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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the weight of the snow on the branches and wires poses significant hazard and it's best if you stay indoors until the storm is over. police are also telling residents to expect a reverse 91 911 call with more information as soon as they get it. live in canton, brandon gunnoe, 7 news in the snow is weighing down branches and snapping limbs elsewhere mbta crews rushing to the scene after a tree came down over some green line tracks. tim capka out olive in chestnut hill with more on that situation situation. tim? yeah, this is a glimpse of what's going on certainly in this neighborhood. you see this giant tree toppling over right over the side of the road, leaning up against this house and it's been other reese here in chestnut hill that's mak making it very difficult for commuters. mbta crews being put to work on a friday evening trying to clear the tracks in chestnut hill. a tree toppled over on top of the d line of the green line. that means buses are now replac
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between kenmore and newton highlands. the mbta tweeted out these pictures of crews with chainsaws you canning apart the tree tangled in the power lines. this hasn't been the worst storm to endure but the thick, wet snow take caked on the side of trees and in many cases the weight was just too much for branches and even sole older trees. some branchesened up on power lines, others landed on homes and cars. nearly everywhere you look this afternoon there were branches of all sizes on the ground. some were quick if is. other may take the entire weekend to clean up. so there is issues with the d branch and also issues with the e branch of the green line. tonight suspended service between brigham circle and heath street also because of another tree that fell down on the tracks. live tonight in chestnut hill, tim caputo, 7 news . >> anchor: these bands of snow creating a slick situation on roadways, drivers forced to just crawl during the morning commute and the afternoon commute as well. the storm hitting at the worst possible time .
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and spinouts all over the place. steve cooper live in woburn with a look at that. kim, motorists are been leaving for ice scrapers all day long. take a look behind us and you can see 1128 is in pretty good shape right now. a far cry from what motorists were dealing with all day long out here. heavy, wet snow falling fast and the end result along places like 93 spinouts and tow trucks fishing out cars that slid off the highway. it's really tough driving. it's heavy, wet snow so it's mak making it really slippery to drive and a lot of cars spinning and off the road . challenging conditions that caught the eye of the governor . this hy, wet snow is heavy, wet snow. therefore, people need to be very careful . there they were the parade of plows scrambling to keep up with the storm. mike says drivers never cease to amaze him. when i first started it was amaz amazing to see what people would do just to get an inch ahead, you know?
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it's like i just prepare for the . eric smith says this was a two hands on the wheel weather event . just watching out for the other guys and trying to just keep your eye on the road the . to last year. last year was crazy. so this we have to take it. we live in new england so it comes with the territory. massachusetts emergency management telling us a little while ago this is what they are concerned about. a refreeze with what hasn't been plowed away on the side roads here in the other concern from state police is all this snow that's been caked on cars all day long, they want people to remove this to avoid any accidents later on tonight. live in woburn, steve cooper, 7 news. the storm piling it on in boston. the snow is creating problems for people trying to get around the congested city. kelly o'hara live in jamaica plain with more on the conditions. kelly? about five inches fell in the city but not everyone we met
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weather. alexander and his dad dave sure took advantage of their snow day sled shredding on the sugar bowl enjoying their day off from school . what are you doing here today? we're sledding . >> reporter: having fun? uh-huh . >> reporter: the snow wasn't all fun and gales. some cars getting stuck like this guy on beacon hill. a sethat needed one big push. over by the fenway the heavy, wet stuff sending a tree crash crashing down on his car scaring the two women inside . we heard a major bang, looked after each other and realized it way a tree can came down on the vehicle it. could have been a lot worse. i guess it didn't hit us in the front but a very ugly situation and very carry situation . >> reporter: other plus straighted by the winter. one moment it's warm, the next not so much . in the enough tease yesterday.
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stunk but not too bad. . >> reporter: all that's left to do now is play with the snow. in jamaica plain, kelly o'hara, . >> anchor: worcester hit hard by the storm. that city got socked landing in the jackpot of snowfall. so are we in the clear clear for the weekend? have we had enough for a little bit? gentlemen me reiner standing by with a check on the snow totals first. i'm good there. worcester 11 inches of snow. sharon 11 inches of snow. natick nine inches of snow. just got a report at boston logan 6.8 inches snow for the storm. pepperell 9.7. still snowing down through fors of the cape and islands even near the canal. back edge will move off the south shore. manufacture across the cape over the next couple of hours. metro boston just clouds and then they will start to break a apart over the next few hours. temperatures at this time upper 20's, low 30's and again as steve cooper talked about if you can try to dislodge that lush and light ice because it will freeze up solid overnight tonight.
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tomorrow. traveling this evening main roads are fair but it will be neighborhood streets that cause the problem out there so just keep that in mind. then as woe work through tomorrow morning rapidly improv improving conditions with a threat of more snow early next week. we'll talk more about that coming up. head to head bat es, heating up on the campaign trail trail. the candidates taking shots in trading jabs . when you win in the state of iowa your opponents juan to tear you up . the stage is set for the new hampshire primary. >> anchor: the republicans back on the campaign trail for a primary push. the storm grounding donald trump in new york though as the rest of the pack got down to business business. we have team 7 coverage on all angles from both sides. we begin with 7's dan hausle live in londonderry, new hampshire with more from the republicans. dan? i am in salem where governor kristi is about to have a town hall event. you can see him over my shoulder here.
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help and he got it from south of the border while the candidates crisscross the granite state in the snow all bun donald trump. new jersey governor chris christie at a hall in stratham hoping the endorsement of . having the backer endorse endorsement come today is a really welcome thing and i appreciate it and i admire charlie a great deal and . governor baker said he has proven he can get things done in a bipartisan way and baker says that's important for the next president . the best way to govern is to be able to work with people you don't agree with all the time and to be able to find common ground . >> reporter: donald trump supporters left disappointed in londonderry after the snow kept trump from flying back to new hampshire from new york. before a speech in exeter last night trump told me he is the best republican to make deals with democrats . you have to be able to do the deal but they will be great deals. i won't make them . >> reporter: governor john
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rolling through the new hampshire snow after hitting his 100th town hall meeting kasich held two more in atkinson and hollis. we found barbara bush getting off a bus for a campaign stop at a diner in derry. and we're hearing more today about the cruz campaign's attempt to get iowa caucus goers to abandon ben carson and calling us for ted cruz. cnn verified the authenticity of a recorded phone message first played by bright bar news that let's you hear what the cruz campaign was telling its staffer staffers. . >> reporter: nor cruz and marco rubio also have town hall events at this hour just like chris christie and donald trump says he is going to get back to
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said he will have events in the granite state every day right through the primary on tuesday. live at salem, new hampshire. dan hausle, 7 news . >> anchor: and the democrats back on the campaign trail today night. hillary clinton and bernie sand sanders making their final push state. for more on the sanders clinton races let's go to kimberly book bookman live in manchester. we are live outside of the verizon arena. you can see all of the support supporters from both of the candidates standing outside here with signs right now inside the arena both of the candidates are going to have dinner. this is a dinner that is hosted by the democratic party and then they will have a chance to address their supporters. it's crunch time and each of the presidential candidates have their eyes set on specific voters. for secretary hilary clinton, it's about getting young women to support her . when folks talk about a revolution, the revolution is electing the first woman
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>> reporter: so today at man chest's ywca the female governor and female u.s. senator appealed directly to that demographic . we're not supporting her because she is a woman. we're supporting her because she is the very best person in this race to be the next president of the united states. current polls show clinton is trailing senator bernie sand sanders among young women . i want to say a word to the people, particularly young people, who are supporting senator sanders. i know you may not be for me now but i am for you. >> reporter: meanwhile, sand sanders is looking for a boost with african per voters. he is hoping an endorsement today from the former president of the aaacp helps with that. sanders did drop another big name at a politics and eggs breakfast today . i use the term called a rigged economy. people like elizabeth warren and i use that term. >> reporter: the u.s. senator from massachusetts hasn't publicly thrown support behind either candidate. each still trying to define
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one of the arguments against me in this campaign is i am a really nice guy. i am santa claus. i want to give away a lot of free stuff. but i don't pay for it. well, we do actually pay for it. >> reporter: both of the candidates have more events scheduled here in new hampshire but we can tell you that sanders is leaving for new york tomorrow night to be on saturday night live and hilary clinton is going going to flint, michigan on sunday. reporting live, kimberly bookman 7 news . >> anchor: so now just one station showing you how much support hillary clinton is gaining. speaking of, this is a day to day poll and our exclusive tracking poll showing a significant rise. her gain obviously bernie sand sanders loss. our political editor andy hiller live in manchester this evening with a look at those new numbers numbers. andy? hello, adam. watch out bernie. here comes hillary. hillary clinton is surging and bernie sanders is flairing with free fall. we could be waving a rerun of the comeback kid.
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sanders is number one but weaken weakening. he gets 55% after losing 3 percentage points overnight while clinton with 40% gained 4 points since yesterday. unsee sided 4% that's down a point. the tracking poll shows clinton clinton's dramatic rise. see is now just 15 points behind sanders. she tailed him by 31 when he began polling this week. sanders has lost 16 points. that's more than half of the lead he had. compared to the democrats turbo charged race, the republicans relatively speaking are in neutral. there was very little change for the g.o.p. candidates overnight. donald trump is right where he has been in first but he lost another two points. no change for marco rubio still at 15%, keeping him in second place. and ted in third has been at 14% for days. john kasich gained a point tying him with jeb bush at 8%.
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the bottom of the republican pack. chris christie, ben carson, criminally fiorina, all maintained the support they had. the change in the republican track hey seem small but it could become big because for the second day in a row, donald trump lost two points which dropped him just a little bit closer to marco rubio and ted cruz. bottom line, donald trump looks like he will win the g.o.p. gold medal here but several candidates are competing for the silver and bronze and hilary clinton surge is the story of the day. even if she doesn't over take sanders, a strong second place finish could finish the senator from vermont. live in new hampshire, andy hiller, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up, a crash course on the cape. a bus goes up in flames after a fiery collision with the truck.
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>> anchor: following more news today, a woman call to court for a crash that kill a jogger in hanson . >> anchor: that accident happened in december, lien played pleaded not guilty to motor vehicle homicide charges. investigators say she was under the influence of several drugs including at roll and valium an she hit a woman out running. the victim, 32-year-old amanda turner russel died to the a boston hospital several days after the crash. she was a nurse at beth israel
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. >> anchor: a driver is facing west yarmouth. police say in this case a woman lost control of her pickup truck and hit a cape cod bus head on. look at that wreckage. the bus driver and a passenger were not hurt. the truck driver is facing a number of charges including danger. >> anchor: snowed on in boston, snow almost in chatham and wellfleet. forecast features sunshine. that's up next. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license
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so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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>> anchor: snowfall tallies about ten to 11 informs of snow. worcester 11 inches of snow. lynn 7 inches of snow. haverhill at ten. quincy 9.2 officially boston logan 6.the. hopkinton at 6.2. elsewhere the shadings of blue indicating where we had general generally about five to ten informs of snow. closer to the coastline, the numbers weren't as high as they were in the worcester hill but a heavier, wetter snow. that's why we had concern in the issues in canton because it was just a very heavy, wet snow. these numbers much smaller than numbers we were showing you last year. those were storms that had all sorts of arctic air and so there was a massive fluff factor but this year in the el nino winter hard to find arctic air. you can get snowstorm though but usually these snowstorms there
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that's we saw beautiful pictures of the snow clinging to the trees but also clinging to power lines. boston snow for the season 17 informs running about 8 inches behind normal. worcester 22 inches of snow thus far about 15 inches below normal normal. done for the snow. boston worcester providence and haverhill but still snowing right now out toward hyannis as well as brewster and chatham and truro. that will slide away from the cape over the next couple of hours. then skies begin to clear out the numbers right now no arctic air that pours in behind the storm. temperatures are near 30 so again the slush that we have out there now will freeze up overnight tonight but it's not going to lock down and be cold for the next couple days, which is what we were seeing last year and that snow blitz where you get two feet of snow and then it's below zero for several days days. we'll melt snow tomorrow. tomorrow a great winter day. lots of sun. 35 to 40. much the same on sunday. awesome for skiing, sledding, snowmobiling with temperatures in the upper 30's to lower 40's. early next week, there is the
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tricky though because there will be two storms on the chess board and they both want to make the next move. but they both can't make the next move and so what will happen is they will probably end up ruining the party for each other and so we'll have a could you evansville days of snow showers and after a few days it might have to be shoveling and plowing but at this time it does not look like a blockbuster but that could change. we'll coup you updated. the boston celtics enter tonight's show down against the eastern conferencelying caviliers with wins in ten of their last 13 games while the matchup represents a great opportunity for the celtics to show exactly where they stand among the league's elite. brad stevens is trying to treat it like it's still one of the 82 82. no matter if we play cleveland or somebody else the next game is all the most important. we have to go in there and try to handle business. we know it has to be a hostile environment. they are a great team but we're not going to back down from anybody .
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their defense has been great versus where we struggle obvious obviously the offensive rebound rebounding and it has to be clicking . >> anchor: bruins making a roster move today assigning forward to providence.
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and safe east appreciate you wav waving today. i am adam williams . i'm kim khazei have a great evening. come back and see us tonight for
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now it's new hampshire's turn, and all america is watching to see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, which is what we need to make us strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush. pnright to rise usa is responsible
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