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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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we begin at 4:30 with breaking news. a child taken from a home in roxbury and rushed to the hospital has now died. adam williams has the latest information. what do you know? >>reporter: that little boy was rushed to the hospital on sunday
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police found the three-year-old while responding to what they are calling a trauma incident on alpine the department of children and families took custody but again that little boy has passed away. detectives have not said exactly what happened to that toddler during the incident on sunday. you can see in the video investigating. we'll have the latest 5:00. news. also today a neighborhood in worcester on edge after police say a gunman opened fire on a can be driver. the cab driver rushed to the hospital but expected to be okay. >> right now police are searching for a suspect. steve cooper live with the latest. >>reporter: i'm here at police headquarters in worcester. we know detectives have been coming an going all day long, the back and neighborhood talking to people who live around there, trying to get a lead. right now no arrest, all this while that cab driver is in the
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those injuries. >> oh, any god, get in the house. >>reporter: residents like carroll who live in stockton street in worcester are recounting the scene after a cab driver dispatched to pick up a fare was shot. >> he was brandishing a handgun. during the struggle the cab driver was shot. >>reporter: police say the 62-year-old cabbie was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. we're just praying for john for a speedy recovery. it was a very sad situation. >>reporter: over at red cab in worcester, drivers are trying to make it as normal a job as possible. >>reporter: what would you say, what types of things would you do. >> got to look at where you are, know the neighborhood. >>reporter: the shooting follows two unsettling ins lentz over the weekend in worcester
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detectives are trying to determine if the three cases are connected. >> for now those who are living on stockton street hoping they locate the person who shot the cab driver. >> hope they can find out who did it or maybe this will put a fear in other people that are in the neighborhood. >>reporter: at last check the cab driver whose on the road to recovery is listed in stable condition. meanwhile here at police headquarters investigators are appealing to the public basically asking anyone who may have seen anything unusual lifetime night around the shooting scene to come forward. we're live in worcester, steve cooper, 7 news. a motorcycle accident in woburn leaves the rider dead. the motorcycle crashed into a parked van. the accident happening late last night in woburn. crews were on scene to investigate the crash. a 21-year-old crashed his car right into a tree.
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11:00 last night. the driver rushed to the hospital and died from his injuries. investigating. a congress woman the target of swatters. in melrose, if you don't know those are people who make up crimes in order to send the s.w.a.t. team to a home. in this case it was the same congress woman trying to put an end to em tim em mondes has more. >>reporter: a politician pranked in her home. police say around 10:00 sunday night they received the call of an active shooter at congress woman kathryn clark's house on prospect street but it was all a hoax. the congress woman who was home with her husband and children at the time releasing a statement reiing in part no mother should have to answer the door to the police in the middle of the night and fear for her family' safety simply because an anonymous person disagrees with her. >> it's someone's idea of a bad joke. >>reporter: michael mccormack has lived across the street from
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years. >> she's such a well-known figure in the neighborhood that we all think very high will he of her and would hate that. unfortunately, in dents like that would happen. >>reporter: congress woman clark is the sponsor of a bill to combat which is when fake emergencys are called in and s.w.a.t. teams sent to unsuspecting home or businesses. following the incident she said this is the exact reason that i introduced the interstate state hoax act. i want perpetrators to know that there are legal repercussion to see their actions. >> i'm sure the police have better things to do than to spend their valuable time chasing around, sorting out pranks. >> nick em mondes, 7 news. a high-speed chase started in attleboro yesterday. when the suspect took off, the police chief followed him. when he made it toy
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chief threw down spikes. >> i've been in pursuits before but this was the languagest pursuit i've ever been in. >> i stopped six of my cruisers so i heard it. i stopped traffic. >> nobody was hurt. another public meeting on the mbta's proposed fare hikes will be held this evening. the mbta is facing a $242 million budget gap. and we're following more news today. the water crisis in flint, michigan continues. officials are scrambling to try and fix the problem after high amounts of lead were water. now celebrities are showing their support. >> clean water now. >>reporter: a flint church packed full yesterday afternoon. people there pushing for answers, their government still saying their lead-tainted drinking water is unsafe.
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anything anymore. we are demanding. >> hip hop mogul russell simmons, real housewife of atlanta star, nationally known pastor all made a stop at this town hall meeting to show their support. >> everybody knows i'm a real housewife and outside of that i'm a real lawyer an real black woman who supports real people. >> a truckload of water. i called puffy, he says a million dollar in water i just sent. >>reporter: call for government to be arrested and prosecuted. simmons says he wants to see more from the president when has turned down the governor's funding request. >> rappers got to get here before obama. >> i'm in it for the long run. i'm going to be back. i'm going to send some more water. >> bottled water is still the safest opening
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the fbi has joined the investigation to determine if any laws have been broken leading up to the crisis. sending a palm tree through the roof of a restaurant. the restaurant says it was badly damaged but no one there was hurt. also in california a tv crew ask recovering after being injured covering the storm teamup. they both required surgery. one of the victims had serious injuries. you can see a few cars there were crushed from the different branches that fell down. a shocking case of child abuse caught on camera in florida. you can see a day care worker hitting a four-year-old boy over and over with stuffed animals. then the worker picks up the boy and drops him face down on a mat. police say a co-worker took the video because she was quote uncomfortable with the behavior. the worker who was doing that allegedly was arrested and charged with child abuse. a puppy trapped in
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california is now safe and sound. a woman heard the four month old pup whimpering and called the fire department. they used a pulley system to lower a firefighter into the hole to grab the puppy who they have now named valentine. >> it is like a basement that had a shaft to it and was way at the bottom of the shaft and he had no way of getting out. >> the pup is said to be in good health and will be up for adoption if his owners don't come forward in the next five days. a 92-year-old veteran in california battling afghanistan against a would-be burglar. an axe wielding intruder was no match for this vet who took out his gun and wasn't afraid to use it. >> i came to the conclusion this being a sunday he assume this people would be going shopping or going to church and no one would see home, you know. >> so far police don't
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this suspect may be but you don't want to mess with him. >> that's right, lesson learned. ahead on 7 news saying thank you. a little girl sending a simple and sweet message to police. why the department is the one saying thank you. a police department using wild animals to destroy a problem. how the car ended up mangled in this mess. the race for the white house is take shape as candidates set their sights on new hampshire. we'll have complete coverage ahead at 5:00. we're following breaking news. we just learned the child taken from the home in roxbury has died. we'll continue to follow
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. r he's just not ready to be president.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. a little girl sent a special message to a pennsylvania. she said' handwritten letter that landed in chief. >> and now the department is saying
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a chance to meet her heroes. 7's sarah french has the full story. >> good. >>reporter: what started out as a school project has now landed eight-year-old sabrina campbell in the police station face to >> such a great thing you did. we appreciate it. >>reporter: but sabrina is not in trouble. far from it. she sent this letter to the police department where she keeps them safe from bad people. >> very humbling to read this, especially from a child. it means so much to us to see something like this and i think this letter is not just for our police department, it's for every police department out there. >>reporter: sabrina says her librarian told her class to pick a hero and write a letter to them. so sabrina pick her local police officers. in her letter she writes probably don't formally
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but it seemed like the right thing to do. >> normally they don't get a thank you note every day from people that like they do stuff for. >> the innocence of it and the genuine sincerity of it is something that -- it's why we do this really. something like this, a letter like this can keep you going for years. >>reporter: the chief made sure sabrina didn't leave empty-handed. >> these are from us. this is a patch that we wear on our arm. one is the american flag and one is our department patch and you can keep those, okay? >> thank you. >>reporter: sarah french, 7 news. tracking rain for tomorrow. warm temps as well. mid week forecast up next. ahead on 7 news at 5:00. comedian bill cosby facing a judge once
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hope to get a sex assault case against him thrown out. search and rescue, a small plane goes down off the coast of miami. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise...
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mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence
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they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. police in the netherlands train eagles to take out drones. these eagles are being trained to target unmanned drones and get rid of them. they say drones are a nuisance to many and want to come up with a low-tech answer to the problem. >> have you ever seen them hunt in the wild, they are aggressive and shown talons. if i had to put my money on it, i'd say eagle. okay. let's move on to the
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about some changes coming our way. >> we hit 50 today and tomorrow and thursday. this is nothing but a rainstorm heading our way tomorrow afternoon and night. little cooler on friday. there might be a couple patches of light snow on the cape early friday morning but for the rest of us we're dry on friday with clearing skies. 56 in the city at this time. nashua 48. orange at 46. mostly sunny skies now giving way to mostly clear skies over the next few hours. then clouds western new york and western pennsylvania. they will begin to move in overnight tonight. this is out ahead of our next storm. center part of the nation, that's where you find the cold. it's out there in the land of cheese, wisconsin. wrapping back into iowa and minnesota. that red l, the center of the storm, goes to the west of us. usually puts new england on the warm side of this storm. sometimes with a storm
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you have some arctic air in place, you can start with snow, sleet and freezing rain. but there's no arctic air in place. nothing but rain drops here. increasing clouds overnight tonight. relatively mild. temps between 30 and 38 tomorrow. poordz of rain, i think midday arriving worcester hills, southern new hampshire. city of boston probably around 2:00. so downtown boston you can get through a good chunk of your day dry. everyone is dry for the morning commute. wind will develop tomorrow afternoon. there's your chance of rain. not happening tomorrow morning. even at 1 eg almost only a 30, 40% chance. temps tomorrow in the low to middle 50s. scituate at 54. it will take most of the day to get into the low 50s in the merrimac valley. dracut and manchester only in the upper 40s. your warmest part of the
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valley tomorrow night. upper 40s tomorrow afternoon and then the 50s tomorrow evening. a peak or two of sun early afternoon otherwise rain arrives mid to late afternoon. most of us are going to get a good shot of rainfall out here. this weather system would normally keep on cruising. it slows down. see how it's lurking and creeping on new england so that by friday there might be a glancing blow of light snow on cape cod friday morning, not for the city of boston. upper 30s. saturday and sunday mix of clouds and sunshine mid 40s. you winter weather lovers, you know you're out there. you're coming at me. there might be something tuesday of next week. why don't we let this percolate a few days. see you at 5:00. let's get a check of the roads and see how it's shaping up for us this afternoon. >> the expressway northbound and southbound right around the area of morrissey boulevard. southbound those headlights coming
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bogging down a little bit back by columbia road and mass ave. so about a half hour ride ought to do it from downtown right into braintree. problems north of the city, getting word of a crash involving an overturned car. two left-hand lanes are blocked off on 93 southbound. 93 north is taking a look and backing up beyond 128 and into the woburn area. raw 3 not too badly out to lowell. 93 north and south in great shape here. store o. drive eastbound is backed up for about a 20 minute ride. joe stapleton, 7 news. athletes use drink like gatorade, power powerade rather than water. >> but it's your activity level that determines what you should be drinking. >>reporter: if you're feeling
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exercise, when you're drinking might be to blame. when you work-out lasts less than an hour, registered dietician water will suffice. it can keep you focused on a said tear event. >>reporter: staying hydrate saudi key to helping you recover properly. >> your urine is more that pale lemonade color rather than apple juice. i would encourage people to have sports drinks for anything intense or anything lasting over an hour for your exercise. >>reporter: replenishing your body isn't finished after your work health out. and if you're still feeling a little bit sluggish, dieticians say to consider changing your eating patterns leading up to your work-out.
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in the super bowl but we
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with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. super bowl 50 is less than a week away. can you believe it? >> wow, that snuck up on me. >> yes, and we're
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oh, my gosh, some of the commercials we'll be seeing during the big game. 30 second ads are expected to cost as much as $5 million. and heinz is hoping this commercial featuring wiener dogs will help catch up to that price tag. the dogs dressed as hot dogs are trying to reach their family of heinz condiments and it's adorable. >> it is. >> mounten dew is likely the front runner. mountain dew posted ads on twitter, the feature like like a mix between a baby, monkey, horse and space alien. this is the first super bowl ad in 1 years so that will be interesting to see what that turns out to be. >> i'm confused. thank you for joining us so far. >> 7 news at 5:00 starts
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fresh off his win in the iowa caucuses, the texas senator setting his sights on the next town. but don't expect donald trump to go down without a fight. the former front runner lashing out. who he blames for a hillary clinton claiming the win but it wasn't by much. bernie sanders seeing a narrow loss. iowa's impact on a tight race. will the candidates see a spike in their poll numbers? and there's more news today. a car goes off the road in east boston. no snow put we're tracking rain in new england. plus a pivotal moment in the case against bill cosby. the comedian is back in court. tonight on 7 the iowa. on top. spoken.
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republican rising.


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