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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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sorry according to his union reps. by the way the union does stand by this town's decision. tonight we're live in weymouth, jonathan hall, 7 news. also on 7, a woman dragged for miles after being hit by a car in boston. she was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the driver appearing in court today and facing serious charges charges. 7's steve cooper in boston with what we're learning about the investigation and why would she be dragged for miles. steve? kim some of that terrifying details are coming from this police report that was just released a short time ago here at the courthouse. that includes witnesses who are telling police that they heard what they thought was a car alarm going offy this morning only to realize it was the victim stuck under the suspect's suv being dragged for miles. that suspect, the driver, just appeared before a judge late this afternoon. who counts of leaving the
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assault and battery with a dangerous question . >> reporter: she pleads not guilty to charges in connection with horrifying hit and run that began in chinatown and ended nearly three miles away in dorchester just off the expressway. a female had been found underneath the defendant's vehicle, which was a white rav 4 4. prosecutors describing grizzly detail after they say xiu seen her her mugshot hit a man and woman walking on kneeland street around 2:00 this morning. the 56-year-old male was serious seriously injured at the scene. the 48-year-old female was dragged under xiu's suv to dorchester where witnesses say they saw xiu stop and check under her car. get oust her car, look into the underneath area of her vehicle where the female was ultimately found. and he observed her get back into her vehicle, hit the gas and pull away at a high rate of speed . the victim was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.
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details are shaken . horrible things happened. her attorney says she denied any knowledge of hing anyone . again, she denied everything and we'll see what happens with it but she is innocent according to what she told me. >> anchor: prosecutors say that female victim is listed in very critical condition tonight as for xiu bail was set at $5,000 cash by the judge and he told her if she posts that cash bail she is not to drive until this case has been resolved and also to stay away from the victims connected to this case. live in boston tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: the last mineral ease and push tore votes. literally millions of americans are counting. monday night could be an historic night for this country. it all doesn't matter if you don't caucus on monday . >> reporter: with the race for the white house on the line . the stakes in this election could not be higher. tonight is important .
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on iowa. >> anchor: voters taking to the polls this less than two hours. the red hot campaign continuing to heat up in these final moments and for some candidates it's do or die in iowa. 7 news has you covered as the race for the white house gets under way from these first votes in tonight's caucuses to the first in the nation primary in new hampshire statisticking with dan hausle live in iowa where candidates are making final push push. dan? most of the candidates are back here in des moines tonight after crisscrossing the state. dozens and dozens of times. but they had time today to make one last pitch to caucus voters and the campaign staffers. i am grateful to you for that. i need you. i feel really good about all of the hard work everybody is doing doing. hilary clinton stopped by her des moines campaign headquarters to thank staffers and urge them to bring the caucus votes home. thanks, everybody. i know we have to get back to work. thank you. >> reporter: what's the
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if you want to see change happen in this county and you want to build upon progress we . >> reporter: bernie sanders also rallying the troops in these final hours riding a wave of youthful enthusiasm and count counting on voters who never caucused before . of course we want to win here in iowa. but if we end up getting two delegates less than hillary clinton has, why is that the end of the world? >> reporter: donald trump joined by his wife hoping for a big turnout warning supporters to get out and caucus for him if . i want to win way. it will send such a great it any more. we're not going to take. we're not going to take it any . >> reporter: senator ted cruz preaccidenting he will beat cruise calling on conservatives reality star packing . the time for the media circus has passed. this is now our time. senator marco rubio said he is hoping to surprise tonight
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long hall no matter what . i was is important. it's the first step in long process. ear respective of what happened tonight this campaign will continue. >> reporter: a big blizzard on the horizon but looks like it will hold off enough time for caucus voters to get votes in. could be a problem for some candidates and campaigns hoping to celebrate and move on to new hampshire. live in iowa, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: just talked about new hampshire in the second leg in the race for the white house does go through the granite state. so tomorrow the focus shifts to the first in the nation primary. political editor andy hiller is live in manchester and this is an all important day of big part of the process there in new hampshire. andy? you are right, kip. we are less than a day away from new hampshire. covering ground zero in the lace race for the white house and our exclusive 7 news umass lowell tracking pole shows us exactly where the candidates stand here
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in the republican race, the donald is the front-runner with 38%. ted cruz is second with 12% then tart back there is a cluster of candidates, ohio governor john kasich, former florida governor jeb bush and florida senator marco rubio. former florida governor. let me get that straight. the rest of the republican field new jersey governor chris christie is at 7%, dr. ben car carson around kentucky senator rand paul have three each and carly fiorina is way back with 2 2%. at this point % are undecided. like the republicans, the democrats also have a front-runner with a big lead who may not be caught. bernie sanders with 61% is more than dowling hillary clinton's 30%. former maryland governor heart tin o'malley barely registers with 1% and 8% are undecided. tomorrow we'll get the first glimpse of the impact of the iowa caucus on the new hampshire primary and in the next few days
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no one is sure how this will turn out, but our tracking poll will show you how voters minds are turning. live in new hampshire, i'm andy hiller, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you. you can count on andy to be in new hampshire through the primary. he will be tracking the latest poll results every day right here on 7 news. be sure to tune in tonight for the results from the way caucuses. dan hausle will be there and he will have live reports tonight on 7 news at 11:00. >> anchor: more news we're following here today. two women called to court after police raided a worcester home and say they found kids living in filth. investigators say they found mice, animal waste and trash inside that home and that wasn't the only disturbing discovery. kelly o'hara live in worcester and joins us live with more. kelly? good evening, adam. this all started off as a drug investigation so when officers wept there they found heroin, opiate pills and pot. that's wt led them inside that
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house of squalor. sheila says she didn't do it. didn't sell drugs out of her worcester home and followed our cameras moments after getting out of jail on those drug charge charges that her kids are fine . what do you have to say about the living conditions that prosecutors say were in that home? it's not true. . >> anchor: on friday, worcester police arrested her and another woman for allegedly selling heroin, opiate pills out of their king street home. when detectives went inside their third floor apartment, they say this is what they found found. a home in deplorable conditions . there were cat and dog feces found on all floors in all of the rooms within the apartment. the apartment was infested with mice including a cat that had a live mouse in its mouth . >> reporter: the family at the time told 7 news it wasn't like that . the house wasn't that dirty dirty. they took everything and they threw it everywhere .
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my kids and i will get them become and prove my innocence. i will prove everyone wrong. >> reporter: that women's attorney said his client has an addiction problem and they will try to get her the help he says that she needs. both women are due in court later on this month. in worcester tonight, kelly o'hara, 7 news . >> anchor: up next on 7 news, a boston marathon bombing survivor with a new challenge. taking on the 26.2 mile race all while giving back to boston. >> anchor: mid 60's this afternoon. but not done with near record warmth this week. the forecast is coming up. mortgage rates are still relatively low, so maybe you are thinking about buy a home . there are things you want to check extra carefully before buying . >> anchor: buyer beware. some of the top things sellers will try to hide from you
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>> anchor: a boston marathon bombing survivor ready to run. adrian davis prepping to take the 26.2 mile challenge. she lost her leg in the 2013 . >> anchor: this year she boston. elizabeth noreika live at the story. >> reporter: yeah, kim, she truly is inspirational and she says she is just so excited to just in a couple eof months cross this finish line. s .
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adrian has let said she already has an idea of the emotional toll running boston thatthon will have on her. but today. >>about getting ready for the physical part . that looks good p she is testing out her new running blade i'm special prosthetic made for her . so far it's been awesome . >> reporter: she lost her left leg in the boston marathon bomb bombings. now she is training to run the boston marathon. it's a way for her to heal and help others at the same time. this is a way for me to give back not only to physically run the marathon, to say a giant thank to you everybody but to remember those who are sitting on the couch who don't have legs because of insurance coverage, who are on the waiting list for limbs for life . it hasn't been easy so far but nothing worth anything ever is she says. the ballroom dancers knows all about grueling physical challenges and that her road to the marathon will be a rough one one. but she is not looking back. focusing on the future and the finish line. i stone think you are ever haled. the stages of grieving go on
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lead a really happy, healthy and fun filled life while healing. the 120th boston marathon is april 18. live in boston tonight, elizabeth noreika, 7 news. >> anchor: the if the trend continues it may be like 95 degrees by the time we get to the marathon. maybe not. hopefully not . >> anchor: that would be frightening. jr 19 warm weather behind us or still in front of us? well, the warmest part of the week is over but not talking about arctic air either. the forecast is up next . coming up next in 7 sports, the bruins back from the all-star break and taking ice over at the garden with a surprise call up today and we've got the beanpot over there as well of we'll take you over to
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go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. >> anchor: almost reached a record in boston today. i think we're one degree off . >> anchor: exactly. it would have been fun to set the record. ' sure jr is too. we have one more shot wednesday near record warmth although wednesday afternoon is not going to be one of the nicer days to be outside and join the and wind. that's our one storm this week and behind that storm cooler but not bitter, not frigid. adam, you are correct. 65 in boston this afternoon. worcester at 58. near record warmth today. the record was 66. worcester your record was 61.
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even right now the numbers are still in the 40's and 50's. we had a cool front come through here. that's why we went from the mid 60's down into the low 50's, boston 52 at this time. hyannis at 51. and with that cool front shows up real well on radar. clouds and a couple of scattered showers with the front but again this is not an arctic front that's barreling out of the canadian prairies. there is not bit early cold air. the numbers do drop off behind the front but for a grown bay standard and twin cities low to mid 30's early february. easy breezy. we have this. so for tonight cooling off now tomorrow morning's commute will be colder than this morning but 28 to 34 is still above normal for a morning commute and through the day tomorrow groundhog day mostly sunny skies skies. miss g out of drum land farm that's massachusetts official groundhog will likely see her shadow but again what she does not know is that this is an el nino winter and it is tough to find a lot of cold air. boston tomorrow 41.
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i shouldn't get ahead of myself. concord 46. back into the worcester hills numbers into the 40's. fitchburg 45. out on to the cape and islands mostly sunny skies, chatham mashpee at 42. there is tomorrow. lots of sunshine. nice winter day. now on to wednesday. here come the storm system. the storm though is passing west of new england. that puts us on the warm side of the storm the here is a warm front and also a bag of rain. that rain comes into town just after lunch time on wednesday. a little bit dicey wednesday evening with rain and wind. rainfall amounts i think most towns about a half to as much as an inch of rain in some locations by late wednesday night but temperatures on wednesday with that weather system warm into the upper 50's. the record in the city is 59 so we'll be close. then behind that weather system thursday and friday we have sunshine. the numbers do cool off and again no bit early cold air. this week the jet stream allows for mild air, next week it will rearrange itself so that the united states does turn colder but i think the chung of the cold air stays west of new england it.
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great lake states and the ohio river valley will be right on the edge of the cold air. i think the numbers next week will be closer to normal. but even with a change in the jet stream next week i don't see temperatures below normal. 7 on 7 forecast they are definitely above normal for much of the week with friday the only day where we're's close with the numbers on friday in the upper 30's. have a good evening. evening.. >> reporter: with the all-star break in the rearview mirror bruins full speed ahead and look looking to get healthier now. adam mcquaid skated before practice today his first time back on the ice since suffering a concussion last month. he had some company out there today. the b's back up goaltender remains on injured reserve pending a final checkup so in the meantime malcom suban gets the cow up his first go an in the n.h.l. came last february when he allowed three goals on six shots against the blues. since then he says he is a
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i feel like i have a lot more experience in playing a lot this year. it helped a lot and being able to work on that stuff and not worrying about too much about it not being in there again if it doesn't go too well but it worked out. i played really good this year. >> anchor: the journey from minor leagues to center of attention was the story of all-star weekend. now the enforcer is the n.h.l.'s first star of the week. scott who got in on the fan vote took home the m.v.p. honors for his two goal performance in yesterday's three on three all-star tournament. the first monday in february means college hockey in boston. the beanpot up for grabs at the garden with northeastern seeking their first title since 1988 when boston legend steve spark the huskies on their way to victory. first up this year, number 7 harvard taking on number 4 boston college eagles strike first a minute, 35 in but ryan d doato comes back for the crimson
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game. the freshman ties the game. they pull ahead on their second shot adam bowman another fresh freshman ripping it home through traffic, bc just tied the game at 2 right now in the second period. 7's trey daerr reporting live from the garden with a preview of the night cap. tre? joe, bc may have just tied it at the garden but that trophy currently reside integrity other end of combat. the bu terriers looking to defend their beanpot titles and standing in the way of perhaps their 31st tournament championship in program history may be the hottest team in the country, the northeastern huskies. winners in six straight games and they will stay locked in a rematch of last year's championship. taken by the terriers on an over time goal, bu captain and charlestown native saying this time of year it gets no better than the beanpot. i think just bragging rights of boston there is no tournament like it and college
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growing up as a kid in boston you want to come to these four schools so. it's just a live to play in it . i always have good players. well-coached team, you know, they will be ready and it's always you went to play bu, you want to play bc. you are on a big stage like the beanpot there is nothing better in college hockey. on that biggest stage in college hockey the 64th annual beanpot this may be the most stacked field ever, three teams ranked in the top nine and northeastern coming in with a six game win streak. reporting live at td garden in the beanpot. trey daerr, 7 sports. >> reporter: one year ago today malcom butterler became a household name ceiling super bowl 49 with that goal line interception on rustle wilson helping the patriots hoist their fourth trophy. still hard to believe they are not out there in santa clara right now preparing for a run at a fifth. super bowl media day goes prime time tonight in san jose with
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and santa clara the site of super bowl 50. that's sports. . >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 will
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