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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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yeah, ryan, at last check the condition of that child was critical and the call came in night. i want to show you the home where this happened on alpine street in roxbury. you can see that police line is still up here right in the driveway of this home here. there is a police presence as welch we've been seeing officers go in and out of the home. we don't know too much about exactly what happened only that the child was rushed to the hospital with respiratory distress. we do not know the condition of the child as of right now but again last check, last information we had from police was that the child was in critical condition. neighbors are reacting to the investigation going on this street. i came downstairs because i saw all of the police cars and e emt's and asked but of course like they said, they couldn't give out any information because it was private. i reach out to the department of children and families and got a statement
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a report of this situation and as we investigate in collaboration with law enforcement, custody of the child has been transferred to dc dcf so as of right now this investigation appears to be ongoing. police presence still outside of this home. many questions though are still unanswered. that's the latest live in roxbury, nick emons, 7 news . >> anchor: new at 4:30 a driver going off the road smashing into a post office in plymouth. police say the 88-year-old driver jumped the curb and crashed threw the front glass there. officers say a woman was inside at the home but she wasn't hurt no. word on the condition of the driver. mashpee public schools dismissed early after receiving a bomb threat. both the middle and the high schools were evacuated. police and fire officials are investigating that threat. three weeks ago mashpee received a similar threat which evacuated the high school. police in manchester, new hampshire are looking for a robber on the run. they say the man in these surveillance photographs robbed a convenience store at gun point saturday night. the clerk handed over money from
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took off. police say there may be a cash reward for information leading to an arrest . a deadly discovery at umass lowell. police stay a student's body was found on sunday morning. vet oars say the death of the student doesn't appear suspicious. are looking into exactly what happened there. school officials released a statement saying "we are deeply saddened by this tragedy and offer our come dolens to the student's family and loved ones. the mattapan massacre case could soon be argued in front of the state's highest court. lawyers for dwayne moore want to question jurors who they think might have been swayed by outside influences when they reached a verdict. lawyers believe the sandy hook shootings and holidays may have put pressure on jurors to come up with a decision more quickly. moore was sentenced to life for mudding four people . >> anchor: five people called to court in western mass. they are facing accusations are abuse at a school. investigators say all five work at the school for boys and young men with special needs. local law enforcement officers and f.b.i. agents were at the school over the weekend as part of the investigation.
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they had a good reputation. i never heard anything bad come out of there so to hear it now that there may be some allegations are something going on is surprising. four of the five people accused are charged with assault and battery on a disabled person person. the fifth was charged with obstruction of justice and witness intimidation. a deadly shooting the a packed motorcycle expo in denver over the weekend. investigators say two motorcycles clubs got in a brawl that us can late. officers say someone started shooting killing a man and injuring several others. an attorney for the include club known as the mongols said the group iron order started the chaos this. have a reputation of being come after by police. an attorney for the group iron order said several members of the group attack them. police have shut down the event and are continuing to sort out of the investigation. an intense fire burning up in an plan. propane tanks and other combust
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thick, black smoke could be seen for mile. officials say more than 150 fire fighters were called into attack attack. that fire no one was hurt and the cause is still under investigation . >> anchor: hundreds of plumbers in michigan are working to put an end to flint's water worries. yesterday they replaced news its and installed water filters in homes throughout the stay. print's water system had been contaminated since 2004. home owners say they are thank thankful for repairs and ers say they are happy to help. petraeus it's our commune. it's right here. this isn't some other country, this is america. these are all our american brothers and sisters. very important. i don't have the money to do it myself, you know, and so it's important to me. to get someone to come in and do it . >> anchor: last week flint's mayor said it could cost up to $ system >> anchor: protestors in texas say a black teen-ager is a coming after the release of a
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the fight broke out at a store on friday. an officer said he was trying to break it up and that's when the controversial confrontation took place. dramatic and violent video showing a 17-year-old black teen-ager fighting with a 15 15-year-old hispanic teen but suddenly a police officer shows up and it's what happened next that has protestors angry. they claim the officer pushed that 17-year-old through a plate glass window. they both were engaged in a confrontation. but yet the young black man is the only one they grab, threw through the window, assaulted him, handcuffed him and left him laying there without his shirt on. now protestors led by a community organizer are accusing the officer in this video of police brutality for charging and pushing the 17-year-old through a plate glass window of a store in texas. in the video you can see him backing away from the other kid when the officer arrives and then the officer goes to grab him and he appears to be pushed against the window . i backed away from the dude
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up and he just grab me and threw me through the window for no reason. . >> reporter: the police chief sees it very differently. it didn't happen like that. my officer did not body slam him to the window . >> reporter: the chief said his officer was just trying to get control of the 17-year-old and did not shove him through the glass. he said he tripped over his feet and fell into the window . he grabbed him and he spun him around and when he did that mr. hagan appeared to have tripped and trip and he hit his body went up against a glass window. police are conducting a full investigation. >> anchor: a fire fighter caught on camera. check out this video. the store owner tried to fight off a pair of robbers using a flamethrower made from bug spray and a cigarette lighter of he blasts th with that homemade device. the fiery surprise manages to stop them at first but eventually he was forced to run away and the men ransacked the store.
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art heist that is out of this world. "star wars" themed painting stole friend a pizza shop then returned to its rightful owners. security cameras catching the bizarre encounter on camera. ones employees unwrapped the painting they realized it was not the only thing returned. nick emons has more on this "star wars" mystery . >> reporter: you only see the mystery man on surveillance video from behind . he has a full motorcycle leather outfit and a storm trooper helmet . >> reporter: he quickly vanish vanished like the r2-d2 portrait did two weeks ago. the art work turning more bizarre by the second . we all saw that this guy like right up on a motor cycle. i walked up started going toward the alarm and stuff and by that time he had come in, set it on the thing and then was like already walking out . >> reporter: the painting wrapped in a black trash bag with a note from the big man himself . i saw it on the back and i was like there is a note. it was from darth vader. he didn't take his mask off so we weren't sure what was going on.
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nervous in those situations . >> reporter: staff did not expect a swift return even after its tongue and cheek social media plea but believe it had something to do with it. now keeping a close eye on a favorite in their collection . i think we'll frame the note too right next to it so it will make for a fun story. >> reporter: nick emons, 7 news . >> anchor: the identity of the man who returned the painting remains a mystery . >> anchor: straight ahead a high school basketball team gives their team manager a night to remember. how they helped him get a shot on the court . >> anchor: ahead two people hit by a car in chinatown. one dragged for miles. the suspect is in custody. that's the video from that. >> anchor: plus, sending a message a new letter from
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that's banking reimagined.
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>> anchor: a high school
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their team manager a night to remember. look at that shot. his teammates helping to create a magical moment . it was one that got both teams on their feet and cheering am great story here. nick emons has that story. >> anchor: jerry says his job on game day includes filling up the water bottles. but not on friday night as he found himself checking into the game. i knew all day yesterday i was going to be playing in the game. and and that was what the crowd including joey's dad was hoping to see. joey draining the shot, nothing but net . i thought it was great. everybody was like screaming. the big guy from thornton academy came to give me a hug at the end of my shot . after he scored the basket he was supposed to go back on defense but the gm erupted with applause . they want me to go after the guy with the other team. at the end when we graduated the guys from thornton academy, i gave everyone hugs and rushed
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>> anchor: nick emons, 7 news . >> anchor: very sweet story. well, coming up the hing the slopes. h a new kind of ski is making it easier for children with disabilities to also enjoy the snow. >> reporter: warm in southern new england to start the week then turns cooler by the end of the week. the forecast such next . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, international emergency. officials with the world health organization making a plea and a plan to combat the zika virus . >> anchor: all eyes on iowa. we have complete coverage of the caucuses as election season kicks into high gear. that is on 7 news at 5:00. stay with us, everyone. we're coming right back. >> anchor: we talk with foods that are bad for your diet, but what about some that can make you sick? an expert says there is a list of them that are nothing but trouble.
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their final attempts to salvage a cargo ship that's ing on its side off the coast of france. helicopters evacuated the 22 member crew last week when the ship first sent out a discall. officials think the ship's cargo shifted making the ship tip on its side as you can see. high winds and 20 foot waves made attempts to tow it this weekend. nearly impossible. >> anchor: were you able to spend any time outside today . i was and my mission continues to get the newscast outside. >> anchor: that would be perfect, right? that's my goal . >> anchor: you went for a run? >> reporter: i ran errands and i also was out over the weekend, which was i think as equally beautiful . >> anchor: very comfortable . >> anchor: i feel like we should be sitting at the table outside . >> anchor: at least get the grill out tonight maybe? >> reporter: how this is mission to get us outside going . >> anchor: not well. .
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we are, rabbit, rabbit and average high temperature today 37. afternoon low 22. sunset this evening at 4:58. by the end of the month the average high is 41. of course we've got an extra day this year with leap year. the record high is 70. record low 18 below. noal snowfall at 10.9 inches of snow. none in the forecast. near record warmth today and we'll have near record warmth again on wednesday. although i don't think wednesday will be quite as nice. this afternoon boston made it to 65. worcester at 5 . again, so close to the record the record in the city was at 66 back in 19899 that stays in the books as does yours in worcester at 61. right now worcester 46, jaffrey 46. cool front came in to new england early to mid afternoon and that shut down our fund warm weather with temperatures backing up a little bit although right now even the numbers around metro boston going to catch a wayne or perhaps going
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this is not an arctic blast coming through. there is cooler air, also clouds and a couple of rain showers down through narragansett bay. they will slide across the cape over the next few hours and this is behind the front. again green bay at 36. twin cities at 31 buffalo at 40 degrees. so there will be an adjustment to the temperatures overnight and tomorrow morning but nothing radical. nothing earth shattering. 28 to 34 later on tonight as skies clear out and tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. much cooler with temperatures tomorrow 41 to 46 but again that's above the normal high. with lots of sunshine. now on wednesday we warm it up once again but here come the storm system this time with clouds in the morning, i think rain arrives probably just after lunch time on wednesday and you notice a little bit of yellow and green in here and even some orange of the those are heavier pockets of rain. so that might follow up the evening commute with pockets of briefly heavy rain although there won't be any frozen precipitation because temperatures with that weather system racing through the 50's and in fact the warmest part of the day will be wednesday
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then the front will blast through here on wednesday night. back into sunshine on thursday. behind another cool front but again no bit early cold air to be found with this weather system either. normal high in the upper 30's and you notice this week friday offers temperatures close to normal. the jet stream looks like this. there are signs for next week and perhaps the week after toward valentine's day the jet stream will rearrange itself but i think the coldest of the air will stay west of new england. it will be centered through the center part of the nation and so for us for the middle of the month probably seasonal and also with the jet stream looking like that, that puts us in line for more rainstorms than snowstorms. 7 on 7 forecast, 40's and 50's for much of the week except for friday. cool upper 30's. thanks so much. let's get a check of the ride home. here is joe tae stapleton with an update . route 128 northbound and southbound we like what we see coming up toward the mass pike or leaving that area cruising a long at the speed limit not move
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well. getting a look now on route 1 north of the city. headlights heading out past the lynn fellows parkway and not northbound. look at the ride southbound a little tight going down in braintree as you can tell that red line but route 3 is moving in fine shape. north of the city moving a long well 128 is out by route 3 in burlington and passing by route 93 in the reading-wakefield area area. heading for the mass pike westbound not too much company. getting tighter help by exit 17 but 20 minute ride from an office in downtown here then after that spot moves well pass passing by route 495. joe stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: for many kids getting the chance to go on field trips of the highlight of the school year but for students with can't, it's not always the case. at times they are left out of the fun . >> anchor: that's right so. one group of volume is looking to change that. new adaptive skis are making it easier for students with mobile
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sara french has the story. hayley and skylar are both fifth graders beyond excited to hit the slopes with their friends. the two girls are disabled and get to participate with the special adaptive ski. parents of children with disabilities say this is a special outing because they don't always get to do it . they left behind quite a bit. it's better now than it used to be for sure. >> reporter: craig is volunteer with hope inc. he doesn't have any children participating in field trip or that are disabled, but he took the day off from his job so hayley and skylar could go . what a great opportunity to come out being take the day off. it's our first i did on the hill this year so a lot of energy and excitement. i was happy to come out and help. >> reporter: the ski costs roughly about $4,000 and weighs about 60 pounds. volunteers must be trained to use it of the volunteer control the speed and steers the ski. he said taking time off was well worth the experience.
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the children, you know, as they come down hearing their favorite part of the trip on the hill or even if it's the ride up the chair lift. it's a lot of fun. mother liza says the volunteers have provided her family with normalcy and her daughter could not be happier. you know, to see the looks in their eyes as they come down the hill it's really priceless and there are no words . >> reporter: hope inc is celebrating their ten year anniversary and is offering activities year-round. sara french, 7 news . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news a fantastic treat. harry potter fans getting a sneak peek the a brand new movie movie.
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>> anchor: welcome back shall everyone. harry potter fans, jk rowling has more magic up her sleeve . >> anchor: the writer issest to take her next project to the big screen. warner brothers release had a new trailer. the magical adventure of the first film the create written for the screen starring oscar
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theatres november . >> anchor: lynn cristity told "people" magazine she will be back in action as captain fazma the silver storm trooper for episode 8. the force awakens has shattered worldwide movie records. the next "star wars" film is set to hit theaters in december of 2017. i did say that wrong? >> anchor: moving on here, sad story. brett the hit man heart has been diagnosed with prostate cancer of he won a worldwide heavy-weight championship five times with the wwe and twice with the wcw and retired in 1999 after suffering a concussion. he made his living fighting and now vows to wage a fear some fight against cancer . >> anchor: super model cindy crawford says she is nearing the end of the runway. she said she plans to retire when she celebrates her 50th birthday on february 20. the 30 year modeling veteran
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herself at the peak she was the highest paid model in the world. her 14-year-old daughter is already following in her footsteps . >> anchor: she still looks wonderful and beautiful . >> anchor: oh my gosh yes . >> reporter: i all remember the pepsi commercial of it's one of those things you always remember . >> anchor: she is a pat of our history and childhood and everything . >> anchor: good genes too for her daughter. much more to come here in the next 90 minutes, everyone. >> anchor: 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. a weymouth fire fighter slapped with a suspension for a controversial facebook post about saving lives . >> anchor: a woman hit in downtown boston then dragged tore miles. the charge the driver is facing as the victim fights for her life . >> anchor: the road to the white house begins right here in iowa. candidates scrambling for last minute support . >> reporter: from the with a the race for the white house heads to new hampshire. the polls changing here day to day.
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. >> reporter: more like may out there this afternoon. march like for tomorrow. >> anchor: developing tonight, a public health emergency. the world health organization warning that without inter international cooperation, the z zika virus could infect millions millions. >> anchor: and we begin this evening with breaking news. a weymouth fire fighter is off the job for a few months, suspended without pay. it's all because of a post on his personal facebook page that criticized the use of narcan . >> anchor: narcan is used to reverse the effects of a drug overdose specifically with opiods. jonathan hall live with how long he will be out of work now. john? hey, guys, good evening. this fire fighter is a veteran and on the job for about 11 years. the town of weymouth is
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some controversial comments he
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