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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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boston and if it keeps jogginleft we're going to erode even more snowfall potential after the south shore. that is why we -- i shouldn't say we. 9 weather service has gone from a winter weather watch to a watch because warmer air will hold on longer in the storm. the start of the storm, then initially thought. the westward track prevention cold air from coming in. new bedford at 53. bedford 54, boston 54. these storms are challenging because there is no arctic air. yes, there is cold irair coming in upstairs from the clouds. yes the storm is going to make its own cold air. but sometimes that process of making the cold area takes a little longer than you think. so that is the challenge we face. i don't think the track will wobble farther to the west. probably not much to the east. it locks in as we get kloet closer to the event. even right now there are a couple of rain showers approaching martha's
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start as rain in the city of boston just after midnight then you see the colors change from the green to purple and blue. that is the storm making the snow flakes, there is the rain/snow line from boston down to prove dense along the 95 cor do and 7:00 am the city is? the snow. this is where it's going to be a fight i think for a few hours. it's going to waffle back and forth. so that is the challenging part of the forecast. how much snow is going to win out over the rain drops? plymouth and carver and through wareham, city of boston thinking right now between 5-7 inches of wet pasty heavy snow. lighter amounts the farther north you are but even up in the merrimack valley around 5 inches of snow. up in southern new england the sea coast 2-5 inches of snow and south of town because there will be a little more warm air at the front of the storm about 2-5 inches of snow. plymouth down to new bedford and on to the cape about 1-3
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>> j.r.trick toe forecast but also tricky timeswise because of what the storm shows up starting begin 5:00 am and continuing. things will improve in the afternoon but we have those inches of that wet, slippery snow. you know the wet heavy snow can be more slippery than even a dry cold snow. watch what happens with the temperatures. the rain creeps in from the southeast and the cold air takes a while to chew in. temperatures dropping down to the 30s we've mid 30s outside of the city with this rain/snow line being the critical thing with all of this storm. it was so interesting last year with the cold air firmly in place, it was like you get 10 inches and you get 10 inches but we're talking about the heavy wet snow with this one. that is why we're talking about it compacting and some of it melting before it piles up tomorrow. we'll be back in a few minutes with more on the storm.
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we'll be with you all storm. we're getting an early start. today in new england will start at 4:30, we'll have the weather team, daniel will be following traffic for you then a team of reporters will be across the area checking in on the conditions. your backyard that starts tomorrow an today in new england. 4:30. >> ryan: bad weather is being blamed for sparking a lawrence. strong winds fueling the flames. victoria warren reports from lawrence and how families and their pets were able to escape. >> reporter: a fire erupting in an instant. >> i heard the tree fell down then boom, a fire. >> reporter: a wind driven fire in lauren, sudden strong gusts took trees down across the. >> i a tree limb was knocked down and it took out the power lines going into the house dropped them on to a car. started a fire in the house.
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families home at the time. everyone made is out. the home is old and the pour line that fell stayed live which really held firefighters back. >> this side of the street had power lines down. so we're unable to get water from this end. we had to go to the other end. >> reporter: the fire and wind damage stretching resources thin so other fire departments were called in to help. the home is a complete loss and one firefighter was hurt. >> he hurt his hip. he has been transported to he should be all right. >> reporter: victoria warren, 7 news. >> elizabeth: new at 4:30 the boston police commissioner asking the state to hold off requiring police body cameras. the commissioner explained he and the mayor first want to conduct a pilot program before they decide to use cam ares on a permanent base. 100 officers will wear body cameras for six months.
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that would led much needed support and incentives to the police department, to implement body cameras i ask that the police department be given time to implement this program and analyze it before an unfunded state wide mandate is adopted. >> the commissioner say he and the mayor need to consider the cost, personal privacy and potential list covery issues. >> ryan: a car hand into a building. you can see the hydrant flooding water there. crews worked to cut off the water and mov the car frommed scene. this happened at the in order shored medical center. crews in plymouth working to fibs the city's sewer system after a series of breaks. westerly road is should down. the system is not fully operational a and they're asking people to conserve water whenever possible. methuen police say a man
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the robber waved a knife and quick. the clerk fought back. the robber smashed through the door to get out because the collect locked him -- clerk locked him in. >> elizabeth: a man who organize people. he wrote an article titled our how to stop rape" he wrote make rape legal if done on private property. he is calling for followers to meet on saturday and one of the meetups could be at the paul revere statue in boston. he has gone back on what he said tweeting out i'll state once again the how to stop rape article was satire. the media is lying. boston police say they'll be weekend. new at 4:30 the controversial dug company
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a life-saving drug to $750 a pill called to testify before congress. he refused to speak before the committee exercising his 5th amendment rights. members of the committee became frustrated with the 32-year-old who sat at the witness table. >> it's not funny. people are dying and they're getting sicker and sicker. >> per verse business practices were employed to exploit a patient group to -- >> elizabeth: an official for the drug company defended the price increase saying much of the money went went to research and development. a case against cosby will move forward. he was hoping a verbal agreement would keep him out of the courtroom but a judge ruled that was not a binding agreement. it's expected cosby will appeal. he will be back in court next month.
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a hard to believe ending. you can see the car on the roof there. the driver had a medical emergency then crashed into a parked car that launched the vehicle on to the roof. crews got the car off the roof and the driver was taken to the hospital. a woman in florida getting the surprise of her life letting her dogs out. she snapped this picture of a 9-foot long anaconda, officials are trying to from. >> i noticed something large in the yard. >> reporter: lakes was out. >> my dog ran over to it and the snake reared its head and i knew. >> reporter: the largest snake she has ever seen. basking in the sun in plain view. neighbors for help. >> if you can have seen the look on the woman's face. >> reporter: linda and her muss bill had to see what the commotion was about. >> here we are go running snake.
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call bill the hero, he held the snake at bay with a shovel handle and put it in a container until animal services arrived. >> braver than me. i dealt with rattlers and never anything like that. >> reporter: check out the pictures lisa took. -- someone's pet. >> reporter: she is grateful her pets weren't hurt and the creature is gone. the snake is at florida's wildlife commission and being scanned for a microchip to see if it's someone's escaped pet. >> elizabeth: a girl jumps to safety as flames tear through her townhouse. when she is now saying about the incident. >> ryan: superhigh prices why this year's super bowl could be the most exclusive event ever. >> elizabeth: the push for the primary continues in new hampshire as candidates get
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>> ryan: a great escape in new jersey, a brave 9-year-old girl jumped from the balcony of her townhouse to escape fire. the jump likely saved her life. >> she got away from the flames racing towards her without any injuries. the most popular girl at school today repeating the story for her classmates over and over again. >> everybody like most of my classmates sat with me at lunch telling me can you tell the story again? >> reporter: calm and in a crystal clear voice sophia described what she was thinking when massive flames left her with few options on
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>> then i -- >> reporter: alone at the apart. complex in new jersey, sophia saw black show and immediately ran to the balcony below. holding her stuffed dog she did what police told her to do. >> they told me jump. >> reporter: when they said jump did you think, no, i don't want to? you immediately thought you have to. >> yes. >> reporter: sophia's mother and stepfather say the little girl only came to the u.s. five months ago, they drill her with safety information, what to do, where to go in case she was ever alone in case there was a fire. >> no panic,. >> reporter: never did she think her daughter would have to bring her lessons into practice and the raging flames became her reality yesterday. the fire destroyed six
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be contained. the cause is still under investigation but fortunately, no was was injured. >> ryan: countdown countdown to rio, what the athletes are saying ahead of the summer olympic games. >> reporter: snow heading for new england. poor travel. >> elizabeth: at 5:00, struck in the street. a brockton high school student recovering after being struck by a truck. >> ryan: more results from our umass tracking poll just ahead here on 7 news at
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>> reporter: boston 54 at this time. fitchburg 49.
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clouds and here comes a batch of some rain approaching long island, south fork of long island. that looks like the north forking a well. that will work up to narragansett bay later this evening, this is the beginning of our storm system. but again as this precipitation reaches southern new england the temperatures are going to be near 50 degrees. so the fronts of the storm is rain. then as the storm gets closer to us, it'll intensify and it'll scrape in colder air from southern canada and also make its own cold air. the storms are efficient. we let them do their thing and they'll do wonders for you or against you if you don't like snow. here you go. the storm timeline we've rain cape ann, city ofs boston, south shore, even in the worcester hills at that time it's rain. and general thirst like that as we work between 1:00 and 4:00 the colder air comes in so the rain flips to snow. 495, metro west, even in the western suburbs of boston
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duringed morning commute the rain/snow line will work down so route 3 is going to be a problem. route 24, 44, 95 up to the city. mass pike, route 20. route 2. though road coming in or out of the hubb is going to be a problem because it will be snow coming down rather deadly. wide spread wet snow. the roads are going to be warm but the snow is coming down at a rate that overtakes the warm grouped that you will have wet pasty snow. it's going to be a tough battle. that is the case then mid-afternoon tomorrow here you go. the back edge of the snow moving through boston. so i think by the evening communicate, we'll see rapid. provement. by the evening commute it will be done snowing but at that time the damage is done. rain by midnight changes to snow. between 3:00 and 5:00 am. temperatures in the 40s then head for the hoe -- low 30s snow tapers mid afternoon.
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morning, temperatures between 31-356789 the graphic indicating the red bars that it's not a good travel day. if you have travel plans tomorrow afternoon, snow is over at that point. so you can get around. allow extra time because there will be obviously snow in the streets, side streets and lots. 5-7 inches of know including down town boston, then you come up to southern new hampshire, cape ann 2-5. worcester proper about 5-6. that extends down through wrentham and deeper is buzzards bay this is where the warm air is going to hold on so the warm air will fend off the coldser air coming in from worcester hills, from boston. because of the that the snowfall numbers have changed. right at the water's edge, 2 inches of a slushy wet snow. south coast as well as the cape. your 7 on 7 forecast, thankfully there is no
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in behind the storm system so it's cold but we melt saturday afternoon. see you at 5:00 with brie. >> thank you for all the hard work you put n. we're tracking a crash in waltham with joe stapleton. what is going on. >> 128 southbound, our first stop we have a four-car crash over in the breakdown lane. traffic is congested behind area. so a slow ride here on 128 southbound. delays remain downtown sawed he is. 93 northbound up through the there. that stays heavy in packets up to route 128. southbound on the expressway, dealing with slowdowns down around freeport street averaging close to a 48 minute ride split. the ride on route 3 has been braintree as well. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> jadiann: the caughtdown
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>> ryan: today marks six months until the start of the summer olympics. the games will take place in rio of course. some of the u.s. athletes are starting to talk about their expectations. michael phelps decided to mick a come back for rio, he is proud and excited for the student. >> i wanted to get back in the water again. i wanted to compete. some unfinished business that i have and i just had the passion and the desire to get back in. >> mainly because you are on an international stage representing your country and the amount of pride and the amount of honor that comes along with doing that, it's incredible. >> ryan: there are concerns about the spread of the zika virus. the organizing committee says it' not worried to games. the brazilian government is stay away. >> jadiann: super bowl 50 is on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting
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thage of price of a ticket is just shy of $5,000. that is average price. the big game between the panthers anded broncos is being held in santa clara about an hour drive from san francisco. the most expensive tickets sold so far were a pair of seats near the 50--yard line which went for more than $20,000 each. that was my own drum roll. >> ryan: it's the trip of a life time for a michigan teenager. how he got tickets to the big game. we'll be right back. america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to
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jeb bush once stood tall. before his campaign sank like a rock and he started desperately slinging mud on fellow republicans. that's not presidential, jeb. john kasich did cut ohio's taxes. cut state spending. turned a deficit into a surplus. brought back jobs from mexico and china. that's john kasich, that's conservative, and that's presidential. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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>> jadiann: the super bowl is three days away, fans of boat teams are getting ready for the game but for one michigan team who is in the battle for his life this year's super bowl means more. >> ryan: he is battling cancer and won the trip of a lifetime. it is sad that our friend knows better than we know ourselves. >> how do you think he is going to react? >> i don't know. >> reporter: is he a cryer. >> he is too strong. >> reporter: the friends are all referring to their hero, eugene williams who got the surprise in the 5th period. >> you are going to the super bowl, how do you feel? >> his excitement about getting a trip to super bowl 50 this weekend is out of this world. even if he doesn't show it. in fact eugene has known
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and the perhaps save his life. >> the doctor's office they talked to him about it to try to boost his spirits. >> reporter: he found out that he was going to the super bowl during the send round of chemothat battles the cancer that is in his nose and throat that nearly claimed his life. >> can you imagine your worst nightmare? it's the emotional roller coaster. >> reporter: with the help of the make a phish foundation eugene and the his family take off for a once in a lifetime super bowl 50 experience as they celebrate life. great story there. so happy for them. as they get to experience the game. >> jadiann: love that we've organization that is can help people. >> ryan: for sure. i'm ryan schulteis. >> jadiann: i'm jadiann thompson. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> reporter: winter storm warning in effect for city
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much snow is on the way for tomorrow. >> ryan: donald trump is dialing back. >> reporter: comments drawing harsh words from ted cruz. >> he told the entire world he was going to win then he didn't win. his reaction is he got very angry. >> reporter: marco rubio is gaining on his rivals and becoming more of a target. >> tonight a progressive title up for debate. hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to face off. >> reporter: moving on up, changes in our exclusive tracking poll. the candidates gaining ground in new hampshire. >> adam: more news today, an arrington principal placed on leave. what the school is saying about the allegations against him. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> adam: we begin at 5 tracking winter weather and a big shift we're seeing here today. a storm system headed our way. now expected to have a bigger impact in and around the city of boston.
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in fact and the cape will be
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