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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 8, 2016 3:30am-4:30am EST

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becomes this big family affair. >> andn we say "cize," it's not about a 2/4 or 11/12 or a size-34 waist. it's about living in the size that you have now so you can cize it up to bring the weight down. >> i am excited for cize, and i would like to lose around 15 to 20 pounds. i've never lost 42 pounds. i've tried a bunch of different programs. i was at the gym, i was lifting weights, and nothing just seemed to work. i was stuck at a same weight. cize came along, and i didn't have to worry about "how many push-ups am i gonna do?" or "how many burpees am i gonna do?" i could just move. >> you have to get in it. go for it. i know you're tired, but that's the time when you can really live. come on. >> i've belonged to gyms. i've bought multiple programs. so, for the price that cize is, you're getting so much more. the home-based workout, and cize is just so easy to fit into my schedule. >> three months ago, i wasn't determined, i wasn't confident, i wasn't doing what i liked. burpees, doing mountain climbers.
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cize worked because it was a dance routine that was easy to do. but i didn't know at the end i would be 45 pounds lighter. i'm about to be a grandmother. [ laughs ] and i'm gonna be a hip grandma. >> if you home, dance it out. come on! come on! if i can go and dance and, like, have fun while i work out, yes. you can have fun while you work out. >> i pop in that dvd and start dancing away and give that hour to me. and i feel very sexy. >> it's time to live, y'all. hey! when you're waking up to do something you love every single on a scale? on a scale. they're like, "i'm gonna step on a scale right now, and this is gonna be the start of my day." but what happens if you start your day by just moving and not worrying about the scale? >> my name is marcey, and i want to lose 50 pounds. i don't like working out, so this is why, when i did
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i didn't stick with it. i know doing the dance workout is not gonna feel like a workout. this is perfect for me. and my goal is i will be able to fit into this jumpsuit by the summertime. before i started cize, i tried to lose weight plenty of times. i've done different programs. i wasn't satisfied because i don't like working out. until cize came in. i'm cizing it up. here we go. i don't look at it as exercise. it was just like getting up and i'm going to a party, and i'm gonna hang out with shaun, and we're gonna dance and do these routines. and i just felt so alive. i didn't realize how much the weight was just coming off so easily and so fast because i was enjoying what i was doing. being 52 and losing 62 pounds and 72 inches is shocking for me. i feel like i shaved 20 years off of my life.
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is a steal. i got my mojo back. i can go out now and feel more confident. for those women out there in your 50s and up that let weight hold you back from life... get your life back. 'cause i got mine. >> stop exercising, people. it's time to start dancing. welcome to cize. >> announcer: cize is the all-new dance workout program that's going to get you moving and losing weight. >> it truly is the end of exercise. i have so much fun. >> announcer: dance, have fun, and lose weight right at home with six awesome dance routines all set to the hottest music on the radio. >> "crazy 8's," "hands in the air," is a very simple structure, where you kind of get your body comfortable, and they're movements you're gonna see throughout the entire program. "you got this." "treasure" is one of those groove. you're gonna love it. and then you go to "full out," which is the song "lose my breath." when the drums come into that song, you just like -- you know
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and then "in the pocket," but i'm actually making the choreography faster and more intricate. ba-boom, boom, boom and then, by the time you get to "go for it" and it's "pass that dutch," now you're like, "okay. i can dance fast, and now i'm hitting it." once you get to "chandelier" on "livin' in the 8's" and i slow the choreography down, and you have to live in the choreography a little longer, you're working your muscles in a different way. you have to milk the moves. i love it. >> announcer: and you may want to call now, because cize also comes with four free bonuses. you get the cize dance calendars, the "get started" guide, "eat up!" guide, and "8-count abs." cize gives you everything you need to lose the weight right at home, all for just three payments of only $19.95. >> for only $60, you couldn't even go to a couple dance classes for that. >> you have a dance instructor, one of the best, in your living room every day teaching you the steps. the value is incredible. >> announcer: and since cize comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee, you can
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and if this isn't the most fun you've ever had losing weight, send it back, and we will refund your money, no questions asked. but wait! call now and we'll upgrade your order to express delivery, a $15 value for free, so you can start dancing in three to six business days, guaranteed. >> from the dvds to the "eat up!" guide, there are so many tools and resources in the program that allowed me to have the results that i had. cize is the end of exercise. >> announcer: and when you call, be sure to ask your operator how you can stream all of your cize routines for free. cize is not sold in stores, so you must pick up the phone or go online now to get everything you see here for just three low payments of $19.95. >> initially, when i saw the commercials for cize, i was like, "oh, here we go. another dance thing." and i realized that inner voice that was going on was
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have it ingrained in me that i can't dance. oh, snap. the thing that i'm most drawn to about it is the idea of having fun. i thought that maybe it was time to be in love with working out. you really can't compare cize to working out, because for me they're not even the same thing anymore. i'm not going back to exercising the way that i used to. >> continue to cize it up and do the best that you can do. >> you know, i didn't go into this like, "wow, i can't wait to lose all this weight i've been carrying." i came into it 'cause i wanted to learn how to dance. so, for me, the weight loss was the byproduct. in 30 days, i lost 21 pounds. i wasn't stressed about if i was working hard enough or fast enough. i just had fun. i have never felt better in my entire life. and it just keeps getting better. >> when i hear the word exercise, i think hard-core work. >> exercise, i associate with
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>> gym memberships and machines. >> the gym is a little intimidating. >> burpees, doing mountain climbers. who could do that at 205 pounds? >> stop exercising, people. it's time to start dancing. welcome to cize. >> cize is not exercise. >> the feeling good happened right at the beginning of the workout. >> the dvd's over and i'm like, "okay, when can i do the next one?" >> it's dancing. it's fun. it's like having a party. and i don't think i've ever felt this good in my life. >> i'm gonna be dancing for the rest of my life, because this is what gave me this body. 44 pounds at age 44. i know for a fact i really don't look my age now, and i'm proud of that, too. 'bout to cize it up. whoo! it's just fun. that's the key, is that it's really, really fun. it doesn't feel like work. >> it had been a while since i had danced when i went to cize, being miss america and going to the transition out of miss america and gaining weight and feeling lost in general. with cize, i feel like i got back to who i am. i lost 15 pounds. >> i haven't danced for 20 years.
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my life back, i feel inside like i've been renewed. jumps. this is the end of exercise. >> no weights, no push-ups. this program is where it's at. >> shaun t. dance results, than that. >> in cize, i always look forward to the next day, which is messed up. [ laughs ] >> that's what cize does. your body doesn't have a choice but to burn the calories and to tone up. and you're not worried about the weight, because when you move, the weight's gonna come off. it's just that simple. >> before cize, i was 308 pounds. i really wasn't comfortable in my skin. i was even considering weight-loss surgery at one point. but thank god i didn't go that route, because cize was really the answer for me. ideally, i'd like to get rid of my stomach, tighten up my chest. to date, with cize, i've lost 62 pounds. it's an amazing thing for me. it's because i was doing something that i really enjoyed, something that was fun. that's something that really baffles people. they think that i've been in the
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workouts, but i've been dancing, and i've been having the time of my life. the amount of money that was spent on cize is so much less than an unused gym membership. oh, my goodness. that person is unhappy. this is what 62 pounds looks like on me. i don't want to look like that anymore. i'ma continue to cize it up. >> announcer: if you're tired of your boring cardio and strenuous workouts, then stop exercising and start dancing with cize, the end of exercise, and finally look forward to your workouts. in 30 days, you'll learn to dance to six awesome routines, and the weight is gonna fall off. >> i finally found a program i can do in my house, and it showed results. >> announcer: you start with "crazy 8's." shaun teaches you his 8 signature moves in less than 30 minutes, and then you put it all together and get sweaty to "hands in the air." then you move on to "you got this," burning more calories as you cize it up to the song "treasure." >> that is what you are >> announcer: before you know
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you continue to "full out," set to "lose my breath." and then you're ready for "in the pocket," and you'll cize it up to "problem." for the fifth routine, shaun changes up the style and pace with "go for it." >> it's kind of like, if you were in a dance battle, you could use "pass that dutch" and beat anybody. >> announcer: and then you'll complete your 30-day weight-loss journey with "livin' in the 8s." >> i feel like i'm actually in a music video, so i'm like, "yes!" >> announcer: and to help you get the best results out of the program, shaun is including four free bonuses -- you get the cize dance calendars that show each day. you get the cize guidebook, which helps you track your progress and walks you through the program step by step. and accelerate your weight loss with "eat up!," a perfectly-portioned, easy-to-follow weight-loss guide that lets you eat all the foods you love and still get great results. out for you. as long as you follow that "eat up!" guide, you will see results. i have lost 74 pounds. >> announcer: you also get "8-count abs," a choreographed ab routine to "headsprung." >> i have a six pack that i
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>> announcer: so pick up the phone and start dancing with cize, and get all six easy-to-follow dance routines and all the additional tools you see here for just four low payments of $19.95. but wait! when you're one of the first 500 callers, shaun will include these two awesome gifts for free. the "weekend survival guide" is filled with tips on what to eat and drink when you go out on the town without sabotaging your results. and jump-start your weight loss with the "7-day cize down" for faster results in your first week. >> eight pounds! >> whoo! >> announcer: that's right, you get the entire cize program and these awesome gifts from shaun, a $450 value, for just four low payments of $19.95. but hold on, because this offer is about to get better. when you call in the next 8 minutes, we're gonna take one whole payment off the price. that means the complete cize program can be yours for only three low payments of $19.95. that's less than the price of one dance class with shaun. >> for 60 bucks, to get this result is a steal.
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with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. try cize for 30 days, and we'll even let you finish the entire program, and if at any point it feels like exercise or you don't lose the weight you want, just send it back for a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked. but you can keep these gifts from shaun just for trying, so there is nothing to lose. >> even people who never danced before, i'm like, "they just need to try this." >> announcer: cize also comes with unlimited online support, where shaun gives you the answers to all of your questions, and you even get a free coach to help keep you on track. you'll instantly become part of the cize community for all the support and motivation you need. and now you don't have to wait two to three weeks for your product to arrive. call now and we'll also upgrade your order to express delivery, a $15 value free, so you can start cizing it up in three to six business days, guaranteed. and after 30 days, send us your before-and-after photos, and we'll send you this awesome "cize it up" tank top for free. >> i'm about to launch the biggest dance program ever -- cize. >> announcer: millions of people have been waiting for cize, and now it's finally here. but demand has been crazy, so don't wait.
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cize is gonna be hard to keep in stock. and when you call, be sure to ask your operator how you can stream all your cize routines to any laptop, tablet, or phone for free. that means you'll be able to cize it up wherever and whenever. it's time to start dancing and losing weight the fun way. this is your last chance to order, so pick up the phone or go online now and take advantage of this $450 value for only three low payments of $19.95. the preceding was a paid presentation for cize, brought
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reagan administration, talked to people like jim zagby, talked to the people on j street to get a broad perspective of the middle east. i've been meeting with a whole lot of people. but let me reassure the american people, despite wa hat they are hearing from madeleine albright, that it goes without saying that a president must be well versed in foreign policy, must have a strong foreign policy position. and i will, of course, do that. >> let me move onto something
3:45 am
it was a tough charge. you said -- and you yourself said this was going to be a tough charge when you said it. the business model of wall street is fraud. boy, that was a broad brush. and i was thinking about the fact that there's a lot of union pension funds that are invested in wall street, 30% in many of them when you look. i was looking up some of these things. a lot of 401(k)s, a lot of retirements is based on investments in wall street. it seems to me, if you believe it's afraid, would you not like to see money invested in something based on a fraud. >> look, chuck, what i said i believed to be true. a few weeks ago, as you know, a goldman sachs reached a settlement with the united billion. $5 billion. why? and the answer is obviously they were defrauding investors in terms of selling subprime mortgage packages that were worthless. now, that's my definition of
3:46 am
and other major banks also have received -- paid huge settlement fines to the federal government. and what really burns the american people up is after paying $5 billion in a settlement agreement, none of these people, none of the executives on wall street get charged with anything. kid gets caught with some marijuana, gets a police record. fraudulent activity on wall street destroys the economy, no police record for any executive. so do i believe that the business model of wall street is flawed? i think the answer obviously of course it is. >> very quickly, super bowl sunday, who do you got, sir? >> maybe the broncos. >> that's who you're rooting for? or that's whou think will win? >> i'm rooting for new england patriots, but i'm afraid that's not going to happen. >> we'll be back in a moment with the republican race and my sit-down a few minutes ago with donald trump. and as we go to break, we're
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welcome back. by the way, we're going to get snow on tuesday on voting day. we're broadcasting from the nbc news headquarters here in new hampshire. an unbelievable setting we have here. and just about anybody who is in politics, reports on politics or just cares about politics has decided to spend the last days before the primary just outside our doors. it was easy to grab four of the best though, journalists, for our panel this morning. my buddy chris matthews who of course is host of "hardball," been here for many new hampshire primaries. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell who is covering the hillary clinton campaign. hallie jackson also with nbc covering the cruz campaign, and radio talk show host hugh hewitt, host of the hugh hewitt show. let's focus on last night's republican debate. wow. marco rubio, look at these headlines, "new york times," gop rivals jab at rubio to try to slow his rise, "the washington
3:50 am
in a rollocing gop debate. i wish i could hold it up, the one i don't have, choke, with rubio. hugh. >> donald trump did not lose saturday night, i think john kasich pole vaulted over marco rubio into second place by being very new hampshire, but i'm a contrary on rubio, he won all of that debate except those three minutes. that will push him back, but he had a terrific second half. and i think he'll get the bronze come tuesday night. >> wow. chris. >> well, that's good except the only problem you have is the videotape. and it exists. >> all right. well, let me pause. look at this thing. it is rough. take a listen. >> and let's just start once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel this fiction of that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech.
3:51 am
that doesn't know what he's doing. he knows what he's doing. anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dial u ealing with here. >> that's e numerable times. reminded me of the science fiction film "blade runner" where someone in this case chris christie proved out there was a replica instead of not a human being. it was strange because he was reading these prerecorded statements which are like implanted memory tracks. they were not a human response. and i think he's got the answer for it and i think it was so strange i have no idea why he did it. >> every candidate has lines they repeat. we've all been doing a million s.t.e.m. speeches. his problem was when he got up on the attack when they were doing it against him. >> four times, same line. >> listen, this morning people in marco roboto costumes showed up. campaign would point out some 500 people showed up 45 minutes
3:52 am
they're fiercely trying to spin this into a positive. super bowl tonight, history. >> to repeat over and over again your one-liners in front of your rivals who are already pouncing, who are already calling him the boy in the bubble and diminishing him, trying to diminish him, it really hits him right at his most vulnerable point. >> hugh, this is what's per plexing, christie telegraphed this for three days. this was obvious this was coming and this is how they prepare snd. >> because he's running a general election campaign before he secured the nomination. i'll tell you what amused me last night, every democrat out there is eager to bury marco rubio because they are afraid of marco rubio. him. therefore i think what we got is a south carolina brouhaha that will follow this mix up. and it will go to the convention. it's going to be an open convention because rubio's not going away. >> one question, was there logic to doing it four times in a row? >> yes. because he's talking to me. he's talking to republicans
3:53 am
he is going to run that general election campaign. barack obama knew what he was doing to this country. the democrats hate that -- >> you mean if he could do it over again he would repeat the same lines four times in a row? >> no. >> what does it mean? >> he fold back on christie a second time -- his staff had trained him and he had learned to be disciplined. >> it's a planned -- >> but seeing staff trained is not what these candidates need to show on that stage, hugh. they need to show that they have a functioning brain. this is a very smart man. >> you know who we're not talking about? we're not talking about donald trump or ted cruz. let me play a quick little -- moments with donald trump on the issue of eminent domain. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is downright wrong. >> wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times you'll have --
3:54 am
>> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >> let me talk. quiet. that's all of his donors and special interests out there. >> it was a fascinating moment because i think the issue is bad for trump here, but i thought his retort there was probably good for here. >> and the physical, the body language, you know, shh, i mean, he was so patronizing. >> very. >> it was a different jeb. that wasn't the jeb of three months ago bho melted in that moment. >> his mom is out here telling him he needs to interrupt more and be less polite and that's what you're seeing. for trump, he doesn't like to be booed. he got booed four times within about two minutes within that exchange. i asked him do you think you came off as a bully and he even said last night, well, bush tries to be tough, but he's not a tough guy. >> but governor bush had his best night. i want to put the republican spin on this because it's true.
3:55 am
they hate it. >> yes. >> it's abused him enough. >> that was a bullying moment. everybody saw a bully there. you have to decide is the bully on your side. and if the bully's on your side, if he's in a fox hole next to you facing the bad guys, you don't mind it. i thought last night it didn't look that way. he was taking down a guy who's not a scary guy. nobody dislikes jeb bush. i thought he didn't look good. wasn't good for trump. >> i'm going to have a little bit. i spoke with jeb earlier. we'll have some jeb stuff later. we'll be back after the break with a man who probably needs a new hampshire win more than anybody else. i sit down with donald trump.
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welcome back. well, it was quite a debate last night as ron burgundy might have said, that escalated quickly. my next guest, donald trump, he wants to rebound from the iowa loss and take new hampshire to hang onto his front-runner status. and mr. trump joins me now. welcome back to "meet the press," sir. >> who is coming in second and maybe a first -- >> you tell me. let me ask you this, how much do you need a new hampshire win?
3:59 am
hope that i get it. i'm doing well. i have a good relationship with the people of new hampshire. i've been here long before politics had many friends. i live up here. incredible area, beautiful area. i would say that i would like to win, but i don't know that it's necessary. when you say, you know, the iowa -- i came in second out of originally 17 people, there are those that say i actually came in first depending on how you want to count the votes to be honest because that was a horrible thing that took place. but i was very proud of iowa and i've never done it before. >> do you not accept the iowa results? do you think they're legitimate? >> i think it was very unfair to ben. and in a certain way it was unfair to me. affected me the same way it affected ben because a lot of votes were added on. a tremendous number of votes were added on. i was a strong second, but i'm not thinking about iowa. i'm thinking about new hampshire. i don't care about it anymore. >> i can't help but notice that you're a little humble by what happened in iowa, is that fair to say? >> well, i don't think in terms of it.
4:00 am
i really liked iowa. i like the people of iowa. the caucus system is a very complex system and a lot of thing ks go off with a caucus system. i like this system much better in new hampshire where you go out, you like somebody, you vote. and you can have a ground game and all, but the ground game in iowa is very important whereas the ground game here is different. >> are you looking at your campaign and saying, you know what, maybe i need to do some more traditional things in addition to the nontraditional stuff that's been successful. >> that is true. and i think you'll see it here. very important was that we get through the debate. i didn't want to have a bad debate or even a modest debate. and i think we did very well in the debate according to -- >> some of your iowa staff has said, boy, we could have used more resources here, more there, are they right? >> no, they're totally wrong. i gave them unlimited money. i said do what you have to do. i gave them unlimited money. hey, look, i'm $50 million under budget. i thought by this time i'd have $40 million to $50 million spent and i've spent very little because i haven't had to because people like you put me on all the time.
4:01 am
>> there you go. >> i thought i'd be up to about 45 or $50 million. and, you know, i'm not. i look at somebody like jeb bush where he's spent over $100 million and he's nowhere and i say how does that happen? >> i want to talk about last night's debate. you said there is a lot of eyebrows about waterboarding. >> i would bring back waterboarding and i would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. >> okay. what's the worse? >> well, you didn't see what i said before that. what i said before that is in the middle east you have people chopping other other people's heads. medieval times. this. and i talked about that. >> i understand. >> and i said, by the way, waterboarding is peanuts compared to what we're talking about happening there. so i said i would absolutely approve waterboarding and i would go a lot further. >> what does that mean? >> i'm not going to define it to you on this program, but i would be very much in favor of going
4:02 am
believe me, in terms of getting information, it works. >> don't you worry though, look, an example. we're supposed to be better than that. as much as we're looking at the >> sure. >> medieval times. we're not. >> they can do it, but we can't. when they flew planes into the world trade center killed thousands of people and many other things that is happening around the world, paris or here, you can do waterboarding and you could go a step beyond waterboarding, it wouldn't bother me a little bit. >> another part of the debate had to do with health care. you've been hit on this. it is unclear to me though, you want more government -- you want >> yeah. >> you don't like the system that's in there now. that i understand. >> the single payer -- >> describe the system you want. >> okay. >> first of all, what i do, i have a massive company, i have thousands and thousands of employees. and i have in many different states. you have artificial lines around each state. you know why?
4:03 am
taking care of the politicians so they don't want to get rid of the lines. if you get rid of those lines you would have great private insurance and it would take care of most people it would be an unbelievable thing. in addition to that you can have a savings -- you know, you can do the savings situation where you would have health care fantastic. there's to many things you could do. the problem is the insurance companies don't want to do these things and they don't want to specifically get rid of the lines because they'd rather have a monopoly in new york, as an example, then let 50 companies come in and bid. companies from iowa, companies from new hampshire. >> but you're going to have to structure a government program to do this. >> no. here's what you do. you're going to have a great system, but there will be people left that don't have any money. and what i said last night is i don't want people dying in the middle of the street. it's not going to happen if i'm president. okay. this isn't single payer. this is using their hospitals to take care of people, you work them out, you reimburse the hospital because we will get -- >> extend medicaid?
4:04 am
you can do it through some other way, but i'm just saying very simple -- and this has nothing to do with single. this has to do with humanity. this has to do with having a heart. we can have unbelievable insurance at a much lower cost. i don't know if you know obamacare is going up 35, 45, 55%, the premiums are through the roof, in '17 it collapses. you're going to have people -- you're going to have great plans, but you're going to have people that won't be able to afford even 10 cents. we cannot let them die on the streets, chuck. and we're going to take care of them. whether it's medicaid, or you're going to work out some kind of a deal with hospitals to take care of these people. but if i'm president, people aren't going to be dying in the streets. >> there was a tough piece this week in "the washington post" implying that your campaign and you individually are tougher on women correspondents, women anchors, women reporters than men. it was in the post. trump's penchant for insulting people and organizations that
4:05 am
less remarked upon however has been the special contempt that trump pours out for the women who chronicle his campaign. >> i think i've been tougher on you than any human being on earth in terms of reporter. >> i think my wife believes that too. >> i'm tougher on you than anybody. >> i've heard these whispers before. there's a perception out there. how do you get rid of the perception? perhaps it's the megyn kelly situation. >> look, she gave me a really phony question. it was a setup question. it wasn't even a question. it was inappropriate. and i hit her hard. i think that's fine. but if you gave me that question, i'd hit you the same way. you are the perfect one -- you have been, you know, under fire from me for a long time. and you are far from a woman. >> well, that is a fact. thanks. >> i never even heard this. i haven't seen the report. i haven't seen it. i get so much publicity i don't get to read everything unfortunately. but this was in "the washington post"? look, i think there are some
4:06 am
right over there in the beautiful red dress, do you see that woman over there? i have great respect for that woman. i don't know if she knows that i'm talking about her. i'm talking about you. i would never do that to you. >> i believe he's referring to andrea mitchell. >> i'm referring to andrea. >> i want to ask about one final thing here and in 1999 when you talked about running for president, you hinted that it may be easier to pledge being a one-term president because you'd take the politics out of the second term. do you still feel that way? >> well, i think there are certain advantages but if you're doing a great job -- i've seen people do that and want to go further and do more good people and they never win. because they said one term and it's a real negative. i don't want to say that but there are certain advantages to it. but if we're doing great and if the people like me, if i was lucky enough to win. you know, my whole thing is make america great again. we're going to make america great again. make our military strong, take care of our vets, we'll have strong borders, we will have the wall. so many different things, health
4:07 am
great plans for much less money. we're going to make america great again. i will tell you if we're doing a great job, we'll keep going. and if we're not, you know, we have automatic termination. it's called the voters will terminate. but that won't happen. one-term pledge? one-term pledge. keep going. >> donald trump, leave it there. see you in south carolina. >> thank you very much. when we come back, what do the iowa results tell us about what may happen in new hampshire? well, it's a lot, but it may be not what you think. >> i think we know enough to say with some certainty that new hampshire tonight has made bill the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation.
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a lot of us have been studying what past results in iowa mean for the new hampshire primary. it turns out each of the three leading republican candidates out of iowa have history on their side. it just depends on which history you choose. so if you're ted cruz, you want to be john kerry in 2004. that year kerry trailed howard dean everywhere, including in the new hampshire poll. then came the caucuses in iowa. kerry won, dean finished third followed by the dean scream, a kerry surge. kerry wound up winning big in new hampshire. dean was soon out of the race.
4:11 am
ted cruz. turn your big iowa win into new hampshire gold. up next, the marco rubio and gary heart scenario. in '84 hart trailed walter mondale badly. gary hart still exceeded, quote, expectations, and became the big national story line. sound familiar, senator rubio? well, it worked. hart went onto a big victory in new hampshire the following week and became the chief competitor to mondale for the rest of the season. finally, we have donald trump chlts he . he wants to be the george h.w. bush in history. 1988 bush was ahead up over bop bob dole by ten points. like bush on monday he had a disappointing showing in iowa. he actually finished third to dole. there was a lot of bush campaign hand wringing with bush slipping in the poll. what happened in new hampshire? he hung on in the end quite nicely. he won new hampshire and onto
4:12 am
nomination and of course the presidency itself. so three front-runners each have some version of history on their side, but which version will play out tuesday night? who knows at this point. i smell a jumble coming. anyway, coming up, with larry david hosting and bernie sanders running, how could "saturday night live" resist? they didn't. >> enough is enough. we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the
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welcome back. let's bring back the panel. we're going to talk about the democratic race. to set it up let's put a little composition together of the really harsh attacks that they've been exchanging. here it is. >> being part of the establishment is is in the last quarter having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> i have been criticized for saying that i believe all of our people are entitled to health care. yes, i plead guilty. >> if you look at a lot of what senator sanders is proposing, the numbers just don't add up. >> what leadership is about is not just swimming with the current. >> this is an effort by the
4:15 am
say anybody who's ever taken a donation, not just from wall street street, if you take it to the national conclusion from anybody, is bought and paid for. >> toipt i want to start this conversation on a larger topic we were talking about off camera yesterday. what's fascinating about this democratic race is it's the first one in my lifetime that has been a race to the left. we haven't seen that in a long time. it used to be the democratic presidential primary was about the most electable liberal who could hug the middle. and that's still the campaign clinton wanted to run, but that's not the one she has to now. >> it's very hard for her to fight him because this elastic use of the term progressive. progressive covered teddy roosevelt, a moderate, you know, activist republican, and then in '48 carried kind of a very hard left even pro-soviet henry wallace breaking with truman saying the cold war was our fault. i don't think he means that. but he can come out and get the
4:16 am
cruz can get the farthest right voter, and hug that rail. now, hillary would surprise me as why she wants to go chasing after him. why doesn't she draw the line, why didn't she do it three months ago, i'm not a socialist, i don't hate socialists but i'm not one. here's why, fundamentally i do believe in the free enterprise. that's how our systems work, because of that freedom i don't want the government to try to run everything. >> but andrea, the party has moved. >> the party has moved. this reminds me of 1992 and she's lost the base and the women. that's what's stunning here in new hampshire. they are really -- they can't figure out how to combat that. so to try to attract young women whom she lost by such extraordinary numbers in iowa and in the polling so far here, she's going to women centers who by definition are part of the establishment and there's no female marco rubio. you have to be an older woman to become a senator because the
4:17 am
that's just the reality. so you've got women senators, you've got madeleine albright who validates her foreign policy credentials and criticized his. but these people and the frustration of madeleine albright and of hillary clinton is why don't these young women realize what we went through and how we haven't won the battle yet. and how, oh, this can be taken back. and why aren't they reacting to 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling? >> hallie, you haven't seen it on the trail? >> no. what's interesting to me when you talk about bernie sanders he has among a different kind of electorate. i spoke with a woman yesterday she's been a registered republican in new hampshire for 15 years. she is going to primary for jeb bush and then switch her registration so she can vote for bernie sanders. she's out there working and volunteering to rally people around sanders because of sort of what he's tapping into that speaks to something a little more broad than just the typical party line. >> both parties are racing to their bases.
4:18 am
they're going 1972, i'm all for that. >> but, hugh, the republicans are going '64. >> we have the ability to come back quickly. i must say i was stunned by your interview with senator sanders. i think it makes him not viable as a candidate to be that hard left on foreign policy. i did note that donald trump finished the debate by bringing up mrs. clinton's server last night. so you have a terribly unelectable candidates wants to go full against a candidate who has flaws on record and honesty issue. keep going to '72. >> i have to say everybody is going to get brutalized. the two nominees are going to be pretty battered and bruised. >> the young woman yesterday in concord came at hillary i worked for you in 2008 but troubled by benghazi and the server, she's getting blowback from the very people she needs. >> all right. take a quick pause here. back with our end game segment. i want to show you something jeb bush told me thi - you set rules around the house, right? so set rules for your kids when they go online: don' t be a cyberbully. no racy selfies. and remember everyone
4:19 am
even grandma. rules keep kids safe online.
4:20 am
what'd you make of senator rubio last night? >> it's scripted, you know, message discipline is important. and i envy candidates who can repeat the same thing over and over again. my brother was good at that. but to be so scripted that you can't have the agility to show, you know, the leadership skills that you need to be president of the united states i think is -- became clear last night. >> yes, jeb bush comparing marco rubio to his brother, i guess. reflecting on last night's debate a little earlier. i'm going to have a full length interview on that you'll see tomorrow morning. we have special coverage on msnbc as everybody knows. tomorrow's panel is here, end game time. hugh, right --
4:21 am
i hope i get to go down to south carolina because w's coming out to fight for his brother. marco rubio's got to get off of the floor because of this perceived loss last night and it will be a fantastic. >> let me paint a scenario, trump at 28%, say 28, 29, and then all of a sudden, kasich, bush, rubio, cruz, 17, 16, 15, 14, nobody gets out? >> as iowa passion drives you to go to the caucuses, you have to get involved. here you vote as a civic duty. everybody votes in new hampshire in the primaries. people are going to go out and vote. when they see rubio having a problem the other night, they have somebody else it's going to be kasich. he sits there as an option. i think kasich is going to do incredibly well because of civic duty. they're regular voters. >> i thought he had -- by the way kasich had his best debate he's ever had and he's not been great at these debates. >> question about his organization and where he moves from here and his campaign feels
4:22 am
that's a long time away. >> andrea, south carolina's going to be -- we thought -- south carolina's going to make 2000 look like pat-a-cake. that's what i think. >> first of all, you have bernie sanders now trying to compete for the african-american vote. and he's beginning to develop an organization. but you have the veterans, the military -- >> the republican side this is going to be a battle. >> republican side, donald trump is playing to the veterans and the military. i'm not sure kasich can do that. >> i want a trump-kasich ticket. that's what i want to see. >> i want to bring up a point that has gotten lost that i think may feed into a perception that we don't cover these things the same. the iowa results, three of the top four candidates on the republican side were two his hispanics and an african-american. you know, historic night for the republican party. they're not -- >> regenerating a party that is old life is very important. >> another thing that got missed a little bit last night.
4:23 am
their second child in november did a terrific job last night. >> she did. >> i want to take my hat off to her. she's inspiring. >> absolutely. >> good debate. >> it was a good debate. let's leave here on a lighter note. if you were watching "saturday night live" last night, you would be exu cused as we were to two bernie sanders on stage. we were talking to sanders live in studio 8h live with larry david on a boat. >> i am so sick over the 1% treatment. [ applause ] enough is enough. we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? >> huge.
4:24 am
>> that was one more punch line there, andrea, he talked about they land on ellis island and he says, you know, my name is bernie sanders witski, drop the witski, sounds less jewish. >> it's funny we can laugh about that, but the other thing that could be history making and they're talking about it is the first jewish president. >> no, he's going to be the first jewish candidate on the democratic side to win delegates here in new hampshire. it's going to happen. there's been history all over the place. first, first, first. and i've been surprised all over the coverage. we did it right here. >> talk like this or think like -- >> i know, i know. >> our kids don't get it. >> that's it for today. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."
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