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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and killed by fallingimb during this storm. and tonight, that community searching for answers as clean up continues seven is live in canton with what we know right now. kelly? >> >> i got nothing. >> last night, obviously we were grieving. so the young child not community that lost we another tragic accidents. tragedy in canton. as the community grieves the loves this little girl after freak accidents involving heavy snow and tree branch, tragedy strikes again with another accidents. in 24 hours. man struck by tree branch and his backyard. >> 48 year old male residents of that town. who was working on his back door -- backyard hockey rink. the tree himming was 40 to 50 feet above him. directly above him.
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it struck him on the head causing obviously very traumatic injuries. they say man in hospital with grave injuries. and this morning tonight >> stay inside let nature take its course. it is over then you go out and do your clean up. >> again police saying this was damage i can accident. -- all right shifting gears 7news turning to your weather. one storm out the next rounds is ready to move in though. and we looking at another day of melting before the snow returns. it looks that way. we are tracking next rounds winter weather we have been seeing some of pictures some of them are just beautiful. amazing sunset. sun rides this morning and every one at the ski resort happy today. on that magic carpet they really enjoying the fresh powder. now, as we head through the next few days it is a little tricky more melting on way tomorrow we got some of that done today. but temperature into mid upper 30s we have still go you or next rounds of snow and starts on monday.
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forms down here by carolinas. while this storm system track of it is it so far off shore. it is such massive storm that it could throw this snow in our direction. soon forecast models just hinting glancing blow for south east and others are bringing the snow totals all of way into the berkshire so we will have watch this very closely. snow flakes could stick around with us on again and off again all of the way through the middle of this coming week. but again, tomorrow, we do have skies. 41 to 46 but this looks to be ends of those temperatures into the 40s. more in my extended forecast coming up just a bit. >> also on seven fire north and over takes a deadly turn. house goes up in flames with woman trapped inside. even more lives could have been lost. if it wasn't for one man's quick thinking. seven live now north and over with more on his rush to the rescue. john? >> well that man says, he was
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he heard fire alarm go off they rushed inside, to save his parents. he also tried to save the woman upstairs, but he says, there was just too much smoke. >> so i ran upstairs. there. and i opened door fire came. stop bill kelly from running inside of the burning home to get his mother joe afternoon. warren called for help. down the stairs i got down the stairs. all i know is that it. >> bag door there. to try help her too. it was just too much smoke and everything. >> smoke alarm went off hallways. upstairs. >>. >> couldn't get upstairs. arrived. they also tried to save her. shy did couple >> injuries. of the fire she found in the room. quick thinking their son.
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safe and that's about all. >> >> this fire still under investigation. but source say it was caused by the careless disposal of smoking material. . live north and over. 7news. >> new hampshire primary just three days away. and, cams on the campaign trail. republican candidate getting ready face off on the debate stage one last time. and one candidate is crying foul. about being left out. while others are picking up some key endorsements for democrats some big names from boston litting campaign trail. for hillary clinton. we have team seven coverage of all of the candidates in the grands night state we begin. >> in with, more from g.o.p. side of things. >> hey we are good evening. we are waiting edge of our seats could be some fire works tonight this debate small challenge is so kwhoern some of leading
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campaigning. . but >> finley attack of fronts runner real estate mogul and donal tried. office. show time, is over. it is game time. >> and christie brought some fire power from massachutes. governor charlie baker threw his even though he trade badly in polls. >> what matters is who shows up on election day and votes. so you all going show up on election day and vote. >> with conservative ted cruz winning iowa, >> you interrupted me sir. i will answer it but i will not yelling match with you. >> marco rubio, getting momentum in new hampshire. baker not happy direction of the campaign and felt compelled to support christie who get things done he said. >> i think got experience. and demonstrated track record of
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different people. and lot different interests. >> across town at pack jeb bush talking polictical football. >> i am for peyton manning because he is for me. all right. >> trump took shooting are push twitter saying quote wow jeb total dis dis. had to bring in mommy to take slap at me. not nice. ohio governor john case sick ten town hall meeting last night. and dr. ben carson is finally campaigning in anew hampshire preparation underway for tonight's big debate at saints college. >> it has been rigged game for long time i hope the voters new hampshire waken up to that. former happonen joaquin phoenix is slamming abc news for excludeing her and only her their not strong enough candidate. >> you did better in iowa than, some of guys who are going to on that stage. he don't feel it will. it is unfair
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>> well aby says fiorina because finish top three in iowa. didn't finish top six in local and new hampshire polls since january 1st. she says she got 35,000 signatures sent abc let her in but they are not going to do it. we live in man chester new hampshire tonight. 7news. >> well there get set take the debate stage bernie sanders stage. and hillary clinton is making her final primary push just three days before voters take to
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seven live manchester >>. . while may be different. the goal is the same. >> so goes the new hampshire. and picking president so goats future of massachutes. as well. pee have to be here. to fight. >> presidential candidates continue stump for votes. >> hillary clinton, making surprise stops at home, and manchester diner. while bernie sanders you are too kind! franklin pierce college students. i urge you please bring out your neighbors and your friends and your uncle's and your aunts bring them all out. their supporters who are walking walk. >> can we count on you vote for hillary tuesday being he will >> and talking the talk. >> if i vote for hilly it because i met you.
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double digit leader for sander. >> mar a non the sprint. knees elected officials know the process firsthand. this how election are won this is particularly how to new hampshire are won. where, so many people new hampshire aren't making up their minds and until right now. you did: >> now hillary clinton has events at 7:00 this evening. in ports smith. bernie sanders left new hampshire he heading to new york. he going to make appearance on saturday night live. reporting live manchester new hampshire. seven news. >> one station after week of shift in our exclusive tracking polls, things appear to be settling down. flipping he had. is in manchester breaking down the latest numbers in our seven news u mass lowell. is any candidate from either party were hoping to come into this final weekends, flush with momentum, this can all forget
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our tracker poll shows, both races, sheet willing down. bernie sanders is now beating hillary clinton 55-41 percent. his support holding steady. clinton did gain point over night. and closer. >> tracking polls shoechl clinton still gang on sanders. but that pace of her rides has slowed. and sandsers levelled off after three days. of big drops. . >> in dem demic race. sander leads by more than 30 women. big change from earlier this week. among the republicans, donald trump stays number one. with 35%. picking up points. marco rubio at 14. lost percentage points. but keeps second place. and ted cruze at 13% also lost the points. but did not lose third place. biggest gone changes john case sick and jib bush. . . both have broken double digits. after both picked up two points
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there were also some changes in the g.o.p. bottom tooer. chris. also gets three. tracking poll shows trump stopping his slide after two days of losses. and both cruz and rubio losing some grounds. bush ka sick thanks their increases, are now in the fight for second or third place here. reports of donald trump demise
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overexaggerated. why better than that is because age. money this been spent in nextive ads. >> probably running pretty good second place right now. new hampshire key state for kasich as republican race continues to narrow.
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get out. . >> and's nev >> ojai governor last pry otherized new hampshire. giving iowa during caucuses to folk cause on the granite state instead. holding his ten new hampshire town hall meeting in bed ford on friday. >> despite remarkably gone race. case sick says the important anything to hem is to stay above the fray. focus being on issues. and instead of the attacks. >> an between. donald trump just ugliness on the trail right now does that benefit you in some way and that stage they have out with each other and then >> i don't really even what's going on. because i don't turn on television. so i don't -- i am not really aware i just know it is pretty negative through. and -- you have a campaign clan and then you campaign it.
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just three days to go until nye knew head voting boot governor bother rowing plan tra from certain. >> no changes.
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no this morning. say they found body near construction site on beacon street. police have not determined what happened. investigation is ongoing. >> wild car jacking lands man behind bars in carlisle investigator say michael sullivan stole car from gas station when heed ford with woman still inside of the car. police event tracked them down in care lyle the woman was not hurt. sullivan charged with theft and kidnapping. >> house in avon goes up in flames. firefighters rush to the home on ponds street overnight and you can see the front of house complete scorched moment out of it. >> police say home honer in was not inside of the at that time. say the fire was started by candle. firefighters rush to evacuate
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high carbon moon oxide levels. police say seven people were taken from the house on bolten place no one got sick from that gas fortunately. no word yet on what caused the high levels. >> certain been mild winter so far. but that's all changing. as of yesterday. when we saw snow more on the way
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nosive seven weather with
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logan with 6.8 inches and we did get a little bit of melting today. some power lines and also off the trees but temperature into mid 30s. we still sitting just an above freezing mark city. 33 right now 31 in norwood. but what has melted today, likely be refreezing over night so please keep that in mind. patchy black ice again possibility into tomorrow morning. moment he clear skies. >> >> is i think. more melting and more sunshine on the way for tomorrow. but then, we entered really active pattern for entire week colder one as well. but chance. >> word from rain to snow. just today. almost monday through thursday pretty much throughout entire week let's break down in time line. you see this storm system coming
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coast carolinas, and it is big storm. flood watch for the south shores cane cod and island as well. so here's what i am thinking really general numbers at this point. really am leaning closer to had 1 to 3 inches through monday. but then, 3 to 6 get southeastern blast cape cod and island that's possibility we will continue watch this because again, that's just monday we do have chance for flakes tuesday wednesday thursday and. moment clear overnight tonight. 24 to 29. and tomorrow, 41 to 46. but hopeful lee you are okay with letting go of those 40s those mild temperature for now because it looks like return winter yesterday. means winter here to stick around for a little bit look at
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weekend into 20s we go. >> and now, time for seven sports. with tray. >> home and home series tonight. ed iter. have have play off field that's good fling for bruin team teert play off bubble. very pedistrian 11-13 on home ice. thurday night so from two goal deficit. snack in buffalo. shoot-out win. boston taking two of three against sabres us this far on year. >> key home ice drug will very simple. >> >> you have to from internet from media. from read about these thing you know. we have to group here, and um i was talk quite bit. we will try to feel the same way as a question do on the road. we have learn how to win --. very big win for us.
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your oselves we can play those types of games. >> we expect the same. type games tonight. and should be ready hopefully would can close >> pro. back on december 26th. b pair of assists. but buffalo skating out to 6-3 win. >> and my second time coming through. a little bit more familiarity. >> obviously been here before. >> pre-game much so, you know excited for game another win play for my family and friends, and you know my home town. so, who know another big game more than anything we need these two points. >> late shot. yes! . . avery bradley won the game.
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back against the calves. purposing and on to their biggest win of the year. boston onlies wins eight last nine look keep tomorrow night against the kings. former cell tickets. louisville holding. >> cardinals and eagles will go through. march madness on the couch that will louisville sanctions. they taking out bad news on bc. >> many distance parted of 17-0 run early first half. louisville, all over boston college. 79-47. >> and conference play. coming tomorrow on the super bowl sunday. edition of sports extra. fred and mark will be in house that's coming tomorrow night at 11:tooichl 25 on seven nbc nfl unveiling major award winners tonight in the first nfl honor ceremony money in san francisco that's sports. >> all right. thank you very much. 7news at 6:00 will be right
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