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tv   Today  NBC  February 3, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> h, everybody, welcome back. >> what day is it? >> it's booze day tuesday. we also call it spanky tuesday. i'm excited about that. it's february 2nd, and that is if we could hear -- >> charlie puth. >> he is adorable, isn't he? >> he teams up with meghan trainor and wiz khalifa.
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>> we have an awesome show today. >> so much snow? the midwest. maybe people are at home. >> it's not nice, folks. >> they're probably in their own coverage. we're all out anyway. >> we're going to have one of other great guests. we love him. lou manfradini. he is going to show you how to shovel easier. >> that's good. >> i believe everything he says. >> by the way, a lot of -- i mean, i hate to put a damper, but a lot of fatalities come from people shoveling snow and having a heart attack. they do it in the wrong way. we should pay attention. then if you stare at your closet every morning with nothing to wear, we'll show you how to make your old outfits new again by doing one little thing. >> okay, good. he's a chart-topping r&b star who has written for beyonce and pit bull. now tank -- >> that was a derogatory term in my day. >> no more, baby.
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if you were home last night and you happened to have e.t. on, you were like, who is that correspondent that co-hosted on o.t.? >> i know. >> it happened to be kathie's daughter. here she is. let's take a look. >> you haven't seen this. >> no. >> people come up to me over the years and mention my dad. >> it was built on the back of people like your day. -- your dad. if it weren't for people like frank gifford, i don't know that we would be doing what we are doing. >> the last couple of years of my dad's life that i remember sitting and watching with him, he is like i'm so happy that those guys are up there now. they are doing so much better than i could have done. >> how should we -- >> forgive me for being a mom. it's not that you worry because you know that everything in life has prepared of somebody, but any next step, any first time is, you know -- you want to be backing it up with a lot of prayer. when those tweets start coming in about how natural she is, how
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>> my take-away from watching her is she's so herself. i think that's one of the hardest things to be when you are starting because you know, number one, she has to answer questions, but she has to ask questions, and number two, she has to know how to deal with all the logistics. >> well, she's going to be on last time. >> popcorn. for a change. i miss you. >> it is groundhog day, so that's when punxsutawny phil coming out and we decide whether or not we're going to have more winter or not. >> well, here's what happens. >> it's an excuse for all those guys to get dressed up in those hats. let's be honest. they live for this. >> phil did not see -- >> phil has the personality of a slug on the sidewalk. look at his teeth. >> he needs braces. >> he is a bit of a beaver. >> he did not see his shadow? >> which means what? spring is on the way? >> well, spring is on the way no matter what. but faster. >> yeah. he is always wrong. not always.
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atmospheric administration pegs his accuracy at about 45%. which is sort of like the polls in iowa. kidding. >> wow. that shock everybody up, didn't it? >> but the good news today -- >> what is the good news? >> it's also national tater tot day. >> these tater tots came from the melt shop. shock tops are sprinkled with parmesan and parsley. cheesy tots, do we even need to describe what's happening? >> those are the loadeds ones. >> wait. >> with cheese. >> i thought you said they didn't have any. >> i didn't taste a bit of cheese in this. are you sure? >> you told me to have one, and i did. >> have another. i'm just kidding. >> the loaded jala parsley, and -- >> i'm sorry. i would have never -- >> i'm sure i'll be fine.
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thing. different people feel differently about. it's called lie witness news. it's mean, but it's funny. they ask people on the streets questions about the news of the day. >> i want to go on record saying i hate these kind of things. >> you don't walk to an old lady stumbling up an escalator. >> that was just one time i was on. >> yesterday on the day of the iowa caucuses people were asked if they voted. >> but they were in california, right? >> allegedly. >> okay. >> we're talking about the presidential elections. big day for politics. >> have you been able to get out and vote yet? >> yes, i have. >> where did you vote? >> i voted at an old elementary school by my house. >> have you been able to get out and vote? >> i absolutely have. >> where is your polling place? >> it is the lutheran church in hollywood. >> how were the lines today? >> not bad. >> were the people at the polling place nice? >> very nice. very nice. >> did they offer cookies or juice? >> they did. they offered coffee and a donut.
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>> i didn't have it, but it was nice that it was offered. >> is there anything that you have said to people that didn't vote today? >> i think you guys need to get your cabooses out there and go vote. >> here's the thing, you are watching, and you don't know if it's a setup. you know they've been set up. you can't believe they keep going on and on. there was no primary going on there. the thing is, here's where hoda and i disagree. you don't like people to make national fools of themselves. >> they feel bad if they don't vote. no one even knows what goes on at the caucuses until yesterday. >> they have to sign a release to allow their -- so they are okay with it. >> that's pressure too. can you imagine a tv crew coming up to you, hey, will you sign this? okay. you know, i don't think people are -- i think people just sign things. i know i do. i'm a pleaser, okay? >> maybe they shouldn't. >> i do what people ask me to
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>> so glad there were no women there. -- or that we could tell. >> big news. they always talk about how stupid women are. bad women drivers. big news with tom hanks today. we agree with this. even though we're women. >> he is officially america's most beloved celebrity. >> yeah. last year's winner, who we also >> whose poll is this? >> a harris poll. >> harris poll. favorite tom hanks movie. >> most of them aren't so good. >> what is your favorite tom hanks movie? >> i loved "big." i loved "big." >> "sleepless in seattle." that was the other -- was it sleepless in seattle. i thought he was amazing in "philadelphia." you and i loved him in "bridge of spies." which he was not nominated for. >> oh. >> some of the others are john wayne, harrison ford, sandra
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clint eastwood. john wayne and clint eastwood. brad pitt and julia roberts. >> good for them. it was a big night last night. if you were not watching what was going on in iowa, you were probably watching "the bachelor." amanda is here to tell us what happened. >> three hours of tv goodness last night. three hours of "the bachelor." >> ben continues his quest for girl, amanda. she's the mother of two kids. >> cute. >> ben is going to take her out on a hot air balloon ride. she has to wake up early. personally at 4:20 in the morning. by breaking into their hotel room, but she lives in the hotel with all the other girls. so take a look at how the >> okay. >> good morning. >> oh, my god! >> what? >> no! >> i wanted to come wake you up. >> oh, i look so bad. >> whose weave is this? >> not mine.
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dragon breath, but this is me. this is how the guy that i am competing with 11 other women for his heart saw me this morning. >> hey, amanda, we got a date to go on. good morning. >> good morning. hi. >> amanda woke up like good morning. not cool. >> you look beautiful. all right. >> i mean, she did. >> she totally had makeup. >> she was ready. >> she's like a disney princess. she's, like, hello. >> a little stardust. want a breath mint? >> he knew he was going to do it, so he got to get up, brush his teeth, do his hair. >> i felt sorry for the girl with the retainer. poorr poor lauren. >> okay, whatever. >> jubilee was really the highlight of the show last night. ben liked her from the get-go. she's starting to become very jealous, and it seems like she gets jealous, and then she gets mean. >> that's what usually happens. >> not to the girls. to ben. she's playing hard to get.
2:17 am
night. so, see what happens. >> i'm not used to being overshadowed. going into tonight, i felt really good about everything, but now i'm just really disappointed in his thoughts. >> jubilee, can we talk? >> awkward. >> did you hear what she said? >> she's, like, let's not hold hands. >> she just said that. >> i get my chance to see you. like, this is about you and i right now, and i just want to grab your hand, jubilee, and walk you upstairs, and you're, like, no, no, no. you pull away from me. how is that supposed to make me feel when i try to grab your hand in front of a group, and it's pulled away? i think it's best if tonight we say goodbye.
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unconditionally. >> so it ended when -- she walked sadly into a cab, like balling. they're in mexico. he goes into a corner and cried. right? >> oh, stop it. man up. everyone is drunk. >> he is crying in a corner. now he has to go back upstairs to go back on the date with all these girls, and i'm at home going how is this going to recover? he is heartbroken. >> oh, he is not, amanda. >> he is crying. >> just watch more. >> why do you fall for this? >> well, you're right, take a look at what happened. he was fine. >> tonight i had to say goodbye. >> ben, is it okay if i steal you for one second? i'm sorry. you handle situations like that with such respect and grace. >> i'm done breaking up with people after this.
2:19 am
>> yeah. he's broken hearted. >> you can tell how hurt he was. >> when you watch this back and you see the way a man acts, why in the world would you ever want to love him unconditionally for your life? >> yeah. maybe. >> he doesn't see what's happening behind the scenes. >> what about the one nobody likes? >> really quick, this ended on a cliffhange with olivia. we've been talking about her for a while. she may have gotten kicked off the show last night. it was a to be continued. the girls told ben that she's bullying everybody, and he started to believe it, so next week we find out if she's still on the show or not. >> what do you think? >> i think she's still going to be around for at least one more. >> i hope. >> if it's working in the ratings, you got to keep her. >> amanda, that was a -- >> i love the fact that she believes all this stuff. it's sad, but it's adorable.
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a little spanky spanky. >> no! >> plus, see it for yourself. >> lou manfradini has a solution to all those annoying little problems right after this. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at zumba class? can't put it in like that...
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and maybe, a chance at greatness... because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff >> if you with a pesky problem around the house, don't call a you know what to do. ask lou.
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that rhymes with kelsey bal reiny. >> wow, that's good. i like that. >> do you like it? >> ooh, cameras off. >> today the host of "house smart" and "today" contributor is doing something different. >> he has brought about solutions to all the problems he has been asked about the most. so let's go. >> i call it noodle of two. these are items that get sent to me that i think will be really helpful. painting touching up is always a problem. this gentleman invented something called the my paint saint. you got all these cans of paint. if you have to touch up, you got to open them up and take the brush out. this is a little jar that you put the extra paint that you have that has a brush already in it, and now whatever color you have, you keep in there. never have to wash the brush. you actually use this to touch up the paint. when you are done, you put it away, and you cap it off. >> that's so smart. >> it comes empty. you fill it up and -- >> with this old can of paint. recycle it.
2:24 am
>> he started by using a mason jar to invent it. it's so smart. it's, like, $15. if are you a professional painter and you do a lot of touch-ups, this is really -- >> how about soap that sits in one of these trays and gets sloppy. >> this is my favorite thing. the soap-tainer. we have one of these. we use dove soap. i know you can see my skin, how nice it is. it's very slimy when it's in a soap dish. it drips off into the sink, and you have to keep your sink clean. it doesn't get that soapy residue. if you can show this one here because it's chrome. if you put it on the counter, the chrome reflects off of the top and it kind of blends in. it's my most favorite thing. i'm telling you, it's a game changer in your vanity. >> how does it stick? >> you just spit on me. you know? >> i'm sorry. >> a little more spit to go with the spit. >> i was excited. >> lou, i love it. >> this is the nordic plow. here you have all the snow in new york, but a lot of areas --
2:25 am
this was about $99. this is a plow that you push behind, and can you change the angle as you push the snow. they have a little video on this thing. when i first saw it, i was thinking you have to be as big as me. four inches of snow, you get right on it. i come home from trips in my shoes and flats and i'll do the driveway lickety split. they do a two foot, three foot, and four foot. you got to have a big rear end to do that four-foot. if you are an average size person, you can do this, and it's ergonomically correct and it really makes quick work of shoveling snow. >> how much does it cost, lou? >> about $100 for the three foot. >> and you can just hang it up? >> yes. it's great. >> guardian angel. you have children. you are worried about them sticking things in the outlets. the outlet covers, they take off. this you screw right on overtime -- right on over the outlet. if someone touches it, it turns the power off for five seconds. then you plug it back in and then you move away.
2:26 am
you plug in the vacuum cleaner for five seconds, it turns off, and then it goes back on. $20. >> you have to buy a lot of them. >> or -- if you have a newer home, some of the electrical codes are already outlets in there that are tamper-proof, so you want to make sure you may have those. you want to retro fit as well, this is cool. it's called snap power. it's an outlet cover that has a built in l.e.d. nightlight in it. >> what? >> at night when the light goes off, it has light on there. countertops, hallways. >> all it does -- >> people won't fall in the middle of the night or something like that. >> you have this little tip that goes right over the -- >> you just put the screw in. they even make one with a usb charger. >> love it. >> finally, this is one of my faves too. the sweep-o-vac. >> you mount this underneath the kitchen cabinet, and you kick it
2:27 am
wait. it has a vacuum cleaner bag. it's under your cabinet. your kitchen floor is always a mess. you are constantly sweeping. you go with your toe and kick it. it has a bag like a vacuum cleaner. >> you just sweep stuff into that area. >> sweep it in. $189. >> so you don't need a dust pan? >> right. just the broom. >> do you have a dust pan? >> no. [ laughter ] >> there you go. very good. >> we love you. >> i'll be over to install it. i'll bring my saw. >> go to klg and >> one statement piece can one up your style in an instant. these are the befores. >> wait until you see that. >> that's a present, you can't take that away. >> but first these messages. it's your responsibility to solve the world's greatest challenges. this is why we search for the best and brightest. why we train for every
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now with the brain teaser tuesday where we try to get your mind moving with a fun riddle. this comes to us from good riddles now. what has a foot but no legs? >> what has a foot but no leg? the answer is after this break. >> then a big game burger with a texas twist that you're going to love. >> i think it's two things. >> what? >> don't say it. >> and how one hot accessory can take your outfit from drab to fab after this. >> okey-dokey. it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x whitening i actually really like the 2 steps. step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening
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we're back on the booze day before the break we asked this question. what has a foot but no leg? >> we thought maybe it's a ruler -- >> or a bed. >> a bed has a foot too. >> a hot dog. a foot-long hot dog. >> but a bed has a foot, but no legs if it's on the ground. >> mine doesn't have legs. mine sits right -- there's nothing under. like it's right on the -- anyway, if you want to get a leg up on your look this winter, you don't need to blow your budget on a brand new outfit. >> sometimes all you need is one item to make a statement. here to show you how, brittany levine. brittany came. >> hi. >> sometimes we have stuff in our closet, and you think i don't want to wear that because we don't know what we can do
2:33 am
>> totally. right now, everyone's hitting the sales racks to try to find more clothes, but what we can do is look in our closet and add just one statement piece. >> let's bring out keysha. >> she has a beautiful top. >> she has a gray shift dress on, from lulu' we often resort to the flounsy dresses. >> i love them. they flatter. >> we can step it up a notch. she can add a statement belt. this is for the daytime. it's a southern drawl belt, and look, she automatically has hips. we've given her a little bit of a figure-flattering silhouette. it costs only $11. really easy for day. >> what about nighttime? >> we'll go into the nighttime. >> keysha -- this is another belt. this is rupy's on reserve. this is only $27. it's really fun. she clasps it and puts the silver chain.
2:34 am
>> exactly. >> it moves her in from day to night. >> again, flattering silhouette. >> thank you. >> our next model is christina. she's got a classic outfit that a lot of people have. >> definitely. >> a lot of times when women -- moms, they get it. they're going out and running errands. black on black. >> what should she do? >> she is going to pair her black on back ensemble with a fun bold trench. that's really in. this is from elequey, and it's $179, and now it's down to $89.99, which we love. the fact that it's bold in color and contains a little bit of a peplum around the waistline. this coat goes to size 24. a lot of shapes and styles. >> different colors, different trenches that they have on the website. really fun. you can go, again, from day to night. >> where is nicole? >> i don't know.
2:35 am
come on, nicole. >> here we have -- >> wait a minute. >> we have nicole, and she's in our black on black workout ensemble. everybody resorts to this. i do this all the time. it's easy. the best part about this all items from old lady, the her three-piece black ensemble is under $70, and brooks running shoes. then if you go in and we added a pop of color to her legs. basically her compression knits and nike sky-high sneakers, and this is so inexpensive for workout wear. we love it. >> you look great. before and after. >> where is natalia. >> natalia is channelling our downtown airport chic look. she has her top, her distilled jeans, and she's going to add a moto jacket. a full leather moto jacket. we'll add that on.
2:36 am
>> wow. >> $59.95. i'm sorry. she's going to pair it with an slide that on. really takes her plain white >> love it. >> last week i went to -- >> there you go. >> i went to a place in miami called boo. >> one more model. one more model. >> here we have melanie, and the best part about melanie is the fact that she is going to take her blue on blue navy ensemble and pair it with a statement necklace from bauble bar. take what you are wearing and pop it out and just give it a little bit of a statement. >> looks good. >> right. >> changes it. >> changes it up. >> all right. >> there she goes. >> good job. >> thanks. >> thank you very much. >> everybody looks great. thank you. >> for more brittany style tips go to game day dishes you can eat at home or pack up for a
2:37 am
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>> there are three things people look forward to on sunday. the big game, good football, good commercial, and good eats. >> and good drinks. if are you still in need of game day dishes, our today's food team wants to help. they enlisted the chef and owner of lonesome dove in austin, texas. ken love. hello, ken. >> he lives up to his name. >> yes, he does. >> adorable. >> what are we making, tim? >> this is what i call the burger dog. >> the burger dog. >> okay. >> i like it. >> this was invented because all
2:41 am
leftover scrap from steaks i cooked the night before. take leftover meat scraps. i have sirloin and brisket. add the brisket in here, like this. and blend it up. everybody has a food processor. we grind it up like this. right? end up with something that looks like this. >> also like a chuck. >> that's right. >> then i add in like a little -- >> what is that? >> it's got a little salt, pepper, paprika, chilli powder. the recipe is on the website. a little bit of shallots. >> mayonnaise is going to hold this together. which is really important. >> is that regular? >> the good stuff. >> okay. >> then we mix that all up really well. better if you do it with your hands. >> get in there. >> get in after it. >> i should make y'all do this. i don't know how i ended up doing it. recipe. >> it's your recipe. >> that's how it works. >> form it into hot dogs. >> oh, my god. >> go ahead and say it.
2:42 am
>> yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. but the good part about it is that these are great for -- you can tailgate. a lot of times you have -- >> good. >> you don't have a lot of room on the grill, so you can make a lot. >> okay. >> why did you put this thing on top of it? >> we shut the lid when we grill because we want it to be smoky and tasty. when you grill, always shut the lid. >> okay. >> these are all ready. now i'm gonna have you, you can at least do this. >> i'll do it. >> lettuce, tomato. >> break it up a little. >> when the protein starts coming out of the dog like that, that's when you know it's ready. seriously. go like this. >> do it. >> do it. >> like this. >> that's okay. >> relish, cheese. what not. >> kath, make your -- >> what would you like on yours? >> you eat yours, sweetheart. i already had a tater tot.
2:43 am
get after it. bun! i'll take that one. >> that's going to be too hot to >> how can you -- let's go. >> did you do that? >> she did it. >> what a woman. wow. >> potatoes now. >> we have potatoes here. we're going to cook until they're soft. just soft enough. then we're going to add in -- this is for you guys. you add in -- >> wine? >> wine. >> thank you. >> chicken stock. what that does is potatoes absorb things. i know. >> we got to run through. >> you mush it all together. >> you do like this, make a >> it's going to be on our website. >> this is delicious. >> i love it. >> i love it too. >> this is why i have all this time. >> it's good, right? >> find the recipe at you can check out tim's show restaurant startup tomorrow on cnbc.
2:44 am
about to see why. get ready for the newest single
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chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. he is a multi-talented nine-time grammy nominated r&b artist who goes by one name only. tank. >> he has been burning up the charts for years. with several top ten albums, also produced and written songs for some of the biggest stars, including beyonce and pit bull. >> he has his new album, and it's gone to number two on the billboard 200, and it's called "love, sex, and pain." > depending on the order. it's all in how you -- >> the first one was such a hit, you gotta do the second one.
2:48 am
>> you have five beautiful children. have they heard this music? is that how you made these children? >> it's supposed to be adult music. you know? i got to call yesterday from my oldest and she said, daddy, someone thinks things are inappropriate what you said. >> we want to hear. >> thank you, tank. >> thank you so much. if only you knew if only you knew yeah if only you knew if only you knew yeah if only you knew if only you knew yeah if only you knew how much i do love you wouldn't be tripping wouldn't be tripping now
2:49 am
you don't know you just don't know what's it gonna take for you to know you're the only one i want around you're the only one to hold me down girl you should know baby you don't know you don't know if only you knew how much i do love you wouldn't be tripping ooh, yeah ooh yeah you don't know you don't know
2:50 am
don't grab me in public don't grab me in private if only you knew how much i love you you wouldn't be tripping come on come on come on ooh yeah you don't know you don't know you don't know you don't know you don't know
2:51 am
do it to me every night you don't know you don't know ain't no way i can ever let you go if only you knew how much, how much i do love you you wouldn't be tripping you don't know, you don't know, you don't know you don't know, you don't know, you just don't know >> yes! tank. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> oh, thank you. >> we're giving away a big prize, but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> that was beautiful.
2:52 am
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2:54 am
>> before we say goodbye, we want to make five of you really happy. it's time to give it away. >> almost 10,000 entered, and this week's prize is a gopro hero 4 session camera and accessories. >> look at it, guys. it's worth almost $400. $399. it's gopro's smallest and lightest camera. >> look how cute that is. >> easy one-button control for the videos and photos. it's waterproof. it's compatible with all gopro mounts and accessories. >> you are also going to get a three-way mount that can be used
2:55 am
small remote. a 32 gigabyte sd card. >> see, look, and you can just start it with this thing on your wrist. >> you don't even have to be near it. you can start from over here. >> get way down. get in there. what you got? >> i got -- >> who? >> debbie newman from kings fort, tennessee. >> i'm happy for debbie. >> thanks. stal -- sally stenkin from holcomb, wisconsin. >> what? >> from wisconsin. >> from coming, georgia. >> i'm not wasting it. >> i've got laverne dickerson from nashville, illinois -- >> and bridget from pine grove, illinois. >> congrats to all of our winners. make sure you enter again for next week's prize. for complete rules, hit the connect button. >> who is here? >> don't care, but it's -- >> funny man colin quinn. stop it. stop! stop!
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