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tv   Urban Update  NBC  February 7, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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>> alberto: welcome to "urban
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i'm alberto vassallo. wait until we tell you how fenway park will look this week as a high snow ramp, nurl four times the heist of the green monster wall will be in fenway park. and i love this, kids, ditch the tablet and tv and go outside and play! a new way to approach youth fitness. also on the program, the lawrence partnership, in the house, this morning as well w we will chat with the mayor of lawns and key stake holders in the revitalization collaboration. boston public schools have come under serious skoyt in the wake of students protests at the boston latin school. they have been protesting racist taunting on social media but after they took it to administrators last year they were ignored. boston mayor and superintendent tommy chang have weighed in on
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investigation. this week black leaders forced a meeting with the superintendent where they pushed for justice and reforms across the boston public schools. this morning we have on the show three who met with superintendent chang earlier. kevin peterson, a civic leader in boston and founder of the new coalition. and darnell williams president and ceo of the urban league of massachusetts and bob marshall a member of the black educators alliance of massachusetts. welcome to "urban update" guys. an important issue, in the papers and everything. kevin, i will start with you, why did you feel the need to go and meet with the superintendent earlier this week? >> because the issue of racism in boston latin school is urgent and this issue is lingering way
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and there needed to be leaders from the community to address this issue directly and with clarity with the superintendent. >> alberto: darnell, you don't hold anything back and know you will give me a real honest answer. are you happy with the meeting? >> i was. i think the kandor of the superintendent was frank and we were deliberate in terms of our demands. you indicated in the opening of the show, it was a forced meeting. we tried to have it and they wanted to put it later and we felt this issue was more urgent, and we needed to have a conversation with him now. >> alberto: bob, you are a retired teacher. take me through a little bit of the past. this is been going on for far too long? what is your particular ideas on that? >> bust jf busing and there was only a handful of african-american teachers in the system.
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and we were in the system. okay. and the court order expanded on that and over the years the numbers grew. right now in 2016, we are going backwards, the numbers of african-american teachers in the system are dropped dramatically. >> alberto: how did we get here? we thought many who may be watching, think this is a thing of the past. we hear the good stuff about diversity but this lingers. >> i think our society has been present, when there is a lot of resources we can call our sells holding hands and sinking ku mba ya. and when there is a scarcity there is away of bringing out the underbelly. race and privilege are conversations that we have at different times. people feel like they are
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president we fixed this problem. we haven't. we need a more conversation about white privilege and racism that exist at the same time. it is still there and we have seen many manifestations of it bulling up and when we try to deal with it people are uncomfortable. >> so this brings out a larger issue. i read your column in the herald and you called for the head master, to step down. that is the micro. >> that is a principal has a very important public institution in our city made a mistake and i think there should be a response to that. i think there is a leadership issue, that needs to be dealt with at the school and should be dealt with immediately. and you don't ignore kid who's are victims of abuse. and not do anything about it. i called forward for this, and
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parents who have requested the headmaster step down and that is appropriate not no the crime but the issue. >> if we don't make one point here this morning, those children were bold enough to get their message out. and it is incumbent on us lead to stand behind them and let them know they have our support. at the end of the day this is what this is all about. the symptom needs to be response and a more readily fashioned and kevin is like, they didn't respond and we are making sure we put metrics in place to respond in a more timely time frame. >> alberto: i know the mayor has called for an investigation. what more needs to happen? what is the next step in your views quickly in last minute, what should be the next step,
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>> there are several things in place. one thing that needs to happen, an achievement gap policy that would have alleviated these problems passed by the school committee in 2006. and it is now 2016 now and its was never implemented. >> you have to also, the system needs to come in compliance with the number of teachers, african-american teachers that are supposed to be in the system. they are not in compliance and there needs to be a change in terms of the developing young people elementary school teachers and students, athis develop toward that boston latin taking the exam. alberto vassallo a developing story, we will look for a follow-up. when we come back the city of lawrence, a nice discussion about the leadership partnership here on "urban update." it' s awesome. but with the citizens bank
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it gets even better. r you know those people who pay a little extra t and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, t if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding or a down payment on the home of your dreams. have a question about how much you can save? at 1-866-999-0242 or visit >> alberto: the city of laursz is fortunate to have many individuals and organizations doing sport work to improve that still no single leader or organization can do it alone.
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and executive doctors of banks and mills and community organizations in lawrence with elected officials came together to create a new private-public sector collaboration modeled after similar successful ventures in lowell and salem and other cities that experienced this significant revitalization. it is focused on improving the quality of life with the emphasis of generating ideas and action. we invited the honorable mayor of lawrence, daniel rivera, and president and chief operating officer of eastern bank, our good friend bob rivers and lane glenn, the president of northern essex community college, and a big supporter of this. welcome to "urban update" again. viva lawrence. >> good morning. thank you. >> alberto: what is your elevator pitch, how do you visibility what lawrence
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>> a short elevator ride, you get more done working together, and i think we recognize that public sector has a great leader with the mayor but the private sector with so many leaders, with bob rivers and others working together to share a vision, we are more likely to get projects done and making a great community to do business. we want to invite people to do business and we recognize that we can do it together, things we couldn't do by itself. >> alberto: private and public. gentlemen, give me some of the ideas of some of the organizations? >> representation from the health sector and hospital and health center and financial institutions, and we have a couple of non-profit executives, and we have a large developer and mill owners, and we have some local business own ers that have started locally and growing to large entities and global manufacturers that are housinged
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the local economy. >> alberto: i'm looking at you smiling. this, a mayor's best friend to have this happen? >> absolutely, when you think about all the thinkings that we struggle with to get the word out, it helps to have all the hand. they come to the meetings, this is important. the presidents of the ceo's of the organizations to be there. and they are a community, where we playoff each other and make sure everybody in the same direction. before modern-day america we had the community fathers and mothers and businessoners and people who owned the newspaper and banks and they would keep the financial situation this check. we don't have these things today. some of the stuff is gone and having these businesses that work together every day, they can talk about problems and opportunities. when you have all the ceo's and
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are doing things every day in lawrence. >> alberto: as a head of the financial institution, how important is it to get the competitors all in the same room for a common goal? >> it is absolutely critical in any city, no matter where you are. i can't say how much the leadership of the mayor adds to this equation. have had the privilege of being involved in other organizations and cities and towns that are very much like this and it is so important that you have the business non-profit and governmental leaders all in sync and when do you it really rolls. >> alberto: have you been a big supporter and fan of the city of lawrence, you have so many success stories coming out of there. being in the room with these guys and gives it more ergy. optimism, all these things. you hit it in the introduction, ideas and veflt and action, and having them in the same room together, lookinged a education
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a fertile business climate, all those things in the stoy have everyone pulling in the same direction a great elevator pitch. about partnership and being together, absolutely. >> alberto: what projects have you advocated for and launched up to date. has been less than two years. >> we launched a fund, a million dollar fund thats being spearheaded by four local banks and support from the city and putting capital into businesses that wouldn't otherwise have access, startups and retail businesses and they need capital to grow, and lawrence is an entrepreneurial community and those ideas coming out of every street, sometimes they just lack access to the money to get scale, and we have lents out almost a third of the loan fund. it shows the business is ripe for these products and working
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put it together, but no institution by themselves would have been able to do. >> the became account of the loan fund that is real. a bakery, and they bought two pieces of equipment, a oven and mixer and had a hundred-year-old mixer next to the this you one, and they will hire people to can walk to work there. immediate impact with dollars. >> alberto: i wanted to ask you, what made you come into lawrence, eastern bank came back first, to that market in over two decades and you have two branches there. what makes lawrence a good place to do business? >> we saw a vibrant community and breath opportunity as the mayor and derek mentioned you neighboring investment and it grows. you have a terrific work force there, and you have businesses that are ready to grow, and we saw all that potential, and many
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since we opened that branches other banks and businesses have come in as well. right decision. >> the timing season have been better, i have to tell you. al whal is the vision for the near future? something on the agenda right now, like a lot of gateway cities we have struggled with employment and training and you heard bob mention that. employers around this table, driving what the jobs are and matching people up with training and getting the skills and putting them to work. this mayor has been a wonderful mayor not only for the city but the region. this will serve the city of lawrence and cities around it and better we can educate and train them the better off our region will be. >> alberto: this is tv, real quick, thor those, maybe some people who have never been to lawrence. i will give you very briefly less than five seconds, how do you visibility the city of
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vie prants work force and great place to live and do business and you can get there from boston. >> alberto: okay. >> a great place for people to start businesses, entrepreneurism is parts of our dna. >> energy, excitement, culture, you want to go the something done at least twelve people will step up and help you do it. fantastic. >> miami of new england. all right. that's right. >> alberto: he hit it on the head. lead it to bob rivers to highlight the perspective. thank you. guys keep it up hopefullyly have you back later in the year. you working out derrick? see you next week. my favorite place in boston, fenway park as you have never seen it. all the information next on
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>> alberto: starting this thursday a 140-foot-tall snow ramp will take over the field at fenway park towering above the green manster and three times the wall's height. this thursday and friday fenway will transform into a complete winter wonderland for the ski competition polartec big fair at fenway park.
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the top big air competitors including several olympic champions. polartec big air will feature more than 75 of the wofrld's most talented big air for skiers and snowborders with competitors representing 19 different countries. looking at the transformation as we speak top to tell us more about this and the international ski federation and u.s. cup and grand prix tour, managing director of fenway park sports morningment. how excited are you? >> very excited, alberto. thank you for having me. >> alberto: i always get to see fenway park with the nice green grass, and this is a different look for people who are watching. how do you describe it? >> i don't know that words can describe it. the ramp that has been built is going through the top of fenway park, jaw dropping to see. it will be really incredible to
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off this ramp later on this week. >> alberto: it is a two-day event, thursday and try. and what kind of folks are you expecting to show up? >> we are expecting you know, more than 25,000 people to come over the two days. thursday is snow borders taking to the ramp and friday are the free skiers, and it will be a lot of fun. a great vibe and atmosphere, music, entertainment and a great day. it looks like it is also family oriented, too. you are giving fenway park a lot of uses. >> it has been our ownership commitment since they bought the club in 2001, to really take fenway park, which is this iconic sports venue and make it what it once was back in the day. >> alberto: i recognize that. latino family festival. >> yes, it is. and it has been notre dame college football earlier this
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an irish hurling match, which a few days later we had four high school thanksgiving high school football games. >> alberto: i know, bc high was there. >> yes. fenway park built back in 1912 was a community resource and hosted a number of different events, sporting and otherwise. this is our effort to make it a community resource once again, via concerts and family shows and soccer, hurling and really invite all different people from around new england to come and experience the ballpark. >> alberto: how long does something like a polartec big air take, is this that you started to work on last year? >> it was discussed back at the beginning of the summer, in the spring, and when its was an idea and we announced it officially in august, prior to a sox home game. it has been in the works for sometime and a collaboration between fenway sports management and the united states ski and
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a sanctioned event part of the grand prix, and actually the building of the ramp, for the event that has been in the making for sometime, several months. the ramp has been under construction for the better part of three weeks. something north of 27,000 pieces of steel. it is a supersized erector set. incredible. >> alberto: you see this probably outside your office at fenway park, transformation is incredible. and i know for folks who may want tickets i want to put up the website, that is the prevailing question, how can i get tickets, right? >> air, great tickets that are available. a great crowd and hopefully people will make it out. >> alberto: if i get a free pass, i will go there and take a picture and air it next week on
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>> i would like to put you on a flexible flyer. >> alberto: i may take you up there, i will be back here with pictures, or a cast. thank you. when we return, a new con set for you kids, turn off the tv and go outside and play.
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>> alberto: reimagine play brings fitness and healthy eating ideas to children and they part thr with camps and health centers, the mission is simple to inspire a generation of children to speaker a physical fitness and healthy eating into an active lifestyle. to tell us more, we invited its founder and president betty prance cisco, coach natalie velasquez who was just here a
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and betty,ly start with you, >> i have two girls 7 and 10 now and when i first noticed when they first went into school, there weren't many physical activities that they were together. one loved sports and the other one not so much. i was trying to figure out how i get them active with video gaming and watching tv, and getting them out to play the way we used to. it was difficult and i kept finding sports and more sports and that wasn't lot, pure fitness and play, and that inspired reimagine play, and also get in a great fitness activity. >> alberto: the whole con zest to it. i will come back to it, why are kids so less active today than when we were growing up? >> classes are cut in school,
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in front of tv screens and video games and things like that. and also like you said, a lot of these programs are based on competitive sports and not all kids enjoy sports. 20% of kids grp out by the time they are thirteen, they are not fun any more. >> did you say 70? i could see why your idea could be so widely accepted by parents and kids. i will get to you now. why is it sport for our community to active? childhood obesity has grown and is disproportionate among the black and hispanic communities, and they have the largest educate gap. over the past ten years, >> you and i were still in
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betty, what is so different about your classes? >> we used obstacles, things that kids like to jump and climb and three, and we partner that, as a team. and we are doing things with parents. so that parents can do an activity that is a workout with their kids and spend quality time and also be a role model. >> that is awesome, a look at some of the photos, a picture is worth a thousand words. inside, outside, a wide range of diverse people in the pictures and i'm liking it. ann, what is this on the move significant program pm tell me about that? >> our significant class, that stands for mobility and obstacle and endurance and the boot camp is ages 5-12, and you don't have to be an at least and think one
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we focus on skills, so agility drills and body exercises and strength and endurance and going, per veerns and self-confidence and self-esteem. >> alberto: a lot of benefits. you are a teacher, and you have other thing other team. tell help about your college. >> a yourity of different backgrounds that allows us to integrate different activities, and integrating yoga and sum ba and sports specific training for basketball and so longer, and football, for example. >> and i want you to be the star here today. i don't care if you use their first names, your colleagues there a shoutout? >> michael, michelle and jeanette. and we can't forget paul, my
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>> alberto: paul? >> he is a guest host and does a workout with the kids. >> alberto: i see paul as being competitive and having him want to be on the competitive part of this, i will put paul in materials of this, this is awesome. my daughter is like that, she is not very competitive, and she may step down but may stay in here. >> you are launching classes in dorchester and looking at jamaica plain and charles town and a class in the south end on february 13. >> alberto: the information on twitter and i love your logo and colors. awesome. good luck. reimagine play. you are the star. all right. that is it for this edition of "urban update" and before i go a quick shoutout to our friend ed jake in revere, every time i go
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update" every week. for us here have a great sunday everyone! realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. gets even better. r you know those people who pay a little extra t and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, t if you refinance your student loans. i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding or a down payment on the home of your dreams. have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0242


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