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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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commute as well. we'll begin with jeremy reiner. >> reporter: i think it's messy at best. so the that sums up tomorrow morning's commute. it is a tricky forecast because temperatures are in the 50s, the storm makes its own cold air and drags cold air into the storm and timing that out with the amount of precipitation falling is the headache. we have a winter storm warning in effect for tomorrow morning, city of boston down to the south coast and the cape. winter weather advisory, temperatures running in the low 50s. the city at 53. hard to believe we have a winter storm warning with you will a the leftover warm air from yesterday. here is the storm blossoming down through carolina and this scoot up the front offshore but close enough to us that we're talking about know on the way. because it's so warm right now, when the storm first gets into new england around midnight it'll take on the form of rain at midnight as well as the first parts of the overnight then flip over to a wet snow because 4:00
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rain snow line does work down the south shore to the canal mid-morning tomorrow then out on the cape as we work through the morning hours, metro boston the purple shading that is snow and it'll be steady to occasionally steady snow happening before everything winds down. first in the worcester hills around noon, 1:00, city of boston 2:00, 3:00 and then not leaving the cape until 5:00, 6:00 p.m. 5-7 inches of snow up to the mass, new hampshire border, i think right at the border probably around 5. the two would apply to raymond and nashua. come back into 495 corridor worcester itself about 5-7. south of town 5-7 inches of snow. then you head farther south and this is where you will have i think enough leftover warm air to keep the snowfall totals less that happen 7 but probably still close to 5 inches. plymouth and the bridgewater area, down to new bedford, fall river then working out
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about 2, 3, 4 inches of snow possible by the time it winds down and the outer cape about 2 inches of snow. this is actually supposed to be your forecast. what did i do here? >> reporter: can i go over the 7 on 7 with you. from spring into winter for us and for the weekend we've more sunshine and also some melting in store for us. we'll get -- can you keep me on track? perhaps, winter storm warning typically between 6 inches and above and the advisory between 3 to 6 inches of break, to break it down. the rain back in late tonight from the southeast then the rain changing to snow after midnight tonight. steadiest snow for us in the boston area as well will be from 5:00 am to noon. again very messy fried morning commute. we've had a little bit of snow this for but the timing of this storm system is really what is problematic here arriving just in time for the drive into work tomorrow. things improve in the afternoon with a little bit
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the damage is done with the wet, heavy snow. for plowing and shoveling use your her, not your back, talking about the temperatures marginally close to freezing. so how much snow do you get with one inch of water? for us with the snow totals this is the wet, heavy slushy stuff which tends to be more slick on the roads than the cold dry snow. more on all of this in a few minutes. >> jadiann: we're going to be with you all during tomorrow morning's commute. we're getting an early start on today in new england at have the latest on the storm. danielle and a team of reporters will keep a close eye on the roads for you tomorrow on today in new england. >> ryan: we're following more news here. state lawmakers are considering a new way to keep you safe on the streets, police body camera, adam has a closer look. >> reporter: despite plans to test body cameras out soon the commissioner is asking the state to hold off on passing a reil bill requiring them. the commissioner explained
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to conduct a pilot program before they decide to use cameras on a permanent basis. 100 officers will wear the body cameras for six months. >> i support legislation that would lend much needed support and incentives to the police department, to implement body cameras i ask that the police department be given time to implement this program and analyze it before an unfunded statewide mandate is adopted. >> adam: the commissioner says he and the mayor need to discuss the cost of the cameras and permanent privacy of citizens. i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: a home goes up in flames in lawrence. officials say strong winds knocked a tree and power lines down sparking the fire before four families and their pets made it out but firefighters battled a number of issues. the lines kept them from getting water on one side of the street and the high
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>> i heard tree fell down. then boom, a lot of fire. >> we kept it to the single four-unit home but unfortunately, it was very heavily damaged. >> jadiann: one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a hip injury. but he is expected to be ok. >> ryan: new at 5:30 autopsy results of an auburn toddler that died last august are in. examiners couldn't determine how the little girl died. she was' found unresponsive in the home of her foster mother in august. another 22-month-old child was found unresponsive as well. that girl is alive and in d.f.c.custody. an investigation is ongoing. >> jadiann: might be -- must beio is gaining momentum. he is winning. candidates are scrambling trying to one up their opponent. >> ryan: rubio is on the move.
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first, he has 36%, down 2 points, marco rubio moved into second up 3 points. ted cruz at 14 but he is in third. bush is down one at 8 and jaysic -- john kasich. >> jadiann: for the democrats hillary clinton is making some headway. she is actually up 4% to 36%, bernie sanders lost three points but he sits at 58%. andy hiller live for us in new hampshire for a more specific look at the numbers, andy? >> reporter: i'm back in our manchester headquarters with dr. dix from umass local who has been conducting our poll. i like tracking polls. they are at most up to date and they reveal trends. look at the republican track. donald trump is where he has always been on top but for
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marco rubio's boost boosted him into second place and he has gone up every day we polled. ted cruz didn't lose any support but he did lose second place. trump tweeted out the poll even though he lost two points. why does he like it? >> because he is up 21 points. anyone would like to be up 21 points right now in new hampshire. >> reporter: even if it might show that it may not be 21 tomorrow? >> he is only down 2 that is within the margin of error. lubeio has gone up but he -- marco rubio has gone up but he freeze to go up more. he wants a strong second place or a win. >> reporter: second place would be pretty good. >> if he wins he becomes front runner i believe. >> reporter: ted cruz is back in new hampshire but he hasn't been around as much as some of the other candidates. is that a mistake?
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expectations game because he doesn't expect to win. he hopes he can come in third but he is looking ahead. he will do well in south carolina and do very well on march 1st. he is banking that iowa win-- >> is a strategic absence. >> absolutely. >> reporter: let's look the a the democrats' trend. bernie sanders has a big lead but his loss and hillary clinton's lead is closing the gap. >> bernie sanders should be worried because we came out of 'with a and the result was that clinton won. now the gap is closing in new hampshire and he is in danger of potentially just winning new hampshire and losing every where else. >> reporter: one state candidate. >> one state regional candidate. >> reporter: that is downgrading him. >> if he is winning because of the proximity to vermont and not because he has a national brand, yes. >> reporter: hillary clinton, -- if she is
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move the white house to new hampshire. -- >> i money the poll was that low bar that we talked about and now she has come way up and if she keeps going up, if she gets in single digits it's a big win for her. >> you are already working object tomorrow's numbers. >> yes, we are. >> reporting live in new hampshire i'm andy hiller, 7 news. >> . >> ryan: national attention, stay with us for the primary. we'll have live coverage on-air and on-line at >> jadiann: a school bus accident in new jersey leaves one person dead. you can see the bus ended up there on its side four special needs students suffered injuries. the bus' driver and an aide were taken to the hospital. >> ryan: a large wall collapses at a nashville construction site leaving at least one person heard.
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power lines cutting power to around 1600 people. crews were working on the billing when it collapsed. the cause is still being investigated. a judge denies bail for one of the virginia teck students charged in the murder of a teenage girl. court. he is charged with being an ack'sry to the murder -- accessory to a murder. hundreds of people attended lovell yesterday. she was a cancer survive. she loved music and hoped to be on "american idol." >> the notorious exceo refusing to testify in front of congress. last year le jacked up prices of a drug used to treat aids and cancer parents. he took the stand in congress today to address his actions but did nothing but plead the 5th. >> is there a probrownsed -- >> yes. >> there you can answer some questions.
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>> i intend to follow the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> he faces securities fraud charges and the involving another company that he ran self years aso, today's hearing was unrelated to those charges. >> ryan: a craigslist purchase gone terribly wrong. the disappointing surprise that awaited a sports fan who thought he scored a sweet deal. >> police on the hunt for an armed robber in methuen. what the clerk did to fight back. >> ryan: a disturbing discovery in the charles river. what one the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait.
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ordinary americans for as long as we can remember." i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> jadiann: shocking surprise for one denver football fan. he finds a deal for tickets to the super bowl game that seems too good to be true. >> ryan: he sets up a plan but it's not the purchase that he expected. >> just got these tickets in the mail. >> reporter: that was supposed to be a happy ending. >> never been to the super bowl before so it's all about going to the game. >> reporter: he turned to craig lists after finding fees on other sites for
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>> i found this one seller selling two tickets $3,000 which was a good deal but not unreasonable that it was an object just concern. >> reporter: he found out - he could protect his money if he paid a fee and used protected fee pal. i said are you okay with pay pal. you are no the going to get your money if this is a scam. >> he said that is fine. we'll do it that way. >> reporter: the two changed a series of text messages as cody waited for tickets. his girl friend recorded him opening up the package. >> i thought there is nobody that would go through the representation knowing that the purchase is protected. >> no tickets, man. >> are you serious? >> i get the envelope. there is no signature required. it feels light so i open it up and it's blank paper inside. >> reporter: after the shock he went no action. >> i went through it the right way so my money is protected.
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pay pal. the denver police department have been helpful as well. >> reporter: he decided to help out by talking to the media. >> there is a part of me that being a denver bronco fan wants to get the story out there so other people aren't scammed into this. >> ryan: police tracked the seller. he is a man from kansas, no word if he will be facing any charges. >> reporter: tracking rain then snow late tonight and through the day tomorrow.
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>> reporter: boston at 53. norwood 52. new bedford 52. cloudy sky, here you go, here is rain showing up on the doppler radar, this does move north up through narragansett bay as well as buzzards bay and what it comes into metro boston around midnight it's taking
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if you have travel plans even up until about midnight no travel issues on the roadways. they'll be rain but nothing more and later on as the storm system is travelling up along this front, it starts to drag in some slightly colder air from northern new england and the storm is going to make his own snow. so the rain does change over to snow between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m.tomorrow. temperatures this evening in the 40s then overnight to the middle 30s tomorrow, snow during the morning hours, that will taper off early to mid afternoon probably in the city of boston 2, 3:00, but poor travel tomorrow morning with temperatures 31-35. this is how much snow is on the way. a large area. basically around 495 what snow. you go up to southern new hampshire are new hampshire and 2-5. raymond to amesbury and at
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of snow. city of worcester itself about 5-7 inches of snow. just south of the mass pike norwood, down to wrentham and foxboro, about 7 inches of snow. then you come down to deeper into southeast mass, this is where we had yesterday more snow because we thought the storm track would be farther away but the storm track is closer to you folks there is leftover warm air. so it will be a real fight between the warm air and the colds air charging south during the storm. how fast it changes over but plan on i would say 4, 5 inches of snow likely close to the water's edge new bedford. westport, mattapoisett about 5 inches of snow then on the cape near the canal about 2, 4 inches of snow then out to brewster and chatham about two inches, it's a tricky forecast down here because a couple of degrees makes a world of difference with how much snow you get. it will be a heavy wet snow, tough to show and plow and
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when the tire is going over the roadway, it's squeezing moisture out and it creates a film of water compared to arctic snow where you can drive over it and it's, you are going -- even when you walk on it you hear the snow breaking down the snowflakes but there is no moisture so it's even more slick to drive on west versus dry snow. into the afternoon hours, there is slow improvement. there is much improvement we're going to melt snow for you. but also a great weekend to take the kids skiing. and cross country skiing and sledding. mostly sunny skies on saturday. no bitterly cold air, sunday middle 40s and there is the threat of another snow event late next month night and tuesday. >> jadiann: next a marathon mom han orred in -- honored how this superstar runner is making history. >> kim: i'm kim khazei.
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hampshire, a big change in the g.o.p. race shifting the momentum ahead of the first in the nation premier and tonight the democrats get one last shot on the national stage before this crimary and they're ready for a face-off and a debate. we've team 7 coverage from new hampshire plus an armed robbery taking a dangerous turn when a local local clerk fights for his life. a wild scene caught on camera. we hope you join adam and me
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what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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>> jadiann: tons of cheering fans in belmont today. people honoring becca peda who is the first american woman to complete the world marathon challenge. she raised seven marathons on all seven contents. >> she did it in one week, elizabeth norieka has more. what a story. >> reporter: certainly is. the town officially declared today becca pikka day. the area was flooded with people coming out to celebrate her accomplish: a big celebration to honor a belmont. becca is back from completing the world marathon challenge running 7 marathons in seven days on seven conminutes. >> i was object my feet. >> reporter: she was the
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finish line and third overall in all seven of the marathons. >> we're so pressed for time. running in the subtemperatures was tough as well. >> reporter: she brought home a lot of hardware. the 35-year-old daycare center operator is humbled to see so many people supporting her. >> what an honor to represent our country and knowing that the whole u.s. has rallied for me. >> reporter: so many people are honored becca lives in the place they live and. >> to be a part of this is so exciting. >> you think you can't do something and you see what she just accomplished. single mom, two jobs, nobody has any excuse for not accomplishing or trying to accomplish their dreams. >> reporter: what an inspiration. obviously the races had a physical toll but the hardest part was being away from her daughter. live in belmont tonight, elizabeth norieka, 7 news.
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>> ryan: how do you train for something like that? write a book on that. >> jadiann: she probably will. another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. thank you for watching, i'm jadiann thompson. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis. >> announcer: 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> adam: we're tracking winter weather first at 6:00. the state bracing for winter whip lash after what started as a mild week, there is a winter storm watch up now for much of the area. >> kim: most of the snow is expected to fall during the morning commute. we've team 7 weather coverage. let's check in with jeremy reiner. >> reporter: that is the problem because we have not had a winter storm effect a week day commute. we had one in december but schools were on vacation, winter storm warning in effect for boston tomorrow morning as well as worcester, fitchburg, nashua it's a winter weather advisory and that is the case on the cape as well. with temperatures right now unreal, that are advertising snow and the numbers are in
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50s, did you catch jaffrey, 37. so there is some slightly cooler air working its way out of northern new england heading for southern new england. this storm is heading for southern new england. it will follow the front overnight tonight then through the day tomorrow just east of new england. the track has shifted closer over the last couple of days, that is why we've gone from snow on the cape to shoveling and plowing for the city of boston. the westward shift in the storm has shifted the precipitation west. it leftover warm air means when the storm gets here it will take on the form of rain drops then it'll flip over to snow. the storm is rather efficient. it's going to make its own cold air as it's passing through southern new england so that as we work to 7:00 am tomorrow morning, much of the region experiencing snow under a the deep shadings of purple indicating steadier snow especially boston,95 corridor. then the rain snow line pinned down on the south
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