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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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line and smashed his truck. >> 7's kelli o'hara was in the courtroom and has more on exactly what happened. >> the intense sentencing lasted for a little bit more than an hour, filled with emotions, everyone in that courtroom crying as well, and as the mother of one of the victims said, today they're in no -- there are no winners here. >> reporter: mark was paralyzed in the car crash on jamaica plain, the now 17-year-old high-schooler was a passenger in an suv driven by this man, nick came pappadopolis. a jury found the 21-year-old negligent in that crash that left mark paralyzed and kevin saluchi is not only paralyzed but severely brain damaged as well, he was in the other car. >> kevin is awake with his eyes open but not the kind of off wake that you could imagine. >> reporter: the victim's family spoke to the courtroom that was brought to tears during the
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at one point when the weather of mark spoke, the 30-year-old victim overcome by emotion. popadopolis told the courtroom >> i can only begin to express how sorry i am for all the pain that has been brought to these families. >> reporter: a judge sentenced the 20-year-old to a year in prison and 2000 hours of community service in a rehab facility. as court officers put the handcuffs on him, his mother brought to tears. family members say popadopolis hasn't shown any remorse and life. >> sometimes when you have a son or daughter you will get the full impact of what have you done. >> both families are debating a civil lawsuit against popodopolis. an attorney for kevin sliewch''s family tells us his medical costs have reached more than a
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in jamaica plain this afternoon, kelly o'hare , a 7news. >> a 39-year-old boy struck and >> a crowded train comes to a sudden stop. one passenger says she felt a thud and immediately knew something bad had happened. when she looked at conductor. >> as soon as i saw the conductor, the reaction on her face, i had a good idea. she was crying, took off her hat. she looked distressed. >> reporter: the mbta says the 13-year-old was somewhere he shouldn't have been. sadly the teen was hit and killed by the passion train. it didn't take long for people on board to find out the devastating news. >> i think it was just passing through the cars and didn't think of it as more than a rumor
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see all the police cars and firetruckses. >> the accident happened near the endicott commuter rail station in dedham doing the evening commute. passengers delayed more than an hour as emergency crews responded. but they couldn't save the young boy. ed. >> it's very sad. everyone is pretty sad. i don't mind waiting. i just wish there was a better outcome with what happened. >> the mbta along with the district attorney's office are investigating but say they do not suspect foul play. >> in dedham, nicole oliverio, 7news. >> police found human remains at a connecticut man's home yesterday while investigating other crimes. authorities were able to trace the human remains to the cemetery in worcester where bodies were sold back in december. police arrested the first suspect back in december, he claimed to be a priest who was using the human remains for religious rituals.
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marlborough. firefighters got to the scene just before 6:00 this morning. the fire chief says the flames spread to the apartments and one person suffered minor injuries due to the smoke. >> investigators are still investigating the cause of the fire. two men are behind bars accused of creating a skimming scheme at a braintree atm. they're charged with installing a device that steals the customer's information from the atm to make an exact copy of their bank card. police arrested the suspects monday evening after noticing one of the men act suspiciously near the atm. police in boston making a large drug bust downtown today. officers found more than 100 bags of heroin on the suspect along with a large amount of cash and a brass knuckle-style knife.
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and he's a well-known criminal and facing multiple charges. new details on the water worries in flint, michigan. the fight to get residents clean drinking water to headed to washington today. flint's water has been contaminated by lead and now there are calls from people across the country to clean up that mess. chris clack ham has more from washington. >> the flint water crisis spilled over into the hovels congress wednesday where the resident who first uncovered lead in the water testified how bad it was. >> the levels of lead in my water were higher than hazardous waste levels. >> reporter: levels so dangerous she quit bathing her 12-year-old boy, much less let them drink it. >> we now know the horror of poison running through our taps and the negligent of the agencies to protect us. >> reporter: it was that negligence and whether it rise to criminal negligence.
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criminal activities or results of this inaction? >> if it's not criminal, i don't >> reporter: the fbi has announced it's investigating whether environmental crimes were committed in flint's which started two years ago when the city was forced by the state water from detroit's system to the flint river. in order to save the state money. michigan's republican governor rick snyder has repeatedly apologized for the state's poor handling of the matter while republicans on the committee say the federal epa shares blame, too. >> we all let the citizens of flint down. >> this is the consequence of putting i haddology ahead of human beings. >> both sides blaming the other for what both say was a failure of epic proportions. chris clackam, nbc news.
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well-known stores are teaming up. the first cvs pharmacy inside a target is open to customers. the north carolina store is the first of many joint locations. cvs bought out target's pharmacy business last june. officials say the current target pharmacies and clinics will stay open during rebranding and all patient records will be transferred. a dangerous close encounter can caught on camera. a driver pointing a gun at a biker wearing a go pro and now the biker is talking about this frightening case of road rage. he says he knew the truck driver had an issue with the group of bikers but did know it would escalate to this. 7's kim khazei has more on this close encounter. >> reporter: a group motorcycle ride in the desert saturday in nevada escalated when a man pulled a gun on a rider. it starts when a blue truck and rider get into it, after the rider rode in the desert kicking up dust. but the red truck on the right wasn't happy about it either. the rider recording the video says the passengers were
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he approached. >> why are you guys flipping me off? i didn't do nothing! >> i can honestly say i didn't think that i was gonna get a gun put in my face for going up to the guy's window. >> reporter: the rider who wants to remain anonymous, somehow remained calm and just tried to reason with them. he says he was in a moment of shock and in be hiebled sight he never would have approached, especially when he watched the video later, he noticed a finger on the trigger of the gun. >> i didn't notice it until i went back and reviewed the video myself. my heart was just racing. you know, i was like, my stomach turned. i was feeling sick. it was definitely scary. >> reporter: he says he turned all his video into police and says beside his friend riding in the sand for a bit, they weren't being obnoxious on the road. he records his rides for his youtube page just in case something like this were to happen. >> i didn't really think that it
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did, and that's literally the first time that i've gone up to somebody's window in traffic like that and it will be the last. >> kim khazei, 7 news. no charges have been filed. henderson, nevada police are investigating. a man accidentally hits the gas line with his car causing his house to go up in flames. the driver was parking his car in his garage and hit the gas line. and his wife were able to get away from the house before it erupted in fire. the explosion could be heard and felt throughout the neighborhood. >> i thought it was my house that blew up. it shook the house. i ran downstairs, there was nothing there and i saw people running down the street. >> reporter: the driver is in the hospital but expected to be okay. >> a massive warehouse fire still burning outside of detroit. crews have been fighting the flames since last night. the plastics and paper are
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fires. no injuries have been reported. >> owners of a burger king at morrow bay cleaning up after tens of thousands of dollars in damages. suspects smashing windows and officials say the damage was all started by a prank phone call. monday morning's remodeling started as scheduled at this california burger king but wasn't planned was the building's restoration. >> in my career and other careers, no one has ever seen anything quite like this, an extensive amount of damage being done. >> reporter: police say a man pretending to be from the fire department can called employees and instructed them to smash windows to ventilate the >> reporter: this video shows the vehicle going the opposite direction of the drive-through. you can hear glass shattering shortly after. no word if the driver of the vehicle was an employee. the owners of the burger king say they've never seen anything like that in their 44 years of industry. >> identifying yourself as
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the fire department or police and asking them to do something that is a criminal act, that's one step further than just a prank. it estimated to cost up to $35,000 to repair, a very pricey lesson, police don't want other businesses learning the hard way. >> first to confirm who they're talking with. not just believe that the person is identifying themselves as police or fire, that to immediately confirm who it is before they take any step further. >> police are still looking for call. >> a ukrainian man caught smuggling cigarettes using a small herd of horses. authorities say they were carrying boxes of illegal cigarettes near the country's board we are romania. the guard says the cigarettes are worth around $33,000. two romainians were also arrested in connection to that crime. drivers in china getting a strange sight on the highway the road there. police say a truck carrying the pigs flipped over in an accident
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police and other drivers helped herd the animals together, eventually moving the pigs to another vehicle. and a car speeds across the highway on its roof. the terrifying accident in england caught on dash can cam video. as it skids across lanes, the car hits another, sending it crashing into the guardrail. the family inside the flipped injuries. no word on whether it played a part in causing the crash in the other vehicle. >> terrifying video to watch there. ahead here on 7news, a colorful show of support for a girl battling cancer. and new concerns today as health officials watched the spread of a dangerous virus. what the cdc is now saying about how it's contracted. plus, a scare in the sky. passengers in a paic after an
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mings. >> show of support for a brave girl battling cancer. the girl is passionate about the coast guard and her friends. >> they took in an idea to a whole other level by bringing in kids they usually call rivals. >> reporter: at 17, katanna is fighting two types of leukemia. while under the care of doctors she recently got her extra dose of love from her former color guard teammates. >> there's nothing we wouldn't do for her. so sound, several high schools came together on stage with a special choreographed routine. >> she non-stop talked about color guard. she loved it. she talked about it like it was the sun that rose every morning. >> reporter: since she can't be part of the team right now, they came to her. ma kaya says no one hesitated to
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knew how to light up a room. >> despite everything, she's kept her personality, she's kept her silly, quirk eerk energetic sunshine personality through all it. >> reporter: and with all the music and dancing, you could see they katanna's face. >> friends say they are standing by and will continue to cheer her on. >> add adam williams, 7 news. temperatures headed into the visits tonight and then the threat of some snow friday morning. we'll sort it out, up next. >> and ahead at 5:00, the long-time girlfriend of james whitey bulger facing a judge today as she changes her plea. and the race for the white house continues in new hampshire as we look ahead to the primary next tuesday. we have pleat team 7 coverage live from the granite repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them.
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rain southeast mass. one more batch up along the corridor. but there's a gap in boston and you get into the showers and breaks apart in the berkshires and eastern new york state. on and off rain, but the steady rain south of town and rainfall total thus far have been happening northwest of boston orange over a half an inch of rain... you get to the city here, the last measurement we have 1 $100 it's of an inch of rain. at times there may be steady rain and we'll start to slowly warm things up.
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memo on the warming trend. you're still at 36. let's go. i think eventually we will start to warm things up this evening even in nashua. for tonight, rain and wind which will taper off after midnight tonight. but look at the temps, they continue to climb so that by tomorrow morning it will be in the upper 40sand close to 60 degrees and then the cool temp will come in slowly. it's a little bit backwards tomorrow in terms of the temperature. then we watch this system here. and the reason i point that out is because that will allow another area of low pressure to form kind of like the car on a highway. now tomorrow, again, it's kind of weird where we're advertising
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clouds giving way to some sun. s. might be a shower by 8:00 but otherwise i think you're rain-free tomorrow. the friday morning forecast, again, it is tricky. i am opening myself up to a big bust potential here because if the storm is a little farther east than this has been for nothing but i gotta give you the heads-up. i do think there will a burst of light snow happening friday morning and then skies will clear out as we work toward friday afternoon with the steadiest snow happening southeast mass as well as the cape. these will be the areas that are warming the longest tomorrow and then getting cooler early friday morning.
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would lean more toward a coating than 2 inches of snow. if the storm track changes, i'd go back. but right now at the coating in the city of boston and see what happens. in any event, there's no bitter air. if you're not into shoveling, that sun will beat up a lot of that snow and continue the process saturday and sunday. low 40s, a decent weekend. see you at 5:00. >> let's get a check of the ride open. joe stapleton has an update. >> hi there. not moving too badly at least on the secretary of state um bridge. 93 northbound and southbound. the windshield wipers here, a little slick. so drive well care. route 93 heading to route 128 still moving well and 128 northbound we picked up a problem right by route 93, it was that earlier crash keeping things heavy right back to the burlington area. route 3 is getting heavier up into bedford, as well. at the top of the screen, just before route 3, getting word now
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with the wed road service. getting a look towards the pike westbound so brake lights by exit 17. and route 1 northbound not moving too badly right now out through saugus. >> ahead on 7news, showing his softer side, a police officer going viral for a simple act. stay with us, everyone. we'll have more on this and more
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>> a picture is making the rounds on social media and should make you smile. >> the photo shows a police officer going above and beyond to help a young child. you can see here the cincinnati officer on the ground playing with a i will boy. the picture was taken after police found the 2-year-old wandering around cold and alone and the officer even bought the boy some clothes to keep warm. >> i did what i enjoy most when i see children, i got in there and started playing and grabbing toys. >> the boy's mother did eventually pick the boy up, she's been charged with child endangerment. >> a lot more to come in the incomes 90 minutes. thank you for watching. >> 7news at 5:00 starts right now. >> rain moves out tonight. a break tomorrow and then the threat of snow early friday morning. >> a chelsea apartment building and a little boy trapped on a fourth floor balcony.
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about the terrifying moment. >> in the race for the white house tonight, cruising through new hampshire. senator ted cruz says donald trump is throwing a tantrum. >> the two remaining democratic candidates on the campaign trail today hillary clinton playing catch-up and calling out bernie sanders. >> kind of a low blow. >> new numbers from our exclusive tracking poll are in. who's gaining ground. >> and which group of voters could decide who wins here in new hampshire. you may be surprised. >> a guilty plea for whitey bulger's long-time love. and a huge poll in an airplane, authorities believe a bomb is to blame. >> we begin tonight at 5:00 with a weather alert. a winter storm watch just issued for early friday morning.
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