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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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more on the storm's potential impact. >> reporter: this has escalated compared to yesterday. the storm track continues a westward shift. a couple of days ago only grading the cape but the storm is close enough where we're talking about a significant snow. winter storm warning in effect for the city of boston. goes into effect 1:00 am tomorrow morning until 3:00 pn tomorrow. that is extended merrimack valley, worcester county, up into new hampshire it's winter weather advisory and because of the shift in the track warmer air is going to linger from today down along the south coast and the cape. lighter snowfall tallies compared to what we're thinking this morning. that is why you have a winter weather advisory. current temperatures that we've in the 50s and a half a foot of snow is on the way tomorrow. but right now boston at 54. norwood at 55. there has been a cool front that came through southern new england early this
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has been slow to arrive because of the storm system. peace going to -- it's going to slow the arrival down and the storm system will ride up along this front and in doing so will create its own cold air. so the that is the challenge with the forecast. thetimeline just after midnight tonight the storm begins as rain because we're in the 50s. then you notice storm timeline as we advance it you see it changes to snow in the city. western suburbs, by 4:00 am tomorrow morning and during the 7:00 am commute timeline, we're talking about wide spread steady snow, occasionally heavy wet snow and that continues all morning tomorrow then it does wind down mid afternoon tomorrow. so here is the change. a general area including the city of boston between 5 and 7 inches of snow but 2 to 5-inches of a heavy snow
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around. generally around 5-inches of snow. then you get up to southern new hampshire, 2-5 inches of snow. the city of boston probably around 6 inches of snow. south of town, 2-5 inches plymouth over to fall river down to new bedford. on the cape and the islands, first half of the storm is rain then heavy wet snow. 1-2 inches of snow. here is bri eggers for more. >> reporter: from our spring tease directly into winter. winter is back with us and the the timing couldn't be any worse. it's right during the commute. as j.r.mentioned the steadiest snow between about 5:00 am and noon. that is when we do have poor travel conditions. by this time damage is already been done. the melling process is not quick, only commute look better and this is a heavy wet snow. remember last we had the arctic air in place so when you only had one inches of water equivalent you would
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this is going to be the wet heavy slushy stuff. hard to plow, hard to shovel. to break it down for you rain back in late tonight. rain changes to snow after midnight. the steadiest snow between 5:00 am and noon and even though we're not concerned about wind, the snow could be heavy enough that it could reduce visibilities. messy friday commute for us but we get the melding down into the weekends. sunshine back as well as those above normal temperatures, we'll be back with the extended forecast in a few minutes. >> elizabeth: 7 news will be wuhl all morning with an early start. we're going to start at 4:30. the 7 weather team will have the latest traffic the steam. danielle will have all of the traffic and the team of reporters will be spread out across new england. >> ryan: the new hampshire primary days away. candidates are pounding the pavement. >> elizabeth: they're using the last few days to grab any and all voters they can. on the democratic sired the
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ready to go head-to-head tonight. the first one on one debate for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we have a team of reporters spread out on the campaign trail. let's start our coverage with byron barnett who is live in durham with a preview of tonight's main event. >> reporter: well, the stage is set for a democratic showdown here at the university of new hampshire and the stakes couldn't be higher. last night we got a little preview of what could be to come when the two democratic candidates were battling over who is the most progressive. bernie sanders came out swinging at the forum in derry attacking his rival hillary clinton. >> i do not know any progressive who has a superpac and takes $15 million from wall street. i can't go and say you are a moderate one day and be a progressive the.
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>> i was somewhat amused that senator sanders set himself up to be the gate keeper on the progressives. >> reporter: the two are locked in a battle. when they meet tonight appear the university of new hampshire candidate the candidates will be sharpening their differences. clinton says one difference she will focus on is healthcare. >> before it was called obama care it was called hillary care as you remember. >> this campaign is about is not just electing a president. it is creating a political revolution. >> reporter: unlike last night's forum at tonight's debate the two candidates will be standing side by side on the same stage. expect the sparks to nye. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> elizabeth: a big change in our exclusive 7 news umass lowell polling going on in new hampshire. >> ryan: one candidate moving ahead of another.
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stays in first with 36%. marco rubio takes over with 2 under plays, ted cruz in third. for the rest of the g.o.p. republicans there chris christie 5%, ben carson 4, fiorina and 3 and undecided at 3. our tracking poll sums this up. trump is on top but down 2 points for the first time since he dropped in the poll. marco rubio gained three points. ted cruz holding his support but dropped into third place. bush lot of a point, no change for john kasich. >> elizabeth: this look at the democratic side. sanders has a significant lead over clinton, 58-36% that is a 22-point margin but sanders is down 3 and clinton is up 4. our biggest single gape since we started this poll. tension continue to heat up
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the rivalry taking center stage at event for both candidates. senator cruz showing no signs of slowing down as he continues to keep his busy granite state schedule. jonathan hall has the latest from hooksett. >> reporter: about 150 people came to hear senator cruz on the campaign trail but he was for -- >> her whole life she was', she had a rage. she partied hard. i remember as a little kid. she would steal money from me. >> reporter: ek spueing at a forum on addiction ted shared the struggles of his older sister miriam. >> we got the call one day that myriam was gone. everyone of us who dealt with these demons everyone understand of us ups these are personal journeys. >> reporter: cruz of cruz
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alcoholism by finding jesus. the elephant in the room trump continued charges that cruz stole iowa. >> donald's insults gets more and more hysterical. >> reporter: he won't firing staffers even though he admits some made mistakes propping up a report that dr. ben carson was going home. >> when he loses, if he blames everybody else, it's never donnell a's fault. test a always somebody else's fault and always an insult. >> reporter: four stops today. he began in portsmouth. he will end his day up in laconia. in hooksett, new hampshire, i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. >> trump back in new hampshire after a night in arkansas. the polls showing trump ahead in new hampshire with rubio and cruz far behind him. dan hausle is live in doubt where trump will hold dan? >> reporter: trump raising
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touching on some of the suggestion that got him a lot of attention over the last couple of days. trump no longer looking back at iowa but only forward to next tuesday's primary here in new hampshire. >> this is crunch time not only februaryth, this is going -- february 9th, this is going to lead to one of the most important presidential election, maybe the most important in many, many decades. you are going to say such a big role. >> reporter: in talk of polls and only a jab at ted cruz. >> you try having an anchor baby in canada. you try having an -- there is one anchor baby in canada. no, no,. >> reporter: trump visited the manchester police department and had a private meeting with exeter business leaders. his audience includeds does of students from philips' exeter including some who challenged trump. >> they do work that no one else wants to do and for a lot less.
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to be here, bernie? this is -- oh, illegal immigrants are the backbone of our country. i don't think so, darryl. i don't think so. i don't think so, darryling. they're not the -- >> reporter: trump will be speaking here at 7:00 at a much larger group. a community college. we'll see what he talks about. live in portsmouth, new hampshire, dan hausle, 7 news. >> elizabeth: thank you. marco rubio continues to gain momentum in the granite state. he began the day holding an event in portsmouth followed by a series of town halls in other parts of the state. rubio saying he is the one candidate to much with a and he believes he is the candidates the democrats don't want to face. jennifer egan has more. >> reporter: rubio's team is setting up for his 4th and final event of the day. he held an event in manchester earlier today.
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there rubio was asked about his experience by a person in the crowd. he said he held past reform at the v.a.and a bill on human trafficking. rubio is trying to emerge as the establishment alternative and he is face being attacks. rubio responded earlier today. >> that is how i responded. when people are trying to have a tough time in the campaign especially near the end you see some desperation set in and they'll say things, i'm not too worried about that. >> reporter: at the event earlier today, we heard him saying this before, he says he is the candidate that can unite the republican party. that he is best matched for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. again he is getting ready for his 4th and final event of the day here in salem, new hampshire. >> ryan: stay with us, live coverage from new hampshire all week on air, on-line at >> elizabeth: much more to
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a deadly discovery in cambridge. a jogger spots a body in the charles river. >> ryan: clearing brady's name, is the nfl withholding information that could clear tom brady of any wrong doing in diagnose? >> elizabeth: fueling the flames weather being blamed for a fire that ripped through a home in lawrence, how those inside managed to escape. >> ryan: brockton high school student after being hit by a puckup truck in front of the school. >> we're at acton boxboro high school for this week's class act telling you about `a local student who has been trying to brighten the lives of local veterans. hear his story friday jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's
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desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> ryan: the medical examiner in worcester county determined the death of jeremiah oliver was a homicide. released the information homes ago. he was declared missing in late 2013. his body was found in a suit kayce off of i. 190 in april of 2014. the poy's mother is already in custody facing nine charges including kidnapping and assault after child. her boyfriend is also facing 13 charges in connection to the case. they're due back in court later this month. the d.a.says the investigation of the case does continue. a deadly discovery in cambridge. police on the scene after a body was found in the charles river.
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in the water then reported it just after 8:00. it was found close to shore. the body hasn't been identified but it was a man. police are still investigating. >> elizabeth: ten people charged in connection with blocking traffic pleading guilty in court today. they were' charged with will full obstruction of an emergency vehicle. they blocked lanes of traffic sitting in the road chained to barrels filled with cement. it was all to protest violence against black people, a judge sentenced the group to six months of probation and 60 hours of community service. >> ryan: it has been more nan a year since we first heard the term "deflate-gate." tom brady was caught in the cross fire. >> elizabeth: some are questioning whether the nfl has evidence that could prove tom brady's innocence. nicole oliverio has more. >> reporter: could the nfl have proof the patriots didn't cheat last year after
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footballs? yesterday the nfl head of officials say refs recorded ball measurements and gave that information to the nfl. >> right now we're evaluating the information and we didn't have any violations this year. but again, we're still in that evaluation phase to look at the information. >> reporter: but tom brady's father says it is that could prove his son never cheated he doubt goodell will release the data. i don't think it was in the league's best interest to release something that exonerated tom. all of the rest of it is nonsense. it's ail. roger goodell said the legal wasn't conducting an experiment to see if ideal gas laws natural deflated footballs. >> we do spot checks to make sure we're watching these issues. it wasn't a research study. it's simply we're spot checks.
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this seems to be a lot of hot air the question whether tom brady will be at super bowl 50 this week has the league honors former m. v.p.'s is up in the air. even his dad don't know that yet. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> reporter: 50s now and snow. a plowable snow likely by tomorrow. >> elizabeth: a local clerk turning the tables on a thief forcing him to make a wild exit. >> ryan: a local principal placed on administrative leave. what school officials are now saying.
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>> reporter: all right. 50s to snow. happen. tomorrow we'll have snow much of the day.
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messy because it will be a wet and sloppy snow. it is a storm but it doesn't have the nearly winds concern and the as momical tides are not high. temperatures at this time, 50, norwood 55, fitchburg at 49. there are a couple of rain showers off the cape. another batch approaching martha's vineyard, nantucket, that is the leading edge of the weather system which is just now showing up here across the northeast but that is not snow down there. there is nothing but rain on the front end of the weather system. here is the storm here, outer banks of north carolina. this is front that came through last night. if the front had kept on moving it would be no concern but it slowed down. so it's allowing this storm to take advantage of it like a car on the highway. it's just going to ride up along the highway and bring us a batch of rain which changes over to snow. the challenge will be when the rain to snow changeover
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here you go, just after midnight it'll be raining across much of new england. then as we advance the timeline to about 4:00 am here you go. the snow begins to win out because it will be plenty colds in the clouds but leftover warm air near the ground. that is what the flakes will have to overcome and it'll drive that rain snow line down the south shore to the canal. during tomorrow morning so here you go at 7:00 tomorrow morning, it's a slow go because that will be wide spread steady snow. occasionally heavy snow and yes, it has been a quiet winter but even the storms we've h. the last one was on a saturday night. then the storm before that was i think a monday night, tuesday of christmas week so schools were out of session. tomorrow different story. everyone is going to have to be on the roadways, if you don't have to travel i will add vice against it. then it does wind down as we head to mid to late afternoon.
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down to plymouth, new bedford as well as chat home. travel continues very poor across much of southern new england through the middle part of the day then into the afternoon, road conditions will slowly improve. so how much snow is on the way? i think between 5-7 inches of snow. a little bit lighter amounts farther to the north. a little lighter to the south but again southern new hampshire, this will be a lighter snow. down through southeast mass this is a very wet and heavy snow. this has changed because the track of the storm has changed. the storms is going to be closer to us. so instead of that being focused now the cape through it moved up to the city of boston. 5, 6, 7 inches of snow in the city. cape ann 2-5 inches of snow. groveland about 5, 6 inches. south of town the numbers will come down once you approach route 44. about 5, 6 inches of snow then probably about a 3 or 4
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the 7 on 7 forecast, we will health the snow on saturday with temperatures in the upper 30s sunday middle 40s more melting to get room for, to make room for perhaps more snow early next week. see you at 4:30. >> ryan: let's get a check of the ride home with joe stapleton. >> getting a look at the northbound side of the expressway. southbound as well. northbound in great shape. the headlights southbound a tough ride here down at the split of route 3 and route 128. it has been averaging about a 49 minute ride down to the spot. downtown boston route 93, northbound and southbound moving along nicely. storrow drive heavier on the left hand side of the roadway. getting a look at the map. after this spot congested on route 93 northbound. out by commerce way in woburn. we had an earlier crash in the spot. accident is gone but you can see this long redline here. back into the medford area for a very slow ride. over to the mass pike westbound a little company out by exit 17. the ride has been okay.
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53 minutes from downtown boston on the pike west out to exit 13 in natick. >> thank you, next on 7 news, a wild surprise for a home owner in florida. the 9-foot long animal she found in here back yard. >> he has been called the most hated man in america. a former drug company called to testify. what he is saying or not saying in front of fran. >> elizabeth: live team 7 coverage of all the major candidates. we'll be right back. america's heroes have a message.
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> ryan: we begin with a weather alert at 4:30, a winter storm warning issued for parts of new england. the track has taken a turn toward boston. >> elizabeth: we've team coverage of all of this. we're going to start with jeremy reiner who has been tracking this and where are we at right now? >> reporter: every time i look at the maps the storm takes another jog to the left. winter storm warning in
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boston and if it keeps
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