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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00am-11:15am EST

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>> staying on top of this winter blast. heavy wet snow all across the area. a lot of schools are closed. for those who are headed out if you have to work, you will need some extra time as we take a live look at boston. as we have more live pictures, snow continues to come down. drivers have to take it slow and easy. sara flinch. big wet storms coming down. and live look outside at newton
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let's begin with jeremy reiner. >> the snow has picked up in intensity. it's been snowing several hours in the roadways. for a few hours, the radar is losing the snowflakes. travel has been a real problem, even the main roads themselves, saw the pictures outside. again getting a little squirrely. if you have to travel between now and 4:00 p.m., factor the extra time. it certainly is going to be the slow go. the deep shades of blue really tell the story. they tell us when they have the heavy plumes of snow. there's several batches of the heavy snow, and back into metro west, the colors of blue become dark again and also in the connecticut river valley and western hills. snow line has made snow progress across the cave. here's the storment again, it
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eastern seaboard. back edge is in the city. and we anticipate the back edge of the snow moving through massachusetts during the afternoon. several hours of accumulated snow. beverly at 32. at these temperatures, it will be easier for the snow to accumulate on main roadways. we have concern for poor travel out there. with temperatures around 31, 32, 33, it's a heavy wet snow. it's not like an arctic blast of cold air, with so many storms last winter. this is a storm that's behaving more like you would find in the month of march, than february. the concern here, with five to eight inches of snow, it's a heavy wet snow. that has already been leading to tree limb damage. tree limbs coming down. trees coming down in the case of going through power lines, it's a lost of power. that's the concern, perhaps
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destruction. the winds will pick up. the heavy wet snow clinging to the power lines, likely to continue the threat of power destruction as well as poor travel. chris. >> taking a look at the wind speeds 20 miles an hour, sustained in the city of boston. 10-15, out through much of metro west and gustier winds in the cape and island. it's adding to the stress as the cold air continues to gust. and 38 in plymouth. you add the pushes of wind, that's sagging with the heavy wet snow, and seeing scattered outages across the area. especially the 5-8 inches of heavy wet snow in the forecast. in terms of the timing of the snow ending, generally between 3-5, from west to east, across the state, later, the sea winds down. it drives overnight tonight, it cools down.
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afternoon, running in the upper 20s and lower 30s. once the snow shuts down, get outside. at 6:00 p.m., 31 in boston. upper 20s in worcester and watch the numbers fade off back in the mid to upper 20s by about midnight and down to the teens and lower 20s by day break tomorrow. we'll be a much colder start to your saturday morning. a far cry for the mid to upper 50s yesterday afternoon. it's a cooler start for the weekend. we'll get a little melting tomorrow afternoon, temperatures back in the mid to upper 30s. really in the heart of the storm right now, at least in the next 4-5 hours. boston, we find our 7 bri edwards, storm coverage, on top of the government center. how does it look? >> you heard jr say it.
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every once in a while, you get a gust that comes through here and it starts blowing the snow around. and visibility, definitely reduced at this point. we checked about an hour ago, and things were a lot clearer. at this point, visibility down to a quarter of a mile, half a mile, and the roads are finally accumulating the snow. i seen quite a few snow plows coming through here. the big message today, pack your patience. it will take more time than you think trying to head out. if you don't have to go anywhere, stay inside. maybe enjoy a nice cup of cocoa. it's soupkind of day. live in government center, downtown center >> and it does sound nice, bri. if you can't get in front of
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with the 7 news mobile i love that. >> could you love him more? >> i love -- when henry proposed to me, we were on a road trip. >> yeah. >> i don't know if you have been you. this was a hiking road trip where we wake up at the crack of happening. he asked my sister because she's -- and my parents, obviously. every day i would call and be like now you're not going to believe what henry did. they're, like, oh, he is not going to do it. true self. he is not going to do it. on the day it was supposed to service, and we didn't call so they're, like, he backed out. >> he backed out. >> he backed out. >> how did he do it, by the way? >> we were hiking, and he did it on the first place the sun sits the united states on cadillac mountain in maine, and we were hiking and he said we have to get up. the first thing we did was take, not together, coin showers.
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>> what's a coin shower? >> you have never been in a camp site where you put a coin in the shower. >> no, in the sink. >> we woke up at 4:00 in the morning. i was, like, let's just sleep for 30 more minutes. we don't need the sunrise. he knew what he was doing. >> did he explain why. >> so then when it was -- can we stop? he bolted. no. trying to lure me over. don't you want food? stop. he wanted to stop and ask me. i'm, like, let's go. then he did it. >> that is the sweetest thing. the first place the sun hits the united states. what's that called again? >> cadillac mountain in acadia mountain. >> it's beautiful. >> i will say i hadn't brushed my teeth. i hadn't brushed my teeth, so i was, like, i would have at least brushed my teeth. we kissed and i was, like, oh. you know what you are getting into. >> this is a cool story. this bride was -- they were buying matching wedding rings, and it was engraved right inside
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inside the ring the woman had something engraved, and she didn't tell her husband. okay? so when the groom -- they were trying on rings. it was before and they make sure they fit. he pulled it off, and he noticed there was an engraving, and the engraving was put it back on. don't you get it? >> put it back on. don't take it off. >> nobody is listening. or nobody liked it. i'm not sure. >> nobody has anything up to say up in here? >> awww. >> so sad. let's cut into this cake. i want to see what it looks like. should we do the broncos? >> is that good luck? >> i think so. chef is here. >> hello, miss cake maker. i hate to even -- >> i can't believe you cut the broncos one first. >> is that okay? >> it's good luck. >> oh, good. plenty. >> oh, look right here. can we get a shot right here? >> what kind of cake is this?
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>> zoo keeny lime. >> we need some icing, man. >> that is delish. >> thank you so much. >> you are one of the most popular people in all the universe. >> rachel, by the way, she's the owner and cake designer of intricate icings cake design. cut into that one too. >> what kind is this one? >> i don't know. >> same kind. >> it is the same kind. enjoy. >> this is a super bowl commercial that kevin hart is in, and it's for hyundai, and it shows the comedian sending his daughter off on her very first date. take a look. >> why don't you go ahead and take my new car. >> thanks, pops. >> come on, baby.
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>> favorite spot. favorite girl. daddy. >> why? >> car find other the hyundai genesis. >> back so soon? >> here you go, sir. >> because dad has to do what a dad has to do. >> honey, what did you guys do tonight? >> that was a ten. >> i love that. >> that was genius. dmroo do you remember in high school going on your first date? and how your dad reacted. >> my parents were very super strict. we were hardly allowed to leave the with regard. we that that kind of upbringing. when i went out on dates, everything was a game. i would get into the passenger seat and literally he would go your dad, your dad. i put my head down. i spent most of my transport with him trying to get me through the neighborhood because if my dad spotted us, and one of my
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downstairs in my basement. i was having a makeout session. i was having a make swrout session, and i heard the door open wrup stairs, and, i'm, like, who could it be? dad and mom are at work. i heard the key, and i go run. i will never forget watching the back of -- run through my backyard. i knew it was going to be over if my dad ever caught. >> that happened to me too. it was the worst. i'm not going to name any names, but we were home from school. i came home. i think it was, like, junior year or something, and my dad came home for lunch, and he noticed that the car was there, and he was, like, what in the heck is going on here? stormed up. we just made it. >> made it where? >> made it, you know, clear. it was okay. it was clear. and -- my dad is, like, why don't you two join me for lunch? that was the most awkward. >> this is awful. >> terrible. getting caught.
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