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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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will stand upnd fig for you. >>reporter: hillary clinton firing up supporters as she hits the home stretch in new hampshire where she's trailing in the polls but clinton told us she's not worried. >> when i got here in '08, i had lost in iowa, as you remember, and i was quite far behind, and i'm going to do exactly now what i did then. i'm going to get out and meet as many people in new hampshire as possible. >>reporter: both clinton and her husband have no complaints about barely beating bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses last night by >> it's hard. >>reporter: clinton says she will spell out the differences between herself and sanders. >> key difference between yourself and bernie sanders that you want branders to know. >> there are many. i don't want the
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and i don't want senator sanders to get us into a contentious debate creating grid lock. >>reporter: clinton and sanders will be crossing paths two or three times later this week at a forum, a debate and big political dinner. that's the story live from hampton, new hampshire, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. it was a photo finish between the top two democratic candidates, too close to call until this morning. but vermont senator branders has high hopes for new hampshire. he's on top of the polls in primary. kimberly bookman is live in keene. >>reporter: all of the people who came out to support senator sanders today say he is certainly is a contender and he proved that in iowa last night. many of them came out here no this theater behind me. they stood in line for an hour. they were really excited to see the candidate.
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at the airport early this morning when he arrived to greet them back here in new hampshire and the tears continued when the 74-year-old democratic candidate got on the stage and said last night we began a revolution. of course he was alluding to his theme to take on wall street and get wage equality. getting people out to caucus and give him a chance which many thought with impossible a few months ago. today, however, he was back to business explaining his platform. >> now in vermont and here in new hampshire i know we got so many people who are struggling hard economically. >> so you guys ready for a radical idea? >> yes. >> together we are going to create an economy that works for working families and not just the 1%. >>reporter: now sanders is leading in the polls here in new hampshire. he's hoping to build on
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the week this evening. right now in fact he's holding another get out the vote event in clairmont at 6:00. kimberly bookman, 7 news. senator ted cruz, the leader of the republican pack in iowa and cruz worked the crowd in new hampshire today before taking off for south carolina where they will soon have a primary to shore up support there. jonathan hall joins you live in manchester, new hampshire with more on his brief visit. john? >> hey, kim. ted cruz did make it a brief visit. he only had one stop here in new hampshire today after trouncing trump by four points in iowa. one stop but he made it count. ted was cruising to victory in iowa but can he in new hampshire? >> both stakes take your responsibility seriously. >>reporter: the texas senator has some momentum and he wants to stun america by winning in the granite state has as a
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did three dozen years ago. >> and the granite state shocked this country by giving reagan the victory and literally the men and women of new hampshire changed the course of history. >>reporter: cruz later reinforced the point to 7 news. >> i'm going to continue asking the men and women of new hampshire to make that same fateful decision yet again so that we can reignite the promise of america. >>reporter: our exclusive tracking poll shows cruz 24 points behind trump. that's a lot of ground to make up but his campaign chairman is hopeful. >> we're in the fight. that's all that matters to me. >>reporter: he didn't have to necessarily win new hampshire. >> we play to win. that's the bottom line. >> does winning iowa help in new hampshire? what about rick santorum? four years back he won iowa, came here and got trounced, finished second to last. cruz campaign says that's not going to
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live in man chest, new hampshire, i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. donald trump is saying his fall if first was not his fault. brandon gunnoe live in milford with more on how trump plans on changing his direction in new hampshire. >>reporter: he plans on blaming the media. he tweeted today the media has been unfair to him. he also blamed the voters of iowa saying quote they didn't give him enough credit. it was a donald trump we don't see often, humbled by a second place finish in iowa. >> i want to tell you honored. i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted and all of the incredible candidates. >>reporter: are a short speech in front of his supporters. just three minutes. he was cautious, choosing his words wisely about the next big vote.
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ahead, okay. new hampshire, we love new hampshire. >> i think we're going to be proclaiming victory, i hope. >>reporter: the donald then went silence, no interviews, no social media updates until late this morning when the blame game started on twitter. >> he continued i don't believe i've been given any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign. the only one. i will keep doing but not worth it. >> also we just learned that senator scott brown is going to make an appearance with donald trump. he sent out on e-mail earlier saying he's going to be at a press conference with donald trump before the rally. this event is scheduled to start here at hampshire athletic club. brandon gunnoe, 7 news. marco rubio with a fighting chance after last night's surprising surge. the florida senator with a come from behind third
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right behind donald trump and putting him right back in the race. he says he is more enare jizzed than ever. jennifer eagan joins us live from exeter. she's following the rubio campaign. >>reporter: exeter town hall is packed behind me. the people here want to hear his pitch. outside exeter's history can town hall they line up early waiting to hear from senator marco rubio. >> i think it's time to hear from some younger, good ideas. >>reporter: rubio is trying to build excitement and momentum. >> we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >>reporter: this morning rubio
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>> we need to the party and i can do that better than anyone. >>reporter: they are calling rubio's third place finish a three-way race for the g.o.p. nomination. he was one point behind donald trump and is positioning himself as the most electable republican candidate. >> this country cannot afford hillary clinton or bernie sanders and not only am i principalled and strong conservative but i can grow the conservative. that means we win the election. >>reporter: so as part of that rubio is trying to edge out the other candidates. in new hampshire tomorrow. we're live in exeter, jennifer eagan, 7 news. all eyes turned to new hampshire where the polls tell a different story. just one station tracking what the voters in new hampshire are thinking.
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chest are now with new results. >>reporter: iowa is history and now new hampshire is ready to make some of its own. all the major candidates are here and a week before new hampshire votes, republican donald trump and democratic bernie sanders are still both big leaders. despite his disappointing finish in iowa, donald trump is still the leader in new hampshire with 38%. ted cruz is second with 14 and marco rubio is third with ten. john kasich and jeb bush both get nine. chris christie five, ben carson and carly fiorina get three. ben carson 36789. ted cruz is up two points and marco rubio has climbed into third place with his two point increase. there was no change for john kasich or jeb bush. the democrats had a
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eeking out a victory but there's a lot more space between those two candidates here. bernie sanders at 63% is support hillary clinton gets with 30%. and in our tracking a increase for bernie sanders widening when i already-huge margin. our tracking poll combines three days of polling. includes new hampshire voters reactioning to the iowa results but we should start seeing who got a bounce from iowa and who got bounced as soon as tomorrow morning. so stay tuned. live in new hampshire, i'm andy hiller, 7 news. >> sounds good, andie. if you have questions for andy hiller and our pollster, we want to her them. you can tweet us with the hashtag primaryon7. or you can go to our website at we'll have the answers to some of your
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10:30 on carbon monoxide w-56 tonight, 10:30. we'll have coverage all week, on-line and on-air. plenty of more news to get to here this evening. >> we have several breaking stories to cover for you. emergency crews responding to kenmore square. boston fire saying an acid spill shut down road in that area. also breaking a three yearly who was rush to the hospital over the weekend has passed away. we'll have the latest when 7 news at 6:00 returns. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on
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we do have breaking news out of kenmore square. police and fire busy roping off that area. there has been some sort of acid spill. you can see the streets there just stopped. no one's going anywhere. a lot of emergency vehicles. anyone who spends time in that area knows it's a very busy place, especially at this time, 6:15 rush hour. phone for us. >> it happened right in the middle of rush hour up. beacon street was shut
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really at the base of this citgo sign. the chemical that spilled in a fedex truck was hydrochloric acid. the driver smelled some kind of fumes coming from the truck. they determined it was hydrochloric acid. no one was ever in any danger. the truck driver is okay. obviously with any kind of chemical spill in a very public place, they want to take all the precautions necessary so they shut down the street. the hazardous materials crew came in, they contained the spill. i asked about hydrochloric acid. i asked if it was common or even legal. boston fire department said it is common and legal. the good news i can report right now is beacon is now reopened, cars are now going slowly through the area but that is no good news and progress for drivers
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quite a long time in a very busy part of the city. that's the latest live from beacon street in boston. nick emmons, 7 news. we have more breaking news to pass along out of dedham. the mbta confirming a person was hit on the commute rail tracks in dedham and has died. it's also causing delays. passengers being bused between the readville and dedham commuter rail stops. we'll continue to follow this breaking story. a little boy rushed to the hospital over the weekend has passed away today. on sunday police responded to what they are calling a trauma incident. the child died at boston medical center. detectives have not said exactly what happened to the toddler during that incident on sunday. and we're following more news here today. a third suspect tried to a home invasion in brookline has not been charged and police still looking for a fourth. police say several guys broke into a apartment
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shots were fired and some of the suspects were stabbed. dangerous drive in east boston causing chaos at aconstruction site. an accident sent an s.u.v. slamming into five stories of scaffolding. authorities say it's in danger of collapse and will lickly have to come down. scaffolding at the time and no one was hurt. tracking rain heading this way for
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boston right now at 41. fitchburg at 35. hyannis at 3. we had a high of 50 today in the city and we're going to head for 50s again tomorrow. so this is our next storm system. it's only about the rain drops. the storm does have snow in the top and backside of itself but we will be on the front side of this storm and here is the warm air that's loading up and it will come racing into new england by tomorrow afternoon an tomorrow night. for tonight it's dry all evening. increasing clouds overnight tonight. temps only dropping into the middle 30s which is where we should be for afternoon highs. periods of are in arriving midday worcester hill, monadnock region. wind will pick up tomorrow afternoon. it's a southerly wind to the numbers, the temps will jump in the lower 50s in the day. tomorrow evening's
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and quite windy as well at the coastline. occasionally 40 miles per hour out on cape cod so that's the weather system coming at us tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. thursday is far enough away where we don't have rain but we have a lot of clouds and still mild. on friday it's relatively close and a little cooler on friday morning, so cool we might have a little bit of light snow on cape cod friday morning. nothing more than that, especially offcape. for the weekend a mix of 40s. jet stream cannot produce any winter-time storms. tuesday that looks like a wintery type storm. we'll talk about that in the coming days. have a good night. it's full-speed ahead for the bruins, the unofficial second half of the season is here. the b's starting out the stretch run. that journey begins tonight against the
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patrice bergeron of off appearance. he had a great weekend in nashville but now it's back to reality and getting revved up for the road ahead. better place. we need to realize it's only half the battle if you're in the playoff spot at the all-star break. you have a lot of work to do ahead of you and that's in a position we're in right now. >> every game matters. it's going to be a grind rest. from here on in, it's about getting points and making sure we stay in that playoff race and not regretting anything. the names and faces may have changed but the story remains the same at the bean pot. harvard and north eastern, better luck next year because bragging rights comes down to another battle of comm. ave. the 22nd time they will meet for the bean pot
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bc reaching their ninth final in the last nine years. terriers senior daniel region wouldn't have it any other way. >> it's always been a dream of mine to play them in the finals. we definitely owe them after a few weeks ago. we're definitely excited to play them. >> it's going to be exciting, that's for sure. i don't know the last time we've played bc in the finals. any time you play them, it doesn't take any of the excitement away from it. it will be an exciting game next monday night. >> media day may be the only thing the patriots don't miss with the super bowl. how some of these good balls even get credentials, we'll never know. the costumes are back in the closet. peyton manning grilled about his dinner plans today. >> we got an idea what
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and get a place. probably, you know, check, you know. so we'll see. >> and the celtics looking to get back in the win column wrapping up a quick two-game road the nicks. that's sports. >> all right, joe, that at wegmans we believe the that offer you , quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. we do it because
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that's our time for 7 news at 6:00. as always thanks for sharing your valuable time with us. i'm adam williams. >> and i'm kim khazei. we hope you have a great evening. come back and see us
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