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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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see a few inches of snow. many areas getting water down out there. we've seen the rain coming down heavy at times and more towns could see an inch by tomorrow. let's get to jeremy reiner here to break it all down for us. >> more like march with rain and 50s and friday morning here comes colder air from the great lakes states. here is the weather system marching through southern new england at this time. all the way down the eastern sea board and our portion of the weather system moves offshore overnight tonight but then down in florida, kind of locally gags through the panhandle and that allows a second storm to form early friday morning and at that time, the air will turn colder after a mild day tomorrow, but then i think during the commute we'll have some heavy snow, looks like it's focused around southeast mass. i don't anticipate much in the city of boston but you've
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out on the cape and islands and will you have a plowable snow so we're thinking that this is where you have the heavy snow happen friday morning. coating to 2 inches possible around the metro and steadier snow southeast mass, plymouth and bristol county, that's where you have the heavier wetter snowy could follow up into your morning commute. and then you head east of there and rain and snow will keep accumulations down to 1 2 inches of snow. >> the governor of floor florida declaring a state of emergency. doctors detected at least 9 cases of the mosquito born illness in that state. >> yeah, health officials believe all those florida cases are from people who contracted the illness while traveling to affected countries. the decision comes as boston school if i believes announced
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field trips due to the zika virus. all those friendships to countries that are currently dealing with the outbreak. in a statement school officials said in part the district is not canceling all global field trips. these decisions were made after working with leaders at this school's impacted and with the safety and well-being of our students, families and staff being a top prioritywell need to move as quickly as possible and hope to cut years off the typical amount of time it takes to develop a vaccine. >> boston school leaders are working to be find alternative destinations for the canceled field trips but say students and families will get refunds if needed.
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>> and a 3-year-old toddler got trapped when a chelsea apartment building went up in flames. crews worked quickly to get the little boy out safely. >> yeah, right now they're boarding up the building here in chelsea. it's been a long day and pretty dramatic moments as you mentioned when the toddler had to be rescued by firefighters. >> a 3-year-old child that was trapped above the fire on the >> reporter: firefighters in chelsea putting their lives on the line to save a life after learning a toddler was located on the fourth floor balcony of this 24-unit apartment building here on eleanor street that was on fire. >> a neighbor spotted him in the rear of the building on a balcony. our crews were able to get to him and i believe there was an occupant trying to get him. they basically took him out through the interior before the fire actually spread to that area.
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and dozens of residents grabbing their young children and scrambling to safety. >> you guys okay? smoke coming out the room and i just panicked. >> reporter: everyone inside made it outside. two firefighters were injured and taken to mass general. one with a shoulder injury, the other with a back injury. linda was reunited with her cat crystal after firefighters located the feline. >> fire investigators say the blaze started in a third floor apartment. residents just thankful everyone is safe. >> everybody is okay right now. we hope we are saved. as soon as the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the red cross is helping out the dozens of residents who are living here who have now been displaced by the fast-moving flames.
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cooper, 7news. >> tonight the war of words and counter-attacks from the campaign trail. >> it's really, really dishonest. >> reporter: with a new hampshire primary less than a week away. the field of candidates is shrinking. republican rand paul announcing he is pulling out of the race today and sources say rick santorum will end his campaign tonight. >> but for those left it's a fight to the finish facing off against each other, looking for the big win. a team of reporters is spreading out covering every angle for you. we begin with byron barnett live in manchester with more on hillary clinton's busy day and bernie sanders' plans for tonight. >> yeah, it was a tense back and candidates today, hillary clinton defending her record as
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familiar faces out with her today. hillary clinton joined by gabby giffords and her husband you astronaut mark kelly. giffords, who's still recovering from brain damage, says clinton as president would help stop gun violence. >> hillary is courageous. she will fight to make our families safer. in the white house she will stand up to the gun lobby, that's why i'm voting for hillary. [ applause ] >> reporter: clinton diverting from her stump speech today strongly responded to comments from bernie sanders, suggesting clinton is not a true progressive. >> i was a little disappointed to be honest yesterday. it was kind of a low blow. so i hope we keep it on the issues because if it's about our records, hey, i'm gonna win by a lloyd on tuesday. >> after rallies in went to his home in vermont but
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shows. >> we're looking tat right now but the important point is that at the end of the day, we came from nowhere to really startled the entire world. >> and right now bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail here in new hampshire getting ready to begin a rally in concord right about now. hillary clinton is going to be holding a rally here in manchester in -- a little later in the evening, and after, that both will be appearing at a televised forum at the university of new hampshire. so that's the latest live here in manchester, new hampshire, i'm byron barnett, 7news. >> the trump campaign on the attack today, accusing ted cruz of stealing the show in iowa. trump accuses the winner of the iowas of committing fraud, trump asking for a rematch, but cruz does not appear too concerned.
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in goffstown covering the campaign. >> yeah, drover is not own in new hampshire today, but down in arkansas. but he sure is having an impact from twitter. >> reporter: trump's tweet said ted cruz and win iowa, he stole it, that's why all the polls were so long and yes got far more votes than anticipated. the texas senator is campaigning in goffstown this afternoon and responded to his rival's twitter tirade. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, or if you'd like, yet, another trumper-tantrum. seems his reaction to everything is to throw a fit and engage in insults and i understand that donald finds very hard to lose. >> reporter: trump says cruz staffers told voters dr. ben carson was quitting and they should throw their support to cruz. the cruz people say they merely reacted to a cnn report about
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going to new hampshire. trump sent out a letter on the issue and is a screen grab of a cruz staffer tweet. then he is wrote, quote, based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa a caucus, either a new election should take place or cruz results nulified. >> we don't need a new caucus in eye you walk? >> no, i don't think so. i think a decision has been made and unfortunately donald's predictions weren't true. >> reporter: cruz beat trump in iowa by 4%. at first trump seemed humbled but not anymore. >> donald's insults get more and more hysterical, the more and more upset he gets. and that's fine. he can do that, i'm not gonna respond in kind. >> turns out carson says he was just going home for a change of clothes and there was some confusion about what his intentions were. cruz says he won't fire anyone
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mistake. marco rubio is making a hard sale after his third place finish in iowa. dan hausle is live in dover new hampshire for us this evening. dan. >> yeah, the republicans didn't do well in iowa but hoping to do better. if you remember, m.i.t. mitt went a while without getting a victory and that hurt him. i asked him about that at an earlier stop today. >> reporter: marco rubio talking to new hampshire voters in a town hall meeting in dover. the florida senator finished third iowa, his campaign says post show rubio has the best chance against any democrat. >> they know if i'm the nominee they lose. many have admitted, i'm the win they do not want to run against. >> reporter: rubio plans to build off of his iowa showing but makes no prediction he'll win in new hampshire. >> how long can you go without be winning somewhere? >> we're going to work hard everywhere we go to get as many votes as possible and feel good about where that leads us.
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chris christie says he's the best person to take on the clinton machine and shouldn't assume bernie or hillary are weak candidates. >> don't have some sort of contentment, it's our turn, they've had the white house for eight years and have a flawed candidate, kasich says he's a match faith but won't use god to get votes. jeb bush is counting on his mother barbara bush giving his campaign a boost when she joins him on the campaign trail later this week. >> i know how to take complex ideas and challenges and turn them into reality. >> jeb bush taking a full page ad out of the manchester union leader tomorrow with a bunch of florida political leaders saying they like marco rubio but think jeb bush would make a better
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dan house leash 7news. >> our track poll shows... so you can see trump and cruz remain in first and second and they're steady. but rubio is trending up, up another 2 points. jeb bush holding steady and john kasich lost 2. bernie sanders is far ahead with 61% but hillary clinton has gained some ground in new hampshire. she has 32% now. 5% remain undecided. our tracking poll reveals that
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is down 2. this race, however, not going to come down to the republican or democratic voters, it's the independents who hold the power accord to our political editor andy hiller who is live in new hampshire and breaks down numbers even more. andy. >> what is the biggest party in new hampshire, democrats, republicans? neither. it's independent voters or undeclared voters as they're called here, and there are enough of them to determine who wins a republican or democratic primary. >> i'm going to new hampshire and i'm gonna tell people the truth. . >> reporter: when candidates declare victory in new hampshire, it's not only voters from their own party they may have to thank, it's independent voters, too. and the numbers tell why. of the nearly 900,000 voters here, 30% are registered republicans, 26% registered democrats, and 44% are
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>> independents in new hampshire take being independent very seriously. and they can have a huge impact. >> we sure showed them what it comeback looks like. >> reporter: take republican senator john mccain. in 2008, the last time there were two contested primaries here, mccain beat m.i.t. by just one point with republican voters. but he won independents by 12 points, giving him a decisive victory. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: as hillary clinton campaigns here now, she knows she's not been the choice of independents in the past. and she's not now either. our polls show she's trailing bernie sanders among independents by 67 to 26%. that's 41 points. in 2008, she lost independents to barack obama by 10 points. but carried registered democrats by a big enough margin to win. and what about independents now? what we're seeing is more and more independents take the republican ballot because the
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side, which interestingly, could turn out to be good for hillary clinton. >> independents are tough to track. they can vote in either primary and they don't have to decide which one to vote in until election day. next tuesday, after all the votes are counted, don't be surprised if, as independents go, so goes new hampshire. live in manchester, i'm andy hiller, 7news. >> all right, andy, thank you. and you know, we have a lot of coverage of the primary here on air and on you you can log on, also our 7news mobile apps will find you the latest reports, the polling numbers and streaming coverage of the can candidates. and there is more news today. whitey bulger's long-time girlfriend coming clean, pleading guilty to contempt charges and an admission that could lead here behind bars for life. she spent 16 years on the run with the former boston mob boss.
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from the federal courthouse. >> yeah, we know she is not going to testify to help authorities track down who may have helped bulger while he was on the run he is. >> this woman knew about massive murders. >> reporter: she went on with the mob boss for 16 years until both were caught in 2011 in a small apartment in santa monica, california. her attorney says katherine still loves whitey and has been a model prisoner for the past haiti years. >> i think it's readily apparent that she's just not. >> reporter: stephen davis, the brother of one of bulger's victim, feels greig won't testify because there's money waiting on her when she gets back. >> money. there's a lot of money out there, and there's a lot of other names and faces and
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protecting. >> if they ever gave her life in prison, she'd probably tell them she's ready to talk. >> speaking of that, there is no minimum or a maximum sentence for contempt of court. a judge will sentence greig, though, in late april. whitey is serving a life sentence. live in south boston, brandon gunnoe, 7news. still to come here this evening, explosive allegations. what investigators believe may be behind a blast on board a commercial airliner. >> then an emotional day in comfort. the man responsible for this crash in jamaica plain that paralyzed two people in 20 certain, learns his fate. then ahead in just one hour, a new arrest makes a day in connection of stolen human remains from a worcester cemetery. and a bar striking out in fenway. shutting its doors just a few months after a deadly shooting
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as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> age explosive sight aboard a flight somalia. the blast left a gaping hole as you see right there inside this commercial airliner. one person was killed, two others injured forcing the plane to then make an emergency landing. >> investigators say they now believe a bomb may have been responsible for that scare in the air. a commercial airliner makes an emergency descent.
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the wind and visible from inside the cabin a hole in the side of the airplane. in this cell phone footage stunned passengers are lucky to be alive while witnesses claim a man on fire was sucked out at 14,000 feet. there was a terrible explosion, the pilot said, according a newspaper, i think it was a bomb. the airbus 321 is updated by dallo airlines and it has not confirmed the cause of the explosion but from the outside black soothe can be seen around the rip the open fuselage. it had taken off from somalia while al-qaeda links and surgeons are waging war. officials say one passenger was killed and two were injured. the body of a 55-year-old man discovered on the ground thought to have fallen from the air while most of the relieved passengers walked off the plane. >> so investigators in somalia say there's no evidence of a
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do believe the explosion looks like it was caused by a bomb. >> rain with temps in the 50s tonight and the threat of snow friday morning.
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tracking rain headed to boston but there is some rain down in connecticut. that sweeps up through worcester and metro west and into boston over the next couple of hours. backside of the weather system not that fa away but it will take most of the night to jump off the new england coastline. happens tomorrow morning. >> you know what also has been climbing besides the temps, the
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another storm will form coming up into new england early in the day on friday as the air is turning cold enough to change the rain over to snow. and so there is going to be the risk of a little bit of snower in the day on friday. i think a coating to an inch possible in boston. 7news at 5:00 coming back after
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>> certainly glad you're with us today. >> i'm adam williams,. >> i'm kim khazei. 7news at 5:30 starts right now. >> now at 5:30, an emotional day in court.
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that paralyzed two people
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