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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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three-year-old with in response to a trauma incident. the video of the keep here. the department of children and families took custody of the child last night but again the little boy has passed away at boston membershipper. boston police are still investigating the case and asking for any information that anybody might have. we're staying on top of the story and at the breaking news desk, i'm adam williams, 7 news. boston police and the fire department on the scene at kenmore square. fire officials saying a fedex panel truck had a pox with a bottle of hydrochloric acid leaking in it. there are no injuries but right now traffic is being diverted. you can see the large response there and streets closed off around that area. you can imagine this is the middle of rush hour. a lot of issues going on right now.
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fire department working there. the hazardous materials am going in to clean up the mess. a gunman opened fire on a taxi driver. investigators say the driver is expected to be okay but right now police are still searching for that shooter. steve cooper live for us in worcester with more on this dangerous encounter. >>reporter: as you can imagine a lot of people who live in that neighborhood are pretty nervous tonight. everybody's concerned, anxious for answers here. at the same time the cabbie shot is in the hospital tonight. >> we didn't hear anything. we figured someone got shot, you'd hear it. >>reporter: residents live on stockton street in worcester still stunned after a cab driver was shot during an attempted robbery overnight by a man wearing a mask. >> tried to rob him. there was a struggle that ensued. during a struggle the cab driver was shot. >>reporter: police think the 62-year-old can beie hospitalized with
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was lured there by the suspect before he was amambushed. >> we're just praying for john for a speedy recovery. it was a very sad situation. we don't have anything to say while they are investigating it. >>reporter: other drivers at red cab say it's a balance of having to work but be safe at the same time. do you feel safe? are you worried about things like that that happen? >> i'm not worried any anymore. i'm used to the job, that's all i room. >>reporter: two incidents involving liver reilivery drivers being robbed. >> we'll look at the two robberies and see if there's any connection. it's a crazy world now. >>reporter: so investigators are turning to the public for health tonight. they are asking anyone if they've seen anything during that shooting
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as for the cabbie, we're told he's listed in stable condition right now. live in worcester news. >> thank you, steve. and a motorcyclist is dead after an accident in woburn. the motorcycle crashed in a parked van. the accident happened late last night. the man was in his 20s. crews were on the scene to investigate that crash. and another deadly crash in plymouth where a 21-year-old crashed his car into a tree. 11:00 last night. the driver rushed to the hospital, died from his injuries there. police are also investigating. a local politician and her family, the victim of a s.w.a.t. surprise. police swarming to the home of congress woman kathryn clark in melrose after an anonymous call of an active shooter there. the latest in dent of and calling in fake threats has become more popular yesterday. we spoke to the congress woman today and she said the response scared her and her family before
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>> we saw a lot of lights, what looked like emergency vehicle lights in our front yard. i went outside once the officers told me they were responding to the call of an active shooter. they were anxious to confirm everything had been okay, i realized i had been a victim of swatting. two alleged bank robbers called to court today after sending police on a high-speed chase. it started at the rockland trust in attleboro yesterday. when they made it to taughten, that city's police chief threw down spikes popping their front tires. since the attleboro chief was still on their tail, they rammed into their bumper. >> i heard it. as the vehicles were approaching, i stopped
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stop sticks. >> police arrested the suspect shortly afterward and nobody was hurt. we return now to the campaign push in iowa. coming down to the wire with hillary clinton getting a slight edge over bernie sanders by a few votes. a shocking defeat as the candidate is cruising by donald trump. beat trump by four points in iowa. the presidential candidates take their pain trail to the granite state. andy hiller is live with our pollster. >>reporter: this is the new hampshire headquarters. i am with joshua dick from umass lowell who is con duck our tracking poll. what everyone here wants to know is bhoaz got -- whose got the mo, the impetus, the juice. let's start at the top of the mo chain, marco rubio. >> he clearly has the
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of iowa. he takes that into new hampshire. we expect potentially big things this week. endorsement from south big mo. >> big mo. ted cruz? >> ted cruz has a lot of momentum coming into new hampshire where he's not expected to win but he does have the scc, the march first primaries coming up where he will do very well. >> he's got enough momentum. he's one of the few republicans who can lose in new hampshire and still keep looking ahead. >> absolutely. >> donald trump? >> donald trump was probably hurt the most, has the least momentum. new hampshire become a fire wall state for him where he's been polling ahead for months now in new hampshire has to win. >> he can get caught in the expect takes game. >> he already got caught in the expectations game
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down and then up an then ended up losing. so if that happens in new hampshire, game over. >> let's go to the democrats, bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders needed an iowa win to propel him forward so he could go out and make his case across the country. >> in history are we going to see sanders as the loser or tie? >> i think loser. i think loser in history. hillary clinton would have rather had the win last night but getting it today is good enough. >> and i think that takes care of our list. i only have one thing left to tell you that i have momentum. >> what's that? >> the tracking poll. tomorrow is the big day. >> yes. >> because tomorrow we start to see the people in new hampshire who have, who are reacting to the results uniowa and then we'll really start seeing what is happening here. reporting live in new hampshire, i'm andy hiller, 7 news. >> thank so much, andy. if you have any
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hiller and our pollster, tweet us. you can also leave your questions on our facebook page or go to our website at we'll have the answers to some of your questions at 10:00 on cw-56. download our 7 news mobile and tablet apps to stay up to date on all the candidate and of course you can always find the latest on our website at and we're following more news today. the fbi joining the federal investigation into the water contamination in flint, michigan. the fbi focusing on whether any law were broken in this crisis. the source switched in 2014. the people of flint complained that the water looked and tasted wrong but we're told the water was safe for nearly a year and now celebrities are making their way to flint, joining locals in the fight for answers. celebrities have been donating millions of
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the city. hip hop mogul says he wants to get this crisis fixed. >> the rappers got here before obama. >> everybody knows i'm a real housewife but i'm a real lawyer and housewife who supports real people. >> experts say it is unlikely any criminal charges will come of this chris us because investigators will have to show that the health violations were done in purpose. about 1200 people in stockton, california meant to discuss concerns about the use of chlorine ammonia mix to disinfect municipal water. famed activist erin brockovich said it's a bad idea for public health and urged them to speak out.
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this is to prevent those water-borne pathogens from coming to you and you then ion gesting them. >> the city starting adding the chemicals to its water back in january when it started failing safety tests. tensions are flairing, pro militia groups protested in deeply divided burns, oregon on monday. demonstrators squaring off over an armed occupation of a federal wildlife reserve. this coming days after one militia member shot and killed by police when authorities arrested other members of the militia. >> he had his hands in the air. >> this is ridiculous. they are scaring our children. >> only four people remain at the we'll life refuge after several were arrested or left last week.
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right now to manchester, new hampshire. this is donald trump the republican candidate here walking down the steps. he's off to an event tonight. we learn today former massachusetts senator scott brown is going to be endorsing donald trump. it's going to be happening there in new hampshire. tonight everyone shifting their focus from iowa to new hampshire and kind of a shock that donald trump came in second in iowa. so his focus now is new hampshire. he's leading you are polls and you heard hill talk about it, so far so good for donald trump as he continues to drum up support. still ahead on 7 news at 5:30, an emotional reunion, how a mother and dow found each other after more than 80 years. a driver loses control slam nothing a building under construction. what police say caused that chaotic crash. a three-year-old rushed to the hospital over the weekend has passed away.
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here's the t ruth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. a meteorological moment for two women in
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for the frm in years the woman was with her long-lost daughter. >> the two plan to make up for the lifetime time. >>reporter: it was a reunion 82 years in the making. >> all this time and now i'm finally going to see her again. >> lina pierce is 96 years old. >> i can't remember back that far. >> a mother, grand mother, great grandmother thinking back to 1933 when at 14 she gave birth to a little girl, eva may. >> that was so many years ago. >>reporter: six months later her baby girl was gone. >> and then the state came in and took her away from her and said she wasn't old enough to have a baby. >> i wondered between her. >> eva's adopted parents rename her betty.
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died when i was 21 and my father died a few years later so i've been on my own all this time. not anymore. >>reporter: now after 50 years of searching. >> she was growing up and i was growing old. >>reporter: betty found her mother and lina,. >> here's your daughter, mom. here' eva may. >> town her eva. >> an aunt of mine one day slipped and said this my name was eva and i said oh, and she says you know you were born up in utica. >> with clues to her past betty began looking, searching on-line and calling the hospital where she was born until she found her birth certificate and her marriage's name. >> i've been talking to her on the phone and it's all gone.
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this point. >>reporter: 82 years that were well worth the wait. >> long years gone by. >> look at you. >> absolutely. >> wow, the mother-daughter pair spent this saturday surround bid family and friends in pennsylvania and say they want to keep in touch when they are apart. tracking rain heading this way for tomorrow. also temps going to jump into the 50s. forecast is up next. >> donald trump coming up firing after being drummed in iowa. what the g.o.p. candidate is saying after falling to ted
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done. i just registered. that was easy.
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50 this afternoon. right now 42. fitchburg at 35.
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clouds will move in unadvance of our next system. these storms when they go to the west, they usually put new england on the warm side of the storm. over here we've got rain kentucky and tennessee. all this warm air will surge up into new england during the day tomorrow, so it will be about the rain drops and not the snow flakes. mild overnight tonight. lows only in the 30s. normal high in boston is 37. i think when you wake up tomorrow morning in the city it will be about 37, 38. you will need the rain gear, not for the morning commute but as we work through the day. periods of rain heading into new england. first in the worcester hills around 11:00, 12:00 and 2:00 indication 3:00 in downtown boston. here is your chance of rain tomorrow. again as we work through the afternoon and tomorrow evening that's when we see most of the rain happening and also some wind.
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tomorrow might be a bit squirrelly with the rain and wind. upwards of an inch of rain and the wind at the coastline, again, this not advisory criteria but something we'll watch for winds gusting out of the southeast between 25 and 40 miles per hour. farther union land 15 to 25 miles per hour. there goes the storm system moving away from new england very slow. thursday we hold on to the clouds. another mild day. then we get a push of some slightie cooler air during the day on friday. as that's happening on the cape, the same storm that bothers us tomorrow. this might try to end as a little bit of lie snow friday morning on cape cod. again, it's a glancing blow. it's so close of a call that i don't think anything happens in the city of boston on friday morning. but, if anything were to happen it would happen
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morning with a coating of light snow. we can readdress that possibility over the next couple of days. jet stream takes on a shape that brings winter back into the united states and in doing so, it might pop an east coast storm tuesday of next week. it has a week out so why don't we just let that percolate. in any event temperatures between now and sunday running mild. see you at 6:00. a very good evening to you, everybody. i'm adam williams. >> and i'm kim khazei. lots to go to tonight and we are in new hampshire. ted cruz trying to ride his momentum after pulling out a big win in iowa. >> the runner-up donald trump tabbing to twitter and playing the blame game after yesterday's second place finish. >> and we have a winner, hillary clinton comes on top but still too close to call. very close, razor thin and we'll have details on those stories and much more. >> we invite you to join
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bowl 50 is less then a week away. >> snuck up on me but some advertisers say they can't wait and gave us a sneak peak.
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expected to cost as many as $5 million. hines is featuring those cute weiner dogs to catch up to that price tag. see what i did there, ryan? the dog dressed up as hot dogs are trying to get to their family of condiments. >> the brand posting several videos on twitter over the past few days showing the star of the add. the feature looks like the mix of a baby, a horse and pig. it's mountain dew's first super bowl ad in 16 years. >> the company is planning to air this super bowl ad against drunk driving. the spot featuring dame helen mirren referring to her as a notoriously frank and uncensored british lady. she repeatedly calls out drunk drivers in the ad. budweiser's signature clydesdales will make an appearance come sunday.
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time and money they spend on three ads. >> for 30 seconds. >> what are you going to look for? >> everyone gets excited for it. there's another 30 minutes to 7 news ahead. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. after a tight night in iowa, the democrats are deadlocked. >> broking a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> iowa, thank you. >> and what a night for the republicans. a shock for the donald. >> we finished second. >> a win for ted cruz. >> that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. >>reporter: and a surprising surge for marco rubio. >> for months they told us we had no chance. >> it's it's on to new hampshire for the first in the nation primary. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts now. donald trump arriving in new hampshire just moments ago walking down the
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jet, and this is the first time we've seen the candidate since his defeat in iowa last night. everyone's an patrioting what he's going to say at his event in new hampshire tonight and those first results are in. >> trump not the only one shifting focus. all of the top candidates leaving the midwest touching down in new hampshire. the candidates riding the momentum out of iowa going all in to get the support of new hampshire voters. seven news has you covered for the first in the country primary. byron barnett got to talk one on one with democratic caucus winner hillary clinton. byron? >>reporter: thack, adam. hillary clinton, by the way, is getting ready for another big rally here at the high school in hampton, new hampshire coming up later this evening. they arrived in the state today knowing that they had their work cut out for them. but hillary clinton told me she's come from behind before and she's hopeful she can do it again.
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