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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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winningiowa. >> and bernie sanders has high hopes here in new hampshire. we have night team coverage. another warm day but it comes a price. track thing rain and wind on the way. new tragedy on the tracks a teenager hit and killed by a commuter rail train. and, nightmare at 12 thousand feet. passengers brace for an emergency landing. >> what caused a massive hole to open on plane in mid air. it's all now from the night team. 7 news at 11 starts now. >> tonight, on 7, primary focus. ted cruz in control. this election is not going to be decided by the lobbyists and at washington kartell. >> donald trump getting a new england boost. the next president of united states donald trump. and here comes marco rubio. we're not waiting any long tore take our country back. >> while the democrats battle after a close call in iowa.
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iowa. >> last night we began the political revolution. we're on to new hampshire. just hours after results were candidates from both parties high tail it to new hampshire. first of nation primary high stakes in race for white house. we have night team coverage as they crisscross the state ahead of primary one week away, we'll start with brandon gunnoe in million forth tonight brandon. everybody was wait to see how trump was going to handle losing in iowa last might we sue him be humble today they extort of played blame game on twitter. here in new hampshire he was in his comfort zone. >> and next president of the united states donald trump. senator scott brown endorsing and introducing donald trump in his first rally since an unexpected second place finish in the iowa caucus. but now it's new hampshire where donald feels more at home.
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it probably suits me better. i've done very well in new hampshire. i've been here lot more. i have very good relationships with the people of new hampshire. since coming in second trump says media has treated him unfairly. by focussing on his loss and rubio doing better than expected saying he still finished second hire than rubio in third. >> trump no good, rubio, unbelievable night. unbelievable victory. donald tweeted i don't believe i've given any credit by voters for self funding my campaign. only one. i will keep doing it but not worth it. >> i don't know that the voters appreciate it. when they go in to vote i don't think they say you know i'm going to vote for trump because he's self funding, and lobbies and special interest and et cetera. >> speaking to reporter before the rally donald says skipping the la's republican debate may have cost him iowa, but he also said he wouldn't change a thing because of all money he raised for veterans. in milford, new hampshire
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florida senator marco rubio may have come in third iowa he says big winner of the night. he's getting a lot of attention. rubio exceeding expectations and now, some are calling this a three-way race. jen fear eagan with more from the rubio campaign. >> and kim, rubio held a rally are today. you know when his momentum heing expect dig other candidates he got one today. >> thank you. thank you. senator marco rubio starting his swing through the granite state. and now we're ready to do it here in new hampshire i'm grateful to all of you for coming out today. his campaign calling third place finish proof he's in three-way race with ted cruz and a dump trump to gain more ground rubio needs to edge out candidates like new jersey governor chris christie. who took this jab at him today. we know who boy in bubble is up here who every in answers your kwles constantly scripted and controlled. because he can't answer your
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and a tonight event inside exeter's town hall rubio avoided questions from media referred reporters to his campaign team. he had plenty of promises to make to the crowd. when i'm president if we don't know who you are and why you're coming you're not getting into the united states of america. >> rubio claims he's the best candidate to go up against hillary clinton or bernie sanders in the general election. they don't want to run against me. but i can't wait to run against them. >> well rubio will be answering questions tomorrow. he starts a series of town hall-style meeting in beau tomorrow morning live in exeter, jennifer eagan. now cruz campaign in senator isn't just yet. john. >> adam no he flew with his wife down to greenville, south carolina where he is courting rally. south carolina a very important state for cruz. but is so new hampshire.
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fresh from w in iowa, at church in new hampshire full of compliments for locals >> y'all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. ted cruz had crowd laughing when he said donald trump treated him like a good buddy until six weeks ago. >> and now i'm an anchor baby. >> i don't really think six months ago something profoundly changed about me. but what did change is his numbers started going down and our numbers started surging. cruz's win in iowa energized his supporters even knowing some felt >> surprised. i wasn't sure if he was going to pull it off. it was pretty great. will this be a spring boar for him? i think so. you look at the crowd here today, this is incredible. the senator's wife also took the stage with one of there two daughters. >> my overwhelming feeling last night was how proud i am. >> well cruz better get some rest he's got 5 events here in
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a couple of town halls and a stops at diner and a country story. we've live in manchester new hampshire, jonathan hall. >> yes the closest of calls on the democratic side. hillary clinton may have won in iowa but bernie sanders is calling a virtual tie as they head to new hampshire. night team byron barnet continues our coverage light in happy hampton where he spoke with hillary clinton today. >> that's right, you know hillary clinton supporters say they know they didn't win by a touchdown in iowa last night more like an extra point. but as far as they're concerned a win is a win. and now they say they are on to new hampshire where they admit they are facing an uphill battle. being back in new hampshire after winning in iowa and having a chance to come here. hillary clinton firing up supporters in final week before the new hampshire primary. clinton is trailing in new hampshire polls, but she told us she's not worried. >> are you concerned about trailing so far behind in polls
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you know when he got here in '08 i'd lost in iowa as you remember. i was quite far behind. i'm going to do exactly now what i did then i'm going to get out and meet as many people in new hampshire as possible. clinton says she was thrilled to beat bernie sanders in iowa and will spell out differences between them. key difference between you and bernie sanders that you want new hampshire voters to know? well there are many. but one is i want to defend and build on affordable care act we're moving toward universal coverage. i don't want the republicans to repeal it. and i don't want senator sanders to plunge us back into con fen shows debate creating gridlock >> clinton brought a number of familiar faces on the stump with her, her husband former president bill clinton, former congressman and shooting victim gabby giffords. she will stand up to the gun lobby. [ applause ] >> and a local familiar face, massachusetts attorney general maura healey who as the start
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where the campaign rally was held. hillary's tough. hampton's tougher, let's pour it out, let's giver it all we've got i want your playing to final buzzer scramble for every loose ball. how about basketball meta force. now new hampshire voters will get a chance to see clinton and sanders clash face to face one more time when they debate later this week. that's story line from hampton, new hampshire i'm byron barnet. collin top campaign we head to manchester where bernie sanders is feeling confident holding ton strong lead in granite state here's 7's kimberly bookman. >> reporter: yeah, adam you know bernie sanders is 74 years old voters. he's talking about things like paying off college tuition and getting jobs that pay a good wage. now he just has to get young voters to the polls on primary tuesday. >> back in new hampshire after losing iowa to hillary clinton by less than 1 percent, democratic presidential
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anything but down. he knows he's getting through to voters. >> sounds to me like you're ready for a political revolution. the senator from vermont enter theed presidential race with little ram recognition facing clinton the presumed nominee. considering this he's almost gloating. we came back from a 50-point deficit in the polls. he's confident his lead in new hampshire will only catapult him. >> we began the political revolution, not just in iowa, not just in anew hampshire. but all over this country. >> he says voters are angry, and promised to take on wall street resonating. idea? >> yeah. >> together we are going to create an an economy that works
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just the 1 percent. >> now sanders had two events in new hampshire today. then he went home to burlington vermont to relax and sleep. he will back in rochester new hampshire tomorrow evening. reporting live in manchester new hampshire kimberly bookman seven news night team. just one station now our exclusive umass lowell tracking poll we're watching candidates progress day-to-day. so our updated numbers show two clear front runner in new hampshire primary. despite his disappointing finish in iowa donald trump still the leader in new hampshire by a wide margin, 38 percent. there's ted cruz in second with 14. and marco rubio in third with 10 percent john kasich and jeb butch each have nine the rest republicans are in low single digits chris christie 5, ben carson and carly fiorina bot get 3. rand paul 2 and 7 percent are undecided. we can start connecting the dots on our tracking poll. we've already seen some movement. donald trump you can see there straight line he's holding steady.
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marco rubio has climbed into third place with his two point increase. no change for john kasich or jeb bush. >> on democrat side it does not appear to close call bernie sanders at 63 percent is still doubling support hillary clinton is getting with 30 percent. and in our tracking a bit of a surprise a 2 percent increase for bernie sanders widening his already huge margin. stay with 7 news throughout new hampshire primary. live coverage from number all week on air, and online at and on our mobile and tablet apps. we're following breaking news out of hawaii tonight. authorities say they have found trace elements of dna from the marines killed in that helicopter crash last month. they say evidence was actually discovered several weeks ago but they are just re-srising this information. apparently they found 2 when rescue crews were searching area for those two helicopter that went down. 12 marines died in the crash. including hingham native corporal christopher orlando.
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who's d na was found. also break a powerful tornado touching do unin western alabama. witnesses says it the storm has done serious damage no word on injuries but there may be storms for that region on the way with more on southern storms plus rain moving into new england let's go to meteorologist jeremy reiner. here those thunderstorms right now marching through deep south these power house storms we will focus on northern end i'm not concerned about tornadoes, severe weather. although we'ring rain that will sweep up into ned during a day tomorrow. again, rain not 12340e. nothing to lock down arctic air northern maine. so even up there, ben gory 19. tonight but tomorrow night dealing with rain drops. morning commute, your dry but grab rain gear we do anticipate sprinkle arriving later tomorrow morning with steady rain across western new england as soon as 11 o'clock tomorrow morning steady rain arrives in metro boston mid afternoon. evening commute is going to be rainy. could slow you down.
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but with time we warm things uptemperatures tomorrow morning mid 30s. normal high is 37. 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon near 50. and remember wassest part of the day tomorrow evening. temperatures jump into mid 50s tomorrow evening. >> night team now in roxbury where a toddler who was rushed to hospital over weekend pass wood. tim okay pew to is live with it latest tonight not whole lot of police activity inside building tonight. police detectives have spent a considerable amount of time inside the home behind me sunday night and all day monday. and now that that young boy has died, homicide detectives are on the case. >> toddler taken from roxbury home 48 hours ago died today and homicide detectives are trying to determine what happened. although stone police say sunday night that 3-year-old boy was unresponsive and respiratory distress. he was rushed to the hospital. home alpine streets was surrounded in police tape investigators searched for clues inside the home.
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monday an alarming site for those that live nearby. very sad. betty is neighborhood association president. i came downstairs because i saw all the police car and emts and asked but of course like they said, they couldn't give out any information. police not giving many details about the investigation and department of children and families only releasing a short statement before the child died that read, the department received report on the situation and as we investigate in collaboration with law enforcement custody child has transferred to dcf. no one returned to apartment in question this evening and others living in this house didn't want to talk about it. >> you know the family at all? no i don't. >> at this point in investigation, boston police have not announced if any arrests have been made. we're live tonight in roxbury, tim caputo, 7 news night team. >> new tonight word that a 13-year-old boy is the one hit and killed by a commuter rail
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accident happened this afternoon on the franklin branch line. buses took over train service during the investigation. police say the boy was trespassing. and they do not expect foul play. scaffolding scare in east boston when car crashes into a construction site there. an accident sends an suv slamming into a building under renovation in fact. firefighters worried that scaffolding might clap if they took that jeep out so they left car until engineer could take closer look. no one there was injured. big response to an acid spill near kenmore square earlier tonight. authorities say a bottle of hydrochloric acid leaked from a package in fedex truck. no one was hurt but it definitely caused major traffic trouble right during the evening commute. the area is all clear tonight. cab driver is shot during an attempted robbery in worcester. police say masked man attacked driver last night on stockton street. 63-year-old was hospitalized but expect to be all right. investigators are trying to figure out if shooting is linked to two other armed robbery
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>> also from the night team, bill cosby in court today. and asking a judge to throw away the charges against him. complete unfaces sexual assault 2004. he filed motion today, saying he suffers from memory loss and a poor eyesight that leave him "substantially impaired. and therefore unable to defend continue tomorrow. there's spreading concerns tonight about a zika virus after texas. center for disease control says the woman contracted virus through sexual contact. it's first case where at zika virus has sexually transmitted. officials also say the mosquito borne virus can lead to paralysis world health organization says it will form a response unit to combat hopefully the zika virus. coming up next, a frightening flight. just amazing video from inside a plane that had a hole blown it's side with passengers on board thousands of feet in the air. all right, so you know about
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hieng high sang psi tee when massive hole especiallies up in mid airplane was phiing to somalia with about 60 people on board. and investigators say that hole wasn't an accident. ryan schulteis in our control room to explain. likally bomb that ripped open the side of plane they still don't know who did it or why. >> terrifying moments after smokes rocks a passenger plane mid air blast ripping a huge hole as it was sliding 12 to 14 thousand feet up in the air. passengers say they heard loud explosion and you can see air mass come out passengers try to move away from the gaping holesomehow pilot was able to fly the plane back so somalia. blast injured two people
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did come back positive. the plane now, somalia, how this happened and continues. in control room ryan schulteis. all right. probably should talk about their rain we've had so many nice days. about 37 degrees. so jeremy we're still above the freezing mark in most parts? we are, yeah. normal high for the day for the city is 37. here we are 11 o'clock at night normal high temperature. it's a rain storm, not a snow storm. warm storm even behind storm mild on thursday. keeler by friday. but still, i mean there's no bitterly cold air in the pattern this week. next week, different story. right now boston 37. nashua 30 orange at 29. for tonight clouds on increase, mild overnight tonight. much. 30 to 38. your morning commute is dry. it's this storm system right here that's on the move. again it's loaded with warm air. there is some winter precipitation, michigan up that wraps around backside of storm
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your cold in snow tucked up close to that red l that storm is passing well with to west of new england where all cold air will be. we will be on front side of that storm system. which with time, really warms things up. tomorrow, periods of rain, again i think we'll have couple sprinkle probably around 11:00 a.m., but the steadiest of the rain holds off until mid afternoon in city of boston. get into the worcester hills and monadnock region a little bit earlier tomorrow morning certainly by tomorrow afternoon on and off rain. although with that said south shore and cape you may not have anything until 5 or 6 o'clock tomorrow night. we get a slug of decent rainfall into southern new england. again deeper shades of green and yellow indicating that heavier burst of rain. and timing stinks because i do think that does occur during the evening commute. how much rain is on the way most towns about three quarters to almost an inch of rain. also, wind. it will be wind swept soaker foam evening winds southeast
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boston well as cape islands. metro west the 95 corridor. not as much wind out there. in those locations. there's goes your storm system tomorrow, tomorrow even. normally storms just blast through here. and then we have sunshine. but this one ghosting to creep on us for a couple of days. thursday a lot of clouds. but not cold. with temperatures on thursday in the lower 50s. and then on friday, the storm actually tries to back up a little bit for a few hours. so i think there may be an a little burst of light wet snow friday morning on cape cod. nothing for boston. that white right there just cloudinessup notice purple there cape islands and. few hours of wet snow friday morning. then we see skies clear out on friday afternoon. friday is a cooler day. temperatures in middle 30s. storminess this week and only support rain storms. jet stream as we work into next week we'll take out a colder pattern. and that does have the potential to pop colder storms. your 7 on 7 forecast mid 40s saturday and sunday.
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don't give up just yet temperatures next tuesday that might be a wintery type storm that's week away. why don't we take this someone to remember at time. sounds good, thank you. >> all right. joe joins us now you want to talk the bruins or celtics we will start with bruins their start towards post season begins tonight begins with taking control of their home ice. this may be the story of their season. that's next in 7 sports. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money
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than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. and now, time for seven sports with joe amorosino. bruins back from all star break in talking to big game but unfortunately, they fail to back it up they blow two goal lead to maple leafs in third period tonight. they lose in overtime bruins going in the wrong direction on their home ice. now two games below 500 at the garden this season. we pick it up in third period game tied a 1. david krejci beautiful feed to brad marchand combho who scores is his second appear bruins up 2-one. 26 seconds later david krejci again here on refound, handles it and scores his first goal,
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bruins up 3-one. but they allow toronto to roar back scoring a pair of goals in two and a half minute span. tying game at 3. they head to overtime, and in the ot toronto on the power play, pa parental will knock in the rebound. sending bruins to an another loss at home. 4-3 the final. bruins now 11-13 and 3 at the garden. all star i saw a thomas looking to shine on broadway. and he heats up against the knicks in second quarter. two of team hi. down by two at the half. ice cold from long distance. three point shooting a problem looking good inside. there's amir johnson going baseline. and throwing down. 51-50 they had lead. tyler zeller helping celtics stretch that lead. running and reward there had everyone turner sets him up for dunk. zeller comes off bench drops a double double 16 and 10. celtics win it 97-89.
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snaps a 7-game losing streak with overtime win over ur oovment. that's sports. all right joe thanks. here's jimmy now with what's coming up next on the tonight know. hey guys danny devito and cloe kardashian. it's a great show do not change the channel. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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remember tomorrow 6:45 in morning out political editor andy hiller is back with most up to date numbers in our exclusive tracking poll we hope you can join andy and then see you back here later on. jimmy fallon coming up next i'm adam williams i'm kim khazei this forget rain tomorrow bring that umbrella if you're going to be out later in day. thanks for being here tonight.
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