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tv   Today  NBC  February 7, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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and that's presidential. responsible for the content of this advertising. good morning. piling on after a traffic jam at the start. attacking one another during their final debate before the new hampshire primary. chris christie setting his sights on marco rubio. >> marco, the thing is this. when you're president of the united states, when you're governor of a state, the memorized 30 second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. >> donald trump getting booed after taking on jeb bush. >> quiet. out of time.
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that's all of his donors and special interests out there. >> while on the democratic side, bernie sanders tries his hand at comedy on "saturday night live." >> we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> testing the waters, backlash this morning after north korea announces it launched a long range rocket in direct defiance of united nations sanctions. the u.s. condemning the launch as the u.n. security council prepares to meet today. out of control. a terrifying scene in baltimore caught on camera when a driver gets into his car, rams another vehicle, and then hits a woman who is standing on the street. how police say this all started. and everything super. all eyes on the san francisco bay area where super bowl 50 now just about ten hours away. it is the broncos versus the panthers.
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hall of fame career with a win? will nfl mvp cam newton steal the spotlight? and kicking it all off overnight, beyonce dropping a surprising new single and video hours before her super bowl halftime performance. there's so much on the line and it all happens today, sunday, february 7th, 2016. from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm craig melvin. >> i'm sheinelle jones with thomas roberts. erica is enjoying the weekend off. dylan is in santa clara outside levi's stadium where we're finally here. super bowl 50 will be played in hours. hey, dylan. as if that's not exciting enough out there, how about that beyonce video, has impeccable timing, doesn't she? >> she planned that so perfectly.
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you have to check out this video. admittedly a little haunting but blue ivy makes an appearance. i think she steals the show. the video is incredible. >> all hail queen b. >> and a rumor she'll be performing that song tonight at the super bowl. we'll see. >> builds up to the moment, doesn't it? >> she knows what she's doing. >> we'll come back to you in santa clara in a bit. our top story, the fireworks in last night's republican debate. many on the stage setting their sights on marco rubio, but no one seemed to be spared by the end of the night. we have full coverage on both sides this morning. but let's start with nbc's katy tur covering the republicans. good morning. >> last night it came down to experience as the republican governors took the front-runners to task. none more so than marco rubio, who was surging before the debate, and is now on its heels. the grand old party, which at
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old pileup with miscues -- >> and donald trump. >> reporter: -- and forgotten candidates. >> yes, we're going to introduce ohio governor john kasich. >> reporter: spared no time piling on marco rubio who had the same line four times during the debate. >> barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. >> reporter: a target on his back, rubio gave governor chris christie the opening he needed, arguing the freshman senator has no depth. >> marco, the thing is this, when you're president of the united states, when you're governor of a state, the memorized 30 second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow. >> chris, your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago and you didn't even want to go back. they had to shame you for going back and you stayed there for 36 hours and you left and came back to campaign. >> reporter: back on the debate stage and once again front and
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the front-runner needing a win but getting repeated boos after his latest jabs at jeb bush. >> let me talk. quiet. out of time. a lot of times -- a lot of times -- [ booing ] >> that's all his donors and special interests out there. >> reporter: the billionaire missing a major opportunity on immigration, as senator ted cruz owned the idea of a wall. >> build a wall, we're going to triple the border patrol, we're going to increase -- and actually since donald enjoyed that, i will simply say i've got somebody in mind to build it. >> reporter: though trump tried to turn the moment to his advantage in the debate spin room. why did you let him own that issue tonight? >> he didn't own it. i owned it. as soon as i looked at him, the whole room cracked up. they understand that's my issue. >> reporter: done spin, the candidates are back out in front of voters today, making their final pitch for the final push. as for the crowd makeup you heard donald trump allude to
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the rnc tells us 75 of the 1,000 seats were for its donors. it is a big day today, a big day tomorrow. no time for bad headlines, guys. >> chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press" and in man chest they are chester this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, sheinelle. >> the big headline out of last night, rubio getting hit by his rivals, in particular chris christie. did the debate put a serious arguement? will this have an effect? >> well, look, i do think it has an impact here. this is a very, very i would say fluid situation here in new hampshire. it is not clear what the -- it is a jumble, i would say, between second and sixth place. the only thing anybody agrees on is donald trump is ahead, and nobody knows by how many points. i think rubio had some momentum. what was amazing about his performance last night is everyone was telegraphing rubio
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seemed wholly unprepared. chris christie had been telegraphing his hits on rubio for two days and it was as if he hit a brick wall he never saw coming. that's what makes, i think, rubio's performance even more troubling to perhaps some potential supporters. >> let's talk about this. looking forward to new hampshire, analysts say there is not one but three tickets to be punched here at new hampshire on tuesday. trump and cruz on one side, on the far right and this establishment candidate. as you mentioned, for a long time, people thought perhaps it is going to be rubio. is he damaged? who would this establishment candidate be now? >> well, look, i think it is very possible you have such a jumble between second and fifth, you know. you could have a scenario where trump is sitting at 30%, and then second through fifth is something like 17, 16, 15, 14, 13. so the point is, if it is that jumbled, which i think last night's debate offers that opportunity for a result like
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there may not be an incentive to get out. the attempt to winnow the particular so-called establishment candidates, but instead we move to south carolina and south carolina becomes the primary that essentially separates the rubio, kasich, bush part of the primary and that's where we find out who becomes the chief challenger to cruz and trump. >> i tell you what, you cannot write this. it is compelling all the way along. chuck, stay right there. >> it is. >> we're going to hear from the democrats now and then we'll come back to you. let's turn to nbc's kristen welker following the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. senator sanders has a big lead here in new hampshire, fueled by those younger voters. he took a break from the campaign trail last night to have a little bit of fun, making a guest appearance on "snl" alongside host larry david who, of course, does that spot on impression of him. his appearance undoubtedly will only energize those younger supporters even more.
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for presidential candidates. take a look at this very memorable scene when the two appeared in a skit together, acting out what it would be like to be on the "titanic." >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. enough is enough! we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me! >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? there. well, senator sanders will be back on the campaign trail here it is secretary clinton who will be off of the trail, she's going to visit flint, michigan, the site of the water crisis impacting so many african-americans. that's a visit which could resonate in early voting states with large african-american
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clinton, who is trailing sand birz ers by double digits in most polls is trying to close that gap. her strategy is touting the work she's done to promote women's rights, even calling in her husband, secretary of state madeleine albright to campaign with her. she's also trying to paint senator sanders as being weak on foreign policy. so while secretary clinton is in flint, her husband, former president bill clinton, will be here in new hampshire campaigning for her. sheinelle, back to you. >> kristen welker, thank you. let's bring chuck back in. by all appearances, bernie will win new hampshire, the clinton campaign already making the argument that he has the advantage being from a neighboring state. it is almost as if they're lowering expectations, but, chuck, can you put this in perspective for us? the fact is, until recently hillary clinton was the presumptive nominee and now this is the first in the nation primary that she can lose. how big of a deal is this? >> look, i still think it is a
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think about the history the clintons have had here in new hampshire. new hampshire saved bill clinton's campaign in 1992. new hampshire arguably saved hillary clinton's campaign, prolonged that fight in 2008. so to get blown out here, yes, neighboring senators and governors have had an advantage years. there is no doubt that she's not the favorite here. but to get blown out, to lose by double digits i think would be not just disappointing to her, but i think that could give momentum to sanders arguably where you have some other democrats who just assumed clinton was going to be their candidate, who takes a second look at sanders. that said, i think if clinton can get this within single digits, make the race a little more competitive, then that could take a little bit of air out of the sanders balloon. >> chuck, thanks. we'll look for much more on "meet the press" this morning when you sit down with hillary clinton, donald trump and bernie sanders. stick with "today" for full
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hampshire on primary tuesday. to the other big story of the day, of course that's the big game happening at 6:30 eastern tonight. it is super bowl 50. the panthers against the broncos at levi's stadium, in a moment, we'll talk to bob costas from nbc sports about the game, about the hgh allegations against peyton manning as well. but, let's start with dylan dreyer who had a really tough assignment ment ment this week. good morning to you again. >> i'm ghoeting a ingnot getting a whole lot of sleep so at times it is tough. >> but you're at all the parties. >> that's the problem. it has been an amazing week in the bay area. we had thousands of people flying in to this area and the rich and famous, of course, flying in on their private jets. about 1500 private jets there have been parties, some i've been to, an concerts and nhl honors award last night. only one thing left to do, play
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finally super bowl sunday, the big questions will be answered, is it the crowning achievement of peyton manning's legacy or the start of cam newton's. this could be manning's last game. >> looking forward to playing in this game and dealing with all the other stuff after this. >> reporter: or a chance for newton to silence critics who say he's too brash. >> people are going to judge and have their own opinion on certain things that i don't have control over. >> reporter: and will it be a hollywood ending for the panthers michael oher of "blind side" fame, charged with protecting cam's blind side. >> these guys around me made my job easier because they're playing great. >> reporter: oddsmakers tab the panthers as five point favorites. who knows. but there is one sure thing, the game ticket is going to cost you. >> i bought $4500 each. >> reporter: but the prices haven't stopped fans from coming. last night thousands turned away from a super bowl city jammed to
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even the halftime entertainment has people buzzing, beyonce dropped a new video yesterday ahead of the game, but the internet has been snarkier with british alt rocker coldplay with the #betterhalftimeshows. >> it is a blast but crazy all at the same time. >> reporter: last night, the stars traded turf for red carpet at the nfl honors awards, football's biggest night before its biggest san francisco 49er anquan boldin was named man of the year. possible. >> reporter: now there is just one more prize left to award, the lombardi trophy. >> are you nervous? what is the feeling? >> i'm excited for him. i'm rooting for him. but i'll be a little nervous tomorrow once game time starts up. >> and by nhl honors awards, i meant nfl. this is football. this is football. i was talking to eli manning, he, for some reason, didn't divulge if it would be peyton's final game today, but a lot of
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bowl iii when the broncos took it all when john elway retired after that game. we'll see what happens but it will be a fun one no matter what. thank you so much. bob costas is the host of nbc's football night in america. bob, always good to see you. thank you for being with me, sir. hall of famer, 39 years old, had the foot injury that kept him out several games this season, at one point playing backup. no matter the outcome tonight, is this peyton manning's last game? >> i think it is likely his last game. and it is obvious that he wouldn't want to make any declaration about it before hand. but if one had to guess, it is likely his last game. and it would be a storybook ending if you could go out with a super bowl victory. >> roger goodell confirmed on friday that the league is continuing its investigation into those hgh allegations. peyton manning vehemently denying ever using performance enhancing drugs. is this the kind of thing that
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tarnish his legacy, bob? >> not as it stands now and i know that some people will say that the media is inclined to dismiss anything that might be besmirch peyton manning's reputation, not only because he's been such a great player, but because he carried himself with such good class and good nature in every way that virtually everyone in the media likes and respects him but we're not naive. we know performance enhancing drugs have been a part of sports for a couple of generations or more so the nfl is right to investigate this. just as major league baseball is investigating baseball players. as it stands now, the sole source completely recanted all the allegations, they have no other corroboration, there is nothing even close to a smoking gun, so to assume guilt or even to suspect anything beyond what we now know i think is unfair. and if it is left where it presently stands, which is to say they find nothing beyond
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>> let's talk about cam newton, that panthers quarterback, 6'5", built like an arm back line backer, arm like a cannon. what do you think that cam newton has so many haters, bob? >> it may not be everybody's cup of tea and a lot of that is generational. the dab dance and everything else. but, look, he's a, a terrific player. this is very unlikely to be the only super bowl in which he plays. and he's so charismatic, it is not just he's having fun, and bringing his teammates along for the ride, even in the press conferences that smile, that presence that he has, he's good for the league. he's part of the next generation of nfl stars. >> i know you're not a -- you're not a big fan of prognostications or speculating. >> because you're always wrong so what's the point? >> if you had to put money on this one, who wins tonight?
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were to play ten times on a neutral field, carolina wins six or seven. and if the game is a blowout, it is almost certainly carolina that blows denver out rather than the other way around. but there are lots of scenarios by which you could see denver winning this game. and if they do, i think it will be a close one. i'll leave you with this observation as we all await beyonce, i think the first couple of super bowls that i covered, craig, the halftime was up with people and the new christie minstrels. things have changed. >> just a bit. always good to see you. thank you for waking up so early, my friend. >> who said i ever went to sleep? >> fair enough. >> see you, bob. now to an international situation heating up this morning. the united states security council is meeting today to discuss a controversial rocket launch by north korea overnight. the communist regime announced the successful launch of a rocket putting a satellite into orbit. the event said to be caught in this video.
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korea's leader watching a rocket liftoff. the u.s. called the action destabilizing and provocative. to taiwan, search teams are rescuing survivors and hoping to find more a day after a powerful earthquake there. crews are crawling through concrete and twisted steel, pulling victims from collapsed buildings. much of the focus is around the ruins of a large apartment complex where more than 100 people are still missing. so far more than two dozen are confirmed dead. at least five 5 00 other hurt. a man fleeing a fight in a baltimore bar sparked a car crashing melee caught on camera. you see a black suv slam into the rear of a smaller white car. witnesses race to reach the driver, possibly to pull him from the vehicle. but he guns the suv into reverse with people still hanging on to to the ground. police say the driver then ran over a woman. look at this. before speeding off.
8:20 am
the injured woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition. >> my goodness. let's get another check of the weather. dylan dreyer hanging out, super bowl 50, santa clara. what is the weather looking like for the big game tonight? >> do you want the mlb forecast now? since i'm squeezing in all the sports? >> what do you got? >> no. >> we got -- we got some pretty awesome weather here. this whole week has been fantastic, clear, crystal blue skies, game time temperature today should be running in the low to mid-70s. we'll be close to records today. can't beat that with just light winds. we're looking for pretty significant storm, though, to make its way up the east coast. so on the other coast we are going to see rain today with a little bit of icing through central parts of north carolina. this is going to turn into one of those storms that just grazes southern new england. we could end up with a few inches of snow, especially across southeastern mass where about five to seven inches
8:21 am
which national weather service expanded the winter storm watch to include all of eastern mass and parts of southern worcester county on tuesday. in addition to that could be minor coastal flooding late tomorrow morning mainly for the south shore and the cape. temperatures are 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning but look out for a patch or two of ice, highs in the low 40s. mostly sunny skies becoming and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> thank you, dylan. i just noticed, your color combination this morning. >> yes. >> are you -- >> you're not trying -- >> keep pounding. >> is it turquoise, blue ? >> it is -- today it is carolina blue . >> carolina blue. >> still to come, how the latest technology is helping football coaches and players win games after these messages. behind every open heart... is a story. a story about
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>> announcer: this 7 news now. >> anchor: taking a live look at the zakim. chilly morning but nice out. there good morning. 8:27. rob ikeer has a check of the forecast. >> very nice compared to what we're expecting tomorrow morning. looking at 4-6 inches of snow in side of 495. 6 had ever 8 for parts of plymouth county and the cape mainly tomorrow then coming to an end early pre-dawn hours tuesday morning. could see flurries, on and off snow showers into tuesday afternoon, even wednesday and thursday but not expecting much additional accumulations between tomorrow night. temperatures, well below freezing into next weekend. >> it's that time. thank you. to the top stories, two suspects injured after a home invasion in lowell. police respond around 8:00 and say they were' confronted by a suspect with a hand gun. they opened fire and hit the suspect twice.
8:27 am
get away but was taken into custody. police are still investigating. a canton man was the second person killed by a falling tree branch in the past two days. police say he was hit in his backyard. he was transported to boston medical center where he later died. kayleigh ken yon was also killed when a falling tree truck her on friday. a woman in north and overwas killed when the billing chefs' renting a room in -- she was renting a room in went up in flames. firefighters rushed to the scene saturday afternoon. one man was able to save his home from the burning home. the cause is still under investigation. today in new england returns at 9:00. we'll see you then. living well your immununsystst rks s rd to keep you on top of your game. you can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest. and you can combine these simple remedies with airborne. no otherereading
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we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. it is a revolution, jane. we could win iowa. >> i'm your biggest fan. i'm feeling the burn. >> what do you mean? you coughed into your hand and can't shake it after a cough. >> no, i didn't. shake my hand. >> no, you specifically coughed into your hand. >> no, i didn't. >> sunday morning, february 7th, 2016, another funny tidbit from "saturday night live," larry david doing his best bernie sanders. a live look at levi's stadium in
8:30 am
than ten hours to go now until kickoff for super bowl 50. some might say who needs guys. you have puppies, gearing up for our own game inside studio 1a. the puppy bowl. >> that's a go pro. that's a go pro angle. >> that's the beauty of it. never know what they're going to do. >> that's a destructive puppy. we had our eye on that one all morning. thomas roberts, always good to see you. thank you for hanging out with us. >> great to be here. great crowd. i see some birthdays, go panther signs. >> girl scout cookies. is it time? >> always girl scout cookie times. we'll get to the had headlines for everybody and talk about the presidential candidates being back on the campaign trail in new hampshire today after a fiery republican debate. now most of the candidates last night taking aim at marco rubio while bernie sanders appealed to a new audience, stopping by "saturday night live" with a little bern your enthusiasm there. the new hampshire primary two days away.
8:31 am
others injured after a bizarre bobsled accident that happened in alberta, canada. the bobsled track closed when police say at least eight teens broke in bringing their own sled and going down that track. large gate. and quite a scene in wisconsin. look at this. more than a dozen cars started sinking into the melting ice on lake geneva. the lake was used for overflow parking for the winter fest in that city. several cars are damaged so badly that they're not going to be able to be driven out once again. what a mess, you know. you think it is safe to park on the ice. super bowl sunday now, new technology helping to keep football players safe and coaches make decisions during the game. olivia sterns is in santa clara. good morning to you. good morning. when the players take to the field here at levi's stadium later today, they'll be wearing
8:32 am
that will be invisible to all of us. they're called rfid tags or radio frequency chips, and they're actually helping players train both harder and smarter. you can think of it as big data meets the nfl. by now it is a familiar scene on sunday night football. stats popping up on the top of the screen, showing the location, distance traveled and speed. great for fan bragging rights. but that's not all. is the technology making you a better coach? >> i hope so. >> reporter: that's new orleans saints coach sean payton who invited us down to the saints practice facility to see how this new technology works. it starts with these two little chips. each about the size and weight of a quarter. >> so tiny. >> so light. if you are 6'3" lineman, a little thing like this doesn't get in the way for you. >> reporter: jill is with zebra technology, the company changing
8:33 am
how does this work? >> so, it sends a blink from these to receivers in the stadium that sends the information to the servers and we can instantly see what is going on. so when they move, we know. look at james. >> yes. 112 yards he's been running. >> reporter: coach payton says the data is helping his ing ing ing ing his team train smarter and safer. >> we can look at their work and say, hey, this guy really worked today and maybe this one didn't with the hopes that tomorrow when we have the same players out, we would be smart on how we practice. >> reporter: i decided to try it out with a little help from some newman school football players. this is owe live why's game jersey. we're going to find out if you want to draft you or not. >> reporter: okay, i'm ready. put me in, coach.
8:34 am
i'm kind of impressed a little bit with the overall measurables. >> reporter: all right. giving players and fans something to cheer about. now, tonight as the players are actually running around, we at home will get to see the data in real time because it shows up on screen during the analysis. the coaches don't actually get the data live during the big game, so perhaps that's one more reason that the best seats may be right at your own home. >> olivia sterns out there in santa clara -- >> wheels. receiver. >> i was prepared to talk about technology, but now -- >> wheels. impressive for sure. will probably be an analyst for thursday night on nbc now. >> that's right. let's go back out to dylan outside of levi's stadium with a final check of the forecast, dylan. >> we are gearing up for the big
8:35 am
but last night it was the nfl honors awards and it was really an honor to be there. eric barry brought the house to tears. he won the comeback player of the year award and when he gave his acceptance speech, everyone was just in tears because he beat hodgkin's lymphoma and went on to have the best season of his career. we saw all the inductees into the hall of fame, class of 2016, brett favre was among them. so everybody was very excited to see him on stage. also, cam newton won mvp this year. he won 48 out of the 50 votes. so, of course, he was a favorite to win mvp for this year. so i got a chance to bring a very special guest of my own, my husband got to join me there. a kid in a candy shop, taking in all of the people that were there. it was a who's who in the nfl world and it really was a wonderful night. little bit chilly at night, that's the way it works here in the bay area. start off with crystal clear skies, chilly mornings and into
8:36 am
let's look at weather going on across the country, where we are looking at this huge ridge in the jet stream bringing temperatures well above average. near record highs for some areas. l.a. to top out around 80 degrees today. that's 12 degrees above average and temperatures well certainly stay mild. we're keeping an eye on the low off the carolinas today bringing mainly rain and snow through the day on monday through southern new england. >> reporter: speaking of which national weather service expanded the winter storm watch to include all of eastern mass and parts of southern worcester county from 7:00 tomorrow to 7:00 on tuesday. in addition to that could be minor coastal flooding late tomorrow morning mainly for the south shore and the cape. temperatures are 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning but look out for a patch or two of ice, highs in the low 40s. mostly sunny skies becoming and that's your latest forecast.
8:37 am
>> all right, thank you, dylan. it may be the biggest game of the year around the u.s., but what about around the world? just another sunday? >> no. the nfl is pushing hard to expand its fan base to places like great britain, so we kent kelly kobe ie. kobiella. >> reporter: who is watching the super bowl? super bowl? super bowl weekend. are you watching the super bowl this weekend? we all know football isn't the national sport here in england. football is. they call it the beautiful game. we call it soccer. >> lovely little finish. >> reporter: our football, well -- >> why do you call it football when all you do is throw the thing? >> it is not football, because it is not a ball. >> if it wasn't for us, they couldn't play their football. >> reporter: but in past few years, every nfl game in london
8:38 am
they like our jerseys, our pigskin, our face paint, they're even chest bumping, very unenglish. how far is that? >> five to six hours. >> reporter: we found the one super bowl party. too bad she's a carolina fan. dave claxton isn't just a fan, he's a super fan, hooked on football by playing video games. >> i lost way too many nights staying up late for games. i think the super bowl, i don't care if it is on until 6:00 in the morning, i'm going to watch it. >> reporter: and check this out. british kids playing our kind of football on super bowl sunday. there is even talk of bringing a franchise here. the london bridges? the british royals? can't be the queen approving. but prince harry might. that's the question for another day. it is game day, i'll be up way too late cheering my team from
8:39 am
more bad passes, and who knows, in another few years, a whole new generation of british fans may be cheering with me. >> all right. up next, some of the most iconic super bowl ads of all time and how they compare to this year. >> plus, cue the cuteness. ten puppies, playing it out on the turf, the puppy bowl. we'll watch them go at it as well.
8:40 am
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if you're like millions of americans, it is not the football you'll be watching for tonight, it is the commercials. >> yes, companies spend millions of dollars for 30 seconds of your attention. and joe fryer has more on how commercials have changed over the years. >> reporter: 50 super bowls. >> just wait until you see our caucus. >> reporter: 50 years of super bowl commercials. >> off the floor, nothing but net. >> reporter: in that time, so much has changed. >> 50 years ago it was all about just selling products. and after that, about ten years later, about that meaningful connection. >> want my coke? >> reporter: coke's mean joe greene ad tugged at our heart strings. >> hey, kid. >> reporter: while pepsi's cindy crawford spot stirred up other
8:44 am
>> that's a great new pepsi can. >> reporter: the ads have given birth to catch phrases -- >> hey, where's the beef. >> bud. >> reporter: that are still with us today. >> the one that pops into my head is the budweiser commercial with the frogs. >> bud. >> wise. >> er. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest game changer in 1984, a movie-like masterpiece directed by ridley scott, unveiling the macintosh, a hint of what was to come. >> macintosh. >> reporter: today, we're actually watching the ads on our computers. >> monkey. baby. >> almost the spot itself has become a product because people are teasing the spots before the games, some advertisers are releasing them. >> reporter: take this popular volkswagen commercial from 2011 featuring an adore able mini darth vader, released a week before the super bowl, collecting millions of reviews and tons of
8:45 am
>> reporter: this year snickers dropped a teaser. happy birthday to you >> reporter: before unveiling the actual ad. >> miss monroe, eat a snickers. you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? >> much better. >> reporter: and unveiling a preview and then the final product. >> the future is staring back at us. >> reporter: that ad produced by ridley scott and directed by his son jake, proof that while much has changed in 50 years -- you got the right one, baby >> reporter: -- the art of late super bowl storytelling is timeless. >> is that george and wheezy? >> who else would it be? >> reporter: for "today," george friar, nbc. harry smith looking for a
8:46 am
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this morning on sundays with harry, new hampshire takes its role in the national election, but if you know the history, you know we always get the first election results from tiny
8:48 am
>> an i-team investigation, hard to believe there could be controversy around an election, but we found plenty on a recent trip to the granite state. the smallest town in new hampshire is a place called hart's location. it sits on either side of the saco river, high in the white mountains. you're not in the middle of nowhere, but you're kind of close to it. >> right on the edge. right on the edge. >> reporter: bill king grew up here and observed in a state crawling with presidential wanna-bes, it is rare to see one here here. >> we had one on the end. >> reporter: how many years ago? >> last ten i would say. >> reporter: so you're not quite off the map. >> no. they still find us. they may have been lost while they were here, but at least they got here.
8:49 am
>> reporter: back in the day, bill's mother was the town clerk and post mistress too. politically speaking, hart's location was an election hot spot, once upon a time. and first in the u.s. so folks here were voting in the middle of the night before the people in dixville notch. >> yes. >> reporter: you had a claim to fame once upon a time. >> oh, yes. >> good night. >> reporter: dixville notch has gotten a lot of publicity over the years in the first place of america to vote, but that hart's location. voting at midnight meant the local railway workers could get to work on time. >> usually patrol the track before the first trains went up. so seven trains each way during the course of the day. >> reporter: when the trains stopped running in hart's location, the population shrank and the midnight voting ceased, but was revived in 1996.
8:50 am
chip on their shoulders, whydixville notch be the first in the nation. >> they're not a town. they're a voting precinct. dixville notch doesn't have the diversity of community we have here. >> reporter: there are several dozen voters s s s s s s dwarfs dixville notch's. >> they say we're a media distraction. and so now it is a little bit of a friendly competition between us and dixville. >> reporter: the citizens of hart's location gather before midnight for coffee and cookies, a mailing asks everyone in town if they plan to vote. with this small a crowd, you would know if somebody didn't show up. >> yeah. and it happened before that, you know, one of the residents didn't show up by 11:30 and we had to send somebody down to his house to get him. >> reporter: at exactly midnight
8:51 am
so how long does it take to vote? >> less than five minutes. >> reporter: voter turnout here far exceeds the national average. this idea of coffee, cookies and voting at midnight, well, they might be on to something. >> i would be happy if every town could do this. it would be wonderful and it could be celebrated event across the nation. >> and we have a statement from dixville, they're happy for the competition, but another town calls mills field that started in 1952. we have to go back. >> media distraction. cue the aws. almost time for the pup earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every
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we're back on sunday morning with one of our favorite segments on "today." it is the puppy bowl. these little guys, such a smile on everyone's face as we got ten puppies here this year for the puppy bowl. >> here is the deal, the puppies come from the connecticut humane society and they're all for adoption this week. this is all part of animal planet's annual puppy bowl. i think you found someone. >> we're going to let the puppies get at it as we talk to dan, the referee. this is the 12th year. >> 12th year. >> for animal planet and the puppy bowl. your fifth as referee. >> amazing. >> talk about the dog athletes >> 8 4 dogs participated, all centers. 49 in the starting lineup. the biggest -- we also have a kitten halftime show too. no problem. got you covered. >> something for everyone. this year a little different. you're bringing back some hall
8:56 am
>> getting puppies adopted isn't the hardest thing in the world. look at these guys but the older dogs languish in shelters, so we bring back the mvps and the hall of fame. we have fertilization of the lawn. they get on top of each other like this, we got to pull them excessive cuteness. >> you're working with another they brought someone else. >> they brought a skunk along. job security is nothing. >> dan, thank you so much. you can watch today's game on the animal planet at 3:00 this afternoon. tune into "meet the press" this morning. >> that does it for us on a nday morning. bowl! you too, aren't you heading there? >> have a great day. >> good to see you. >> bye.
8:57 am
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