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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for, ain, the south shore and south coast. nothing in affect for the city of boston with this weather system. rain right now, and some will be locally heavy. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> right now we're following some breaking news out of pennsylvania. a judge has refused to throw out a sex assault can case against bill cosby. a former d.a. had claimed that he granted the comedian immunity from prosecution a decade ago. that claim has now been thrown out. cosby will know face a preliminary hearing to see if prosecutors have enough evidence to prove cosby's assault and accuser at his philadelphia home in 2004 are indeed valid, if you will. so we'll be watching this closely, bring you updates as we get them out of pennsylvania. also on 7, even more disturbing details in the death of a 3-year-old boy in roxbury. we're learning the department of children and families was in contact with the boy's care provider days before he was rushed to the hospital. 7's tim caputo live in roxbury with what we're learn being this toddler tragedy. tim.
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short time ago that he was briefed about this intersection dcf had with the young child as recently as friday. that was the last time they saw the kid before he was taken to the hospital and eventually died. they say as of friday afternoon, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. >> a 3-year-old boy seepingly fine on friday suffered serious enough trauma to be rushed to the hospital on sunday and eventually dying on tuesday. governor charlie baker says he's been briefed on the situation. >> anytime there's ever any incident with dcf or any incident that involves any kid in massachusetts, you know, as a parent, my heart sinks on that stuff. >> reporter: baker says the department of children and families checked on the child on friday and nothing was wrong. >> the last contact was -- [ inaudible ]
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very good shape. >> boston police investigating a death but up to this point no arrests have been made. >> our view at this point is to cooperate as aggressively and fully as we can with the district attorney as they go through the process of trying to figure out exactly what went on there. >> the boy was unresponsive when emergency workers got there and in quote respiratory distress. he died in the hospital less than 48 hours later. mayor walsh calls the death >> it's another sad situation when you hear things like this. there's not many worst tragic situations. >> we know that police conducted search warrants inside the house on sunday night and they were back here on monday afternoon. that's the latest live from roxbury, tim came put oak 7news.
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to be honest yesterday it was kind of a low blow. defense. >> there's a reason that be insults. >> reporter: things are heating up on the campaign trail with less than a week until the new hampshire primary. they're not holding back. for one ted cruz going back and forth with donald trump on camera and on social media. from the war of the words to a strong push for first, we have new hampshire primary. jonathan hall has the latest on ted cruz's campaign. >> we need a commander in chief. not a twitter in chief. >> reporter: texass senator cruz reacting to donald trump calling him a cheater and total fraud. >> it seems his reaction to everything is to throw a fit, to engage in insults, and i understand that donald finds very hard to lose. >> reporter: trump's tweet said, quote, ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it. that is why all of the polls
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more votes than anticipated. he claims the cruz campaign took iowa by telling caucus-goers ben carson was out, suspending his campaign. and trump posted a cruz campaign letter and a tweet to prove it. cruz says his team caught the news story reporting that ben carson would not be traveling to new hampshire and instead be going home to florida. cruz says no one on his team is in trouble. >> is not a campaign that scapegoat goes, staffers that holds someone else under fire for political purposes. we're not going to scapegoat anyone. >> reporter: a supporter says trump is way off base. >> he's just obnoxious, used to getting his way. very unprofessional. >> do you think he's just making these things up? >> yes. >> and that was jonathan hall reporting for us. some candidates like jeb bush and chris christie are picking up the pace now pushing for a better outcome in new hampshire.
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his second wind and trying to make a day for himself after a strong third place finish in the iowa caucus. dan hausle live in dover following the rubio campaign which made several stops today. dan. >> rubio about to make another stop here in dover. facing many extra pressure. he may need to get a win somewhere along the way. i asked him about that frankly. >> marco rubio introducing himself to new hampshire voters, many of them just starting to pay attention to the florida senator after a strong third place finish in iowa. >> if you vote for me and i am our nominee i will unite the conservative movement and republican party. >> reporter: rubio promises to build off of his ooh walk showing but makes no prediction he'll win in new hampshire. >> how long can you go without winning somewhere? we'll work hard everywhere we go possible. >> reporter: speaking in lebanon, new hampshire, new jersey governor chris christie insists he's the best candidate to take on the clinton machine.
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sense of contentment that while it's our turn, they've the white house for eight years and they're nominated a flood >> reporter: ohio governor kasich is complaining about people who say he's not conservative enough, even as he and independent voters. kasich says he's a man of faith but won't use god to get votes. jeb bush is counting on his mother barbara bush giving his campaign a boost when she joins him on the campaign trail later this week. >> i love my mother, and she thinks i'm her favorite son. >> jeb bush planning to take a full page ad out in union leader tomorrow which he's going to say florida political voters think marco rubio is a good guy but think jeb bush would make a better president. hillary clinton facing an uphill battle in new harsh, trailing bernie sanders by double digits. but she is still campaigning
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sanders' attacks on her record. byron barnett is in manchester following the clinton campaign. >> yea the intensity is definitely picking up in the democratic race and the sharp elbows are coming out, bernie sanders attacks hillary clinton's record and hillary clinton fires right back. >> i was a little disappointed, to be honest, yesterday. kind of a low blow. >> reporter: hillary clinton defending her record and calling out bernie sanders after sanders publically questioned whether clinton is a true progressive. >> you can be a moderate, that's fine. you can be a progressive. but you can't be a moderate and progressive. >> reporter: clinton trailing in new hampshire and battling for the hearts and minds of the democratic base kicked off what she says was a list of her progressive accomplishments. and shot back at sanders. >> so i hope we keep it on the issues because if it's about our records, hey, i'm gonna win by a landslide. [ applause ]
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the convention. we have the momentum. i think people are tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. >> reporter: after going to his home in vermont last night, sanders returned to the campaign trail in new hampshire. and at her "get out to vote" rally, clinton was joined by former congress wop and shooting victim gabby giffords who said shall supports clinton because she says clinton will stand up to the gun lobby. >> speaking is difficult for me, but january, i want to say these two words, madam president. >> and bernie sanders is also getting some support from a rather unexpected place. a group of students from wellesey college, that's hillary clinton's alma mater, have posted a video online which says that they're feeling the burn. that's the story live from manchester, new hampshire, i'm
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we seeing a shift in numbers candidates inching closer to the top spot but is it enough to take the primary? andy hiller joins us live from manchester with the 7news u-mass lowell tracking poll you'll see on just one station. >> adam, this is what we were waiting for. our first poll of new hampshire that includes reaction here to the iowa caucus and it's obvious new hampshire was watching what happened in iowa because democrat hillary clinton and republican marco rubio are both moving up. donald trump is still in first place holding at 38%. ted cruz is second with 14. marco rubio is third with 12%. jeb bush has 9 and john kasich 7%. rounding out republicans, chris christie has 6. ben carson and carly fiorina 3 each and rand paul got 2. undecided, 6%. here's where you can see it. trimp remains on top. not moving. ted cruz stays in second.
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up 2 points. jeb bush is holding steady and john kasich is not getting in new hampshire what he wanted, he is down 2 points. looking at the democrats, bernie sanders is it looks like he'll win but hillary clinton is cutting into his lead. she has a long way to go. sanders gets 61% in our poll, clinton 32 with just 5% undecided. but our track poll does show clinton's momentum as slight as it is. she's up 2 points and sanders is down 2 points. for clinton, coming close here could be almost as good as winning. >> this time next week we'll know the winners. between now and then i think our poll is the best way to see who's going to win. i'm andy hiller, 7news. >> all right, good point, agedy. stay with us throughout the primary. we'll have live coverage all week long on-air and online at and our mobile and tablet apps.
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auto drug investigation found bones in a house. it was in december when police arrested a worcester man after the fact of skeletal remains from a cemetery. the man said he practices a religion that uses huel skulls and bones for rite call rituals. a popular bar near fenway park strike out. officials say the who's on first bar will no longer be in business. a popular spot for more than 35 years. the decision to shut its doors
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outside the bar at the end of last year. train conductor jeff carrie was shot and killed at the bar last december and one person has been arrested in connection with that shooting. >> we've been talking about a weather alert because we do have snow in the forecast. jr. >> yes, rainy and humid this evening and then the threat of snow. >> yes, snow friday morning.
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rain and wind and humidity, radar right now showing deep shaifdz green, yellow, orange and metro west closing in on the city of boston. this will be a batch of heavier rainfall that moves across the metro. likely to be ponding on the roadways for the end of the commute and then this will wind down over the next couple of hours. so far, orange about 3/4 of an inch of rain. boston just a few sprinkles but that's changing because the skies are opening up as we speak. i think most towns when this is all said and done after midnight tonight, probably anywhere between an half an inch to in some locations an inch of rain. it's a weather system, a cool front that is moving slow and out ahead of that, look at numbers... the dewpoint temperatures, i normally don't show these to you
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there is humidity out there, winds gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour on the southshore, so we have rain and wind warm and humid conditions this evening. rain tapering off after midnight tonight. and tomorrow morning, your morning commute it will feel like spring out there with temps tomorrow morning 55 to 60. could be a couple of lingering showers up until about 8:00 tomorrow morning and then i think we're dry for the rest of the day. normally a front right here in pennsylvania would blast offshore and we'd be gone done with it for the rest of the week, however, this portion of the front is moving slow, kind of dragging its heels, that will allow another storm to form in georgia tomorrow and scoop it up east of new england on friday. at that time, it begins to get colder. that's when it's challenging. tomorrow spring like, 50s with some sun in the afternoon. here comes the second storm on friday foirgs starting as rain i think for everyone. about 2:00 a.m. on friday morning and then changing over
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morning commute, especially across southeast mass. but even in the city of boston, there will be a little burst of some steady light snow happening about 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 in the morning in the metro and steadier snow continues through the morning hours. southshore, south coast and out on to the cape. the challenge will be how hard is it snowing to determine the accumulation. we have the winter storm watch in effect here and you come into metro boston, probably more a coating than 2 inches but a coating to perhaps 2 inches in some locations by friday morning so when you go from 50s and humidity to 30s and snow it is a shock to the system. in any event i think it will start melting on friday afternoon and that melting process continues for the weekend.
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lower 40s and there is the potential for something perhaps bigger early next week. but right now we'll focus on the two storms right in front of us. i'll have an update tonight at 11:00. >> here's gardener down the slot to shut it. backhand score. only a 2 goal lead in the third period guess one of the league's worst team is as bad as it gets. this is a bruins team barely hang on in a tightly packed eastern conference but as alex corddry reports, the bs remain confident despite another setback. >> once again, the game seemed in hand but the bruins blew a two-goal third period lead. letting another one slip away. >> definitely did like giving up. it's never good to see, actually probably been the fourth or
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>> reporter: the bruins 7th time this season they've blown a two-goal lead questioning their ability to close out games. >> i still really feel strongly about the play-off team. are we the best team in the league any don't think so, but we are a play-off team. >> reporter: with 32 more games, the bruins believe they can get their game in line but know that picking up one point instead of 2 isn't how they want to spend the rest of the season, especially with the way things are in the stands. >> i think between 9, there's probably three or four points, something like that. >> february, especially march, those two are crucial months. so we have to get as many wins as we can. >> reporter: so by april, they're sitting pretty. alex corddry, 7sports. dennis wideman has been suspended 20 games for
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game. the 11-year veteran maintains the hit was unintentional. he has a right to appeal that -suspension to nfl commissioner gary bettman. the celtics responded with a solid win in last night in new york after a tough loss. brad stevens getting double-doubles off the bench to go along with a defensive effort that limited the knicks to just 38% shooting from the floor. the knicks are a bad team but that's a good win, still. the celtics may be interested in wait to howard to help their defense. the daily news reporting that celtics baseball operations danny age has engaged the rockets in trade talks involving howard. keep in mind, the 30-year-old center has been dogged by knee and back injuries in addition to being a person who's had issues with teammates and coaches and has a player option for $22 million next season. no thanks on that and david lee is expected to be traded or
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deadline on the 18th. that's sports. >> all right, joe. thank you. >> and stay right there. 7news at 6:00 will be right back. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices that offer you the best prices , quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack.
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6:00, on a wednesday, halfway through the workweek. thanks for being with us. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei. we'll keep an eye on the snow headed our way.
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