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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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tonight, democrats te cent stage at a town hall. plus, a wet and windy night. just a start of a roller coaster forecast that could include snow. a toddler trapped. tonight, what firefighters did to rescue the boy from the fourth floor. also, a judge refuses to throw out the sexual assault case against bill cosby. rain still coming down as we speak and from here, this forecast is all over the place. >> temperatures will go up overnight and then by friday go back down. perhaps some snow. here's jeremy to make sense out of all of this. >> we've got rain on the south shore and we had rain in the city of boston for several hours late this afternoon.
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rain and also a lot of wind. thankfully that's beginning to sub side. but on the coast side winds gusting at 30 miles an hour. then this weather system gets just enough offshore tomorrow that we'll start with a few showers and then have some sunshine through the afternoon. that allows another storm to form that scoots up the east coast late tomorrow night and early friday morning. in fact, it's going to start as light rain overnight friday night and then flip over to light snow friday morning. during the morning commute, i think there's going to be a burst of steady snow down through southeast mass and that's where we find most of the accumulating snow. again, friday morning. no issues tomorrow morning. but friday morning 2-4 inches of snow. breaking news right now.
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this is happening on sergeant street. 7 news viewer sent us this video. we're told there are no injuries right now but we have a crew heading to the scene and we'll bring you the latest as we get it. crews battling in north walk tonight. two people there are injured. they're expected to be all right. firefighters say it took them 20 minutes but now the fire is out. tonight on 7:00, a contest taking shape. >>man: one of the most disgust things i've ever seen. as candidates try to gain ground in the new hampshire primary. for now, these candidates
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donald trump accused ted cruz of stealing the iowa win. >> how cruz is responding tonight. >>reporter: adam, ted cruz spoke to a pumped up crowd here for more than an hour. many times he drew parallels between himself and ronald raegan. he also fired back to donald trump. >>man: these politicians are brutal. >>reporter: trump said at least one site told caucus goers that carson was going out of the race and urged them to vote for cruz. >>man: have you noticed donald doesn't take losing well? >>reporter: cruz also dismissed protesters that claimed he
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real in new hampshire. the other candidates positioning themselves to the alternative to trump and cruz. marco rubio got the endorsement of rick that dropped out of the race today. he held four town hall events and has more on tab for tomorrow. >>man: i will unite the conservative movement and republican party. >>man: don't be lulled into some sense of contenement. it's our turn. >>reporter: former florida governor jeb bush hoping to get a boost from his mother who will gin join him on the campaign tomorrow. >>man: we'll have a more peaceful world. please clap. >>reporter: ohio governor john
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>>man: we have to do well. it's time for me to get some national exposure. be able to raise money around the country. >>reporter: in fact, kasich all but skipped iowa holding meetings in new hampshire. tonight, the democrats were the talk of the town with both hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking part in town hall with voters. >>reporter: well, kim, tonight was the opportunity for voters to really ask the intimate questions of the candidates. questions like what are their religious beliefs, what kind of lessons have they learned from their mistakes. tonight we got a very rare glimpse into the kind of effect that this election is having on these candidates. >>man: it's unfortunate in politics. everybody should know this.
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do. i'm sure it's the same for secretary clinton. terrible because that will make the news. that. >>woman: we are contrasting on issues compared to republicans who are contrasting on insults. it's a better contest where we can take our ideas to groups like this in new hampshire and take questions. >>reporter: now that town hall meeting just wrapped up. but earlier in the day, both of the candidates were out in the field in new hampshire and they basically with trying to really highlight their differences. >>man: why would i have run in the first place if i agreed with everything hillary clinton had >>reporter: senator bernie calling. do you think hillary clinton is a progressive? >>man: some days, yes. except when she announces she's
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and then i guess she's not a progressive. >>reporter: when hillary clinton heard how she was labelled, she had anything but a moderate reaction. >>woman: it was kind of a low blow. >>man: there's nothing wrong with people who are moderates. >>reporter: in this race, both candidates think of themselves as progressive. sanders said it's not a negative attack but his rival took it that way and fought back. >>woman: i hope we keep it on the issues, because if it's about our records, hey, i'm going win a landslide. >>reporter: a supporter fainted and he joked about canceling his events, sanders brushed off clinton's claim about why he's lieding in new hampshire. >>man: i think the argument that the only reason why we're doing well in new hampshire is because we're from a neighboring state is not totally true. >>reporter: and he says he's
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to magnify their differences but can't understand why the former new york senator won't agree to hold one in her home state. and tomorrow, both of the candidates will face off in another debate. in the meantime, we should share that today, secret service protection was available for bernie sanders. on just one station. we're seeing some movement in our lull tracking poll. it's our first glimpse of any bounce from the iowa caucuses and andy shows us some slight movement. >>reporter: this is the poll we were waiting for. and it's obvious new hampshire was watching what happened in iowa because hillary clinton and marco rubio are both moving up.
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place holding at 38 percent. ted cruz in second, jeb bush has 9 and john kasich 7 percent. rounding out the republicans, they all have three a piece and ran paul who dropped out got two. undecided now six percent. here's where you can see it. donald trump on top but not moving. ted cruz staying in second and look at marco rubio up two points and john kasich not getting the reception he wanted here, he's down two points. bernie sanders looks like he'll still win but hillary clinton is cutting into his lead. she has a long way to go. sanders got 61 percent in our poll, clinton with 32 with five percent undecided. clinton is up two points and sanders is down two.
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could be as good as winning. this time next week we'll know the winners. between now and then, this is the best way to see what's happening each day. we will have new numbers tomorrow morning. all right, stay with 7 news throughout the new hampshire primary. we'll have live coverage all week onair, online and our 7 news mobile and tablet apps. a race to the rescue in chelsea with a young boy trapped by fierce flames. firefighters storming up to the fourth floor to save that boy. >> all while thick smoke poured out of the windows with the boy's father nervously waiting on the street. we're live in chelsea with how firefighters finally got to the boy. >>reporter: it was a very frightening scene here. the fire was going right here on the third floor but the three-year-old boy was on the fourth floor right above the
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he believed to the three-year-old boy firefighters help rescue. neighbors were panicked knowing a child was stuck on the fourth floor. >>man: we sent crews immediately up and they were able to get him up. >>man: just grab the kids and run quickly to save the life. >>reporter: it was around 10:00 when alarms started going at this 24 unit apartment complex. >>man: firefighters walking up the stairs on the right side and on the left side pure smoke. >>reporter: it was a quick moving blaze forcing dozens of families to rush out and leaving behind beloved pets. >>woman: she was hiding but he wouldn't let me grab her. >>reporter: the firefighters ended up going back in and rescuing crystal. the deputy chief said it spread fast. >>man: it got into the walls and ceilings. >>reporter: two firefighters
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they're grateful to be safe. >>man: everyone is okay but we're sad right now. >>man: i'm thankful i'm alive. >>reporter: well firefighters say they did have some concerned with residents here telling them they often have the smoke alarm wrong. this time when there was actually a fire, they were slow to get out of the building. we're learning more on disturbing details on the death of a toddler. the department of children and families checked on that child days before he was rushed to the hospital. the governor says a dcf worker went to the little boy's day care on friday and found nothing brong wrong. >>man: everything was fine and he was well fed and in good shape. situation. when you hear stories like this, situations.
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trying to figure out exactly what happened to the little boy. catherine gray coming clean in court. the woman that helped hide greg for years has testified. she's already spent 8 years for helping him hide. she said she wouldn't talk even when she offered immune ti. she will now be sentenced in april. a driver that caused a tragic crash was sentenced today. the judge gave the 20-year-old one year in prison and that comes after a jury found him negligent in a 2013 crash. a father of two little boys suffered severe brain damage. in court, he apologized for what happened. >>woman: lives were changed forever.
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that have been effected by this accident. never in high life would i have wanted to put anyone through something like this. >> after the year in prison, he will also have to perform 2 thousand hours of community service at a brain and spinal injury rehab facility. following more news tonight, big -- bill cosby headed to trial. >>reporter: this is a major setback for cosby. he was hoping his former verbal agreement would keep him out of the court room. but today, the judge ruled they can move forward with prosecuting him. his attorney admitted there was no written agreement with the former da. expect cosby to appeal this decision next month. the governor of florida declaring a state of emergency as there are at least 9 cases of the zika virus in that state.
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patients contracted the mosquito borne illness while travelling to the countries who have it. pregnant women or women who want to become pregnant should be especially cautious. we're live for a very troubling meet up. >>reporter: a controversial group and a very unwelcome d gathering here. we'll tell you what boston police have to say about it. also tonight, cameras roll of an unbelievable crash on a busy highway the possibility of snow for the friday morning commute,
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boston or at least trying to. he's advertised a series of pro-rape meet ups all around the country. >> one of them is scheduled for this weekend in the north end. >>reporter: well, adam and kim, boston police tell me they are aware of the meet up that could happen right here in the north end. they say they do not anticipate any criminal activity but they also say they will do everything in their power to make sure everyone is safe. a man who goes by "roosh-v" known for his mi soj nifty views, he wrote "make rape legal if done on private property." he's since gone back on that saying i state the rape article was satire. the media is lying. now he's trying to organize
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he wrote on his website to meet on saturday, february 6th in 6 43 countries. also in that post, do not approach women. if women approach you, get their number and phone them next week. men are instructed to ask, do you know where i can find a pet shop" and someone will reply "yes, it's right here." the group organizer changed the plans to meet up several times just before we started investigating this story tonight. the police will be investigating what happens. now caught on camera, a car speeds across a highway on its roof. it skids across the lanes, the car hits another and sends it crashes into the guardrail. the family inside the flipped
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committing crimes instead of stopping them. this want to be supervillain robbed two stores in the orlando area looking like that and did it in 90 minutes. they didn't have a good description except for the bat suit. and we've got rain on the south shore quickly departing. most towns half an inch to three quarters of an inch. that was able to grab some wind. look at the rainfall totals. from 8/10 of an inch of rain in whistler. winds still gusting between 25-30 miles per hour and they will continue to subside as we get into the overnight hours. south boston within the last hour, a gust of 50 miles per hour. and it has been a warm wind.
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it's been a southerly wind all afternoon and evening driving these numbers through the 50s. the record high for the city is 59. rain tapers off in the south shore overnight tonight. but we hold on to the warmth. temperatures tonight between 55-60. when you wake up tomorrow morning, certainly a touch of spring in the air. it will not be widespread rain, that's for sure. rain gear might be on stand by for some of you. all day long, warmer tomorrow morning than tomorrow afternoon commute. this weather system is moving in fairly quickly. but down here, the bottom end of the weather system dragging its heels and that's going to allow
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florida pan handle tomorrow. and there will be leftover warm air from tomorrow. it actually starts as rains just after midnight tomorrow night and then during the friday morning commute, this is where it gets a little dicey because i do think the storm is going to make its own cold air and so the rain will flip over to snow for a few hours on friday morning. especially across southeast mass. it might be a tough friday morning commute for you. it's nothing that will paralyze us but it's been a light winter thus far in metro boston. with steady snow down in the west coast. 2-4 inches of a heavy wet snow in plymouth and then we get the sun back friday afternoon. 40s. >> thank you, jr. celtics moving up in the
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>> you're a big dude, he's into his celtics and for good reason. they are beating everyone. we'll show you why next new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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on any given night, the
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the best players on the floor. the opponents are usually the most talented team but the celtics prove to be the better team. they won ten of their last 13 games climbing all the way up to the fourth in the eastern conference. they do it again tonight. 28 assists on 2 field goals. tyler giving the celtics quality minutes last night in new york. staying active tonight. celtics turning it on in that second quarter just before the half, jay rips off one of his four steals and finishes on the other end. he had 12 points and the celtics took a 20 point lead into the locker room. they were up by 20 and turner cushion. it was the all star, thomas leading the way again. this hoop and the harm late in the fourth quarter to seal it.
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tonight. the the brewins going back to the drawing board. julian says there's a simple solution to both. >>man: it's called focus. we kind of lose track of that at times and get away from things that we used to do well to make us successful. >>man: it's always more fun in the games. but i feel strongly about this playoff team. are we the best team in the league? i don't think so but we have a playoff team and we can just get better as a team. the nhl dropping the hammer on dennis wideman suspending the former brewin. 20 games for cross checking games. it's the second longest suspension in game history. the players' association is
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lightning/red wings, in a giving mood. ridiculous cross speeds. throwing some back hand sauce through traffic right to the tape. his pretty feed for our play of the day. johnny gomes is taking his
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that's our time at 11:00. jimmy fallon is up next. remember, a little shower, a little sun. enjoy today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly,
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i'm bernie sanders,
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