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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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the texas senator arriving in new hampshire along with third place finisher marco rubio. >> democratic hillary clinton eming out bernie sanders by the slimmest of margins. >> the candidates talking to voter and set their sights on next tuesday' vote. byron barnett joins you live with more on clinton's campaign at this hour. byron? >>reporter: after winning the iowa caucuses lifetime night hillary clinton showed up here in new hampshire with her work cut out for her. she says she has come from behind before in new hampshire and she's again. now this morning clinton and her husband president bill clinton arrived in nashua, new hampshire this morning for a get out the vote rally where they tried to fire up the supporters for the week coming up ahead. now she put her best spin on her razor thin victory over bernie
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night. the clinton campaign put enormous resources into iowa and barely won with vote. supporters say as far as they are concerned, a win is a win. >> i can tell you i've won and i've lost there. it's a lot better to win . we're bringing all that energy, excitement, determination right here to new hampshire where we're going to work hard up until the primary next week. >>reporter: and hillary clinton has another rally coming up here in hampton later on this evening. in the meantime we got a chance to talk one on one with hillary clinton coming up this afternoon at 5:00. hear how she's going to
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differences between herself an bernie sanders. so that's the latest liven hampton, new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> look forward to that interview, thank you. and bernie sanders canceling one event in the state today after arriving in the state early. the senator coming into the primary race with a big lead in the polls. sanders rallying support trying to keep momentum going. kimberly bookman live in keene with more on what sanders said just moment kimberly? >>reporter: this is really the first time that new hampshire voters are going to see and her from bernie sanders in a very tight race in iowa. take a look over my shoulder. you can see just how packed this theater is right now. [inaudible] the first thing the 74-year-old democratic presidential candidate said as he got on the stage was last revolution.
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theme of the campaign it tick on wall street and get wage equality. it also was meant as a big thank you to his grass roots efforts. >> last night in iowa we took on, we took on the most powerful political organization in this country. last night we came back from a 50 point deficit in the polls. [ cheers ] >> and last night we began the political revolution. >>reporter: right now here in new hampshire sanders is leading in the polls and the entire week is about getting out the vote and keeping that momentum. sanders is reiterating the platform to push through the corruption
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now, as you can see and hear the senator is still speaking at this hour. we'll have a full wrapup again at f.d.i.c. -- 5:00 and 6:00. ted cruz holding an event in windham today as he looks ahead to the new hampshire primary. donald trump is expected milford. he's been quiet only taking to twitter to thank supporters. he's live in manchester with more on the republican race. >>reporter: hey, ripe, all eyes on new hampshire now as people will be voting thin first in the nation primary one week from today and all of the candidates are flying in from the snowy midwest to the mild temperatures of the northeast, new hampshire. imagine that. well, ted cruz, the texas senator has
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four points and that was a pretty good march scrine for cruz. he was happy about that. his wife heidi and one of his two daughters joined him for a session in windham just a couple hours ago striking a popular theme here on the campaign trail. cruz told a packed church the experts on tv didn't stout -- take his anti-establishment campaign seriously. >> impossible, the race is done. but last night the men and women of iowa sent notice across this country that this election is not going to be decided by the media. [ applause ] >> that this election is not going to be decided by the lobbyists and the washington cartel.
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brown is joining the donald, donald trump at his rally in milford, new hampshire. nbc news is reporting brown will endorse trump at that event. brown tweeted out that i will be talk about my wonderful experience in iowa and the simultaneous unfair treatment by the media later in new hampshire. big crowd. >> we finished second and i want to tell you honored. i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidate including mike huckabee whose become a really good friend of mine. so congratulations to everybody. >>reporter: so what can cruz do here? our latest poll shows trump up about you a whopping 24 points but the state campaign chair for the cruz campaign says they are playing to win. they think they can make
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next few days. jonathan hall, 7 news. senator marco roadside rubio focusing his attention in manchester, new hampshire. he stopped by a diner in manchester to drum up support there. that's where we found jennifer eagan there. >>reporter: senator rubio will be here inside the town hall in just about two hours or so. his camp is saying this is a three-way race now for the g.o.p. nomination. senator marco rubio leading voters in new hampshire. >> we need to unify the conservative movement and the republican party. i can do that better than anybody that's running. >>reporter: just hours after celebrating his third place finish. >> after seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back.
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behind donald trump and is positioning himself as the most electable candidate. >> this country cannot afford hillary clinton or bernie sanders. i can grow the conservative movement. i can take our message to people who have not had it before and motor vehicle them on. >>reporter: so rubio is trying to position himself to the he has the event here tonight and four more tomorrow. jennifer eagan, 7 news. well, the numbers in iowa are setting the tone for next week's big vote in new hampshire and our exclusive poll numbers show there are two clear front-runners, donald trump and bernie sanders. despite his disappointing finish in iowa, trump is still the leader in new hampshire with 34%.
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both have nine. chris christie 5, rand paul 2 and 7% are still undecided. we can start connecting the dots in our tracking poll her and we've already seen some movement. ted cruz is up two points and marco rubio has climbed into third place with his two point increase there. for the democrats cialg bernie sanders comes in with 63% in new hampshire and is still doubling the support hillary clinton gets with 30%. tracking here right here, a bit of surprise, 2% increase interest bernie sanders widening his already huge margin. a tracking poll tomorrow will show us more of the influence of the iowa caucus in new hampshire. >> as is usually the case after the first contest we did see some candidates exit the race. former maryland governor martin owe millionie who failed to gain traction for his democratic bid suspended his campaign last night. mike huckabee turned to
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he also ended his bid for president. and 7 news is your sticks for complete election coverage. we have a team of reporters like you just saw covering all of the campaigns every step of the way in this race for the white house. and 7 news turning now to your forecast, a cooler but another beautiful day out there and this winter warmup is not over. the mercury expected it rise again over next couple of days. where is winter and of is it going to make a return. tomorrow we're looking at a lot of rain. >> winter looks like it may come back next week. highs out there this afternoon. 50s. this is behind a cool front that came through here yesterday. yesterday 60s and right now the temps are around 50. the normal high is 37. boston at this time 46. fitchberg 3. with mostly sunny skies. a nice winter day. as we look off to our south and west, there is no arctic air to be had. yes, these are colder
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weather is coming from the ohio river valley with temperatures right now running in the 40s and 50s. the center of the storm passes well to the west of new england. so that will put us, new england, on the warm side of that weather system so we are tracking rain showers, not snow flakes. dry this evening, dry overnight tonight and your morning commute is going to be dry but you will need the rain gear tomorrow. i think rain arrives midday shortly afternoon. temperatures warming in the 50s. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. some breaking news right now and a child in roxbury, adam williams is here with the update. a three-year-old little boy from roxbury was under dcf care and in the hospital after police responded to a trauma incident in roxbury sunday. we understand that the child has passed away over at boston medical center. as far as details about this traumatic incident, what happened to the three-year-old, that's unclear right now.
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there yesterday and the boston police department is still actively investigating and they are looking for any information, you're asked it call homicide detectives at the boston police department or crimestoppers if you know anything about this. you will remain anonymous but again three-year-old child taken from a roxbury home sunday, in hospital yesterday, passed away today. we'll continue to follow this information with anymore updates and we'll wring them to you. adam williams, 7 news. we're following more news today. a dangerous ride in east boston of a car goes off the road and ends up stuck in scaffolding. crews blocking off the road worried the scaffolding could lapse. kelli o'hara is live with more. >>reporter: what a mess it was this morning of that keep went in this building. luckily this jeep is gone and the scene is all clear and safe now. firefighters say it was a scary situation for a little while. chaos at a construction
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right in this building. >> one vehicle struck the scaffolding and right now there's a real danger of collapse. >>reporter: the accident happened first thing tuesday morning at the intersection of orleans and porter streets in east boston. boston police tell 7 news one car stopped to let someone walk across the street. the jeep swerving to miss hitting that car but ended up swerving into the renovation instead. the scaffolding will likely have to come down but they are just glad no one was hurt. >> nobody's in any kind of danger right now. >>reporter: of you see how high and how big the scaffolding is, very lucky that no one was hurt. pretty remarkable none of the schav fielding fell down. this used to be a pea coat exact rei for the navy. they said no one was here at the time. another reason this accident was a lucky one. in east boston this
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7 news. also on 7 bill cosby pennsylvania. his lawyers are trying to get a sexual assault case thrown out. ten years ago they say a district attorney promised not to prosecute could say bee if he testified. more than 50 people have accused cosby of assaulting them and he denies all of those claims. the teacher suspected of helping three inmates escape a california jail has been released. prosecutors say they will not charge 44-year-old woman. investigators believe the english teacher who worked it jail may have provided a map showing the inmate an aerial view of the building. the three prisoners who escaped from jail in late january are back in custody. they appeared in court monday and will go before a judge next month. getting ready for the party. the super bowl just a few days away and thousands are heading to
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started. at 4:30 taxi trouble, police searching if a suspect after a taxi driver is shot in worcester. an on 7 news at 5:00, the world's most famous groundhog tells us if there's six more weeks of winter. his prediction coming up
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super bowl 50 less than a week away. wow, sneaking up on me here. the team are already in san francisco and a field is ready, not to mention the thousands of broncos and california fans flocking to california. >> the party's already in full swing. >>reporter: the party has begun. super bowl city has a little something for everyone. >> i didn't know what teams were playing until my husband toll me. >>reporter: some came for the selfie, others for napa' finist. >> wine and football. >>reporter: a few tents down fans put their throwing arm to the test ewing vintage footballs. >> 150s compared to what we use today. >>reporter: and what bay area event would be complete without gadgets. laser eveners are on
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dpaper -- 3-d paper weights. >> love being here an all this camaraderie is possible. >>reporter: a fan village and interactive fan theme park is set up to keep fans busy between now an the big game on sunday. coming up here at 4:30 one of the best parts of the spool may be the commercials. we'll have a sneak peak of the ones to watch. >> can we just loop this video over and over? coming up on 7 news hitting the slopes with a baby on board. the tiny sensation whose going viral. we'll check out some of this little tyke's serious skills. rain on the with way for tomorrow afternoon. i'll show you how much up next. two local police chiefs chase down and capture two robber. now the suspects going before a judge. the race for the white house heads to new hampshire. both the democracy and the republicans locked in some tight races. our political editor
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at the latest polls ahead of the new hampshire primary. we're following breaking news route now. we just learned a child taken from a home in roxbury has now died. we'll follow this story an bring you the latest
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes.
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turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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she barely knows how to walk, but at 14 months this toddler from utah is learning to shred on a snow board. her parents started her off on the backyard. they say she loves it. by the look on her face, i agree. >> good for her. >> they say if you start them young, then it all works out in the end. we've had great weather. >> you're talking about rain tomorrow. >> yes, rain heading into new england. tomorrow at this time i
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here we are in february. about a half an inch to an inch of rain on the way with some wind. you folk on the cape, you might get a little bit of light snow on friday morning. at this time what a nice winter day. lots of sunshine. not quite as warm as yesterday but still upper 40s to the low 50s. plymouth at 46. fitchburg at 49. if you can go through a winter day with sunshine and no wind, you are way ahead of the game and that's what's happening right now. we'll say good-bye to the sun jefferson night as clouds will move in. and then this weather system comes out of the upper midwest. this is why the candidates, the race to get out of iowa and into new hampshire because it's a big storm back to the center part of the nation. we are focusing on the warm portion of the storm. showers and thunderstorms and warm air of course with temps running in the 50s,
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the 50s, they are going to punch into into new england. tonight increasing clouds and relatively mild. our normal high is 37. overnight lows between 30 and 38 tomorrow morning. you're morning commute is dry with periods of rain for much of the afternoon. i think rain arrives first in the worcester hills, southern new hampshire about 11:00, 12:00. metro boston, 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. temps between 50 and 55. here's your storm time line. 1:00 tomorrow, just a few isolated showers, western suburbs, worcester hill. then the whole weather system does overtake eastern new england late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. the evening commute might be a bit of a slow-go with rain and wind out there. the amount of rainfall will be concentrated hills, southern new hampshire, an inch or more in many locations. metro boston i think a
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quarters of an inch. on the cape and the islands it will gust around 40 miles per hour. on thursday we slowly move this their system away but still mostly cloudy skies and also still mild. temps on thursday running into the lower 50s. and then on friday as the storm tries to form on this little cold front right here, there might be a little burst of some light snow on the cape and the islands friday morning. i don't think anything for the city of boston. out on the cape temperatures will be in the mid 30s so there might be a light east coasting. perhaps an inch on cape cod. saturday and sunday a mix of clouds and sunshine both days. mid 40s. see you at 4:30. here's joe stapleton with an update. >>reporter: route 95 southbound from up above down through the norwood area. a little slug issue. we're on our way down to a crash reported on
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we'll zero in on that on the money here. 95 south starting back in sharon working your way right down past that crash just after route 495. watch out for that delay there. route 93 not moving tood about will he through somerville. joe stapleton, 7 news. a taxi driver in trouble. he's shot at while on the job. police now searching for a suspect. >> plus doggy danger. an adorable little puppy finding himself in a jam. how rescue crews managed to make the save. ahead at 5:00 the candidates now with hampshire. coverage. stay with us.
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