man who was a proud owner of google for a single minute. now we're hearing google actually paid him 12,000 to fix the mistake. the student said he bought the web giant for just $12 after a glitch in the system. but after his transaction was cancelled they offered to pay the hefty amount for his troubles. they actually doubled the amount of money after he said he wanted
9:38 am
he kept saying he thought at any point it wouldn't let him buy it or do the transaction. then he donates to charity. it's 9:39 and we have much more ahead including a community coming together to try to make reunion possible after retired police officers four-legged partner goes up for action. >> cam newton days away from playing in the super bowl. it's the fashion that's getting the attention the. certainly is a statement there. take a look at our forecast. mild air and dry day today. we do have wet weather and cooler weather, 7-day forecast,
9:39 am
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welcome back. february. this weather. the temperatures are great. welcome spring. did you hear the birds by the way over the weekend? >> they love it. chirping around. you get into the 50s mild start to morning and why not. a little on in the step early morning. take a look at november, december, january. collectively the warmest three-month stretch in the city of boston on record with average temperature of 42. really setting the pace was the record smashing december temperatures that month close to ten degrees above the average. look at the numbers this morning. 9:00 in the morning.
9:42 am
50 plymouth. the west winds from the southwest. active breeze another beautiful start to this monday morning here. kicking off february in style and just how we ended the last few months with warm air in place. cool weather across midwest. this is going to sneak in tomorrow. by cooler we are going back into the mid 40s. we're not talking dramatically cold air. but closer to seasonal levels. front to the west of us very limited in terms of how much moisture is available. a little bit may sneak into far southeastern mass late day early this evening. isolated the light shower or two. don't expect much out of this. 54 to 60. breezy and mild day overall. partial sunshine. that wind turning direction to northwest. the northwesterly wind will push in cold air overnight tonight. clearing skies later too. upper 20s and lower 30s. generally the theme i think we'll hold above freezing in the city of boston. 35, 36 waking up tomorrow morning.
9:43 am
will the groundhog see the shadow. six more weeks of winter. i think so massachusetts. i think miss g will have enough sunshine to see her shadow. if it's what we have been this winter it's easy to take. there are indication there will be stormy weather by the second week of february. we will take it week by week. i don't have big snowstorms in the 7-day forecast. that's not the case through the midwest. >> that's right. certainly nice and mild here. not the case across much of the southwest. this is storm system trekking in california up into montana. it will continue to move up track northeast as we head into the next two days. we've seen very damaging winds in california. gusts over 100 miles per hour. southern california. and as this storm moves northeast it will strengthen. it will bring dangerous blizzard condition from colorado to
9:44 am
next two days. look at these snow totals too. up to 18 inches of snow for kansas into nebraska. part of minnesota into iowa up to a foot of snow over the next two days. for tomorrow we're also watching the threat for severe weather from the gulf coast all the way up to the great lakes. and enhanced risk for severe weather will be in this area with orange and this is where we could even see some damaging winds even tornados possible for the day tomorrow. the storm system will move toward here and for more on how it will effect us, back to you. area of low pressure goes to norh and west that means we're on the warmer side of the storm this means all rain in southern new england. even far northern new england we see snow going over to mix. we will drive that mild air back in on wednesday with a gusty southerly wind gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. a good slug of rain wednesday. most up to an inch of water
9:45 am
gust 30 to 40. quite common. may exceed 40 miles per hour. down through the cape and islands but even in boston souther i will wind gust close to 40 miles per hour. there's the 7 on 7 forecast. front holds close off the coastline. there's another storm friday. along that front it will keep it just offshore for now. we do return to more seasonal levels temperature wise. friday, saturday into the weekend there with highs back into the upper 30s and lows into the 20s. guys? >> a retired police officer fighting for his former partner. his canine companion being considered city property and the now headed for action. now the community is stepping up. they are trying to do everything they can to reunite the two. here's elizabeth norreca. >> there's the bond between us and it's very special. i would hate to lose my buddy. this officer retired from the murietta ohio police department.
9:46 am
with him. ajak appraised for 3500. because he's city property he must go to action. so he started go fund me account to try to buyajak. he's grateful for the community's support and hopes for changes at the state level. i think we need to start the state and get legislation passed to where officers that retire in good standing get the canine. either medically or as if they have the time retire they get the dog. even for dollar or whatever. the law states that hickey technically forfeited his right to the dog. another section of this particular law that says a law enforcement officer leaves the unit. and in, in situation officer hickey is leaving the unit. that's particular section said the officer forfeits the right to purchase the dog under this provision. the bidding process for ajak will start next week.
9:47 am
crime fighting that is. 7news "today in new england." so far that go fund me page has raised 60,000 and hickey said after he byes ajak the rest of the money will provide bulletproof vest to canine police dogs. coming up next in 7 sport. it's all about the three-pointer for the celtics last night. but did all the big shots pay off. cam newton turning some heads out in california. here he is. see why making quite the fashion
9:48 am
today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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good morning. the celtics took a franchise record 46 three-pointers last night in orlando. they made 16. that's not a winning recipe. over. so is orlando's 8-game losing streak. marcus smart had the hot hand coming in. he hits the runner off the glass here. tying career high with 26 points. the magic more efficient from long-range. 10-of-24 from deep. they put orlando up for good in the fourth quarter. how is this for timing. they throw it right back down. big fellow with the throwdown off the rebound. celtics lose it 119-114 snapping their five-game winning streak. in nashville last night it's jon scott that stealing the show the enforcer was voted in by the fans to serve as pacific captain to be traded from arizona to
9:50 am
to montreal's ahl team. well he earned mvp scoring two goals. he scored five goals in his entire 8-year career. 64th annual bean puck gets under way this afternoon. facing off in the early game. bu and nu in the night cap. that's sports. i'm joe amorosino. have a great day. broncos fans gathering to show their support for their team before player and coaches flew to california. super bowl 50 of course coming up this sunday. pather qb made quite a fast statement arriving for the big game. he wore yellow zebra print pant as the team touched down in northern california yesterday. they cost more than $800. they are currently sold out if you want some. blacktop.
9:51 am
stand out for themselves not foo hush print. up next in "the buzz." bay stay native brought a special date to the awards over the weekend. >> and who this orange is new black star brought along to big show. more details on that. >> do you think they make that pattern in the jacket there? i would like the try that on. that would make a statement. statement. taking a look at the forecast. big time warm up today. cooldown at the end of the week.
9:52 am
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shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> back with the buz. two harry potter stars reunited during a fannent at universal studio orlando this weekend. bonnie rideshare of mini family
9:54 am
brother she captured the photo family time and still no red head emoji. this actress bringing a special date to the screen actors guild awards over the weekend. here she is. you know she's originally. she said she actually went to the prom with him. school. just keeping it real. reminds me of ben affleck and their moms >> i like when they bring their friends like they've had their entire lives. >> stay true. 54 to 60. that's this afternoon. mid 50s 60s across region. certainly a mild day, way above average. record high in boston, 6. shy of that. cooler tomorrow big rainstorm on wednesday. gusty winds and heavy rains. hopefully hope you enjoy the
9:55 am
that matter on this first day of february. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french. have a great morning everybody. and we hope to so you back here
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